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[0:39] <obarthelemy> hi guys
[0:39] <traeak> hay ?
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[4:29] <paatrick2123> Hello! Just saw some videos online for this, and it looks very promising. I'm pretty excited about it :) Great job!
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[9:14] <Mowee> Morning
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[14:04] <IT_Sean> ahoy yee maties! (... or something)
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[14:06] <ukscone> bog off it's too early to be cheerful
[14:07] <ukscone> forgotten all about people using openwrt as a full os -- might be interesting to get it ported to the raspi
[14:08] <ukscone> http://www.chainxor.org/openwrt-zipit/
[14:12] <IT_Sean> It's never too early to be cheerful!
[14:13] <ukscone> bog off
[14:13] <ukscone> and i hope karma pays you a visit and you have to have a "meeting"
[14:13] <ukscone> that'll teach ya
[14:14] <IT_Sean> i have two today
[14:14] <ukscone> in the words of nelson -- HA HA
[14:14] <IT_Sean> but, you know what... i don't care. I'm in a gooood mood. I dunno why, but i am.
[14:15] <ukscone> actually i just have to write a couple of blog posts, finish my coffee then i need to get on with some work (and housework)
[14:15] <IT_Sean> (i did just have a donut... perhaps Local Donut Shoppe puts uppers in their delightful treats?)
[14:15] <ukscone> yeah space donuts
[14:16] <ukscone> did they import them from hamsterdam?
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[14:24] <IT_Sean> they make them on site, actually.
[14:24] <IT_Sean> They are reallllly good too
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[14:37] <ukscone> :)
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[16:08] <ukscone> New Nokia phone "Lumia" is colloquial for prostitue in Spanish j.mp/v71Ox5
[16:14] <ahven> if the spanish goverment start buying them, it could be somewhat awkward :P
[16:14] <ukscone> i hope it's a stable device otherwise you'll get a lot of
[16:15] <ukscone> Lumia: goes down on your more than a spanish prostitute
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[16:24] <ahven> so Nokia joined with Mitsubishi, who named their jeep Pajero - masturbator in spanish :)
[16:24] <ukscone> ahven: :)
[16:25] <ukscone> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJbNl-VZkDQ kind of foot tappy and quite bouncy for so early in the morning
[16:58] <ahven> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTx3G6h2xyA
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[22:17] <friggle> if you want a good laugh, read the third comment on this article http://www.eetimes.com/electronics-news/4229945/A-slice-of-Pi---the--25-computer-on-show
[22:17] <friggle> oops I mean http://www.edn.com/article/519700-A_slice_of_Pi_25_computer_on_show.php
[22:19] <DaQatz> Nice
[22:19] <ahven> hehe, good saying raspi twitter "You know you're doing a great job when trolls on websites you've never read start accusing you of making tools to aid terrorists."
[22:20] <friggle> "yet another bunch of these ninnies who have come out of their mother's basements to give away great masses of ready make smart bomb systems to every two bit warlord out there"
[22:21] <friggle> like there are so many other examples or something
[22:22] <DaQatz> It's extra funny because the people making the pi are all pros
[22:24] <ahven> to me it looks like electronics make up 90% of a bomb price, and explosives are on sale in supermarkets :)
[22:24] <DaQatz> Yes it's are next to beets.
[22:25] <DaQatz> -are
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[22:26] <ReggieUK> there are some real numbnutz out there
[22:26] <ReggieUK> last I heard terrorists were using mobile phones as triggers
[22:27] <ahven> hmm, can anyone explain that "dumping" term briefly?
[22:27] <ReggieUK> so we can blame nokia, google, apple, sony, motorola
[22:29] <traeak> just like blaming gun manufacturers for homicidal maniacs
[22:30] <traeak> sounds like libya just joined the homicidal maniacs club
[22:30] <zear> friggle, whenever there's a device which can run homebrew and has no apple logo, there's always tons of trolls in the comments
[22:30] <traeak> hmmm
[22:30] <traeak> btw, would it make sense to base a gui toolkit on SDL ?
[22:31] <zear> totally
[22:31] <traeak> i mean even for typical normal gui type stuff
[22:31] <zear> i think i have seen something like that before
[22:31] <traeak> windows, osx, linux, etc
[22:31] <traeak> it seems SDL is a pretty lowest common denominator running around
[22:31] <zear> the benefit of sdl is it's extremely cross platform
[22:31] <traeak> although i gather SDL doesn't have an openglES backend
[22:31] <zear> can run even on gameboy advance or dreamcast
[22:32] <zear> traeak, anyway, were you thinking of something like this? http://libagar.org/
[22:33] <traeak> wonder if it can delegate main window functions to the underlying system
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[22:35] <traeak> looks pretty 'c' oriented
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[22:35] <PiBot> ukscone| no i am british we are used to summer just being the third wednesday in august
[22:36] <traeak> !w
[22:36] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Wed Oct 26 19:53:00 2011. Temp -2??C. Condition: Light snow, Humidity: 85%. Later 1??C - -10??C. Condition: Snow
[22:36] <DaQatz> Snow... ._.
