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[0:08] <piofcube> Okay... time to start making a virtual 3D R-Pi ;-)
[0:08] <iMatttt> :)
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[0:10] <RITRedbeard> Virtual 3D R-Pi?
[0:10] <piofcube> 3D models of the board and movable components
[0:13] <friggle> don't you want smell-o-vision? To know what the PCBs smell like fresh off the production line?
[0:15] <piofcube> Now that depends on if they use water or the old fashioned solvents to clean the boards before assembly ;-)
[0:16] <RITRedbeard> Movable components?
[0:17] <piofcube> Yeah, separate components just in case anyone wants to make animated sequences showing how to hack the R-Pi
[0:19] <piofcube> That's odd... in the area where the audio jack was shown to go in the R-Pi model a + b pic, there's a different type of hole configuration.
[0:21] <RITRedbeard> Cool.
[0:23] <friggle> piofcube: I see what you mean, interesting
[0:23] <piofcube> Yeah.. I'm scratching my head over that one
[0:23] <piofcube> 5.1? LOL
[0:26] <LiENUS> ugh i hope the r-pi comes out soon!
[0:26] <RITRedbeard> Do we know what interrupt controller is being used for Raspberry Pi?
[0:26] <piofcube> Shame they're using SMDs for the status LEDs... would have been easier to add case lights if they didn't... not too worry though
[0:27] <DaQatz> LiENUS, be patient we don't want our pi half baked.
[0:27] <LiENUS> iwanna turn my pi into a personal dvr
[0:27] <LiENUS> so i can upload what i see 24/7
[0:27] <friggle> piofcube: some discussion of the audio here http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=1093.5#postid-15746
[0:27] <LiENUS> if only there was decent unlimited 3g rather than 50$ for 5gb i could stream it live 24/7
[0:27] <LiENUS> instead i'll have to record when im out of range of wifi then upload when im in range
[0:28] <RITRedbeard> piofcube, where are they located on the PCB?
[0:28] <piofcube> on the front image, they are at the top right
[0:29] <piofcube> OK, PWR, FDX, LNK and 10M
[0:29] <RITRedbeard> those aren't too bad
[0:29] <RITRedbeard> you can probably manage it
[0:30] <piofcube> Yeah... not too close to anything for the iron ;-)
[0:30] <LiENUS> is the spacing on the pins for the gpio and i2c some form of standard
[0:30] <LiENUS> ?
[0:31] <LiENUS> i was looking for a 26 pin header
[0:31] <piofcube> Looks like standard m/b header pins.. I'll check
[0:32] <LiENUS> i was wondering if i could pick up a 26 pin IDC socket
[0:32] <LiENUS> i guess snip off the dnc pins and solder everything else on
[0:33] <LiENUS> a right angle polarized idc header is $0.40
[0:33] <friggle> LiENUS: 2.54mm/0.1inch
[0:33] <LiENUS> http://futurlec.com/Connectors/IDCMH26RA.shtml look like itd work?
[0:34] <LiENUS> says .100" x .100" grid
[0:34] <piofcube> Looking at the board and scaling it up, it looks like it's 2.54
[0:34] <RITRedbeard> those are interesting routes, the squiggly ones
[0:34] <LiENUS> http://futurlec.com/Connectors/IDCMHL26RA.shtml they even have headers with latch
[0:34] <LiENUS> same specs only 40 cents more
[0:35] <LiENUS> so would that work in theory for making modular add on boards?
[0:36] <LiENUS> or do i need to do something like this http://futurlec.com/Connectors/HEADRAD20.shtml
[0:36] <piofcube> If you mount the addon board to the GPIO and JTAG headers, I think it would be stable enough
[0:36] <LiENUS> well im thinking mount the addon board elsewhere
[0:36] <LiENUS> and use a ribbon cable to connect them
[0:36] <piofcube> ah
[0:37] <LiENUS> somewhere on that site they sell cables
[0:37] <LiENUS> there we go
[0:38] <LiENUS> 1m of 26 core grey ribon cable is $0.95
[0:38] <LiENUS> not too expensive to go fancy with a idc connector with latch
[0:38] <LiENUS> and since its polarized less risk of hooking something up backwards
[0:42] <piofcube> I'm looking forward to messing with the camera connectors... It'll be interesting to see how good HD res is with the R-Pi...
