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[4:58] <acfrazier> hm.
[4:58] <acfrazier> anyone have any idea how much it'll cost to ship a raspi to the US.. shouldn't be more than a couple pounds I hope
[4:58] <acfrazier> money's kinda clinched, so I am setting aside money for this in advance
[5:12] <Beakster> yeah it wont be much i imagine
[5:13] <Beakster> so long as you don't get the expensive insurance on it Royal Mail is quite cheap to ship small things
[5:13] <Beakster> you can make a gues as the packages weight and size and price it on the Royal Mail website
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[6:26] <PiBot> ShiftPlusOne| well we're running out of corners and the stoopid people corner is mine! >=/
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[9:55] <Mowee> morning
[10:07] <joukio> morning
[10:20] <ahven> hello
[11:05] <Thorn_> the problem with royal mail is the amount of times they accidentally lose your package
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[12:37] <ukscone> acfrazier: worst case senario http://sg.royalmail.com/portal/rm/PriceFinderResults?pageId=pc_sltc_rm_results&keyname=rmPriceFinderResults&catId=23500532 although i think it'll be nearer 200 to 300 grams
[12:51] <ShiftPlusOne> waah, it's cold.
[12:54] <ukscone> ShiftPlusOne: snuggle up to a sheep :)
[12:54] <ShiftPlusOne> we're on a 'break'
[12:54] <ukscone> two-timing with a llama eh?
[12:55] <ShiftPlusOne> nothing like some bestiality to keep this channel pg, ey?
[12:55] <ukscone> i just said you were using the fleece to get warm, you were the one that brought up beastiality
[12:56] <ShiftPlusOne> >=/
[12:56] <ShiftPlusOne> lol
[12:57] <ukscone> Why can't programmers tell Halloween from Christmas? Because oct 31 = dec 25.
[12:57] <ukscone> :)
[12:58] <ShiftPlusOne> lol
[12:58] <ShiftPlusOne> brilliant
[12:58] <ukscone> it took me about 5 seconds to get that one -- but then lol'ed and woke the wife
[12:59] <ShiftPlusOne> yeah, I had to fire up the calculator to make sure I got it
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[13:06] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[13:06] <IT_Sean> morning
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[13:44] * IT_Sean loves it when customers seem to think that there is a magical "Broken / Fixed" switch in our devices somewhere.
[13:45] <ukscone> you mean there isn't?
[13:46] <IT_Sean> It was found to be to difficult to engineer self-repairing circuit boards.
[13:47] <IT_Sean> Excerpt from an email that came in over the weekend: "My [DEVICE] won't power on, and smells burnt. Is there a setting i can change to fix this?"
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[13:48] <ukscone> :)
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[13:48] <IT_Sean> I was tempted to tell 'er to strip naked, stick an ethernet cable up her backside, and spin around in a circle while pressing the reset button. Only one problem with that...
[13:48] <IT_Sean> ... That particular device hasn't got a reset button
[13:49] <ukscone> tell them to drop it out the window from the 7th floor and it'll reset
[13:49] <IT_Sean> It would, actually.
[13:50] <IT_Sean> A drop from that height would probably pop the front panel off, triggering the tamper switch.
[13:54] <IT_Sean> ... might also smash the thing to bits, though.
[13:54] <IT_Sean> and it would undoubtidly void the warrenty.
[13:55] <ukscone> yes but it would no longer smell burnt it'd smell smashed
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[13:58] <ukscone> http://dangerousprototypes.com/2011/10/31/arduino-controlled-flamethrowing-jack-o-lantern/?source=twitter
[14:00] <IT_Sean> I saw that. Lawsuit waiting to happen.
[14:00] <IT_Sean> also, it'd still smell burnt.
[14:01] <ukscone> no there would be bits that didn't smell burnt
[14:01] <ukscone> just tell them to sniff all the tiny pieces until they find a few that don't smell burnt
[14:02] <IT_Sean> Point is, it still wouldn't work.
[14:02] <ukscone> yeah but that's not your fault -- they were the idiots that threw it out of a window
[14:02] <IT_Sean> but, it wasn't working BEFORE they tossed it out the window.
[14:03] <ukscone> noone would believe you told them to do that so without taped evidence noone would believe it
[14:03] <IT_Sean> I am rather tempted to tell them to try resetting it.
