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[13:14] <qzx> Does anyone here know how thick the rapsberry pi will be?
[13:14] <qzx> or so to say, height
[13:26] <joukio> well, I think the network connector will be the largest part as it comes to thickness, so pcb+network connector + sdhc connector at the bottom
[13:26] <joukio> pcb wil be something like 3mm, sdhc connector as well and the network connector is 10mm or so?
[13:27] <joukio> so, <20mm would be my guess...
[13:28] <qzx> I have a black MacBook, and I removed the combo drive. The keyboard is quite thick and will take up a bit of space, but it's thinner at the edges (about 1cm from the edge).
[13:28] <qzx> So I'm thinking, with the Ethernet connector far out to the sides
[13:28] <qzx> I could probably get the rest of the board in the space reserved for the cd drive
[13:29] <joukio> nice :)
[13:29] <joukio> you could also desolder the ethernet connector and replace it for something slimmer.....
[13:29] <qzx> Possibly, I won
[13:30] <qzx> I might not need networking, except maybe IP over USB
[13:30] <joukio> well, then just buy the a-model and route the usb to the outside world.... :)
[13:31] <qzx> Jah, it should be doable, just need to get 10 on order as soon as they pop on the shop ^_^
[13:41] <joukio> well, that would be after the 60 I need :)
[13:41] <joukio> ;)
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[13:54] <qzx> Might opt for trying to create a small cluster in an old laptop casing, disguising it as an old laptop
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[14:02] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[14:19] <ukscone> morning IT_Sean
[14:22] <IT_Sean> `morning
[14:23] * IT_Sean just deleted 5 gigs of temp files
[14:24] <ukscone> :) more room for britney and lilo pr0n now
[14:24] <IT_Sean> no, actually.
[14:24] <IT_Sean> t'was on that server, here at the office, that had less than 300mb free on it's boot drive
[14:25] <IT_Sean> now it's got ~5 gigs free on the boot drive
[14:25] <IT_Sean> Win 2k3 server is NOT happy with only 300mb free on the boot device
[14:28] <ukscone> yeah
[14:29] * IT_Sean makes a cup of celebratory tea-like-substance
[14:29] <ukscone> going to make an infinite improbobilty drive?
[14:29] <IT_Sean> I was planning on drinking it, actually.
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[14:46] * IT_Sean looks around
[14:48] <ukscone> this place could do with a good dusting and a lick of paint. you aren't doing anything important IT_Sean so it's your turn to decorate #raspberrypi -- i did it last time
[14:48] <IT_Sean> I'm working, actually.
[14:48] <IT_Sean> but you are right. it is looking a bit sad in here
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[15:04] * IT_Sean hands ukscone a pot of paint and a roller and some brushes, and tells him to get to it
[15:07] <ukscone> i have alot to do today -- got to go out and pay some bills and also get wife a present for her birthday tomorrow so i am busy
[15:07] <ukscone> ReggieUK can do it
[15:07] <ReggieUK> oh wow
[15:08] <ReggieUK> I have the same birthday as your missus
[15:08] <ukscone> a few years apart i'd guess though
[15:08] <ReggieUK> depends how old she is really but yeah, a few
[15:19] <ReggieUK> lets hope my present to myself of 100x10k resistors turns up tomorrow
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[15:20] <IT_Sean> thats a lot of resistors.
[15:20] <IT_Sean> are you blotting and scheming? or just resupplying?
[15:20] <IT_Sean> *plotting
[15:21] <ReggieUK> definitely blotting and schematicing
[15:21] <ReggieUK> with an overstock of about 95 resistors too but 10k seem to come up everywhere I look at things these days
[15:21] <ReggieUK> not sure if people are measuring stuff or just saying 'those will do'
[15:22] <ukscone> they probably have a chart on the wall with values from 1 to 1,000,000 and they throw a dart at it
[15:22] <ReggieUK> that battery eliminator used a 10k resistor to replace the thermistor
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[15:22] <ukscone> the 10k just happens to be where the bullseye would be
[15:22] <ReggieUK> turns out it will actually still function from about 5k to 15k
[15:23] <ReggieUK> so I replaced it with a 12k and everything is dandy
[15:24] * IT_Sean hides the suspiciousily bullseye shaped "Resistor Selection Machine" on the wall behind his desk
[15:24] <ReggieUK> I'm going to be attempting part of this mod tomorrow
[15:24] <ReggieUK> http://www.yesyes.info/index.php/how-tos/modding-an-spc880-900-webcam-for-long-exposure/
[15:24] <ReggieUK> or whenever the resistors turn up
[15:24] <ReggieUK> without the usb hub part
[15:25] <ReggieUK> so, ftdi cable controlling lines and 'amp' power on the webcam
[15:26] <ReggieUK> looking at the voltages I don't think most of that circuit is necessary
[15:26] <ReggieUK> ftdi cable will run at 5v and supply it
[15:26] <ReggieUK> about 90ma
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[15:50] <ukscone> hi mdavey
[16:12] <ahven> hello
[16:30] <protozoa> so when is this board looking like its going to ship? december is approaching quickly :P
[16:31] <IT_Sean> urf... protozoa. Didn't you get the memo?