[0:43] <piofcube> Would be good if I could get a multi-feed R-Pi camera system working... Not having much fun trying to run multiple USB cams on one PC
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[0:46] <piofcube> I wonder if that audio jack will have a mic input
[0:56] <LiENUS> i thought the camera connector was going to require specialized drivers + cameras that they'll need to llicense from broadcom?
[1:04] <piofcube> I wouldn't be surprised if you can't get something woorking with CSI-2 though?
[1:06] <piofcube> Just checking the FAQs
[1:08] <piofcube> The prototype R-Pi used a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 bus... so....
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[1:08] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
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[1:19] <piofcube> Does anyone know of any other versions of Gigabyte's I-RAM were made recently? Expansion board that uses DDR/DDR2 memory as a solid state drive.
[1:19] <piofcube> of=if**
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[1:49] <traeak> heh
[1:49] <traeak> ddr3 probably woulod be preferable i gather
[1:49] <traeak> just seeing a 2x8GB kit for $99 makes something like that drive appealing
[1:50] <piofcube> I have quite a few DDR2 sticks spare... thought it would put them to good use ;-)
[1:50] <traeak> ahh
[1:54] <piofcube> I used to have a few expansion boards like that back in the 386 days... Along with a few graphics cards that had simm slots to add your own RAM... I thought that would have came back into use with DDR3 being so fast/cheap/etc
[1:56] <traeak> it's not exactly "stable"
[1:56] <traeak> heh
[1:56] <traeak> more than adequate for swap though
[1:56] <piofcube> Yeah... that's what I was thinking of
[1:57] <traeak> ended up buying a 4x8GB kit for 399USD
[1:57] <traeak> just for the new intel processor
[1:57] <piofcube> Not fancy the bulldozer?
[1:58] <traeak> it allows me to do fully scalable fully threaded rectification of 250MP 4 channel 12bit imagery
[1:58] <traeak> i need about 2.5GB per core or so
[1:58] <piofcube> yeah
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[1:59] <piofcube> lo Under
[2:00] <traeak> 16bit imagery i mean anyways
[2:00] <traeak> scary...
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[2:00] <traeak> 15 years ago who thought you'd so easily put 32GB ram on a machine
[2:01] <traeak> shoot, ppl would have killed for a hard drive that size
[2:01] <traeak> hmm
[2:01] <piofcube> yeah and 20 years ago... who'd have thought you'd have 32GB HDD
[2:01] <piofcube> LOL.. you beat me to it
[2:01] <traeak> oh well back to it tomorrow...more broken software to fix
[2:03] <traeak> youch they sold out of that $100 tablet with 60 S&H
[2:08] <piofcube> I just got 2 A820s for my son's chrimbo prezzies... Wish I got one for myself now but all sold out :(
[2:09] <piofcube> I ordered a couple but the courier lost the package so had to get another 2 sent
[2:10] <piofcube> LOL the tracking still says "In transit"... that was about 3 weeks ago :S
[2:14] <RITRedbeard> Do we know what interrupt controller is being used for Raspberry Pi?
[2:15] <RITRedbeard> The way the hardware Q&A went, sounds like ARM was bolted in to the Broadcom.
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[2:23] <Hoernchen> well yes, the gpu has this arm cpu, not the other way around...
[2:24] <piofcube> Can't see anything of note about the interrupt controller :(
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[2:28] <RITRedbeard> Interesting.
[2:32] <RITRedbeard> I think it's probably using PL192
[2:32] <RITRedbeard> The reference manual/ISA keeps talking about external interrupt handler
[2:33] <RITRedbeard> So maybe they're saying that to say explicity that it is apart of the package but not the core or that you can change interrupt controllers?
[2:33] <RITRedbeard> Not so sure.
[2:33] <RITRedbeard> But all the GPIOs are going to be interruptable
[2:34] <RITRedbeard> To my knowledge.
[2:48] <RITRedbeard> "ARMv6-M provides an interrupt controller as an integral part of the exception model. The interrupt
[2:48] <RITRedbeard> controller operation aligns with the ARM General Interrupt Controller (GIC) specification"
[2:48] <RITRedbeard> That makes sense.
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[4:33] <PiBot> ukscone| <ukscone> SIMULATE alien abduction by scrolling out from your location on Google Streetview with a finger up your bum. lol
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[7:48] <tufty_simon> RITRedBeard (I was in bed, but it's a stock ARM non-vectored controller)
[7:48] <RITRedbeard> OK, cool.
