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[2:12] <Soul_Est> signing out for the night everyone. goodnight!
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[2:26] <tntexplo1ivesltd> what US ISPs are there?
[2:26] <tntexplo1ivesltd> I wanna see how their prices compare to here in NZ
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[2:28] <WASDx> I can link some swedish if you want tntexplo1ivesltd
[2:28] <tntexplo1ivesltd> cool
[2:28] <tntexplo1ivesltd> do you have unlimited?
[2:28] <tntexplo1ivesltd> or data caps?
[2:29] <WASDx> almost everything is unlimited
[2:29] <WASDx> http://www.telia.se/privat/bredband/
[2:29] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ._.
[2:29] <tntexplo1ivesltd> I jeklly
[2:29] <tntexplo1ivesltd> * jelly
[2:29] <RITRedbeard> comcast
[2:29] <RITRedbeard> verizon
[2:29] <RITRedbeard> time warner cable
[2:29] <tntexplo1ivesltd> we have caps here
[2:29] <WASDx> there are some speeds and cost per month, two of them for fiber connections
[2:30] <RITRedbeard> AT&T
[2:30] <RITRedbeard> American Online (bwahahahahaha)
[2:30] <RITRedbeard> I don't know, there is a big monopoly over here.
[2:31] <RITRedbeard> There are caps but they aren't enforced as far as I know.
[2:31] <RITRedbeard> But for mobile, yeah.
[2:31] <RITRedbeard> For landline service not that I'm aware of.
[2:31] <tntexplo1ivesltd> RITRedbeard: you think you have a monopoly
[2:31] <RITRedbeard> Frontier does far upstate NY
[2:31] <tntexplo1ivesltd> we had one company
[2:31] <WASDx> data caps are just a stupid thing
[2:32] <tntexplo1ivesltd> that leased its lines to a second
[2:32] <WASDx> a friend who lives in an appartment recently found out he had one
[2:32] <tntexplo1ivesltd> hmm
[2:32] <tntexplo1ivesltd> they're pretty much all you get here
[2:32] <WASDx> and comapies took the opportunity to introduce mobile broadbands with caps
[2:32] <tntexplo1ivesltd> unlimited plans are way expensive
[2:32] <RITRedbeard> data caps suck in the ever evolving world of internet media
[2:32] <tntexplo1ivesltd> and are a slow as a wet week
[2:33] <WASDx> but it's hard for them to change unlimited plans which are the common thing
[2:33] <RITRedbeard> it's cable company's response to people ditching their boxes for hulu/netflix/etc
[2:33] <tntexplo1ivesltd> heh
[2:33] <RITRedbeard> but honestly, if you wanted a badass connection pay a college kid to split his with you
[2:34] <RITRedbeard> we have like quad OC-something lines at RIT
[2:34] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ._.
[2:34] <RITRedbeard> Although the upload cap is like 12-16Mbit/sec
[2:34] <RITRedbeard> the download is insane
[2:34] <RITRedbeard> it is very fast
[2:35] <WASDx> tntexplo1ivesltd: 100/100 unlimited fiber connection for ~31 new zealand dollars per month
[2:35] <RITRedbeard> during summer I think they loosen up the caps because it seems to be faster
[2:35] <tntexplo1ivesltd> WASDx: =(
[2:35] <tntexplo1ivesltd> by caps, I meant you can't download more than the allocated amount per month
[2:35] <tntexplo1ivesltd> not a speed limit
[2:35] <WASDx> i mean both
[2:35] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ah
[2:36] <RITRedbeard> yeah in terms of comcast in south NJ I don't know of any cap
[2:36] <RITRedbeard> same with time warner in NY
[2:36] <WASDx> so theoretically one could upload and download 32TB of data in a month from that price
[2:36] <RITRedbeard> now I'm sure there is a cap in the fine print with the contract but it is loosely enforced to my knowledge
[2:36] <tntexplo1ivesltd> we're paying NZ$120/month for 100GB of data
[2:36] <WASDx> if my math is correct, 100mbit (12.5MB) per sec
[2:36] <WASDx> that is a lot
[2:37] <RITRedbeard> and if you go over they send you a letter and throttle all traffic after that cap if it becomes excessive
[2:37] <WASDx> I find that so annoying
[2:37] <tntexplo1ivesltd> heh
[2:37] <WASDx> i can just be lucky i don't have that where i live
[2:37] <RITRedbeard> but the cap is so large and loosely enforced where I've lived that I have not experienced it
[2:37] <tntexplo1ivesltd> if we go over we get charged per gigabyte we go over
[2:37] <WASDx> i can't affect what evel companies do in any country
[2:37] <RITRedbeard> yeah that's why UK and europe sucks
[2:38] <WASDx> "uk and europe"? :P
[2:38] <RITRedbeard> I always complain about North American infrastructure being slow and annoying.
