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[16:09] <ukscone> morning all
[16:31] <dagb> good .... afternoon.
[16:33] <ukscone> well it might be afternoon but i wouldn't go as far as to say it was good
[16:39] <dagb> crap day?
[16:39] <dagb> something expensive let out the magical blue smoke?
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[17:43] <ukscone> hi ChrisLenz
[17:44] <ChrisLenz> hi!
[17:52] <ukscone> bloody computer -- mouse keeps freezing and having to reboot to get it back -- i suspect chrome is the culpret but buggered if i can see how and why
[17:52] <ukscone> ok reboot time
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[19:11] <ukscone> tum ti tum tiddily pom
[19:12] <ukscone> can't you tell i am bored. just starign at a flashing cursor in a scratchbox2 xterm
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[19:12] <ukscone> wb ChrisLenz
[19:12] <ChrisLenz> my 'puter sucks
[19:12] <ukscone> so does mine
[19:13] <ukscone> i have an hp dv laptop
[19:13] <ukscone> runnign windows vista
[19:13] <ukscone> so no matter what you have i win the suckiest computer competition :)
[19:13] <ChrisLenz> ever since i put my gt430 into my computer, my computer has been crashing and giving me a "Hypertransport Sync Flood Error"
[19:14] <ukscone> my mouse keeps freezing. not sure why either. no virii i can find, no trojans and the onyl changes are updated chrome and a program called wall watcher
[19:14] <ukscone> and i can't shoft to linux on it as the dvd burner is dead and wife has her itunes on MY computer
[19:15] <ChrisLenz> ahh, that sucks
[19:15] <ChrisLenz> my computer specs arent even that bad, just for whatever reason, im getting this stupid hypertransport error whenever i try to play a game
[19:16] <ukscone> googled to see what the error avtually means?
[19:16] <ChrisLenz> yeah, i cant really find a solid answer though
[19:17] <ukscone> oh well
[19:17] <ChrisLenz> ive read that it could be that something on my computer isnt getting enough voltage, so i went into my bios and increased voltage, and it worked for a little bit
[19:19] <ukscone> yup i saw that too
[19:20] <ukscone> some people said turning off amd coolnquiet helps too
[19:20] <ChrisLenz> really? i didnt see that one. i should probably try that
[19:21] <ukscone> they say the cpu runs about 5 degrees c hotter but if you have enough cooling it should be a big deal
[19:22] <ChrisLenz> i dont think increasing cpu temps would be a problem for me
[19:22] <ChrisLenz> ill go try that and come back and run minecraft to see if itll crash my computer
[19:23] <ukscone> i really can't as my fan is semi-busted and i have the buggy nvidia gpu that hp were paid to deal with and recall but took the money and kept sellign gthe broken laptops :(
[19:23] <ChrisLenz> ouch, that sucks
[19:23] <ukscone> but then again i don't get that error so i don't need to :)
[19:23] <ChrisLenz> ha, thats good then
[19:23] <ChrisLenz> ill brb, im going to go try turning off coolnquiet
[19:24] <ukscone> read hplies.com sometime -- really interesting reading and the reason i will never buy hp again even (the crippled bios is another reason) even though alot of their stuff is quite nice
[19:25] <ChrisLenz> ill go read that in a little bit, but i have to try turning off coolnquiet, hopefully that helps :D
[19:27] <ukscone> well if your computer turns into a puddle of molten plastic and metal it ain't my fault :)
[19:27] <ChrisLenz> haha, ill just blame amd or something :P
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[19:28] <ukscone> nah i'd blame Eben and Liz. if they had worked quicker you could be using a cluster of R-Pi's to run minecraft and not have to use that computer -- it's all their fault
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[19:34] <ChrisDS> still having problems
[19:38] <ukscone> :(
[19:39] <ChrisDS> now i get bsods when i start wimdows
[19:40] <ChrisDS> omg, i logged into windows!
[19:42] <ukscone> heh ok so coolnquiet shouldn't be turned off
[19:43] <ChrisDS> well im in windows now so who knows
[19:46] <ChrisDS> and minecraft hasnt killed my computer yet
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[20:06] <ChrisLenz> well, i think you fixed my computer ukscone!
[20:12] <ukscone> it seems better?
[20:12] <ChrisLenz> so far at least
[20:12] <ChrisLenz> im sure i can find a way to break it
[20:12] <ukscone> fingers crossed
[20:16] <ChrisLenz> time to beat some people on angry birds on google+
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