[7:49] <tufty_simon> There's 3 of them, actually :)
[7:49] <tufty_simon> Bank 0 has 2 bits indicating Bank 1 or 2 interrupt
[7:50] <tufty_simon> and bank 1 & 2 have the odd interrupt that's actually handled in Bank 0 (duplicates)
[7:50] <tufty_simon> it's a bit messy
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[14:00] <zabomber> one day closer to Raspberrypi
[14:00] <Laurenceb> one day closer to our deaths
[14:01] <Laurenceb> the end of the universe, the destruction of planet earth
[14:01] <Laurenceb> the resurrection of elvis
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[14:17] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[14:31] * IT_Sean looks around
[14:32] * IT_Sean types his own personal login command into his computer, and watches as it logs him into all the stuff he needs to be logged into throught the day
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[16:04] <ukscone> morning UnderSampled , mdavey
[16:04] <UnderSampled> mornin ukscone
[16:04] <ukscone> so UnderSampled solved any more of the q's?
[16:04] <UnderSampled> no
[16:04] <ukscone> i just checked the answer to 15 is on the raspberry pi forums but boy will you have to look hard
[16:04] <ukscone> sorry i mean 14
[16:04] <UnderSampled> ok
[16:04] <ukscone> 15 you have already
[16:10] <IT_Sean> ahoy
[16:11] <merlin1991> ukscone: I tried to answer the questions without looking, didn't manage a single one :D
[16:11] <ukscone> merlin1991: :)
[16:12] <ukscone> i really want to see if someone can answer Q10 -- i sent it to 3 mathematician friends and so far they haven't solved it and sent it to one very famous mathematcian and he doesn't know YET either
[16:13] <merlin1991> ukscone: could you paste the url again?
[16:14] <ukscone> http://russelldavis.org/2011/12/04/christmas-quiz/
[16:15] <ukscone> i've been getting some good feedback so i am thinking i might do a quiz semi-regularly depending on what's in my bits and bobs boxes although the next one if i do it will be nothing about me but a lot more research required to solve it
[16:21] <merlin1991> I at least can say I'm too young to know the answers to most of the questions :D
[16:23] <mdavey> ukscone: afternoon
[16:23] <ukscone> merlin1991: UnderSampled is pretty young i think and he's doing pretty well so far :)
[16:26] * ukscone *yawns*
[16:27] <ukscone> it's one of those rainy sleepy stay in bed kind of days
[16:27] <ukscone> !w 11220
[16:27] <PiBot> ukscone: in Brooklyn, NY on Wed Dec 7 14:51:00 2011. Temp 52??F. Condition: Light rain, Humidity: 93%. Later 55??F - 38??F. Condition: Rain
[16:31] <IT_Sean> every day is a stay in bed kind of day in your book, innit?
[16:31] <ukscone> IT_Sean: yes but i do get out of bed to cook and make coffee
[16:32] <RaTTuS|BIG> umm I know the answer to 3 but that's about it ....
[16:34] <RaTTuS|BIG> and 9 and 13 .... some of the others I could find out ...
[16:35] <ukscone> UnderSampled is doin quite well but so far he's spent about a day on it i believe
[16:36] <yang> hello
[16:37] <yang> so device isnt ready for selling quite yet?
[16:37] <UnderSampled> yang: sadly, no
[16:37] * IT_Sean gets the flogging apperatus
[16:37] <yang> ok no problem, it was predicted for november, what is ETA now
[16:38] <IT_Sean> sometime between today, and the universe dying of heat death
[16:38] <IT_Sean> you should be able to get one very very early in 2012
[16:38] <yang> nice
[16:38] <IT_Sean> ... is my understanding
[16:39] <yang> i will surely order one
[16:39] <yang> you should be collecting peorders
[16:39] <yang> pre-orders
[16:40] <UnderSampled> yang: you don't want to trust IT_Sean with your money
[16:40] <UnderSampled> :P
[16:40] <yang> hehe
[16:41] <IT_Sean> hey
[16:41] <IT_Sean> !
[16:41] <IT_Sean> :/
[16:41] <IT_Sean> wha've i ever done to you!?
[16:42] <yang> but, what is the point of selling this device so cheaply, will there be at all any profit for your company in it....i mean it could easily cost 50 bucks
[16:43] <UnderSampled> yang: it's a non profit organization
[16:43] <IT_Sean> have you READ the website?
[16:43] <yang> i have to re-read
[16:43] <IT_Sean> clearly.