[14:03] <ukscone> and do they have proof it wasn't working before they threw it out the window?
[14:04] <IT_Sean> well, the email they sent me w/ time & date stamps would seem to indicate that it may not have been working before it's airborn adventure.
[14:04] <ukscone> those can be faked
[14:04] <IT_Sean> Yes, but the server logging the loss of contact w/ the device cannot.
[14:04] <ukscone> i think they are trying some kind of scam
[14:04] <IT_Sean> you always think it's a scam!
[14:04] <ukscone> because 9 times out of 10 it is
[14:05] <IT_Sean> I'm pretty sure it's out of warrenty anyway.
[14:05] <IT_Sean> greeeeeeeeeeeat... now i get to tell them they have to pay for repair / replacement. :/
[14:05] <ukscone> have fun
[14:05] <IT_Sean> :|
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[15:00] <ShiftPlusOne> Just been researching what we were talking about a while ago (external debt). Looks like external debt includes private and public. If you just look at public debt, we're actually not as screwed as I thought =)
[15:01] <ShiftPlusOne> So i'd just like to retract my statements about global economy collapse. >.>
[15:01] <IT_Sean> ...
[15:02] * IT_Sean sends ShiftPlusOne the standard 1854-page statement retraction form, to be filled out by noon today US EST.
[15:02] <IT_Sean> Don't forget ot sign each page.
[15:02] <ShiftPlusOne> lol, just like to clear up when I am wrong.
[15:03] <IT_Sean> you should be receiving that form now via fax.
[15:07] <ahven> I hope you have fax-to-email service or your may have to buy some extra paper :P
[15:07] <IT_Sean> Customer just emailed me a screenshot of the problem they are having
[15:08] <IT_Sean> said screenshot is the size of a postage stamp, and cannot be enlarged at all without pixilating it all to hell.
[15:08] <IT_Sean> Why are all the stupid people asking for help today? Where are my smart customers!!!???
[15:09] <ShiftPlusOne> Figuring stuff out for themsleves perhaps
[15:14] <IT_Sean> If only the dumb ones 'd try that from time to time.
[15:15] <IT_Sean> I love my job. Really, i do. It's just shocking to me how oblivious some people are to the bleedin obvious.
[15:20] <ShiftPlusOne> you might enjoy clientcopia.com then.
[15:31] <Thorn_> omg its november in 9.5hrs is it out yet??
[15:34] <DaQatz> >.>
[15:34] <DaQatz> !welcome_add Thorn_ <Thorn_> omg its november in 9.5hrs is it out yet??
[15:35] <IT_Sean> Thorn_: lol
[15:37] <Thorn_> whats with Ebens arrogant body language on the techcon video? made me laugh the whole way through
[15:37] <Thorn_> anybody else notice it?
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[15:49] <PiBot> ukscone| no i am british we are used to summer just being the third wednesday in august
[16:04] <ShiftPlusOne> going to watch it now
[16:06] <ShiftPlusOne> not seeing any arrogance. what are you on about?
[16:07] <Thorn_> his shoulders
[16:07] <Thorn_> his sharp head movements
[16:08] <ukscone> that's not arrogance that's because someone put itching powder down his back
[16:12] <Anppa> I just spied on the "launch: november 2011" thing on the poster in the background...
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[16:13] <ShiftPlusOne> yes, he talks about that around the 8 minute mark
[16:14] <Anppa> hmm... actually watching the video... good idea :)
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[16:16] <traeak> !w
[16:16] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Mon Oct 31 08:53:00 2011. Temp 4??C. Condition: Clear, Humidity: 45%. Later 18??C - 0??C. Condition: Clear
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[16:24] <atts> !w
[16:24] <PiBot> atts: in Waltham, MA on Mon Oct 31 18:56:00 2011. Temp 44??F. Condition: Clear, Humidity: 65%. Later 47??F - 31??F. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[16:24] <PiBot> Tue: High 49??F Low 31??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[16:25] <PiBot> Wed: High 56??F Low 40??F :Condition Clear
[16:25] <PiBot> Thu: High 56??F Low 32??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
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[17:04] <ukscone> !w 11220
[17:05] <PiBot> ukscone: in Brooklyn, NY on Mon Oct 31 14:51:00 2011. Temp 46??F. Condition: Mostly Cloudy, Humidity: 63%. Later 54??F - 43??F. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[17:14] <traeak> geez, no temperature swing whatsoever
[17:14] <traeak> i don't miss living in those high humidity areas
[17:15] <Thorn_> 72% humidity here
[17:15] <Anppa> 87% here
[17:15] <Anppa> (but +9C :)
[17:19] <traeak> !w
[17:19] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Mon Oct 31 10:53:00 2011. Temp 13??C. Condition: Clear, Humidity: 25%. Later 18??C - 1??C. Condition: Clear
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[17:34] <traeak> we're in for an interesting ride. android tablet prices are going way down, rpi is about to come out. hopefully it'll be a cool christmas
[17:35] <Thorn_> i have one android product so far
[17:35] <Thorn_> one was quite enough
[17:35] <Thorn_> enough to turn me into an apple fanboy, almost
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[17:55] <traeak> Thorn_: which android dealey?
