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[2:30] <ukscone> IT_Sean the proverbial bad peenny
[2:30] <ukscone> penny even
[2:30] <IT_Sean> What dis i do?
[2:30] <IT_Sean> *did
[2:30] <ukscone> nothing i'm just grumpy
[2:30] <IT_Sean> Ur always grumpy
[2:30] <ukscone> and you are the nearest safe targeet because the wife hits and bites
[2:31] <IT_Sean> As well she should
[2:31] <ukscone> and my user id on several systems i run is curmudgeon
[2:31] <IT_Sean> Why does that not surprise me?
[2:32] <Thorn_> i once got a really evil glare for saying something like that
[2:32] <Thorn_> walked into B & Q with a few mates when i was (a lot) younger
[2:32] <ukscone> a paddington bear stare
[2:32] <Thorn_> and went 'why are we here, this shop is for old cobblers'
[2:32] <Thorn_> old guy standing about 4ft from me
[2:32] <Thorn_> i remember that look to this day
[2:33] <Thorn_> that ' i'm not old and i'll beat you with my walking stick' look
[2:33] <IT_Sean> Hahahha
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[2:55] <Thorn_> I love how harddrives are suddenly rare
[2:55] <Thorn_> but somehow hetzner stumbled on harddrive heaven
[2:55] <Thorn_> and are now selling boxes with 30 and 45TB of hd space...
[2:55] <Thorn_> and their old bottom line server which used to have 2x 750GB drives got stepped up to 2x 3TB
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[2:56] <Thorn_> yeahhhh they really sharing the pain
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[3:05] <duckinator> hi
[3:07] <Thorn_> hi
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[5:29] <UnderSampled> Hey!
[5:43] <DaQatz> Lo
[5:43] <UnderSampled> what's up?
[5:43] <DaQatz> Not too much
[5:43] <DaQatz> You?
[5:43] * UnderSampled wishes the rPi supported SDXC
[5:43] <UnderSampled> http://www.amazon.com/Lexar-Media-Flash-Memory-LSD128CRBNA133/dp/B004SAMZW4/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1321764071&sr=1-5
[5:44] <DaQatz> Yes that would be great
[5:44] <DaQatz> Could always get a usb sdxc reader
[5:44] <UnderSampled> that's five times more expensive than the Pi itself!
[5:44] <DaQatz> Though 32 gigs isn't bad
[5:45] <UnderSampled> no, and that's only twice as expensive :D
[5:45] <DaQatz> You get a 32 gig sd card for like 40 bucks
[5:45] <UnderSampled> yep
[5:45] <UnderSampled> so, depends on which Pi you get
[5:45] * DaQatz nods
[5:45] <DaQatz> I will likely get a B
[5:45] <UnderSampled> yeah, me too
[5:45] <UnderSampled> I really want three though
[5:45] <DaQatz> I will get both if they allow that in the first batch.
[5:46] <UnderSampled> There will be such a rush once news reaches past the forum
[5:47] <DaQatz> Yeah I bet
[5:47] <DaQatz> So many uses for this critter. Who knows how many I will buy in the long run.
[5:47] <UnderSampled> http://www.amazon.com/AirLink101-AWLL5088-Wireless-Ultra-Adapter/dp/B003X26PMO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321764337&sr=8-1
[5:47] <UnderSampled> http://www.amazon.com/Smallest-Bluetooth-Adapter-Windows-Compatible/dp/B0026SKZO0/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1321764440&sr=1-5
[5:48] <UnderSampled> now we just need a dongle that size for cellular
[5:48] <DaQatz> I want to install one in the place of the number pad in a keyboard.
[5:49] <DaQatz> Make it so you just connect said keyboard to a monitor and a mouse.
[5:49] <UnderSampled> you might be able to do it without removing the numpad
[5:50] <UnderSampled> I wont be surprised if it becomes common for people to de-solder all of the bulky connectors, and wire them to the outside of their case (for instance your keyboard)
[5:51] <UnderSampled> If oyu just desoldered the composite, USB, and Ethernet jacks (all of which should be very easy to do), the board becomes very thin
[5:52] <UnderSampled> Unfortunately, the SD-card is on the bottom, but you could desolder that too
[5:53] <DaQatz> I thought about simply mounting another number pad onto up the pi
[5:53] <DaQatz> Or redong the base of keybord for it.