[16:44] <ukscone> :)
[16:54] * IT_Sean changes ukscone FQDN, then reboots him
[16:56] <ukscone> watch it you have cold hands warm those hands before you press my reset switch
[17:02] <traeak> grrr
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[17:07] <UnderSampled> traeak: there there
[17:07] * prebz (~prebz@c80-217-205-9.bredband.comhem.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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[17:10] <traeak> UnderSampled: need power supply with 8 pin power
[17:10] <traeak> hmm....i wonder if a 6 pin power connector would work in an 8 pin slot
[17:10] <traeak> hehe
[17:12] * prebz (~prebz@c80-217-205-9.bredband.comhem.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:22] <UnderSampled> traeak: 8pin?
[17:24] <traeak> UnderSampled: in addtion to a 24pin powerconnector for motherboard
[17:24] <traeak> UnderSampled: the power supply for the system isn't coming until tomorrow, i want to build the system first
[17:26] <UnderSampled> I've never heard of an 8pin power connector
[17:26] * UnderSampled1 (~UnderSamp@cpe-174-097-224-028.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] <traeak> UnderSampled seems to be required for the x79 chipset (socket 2011)
[17:30] <UnderSampled> so a new thing?
[17:30] <UnderSampled> ok
[17:30] <traeak> also standard on dual socketed ATX boards as well
[17:30] <UnderSampled> oh
[17:30] <UnderSampled> I've never had a dual socket board
[17:30] <traeak> i've got 3 here
[17:30] * UnderSampled jelous
[17:30] <traeak> what's strange is i have a athlon x4 board that also has an 8 pin, i can't figure out why
[17:37] <UnderSampled> how can I call out-of-country long distance for free?
[17:37] <UnderSampled> or is that impossible?
[17:37] <ukscone> Asked the wife what she wants for xmas."Something cool, sparkly and tasteful," she said. Excellent. Bottle of 7 Up it is then.
[17:37] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca5683.bb.sky.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[17:38] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca5683.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:40] <IT_Sean> ukscone: get 'er a raspi
[17:40] <ukscone> IT_Sean: won't be out until after christmas and new year
[17:41] <ukscone> she likes things on the day not iou's
[17:42] <IT_Sean> oh
[17:42] <IT_Sean> bugger
[17:42] <IT_Sean> 7 Up it is then.
[17:43] <traeak> UnderSampled some place like dynasky.com has pretty cheap phone cards
[17:43] <UnderSampled> free?
[17:43] <traeak> ukscone: i saw some mixed berry 7up a few weeks ago
[17:43] <traeak> UnderSampled not that i know of
[17:44] <UnderSampled> ukscone: you should get the 7-up, at least as a joke
[17:44] <UnderSampled> even if you do (sensibly) get something else
[17:47] <ukscone> :)
[17:48] * Dienyddio (~Dienyddio@pdpc/supporter/active/dienyddio) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[17:50] * Hoernchen (~dreadlox@osmocom/Hoernchen) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:03] * ahven (~ahven@jutukas.saarlane.ee) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:09] * ChrisLenz (~ChrisLenz@c-71-194-107-12.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:11] <DaQatz> We're up into the 70's for users here?
[18:11] <DaQatz> This channel is going to explode after release.
[18:14] <IT_Sean> that sounds sticky
[18:23] <traeak> hmm...too may UnderSampled's running about
[18:23] <UnderSampled> traeak: they both work :P
[18:24] <ukscone> ok lunch time -- ham, swiss, mayo, beetroot and cole slaw today i think
[18:25] * Faperdaper (~Faperdape@dhcp-077-250-027-109.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:27] <UnderSampled> the forum's search function is severly limited
[18:27] <UnderSampled> I can't search by post, only thread
[18:28] <Hoernchen> my last visit date never changes
[18:28] <DaQatz> The forum is severely limited.
[18:28] <Hoernchen> so all threads since then are displayed as new
[18:28] <Hoernchen> this really sucks
[18:28] <UnderSampled> I blame it on wordpress
[18:28] <Hoernchen> Version: ; Page loaded in: 4.438 seconds.
[18:29] <Hoernchen> for the love of god, they could at least put varnish in front of that...
[18:32] * Dienyddio (~Dienyddio@cpc3-glfd2-0-0-cust801.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:32] * Dienyddio (~Dienyddio@cpc3-glfd2-0-0-cust801.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Changing host)
[18:32] * Dienyddio (~Dienyddio@pdpc/supporter/active/dienyddio) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:32] * NIN101 (~NIN101@2001:530::216:3cff:fe71:5e1e) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] <datagutt> Or memcached..
