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[8:50] <ahven> morning
[8:50] <ahven> http://i.imgur.com/OiPWD.gif
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[11:21] <ahven> ok, I'm not that rich that I need to buy raspi stickers right away :P
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[13:52] <PiBot> IT_Sean| As long as the invisible man didn't leave invisible skidmarks on the photocopier, i don't really care.
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[14:24] <wcchandler> only suggestion for the store is it's a little "cluttered" having the entire section of "new products" seems irrelevant, even if there's a slew of things to choose from.
[14:25] <wcchandler> here's a ted talk about choice and how it can limit our purchasing: http://www.ted.com/talks/barry_schwartz_on_the_paradox_of_choice.html
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[14:53] <IT_Sean> good morning ReggieUK
[14:54] <ReggieUK> good <insert part of the day you're in her>
[14:54] <IT_Sean> heh
[14:54] <ReggieUK> here*
[14:54] <ReggieUK> freudian slip?
[14:54] <ReggieUK> perhaps
[14:54] <IT_Sean> that would make it a good part of the day.
[14:54] <ReggieUK> and how did you know I'd just woken up?
[14:55] <IT_Sean> you'd just signed into #raspberrypi
[14:55] <ReggieUK> but it's nearly 2pm
[14:55] <IT_Sean> 1:55, to be pedantic
[14:55] * ReggieUK glares at IT_Sean
[14:55] <IT_Sean> 1:56 now
[14:56] <ReggieUK> don't get pedantic with a just woken reg
[14:56] <ReggieUK> I'll probably get the hump and stomp off back to bed
[14:56] <IT_Sean> why are you up so late?
[14:56] <ReggieUK> not sure
[14:56] <IT_Sean> I wish i could sleep 'till nearly two in the afternoon
[14:56] <ReggieUK> my sleep pattern has been shot since they arsed around with the clocks
[14:57] * IT_Sean was up at 6:15am
[14:57] <ReggieUK> you wouldn't want to be me to achieve that aim though
[14:57] <IT_Sean> no, i prefer being myself.
[14:58] <ReggieUK> the only reason it doesn't matter what time I sleep from/til is becuase I have crohns disease
[14:59] <IT_Sean> bummer
[14:59] <IT_Sean> the only reason i get up at 6:15 is because i have to be at work by 8.
[14:59] <IT_Sean> I might sleep 'till 7:30 or even 8:00 tomorrow, 'cause it'll be saturday.
[15:00] <IT_Sean> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[15:00] <ReggieUK> I'd really appreciate a job
[15:00] <IT_Sean> Jobs are a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, they pay you. On the other, they expect you to actually do work.
[15:01] <ReggieUK> I don't mind doing constructive stuff
[15:01] <IT_Sean> At the moment, i'm trying to reviive a device that someone screwed up a firmware reflash on
[15:01] <ReggieUK> I just don't want to do tech suppt. over a phone/internet and I definitely don't want anything to do with answering phones
[15:02] <ReggieUK> oh and flexible as hell cos of the crohns would be useful
[15:02] <IT_Sean> ... that's what i do.
[15:02] <ReggieUK> are you part of a team?
[15:02] <ReggieUK> I was and it was for joe public
[15:02] <IT_Sean> i'm part of a company. :p
[15:03] <IT_Sean> To answer what i think you are asking, i am the sole IT tech.
[15:03] <ReggieUK> the place I was at wasn't really an IT place, it was a call centre, they devled into tech support for home users
[15:03] <ReggieUK> so it was planned by suits and not IT people
[15:04] <IT_Sean> I am a support tech for a company here in the states that makes encrypted network management equipment
[15:04] <ReggieUK> with inept 'third line' manager and even more IT inept campaign manager
[15:04] <IT_Sean> (let me rephrase... i am THE support tech...)
[15:05] <ReggieUK> when you're third line asks you questions constantly and you're stock answer is 'Doesn't google have the answer' then you know there is something wrong in the way things work
[15:05] <IT_Sean> Most of my callers are NOC engineers, so... usually reasonably intelligent.
[15:06] <ReggieUK> I didn't mind if my customers couldn't write their own name, that's what I'm there for, to fix stuff that they can't
[15:07] <IT_Sean> I enjoy it.
