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[15:35] <talin_> hello! does anyone know if raspberrypi can run freebsd - and are there any european distributors?
[15:37] <friggle> talin_: raspberrypi.org are going to be selling from the UK
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[18:28] <ukscone> morning all
[18:34] <ahven> hello
[18:35] <ukscone> ugh feel like shit -- head is all fuzzy and buzzy and nose all stuffed up. had to go to the post office just now and nearly fainted twice and walk into a moving car 5 times
[18:37] <ahven> flu?
[18:37] <ukscone> yup think so -- opened the windo and in flew enza
[18:37] <ahven> the old sneak-behind-the-window trick :P
[18:38] <ukscone> the wwife and kid have been passing a cold back and forth between themselves for weeks but they both had flu shots and pneumonia shots so they just have colds it fiinally seems to have got me and i was planning on spending the weekend working
[18:39] <ukscone> so that plan is now ended
[18:41] <ahven> same with me trying to study - when I'm too lazy to do it, I could study, but if I need to study, the baby starts to cry about the growing teeth
[18:41] <ahven> after six months, 1 teeth is finally starting to show :P
[18:41] <ahven> almost a year old now
[18:42] <ukscone> rub it's (sorry his/her) gums with a little whickey
[18:42] <ukscone> whiskey even
[18:46] <ahven> :)
[18:47] <GeDaMo> http://www.freakingnews.com/pictures/13500/Whiskey-baby-13900.jpg
[18:47] <ukscone> lol
[18:48] <ukscone> anyone in here live in melbourne?
[18:52] <ahven> "Seriously? This "box" wont have a case to it?!?
[18:52] <ahven> "
[18:53] <ahven> some people look at the item and just go wtf without reading the background :P
[18:54] <ukscone> yeah -- probably an apple user :)
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[18:56] <ahven> and when they start selling the case - he/she will go - WTF, not coming in white??
[18:56] <ahven> :P
[18:58] <ukscone> probably complain that the raspberry doesn't look much like an apple
[21:58] <ahven> configured few hp thinclients this week, the previous models ran linux, but newer ones run on Windows CE, pretty interesting choice
[21:59] <ahven> ah, stupid me, essential vs mainstream think clients
[21:59] <ahven> but the linux gui was quite slow compared to CE
[22:00] <ahven> though using them as RDP clients, it didn't matter
[22:02] <ahven> I think a terminal-raspi os would be an idea
[22:07] <ahven> and november is nearing, slowly :)
[22:11] <DaQatz> Will likely be the end of nov
[22:11] <DaQatz> Or even into Dec
[22:12] <ahven> damn, I wanted to sound positive :( but realistically it looks like that, final specs haven't been confirmed, not speaking about the test batch before the real production
[22:14] <DaQatz> We all want our pi's but be realistic and don't set yourself up for disappointment.
[22:15] <ahven> luckily I have lot of other things to think about, like moving (again) in 20 days
[22:29] <ukscone> from what i've been told and from reading between the lines it will take about a week from when they have the board finally finalized until the first one comes off the assembly line
[22:30] <ukscone> from then on it'll be continuious i.e. they'll do a one run every few weeks
[22:31] <ukscone> the alpha boards only took 15 days from sending the layout/gerbers to the manuafacter to receiving the bards back because they had to be sent to china -- once they are being mde in the uk it's about a day to get them in the mail
[22:32] <GeDaMo> Oh, it's going to be manufactured in the UK?
[22:32] <ahven> yep
[22:32] <GeDaMo> Cool :)
[22:32] <ahven> that has been said from the start
[22:47] <ukscone> they could probably cycle the boards from the factory to where liz and eben live in 10 hours or less if you are a good road cyclist
[23:01] <ahven> woo, MIB 1
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