[17:56] <traeak> i'm not saying i think java is worth anything, but it's been good enough so far
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[18:20] <ShiftPlusOne> android tablets? aren't they horribly useless? Then again, I don't get why you'd want a tablet when you have a smartphone and a laptop. It's like the worst of both worlds.
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[18:20] <Thorn_> android is extremely clumsy
[18:20] <Thorn_> i've only used 2.2 and 2.3 but it is certainly not an enjoyable experience really
[18:20] <ShiftPlusOne> Thorn_, can be
[18:20] <Thorn_> it's "usable"
[18:21] <Thorn_> thats about as far as i'll give it
[18:21] <ShiftPlusOne> Thorn_, on which device?
[18:21] <Thorn_> samsung galaxy ace and orange sanfrancisco
[18:21] <Thorn_> 2.3 killed my battery life too
[18:21] <Thorn_> its like applications never really quit
[18:21] <ShiftPlusOne> did you try custom roms?
[18:22] <Thorn_> there are none for the galaxy ace
[18:22] <Thorn_> they cant get clockworkrecovery etc running on it
[18:22] <ShiftPlusOne> ah ok
[18:22] <Thorn_> for some crazy reason
[18:22] <Thorn_> even those the galaxy s and s2 are crazy popular for replacement roms
[18:23] <Thorn_> there's one replacement rom that's a hardhack one way ticket (no going back) so i avoided it
[18:23] <Thorn_> and it doesnt change anything anyway, it was just a PoC that the ace can be flashed
[18:23] <ShiftPlusOne> and it's 800mhz... which isn't too good for android. Android is great, it's just a bloated resource hog. If you have a good phone, a custom rom, then it's a different experience entierly.
[18:23] <Thorn_> i had cyanogen on my sanfrancisco
[18:23] <Thorn_> it was pretty ok
[18:24] <ShiftPlusOne> not a fan of cyanogen
[18:24] <Thorn_> it worked decently
[18:24] <ShiftPlusOne> I liked it back when it was mainly for the G1
[18:24] <Thorn_> which is more than what i can say for the stock firmware :)
[18:24] <ShiftPlusOne> then it branched out to every phone, which isn't the right approach if you want a good optimized rom.
[18:26] <ShiftPlusOne> But phone manufacturers, chip manufacturers and even Google are all holding android back, I think.
[18:26] <ShiftPlusOne> and HTC are saturating the market with 50 versions of esentially the same phone
[18:26] <Thorn_> yeah i avoid htc like the plague
[18:26] <ShiftPlusOne> which doesn't make it any better for cyanogenmod
[18:27] <Thorn_> but tbh
[18:27] <Thorn_> before i got an android phone/knew much about them
[18:27] <Thorn_> when i thought "android phone" i thought "htc"
[18:27] <ShiftPlusOne> well yeah, they jumped on it straight away
[18:28] <Thorn_> honestly though
[18:28] <Thorn_> if i had the money i'd swap for an iphone straight away
[18:28] <Thorn_> the hardware is awesome, especially battery life
[18:29] <Thorn_> i play mp3's for 30 mins on my samsung ace -> battery flat
[18:29] <ShiftPlusOne> what's 'good battery life' in a smartphone?
