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[0:42] <PiBot> IT_Sean| As long as the invisible man didn't leave invisible skidmarks on the photocopier, i don't really care.
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[1:14] <traeak> !w
[1:14] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Tue Dec 27 18:12:00 2011. Temp 7??C. Condition: Partly Cloudy, Humidity: 29%. Later 11??C - -5??C. Condition: Mostly Sunny
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[2:09] <FloatingGoat> hi
[2:10] <Thorn_> hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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[8:15] <RITRedbeard> hmmmm
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[10:58] <mdavey> Morning all
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[13:58] <PiBot> IT_Sean| Well hello Sean. How are you today?
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[14:15] <IT_Sean> Morning.
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[14:39] <ahven> ello
[14:39] <WASDx> hi
[14:41] <IT_Sean> ahoy
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[15:33] <ahven> hmm, I don't know if I have seen similar mint boxes around here
[15:33] <ahven> should open my eyes in stores
[15:42] <WASDx> Looking to build a case?
[15:42] * IT_Sean wishes he had a CNC router. Polished wooden case for raspi. mmmmmmm. put a nice cherry finish on it. :p
[15:43] <IT_Sean> ... with flush mount LEDs, too!
[15:43] <ahven> WASDx: yep, when I finally find a place for them
[15:44] <WASDx> I'm gonna build this: http://i.imgur.com/etssC.jpg
[15:44] <WASDx> with a plastic roof
[15:48] <ahven> with what material?
[15:48] <ahven> cardboard?
[15:48] <WASDx> wood
[15:48] <WASDx> I tried to make a wood texture with blender :P
[15:49] <WASDx> got some wood pieces ready
[15:49] <WASDx> just need to RPi :(
[15:51] <ahven> like we all
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[15:56] <ahven> but it looks nice
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[16:07] <chris_99> anyone know of any battery USB power supplies you could use with the raspberry
[16:10] <IT_Sean> Look for anoy of those phone topper-uppers that run off of AAs or such.
[16:10] <IT_Sean> *any
[16:10] <IT_Sean> i think ThinkGeek has one. Amazon probably has a few
[16:11] <IT_Sean> Make sure it has a micro USB lead.
[16:11] <WASDx> and can provide 700mA for model B
[16:12] <IT_Sean> aye, that too.
[16:12] <Thorn_> be warned
[16:12] <Thorn_> the cheap wallchargers that claim 1000mA
[16:12] <Thorn_> in my experience, do about ~400mA
[16:12] <Thorn_> utter con
[16:12] <IT_Sean> How do they get away w/ writing '1000ma' on them then?
[16:12] <Thorn_> no idea
[16:12] <chris_99> cheers, thats a good point IT_Sean
[16:12] <IT_Sean> isn't there any sort of regulatory body for the labels that go on those chargers?
[16:13] <Thorn_> but i have several 1000mA's that don't do close
[16:13] <WASDx> I bought a wall-to-usb thingy with 1000mA and a micro usb cable
[16:14] * IT_Sean is rather irritated at the Micro-USB beiing the new international standard for phones and such, as 99% of what he has has got mini-USB inputs :/
[16:15] <WASDx> same here
[16:15] <WASDx> it's not a big deal
[16:15] <IT_Sean> It isn't
[16:15] <IT_Sean> It's just mildly irritating
[16:15] <WASDx> as long as not everyone comes up with their own cables (apple)
[16:15] * IT_Sean thunks WASDx with an iPhone
[16:15] <WASDx> I think micro-usb will only be the new standard for charging, it can transfer data too i suppose?
[16:16] <ReggieUK> pointless calling it usb if it doesn't do data
[16:16] <IT_Sean> It does, doesn't it?
[16:16] <WASDx> I think i read it doesnt, but i think i'm wrong
[16:16] <IT_Sean> iirc, my digital camera has micro USB
[16:17] <ReggieUK> http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalog?hl=en&q=micro+usb+data+cable&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=3684554871182130618&sa=X&ei=4jL7ToCGF8zqOdT41boB&ved=0CGcQ8wIwAQ#
[16:17] <IT_Sean> it's got something smaller than mini-USB, anyway.
[16:17] <ReggieUK> google says yes
[16:17] <IT_Sean> i thought as much. The entire point of USB is data transfer. Charging crap over the USB port is just a handy way of not having to have a seperate port.