[19:06] <datagutt> or just stop using "mingle"
[19:06] <datagutt> switch to fluxbb instead or something :)
[19:06] <ctyler> So, not mingle, replace with ... what's your recommendation?
[19:07] <Hoernchen> a real forum that works
[19:07] <ctyler> yes, but there's different kinds of 'works' :-)
[19:07] <datagutt> fluxbb, vanillia, xenforo, (vbulletin, eww?)
[19:07] <datagutt> :p
[19:08] <IT_Sean> phpbb?
[19:11] <datagutt> no.
[19:11] <friggle> as Liz has said on the forum many times, there's full agreement the current forum is a bit limited. Just a matter of having the available time to transition to something else
[19:11] * datagutt doesnt like phpbb
[19:11] <Hoernchen> not transition, just add a bit of caching
[19:11] <friggle> Hoernchen: people have many complaints other than just performance
[19:12] <Hoernchen> but performance can be fixed without wasting a lot of time
[19:13] <ctyler> I think we should dogfood it... load-balance over a big pile'o'pi
[19:13] <Hoernchen> the pi is not even out yet... imagine what will happen when it's released
[19:13] <traeak> i suspect they want to have a shipping product
[19:14] <UnderSampled1> they also need a working server to sell their product though
[19:14] <Hoernchen> indeed
[19:14] <traeak> depends on if they're using their own to sell it or using some other service to handle the sale
[19:15] <UnderSampled1> they will be using raspberrypi.com
[19:15] <Hoernchen> i can already see myself bruteforcing the shop to get my one pi...
[19:15] <UnderSampled1> the only question is if it is on the same server
[19:15] <UnderSampled1> we can hope it isn't
[19:15] <friggle> is BigCommerce not a hosted solution?
[19:16] <UnderSampled1> I have no idea
[19:16] * UnderSampled1 checks netcraft
[19:16] <Hoernchen> so far it is on the same server... either that or it's running on very old hardware, because the load times are not that great...
[19:16] <traeak> action takes his system apart
[19:17] * traeak test
[19:17] <traeak> ugh sry
[19:17] <friggle> well it looks to me like raspberrypi.com is hosted by bigcommerce
[19:17] <UnderSampled1> ok, there separate
[19:17] <UnderSampled1> yep
[19:17] <Hoernchen> then.. why is it so sluggish ?
[19:18] <UnderSampled1> the .com or the .org?
[19:18] <traeak> resource sharing i'm sure
[19:18] <friggle> Hoernchen: seems ok to me. Where in the world are you? It could be that bigcommerce isn't a very good host of course
[19:18] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has left #raspberrypi
[19:18] <Hoernchen> germany
[19:19] <traeak> raspberrypi.org is definitely slow
[19:19] <Hoernchen> Page loaded in: 8.185 seconds.
[19:20] <Crazytails> What are GPIO?
[19:20] <datagutt> Version: ; Page loaded in: 5.994 seconds.
[19:20] <Hoernchen> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=what+are+gpio ?
[19:21] <Jeemy> Hi folks
[19:22] <UnderSampled1> Hi Jeemy
[19:22] <Jeemy> do you think level shifter are a necessity fo translate the 3.3V to 5V and back, or could the 3.3V properely trigger an optocoupler?
[19:22] <Jeemy> ( talking about the GPIOS ;) )
[19:23] <traeak> ahh
[19:24] <UnderSampled1> Jeemy: datasheet
[19:25] * traeak (~bolsen@75-151-91-165-Colorado.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:26] <ukscone> http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2011/12/06/tv-experiment-goes-awry-sends-cannonball-rocketing-through-homes/#.Tt-okvxGhVw.twitter
[19:34] <Hoernchen> that's why in most countries you're not allowed to attach cardboard to a bit of wood and call it a house
[19:35] <Jeemy> UnderSampled1 well I thank you for nothing
[19:39] <Jeemy> Hope the kids won't have the same kind of answers when they will be asking how to play with the pi
[19:40] <Crazytails> Jeemy-> Kids as in how old?