[16:31] <IT_Sean> Every time someone asks that, it gets delayed another three days.
[16:32] <protozoa> lol, figured someone here would know
[16:32] <ctyler> and if they do it in a new thread on the forum, it delays it 5 days.
[16:33] <IT_Sean> we aren't half way through November yet. It could still come out this month.
[16:35] <ctyler> Though they seem to be saying December these days.
[16:35] <ctyler> FAQ1
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[16:45] <IT_Sean> 'slong as it comes out THIS year
[16:46] <IT_Sean> i.e. before 11:59.59pm on 31 December 2011
[16:50] <traeak> :-p
[16:54] <ReggieUK> everytime someone asks about the release date another pony dies at liz' hands
[16:54] <IT_Sean> !!
[16:54] <IT_Sean> Liz 'd never kill a pony! :(
[16:55] <IT_Sean> (okay... i have to admit, i don't actually know the woman, but, she doesn't seem like the pony killing sort)
[16:58] <traeak> who knows what she eats being a culinary critic
[16:58] * datagutt (~datagutt@unaffiliated/datagutt) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:58] <traeak> she's probably downed a few ponies :-p
[16:58] <IT_Sean> yes, but, i doubt that she herself has actually killed them!
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[16:59] <IT_Sean> also, traeak, if you were trying to make that sound dirty, it didn't work.
[17:01] <traeak> IT_Sean: that wasn't me...that was all you
[17:04] <IT_Sean> Okay.
[17:04] <traeak> hmm...should i get myself a new i3-330um based lappy ?
[17:04] <IT_Sean> No. You should get me one instead.
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[17:35] <traeak> heh i'm sure you have plenty of toys :-p
[17:36] <IT_Sean> what makes you say that?
[17:36] <traeak> you work in IT :-p
[17:36] <IT_Sean> so?
[17:36] <IT_Sean> I'm talking to you right now on a laptop that dates back to 2003
[17:37] <traeak> a faster compiler would help as well...c++ does suck for compilation speed, big time
[17:48] <ctyler> laptop from 2003 is prolly about the Raspi in speed
[17:48] <ukscone> Just went to get my biannual haircut & shave. They said they couldn't fit me in today as they close in 8 hours
[17:48] <IT_Sean> you think?
[17:49] <IT_Sean> 's a 1.33 GHz CPU w/ 2 gigs of ram.
[17:50] <ctyler> hmm, a very nice machine from 2003 then :-)
[17:51] <ctyler> model E of the raspi
[17:51] <IT_Sean> :p
[17:54] <traeak> sounds like a core i3-330um
[17:54] <traeak> faster clock speed even :-p
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[17:59] <IT_Sean> it's a PPC cpu
[17:59] <IT_Sean> It runs Linux quite snappily.
[18:02] <rm> Apple?
[18:02] <IT_Sean> yup. 17" G4 PowerBook
[18:02] <rm> who else used PPC CPUs in laptops...
[18:02] <rm> I see :)
[18:03] <traeak> ouch 17" boat anchor
[18:03] <IT_Sean> It's a fantastic machine
[18:03] <traeak> even 14" is too big
[18:03] <IT_Sean> 17" FTW
[18:03] <IT_Sean> it's a great display
[18:04] <traeak> so boat anchor laptop basically
[18:05] <IT_Sean> i wouldn't call it a boat anchor
[18:05] <IT_Sean> I've traveled all over the place with it
[18:05] <traeak> not exactly something you want to pull out in an airplane
[18:05] <IT_Sean> i've done
[18:06] <ctyler> no boatanchor, "laptop encouraging the use of wheeled laptop bag"
[18:06] <IT_Sean> it ALMOST fits on an airline tray table
[18:06] <IT_Sean> it's not that heavy either
[18:06] <IT_Sean> i've never once put it in a wheelie bag
[18:06] <traeak> of course, only wierdo's and girls use wheelie bags :-p
[18:06] <IT_Sean> exactly.