[15:07] <ReggieUK> but my 3rd line who is supposed to be better at IT than me is actually supposed to be better than IT at me
[15:07] <ReggieUK> frustrating when he gets paid twice as much for 1/2 the work and 1/4 of the skill
[15:08] <atts> reggieuk, have you looked at programming or dba jobs? a significant amount of those let you work from home
[15:09] <ReggieUK> my programming skills would need a lot of work before they'd get me a job
[15:09] <atts> probably not as much as you think
[15:09] <atts> there seems to be a real shortage around here (boston) and it seems like it's the same way in many other places too
[15:10] <Anppa_> an average guy that holds a programmer position isn't that good a programmer...
[15:10] <atts> we're talking about getting a job though
[15:11] <atts> once you get the job, then you can work on becoming a good programmer
[15:11] <ReggieUK> hehehehe
[15:11] <atts> or, you can always work on being a good programmer, and get paid while doing it
[15:11] <ReggieUK> I don't like being that kind of guy though
[15:11] <ReggieUK> turns me into '3rd line' material
[15:12] <atts> what's 3rd line?
[15:12] <ReggieUK> crap at his job and winging it hoping no one notices
[15:13] <IT_Sean> ha
[15:13] <atts> if you like to program and are interested in it, you probably won't be 3rd line for long
[15:14] <IT_Sean> aaaaaaaaaand i think this device is about as dead as a doornail
[15:14] <atts> it's usually the people who have stopped learning after they got their first job that are like that
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[15:59] <IT_Sean> wahey! I finally got some signs of life out of this device!
[15:59] <ReggieUK> gratz
[16:00] <IT_Sean> Hmm... perhaps i should rephrase that ot signs of death.
[16:00] <IT_Sean> It's not going through the full boot process,
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[16:09] <mdavey> hello peeps
[16:09] <mdavey> Users: 57. What's the record these days?
[16:10] <mdavey> R.Pi quote of the day "According to my account I am currently awaiting fulfillment by Liz." :D
[16:10] <ukscone> mdavey: we've had 59 but there are a couple of bots maybe more
[16:11] <ukscone> mdavey: yes i nearly spit my coffee out whne i read thee fulfilment bit
[16:11] <mdavey> Pretty sure only Eben gets that.
[16:15] <ukscone> mdavey: there is really no possible PG-13 response to that :)
[16:16] <IT_Sean> heh
[16:18] <ukscone> i have just spent about 5 minutes trying to think of a clean response to that and still can't think of any non-double entondras(sp?)
[16:25] <IT_Sean> I don't think there is one.
[16:26] <ukscone> yeah especially as i'm tied up at the moment
[16:26] <ukscone> so can't put much thought into it
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[16:44] <traeak> woah mdavey
[16:46] <ukscone> yay my 26 episodes of the clangers have finally finished converting to mp4 so my nookcolor can play them
[16:48] <mdavey> just read that post again. Still makes me giggle like a school girl.
[16:48] <ukscone> heh
[16:48] <ukscone> hmmmm the reply on the forum is no worky or just damn slow
[16:48] <ReggieUK> makes me want to start mooing like a clanger
[16:49] <ukscone> ok just damn slow -- 4 minutes to post
[16:49] <mdavey> wow
[16:49] <ukscone> ReggieUK: the bloody things stuck again
[16:49] <mdavey> aren't slashdot getting sick of us?
[16:49] <ukscone> ReggieUK: and they whistled not mooed
[16:49] <ReggieUK> I was trying to come up with a suitable word
[16:50] <mdavey> There are many wonders in a cow's head.
[16:50] <ReggieUK> and couldn't actually remember the sound, I could just remember me mimicking the sound
[16:51] <ReggieUK> must've been a strange child....
[16:51] <ReggieUK> elephants are wonderous too
[16:51] <ReggieUK> much like cows
[16:52] <mdavey> ReggieUK: Yea, but there isn't an Icelandic proverb about them. I don't think.
[16:52] * mdavey sitting in McD's car park, Heathrow, having just got off a place from Iceland.
[16:52] <ReggieUK> 'the elephant is a funny bird, it flits from bow to bow, it lives it's life in cherry trees and whistles like a cow' <--- vindication!!!
[16:53] <mdavey> place? s/place/plane/
[16:55] <mdavey> Okay, not Icelandic but you get the pedant points anyway, for quoting poetry to make your point.
[16:55] * amandarn sitting in a friend's living room, watching people play gears of war after having eaten a huge amount of japanese food.
[16:55] <amandarn> Also, hi.
[16:55] <IT_Sean> 'ello!
