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IRC Log for 2011-12-10

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[0:05] <DaQatz> ahven, PiBot does C
[0:05] <DaQatz> Use !weather_set c
[0:05] <ahven> !weather_set c
[0:05] <PiBot> ahven: You're now using celsius.
[0:06] <traeak> !w
[0:06] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Fri Dec 9 16:53:00 2011. Temp 3??C. Condition: Partly Cloudy, Humidity: 45%. Later 6??C - -8??C. Condition: Clear
[0:06] <ahven> !w
[0:06] <ahven> also blown away by the wind, I see :P
[0:06] <DaQatz> You need a location
[0:06] <DaQatz> Or set it with !weather_set loc (PLACE)
[0:07] <ahven> !weather_set kuressaare
[0:07] <DaQatz> loc
[0:07] <DaQatz> "!weather_set loc (PLACE)"
[0:07] <ahven> !weather_set loc kuressaare
[0:07] <PiBot> ahven: You're location has been set to kuressaare.
[0:07] <ahven> getting bit sleepy here :P
[0:07] <ahven> !w
[0:07] <PiBot> ahven: in kuressaare on Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970. Temp 6??C. Condition: Rain, Humidity: 62%. Later 6??C - 5??C. Condition: Rain
[0:08] <UnderSampled> january first?
[0:08] <DaQatz> Has no time data for there I see
[0:08] <traeak> woah, 1C variation
[0:08] <DaQatz> UnderSampled, Just means the weather guys didn't tell us when they took the the weather.
[0:08] <UnderSampled> ah
[0:09] <ahven> pretty correct information, apart for the time and date
[0:09] <DaQatz> I should fix it so when it gets that date it just doesn't show time.
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[0:20] <UnderSampled> Isn't there some simi-active nick on this channel like "clough" or something?
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[0:49] <PiBot> IT_Sean| <IT_Sean> That can be our motto! "#rasberrypi. More fun than a spreadsheet!"
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[2:20] <piofcube> Anyone got a copy of the component list for the final PCB design? LOL... I thought it would have been good to use the correct values on the 3D models ;-)
[2:22] <UnderSampled> piofcube: I wish
[2:22] <traeak> heh
[2:23] <piofcube> They are keeping tight-lipped about that audio jack unless I missed it on the forums.
[2:23] <UnderSampled> piofcube: you could try tweeting Liz
[2:24] <UnderSampled> thoush she probably doesn't know
[2:24] <ukscone> Liz knows all
[2:24] <ukscone> she just needs lots of bribes
[2:24] <piofcube> Knows all but gives away little ;-)
[2:24] <UnderSampled> I wish any of them would come here
[2:24] <ukscone> a fortnum and mason's hamper shoudl do it
[2:25] <UnderSampled> especially Liz, seing as she is basically the company's community manager
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[2:25] <traeak> public relations
[2:25] <ukscone> UnderSampled: if they spent time in here then they wouldn't be working on the raspi
[2:25] <UnderSampled> what does Liz do on the raspi?
[2:25] <ukscone> she said she was grateful the community had created the channel so she didn't have to
[2:26] <ukscone> UnderSampled: anything that isn't board layout or soldering
[2:26] <piofcube> LOL... I think she joined the team because someone mentioned Raspberry Pies ;-) j/k
[2:26] <UnderSampled> heh
[2:26] <traeak> hehe
[2:26] <traeak> gravitates towards food
[2:26] <UnderSampled> well, she is a food-blogger
[2:29] <traeak> grr
[2:29] <traeak> h well time tio go i guss
[2:31] <UnderSampled> piofcube: what are you modeling it in?
[2:33] <piofcube> Using blender to make up the models then using iClone5 for the rendering
[2:33] <UnderSampled> cool
[2:33] <UnderSampled> never heard of iClone5
[2:34] <UnderSampled> need any help?
[2:34] <UnderSampled> I have some blender experiance
[2:34] <piofcube> pretty good... it got motions and stuff built in... bit like a serious version of "The movies" but without the game.