[2:38] <tntexplo1ivesltd> RITRedbeard: ???
[2:38] <RITRedbeard> You guys have paid for a long time when you go over.
[2:38] <RITRedbeard> You've had caps for a very long time.
[2:38] <tntexplo1ivesltd> I'm from New Zealand
[2:38] <RITRedbeard> Basically the UK, no?
[2:38] <tntexplo1ivesltd> nowhere near europe and the UK
[2:38] <Ben64> :|
[2:38] <tntexplo1ivesltd> other side of the world
[2:39] <RITRedbeard> Had a British flag in it until the middle 19th centry, no?
[2:39] * tntexplo1ivesltd points to the other side of the world
[2:39] <tntexplo1ivesltd> that has nothing to do with infrastructure
[2:39] <RITRedbeard> I know where it is, whereabouts south of Australia or something like that.
[2:39] <Ben64> yes, new zealand = tazmania
[2:39] <tntexplo1ivesltd> we are too small a country to have good internet basically
[2:39] <RITRedbeard> I'm saying the other countries seem to have had pay for going over the cap and have had caps for pretty long time.
[2:39] <WASDx> companies just do what they can to get the most out of data plans
[2:39] <tntexplo1ivesltd> as in land area and peopl
[2:40] <tntexplo1ivesltd> e
[2:40] <RITRedbeard> In north america is this a new idea which began with mobile and is slowly creeping to cable since people are ditching their cable boxes
[2:40] <WASDx> i pay 1 swedish krona per SMS i think. That's 10 SMS in a euro
[2:40] <WASDx> I don't sms much but it really costs nothing for the company to handle the data
[2:40] <Ben64> i pay $0 per sms
[2:40] <tntexplo1ivesltd> woah
[2:40] <RITRedbeard> if people won't pay for commericals, then they're gonna make us start paying every time we go over x GB of data
[2:40] <tntexplo1ivesltd> I pay $1-/month and get 2000
[2:41] <RITRedbeard> which is a raw deal
[2:41] <WASDx> yeah we have those too
[2:41] <tntexplo1ivesltd> * $10/month
[2:41] <WASDx> but i don't sms much
[2:41] <tntexplo1ivesltd> true
[2:41] <WASDx> so not worth it for me
[2:41] <RITRedbeard> I think mobile caps are a bit excessive
[2:41] <WASDx> still, costs nothing for the company
[2:41] <Ben64> yeah, sms is very simple
[2:41] <tntexplo1ivesltd> our mobile plans are way more expensive
[2:41] <RITRedbeard> I don't have a smartphone for that very reason... I'm interested in doing my own in RPi format
[2:41] <tntexplo1ivesltd> $20/1GB
[2:42] <Ben64> RITRedbeard: how
[2:42] <RITRedbeard> all VOIP/3G+
[2:42] <RITRedbeard> I think it is Verizon that has 2GB/$30 monh
[2:42] <RITRedbeard> $5 or 10 extra for each GB gone over.
[2:42] <tntexplo1ivesltd> that's not too bad
[2:42] <WASDx> $1 per GB or whatever someone paid is still quite cheap if you see it as entertainment
[2:42] <Ben64> i don't think you can get 3g on rpi for a reasonable price
[2:42] <RITRedbeard> Not too bad if you just call and IRC and have control over the OS and can count minutes
[2:42] <WASDx> thats about a movie in acceptable quality for $1
[2:43] <WASDx> or weeks of general webbrowsing
[2:43] <RITRedbeard> well if you get a 2 year contract you get the USB modem for $0
[2:43] <Ben64> $100 a month though
[2:43] <WASDx> ugh
[2:43] <Ben64> might as well just get a smartphone
[2:44] <RITRedbeard> smartphones don't have HDMI or USB ports :(
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[2:44] <Ben64> mine has hdmi
[2:44] <RITRedbeard> but smartphone contract in NA is like 2 years @ $50 USD/month
[2:44] <RITRedbeard> or higher
[2:44] <Ben64> 50 < 100
[2:45] <RITRedbeard> Where do you get $100?