[16:17] <WASDx> correctly priced cables, unlike many stores
[16:17] <WASDx> my local store would sell that for ??5
[16:18] <ReggieUK> companies make lots and lots of money on cable markup
[16:18] <ReggieUK> it's a good way to generate 500% profit
[16:18] <WASDx> I must have read that the RPi doesnt support data transfer over usb micro
[16:18] <IT_Sean> It seems that almost nothing these days uses the full sized device-type USB port (the sort of squareish one... i forget what they call it)
[16:18] <IT_Sean> USB-B?
[16:19] <ReggieUK> usb-b
[16:19] <ReggieUK> arduinos do
[16:19] <IT_Sean> Yeah... that's it. You never see that on anything anymore.
[16:19] <WASDx> my old printer did
[16:19] <ReggieUK> printers most certainly do
[16:19] <ReggieUK> I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve
[16:20] <IT_Sean> Printers do. But, external HDs, even the desktop sized ones, seem to use mini-USB more these days.
[16:20] <IT_Sean> I like USB-B. You really can't screw it up. Whereas i have seen far too many mangled mini_USB ports thanks to ham-fisted idiots.
[16:21] <WASDx> yeah, it's not like it's not compact enough so you need to make it smaller
[16:22] <IT_Sean> Also... USB-B ports are big enough, and the pins far enough apart, that i can solder them easily. (I am crap with really fine pithc stuff)
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[16:22] <IT_Sean> *pitch
[16:22] <IT_Sean> (and hopeless at SMT stuff) :(
[16:29] <wwalker> IT_Sean: I was an electronics tech for about a decade. Soldering the small stuff is about tricks and tools. The right tools are critical (especially a small tipped soldering iron that is temperature controlled at the tip. Tricks count too. I spent about 3 minutes soldering on a 44 pin PLCC once. Then the repair girl looked ever my shoulder...
[16:31] <wwalker> She said that it looked awful. She took it off (with the hot air tool for removing PLCCs). Then she spent 10 seconds cleaning the excess solder off and 20 SECONDS resoldering the entire 44 pin PLCC.
[16:31] <IT_Sean> heh... mostly my issue is a tool issue, i think. I need to get a good iron. That, and practice.
[16:31] <wwalker> Now, I can solder a PLCC in 30 seconds.
[16:32] <IT_Sean> Our head of production (where i work) is a soldering goddess. She solders things that i cannot even see, and makes it look like it was done by a robot. :p
[16:32] <wwalker> but it requires a good, hot soldering iron. LEAD based solder with good flux. and a lighted magnifying glass.
[16:33] <wwalker> oh, where it said 3 mintues up there was supposed to be 30 minutes.
[16:33] <jzu> yes, lead solder is essential
[16:33] <wwalker> I had been soldering each lead
[16:34] <wwalker> I've told my sons that the important parts of their inheritance is my R-12 freon and my stash of lead based resin core solder.
[16:35] <wwalker> I expect to add incandescent light bulbs to their inheritance
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[17:19] <Thorn_> aw, post counts got wiped between forum changes
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[18:03] * IT_Sean noms lunch
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[18:26] <traeak> !w
[18:26] <PiBot> traeak: in Parker, CO on Wed Dec 28 11:53:00 2011. Temp 7??C. Condition: Cloudy, Humidity: 24%. Later 11??C - 0??C. Condition: Mostly Sunny
[18:26] <traeak> the new forums suck as well
[18:26] <traeak> hard to see which ones are pinned and which ones not
[18:27] <traeak> maybe none are i guess
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[18:30] <Dagger3> Stylish to the rescue: https://p.6core.net/p/4waohddbm1kik
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[19:29] * IT_Sean found a bit of an odd relic at werk. PCI card w/ audio I/O, analog modem, and joystick port, all on one card.
[19:29] <IT_Sean> Thought it was a bit of an odd duck
[19:30] <IT_Sean> pulled it out of a dusty old PC
[19:34] <traeak> analog modem is the interesting part
[19:34] <traeak> otherwise that card isn't anything too special :-p
[19:35] <traeak> i still have one of the original beta boards for the ensoniq PCI card
[19:35] <traeak> the frist pci sound card, creative labs bought them out
[19:36] <traeak> ensoniq audiopci
[19:37] <IT_Sean> analog modems are plenty useful!
