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[7:41] <UnderSampled> Wow. more people here than I thought there would be
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[16:21] <Thorn_> not sure if buy sticker
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[16:30] <friggle> good news for glamour (probably the best approach to accelerated X on the raspberry pi): http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2011-November/027058.html
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[16:33] <friggle> in fact Intel are fantastic in the open source graphics space. I wish the SoC manufacturers would take a leaf out of their book
[16:33] <friggle> though it looks like things are improving with omap drm and kms drivers on the way
[16:33] <friggle> and I think samsung exynos has an open source 2d driver too?
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[16:56] <DaQatz> =)
[17:12] <ukscone> ok moving my wordpress blog from one vm to another -- anyone got any tips on how to do it safely?
[17:14] <DaQatz> Well if your domain is in the database that is going to need to be changed, in A LOT of places.
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[18:06] <ukscone> DaQatz: the big problem i thin i'm going to have is importing the exported posts and stuff -- lots of references to images
[18:07] <ukscone> also will the export file be enough for all th posts and comments etc?
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[18:23] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Crap! Hide the pretzels!!!
[18:24] <ukscone> ok i don't particularly like Supybot -- have to do some more looking
[18:40] <datagutt> supybot?
[18:40] <datagutt> code a bot yourself
[18:40] <datagutt> :)
[18:41] <ukscone> datagutt: i'm banned from creating bots after the 2002 sconebot debarcle
[18:41] <datagutt> hm
[18:41] <ukscone> it's the law, the ietf said that the next time i coded a bot i'd be put in stocks
[18:42] <datagutt> what language would you prefer the bot to be coded in?
[18:42] <ukscone> it wasn't my fault i forgot to put a break into the infinate loop and it spammed the channel with 500 messages a second
[18:43] <datagutt> i though irc servers had flood control
[18:43] <ukscone> datagutt: i don't care -- i probably will code one in lua eventually
[18:43] <ukscone> or bbc basic
[18:43] <datagutt> bbc basic??? that would be fun to code a bot in
[18:44] <ukscone> i did see a bot written in euphoria once and another in structured basic but that was years ago
[18:45] <ukscone> ok any mysql experts here or actually anyone who even knows anything about mysql
[18:45] <ukscone> they have to know more than i do
[18:45] <Thorn_> i finished oracle academy if that means anything
[18:45] <Thorn_> but i still dont know anything about it
[18:45] <ukscone> i cretaed a user, created a db and gave the user privs but i must have done something wrong
[18:45] <ukscone> as wordpress is whineing
[18:45] <Thorn_> the solution is grant * on * to %user%
[18:46] <Thorn_> ;
[18:46] <ukscone> WordPress database error:??[CREATE command denied to user 'rkdavis'@'localhost' for table 'wp_terms']
[18:46] <ukscone> CREATE TABLE wp_terms ( term_id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, name varchar(200) NOT NULL default '', slug varchar(200) NOT NULL default '', term_group bigint(10) NOT NULL default 0, PRIMARY KEY (term_id), UNIQUE KEY slug (slug), KEY name (name) ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8
[18:47] <Thorn_> grant create on %database% to rkdavis@localhost;
[18:49] <datagutt> use phpmyadmin.
[18:49] * datagutt does it the lazy way
[18:49] <Thorn_> phpmyadmin is as disfunctional as an english scouser
[18:51] <Katwa> What is a scouser
[18:52] <ukscone> Katwa: someone from liverpool
[18:53] <ukscone> datagutt: can't install phpmyadmin (i don't think)
[18:53] <ukscone> at least not until my hoster gets back from the dentist
[19:09] <ukscone> w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /me does the happy dance
[19:10] <ukscone> my dangerous prototypes free pcb and my cyber cortex av were in todays mail
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