[19:41] <Crazytails> I don't foresee many people using GPIO, honestly
[19:42] * Jaya_the_Cat (~jaya@unaffiliated/jaya-the-cat/x-0885195) Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[19:43] * Jaya_the_Cat (~jaya@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:43] * Jaya_the_Cat (~jaya@ Quit (Changing host)
[19:43] * Jaya_the_Cat (~jaya@unaffiliated/jaya-the-cat/x-0885195) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:48] <Jeemy> Well teaching kids robotics seems like a lot of fun :)
[19:48] <Crazytails> Hmm :)
[19:49] <Crazytails> Yeah, FIRST platforms are damn expensive.
[19:50] <Jeemy> don't know about that
[19:50] <Jeemy> I don't think we have it in France ;)
[19:51] <Crazytails> I was on a FRC team in high school (they mostly in the US and Isreal)
[19:51] <Jeemy> anyway about the optocoupler I think I found my answer
[19:52] <Crazytails> Jeemy-> Cost to enter a FIRST Robotics Competition (http://usfirst.org/) is about $3000 a year, and more.
[19:53] <Jeemy> Ow, I thought that was ironic when you said it is expensive
[19:53] <Jeemy> but it is expensive indeed
[19:54] <Crazytails> Whereas with a Pi, the board is $35 and constituent parts are cheaper.
[19:56] <Jeemy> so impressive when you think a Pi is the price, even cheaper, of an arduino
[19:56] <Crazytails> Yeah, I think the pi will at least partially obsolete the Arduino.
[19:57] <Hoernchen> no... not enough IOs
[19:58] <Jeemy> you said that you don't see a lot of people ready to play with the GPIO part, I'm a little surprised, on the forum it's a quite active topic
[19:59] <Jeemy> Hoernchen yes, not as many GPIO as the duino has, but already enough to do funny things
[19:59] <Crazytails> Jeemy-> Well you did say kids. I was imagining middle schoolers learning to code.
[20:00] <Crazytails> Until you brought up the robotics applications, I didn't even see the application of the Pi to a robotics platform.
[20:00] * Jaya_the_Cat (~jaya@unaffiliated/jaya-the-cat/x-0885195) Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[20:03] <Jeemy> yes I talked about kids because I was thinking about the poor kid who wants to drive a motor with his device, and is told "=>datasheet"
[20:03] <mdavey> Hoernchen: how many GPIOs does the arduino have and how many is enough?
[20:04] <Jeemy> but what I see in the Pi is a great potential for learning robotics
[20:04] <Hoernchen> that depends on the specific board... and enough depends on the specific application
[20:06] <mdavey> well you said R.Pi doesn't have enough - so how many does the arduino have that you were thinking about when you wrote that?
[20:06] <ReggieUK> is it out yet?
[20:06] <Hoernchen> i did not think of a number
[20:06] <ReggieUK> 12
[20:06] * mdavey slaps ReggieUK with a damp fish
[20:07] <ReggieUK> what'd I get slapped for? Can't a guy ask if a film has been released?
[20:07] <Jeemy> on an arduino (uno) you have 14 digital IO
[20:07] <ReggieUK> really?
[20:07] <ReggieUK> that sucks
[20:07] <mdavey> On R.Pi you can have 17 :D
[20:07] <ReggieUK> you've got 20ish on the arduino duemilanove or diecimila
[20:08] <mdavey> (will be more in future versions - there are 6 pins reserved for future use)
[20:08] <ReggieUK> hmmmn
[20:08] <ReggieUK> 6 reserved pins
[20:08] <ReggieUK> must be for the flux capacitor
[20:09] <ReggieUK> well, dual flux capacitor
[20:09] <Jeemy> on an arduino mega you can have 54 digital IO
[20:09] <Jeemy> but it's priced from 35 to 40?
[20:09] <ReggieUK> jeemy, unless I'm mistaken, the 6 analog IO on the UNO are digital too!
[20:09] <mdavey> Jeemy: are they all directly from the main CPU, or do some of those hang off a peripheral?
[20:10] <ReggieUK> mdavey, those are all broken out but the TX/RX are probably connected to another IC
[20:10] * prebz_ (~prebz@c80-217-205-9.bredband.comhem.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:10] <ReggieUK> and those pins are multifunction too
[20:11] <ReggieUK> so some are pwm
[20:11] <ReggieUK> some are spi
[20:11] <ReggieUK> i2c
[20:11] <Jeemy> ReggieUK you're probably right, I never had to check for that, I the 14 others were always enough for my needs :)
[20:11] <mdavey> It would be possible to use the I2C bus to add a peripheral to provide additional low speed GPIO on the R.Pi for instance.
