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[1:22] <Anpio> hmm..
[1:22] <Anpio> !w
[1:23] <Anpio> PiBot: you create a vacuum...
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[13:53] <mdavey> Lovely article about attempts to kickstart a new BBC literacy project: http://www.agent4change.net/policy/curriculum/1280-milestone-or-millstone-bbc-and-computer-literacy.html
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[15:23] <ukscone> mdavey: yes read that yesterday -- very interesting
[15:25] <ukscone> mdavey: i watched a programme from 2008 lastnight -- brits who made the modern world -- the last episode was about elite and david braban and ian bell
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[15:48] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
[15:53] <ukscone> morning IT_Sean
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[16:24] <IT_Sean> morning ukscone
[16:25] <ukscone> ugh raspberrypi.org is down
[16:34] <IT_Sean> that's not good
[17:12] <ReggieUK> why is it not good? have they released it yet?
[17:13] <ukscone> ReggieUK: nope but well it has been about an hour so far normally it's back up within minutes at the longest
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[17:56] <IT_Sean> raspi dot org is back up
[17:58] <ukscone> yup been up for about 15mins or so
[17:59] <IT_Sean> well thanks fer tellin us
[17:59] <IT_Sean> :p
[17:59] * IT_Sean is away: LUNCH
[18:07] <mdavey> what's changed? what's changed?
[18:08] * mdavey feels that Raspberry Pi fans become more like Apple fans every day
[18:12] <ukscone> mdavey: how so?
[18:12] <ukscone> other than we are all annoying b******s
[18:13] <ukscone> ah i see -- nah we aren't like apple fans because we aren't concerned with pretty
[18:13] <ukscone> we are bloody annoying though
[18:13] <ukscone> sometimes i want to hit myself with a clue by four
[18:17] <mdavey> Oh its one of the tricks that Apple pulls to get publicity. Instead of updating their site live, they 'take it down' and put a placeholder page up http://ewandoo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Apple-Store-Down.gif to build publicity whenever they make a major announcement.
[18:17] <friggle> don't suppose I met anyone here at the svc2uk event in Cambridge yesterday? (I was at the raspberry pi stand)
[18:18] * mdavey didn't know about it
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[18:18] <ukscone> friggle: i was with you in spirit -- didn't you see my astral body trying to steal the raspi?
[18:18] * mdavey is thinking about doing a Cambridge beermeet for R.Pi people in the next couple of weeks
[18:19] <friggle> ukscone: I was probably too busy worrying about the materialised bodies considering stealing the raspi
[18:19] <ukscone> mdavey: do it in oxford -- there are better pubs there :) /me ducks
[18:19] <ukscone> friggle: alot of people crowding round trying to half inch it?
[18:20] <friggle> nah, everyone was wonderfully behaved
[18:20] <ukscone> friggle: what s/w were you showing off?
[18:21] <friggle> ukscone: scratch, productivity stuff, hd decode and 3d rendering. Nothing new at the moment I'm afraid
[18:21] <friggle> I got it booting pleasingly quickly to the command line for a faculty demo earlier in the week but didn't get a chance to show that off
[18:23] <ukscone> how long to boot to command line?
[18:23] <ukscone> (and what class sd card)
[18:24] <friggle> 6.5 seconds without kernel modifications. Roughly the same across class 4/6/10
[18:24] <friggle> I know you can do much better though, it was just a quick hack
[18:24] <ukscone> nice
[18:24] <friggle> and it's rather a lot nicer when plugging it in and showing off live than waiting 30-40 seconds
[18:24] <ukscone> the gpu does it's stuff pretty quickly then
[18:25] <ukscone> so we can pretty much discount it as a bottle neck for booting
[18:25] <friggle> it does. /proc/uptime tells me ~1.65 seconds. I'm not entirely sure at what point it starts counting though
[18:25] <friggle> obviously I can reduce the overall boot time by reducing the size of the kernel, which the GPU must copy to RAM
[18:29] <mdavey> friggle: which distribution?
[18:30] <friggle> mdavey: minimal busybox+uclibc userspace
[18:30] <friggle> it's enough to launch the playerx and samurai 3d rendering demos though (well, with a script to chroot into a dir with the proper libs)
[18:30] <mdavey> okay, nice
[18:31] <ukscone> anyone happen to have a line editing function for SDL1.2 by any chance?
[18:32] <mdavey> is that from opemembedded profile, or direct from busybox?
[18:32] <mdavey> *openembedded
[18:32] <ukscone> need some simple widgets for number, text (line) and text (multiline) entry
[18:33] <mdavey> ukscone #sdl ?
[18:33] <friggle> mdavey: I was using Rob Landley's rather fantastic Aboriginal Linux project. It really was a quick hack to see how it would work. Much more time was spent fussing about how to get digital output on the lab projector system which is sadly analog inputs only :/
[18:33] <ukscone> i could ask in ther ei suppsoe but last time i went in there i was told use one of the gui libs but they are too big for what i need and most aren't arm friendly
[18:34] <ukscone> i like aboriginal, it;s really handy for just knocking up a quick binary when you need one
[18:36] <vgrade> did someone mention beer
[18:51] <mdavey> aye
[18:52] <mdavey> thinking maybe Thurs. 1st December
[19:00] <vgrade> ok, i'll check to see if I can get a pass
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[20:02] <ukscone> stupid cross compiler
[20:03] <ukscone> well stupid scratchbox2 really but do as i say not what you feel like doing
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[20:56] <ctyler> Surprised nobody's started a betting pool on when the Pi will ship.
[20:57] <Anpio> what would be your pick for a over/under bet date?
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[21:00] <ukscone> ctyler: my guess is dec 12th at 9am uk time
[21:02] <ctyler> ukscone: yeah, that seems a pretty reasonable guess. hmm.
[21:04] <ctyler> Board design was sent on Monday, probably back next week. A few days of testing and then press the GO button, two weeks for first batch back.
[21:04] <ukscone> it's far enough away that there could be a couple of test runs first and not too late that it'll hit the royal mail throwing mail away because they can't be bothered to deliver it period
[21:05] <ctyler> I'll add a couple days and say the 15th at 9 am UK time.
[21:05] <ukscone> ctyler: you wouldn't happen to have a code fragment for line editing using sdl1.2 would you?
[21:05] <ctyler> ukscone: no, sorry!
[21:07] <ukscone> no worries, just it's driving me nuts atm
[21:21] <ukscone> ok got a semi working one for the test on x86 -- should be no problem to cross compile, do need to make some mods to it as it's been 2 years since i touched this bit of code
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[21:47] <ctyler> Any pythonistas in here with some cycles free to do a Pi-related project?
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[22:56] <mdavey> ctyler: I wonder if they got it back yesterday. Either that or Liz and Eban have gone on holiday and who would blame them.
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[23:22] * ctyler wonders if this board runs Python or Pithon.
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