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[0:13] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
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[2:11] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Crap! Hide the pretzels!!!
[2:18] <IT_Sean> whell.... it took 5 attempts, but, my iPad is now running iOS 5
[2:19] <ukscone> noooooooooooooo not an ipad you hipster you
[2:19] <ukscone> tht's 2 strikes against you
[2:19] <IT_Sean> yes... iPad
[2:44] * IT_Sean pokes ukscone with iOS 5
[2:46] * ukscone pokes IT_Sean with a sharp metal spike attached to 20,000 KV
[2:46] * IT_Sean feels a slight tingling sensation
[2:46] * IT_Sean shoots ukscone a dirty look :/
[2:47] <ukscone> ouch that hurt although a gun would have been better
[2:47] * IT_Sean straps ukscone to a table and installs Windows Vista on him
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[9:07] <Mowee> Morning
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[15:10] <Flea86> hi
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[15:28] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[15:28] * IT_Sean blinks
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[17:15] <acfrazier> that gets old. I check the channel any time I see activity and it's just someone's join message
[17:15] <ukscone> acfrazier: well you should get up earlier or stay up later :)
[17:16] <acfrazier> I'm up from around 7-10PM to about noon
[17:16] <acfrazier> EST
[17:16] <ukscone> or actually just poke IT_Sean as he squeaks if you do
[17:17] <ukscone> acfrazier: actually it has been quieet in here the last week or so
[17:17] <acfrazier> yeah, I finally got a chance to review my maker faire video and the audio came out much better than the posted one
[17:17] <acfrazier> probably too late to upload though
[17:17] <ukscone> but until we have boards in our hands not really much we can do after setting up a dev environment and emulator
[17:17] <ukscone> acfrazier: nope post it
[17:18] <ukscone> the more the merrier
[17:18] <acfrazier> I actually asked for a "beta board" instead of the final Liz said she may or may not send so I could get cracking on dev work
[17:19] <acfrazier> was mention of such a board on twitter
[17:20] <ukscone> i'm not sure where they are with finalizing the beta board atm, liz hasn't said anything about it yet but it is about time for it to be done if they want production run finished in 4th quarter
[17:20] <acfrazier> hm, funny.. I mention suing OCZ on their forum and it turns into when I say jump you say how high
[17:20] <ukscone> she and eben should be back in the uk around the 29th of oct so i expect alot of updates then
[17:21] <acfrazier> the reason I'm suing is the infamous Vertex 3 issue
[17:21] <acfrazier> they said they'd refund me then reversed their decision
[17:21] <acfrazier> so I post saying it'd be easier for me to sue
[17:21] <acfrazier> and they basically kiss my feet now
[17:22] <ukscone> :)
[17:22] <ukscone> as long as it's below 5 grand small claims is so much easier
[17:22] <ukscone> should have said you'd sue them in "the peoples court"
[17:23] <ukscone> interesting tht all the fuss about steve jobs dying but hardly anything about dennis ritchie
[17:25] <acfrazier> yeah..
[17:25] <acfrazier> I heard about that
[17:26] <acfrazier> jobs was 56 though, ritchie was 70
[17:26] <acfrazier> but yeah we're looking at about $500 in damages
[17:26] <ukscone> yes but dennis did more for us in a weekend than jobs did in a lifetime
[17:26] <acfrazier> but this could turn into a class action
[17:26] <acfrazier> because I'm not alone
[17:27] <ukscone> class actions are normally not worth it for the end user though
[17:27] <ukscone> but it will make for soem rich lawyers
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[17:29] <acfrazier> man this guy fires emails back fast
[17:29] <ukscone> :)
[17:29] <acfrazier> Any disposition, refund, replacement, etc will be determined after we have
[17:29] <acfrazier> received the drives. There is the possibility that a drive is faulty and
[17:29] <acfrazier> causing the issues. Not everyone will be having problems because of a
[17:29] <acfrazier> perceived firmware problem.
[17:29] <acfrazier> my ass.
[17:30] <acfrazier> so I fire him an email back
[17:30] <acfrazier> Right, but getting a refund is what I want, not new drives. I have
[17:30] <acfrazier> RMA'd one of these drives in the past, and they sent me a new one from
[17:30] <acfrazier> Taiwan I believe and it had the same problem after a few weeks. Small
[17:30] <acfrazier> claims is far easier than jumping through hoops.