[18:07] <traeak> i have a couple original aspire one's but they're to underpowered and screen to small to really do work on them for traven
[18:08] <IT_Sean> I've carried this machine with me to mexico, panama, st.lucia, bonaire, aruba, bermuda, and all up and down the east coast of the US.
[18:10] <IT_Sean> quite literally, actually. From Boston, MA to Key West, FL. :p
[18:11] <IT_Sean> so don't give me the "it's too big and bulky to travel with" nonsense
[18:11] <traeak> it is...i carried a 17.3" hp laptop for a couple of trips...pretty intolerable
[18:11] <IT_Sean> it's the .3 that did you in
[18:12] <IT_Sean> :p
[18:12] <IT_Sean> and i bet that HP was heavier than this machine
[18:12] <traeak> yeah...and there's this 15" toshiba core i7
[18:12] <traeak> not fun either
[18:13] <traeak> actually its 16"
[18:13] <traeak> ugh
[18:14] <IT_Sean> how heavy was that HP?
[18:15] <traeak> no idea...the guy i work with uses it
[18:15] <IT_Sean> more than 6lbs?
[18:16] <traeak> probably
[18:22] <IT_Sean> this machine is 6lbs
[18:22] <IT_Sean> not too heavy at all.
[18:32] <traeak> i prefer to carry a single backpack with clothes and everything on trips
[18:32] <traeak> anyways :-p wayyy off topic
[18:32] <traeak> !w
[18:32] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Mon Nov 14 11:53:00 2011. Temp 9??C. Condition: Partly Cloudy, Humidity: 16%. Later 12??C - 0??C. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[18:33] <IT_Sean> I can still do that. I can fit a week worth of clothing & my 17" monster of a laptop into a backpack, along w/ a network cable, power lead, etc...
[18:33] <IT_Sean> Course, these days, i usually just travel with my iPad.
[18:34] <traeak> ahh so yo have been spending big bucks on toys
[18:35] <traeak> my earlier point before we started this rabbit trail :-p
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[18:36] <IT_Sean> It's a 1st gen!
[18:36] <IT_Sean> (but, yeah, i did get it new, on release day)
[18:37] <IT_Sean> ((not the initial release day. Release day for the 3G model. 'cause i wanted 3G))
[18:37] * IT_Sean is a ho for gadgets :p
[18:37] <traeak> not married i take it :-p
[18:37] <IT_Sean> why would you say that?
[18:38] <IT_Sean> are you saying that there aren't equally geeky ladies out there? 'cause you'd be wrong!
[18:38] <IT_Sean> (but, yeah, i am single)
[18:38] <IT_Sean> :p
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[18:43] <traeak> i'm not so sure a geek marrying a geek would work very well :-p
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[19:22] <IT_Sean> why do you say that?
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[21:55] <Thorn_> what takes priority, hosts.deny or hosts.allow ?
[21:58] <wcchandler> Thorn_: access is permitted OR denied on whichever instance it hits first
[21:59] <Thorn_> i was hoping to have in hosts.deny
[21:59] <Thorn_> *
[21:59] <Thorn_> and in hosts.allow: 192.168.0.*
[21:59] <Thorn_> essentially only allowing local network
[22:01] <wcchandler> i'm fairly certain that will work
[22:02] <IT_Sean> seems it'd be easy enough to test, too.
[22:02] <Thorn_> yeah vm is still installing tho :P
[22:03] <IT_Sean> ahh
[22:04] <IT_Sean> aaaaaaaand i might have just bricked my iPaq
[22:04] <IT_Sean> nevermind... s'okay
[22:06] <ukscone> https://twitter.com/?photo_id=1#!/DeanBelfield/status/136187014998523904/photo/1
[22:07] <IT_Sean> sweeeeet... the IR alarm codes to my friends old crapbox are still on here ::evil::
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