[5:53] <UnderSampled> If you want it to be more like the ZX spectrum or the commadore 64, you'd go without the numpad entirely
[5:53] <DaQatz> Yep
[5:54] <DaQatz> And without lowercase chars ;)
[5:54] <UnderSampled> infact, you'd go without the arrow key and home/end section aswelll
[5:54] <UnderSampled> heh
[5:54] <UnderSampled> much smaller
[5:54] <DaQatz> Learned to program on my C64
[5:54] <DaQatz> C64 basic ftw
[5:54] <UnderSampled> I am just waiting to see someone put the rPi inside one
[5:54] <DaQatz> Then amos basic on Amiga, and C
[5:54] <UnderSampled> you know it's going to happen
[5:55] <DaQatz> Yeah
[5:55] <DaQatz> I would think so.
[5:56] <UnderSampled> I think the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zx_spectrum looks cooler than the 64, but I'm to young to have a nostalgic oppinion
[5:56] <UnderSampled> sometimes I do think I'm nostalgic for a time in computing that I never witnessed
[5:56] <DaQatz> Yeah but I had(Still have) C64, and not the cpectrum
[5:56] <DaQatz> spectrum*
[5:57] <UnderSampled> according to wikipedia, the spectrum was UK's c64
[5:57] <DaQatz> C64 was kinda everywhere. But the UK
[5:57] <UnderSampled> what's cool is the programs on cassette tape
[5:57] <DaQatz> I normally used the floppies.
[5:58] <DaQatz> Though it could do cassettes and carts too.
[5:58] <DaQatz> Lol should write a linux driver for cassettes.
[5:58] <UnderSampled> :D
[5:58] <UnderSampled> sounds awesome
[5:59] <DaQatz> So you can load programs off them.
[5:59] <DaQatz> Man to bad they so small.
[5:59] <DaQatz> Would be funny cassette loading stuff on an Rpi
[5:59] <UnderSampled> hey, you can do alot with small
[5:59] <UnderSampled> oooohhh!
[5:59] <DaQatz> Just need the audio jack =)
[6:00] <UnderSampled> you'd fit more in memory on the rpi
[6:00] <UnderSampled> than on the cassette
[6:00] <DaQatz> Cassette MAYBE a meg
[6:00] <DaQatz> So yeah
[6:00] <UnderSampled> well, most Sega genesis games are like 512K
[6:01] <DaQatz> True but that was 16 bit.
[6:01] <DaQatz> No OS
[6:01] <UnderSampled> well, more like 1meg
[6:01] <UnderSampled> yeah, 1meg at 16bit
[6:01] <UnderSampled> and yes, no os
[6:01] <DaQatz> And written for a specific hardware
[6:01] <DaQatz> I think it was 68k CPu
[6:01] <DaQatz> Need to double check that
[6:02] <UnderSampled> you mean memory in the console?
[6:02] <DaQatz> No the processor architecture
[6:03] <DaQatz> Yep it was a 68k + Z80
[6:03] <UnderSampled> oh, you mean motorolla 68000?
[6:03] <DaQatz> Yep
[6:03] <UnderSampled> k
[6:03] <DaQatz> Awesome cpu for it's time
[6:03] <UnderSampled> It's still cool
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[6:04] <UnderSampled> so, DaQatz, what is your first use for the rPi?
[6:04] <UnderSampled> the keyboard?
[6:05] <DaQatz> My first use will likely be porting gentoo.
[6:05] <UnderSampled> ah
[6:05] <UnderSampled> does gentoo really make sense though?
[6:05] <DaQatz> They I will be trying to get it running pure big endian.
[6:05] <DaQatz> UnderSampled, Gentoo worked great on my 700 mhz eeepc
[6:05] <UnderSampled> I think of gentoo as a way to get away from general compatibility
[6:05] <DaQatz> And that was an x86!
[6:06] <UnderSampled> I'm not talking about capabilities
[6:06] <UnderSampled> I run gentoo on a very similar (in cpu/memory power) computer to the rpi
[6:06] <UnderSampled> but because it lets me compile specificlaly for it
[6:06] <DaQatz> The reason why I would be porting gentoo is the distro is highly flexible.
[6:07] <UnderSampled> with the rPi, you could have binaries just as well as sources, right?
[6:07] <DaQatz> Getting it to run big endian on an r-pi should be easier then most distros
[6:07] <DaQatz> Yes but big endian arm distros rare now
[6:07] <ctyler> Why big-endian? That seems like Pain by Design.
[6:07] <DaQatz> And I want to test big endian code
[6:08] <DaQatz> ctyler, I write a bit of endian specific code
[6:08] <DaQatz> That needs testing on both
[6:08] <UnderSampled> do you know, could EMC (or any program that uses the real-time kernel extensions) work on the rPi?
[6:09] <DaQatz> EMC in context?
[6:09] <ctyler> DaQatz: ah, for testing, makes sense
[6:09] <UnderSampled> EMC is a machine controller for CNC routers
[6:09] <ctyler> UnderSampled: the real time stuff should work if the kernel is compiled with those options. haven't tried it though.