[2:35] <piofcube> I'm okay doing the components but I am looking for people to contribute content to OpenIndieProject.org ;-)
[2:36] <UnderSampled> I think it would be really awesome to convert blender to opengl es
[2:36] <UnderSampled> but I don't think we have enough money to pay anyone to do it
[2:37] <UnderSampled> and it certainly would be a challenge
[2:37] <UnderSampled> though blenderPocket worked once-it used a wrapper to GLES 1.0
[2:37] <UnderSampled> maybe that could be done again for 2.0
[2:37] <piofcube> maybe
[2:39] <UnderSampled> I do think it would be a great peice for the raspi
[2:39] <piofcube> some videos on youtube showing android OpenGL ES 2.0 and getting 6 FPS LOL
[2:39] <UnderSampled> where?
[2:39] <piofcube> 1Y7sBaYGZs
[2:40] <UnderSampled> I don't think that's blender
[2:41] <UnderSampled> I think that's probably someone exported from blender to GLES code
[2:41] <piofcube> JmRrDQ7upmM says it's blender oolong OpenGL ES 2.0
[2:42] <UnderSampled> https://code.google.com/p/oolongengine/
[2:46] <piofcube> need to make a good solder texture
[2:47] <UnderSampled> piofcube: make it pretty shiney
[2:47] <UnderSampled> http://matrep.parastudios.de/
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[2:51] <UnderSampled> hello piofcube1
[2:51] <piofcube1> LOL... Was using wrong keyboard to undo (CTRL+Z)
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[2:52] <UnderSampled> you need to install synergy
[2:52] <UnderSampled> very usefull
[2:53] <piofcube> ahh.. that clever thing that moves the mouse over to other screens?
[2:53] <UnderSampled> yup
[2:53] <UnderSampled> keyboards too
[2:53] <UnderSampled> and the clipboard
[2:53] <piofcube> I think that's one of the cleverest things
[2:54] <UnderSampled> it's free
[2:54] <UnderSampled> http://synergy-foss.org/
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[2:55] <piofcube> I tried searching for it a while ago but couldn't remember what it was called... got some funny results in google
[2:55] <UnderSampled> well now you know it :)
[2:55] <piofcube> bookmarked it also... will install it soon
[2:58] <piofcube> Yeah... for the components, I want to get them as close to photo-realistic as possible... Instead of perfectly square-edged boxes
[2:58] <UnderSampled> I don't know what they'll end up using
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[15:30] <IT_Sean> grardingles. It appears i have left IRC on all night
[15:30] <Thorn_> feel lucky
[15:30] <IT_Sean> why?
[15:30] <Thorn_> i collapsed last night, emergency hospital appointment on monday
[15:30] <xlq> :(
[15:32] <IT_Sean> eek
[15:33] <ctyler> Thorn_: how are you doing today?
[15:34] <Thorn_> fine
[15:34] <Thorn_> i've been having chest pains for month but assumed it was the start of age getting to me ;p
[15:35] <Thorn_> only difference was last night i was stupid enough to stand up when it happened
[15:35] <ctyler> yikes
[15:35] <Thorn_> months*
[15:35] <Thorn_> first i went blind, head went cold, feet went cold, felt sick
[15:35] <Thorn_> then i woke up half an hour later
[15:36] * ctyler is a bit surprised you have to wait for Monday to follow up
[15:38] <Thorn_> the NHS dont do so well round here
[15:38] <Thorn_> we have two hospitals for a 100 mile area
[15:38] <Thorn_> and the problem with the one here in dunfermline is
[15:38] <Thorn_> most people say
[15:38] <Thorn_> if you weren't ill when you went in, you will be when you come out
[15:39] <Thorn_> so i'm not really in any hurry to go either :P
[15:39] <ukscone> morning all
[15:39] <Thorn_> mo
[15:39] <UnderSampled> mornin ukscone
[15:40] <ukscone> Thorn_: sounds like the blackouts i get sometimes when i stand up too quick. it's a blood pressure thing although thee pains don't sound good. maybe a blockage or clot
[15:41] <Thorn_> yeah it was the same headrush you get when you stand up too quick
[15:41] <Thorn_> only it didnt go away :P
[15:43] <ukscone> morning UnderSampled -- see my tweet?
[15:44] <UnderSampled> ukscone: I did
[15:44] <UnderSampled> just now
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[15:52] <ukscone> UnderSampled: know the answer?
[16:03] <ukscone> UnderSampled: correct
[16:03] <UnderSampled> :D
[16:03] <ukscone> how many websites did you have to hit to find the answer?
