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[5:07] <Flea86> o/
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[9:15] <Mowee> Morning
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[13:54] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
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[14:02] <ukscone> morning all
[14:08] <IT_Sean> gooood morning ukscone
[14:08] <IT_Sean> !w
[14:08] <PiBot> IT_Sean: in Boonton, NJ on Tue Oct 18 14:53:00 2011. Temp 48??F. Condition: Cloudy, Humidity: 83%. Later 67??F - 49??F. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[14:08] <PiBot> Wed: High 61??F Low 52??F :Condition Thunderstorm
[14:08] <PiBot> Thu: High 67??F Low 43??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[14:08] <PiBot> Fri: High 56??F Low 38??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[14:08] <IT_Sean> 's icky.
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[14:44] * IT_Sean flicks a raspberry at ReggieUK
[14:50] <ukscone> IT_Sean: careful, that raspberry had a lot of english on it and it nearly took my eye out after ti rebounded off ReggieUK
[14:50] <IT_Sean> hahaha
[14:50] <IT_Sean> sorry
[14:50] <ukscone> at least you hadm't frozen that one i guess
[14:50] <ukscone> frozen raspberries hurt
[14:52] * IT_Sean sends the remote teboot command to every device in his test rack, then peers down the hall and admires the sea of blinking red LEDs
[14:52] * IT_Sean places a tic mark next to "remote reboot command works" on his testing sheet
[14:55] <IT_Sean> *reboot
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[14:57] <ahven> my irc/web server will be my first Pi project
[14:59] <IT_Sean> oh?
[15:04] <ahven> it is currently running on a pretty unreliable hardware
[15:08] <IT_Sean> ah. I see
[15:10] * IT_Sean has a few neat ideas for the rpi
[15:11] <IT_Sean> anyone know if the rpi has got USB 2? or is it the older, slower, USB?
[15:11] <IT_Sean> (or whatever the current revision of USB is)
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[15:19] <ahven> usb2
[15:19] <ahven> full speed
[15:20] <ahven> newest is usb3, but still a bit too uncommon
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[15:20] <IT_Sean> groovy
[15:26] <ahven> I don't have any real use for an A model, the second B will be my media center
[15:26] <IT_Sean> Thats sort of what i was plotting :p
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[15:29] <ahven> I hope it can crunch through a 720p mkv
[15:29] <IT_Sean> we'll find out
[15:29] <ahven> but the codec list is still open, as I have understood
[15:32] <IT_Sean> the mendia center idea was one of the things i was toying with trying, but, to be honest, i'm not entirely sure what 'll do with the thing :p
[15:33] <IT_Sean> I'll come up with something interisting, of that i am sure. I just won't be sure 'till i get my hands on it.
[15:36] <IT_Sean> One of the bigger challanges 'll be coming up w/ a case that isn't horrendously ugly / homebrew-looking
[15:37] <IT_Sean> I mean... if you've got the thing sitting by your TV in your living room... having a bare board sitting there is a) not the most attractive, and b) probably not a good idea for a number of other reasons.
[15:39] <IT_Sean> the soffware bit is easy, so long as the thing supports the codecs you want to use.
[15:42] <ahven> yep
[15:49] <ahven> administering a meilserver can be fun
[15:49] <IT_Sean> o.O
[15:50] <ahven> the facts gained from things, like our ownly power company sends their bills now through the same service provider that sends unsolicted mails 99% of the time :)
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[16:07] <IT_Sean> heh
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[18:51] <piofcube> LO all
[18:56] <ukscone> lo
[18:57] <piofcube> I was on this IRC server for something else and thought... I wonder if there's an R-PI channel... and here I am ;-)
[19:02] <IT_Sean> He's found us!
[19:02] <IT_Sean> OFF WITH IS 'EAD!!!!!
[19:10] <atts> did they release the raspberry pi yet?
[19:10] <GeDaMo> Not yet
[19:12] <ctyler> COMING SOON to an HDMI MONITOR NEAR YOU.
[19:13] <IT_Sean> keep your trousers on
[19:14] * IT_Sean shoots a frozen raspberry at GeDaMo's arse
[19:15] <atts> 43 days until December 1st
[19:15] <atts> which is the day that i am guessing raspberry pi will be released
[19:16] <atts> and since i can see into the future, there is a good chance i am correct
[19:26] * IT_Sean thinks you are full of crap
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[19:40] <traeak> go find something constructive to do? :-p
[19:42] <IT_Sean> me?
[19:42] <IT_Sean> fiiiine
[19:42] * IT_Sean wanders off to go find something destructive to do
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[20:44] <PiBot> ukscone| no i am british we are used to summer just being the third wednesday in august
[21:13] <ahven> http://soundcloud.com/justmusiclabel/marconi-union-weightless/s-kttxT
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[23:59] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D

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