[6:10] <DaQatz> UnderSampled, Then I would say it depends on your software and hardware interface,
[6:10] <UnderSampled> er, I should say that EMC is the software for linux that controlls the hardware interface for cnc routers
[6:11] <UnderSampled> ctyler: ok, so I don't have to worry too much?
[6:13] <UnderSampled> My first project for the rPi is to put it inside of an electric typewriter, to use it like an old line printing terminal, but without an external computer :P
[6:14] <UnderSampled> Which means I don't need much at all for the linux on that machine
[6:14] <UnderSampled> I want a distro that is just a kernel and busybox
[6:15] <DaQatz> That's easy enough
[6:15] <UnderSampled> probably, but I have to wrap my head around it first
[6:18] <UnderSampled> DaQatz: do you know of any good write ups that could help me get started making that?
[6:18] <UnderSampled> (the linux)
[6:18] <UnderSampled> or will that be done for the raspberry pi before I need bother?
[6:19] <DaQatz> Hmm if all you want is busybox + kernel
[6:19] <DaQatz> Look in to openwrt
[6:19] <DaQatz> A router distro
[6:19] <UnderSampled> wouldn't that have more than just busybox?
[6:19] <DaQatz> It's arm versions should be very handy
[6:19] <DaQatz> It does
[6:19] <DaQatz> But it's base is busy box + kernel
[6:20] <DaQatz> And has a fair cross compile build system
[6:20] <UnderSampled> it might actaully be nice, if I could get it working, to have curses
[6:20] <UnderSampled> which isn't in busybox, right?
[6:20] <DaQatz> The cross compiled build system?
[6:21] <DaQatz> No it's not in busy box.
[6:21] <UnderSampled> no, Curses
[6:21] <UnderSampled> and by working, I mean interfacing with the typewriter in a way that would be usefull to have curses
[6:21] <DaQatz> Oh I think you can get curses working in it,'
[6:21] <UnderSampled> which isn't likely, but would be cool
[6:21] <UnderSampled> from just busybox?
[6:21] <DaQatz> My router is running openwrt
[6:21] <DaQatz> I can run curses programs
[6:22] <DaQatz> irssi
[6:22] <DaQatz> etc...
[6:22] <UnderSampled> I now wonder if my project could be done with a cheap router
[6:22] <UnderSampled> it might not fit though
[6:23] <DaQatz> It may be able to be done with a router. Though few routers below $35 compare to the R-pi
[6:23] <DaQatz> Cpu + ram wise
[6:23] <DaQatz> Networking wise most will blow the pi away.
[6:25] <UnderSampled> can you actually get a $35 router?
[6:25] <UnderSampled> (not used_
[6:25] <DaQatz> Yes
[6:25] <DaQatz> They are rare though
[6:26] <DaQatz> Someone I used to work for got a discounted linksys for 29$
[6:26] <UnderSampled> can you use a switch?
[6:26] <DaQatz> Depends on the switch.
[6:26] <UnderSampled> http://www.amazon.com/Cisco-Linksys-EtherFast-Router-4-Port-Switch/dp/B00004SB92/ref=sr_1_15?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1321766743&sr=1-15
[6:26] <DaQatz> Most retail switches no.
[6:26] <UnderSampled> wow
[6:27] <UnderSampled> that sells for 80 dollars, but has one used for 4 dollars
[6:27] <DaQatz> That one is a router
[6:27] <UnderSampled> oh, so it is
[6:28] <UnderSampled> but I still doubt I could fit it in the space I have
[6:28] <DaQatz> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833162031 <-- my router
[6:28] <DaQatz> When I got it, it was 120$
[6:29] <DaQatz> Awesome for openwrt
[6:29] <UnderSampled> does openwrt come preinstalled?
[6:29] <DaQatz> No
[6:29] <UnderSampled> oh
[6:29] <DaQatz> But the new versions come with dd-wrt
[6:29] <DaQatz> Which is close
[6:30] <DaQatz> The one I linked does
[6:30] <DaQatz> DD-wrt that is
[6:30] <DaQatz> Not openwrt
[6:31] <UnderSampled> do you know, can it connect to one wifi connection, then broadcast a new network?
[6:31] <UnderSampled> or of any routers that can do that?
[6:31] <DaQatz> Yes
[6:31] <UnderSampled> which?
[6:32] <DaQatz> I have used my router to wirelessly connect to another router then broadcast a new network routeing through the old one.
[6:32] <DaQatz> That router can do like 3 broadcasts at once so.
[6:33] <UnderSampled> wow
[6:34] <DaQatz> OpenWrt, and dd-wrt are flexible that wasy.
[6:34] <DaQatz> way*
[6:34] <DaQatz> It depends heavily on your hardware
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