[19:37] <ukscone> ok this is weird -- worked out what the problem with my back/side is
[19:38] <piofcube> Before they were bought out by creative labs? Last time I had a creative labs board, the driver CD was scratched and Creative wanted to charge me to download the drivers from their site:S
[19:38] <ukscone> buggered if we know how i did it but we have solved my back/side seizing problems apparently i seem to have fractures in several ribs in the leftside/back area i have no idea how or when i fracutreed them
[19:38] <traeak> heh
[19:38] <traeak> creative labs is now a relic
[19:38] <traeak> onboard sound is more htan good enough...realtek took over
[19:39] <piofcube> Yeah realtek is good enough for 99% of the market
[19:39] * mdavey (~chatzilla@mail.aminocom.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:39] <piofcube> Though I did like my Hercules Digifire 7.1
[19:41] <piofcube> I used to like my old Hercules graphics card and monitor... monochrome but very good resolution (for its time) LOL
[19:41] <traeak> basically cpu made all those peripherals obsolete...
[19:42] <traeak> so the last piece for SOCs is to have the ram on-chip instead of external
[19:42] <piofcube> Never did work out why they put a printer port on the graphics card though
[19:42] <traeak> either on chip or on die (if that's possible yet)
[19:43] <traeak> are you sure that's not just a midi port ?
[19:43] <traeak> parallel port perhaps
[19:45] <IT_Sean> it's got a rather joystick-esque logo next to it
[19:46] <traeak> shared joystick midi port
[19:46] <IT_Sean> Looks that way.
[19:47] <IT_Sean> I'll call it the PEN-15 port, 'cause thats sorto f what the logo looks like :p
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[21:48] <uriah> hello :)
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[21:49] <IT_Sean> 'ello uriah
[21:52] <uriah> IT_Sean: how goes it?
[21:56] <IT_Sean> not too bad
[21:56] <IT_Sean> quiet today
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[22:05] <uriah> IT_Sean: seems so indeed
[22:05] <Thorn_> uriah... heep?
[22:05] * Thorn_ ducks
[22:05] <uriah> heh
[22:06] <uriah> indeed
[22:06] <IT_Sean> It's an hour to go 'till the end of my work day, and i just got my first support call of the day.
[22:06] * IT_Sean pokes Thorn_ with uriah
[22:06] <uriah> wow, that's a nice day
[22:06] <IT_Sean> bit boring, actually.
[22:06] <uriah> not allowed to watch movies?
[22:06] <IT_Sean> at work?
[22:06] <IT_Sean> shit no.
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[22:07] <uriah> IT_Sean: damn.
[22:07] <PiBot> ShiftPlusOne| well we're running out of corners and the stoopid people corner is mine! >=/
[22:07] <uriah> IT_Sean: reddit, at least?
[22:08] <IT_Sean> well... letps ut it this way... I have an iPad w/ a 3G connection ;p
[22:08] <IT_Sean> *lets put
[22:08] <uriah> :>
[22:08] <IT_Sean> I've decided to get another year or more out of my aging laptop, and have been priving replacement batteries for it.
[22:09] * atts (~adam@146-115-165-244.c3-0.wth-ubr1.sbo-wth.ma.cable.rcn.com) has left #raspberrypi
[22:09] <IT_Sean> as my current battery inevitably lasts one second less than it takes to move from one outlet to another
[22:10] <uriah> ouch
[22:10] * uriah wonders whether any supercapacitors can store as much energy as a lipoly cell of the same size
[22:11] <IT_Sean> ... and fit into the same space as that battery?
[22:11] <IT_Sean> i don't think so.
[22:11] <uriah> yep
[22:11] <traeak> uriah: probably not...
[22:11] <uriah> too bad
[22:11] <uriah> some day
[22:11] <uriah> some day.....
[22:11] <traeak> however recharge time should be almost instantaneous
[22:11] <uriah> indeed :D
[22:11] <traeak> all you need to have are induction stations set up all around your house
[22:12] <uriah> IT_Sean: just get an extension chord :P
[22:12] <IT_Sean> or i could spend $30 on a new Li-Ion battery
[22:12] <uriah> :P
[22:12] <Thorn_> uriah: no, even if they did, you'd rather use a li-po
[22:12] <uriah> why so?
[22:12] <Thorn_> supercaps suffer from too much leakage
[22:12] <IT_Sean> ...leakage?
[22:13] <Thorn_> they lose their charge too fast with no draw
[22:13] <uriah> hmmmm
[22:13] <IT_Sean> oooh. I thought you meant the sort of leakage that leaves spots on the sofa.
[22:13] <IT_Sean> still... leakage = bad.
[22:13] <uriah> so what're they used for nowadays then?
