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[0:42] <Psoden> ohai
[0:53] <ukscone> earl grey
[0:53] <Thorn_> yuck
[0:53] <Thorn_> haven't had a good cup of earl grey in donkeys
[0:54] <Thorn_> all the teabags here are terrible these days, tastes like drinking perfume
[0:56] <ukscone> where are you Thorn_ ? i can get some nice teas in nyc
[0:57] <Thorn_> central scotland
[0:58] <ukscone> you can get good tea there but depends if you like builders tea or not in caf's and greasy spoons
[0:58] <ukscone> if you want a decent non-so strong you can stand a spoon up in it i could tell you to go to my da's on the islew of lewis
[0:59] <Thorn_> ah but the isles are very different from scotland itself :)
[1:00] <Thorn_> visited the isle of sky recently, that was a culture shock and a half
[1:00] <Thorn_> skye*
[1:00] <Thorn_> hope to move out of scotland soon, my only goal in life is to get out of the UK :D
[1:08] <ukscone> :)
[1:08] <ukscone> my onlt goal is to get back to the uk but that won't be fore 5 years at least
[1:09] <ukscone> s/onlt/only
[1:10] <Thorn_> life swap? :P
[1:12] <ukscone> yes but i'd have to ask the wife for permission first
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[5:04] <Thorn_> wish there was a way to see who's currently logged in on the forum
[5:06] <ukscone> there probably is -- ask liz to see if there is a modulee she can add
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[16:34] <ukscone> morning all
[16:35] <Thorn_> afternoon
[16:35] <ukscone> how's sunny scotland thorn_ -- had your daily haggis yet?
[16:37] <Thorn_> weathers actually been good today for a change. haven't had haggis in a long time though, quality is terrible these days, it's like eating a stodge
[16:37] <Thorn_> how's america?
[16:39] <ukscone> kinda muggy and really pissing me off today -- block party going on so really loud kids and spanish music all day until 9pm
[16:39] <Thorn_> ouch
[16:40] <ukscone> AND the wife is hogging the tv and watching big brother (american version) and i can't find my headphones
[16:40] <ukscone> so all in all it's going to be a lousy day
[16:41] <Thorn_> what? you should divorce her solely for sinking to the level of watching big brother!
[16:42] <ukscone> it's even worse -- she watches american idol too
[16:42] <Thorn_> ouch
[16:42] <Thorn_> my condolences ^^
[16:43] <ukscone> i just put my head phoens on and watch nice interesting intellectual british tv when she takes control of the remotee
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[18:57] <Thorn_> Read somewhere that the pi has a 1bit DAC, is this relevant to the analog audio output aswell as the HDMI audio output ?
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