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[14:16] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Crap! Hide the pretzels!!!
[14:16] <IT_Sean> O.o
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[14:22] <obarthelemy> hello
[14:22] <obarthelemy> ... desperately looking for someone who knows gdisk ^^
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[14:29] * IT_Sean looks around
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[17:40] <ukscone> morning all
[18:13] <ukscone> http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/11/10/23/0353245/jumentum-introduces-a-single-chip-linux-system
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[18:52] <ahven> yep, saw that
[18:52] <ahven> but raspi still steals the show :P
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[18:54] <ukscone> yup but it's a nice little toy for messing around with and bringing back the fun of calculating horizontal and vertical blanking so you can do everything in those periods :)
[18:55] <ahven> sounds "fun" :)
[18:57] <ukscone> even worse when you have to worry about bus contention when you have to bank switch too :)
[19:08] <ahven> I'm thinking of building a DIY midi keyboard electronics with some shift registers, 10 simultaneous voices should be fine :P
[19:09] <ahven> got a keyboard, good for start, and a premade cable that does serial to direct midi
[19:10] <ahven> bah, midi to usb*
[19:11] <ukscone> cool just got an email from a friend -- he has turned the c64 keyboard to usb thing into a more generic 8bit micro keyboard to usb thingy :)
[19:11] <ahven> :)
[19:11] <ahven> a *duino for doing the serial to midi part
[19:12] <ahven> sadly haven't found the right thing yet - a pretty much full sized midi keyboard with blown electronics
[19:13] <ukscone> Cyber Song:An 8 note polyphonic digital synthesizer and drum sample playback engine under the control of an Arduino-sketch/AVR compatible core.
[19:14] <ukscone> take a look at cyber cortex on kickstarter -- too late to pledge to it but he is planning eventually to sell them in a store too -- it's pretty cool fpga thingy
[19:14] <ukscone> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/794668827/aliencortex-av
[19:17] <ahven> pretty nice, but a bit powerful for my needs, for the moment :)
[19:19] <ukscone> once it actually arrives it'll be fun to try it running multiple arduino sketches -- not that i really care about arduino but be fun to try do something crazy with ti
[19:19] <ukscone> it's actually going to be my emulation system
[19:27] <ahven> the arduino opened up pretty much limitless possibilities, took some time to navigate through to find projects what really interests me and what applies to my limited skills
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[19:29] <ahven> the lack of space also hasn't helped to progress, especially now when there are 10 little fingers grabbing everything left on the table :P
[19:29] <ahven> table(s)*
[19:30] <ukscone> the gameduino stuff looks pretty good but it still doesn't hold that much interest to me
[19:31] <ahven> and now when you get a powerful thing with less :)
[19:32] <ukscone> :)
[19:33] <ahven> though programming in limited situations can be fun, trying to get the maximum out of the hardware
[19:36] <ukscone> yup
[19:36] <ukscone> raspi should just come with 4k ram :)
[19:36] <ukscone> force the little buggers to count every byte
[19:37] <ahven> ever heard of AT-robots?
[19:38] <ahven> that sparked a little interest in assembler programming, added to my bucket list :P
[19:39] <ukscone> :)
[19:41] <ahven> and when that list does run out of items, I *might* add brainfuck there..
[19:42] <ahven> but I can't see that list getting empty, it just fills and fills..
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[20:38] <ahven> I don't get it why I haven't use ccache before, saves me tons of time
[20:38] <ahven> probably was too lazy to install it? :P
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[22:04] <ahven> I think it's good to have some limits set up for the opening weeks, such people clean out the store in minutes: http://www.raspberrypi.org/?page_id=43&mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=50.10#postid-11674
[22:05] <ukscone> the one that wants 95 model b's?
[22:05] <ahven> yep
[22:05] <ukscone> goign to be interesting to see how quickly ppl put them on ebay
[22:06] <ukscone> because he asked i'd put him to the bottom of the list for not reading previous posts and the faq
[22:11] <ahven> the logo dislikers can say what they can but for me the raspberry sticks clearly out from everything else
[22:12] <ukscone> yup except that logo isn't following the competition guidelines
[22:12] <ahven> how so?
[22:12] <ukscone> remember they said it had to have text on it
[22:12] <ahven> ah yes
[22:13] <ukscone> so if they want to use it without the text then they shouldn't have said text in the competition
[22:13] <ukscone> and putting the text in messed up alot of good logos
[22:13] <ukscone> but the logo failed the stated rules on several levels BUT the customer is always right
[22:14] <ukscone> i don't like it but i don't dislike it -- just neutral on it and it looks like the holy handgranade of anticoh
[22:15] <ahven> that reminds me of Worms and the "Holy Grenade" or should I say "Holy Raspberry" :)
[22:16] <ukscone> :)
[22:16] <ukscone> well it'll be very holey when it's printed on a chip
[22:20] <ahven> "We're still on track for *the last quarter* ;) - atm looks like end Nov/early Dec."
[22:21] <ukscone> yup
[22:21] <ahven> we need a new bot over here that tracks the twitter feed as well :P
[22:21] <ukscone> there is supposed to be one more round of dev boards
[22:21] <ahven> the more the merrier
[22:21] <ukscone> then it'll be final
[22:31] <ahven> it will be ready when it is ready :)
[22:31] <ukscone> yup
[22:31] <ukscone> but i need to know in advance so i can DDoS the webstore except for my connections
[22:32] <ahven> I wonder what may happen if they would send a mail to every mailing list recipient at once :)
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