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[0:23] <ukscone> evening all
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[0:59] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[2:10] <ukscone> not quite raspberry colour but near enough and suitable for all the girlies out there for their raspi's http://www.dealextreme.com/p/mini-wireless-2-4ghz-rechargeable-integrated-keyboard-w-touch-pad-mouse-pink-94186 :)
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[3:10] <ukscone> rats i can't seem to find anywhere online in the usa (or local store) that sells angel delight :( -- another thing to tell my sister to send me
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[7:39] <afents> http://gizmodo.com/5845519/watch-spacex-crazy-plans-for-a-new-fully-re+usable-rocket
[7:39] <afents> interesting plan, impementing it is another thing
[7:40] <afents> maybe they have some kind of a brand new propulsion system what we don't know nothing about? :P
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[14:39] <joukio> afents: nuclear propulsion would be the best...
[14:41] * afents is now known as ahven
[14:42] <ahven> yep, have heard a similar thing before
[14:42] <ahven> but launching nuclear stuff into orbit is another thing
[14:42] <joukio> thousand times less polution...
[14:42] <ahven> in terms of enviromentalists :)
[14:43] <joukio> that's what I said, thousand times less polution as with conventional propulsion.....
[14:43] <Thorn_> yes lets not pollute space with environmentalists
[14:44] <ahven> if the launch doesn't go well and the nuclear reactor blows up in the atmosphere ... :)
[14:44] <ahven> "blow up" = melts down
[14:47] <joukio> well, that won't happen at all.....
[14:48] <ahven> perhaps, I am not a rocket scientist :)
[14:49] <joukio> the only place where there is heat is where the atomic explosions occur, and that's outside of the so callef fuel chamber. It's basically the same as when they launch a nuclear warhead; that can only explode under very specific condition. even when the rocket flies at topspeed into a mountain the warhead cannot explode..
[14:53] <joukio> a complete spaceark of 2000 ton kg would need 1.4 ton of nuclear fuel to get into high space orbit. a spaceshuttle weighs about 100ton and can have 24 ton of payload. With 1960 ton of fuel........
[14:54] <joukio> all the atomic weapons of the USA could deliver enough fuel for 2400 spacearks spread out over the entire solarsystem...
[14:54] <ahven> but can you name reason why it hasn't been implemented yet? nuclear propulsion has been the typical in Russian short stories
[14:54] <ahven> typical mention*
[14:57] <joukio> because ofthe international treaty that prevents atomicexplosions above groundlevel
[14:57] <joukio> partial test ban treaty
[15:02] <ahven> aha
[15:04] <ahven> Withdrawn
[15:04] <ahven> (North Korea)
[15:04] <ahven> Non-signatory
[15:04] <ahven> (India, Israel, Pakistan)
[15:06] <ahven> Anatolij Perminov, head of Russian Space Agency announced that RKA is going to develop a nuclear powered spacecraft for deep space travel. Design will be done by 2012, and 9 more years for development (in space assembly). The price is set to 17 billion rubles (600 million dollars).[4] The nuclear propulsion would have mega-watt class, provided necessary funding, Roscosmos Head stated. According to him
[15:06] <ahven> , the propulsion will be able to support human mission to Mars, with cosmonauts staying on the Red planet for 30 days. The journey to Mars is with nuclear propulsion with steady accelaration would take 6 weeks instead of 8 Month with chemical propulsion. The thrust would be 300 times higher than the chemical thrust. [5] [6]
[15:07] <ahven> let's hope it is a success :)
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[15:48] <Valentin|Flea86> Hello :)
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[18:05] <ukscone> morning all
[18:25] <IT_Sean> morning
[18:29] * IT_Sean just picked up the hire car for the business trip he is leaving on tomororw, and for once, hasn't been given a pile of crap on wheels
[18:38] * IT_Sean is away lunch
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[19:06] <ShiftPlusOne> www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDLtn9DBqFw
[19:07] <ShiftPlusOne> (raspberry pi doing stuff... not spam)
[19:08] <ShiftPlusOne> vgrade, why is the display the way it is? (not fullscreen)
[19:09] <vgrade> because the app is hardcoded for n900
[19:10] <vgrade> will fix once I have included the GLES drivers
[19:10] <vgrade> should be silky smooth then
[19:10] <ShiftPlusOne> ah ok, looking good so far, thanks for the videos.
[19:11] <vgrade> its a nice app as you can edit the QML and see the results instantly no compiling downloading
[19:13] * IT_Sean is back
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