[22:14] <Thorn_> i just wish we could actually get decent sized ultracaps here in the UK
[22:14] <IT_Sean> I think i'm ordering a new battery when i get home tonight.
[22:14] <Thorn_> all the big ones seem to be US only :(
[22:14] <Thorn_> want a few of the 3000F ones, to act as a KERS system in a kart
[22:14] <uriah> Thorn_: do you know anyone in the states who could order one and then ship it over?
[22:14] <Thorn_> nope, if i did, i'd have rooms full of em by now :D
[22:15] <piofcube> I have a spare BATBL50L6 if that's any good?
[22:15] <Thorn_> farnell will let you buy up to 630F iirc
[22:15] <uriah> lol that would be pretty cool...
[22:15] <uriah> kers, that is
[22:16] <uriah> caps will output the same voltage that they've been fed, right?
[22:16] <Thorn_> depends on the voltage of the cap
[22:17] <Thorn_> but if you mean charging a 9v cap with 6v, then yeah
[22:17] <uriah> i thought caps were measured in farads
[22:18] <Thorn_> they have a rated voltage
[22:19] <uriah> ah, ok
[22:19] <Thorn_> i'm pretty sure bad things happen if you charge a 10v cap with 220v
[22:19] <uriah> so they won't output any higher than their rated voltage, but can also output lower voltages
[22:19] <Thorn_> they'll slowly lose voltage as they lose their charge
[22:19] <uriah> hmm, like batteries
[22:20] <uriah> they retain their voltage for longer than batteries, though, don't they? (i hope)
[22:20] <IT_Sean> Thorn_: turning the power off at the wall switch, then sticking 12v caps (the biggest you can find) in all the wall sockets, then waiting for some poor sucker to flick the wall switch back on is, however, a Very Good Idea.
[22:20] <Thorn_> there's a youtube video of a guy powering his tv and xbox etc from a pack of 6x2700F supercaps
[22:20] <Thorn_> and an inverter
[22:20] <uriah> Thorn_: what are the dimensions of those 2700F supercaps?
[22:21] <IT_Sean> 12v caps, when fed mains voltage, make loud 'splodey noise! :p
[22:21] <Thorn_> the voltage from the caps is 12V (at the start) he only got 5 minutes because the voltage dropped < 10V, but the caps were only 20% used
[22:21] <Thorn_> uriah: uh, big, i think
[22:21] <Thorn_> bout the size of a 500ml redbull tin
[22:21] <Thorn_> lemme find the vid
[22:21] * feep (~feep@p5B2B43EB.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:21] <feep> hi
[22:21] <Thorn_> hi
[22:21] <feep> does anyone here have a net-connected prerelease board?
[22:22] <Thorn_> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LzcGXHjpdM
[22:22] <feep> I have an irc bot that's running in qemu and it'd be cool if somebody could sanity-check that it runs on the actual hardware
[22:22] <Thorn_> did anybody get ArchLinux ARM working in qemu?
[22:22] <feep> I did!
[22:22] <uriah> Thorn_: oh, that's what i expected
[22:23] <Thorn_> feep: where did you compile/get the kernel image?
[22:23] <uriah> Thorn_: how long do you figure i could power a raspberry pi with one of those? :P
[22:23] <feep> Thorn_: somebody linked me on irc :D
[22:23] <Thorn_> uriah: you'd be better off with 2x 3.7v lipo's and a voltage regulator (in my opinion)
[22:24] <Thorn_> had the same thought originally, until i read a bit more into supercaps
[22:24] <uriah> Thorn_: 5v regulator?
[22:24] <Thorn_> yes
[22:24] <Thorn_> supercaps are really meant for anything that draws a ridiculously high amount of current
[22:25] <Thorn_> the raspberry pi (according to the wiki) can draw a max of about 700mA at 5v
[22:25] <Thorn_> you can pull 100A continuously from a supercap iirc
[22:25] <uriah> ah, i see
[22:25] <uriah> so they're for the opposite of what i want to be doing
[22:25] <Thorn_> right :)
[22:25] <uriah> what i want is a high voltage and low current
[22:26] <uriah> (not the raspi, something else)
[22:26] <IT_Sean> it would be like using a firehose to extinguish a cigar ash.
[22:26] <uriah> lol
[22:27] <IT_Sean> It would be fun, but, rather pointless, and in the end, it wouldn't really work very well.
[22:27] <uriah> yeah...
[22:27] <Thorn_> feep: did you manage to get external kernel modules to load?