[22:36] <traeak> yup, all day
[22:36] * DaQatz comforts traeak.
[22:36] <traeak> monday we broke a record, i thihnk it was 28 or 29
[22:37] <zear> -2'C is still better than 0'C
[22:37] <traeak> not unusual weather for here though...30+C swings in a couple of days happens
[22:37] <traeak> it's a bitch on the trees though...most here still have leaves
[22:37] <zear> that's extreme, but i think we also had such swings recently
[22:37] <traeak> well i guess *did* since they're getting stripped off
[22:38] <traeak> oct/nov apr/may not unusual here
[22:38] <DaQatz> Later 1?C - -10?C. Condition: Snow
[22:38] <DaQatz> <DaQatz> Snow... ._.
[22:38] <DaQatz> Dang
[22:38] <traeak> what's wrong with snow ?
[22:38] <DaQatz> Copy fail
[22:38] <traeak> yeah it's been snowing all day
[22:38] <DaQatz> -10
[22:38] <zear> snow's better than a crappy autumn weather
[22:38] <traeak> what's crappy autumn weather?
[22:38] <DaQatz> Snow really sucks imo
[22:38] <zear> windy, rainy, gloomy
[22:39] <DaQatz> Around here it's a bit dangerous.
[22:39] <traeak> well the snow is gloomy
[22:39] <traeak> snow never stays around here though
[22:39] <zear> no, snow is mesmerising
[22:39] <acfrazier> gah, still can't this dev VM to connect to the internet
[22:39] <traeak> exception was a few years ago, but then it seemed to snow every single saturday for like 6 or 7 weekends in a row
[22:39] <acfrazier> putting a kink in my plans
[22:40] <acfrazier> (to have this working by the time I can get a production device)
[22:40] <traeak> clockwork, every saturday
[22:40] <DaQatz> After it gets a few feet deep gets well... inconvenient.
[22:40] <traeak> true, but not typical here
[22:40] <traeak> it *is* fun to toss kids into deep snow
[22:40] <zear> anyway, anybody here planning to work on a gaming console aimed distro?
[22:40] <DaQatz> Very typical here sadly
[22:40] <zear> for rpi that is
[22:41] <DaQatz> rPi could make a good cheap console
[22:41] <traeak> zear: probably opendingux would be an easy first shot
[22:41] <DaQatz> More then capable of doing it
[22:41] <traeak> or maybe whatever pandora is using
[22:41] <traeak> i think OS research will be interesting
[22:42] <traeak> exokernels, etc
[22:42] <traeak> traditional OS's are kind of boring and limited
[22:42] <zear> traeak, i wonder how much of opendingux will be left after you disclude the dingoo related drivers :)
[22:42] <friggle> openpandora seems like a more interesting starting point
[22:42] <DaQatz> Sad truth is I find linux a little heavy for game console OS.
[22:42] <friggle> in that they have some sort of package distribution mechanism and so on
[22:42] <traeak> opendingux seems to be pretty heavily interwoven with SDL though
[22:42] <zear> i'm thinking more of a gui + games now than the core system
[22:43] <zear> traeak, well, if we're talking about the software part, then gmenu2x (the gui) is based on sdl and a majority of games are also sdl based
[22:43] <traeak> DaQatz: a gaming OS doesn't need all the permissions stuff a multi-user OS brings along with it
[22:43] <DaQatz> Personally would look into getting something liek Haiku fully working with the hardware, Sadly I don't see that happening with it's gfx chip.
[22:43] <DaQatz> traeak, I agree
[22:44] <traeak> DaQatz: and since a gaming OS only needs to run a single process well the scheduler is a different beast also
[22:44] <friggle> DaQatz: but what would the advantage of running Haiku be?
[22:44] <zear> traeak, naturally, all the homebrew handhelds run from fat file system
[22:44] <friggle> after all, you can just boot a minimal kernel and run whatever you want
[22:44] <zear> so a root account and no file permissions
[22:44] <DaQatz> It's lighter weight starts faster and easier to get it out of the way for the single program./
[22:44] <friggle> linux + tiny initramfs isn't exactly heavy
[22:44] <traeak> it would be nice however to have a more flexible system that doesn't have to be rebooted
[22:44] <DaQatz> Nope it can be light and fast
[22:45] <DaQatz> ANd it can work as a game console os
[22:45] <zear> how well do linux games port to haiku?