[16:55] <ReggieUK> hi
[16:55] <ukscone> mdavey: why did you fly to the frozen food store? most ppl just walk
[16:56] <amandarn> haha
[16:56] <mdavey> If I walked, my mum would have wanted to come.
[16:57] * Anppa_ visited london last weekend
[16:57] <Anppa_> got a terrible 22-hour jetlag :D
[16:57] <mdavey> I'm being glared at by the McD's car park attendant. Time to move on, I think. Laters.
[16:58] <IT_Sean> laters then
[16:58] <ukscone> laters
[16:59] <amandarn> Damn, I'm so hoping to get my hand on some R-PI soon... I really start to need some cheap linux box.
[17:00] <IT_Sean> mmmmmmmm piiiiiiiiii [drool]
[17:00] <Anppa_> next year, maybe...
[17:02] <amandarn> Seriously ?
[17:03] <amandarn> I totally need it now for some presentations
[17:03] * mdavey (~chatzilla@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[17:03] <Anppa_> pessimism is just healthy realism :D
[17:03] * IT_Sean will probably buy one as soon as they are released, if he can.
[17:03] <ukscone> amandarn: it will be at most http://www.tickcounter.com/2012jan01/Europe+London/000001/Raspberry%2520Pi%2520is%2520Late%2520in probably :) have patience
[17:03] <traeak> me too probably but i won't kill myself to get one in the first batch
[17:04] <IT_Sean> same here
[17:04] <IT_Sean> I've waited this long, i can wait a little longer. :p
[17:04] <IT_Sean> WHY THE ARSE IS MY OFFICE SO COLD!!!!!????
[17:04] <amandarn> Yeah, i guess so, but still...
[17:05] <ukscone> IT_Sean: not enough computers turned on?
[17:05] <amandarn> IT_Sean: just put some clothe on !
[17:05] <IT_Sean> 6 isn't enough!?
[17:05] <ahven> I have internal heating :P
[17:06] <ukscone> https://www.dbainspace.com/
[17:11] <amandarn> this seems cool
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[17:26] <wcchandler> IT_Sean: my cube area is used to help cool our datacenter. I've worn a coat at work for the past 6 months :(
[17:33] <IT_Sean> ick
[17:33] * IT_Sean is waring a sweater
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[18:40] <ukscone> ugh wife just reminded me there will be no mail delivery today :( yet another day of waiting for my new toyz
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[18:56] <traeak> what toyz?
[18:59] <ukscone> got a dangerous prototypes free pcb coming and a cybercortex av fpga
[18:59] <ukscone> and a food parcel from my sister
[18:59] <traeak> ahh okie
[18:59] <ukscone> full of british goodies
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[19:01] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
[19:08] * IT_Sean peers in
[19:10] * ukscone peers out
[19:10] <ukscone> in out you shake it all about
[19:11] * IT_Sean pokes ukscone's reset button
[19:12] <ukscone> that tickles
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[20:44] * IT_Sean sticks a Raspberry in jimerickson's left ear
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[20:59] * datagutt is now known as superwar-imitato
[21:00] * superwar-imitato is now known as datagutt
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[21:19] <ukscone_> test
[21:19] <IT_Sean> ...icle
[21:20] * ukscone_ thwaps IT_Sean
[21:20] <IT_Sean> OI!
[21:20] <IT_Sean> Whawas that for!?
[21:20] <ukscone_> anyone know the keystrokes to change from one channel to another on irssi?
[21:21] <IT_Sean> [esc] [esc] window#
[21:21] <IT_Sean> err... sorry... just one [esc]
[21:21] <ukscone_> ok alt+win# seems to work
[21:21] <IT_Sean> so, it's [esc] w#
[21:21] <ukscone_> yup that's it
[21:22] <IT_Sean> alt > or < should also do it
[21:22] <IT_Sean> (arrow keys, that is)
[21:22] <ukscone_> yup
[21:22] <IT_Sean> I usually use the esc key method, personally
[21:22] <IT_Sean> <-- using irssi right now
[21:22] <ukscone_> the ecafe has one annoying pixel stuck as bright green but apart from that it's pretty nice and the keyboard ain't bad either
[21:23] <IT_Sean> ecafe?
[21:23] <traeak> ecafe ?
[21:23] <IT_Sean> thas wot i said, traeak.
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[21:24] <IT_Sean> ukscone_: what OS are you on, that you are using irssi?
