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[0:06] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
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[2:09] <robbiet480> \o/
[2:11] <IT_Sean> ?
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[4:06] <PiBot> ukscone| hand over the twiglets
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[9:06] <Mowee> Morning
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[12:40] <ahven> hello!
[12:48] <joukio> g'day
[13:30] <ukscone> morning all
[13:31] <ahven> hello
[13:32] <ahven> http://owncloud.org/announcement/
[13:32] <ukscone> so what's new? anything interesting happen int he world overnight?
[13:32] <ahven> another thing to try out, for me atleast :)
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[13:34] <PiBot> ukscone| hand over the twiglets
[13:34] <ukscone> fricking pidgin crashed
[13:36] <ahven> been there, done that :)
[13:38] <ukscone> and the coffee shop didn't put sugar in my coffee -- feels like it is going to be one of those days especially as i have to wait in for UPS and i think our doorbell is being flakey again
[13:38] <joukio> get a dog? :)
[13:38] <ukscone> i'd love a dog but we live on the third floor so it probably wouldn't help
[13:38] <joukio> get a dog which is afraid of heights?
[13:39] <joukio> but yeah, I get your point....
[13:39] <ukscone> however i might use that excuse with the wife so i can get a dog
[13:40] <ukscone> "but dear the door bell doesn't work we need to get a dog so we know when the post arrives"
[13:40] <joukio> :P
[13:42] <joukio> does anyone in here know by any change if the releaseschedule (end of nov.) of the rpi is stil unchanged?
[13:42] <joukio> s/stil/still/
[13:44] <ukscone> joukio: it's still 4th quarter release date
[13:44] <ukscone> whether that is end of november or december 31st is still up in the air
[13:44] <ukscone> i'm leaning towards the middle of december myself
[13:46] <joukio> ah ok
[13:46] <ukscone> as they still have to finalize the layout, do a run of beta boards and then start the run of production boards so that's about 30 days right there
[13:46] <joukio> is it just the layout to finalize ?
[13:46] <joukio> (not talking about software.... :) )
[13:47] <ukscone> and liz and eben are away until the end of the months so they wouldn't have time to recover before launch if it's too soon
[13:47] <joukio> :)
[13:48] <ukscone> i don't know as well noone has told me but on the 17th of sept. they were 6 weeks away from finalizing the layout according to liz and eben
[13:48] <joukio> there are specific cures for that kind of situations ;) :D
[13:48] <ahven> the BBC video was nice
[13:48] <ukscone> haven't seen it yet but d/l'ed it from bittorrent in case it wasn't on youtube
[13:49] <ahven> watched it at the BBCs site, flash
[13:49] <joukio> well I hope liz can show the xbmc screenies she received and how far those people are....
[13:49] <joukio> besides that, would like to get started with just installing fed. on one of these boards
[13:49] <ukscone> i'm really interested in what the riscos guys can do as they are saying they hope to have riscos on the raspi
[13:50] <joukio> ought to be fun
[13:50] <ukscone> that'd be really cool as it'd almost be how i originally invisioned the raspi and what i want to do with it
[13:52] <joukio> well, besides running xbmc on about 6 of them @home, I would like to have one or two @hand while at work. and a couple of them in my network with different kinds of uses...
[13:52] <joukio> and one in my server as some kind of console server....
[13:53] <joukio> and that's just me.... at least a dozen of my collegues want them as well for ....
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[13:55] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Crap! Hide the pretzels!!!
[13:55] <ukscone> morning IT_Sean
[13:55] <IT_Sean> morning ukscone
[13:55] * IT_Sean overslept this morning. Woke up JUST in time to head into the office.
[13:55] <ukscone> joukio: sorry we are goign to limit people whose name isn't IT_Sean or ukscone to 1 each
[13:56] <ukscone> as we both need at least 4000 each
[13:56] <IT_Sean> Aye. That was my understadning of the memo
[13:56] <joukio> hmmm, and what if I need at least 250....?
[13:56] <ukscone> IT_Sean: i was up at 6am as the wife had an early pickup today so i was making her sandwichs at 6:15am
[13:56] <joukio> as a startet
[13:56] <IT_Sean> well... you get one. So... you'd only be 249 short.
[13:57] <joukio> bummer.... :D
[13:57] <joukio> then I'll just order one at a time per name
[13:57] <joukio> ;)
[13:57] <ukscone> for the first two weeks it's going to be buy one give one anyway and i suspect they'll still run out in those two weeks
[13:57] <joukio> don't mind at all. will start of with 2 - 4 I guess...
[13:58] <ukscone> las ti heard the mailing list had 20,000 names on it and if only 50% buy 1 that's them gone immediatly
[13:58] <joukio> first on the list first to buy?