[22:27] <uriah> IT_Sean: what would be involved in safely charging a li-poly cell using solar panels?
[22:28] <Thorn_> I'm using the zImage from aboriginal, archlinux 'works' but not very well, modules wont load, which means no video output etc.
[22:28] <IT_Sean> well... you would need some sort of circuit that would adhire to the lipoly cell's charging program.
[22:28] <Thorn_> the zImage i compiled from ShiftPlusOne's instructions yesterday just goes into an infinite loop of "Uncompressing kernel"
[22:28] <IT_Sean> lipoly's are veeeery picky about how you charge them
[22:28] <Thorn_> shunt regulator?
[22:28] <IT_Sean> no
[22:29] <Thorn_> http://haosredro.com/hardware/5/index.html :D
[22:29] <IT_Sean> read the wikipedia page on lipoly cells, that'll give you an idea of how speciific their charging requirements are
[22:30] <IT_Sean> you can't just toss a pile of electricity at them. You need to spoon feed them electrons at a very specific rate, along a vey specific curve, otherwise they go all 'splodey.
[22:30] <feep> Thorn_: didn't try :D
[22:30] <feep> Thorn_: qemu textmode works~
[22:31] <Thorn_> yeah but nothing else does ;p
[22:31] <Thorn_> does 'lsmod' give you an error?
[22:31] <uriah> IT_Sean: so i'd be better off with li-ion... but which batteries lose their charge capacity the least?
[22:31] <feep> no
[22:31] <feep> but no entries
[22:31] <Thorn_> huh
[22:31] <Thorn_> hmm
[22:31] <IT_Sean> uriah: li-ion cells are similarily picky.
[22:31] <feep> maan .. I want a razzlepie ;_;
[22:31] <uriah> oic
[22:31] <uriah> damn.
[22:32] <Thorn_> strap a big 12v car lead acid under the pi
[22:32] <uriah> lol
[22:32] <uriah> not an option
[22:32] <uriah> this project needs to be lightweight
[22:32] <Thorn_> try a tractor battery then
[22:32] <IT_Sean> now... there are ways to do what you are looking to do. Most li-* cells have built in protection circuits that will, usually, prevent them going "POOMF!"
[22:32] <Thorn_> (once fell through a floor carrying one of them!)
[22:32] <IT_Sean> You just need to build a charging circuit that follows the prescribed charging scheme
[22:33] <uriah> hmm, alright
[22:33] <feep> POMF!
[22:33] * feep obscurest joke
[22:33] <IT_Sean> but, you cannot simply wire one to a solar panel and hope for the best. That will kill the battery, and possibly cause it to go "POOMF!"
[22:34] <Thorn_> you're going to need a big solar panel anyway
[22:34] <uriah> other than lead-acid batteries, which batteries will keep their charge capacity the longest, though?
[22:34] <IT_Sean> also remember, that with li-ion or li-poly cells, if they DO runaway, you are dealing not just with an electrical fire, but a metal fire as well. Using a water based extinguisher will make it MUCH WORSE. Please make sure you have the proper extingusiher handy before you start buggering about with these batteries.
[22:34] <Thorn_> dont listen to him
[22:35] <Thorn_> exploding lipos are fun
[22:35] <uriah> :>
[22:35] <IT_Sean> not in your living room :/
[22:35] <uriah> IT_Sean: well, if my batteries are up in space.........
[22:35] <uriah> no need for an extinguisher really
[22:36] <Thorn_> it'll still go on fire
[22:36] <uriah> true
[22:36] <Thorn_> really? i was just referencing arcade space games
[22:36] <uriah> :P
[22:36] <Thorn_> wow i didn't know things could :D
[22:36] * Jarii (~Jarii@host102-135-dynamic.20-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Quit: I forgot how to forget)
[22:36] <IT_Sean> you need oxygen for fire.
[22:36] <uriah> well it'll heat up a lot, could explode, but won't combust
[22:36] <Thorn_> ...
[22:36] <Thorn_> congrats IT_Sean :(
[22:36] <IT_Sean> It could still suffer a thermal runaway. It just won't BURN.
[22:36] * Jarii (~Jarii@host102-135-dynamic.20-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:37] <Thorn_> uriah: why not use a nuclear battery?
[22:37] <uriah> because i'm rather keen on keeping this project low-tech
[22:37] <IT_Sean> if it's in space, just power it from a small nuclear reactor.
[22:37] <IT_Sean> what are you launching into space??
