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[17:42] <traeak> not sure if its the compiler or what...but interesting some stuff on windows/msvc takes 2.5x longer than on linux
[17:42] <traeak> threading also involved of course
[17:42] <traeak> identical hardware
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[17:53] <mdavey> traeak: I found that dlink 5 port usb hub is just the right size for raspberry pi and has enough space inside for both pi and its own circuit board.
[17:54] <IT_Sean> you are putting the raspi INSIDE the hub's enclosure?
[17:54] <IT_Sean> that's awesome... It'll be stealth :p
[17:55] <traeak> mdavey: i just grabbed the hub because it was cheap, there and i'll use it for development...i sure hope i have time (proably won't sadly)
[17:58] <ukscone> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15923438
[18:23] <traeak> mdavey: link to dlink hub?
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[18:42] <mdavey> traeak will need to check the model. But I'm pretty sure its this one: DUB-H4
[18:43] <mdavey> ukscone: that's bloody brilliant!
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[19:01] <acfrazier> ah well, I seem to have corrected it
[19:01] <acfrazier> ukscone, it's all good now
[19:08] <traeak> ahh you gotta love webex
[19:09] <IT_Sean> ?
[19:09] <IT_Sean> i rather loathe it, actually.
[19:11] <traeak> yeah, not very cross platform
[19:11] <traeak> and kicked off 3rd time
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[19:47] <ukscone> heh i mentioned i wished ade edmondson would do one of his current shows in leicestershit=re last week and low and behold he is in todays episode -- he must be lurking in here
[19:47] <chris_99> so, does anyone know if the raspberry is out this year
[19:49] <IT_Sean> chris_99: it is slated to come out this year
[19:49] <IT_Sean> noone knows more than that
[19:49] <chris_99> aha cheers, i hope it does!
[19:49] <chris_99> really want one or two
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[20:28] <azstew_> NIN102 Looks like we're the only active ones here
[20:29] <NIN102> and who said I am active :-)?
[20:31] * IT_Sean is semi-active
[20:32] <azstew_> I was hoping to see the development talk about RasperryPi
[20:33] <azstew_> Puppy Linux developer is trying to boot his Pi to a port of Puppy
[20:35] <Dagger3> you only waited 10 minutes... if we had development talk in here every 10 minutes, we'd be so busy talking we'd never have time to develop anything
[20:36] <IT_Sean> ^ wot 'e said
[20:36] <Thorn_> ^
[20:36] * Thorn_ back to developing his own sleep pattern
[20:37] <Thorn_> guys
[20:37] <Thorn_> do you think its possible to get ~1.5W out of the blood stream
[20:37] <azstew_> I see your point Dagger3
[20:38] <IT_Sean> my sleep pattern is so arsed up from the long weekend
[20:38] <Thorn_> because deux ex style augmented pi would be really cool
[20:40] <Thorn_> too stupid? nvm then
[20:40] <Thorn_> but i'd love a schribermann port errr i mean hdmi port on my hand
[20:40] <Thorn_> schriebmann port*
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[20:52] <friggle> azstew_: oh cool, didn't know Puppy Linux has an alpha board
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[21:03] <azstew_> Barry Kalder is trying to port his Puppy Linux to ARM.
[21:04] * jem (~jem@bro29-1-82-245-182-248.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:05] <azstew_> He's using a couple ARM boards for his testing
[21:05] * jem is now known as Guest43576
[21:05] <friggle> oh I see
[21:07] <azstew_> friggle check out puppylinux.com 130MB runs in ram. Perfect for Pi
[21:07] * NIN101 (~NIN101@2001:530::216:3cff:fe71:5e1e) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:08] <Dagger3> I'd argue "runs in RAM" is a bit less than perfect for something with very little RAM and an onboard SD slot
[21:08] <Dagger3> although it'd be useful if you wanted to use the SD slot for something else
[21:09] * IT_Sean would prefer to run the OS off the SD slot.
[21:09] <IT_Sean> use the ram as ram, you know.
[21:09] <IT_Sean> other external storage needs can be handled via USB
[21:09] <IT_Sean> or networked storage
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[21:10] <azstew_> Dagger3 agreed. Run the system from the sd card, like I'm doing now on my EEEPc
[21:11] <IT_Sean> aye
[21:14] <azstew_> Puppy runs very fast with 256Mb
[21:15] <friggle> I'm really looking forward to when more can get their hands on the board. It will be nice to see some friendly competition for speediest boot, fastest and flashiest user experience etc
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[21:16] <azstew_> friggle You hit it. All the chinese tablets, cheap Pis, I see Arm as a
[21:18] <azstew_> high dollar market with the right software/hardware combo
[21:18] * IT_Sean gets the hose and washes all the marketing slime off of azstew_
[21:21] <relaxed> Anyone know the media player used in th HD demos? Is it a patched mplayer?
[21:21] <azstew_> Thx IT_Sean I'd just really like this project to get off the ground. I give kudos to all involved. I just offered a suggestion.
[21:21] <IT_Sean> barring any tragic disasters, the raspi should be out before the end of 2011
[21:22] <IT_Sean> we are all anxiousily awaiting it's release
[21:22] <azstew_> Barry Kaulder has one. puppylinux.com
[21:23] <IT_Sean> whoopticrap. I haven't got one, 'cause it's not on release yet
[21:25] <azstew_> IT_Sean You're wrong. They have been released. BK is posting code to boot it
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[21:26] <friggle> relaxed: it's a tool called 'playerx'. I think it's built from a Broadcom demo
[21:29] <relaxed> friggle: I really hope we can somehow use mplayer with hardware decoding (the blob)
[21:32] <Laurenceb_> have you heard about the raspberry pi GPU?
[21:32] <Laurenceb_> its raspberry rippled
[21:32] <Thorn_> huh
[21:32] <IT_Sean> huh?
[21:33] <Laurenceb_> <Laurenceb_> have you heard about the raspberry pi GPU?
[21:33] <Laurenceb_> <Laurenceb_> its raspberry rippled
[21:33] <Laurenceb_> http://www.cockneyrhymingslang.co.uk/slang/raspberry_ripple
[21:33] <friggle> far from crippled
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[21:34] <Thorn_> uhm
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[21:43] * IT_Sean cancels the test he has running, mutes the modem speaker, then restarts the test
[21:44] <IT_Sean> screechy modem noises + headache = worse headache
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[22:46] <mdavey> IT_Sean: a /modem/? How quaint!
[22:47] <IT_Sean> mdavey: yup. Analog dial modem. 9600 baud
[22:48] <mdavey> traeak: yup, DUB-H4
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[23:31] <traeak> mdavey: seems expensive
[23:34] <mdavey> traeak: ~??15
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