[21:24] <ukscone_> it's an armv7 ubuntu
[21:24] <IT_Sean> oh
[21:24] <traeak> how much ?
[21:24] <ukscone_> with some horrible unity clone
[21:24] <IT_Sean> <-- Ubuntu 10 on his laptop here
[21:24] <IT_Sean> Gnome classic
[21:24] <ukscone_> it's lucid
[21:25] <ukscone_> and it's around $200-260 depending on model
[21:25] <ukscone_> mompls
[21:26] <ukscone_> back
[21:27] <traeak> youch
[21:27] <ukscone_> obarthelemy got this for me, got it off amazon -- this is the $202 version there is one for $260 that has hdmi out
[21:27] <traeak> whyd he get this for you?
[21:28] <ukscone_> he was going to buy my pi's for me because i helped him out with some things (not that i wanted anything for hlping but he insisted) and he just said oneday the pi's won't be available for a while have an ecafe
[21:29] <ukscone_> i still not 100% sure why but if someone wants to buy me things who am i to say no although it really wasn't neccessary
[21:29] <IT_Sean> that was nice of him
[21:30] <ukscone_> yes it was -- of course now i am at his beck and call when he has linux probs or needs a new kernel but i'd do that for him anyway
[21:30] <IT_Sean> heh
[21:30] <ukscone_> it's white too so i can hold my head up in starbucks now -- just tell everyone it's the new mac
[21:32] <IT_Sean> oooh. That is a neat looking little thing
[21:32] <ukscone_> it's armv7 rather than v6 but the speed should be quite indicitive of the speed of the pi when not using the gpu
[21:32] <ukscone_> and if the pi feels like this speedwise it'll be really nice
[21:33] * IT_Sean would rock the hell out of that thing :p
[21:33] * kcj (~casey@unaffiliated/kcj1993) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:36] <IT_Sean> at
[21:36] <IT_Sean> atdt~
[21:36] <IT_Sean> dammit, wrong keyboard
[21:36] <ukscone_> :)
[21:37] * ukscone_ (~ukscone@cpe-68-173-234-162.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: leaving)
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[22:09] <traeak> IT_Sean: it's not a sex toy
[22:10] <IT_Sean> ??????????????
[22:10] * PiBot (~Raspberry@c-24-147-35-37.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:11] <traeak> (13:33:31) ***IT_Sean would rock the hell out of that thing :p
[22:11] <traeak> sorry was late to the party
[22:11] <IT_Sean> don't be gross
[22:12] * IT_Sean just likes playing with gadgets and gizmos
[22:12] <ukscone> that's what you told the police anyway
[22:13] <IT_Sean> hush you.
[22:14] <traeak> http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Barnes-Noble-petition-and-letter-to-DoJ/
[22:23] <kcj> Can we get any stats on the number of stickers sold?
[22:23] * IT_Sean wonders if each rpi sold will come w/ a sitcker
[22:24] <ukscone> yes in a seperate box 6'x6'x6'
[22:24] * IT_Sean thwaps ukscone
[22:25] <ukscone> oh sorry i should have remembered the foundation don't have any ex-HP employees in it so it'll be a seperate box 6"x6"x6"
[22:25] * IT_Sean thwaps ukscone again
[22:26] <ukscone> :)
[22:28] <IT_Sean> you deserved that
[22:29] <ukscone> yes
[22:29] <ukscone> please sir can i have some more
[22:29] <IT_Sean> no. you may not!
[22:30] <ukscone> ok this is going to be fun -- my webhoster is moving me from a shared vm to one where i am sole user and will have root too
[22:30] <ukscone> now i actually have to be responsible for security myself
[22:30] <ukscone> but i'll be able to run my own bot for the raspberrypi channel
[22:31] <IT_Sean> Oooooh
[22:31] <IT_Sean> just what we need
[22:31] <IT_Sean> another bloody bot
[22:31] <IT_Sean> will yours actually do anything?
[22:31] <ukscone> yes i had many bots running on jabber.org before they were banned
[22:32] <ukscone> but i'll at least install bridgebot
[22:32] <ukscone> to bridge between the irc channel and a xmpp muc
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[23:11] -RichiH- [Global Notice] Hi all. We wish you a very verily merry merrily 11:11:11 11.11.11-11! Crank it up to eleven and here's to hoping the world will not end in 2012; as always, thanks for flying freenode air!
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