[16:03] <UnderSampled> I winner!
[16:03] <UnderSampled> I went to wikipedia, then to the inventor, then one of the references there
[16:04] <ukscone> :)
[16:04] <ukscone> yup
[16:04] <ukscone> there were several routes to the answer, wikipedia was probably the easiest though
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[16:38] <UnderSampled> Does anyone know where my tape-measure went off to?
[16:38] <UnderSampled> I had it right here last night
[16:39] <ukscone> well done UnderSampled
[16:39] <ukscone> you won't get Q3 though :) well maybe as there is a big clue on it
[16:39] <UnderSampled> maybe I should stop-let some of your other followers have a chance
[16:40] <UnderSampled> are there others?
[16:40] <ukscone> noone eelse has tried yet but most of my follers are still asleep or out doing things as it's midafternoon for theem
[16:45] <UnderSampled> it's not on tineye or google images
[16:45] <UnderSampled> which may mean that you took the picture
[16:48] <ukscone> nope i didn't
[16:49] <UnderSampled> oh?
[16:49] <ukscone> it does exist on a site somewhere
[16:49] <UnderSampled> well, neither of those have very full indexes
[16:49] <UnderSampled> they are still growing them
[16:50] <ukscone> there is a clue in the photo but you'll have to look
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[17:12] <UnderSampled> ukscone: I know i've seen at least something similar to tha
[17:12] <UnderSampled> but I don't remember where?
[17:12] <UnderSampled> L(
[17:14] <ukscone> :)
[17:18] <duckinator> hi o/
[17:18] <UnderSampled> ukscone: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-TRS-80-MODEL-3-MICROCOMPUTER-16K-FLOPPY-DRIVE-/270855088488?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3f1038a968
[17:18] <ukscone> nice pity it's soooooo expensive
[17:20] <ukscone> and that it's the 16k not the 48k
[17:20] <ukscone> we used networked 48k's at college
[17:21] <UnderSampled> how much were they then?
[17:21] <ukscone> zillions
[17:22] <ukscone> over a $900 iirc
[17:22] <ukscone> well over
[17:22] <UnderSampled> worth it?
[17:24] <ukscone> i loved/love the model3/4
[17:24] <UnderSampled> you still own it?
[17:25] <ukscone> nope never owned one of my own
[17:25] <UnderSampled> :(
[17:25] <ukscone> i do have a model4 motherboard though
[17:25] <UnderSampled> what does that do?
[17:26] * duckinator has never had the luck to real old computers except one .-.
[17:27] <ukscone> UnderSampled: nothing but does mean i have a legal right (not really) to use the roms in an eemulator :)
[17:28] <ukscone> my goal is to collect and start reusing allt he old computers i loved. so looking for an olivetti m20, trs-80 model3/4, grundy newbrain, sanyo mbc3000, ibm4381, dec vax.....
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[17:28] <ukscone> not sure where i'd put a vax and a 4381 though
[17:28] <ukscone> maybe have to throw out the wife so i'll have room
[17:28] * UnderSampled wants a vax with a reel-to-reel
[17:29] <UnderSampled> and some blinkenlights!
[17:29] <UnderSampled> better than an MAME cabinet
[17:29] <UnderSampled> :P
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[17:31] <DaQatz> I'm going to be testing big endian code on mine
[17:31] <UnderSampled> on your what?
[17:32] <DaQatz> Pi
[17:32] <DaQatz> It's dual endian =)
[17:33] <UnderSampled> ah
[17:33] <UnderSampled> I thought you were saying you owned a VAX
[17:33] <UnderSampled> :P
[17:33] <DaQatz> no
[17:33] <Stskeeps> seemingily big endian ARM is fairly broken is gcc
[17:33] <Stskeeps> in gcc
[17:33] <DaQatz> hmmm
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[17:36] <friggle> that wouldn't surprise me, I can't imagine it has many users
[17:37] <Stskeeps> i've overheard some conversation that cisco uses big endian ARM
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[18:56] <PiBot> ukscone| <ukscone> SIMULATE alien abduction by scrolling out from your location on Google Streetview with a finger up your bum. lol
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[19:20] * xlq adds to TODO list
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[22:17] <UnderSampled> ukscone: anyone get it?
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