[13:58] <ukscone> nope
[13:58] <joukio> or they start with ordering some more at first
[13:58] <ukscone> first on the webstore when it's open
[13:59] <joukio> well, guess what I will be doing once that's anounced :)
[13:59] <ukscone> yup
[14:01] <Anppa> slashdotting the hell out of the poor store :D
[14:01] <joukio> well, not really, just order 2 to 4 of them... :P
[14:02] * IT_Sean plans to order one model B at launch
[14:02] <joukio> and some more if the store isn't unreachable .... :)
[14:03] <joukio> well, one is for a developer I know, 2 for my own sake and 1 for my dad to design some breakout/extension boards on...
[14:03] <Anppa> i don't think i have one before january, even if i try to order asap
[14:03] <joukio> like switcheable poe/psu , bt, serial,
[14:03] <joukio> perhaps even some batterycharging stuff
[14:04] <joukio> neither do I, but still hoping though....
[14:05] <Anppa> some notebook-ish power management/charging setup involving lithium batteries would be nice
[14:05] <IT_Sean> be careful
[14:05] <IT_Sean> lithium batteries go all asplodey if you don't charge them properly
[14:06] <Anppa> I'm aware of that
[14:06] <IT_Sean> metal filre = not fun
[14:06] <IT_Sean> *fire
[14:20] <ahven> hmm, a LiPo battery, charger connected via GPIO - beginnings of a laptop? :)
[14:22] * kcj (~casey@unaffiliated/kcj1993) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:24] * Anppa was thinking a laptop with the display replaced by a hdmi lead
[14:26] <IT_Sean> Sounds like a brilliant solution to a problem that doesn't exist
[14:27] <Anppa> the only solution to me just wanting to build one
[14:28] <Anppa> (don't really have a use for one :)
[14:29] <IT_Sean> Oh, i think it's a fantastic idea, as far as the challange of engineering it. I don't mean to discourage you... I just don't know how usefull that would be on a day to day basis as a portable computer
[14:29] <joukio> well you could also put in some 1-wire stuff from dallas with a usb master in it.. easier as the drivers and stuff are already there.
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[14:53] * IT_Sean cleans the scrutt out of an old rollerball mouse :|
[14:53] * yang (yang@boneym.linuxshell.org) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:53] <joukio> hmmm, that's a while back that I needed to do that :)
[14:53] * yang is now known as Guest96697
[14:54] <IT_Sean> i hate doing that
[14:55] <IT_Sean> works soooo much better now
[14:55] <joukio> no shit :P
[14:56] <IT_Sean> Let that be a lesson to you all! Mice work better with clean balls!
[14:57] <joukio> not only mice ;)
[14:58] <IT_Sean> heynow
[14:58] <joukio> har har
[14:58] <joukio> most of the time ball bearings also work better with clean balls :)
[14:59] <IT_Sean> oh... yes. that's true.
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[15:02] * IT_Sean would make a t-shirt depicting an old style computer mouse with the caption "Maintain clean balls for optimal operation" but he is pretty sure he wouldn't be able to wear that to work
[15:05] <ahven> I had a mouse with balls for quite a few years, until I got fed up with cleaning it :P
[15:05] <IT_Sean> Sadly, I need a PS2 mouse at that workstation, since it's got three computers on a KVM, and the KVM only supports PS2 input devices.
[15:19] <ahven> PS2 != balls only :)
[15:19] <ahven> I have a optical one connected to my KVM
[15:19] <ahven> and it's PS2
[15:19] <ukscone> ugh
[15:19] <ukscone> anyone not doing anything atm?
[15:20] <ahven> depends on why are you asking :)
[15:20] <ukscone> i have to stay in for UPS but i need to get a coffee from dunkin donuts down the block. anyone fancy going for me?
[15:20] <ahven> ah that problem :P
[15:20] <IT_Sean> ahven: i know that PS2 does not necessarily mean balls only... but, the only PS2 mice i have IN THE OFFICE are ball'd
[15:21] <ukscone> if i had half and half and sugar in the house i could make coffee but i don't and the neearest stor is even further away
[15:21] <IT_Sean> ukscone: sorry... @ werk and all...
[15:21] <ukscone> i wonder if dunkin donuts delivers?
[15:21] <joukio> ball'd statement :P
[15:21] <IT_Sean> they do not
[15:21] <ukscone> well they should
[15:21] <ukscone> ok then work, do the 2nd unit of the stanford ai class thing or just sit staring at the ceiling?
[15:22] <ukscone> and where the bloody hell is obarthelemy? he shoudl be awake by now and i want to fix his networkign and keyboard on that ecafe thing
[15:29] * IT_Sean reinstalls XP on frankencrap
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[18:42] * IT_Sean burps
[18:42] <IT_Sean> Oooh... tastes of chicken wrap
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[22:53] <ahven> a little sip of ice cold J??germeister before bed
[22:53] * IT_Sean (~IT_Sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has left #raspberrypi
[22:53] <ahven> so repulsive drink? :P
[23:10] <traeak1> repulsive to it_sean i guess
[23:10] <traeak1> never had jaeger
[23:20] <ahven> It has a special taste, haven't tasted much herban drinks, Jagtraum is with a similar taste but not the same
[23:20] <ahven> herbal even
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