[17:30] <acfrazier> "I passed this up the chain, you should be contacted today."
[17:30] <acfrazier> I sure as hell hope so.
[17:30] <ukscone> :)
[17:31] <acfrazier> I'd likely wring more than face value out of them too for so called "suffering" and legal fees
[17:32] <traeak1> ahhh SSD or whatever
[17:32] <traeak1> still haven't made a moveover to any of those
[17:32] <acfrazier> yeah, this is the first drive I've had a problem with
[17:32] <acfrazier> it's a controller issue
[17:32] <traeak1> i guess running linux the hard drive speed is nice, but not anything too important
[17:32] <acfrazier> but OCZ blames intel/amd/whatever
[17:32] <acfrazier> other manufacturers have recalled their drives with this chip
[17:32] <acfrazier> but not OCZ
[17:32] <traeak1> ahh
[17:32] <acfrazier> OCZ keeps saying "try this firmware hurrrrr"
[17:32] <traeak1> cutting edge fun
[17:32] <acfrazier> sick of it and want my $500 for 2 drives back
[17:33] <traeak1> youch
[17:33] <acfrazier> so I said
[17:33] <acfrazier> "refund me, or I'll sue you for it"
[17:33] <acfrazier> and basically they have been kissing my ass
[17:33] <traeak1> http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0358208
[17:33] <traeak1> hehe
[17:33] <traeak1> i'm looking at maybe getting one of these :-p
[17:33] <acfrazier> that looks like it has no battery
[17:33] <acfrazier> does it come with one?
[17:34] <traeak1> it does have a battery
[17:34] <traeak1> looked at one for real last night
[17:34] <traeak1> wish it had sandy bridge and a usb3 though
[17:34] <acfrazier> http://news.softpedia.com/news/OCZ-Confirms-Vertex-3-and-Agility-3-Firmware-Issues-205185.shtml
[17:34] <traeak1> but for the price...
[17:34] <acfrazier> this was in June, a day before I purchased the drives
[17:34] <acfrazier> I failed to see this article
[17:34] <traeak1> and linux ? similar complaints?
[17:34] <traeak1> the bios is needed to boot
[17:34] <acfrazier> oh yeah it's very much a drive problem
[17:35] <acfrazier> because it causes Windows to lock up, BSOD, etc
[17:35] <acfrazier> Linux also has kernel panics
[17:35] <acfrazier> but nobody runs linux, so
[17:35] <acfrazier> that's not as reported.
[17:35] <traeak1> i'm sure on the forums
[17:35] <traeak1> as i mentioned above linux users don't have issues with hard drive speeds generally
[17:36] <acfrazier> nope, it's not a speed issue
[17:36] <traeak1> i mean motivation to run SSD :-p
[17:36] <acfrazier> ah
[17:36] <acfrazier> it's night and day even with Linux
[17:36] <acfrazier> I can be up and running in 3-5 seconds on Linux with the SSD, the problem is it causes KP
[17:37] <traeak1> hmm
[17:37] <acfrazier> because apparently
[17:37] <acfrazier> the drive goes into a low power state, and the computer thinks it was unplugged
[17:37] <acfrazier> and they can't fix it
[17:37] <acfrazier> it's in the controller
[17:37] <acfrazier> so basically what happens is the drive goes away to the computer
[17:37] <acfrazier> and no read/writes can happen
[17:37] <acfrazier> and bam, BSOD or kernel panic
[17:38] <acfrazier> it's similar to what would happen if you had a running OS and then unplugged the OS drive from the SATA port
[17:38] <ukscone> http://dangerousprototypes.com/2011/10/13/plus-too-apple-replica-on-fpga/
[17:38] <acfrazier> oh wow, mac on a FPGA
[17:39] <ukscone> not interested in apple stuff but interesting. waiting for my cyber cortex to arrive so i can get to work emulating z80 based systems
[17:40] <acfrazier> I still think this is pretty boss
[17:40] <acfrazier> http://hackaday.com/2009/10/17/nes-processor-cloned-on-a-fpga/
[17:41] <acfrazier> this is basically a 6502 in an FPGA
[17:41] <ukscone> 8bit processors are pretty easy in fpga's it's the support chips tht cause a problem
[17:42] <ukscone> a 6845crtc is going to be the bane of my life for a couple of months i suspect
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