[22:37] <uriah> satellite
[22:37] <uriah> at least i'm planning on it
[22:37] <IT_Sean> ...
[22:38] <uriah> we'll see if i get that far
[22:38] <IT_Sean> how do you plan on pulling that off??
[22:38] <Thorn_> and you want to keep that lowtech?
[22:38] <uriah> well
[22:38] <IT_Sean> there is no such thing.
[22:38] <IT_Sean> as a low tech satelite.
[22:38] <Thorn_> a far amount of tech goes into just launching those things...
[22:38] <Thorn_> fair*
[22:38] <uriah> well
[22:38] <uriah> at least low-cost
[22:38] <Thorn_> (ok, more than a fair amount)
[22:38] <uriah> as in... use a raspi
[22:38] <uriah> and box it up in an empty hard drive case
[22:38] <uriah> to protect it from cosmic radiation
[22:39] <Thorn_> how long do you intend to keep it in space?
[22:39] <uriah> a while
[22:39] <uriah> i'm thinking about how to permit a controlled re-entry too
[22:39] <uriah> as well as self-launching
[22:39] <uriah> but we'll see
[22:39] <uriah> and of course i'll open-source it once it works
[22:40] <uriah> and we'll all be able to build our own free and open internet
[22:40] <uriah> uncontrolled
[22:40] <uriah> just run by the people. for the people.
[22:40] <uriah> cost: <1500$
[22:40] <IT_Sean> what do you plan on doing with it once it's up there?
[22:40] <uriah> showing it off, taking videos
[22:40] <uriah> maybe visit the ISS and say hi with it
[22:41] <Thorn_> you'll get yourself killed
[22:41] <uriah> measure the changes in the earth's magnetic field in case of 2012
[22:41] <uriah> :D
[22:41] <uriah> killed?
[22:41] <uriah> they've already tried that
[22:41] <uriah> i might die within a few weeks
[22:41] <uriah> don't care
[22:41] <uriah> still thinking
[22:41] <uriah> still living
[22:41] <IT_Sean> More to the point.... how do you plan on launching it? Last i checked, orbit-capable launch platforms were bloody expensive, and tightly regulated.
[22:42] <Thorn_> if it has a camera and you start filming space donuts, you will dissapear.
[22:42] <uriah> a new design of ion propulsion
[22:42] <feep> no offense
[22:42] <feep> but you sound like a crackpot.
[22:42] * IT_Sean is pretty sure that uriah is talking out of his arse at this point
[22:42] <Thorn_> feep: i can has ur zImage ?
[22:42] <uriah> :>
[22:42] <feep> Thorn_: let me dig out the link
[22:42] <uriah> i am a crackpot
[22:42] <Thorn_> ty
[22:42] <uriah> that's the best part about it
[22:42] <uriah> !!
[22:43] <feep> uriah: the best part is the part where your odds of success are historically negligible?
[22:43] <uriah> yes
[22:43] <feep> huh.
[22:43] <Thorn_> it's possible
[22:43] <Thorn_> just not in $1500
[22:43] <Thorn_> not even close
[22:43] <uriah> hard drives
[22:43] <uriah> :P
[22:43] <feep> uriah: are you gonna kill yourself if you fail?
[22:43] <uriah> one for getting as high as possible
[22:43] <uriah> using propellers
[22:43] <uriah> the other to generate a high voltage
[22:43] <uriah> for ion prop
[22:43] <uriah> when you get too high
[22:44] <feep> uriah: look, have you done the math on this?
[22:44] <uriah> feep: nope, just gonna go on living my empty life
[22:44] <uriah> not yet
[22:44] <IT_Sean> thanks to uriah, we are going to have the first raspi that's spread out in bits over 100s of miles.
[22:44] <Thorn_> empty life yet you have $1500 to spare?
[22:44] <feep> I think if you do the math you will find that ion prop does not get enough force at the highest point you can get with propellers
[22:44] <feep> in fact you will find that the force generated by ion prop is completely unable to overcome even weak gravity wells
[22:45] <IT_Sean> uriah: there is a reason that NASA uses big f*ckoff rockets.
[22:45] <feep> this is also, amusingly, why ion prop is not used for launching satellites
[22:45] <uriah> Thorn_: i have some of the components already, and the biggest chunk of the $1500 is a USRP that i will attempt to acquire for free
[22:45] <feep> but only for moving them while they're already in freefall
[22:45] <feep> where you can wait for your acceleration to build :)
[22:45] <feep> Thorn_: can't find the link >.<
[22:45] <feep> sorry
[22:45] <uriah> feep: it won't be solid-state ion prop
[22:45] <uriah> :P
[22:45] <Thorn_> feep: :(
[22:45] <Thorn_> i know !