[20:11] <Jeemy> yup
[20:11] <ReggieUK> i2c has been used as a psuedo dual-core arduino kind of thing
[20:12] <ReggieUK> so yeah, the arduino side is probably already written
[20:12] <ReggieUK> then again, you can always get to the arduino via serial too
[20:13] <Jeemy> Yes, I think that would be a good way to begin to play with the robotics side at the beginning
[20:13] <Jeemy> waiting for the real hackers to work on the onboard GPIOS
[20:13] * prebz (~prebz@c80-217-205-9.bredband.comhem.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[20:14] <mdavey> Sure, there are cases where having 54 digital IO is useful, but I would have thought that 17 would be sufficient for most educstional apps, including most robotics projects through intermediate level.
[20:16] <mdavey> One of the other big advantages of R.Pi of course, is that the controller is also the development platform. Connect keyboard, mouse and screen, modify the code, execute it, disconnect keyboard and screen, press the button to tell the robot to begin.
[20:16] <ReggieUK> 6 analog inputs is a pain in the arse
[20:16] <Jeemy> and have real GUIS of your robot
[20:16] <ReggieUK> so thats why I wanted a mega
[20:19] <Jeemy> mdavey the idea of interfacing the arduino at first is because it's really simple to interface a lot of things on an arduino now ( motors, compass, GPS, accelerometers etc... ) while we still do not have anything written to do pwm for a motor from a Pi GPIO
[20:21] <Crazytails> mdavey-> Honestly, that's not the best thing >.>
[20:23] <Crazytails> It's never the way things work out in the Real World, with industrial embedded controllers.
[20:23] <ReggieUK> but this isn't industrial
[20:23] <ReggieUK> it's people messing with GPIO on a cheap computer
[20:23] <Crazytails> But a lot of kids get into amateur robotics things because they would like to make a career of it.
[20:24] <ReggieUK> sure and they'd have all the tools to do such stuff in their profession
[20:24] <ReggieUK> but whilst they're learning......
[20:24] <mdavey> Crazytails: I guess it depends on your goals: Are you wanting to teach teenagers/ Uni students industrial design and software engineering, or are you wanting to get a bunch of 6-17 year olds interested in programming?
[20:25] <Crazytails> mdavey-> Both. But I think it's important to instill best practises from an early age.
[20:26] * traeak (~bolsen@75-151-91-165-Colorado.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:26] <Jeemy> Getting 6-17 kids interested in programming is soooo easily done when the goal of the program is to make a robot moving
[20:27] <traeak> only 6 - 17 kids is aiming low...you should get more than that
[20:27] <mdavey> I have to say I disagree. You don't try teaching young children about light and shadows when they are painting, or getting them to analyse the motivations of the characters in the books they read, or teach them quantum physics.
[20:27] <mdavey> traeak: :D
[20:28] <Crazytails> My art education was instilled in theory when I was like 11.
[20:28] <Crazytails> I went to a very art-heavy middle school
[20:29] <mdavey> That all comes later. First, you get them interested in the subject and expressing themselves. Most programmers I know learned how to hack first, then learned best practices such as design, test-driven development and good version control later.
[20:29] <traeak> i learned to break stuff
[20:30] <traeak> abuse an apple 2e by poking garbage in a for loop
[20:30] <mdavey> But hey, I'm not a teacher so what would I know, right? There are some very smart educators out there. Some hang out in our forum and perhaps some are in this chat room?
[20:30] <Crazytails> mdavey-> You don't need to be a teacher to be an effective educator.
[20:30] <traeak> hmm..that might be an argumen against installing linux on these
[20:31] <traeak> give them an os, only linear addressing, etc
[20:32] <Jeemy> I think it's easier to make a kid interested in writing a program to make a robot move than a program to do some abstract algorithmic stuff. At least you need to be a very good educator for the last
[20:33] <Jeemy> is there a way which is better than an other, I'm not sure
[20:33] <traeak> Jeemy: making a robot move...that's about controls. Might be also nice to teach them about basic computer architecture first
[20:35] <Jeemy> I'm more like try to play with it => sounds fun? => get a lot of motivation to learn the theoritical part
[20:35] <Jeemy> maybe not the best approach, ok, but worked quite well until now
[20:37] <mdavey> Yea, I would guess that robotics and games writing will be the two most effective ways to get children engaged. And I would guess that web and logo will be quite popular with teachers, just because it is relatively easy to teach, and relatively easy to relate to national curriculum requirements.