[18:29] <Thorn_> friend uses his iphone as an mp3 player for 6 hours and it's still at 80%
[18:29] <IT_Sean> I charge my iPhone 4 about once a week
[18:29] <IT_Sean> and i use Skype on it quite a bit, in addition to email and normal calling
[18:29] <ShiftPlusOne> ah, that IS pretty good
[18:30] <ShiftPlusOne> the phone I ordered lasts about 2-3 days and that's considered pretty good.
[18:30] <ShiftPlusOne> but it's must more powerful than the iphone obviously
[18:30] <IT_Sean> That remind me, i forgot to plug it in this weekend
[18:30] * IT_Sean plugs it in
[18:31] <ShiftPlusOne> I guess if you underclock it and disable all the extra features, it would last about the same.
[18:31] <IT_Sean> I don't find the iPhone lacking in power, to be honest. I mean, i'm not doing any gaming on it or anything, but...
[18:31] <ShiftPlusOne> But yeah, Apple definitely have the advantage of having very specific hardware and full control over it.
[18:32] <IT_Sean> I do a fair amount of skype video calling on it and such. And it always works really well.
[18:32] <IT_Sean> In all fairness... It's probably not the phone i would get for myself, if i were picking one.
[18:32] <IT_Sean> It's what my company picked for me. Am i unhappy with it, though? Hell no! :)
[18:33] <IT_Sean> (full disclosure: i am a Mac guy)
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[19:59] * IT_Sean pokes ReggieUK's reset switch
[20:01] <Thorn_> ios looks really smooth too
[20:01] <Thorn_> a little stupified
[20:01] <Thorn_> but still nice
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[20:08] <IT_Sean> it is nice
[20:09] <IT_Sean> it's very intuitive
[20:14] <IT_Sean> holy crap, it's 3.15 already! :p
[20:15] <Thorn_> wrong
[20:15] <Thorn_> 7:11
[20:16] <Thorn_> pm
[20:16] * kcj (~casey@unaffiliated/kcj1993) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:16] <IT_Sean> 3.16 by my clock
[20:16] <Thorn_> your puny timezone is no match for the imperial GMT
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[20:17] <ukscone> and it was 3:14:32pm anyway so you were wrong
[20:18] * IT_Sean flicks an RJ45 plug at ukscone
[20:19] * Thorn_ probes IT_Sean with an RJ11
[20:19] <ukscone> thnx i needed one of them
[20:19] * IT_Sean yelps!
[20:19] <IT_Sean> sorry, i odn't have any uncrimped ones
[20:19] <IT_Sean> *don't
[20:20] <IT_Sean> in fact, i need that one back... it's my only RS232 loopback plug
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[20:22] * IT_Sean pokes his ThinkPad awake & checks emails
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[21:44] <acfrazier> hah, 4.26 pounds
[21:44] <acfrazier> that's not as much as I thought it'd be
[21:44] <acfrazier> for 300 grams
[21:44] <traeak> beaglebone !!
[21:45] <traeak> http://beagleboard.org/bone
[21:45] <traeak> a bit more expensive than rpi though
[21:45] <acfrazier> announced today.. cool
[21:46] <IT_Sean> 5/part #raspberrypi
[21:46] <IT_Sean> oops
[21:46] * IT_Sean (~IT_Sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has left #raspberrypi
[21:47] <traeak> http://beagleboard.org/bone
[21:47] <traeak> crap repeat
[21:48] <traeak> ahh extra hardware required to get a display port out....watch cost skyrocket
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[22:18] <ShiftPlusOne> hmm
[22:18] <ShiftPlusOne> "Several semiconductor manufacturers are attempting to duplicate the community building success of the BeagleBoard and have cut the price on their development tools, even to the point of giving away chips and subsidizing the cost of other components on the board."
[22:18] <ShiftPlusOne> reckon that's a jab at raspberry pi?
[22:19] <Thorn_> sounds like a bitter statement to me
[22:22] <ShiftPlusOne> is beagleboard actually open? do they provide all the schematics or just add-on boards?
[22:24] <ShiftPlusOne> ah, seems open enough
[22:28] * zear (~zear@h196n1-g-kt-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[22:29] <traeak> its good for us consumers
[22:30] <traeak> time for intel to ante up with $25 PC's
[22:32] * zear (~zear@h196n1-g-kt-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:34] <ShiftPlusOne> yeah, that's not going to happen
[22:43] <traeak> and here's to hoping that intel becomes a minor player :-p
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[23:21] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
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[23:43] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
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