[22:46] <Thorn_> cat zImage > echo into irc terminal
[22:46] <feep> guess I googled it
[22:46] <feep> haha
[22:46] <IT_Sean> i think you will find that the ion prop is about as powerful as a small mouse fart, and nowhere near enough to lift even the smallest of satelite to earth orbit
[22:46] <Thorn_> actually
[22:46] * feep 7z c zImage |base64 |wgetpaste
[22:46] <uriah> well
[22:46] <uriah> we'll see
[22:46] <feep> agh
[22:46] <feep> okay, 3MB is not pastebinable
[22:46] <uriah> let's just say the way to break through these problems is by combining ion prop with other technology
[22:47] <feep> uriah: yeah
[22:47] <feep> other technology like a rocket engine
[22:47] <feep> on second thought, scratch the ion prop
[22:47] <IT_Sean> at which point, the ion prop is just dead weight
[22:47] <uriah> with an ultra-light drone/satellite with extremely fast propellers
[22:47] <uriah> anyway
[22:47] <uriah> let me have my fun
[22:47] <uriah> we'll see if it works
[22:48] <feep> your fun will be fun right until you're out $1500 and disappointed
[22:48] <feep> if it wasn't going to work wouldn't you rather discover that beforehand?
[22:48] <IT_Sean> at wich point, we have laods of fun mocking you relentlessly
[22:48] <feep> this is what Math Is For!
[22:48] <uriah> if it doesn't i'll still at least have a UAV
[22:48] <feep> iff you can find it again :P
[22:48] <uriah> :D
[22:48] <Thorn_> you should post it as a project on the forum anyway
[22:48] <uriah> i'll try to be careful
[22:48] <Thorn_> eventually, if not next year, SOMEONE will get a pi in space
[22:48] <IT_Sean> aaand if you can glue all the bits of it back togehter after it crashes
[22:49] <feep> IT_Sean: to be fair
[22:49] <Thorn_> thanks to shared research
[22:49] <feep> ultralight won't take much damage from crash
[22:49] <uriah> i will when i get that far... first i must acquire a raspi and all other components and put em together :P
[22:49] <feep> due to low, low atmospheric speed
[22:49] <IT_Sean> fair enough, feep.
[22:49] <IT_Sean> and on that note, i am off
[22:49] <feep> terminal speed*
[22:49] <feep> have fun
[22:49] <IT_Sean> uriah: try not to irridate an entire town, okay?
[22:49] <feep> really the biggest problem is gonna be _finding_ the bloody thing
[22:49] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has left #raspberrypi
[22:49] <uriah> IT_Sean: will do :D
[22:50] <uriah> feep: not if it stays on and keeps reporting the gps data
[22:50] <uriah> don't forget i'll be using a usrp on this thing
[22:50] <feep> Thorn_: http://feephome.no-ip.org/~feep/zImage.tar.xz
[22:50] <feep> uriah: radios need weight
[22:50] <feep> weight works against ultraliteness
[22:51] <feep> small radios can't send far
[22:51] <uriah> depends what freq you're using
[22:51] <feep> it's kind of a physical limitation
[22:51] * jmichaelx (~james@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:51] <uriah> and don't forget that in the sky you've got line-of-sight of half the globe
[22:52] <feep> that um
[22:52] <feep> really doesn't help
[22:52] <uriah> i don't need high speed data transmission, only like... maybe 10kb/sec
[22:52] <Skummel> fun part is that rpi got more raw computer power then they sent up on the apollo missions :)
[22:52] <feep> it's not a speed issue
[22:52] <feep> it's a power issue
[22:52] <Thorn_> feep: got it! thanks <3
[22:53] <feep> Thorn_: good luck with it
[22:53] <uriah> Skummel: indeed ;)
[22:53] <Thorn_> there's a windows qemu exe that supports the pi processor too
[22:53] * mdavey (~chatzilla@host217-35-75-188.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:53] <uriah> Skummel: i might even only need model A
[22:53] <uriah> which means i can reserve more power to other things
[22:53] <Thorn_> if this archlinux ARM works properly, i'll upload a pre-made pack that lets anyone run arch ARM without doing all the hard stuff
[22:53] <feep> sweet
[22:53] <Skummel> that would be nice of you
[22:53] <uriah> and, well... radio transmissions is where the supercaps come in i suppse
[22:53] <uriah> suppose*
[22:54] <uriah> hrm.... honestly i don't like the idea of running a pre-made distro on a raspi...