[22:45] <DaQatz> It's just we can also do lighter
[22:45] <DaQatz> Mopst should
[22:45] <DaQatz> Haiku lacks libs to get a number working
[22:46] <zear> by "linux games" i mean c/c++ & SDL, so i guess for most of the cases it will be a matter of recompiling :)
[22:46] <DaQatz> Oh
[22:46] <DaQatz> C/C++ and sdl are available
[22:46] <zear> well, if we want psx/n64 level of emulation, we need gpu support
[22:46] <DaQatz> Yeah
[22:46] <zear> also, for the opengl games (doom3 should get opensourced this year)
[22:46] <friggle> and I imagine scummvm runs fine on Haiku - so that's a high percentage of the games worth playing ;)
[22:46] <DaQatz> Witch would be a major issue
[22:47] <DaQatz> Since I don't see the gpu driver getting ported any time soon.
[22:47] <zear> DaQatz, speaking of haiku.. are you someone who runs that os on a daily basis?
[22:47] <DaQatz> zear, No but I do dabble with it.
[22:47] <zear> ah
[22:47] <DaQatz> Day to day I use linux
[22:48] <zear> are there any haiku crosscompilers on linux?
[22:48] <DaQatz> Hmm
[22:48] <DaQatz> Not sure
[22:48] <zear> i've got a c & SDL game i'd like to port to as many systems as i can
[22:48] <DaQatz> When I compile for Haiku I do it in haiku
[22:48] <zear> i don't have a haiku port yet :)
[22:48] <DaQatz> I just run it in a VM
[22:49] <DaQatz> Small DL
[22:49] <DaQatz> And enviroment
[22:49] <zear> are there live cds of haiku that contain c compiler?
[22:49] <friggle> does Haiku even have an ARM port?
[22:49] <DaQatz> I "THINK" so
[22:49] <DaQatz> Not sure
[22:49] <zear> friggle, ha, good point with that
[22:49] <zear> even if it does, it might not be as good quality as the x86 port
[22:49] <DaQatz> https://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/arm_port
[22:49] <friggle> availability of super cheap and popular dev hardware may help kickstart it if not though
[22:50] <zear> yea
[22:52] <acfrazier> aha, got it
[22:56] <acfrazier> hm
[22:56] <acfrazier> so how do I compile things for the ARM processor?
[22:56] * ReimuHak_ (~reimu@ Quit (Quit: Leaving...)
[22:57] <acfrazier> in the raspi VM
[22:57] * ReimuHak_ (~reimu@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:57] <zear> or using a cross compiler
[22:57] <ukscone> acfrazier: as you would normally but prefix thee command with sb2
[22:57] <ukscone> acfrazier: i.e. instead of make type sb2 make
[22:58] <acfrazier> there we go
[22:58] <acfrazier> btw ukscone for some reason
[22:58] <acfrazier> the bug magically fixed itself
[22:58] <acfrazier> I was able to import it and it just worked
[22:59] <ukscone> acfrazier: ok must have been gremlins or the sun was in the house of capricorn whilst your computer was aligned with libra
[22:59] <acfrazier> ukscone, now I get make[4]: arm-elf-as: Command not found
[22:59] <ukscone> acfrazier: if you aren't using a full seed rootfs then some things will fail until you build stuff liek bash
[22:59] <ukscone> acfrazier: did you read the readme?
[23:00] <ukscone> i.e. are you building in the right directory?
[23:00] <acfrazier> I'm in ~/raspberrypi-development
[23:01] <acfrazier> I cloned the repository I want to try to build, so
[23:04] <traeak> i'm curious as to how fast the rpi will "feel" as a desktop system
[23:04] <traeak> i guess probably disappointing
[23:04] <zear> traeak, i have much inferior arm devices that "feel" fast
[23:05] <zear> so i think there should not be any performance problem for normal tasks
[23:05] <friggle> a little disappointing without extra optimisation work
[23:05] <traeak> running 1080p display?
[23:05] <zear> traeak, no, 640x240 :D
[23:05] <friggle> e.g. X acceleration would make a big difference
[23:06] <traeak> actually i have 1920x1200 here
[23:06] <friggle> I was thinking of a 'dogfooding' challenge around christmas. Try to use the raspberry pi as your main computing device outside of work for 1-2 weeks, hack on the pain points
[23:06] <traeak> outside of work? hehe
[23:07] * ukscone (~Russell@cpe-68-173-234-162.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[23:08] <traeak> would be a nice challenge
[23:09] <traeak> the 256MB ram + 1920x1200 resolution is a big challenge
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[23:09] <PiBot> ukscone| hand over the twiglets
[23:13] <ukscone> dunno how long i'll stay in here our internet and tv are flakey
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[23:19] <acfrazier> well apparently this stupid program won't build
[23:19] <acfrazier> I give up
[23:21] <ukscone> acfrazier: what's the program?
[23:33] <acfrazier> syringe
[23:33] <acfrazier> you've likely never heard of it
[23:34] <acfrazier> https://github.com/iH8sn0w/syringe
[23:40] <ukscone> ok i'll take a look at it after dinner

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