[20:38] <Hoernchen> i do not see hoe wither one of those might be suited for children
[20:38] <Hoernchen> *how either
[20:39] <Hoernchen> programming is too complicated and pointless without understanding how it works, and robotics... well, either too complicated or just "push button, here be dragons, stuff moves"
[20:40] <mdavey> Hoernchen: think less of hobbiest robotics, more of a cross between lego mindstorms and the 1980s turtle.
[20:40] <Jeemy> have you ever heard of the Scratch " " programming language" " ?
[20:40] <Hoernchen> yes
[20:40] * acfrazier (~acfrazier@unaffiliated/acfrazier) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:40] <Jeemy> it's aimed at kid, so they get a basic programming intuition
[20:42] <Jeemy> when I talk about teaching robotics I'm in the same perspective, not getting kids professional roboticists
[20:42] <mdavey> And for games writing, check out http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/9504208.stm from 4:18 onwards (although the whole 6 mins is well worth a watch)
[20:42] * acfrazier (~acfrazier@unaffiliated/acfrazier) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:43] <mdavey> right, leaving for home - will be back online later.
[20:47] * mdavey (~chatzilla@mail.aminocom.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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[22:08] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:08] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Wahey! Sean is here! :D
[22:08] <IT_Sean> is it nearly done yet?
[22:08] <traeak> yuk
[22:08] <traeak> !w
[22:08] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Wed Dec 7 14:53:00 2011. Temp 3??C. Condition: Clear, Humidity: 48%. Later 6??C - -8??C. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[22:08] <IT_Sean> !w
[22:08] <PiBot> IT_Sean: in Boonton, NJ on Thu Dec 8 00:34:00 2011. Temp 45??F. Condition: Rain, Humidity: 100%. Later 52??F - 31??F. Condition: Rain
[22:08] <PiBot> Thu: High 43??F Low 25??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[22:08] <PiBot> Fri: High 43??F Low 25??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[22:08] <PiBot> Sat: High 38??F Low 22??F :Condition Mostly Sunny
[22:09] <IT_Sean> cool, and wet :/
[22:10] <UnderSampled> !w
[22:11] <IT_Sean> heh
[22:11] <UnderSampled> ...
[22:11] <IT_Sean> UnderSampled is somewhere that has NO WEATHER AT ALL
[22:11] <IT_Sean> try specifying a postcode
[22:11] <UnderSampled> is that a good, or a bad thing?
[22:11] <IT_Sean> i.e. !w 06320
[22:11] <UnderSampled> !w 27513
[22:11] <PiBot> UnderSampled: in Cary, NC on Wed Dec 7 19:51:00 2011. Temp 67??F. Condition: Drizzle, Humidity: 87%. Later 72??F - 34??F. Condition: Showers
[22:12] <UnderSampled> forecast?
[22:12] <IT_Sean> i forget how to set your default local and if you want a forecast or not, sorry.
[22:12] <UnderSampled> heh, np
[22:12] <traeak> !help
[22:12] <traeak> run that
[22:13] <UnderSampled> but, I think my 67 trumps your 45 (or 3C)
[22:13] <UnderSampled> :D
[22:14] * IT_Sean slaps UnderSampled with an old windscreen wiper
[22:14] <UnderSampled> what is that?!
[22:14] * UnderSampled marvels
[22:14] <IT_Sean>
[22:15] <ukscone> wtg UnderSampled
[22:16] <traeak> UnderSampled sorry i'll take my seasons any day
[22:16] <UnderSampled> we have seasons
[22:16] <UnderSampled> we're not the tropics
[22:18] * robbiet480 (~robbiet48@robbie.io) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:30] * NIN101 (~NIN101@2001:530::216:3cff:fe71:5e1e) Quit (Quit: NIN101)
[23:37] <acfrazier> I still remember "I'm from the UK, we're used to summer being just the third wednesday in August"
[23:42] <Thorn_> is it out yet
[23:42] <traeak> you didn't get yours yet?
[23:47] <ukscone> mine came in the 3rd post yesterday
[23:47] <ukscone> it's really quite good
[23:49] <traeak> you're the optimist. That micro-usb power connector might be a bit flimsy
[23:51] <ukscone> yes it is already quite wobbily
[23:51] <ukscone> had to put some epoxy on it already
[23:52] <traeak> the boot images do work pretty well
[23:53] <ukscone> yes and the minecraft port they did is great

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