[22:54] <feep> the problem with ion prop is really that it's at its most efficient if you give it years to build
[22:55] <uriah> i see
[22:55] <feep> but if you're in a gravity well it _can't_ build
[22:55] <feep> because a constant force just means you get a slightly higher orbit
[22:55] <uriah> i mean ionocraft style
[22:55] <uriah> not nasa style
[22:55] <feep> and if you go for horizontal accel it balances out against air drag
[22:55] <feep> um okay?
[22:55] <uriah> hmm....
[22:55] * feep googles
[22:55] <uriah> brb - smoke
[22:56] <feep> uriah: "The term "lifter" is an accurate description because it is not an anti-gravity device, but produces lift in the same sense as a rocket from the reaction force from driving the ionized air downward. "
[22:56] <feep> quoth the wp
[22:56] <feep> so it won't work in space
[22:57] <feep> and force will dissipate with atmosphere
[22:57] <feep> which is exactly the opposite of what you want
[22:59] <feep> furthermore
[22:59] <feep> "Ionocraft capable of payloads in the order of a few grams usually need to be powered by power sources and high voltage converters weighing a few kilograms, so although its simplistic design makes it an excellent way to experiment with this technology, it is unlikely that a fully autonomous ionocraft will be made with the present construction methods."
[23:00] <Dagger3> looking over this conversation, it seems to be a complete coincidence that it happened simultaneously with the grassroots satellite network talk at 28C3
[23:00] <Dagger3> which finished recently enough that there's not even a prerelease up at https://www.youtube.com/28c3 yet
[23:00] <feep> hehe
[23:01] <feep> I'm wondering
[23:01] <feep> could you take a party balloon, fill it with helium and reuse the pressure for thrust once you reach equilibrium height?
[23:02] <feep> and how light would this contraption need to be to get significant lift out of that?
[23:02] <Skummel> it will break long before
[23:02] <feep> Skummel: not if the pressure is computer controlled
[23:05] * datagutt (~datagutt@unaffiliated/datagutt) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[23:06] <uriah> feep: air compressor, compressed air tank. release air when none is around. problem solved
[23:06] <uriah> :P
[23:06] <uriah> and remember
[23:06] <uriah> i said
[23:06] <uriah> what i have in mind isn't a solid state ionocraft
[23:06] <uriah> ;)
[23:07] <feep> uriah: um, then haven't you basically rein
[23:07] <feep> wait
[23:07] <feep> you said what you have in mind isn't ion _propulsion_
[23:07] <feep> aaa anyway
[23:07] <feep> if you use an air tank then you've basically reinvented the rocket engine with air :p
[23:07] <uriah> it is ion prop
[23:07] <uriah> but none like what we've seen so far
[23:08] <uriah> feep: yes, with air and ion propulsion :P
[23:08] <uriah> anyway
[23:08] <uriah> i won't give away too many details yet
[23:08] <uriah> you'll see what it looks like as i advance in the project's development
[23:08] <feep> well, have fun!
[23:08] <feep> don't feel too bad when you give up
[23:08] <feep> at least it will have been a learning experience
[23:11] <uriah> :)
[23:11] <uriah> indeed
[23:11] <uriah> and i'll still be able to buy a new raspi for $25
[23:11] <uriah> for another project
[23:11] <uriah> :P
[23:11] <uriah> anyway
[23:11] <uriah> i must go now
[23:12] <uriah> i'll return shortly
[23:12] <uriah> peace out
[23:12] * uriah (~uriah@unaffiliated/uriahheep) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[23:14] * ShiftPlusOne (~Shift@124-170-55-197.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:15] * ShiftPlusOne (~Shift@124-170-55-197.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:15] <PiBot> ShiftPlusOne| well we're running out of corners and the stoopid people corner is mine! >=/
[23:17] <Thorn_> hmm this kernel is newer but same issues
[23:17] <Thorn_> i must have missed a step somewhere
[23:17] <Thorn_> oh
[23:17] <Thorn_> lsmod doesn't give an error anymore, just no entries
[23:18] <Thorn_> holy crap it almost worked
[23:18] <Thorn_> yeah seems this image does work, thanks feep
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