[2:45] <WASDx> goodnight everyone
[2:45] <Ben64> price for mobile data
[2:45] <tntexplo1ivesltd> night
[2:46] <RITRedbeard> I'm saying you use purely the data portion and use Skype/etc and bypass the actual other stuff
[2:46] <RITRedbeard> that's why it is so low
[2:46] <Ben64> oh they changed the plans since i looked last
[2:46] <Ben64> $30 for 2GB
[2:46] <Ben64> $80 for 10GB
[2:46] <RITRedbeard> but you might run into coverage issues
[2:47] <RITRedbeard> if you wander into the boonies
[2:47] <RITRedbeard> skype is pretty cheap if you make that your main squeeze
[2:47] <RITRedbeard> but I'm just trying to get every red cent out of it.
[2:47] <Ben64> you'd still need a data connection anywhere
[2:47] <Ben64> which would still need coverage
[2:47] <RITRedbeard> since my current plan is two decades old and retarded
[2:47] <Ben64> even harder to get data coverage than phone coverage too
[2:47] <RITRedbeard> I know.
[2:48] <RITRedbeard> which is the risk, I guess.
[2:48] <Tachyon`> skype is pretty cheap if you actually use it
[2:48] <Tachyon`> and don't forget you have credit on there
[2:48] * RITRedbeard nods.
[2:48] <Tachyon`> as they steal it after 6 months if you don't use it
[2:48] <Tachyon`> as I discovered
[2:48] * Tachyon` mutters
[2:49] <Ben64> google voice is free
[2:49] <Henchman21> yeah
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> until they decide to stop it :)
[2:49] <Henchman21> comes with free gov't spy functions too
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> but that is one way to circumvent costs in NA
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> ah, I was going to make the NSA joke
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> damn :)
[2:49] <Henchman21> gmail reads your email too
[2:49] <Henchman21> :P
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> which is why I'm ditching it soon
[2:49] <RITRedbeard> sticking with my uni address
[2:50] <Henchman21> yeah im about to setup my own mail server
[2:50] <RITRedbeard> funny, our general IT dept ditched exchange and actually started using google apps
[2:50] <Henchman21> but then the gov't just tries to hack it
[2:50] <RITRedbeard> BUT LUCKILY
[2:50] <RITRedbeard> CS IT Administrator fights them tooth and nail and we have our own stuff.
[2:50] <RITRedbeard> Really cool guy, I love him.
[2:50] <Henchman21> or china either way every server i host gets pummeled with exploiters
[2:51] <tntexplo1ivesltd> Henchman21: what are you running on it?
[2:51] <Henchman21> nothing now
[2:51] <Henchman21> :P
[2:51] <tntexplo1ivesltd> was it windpws?
[2:51] <tntexplo1ivesltd> * windows
[2:51] <Henchman21> windows couldnt serve a text file
[2:52] <tntexplo1ivesltd> good, good
[2:52] <Henchman21> dont you know windows is only good for dumb clients
[2:52] <tntexplo1ivesltd> i don't use it, so I have no idea who does XD
[2:52] <Henchman21> :P thats right i went there
[2:52] <RITRedbeard> :)
[2:53] <Henchman21> "zomg i need windows mobile on my raspberry pi"
[2:53] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ???_???
[2:53] <Henchman21> cause im a windows weeny slave
[2:53] <RITRedbeard> you're preachin, brother.
[2:53] <mrdragons> WINDOWS IS FREEDOM
[2:53] <Henchman21> freedom of slavery
[2:53] <RITRedbeard> LINUX IS SLAVERY
[2:53] <RITRedbeard> WAR IS PEACE
[2:54] <mrdragons> Heh
[2:54] <Ben64> so many people ask for win8 on rpi
[2:54] <Ben64> :|
[2:54] <RITRedbeard> I know some very smart developers who use Windows as their platform and they do it well.
[2:54] <Henchman21> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJe9T2FU2w8
[2:54] <RITRedbeard> I think it is one giant kludge, though. Powershell sucks. It all sucks.
[2:55] <Ben64> "i want to buy a $25 computer and pay $100 for the OS"
[2:55] <Ben64> derp
[2:55] <Henchman21> logic fail
[2:55] <Ben64> I got my rpi's sd card today
[2:55] <RITRedbeard> That's why Raspberry Pi Foundation has some very large hurdles to overcome for their goals.
[2:55] <RITRedbeard> Doesn't it come with one?
[2:55] <Ben64> 16GB, 20MB/s
[2:55] <Ben64> nope
[2:56] <RITRedbeard> Oh.
[2:56] <Ben64> just is the board
[2:56] <Tachyon`> risc os will probably end up being ported
[2:56] <Ben64> no power, no sd, no nothing
[2:56] <Tachyon`> if you want a fast an efficient OS
[2:56] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca5626.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:56] <RITRedbeard> Like, introducing UNIX/POSIX in a high school setting... gonna be interesting. We live in an interesting world.
[2:56] <Ben64> i'd like something like lubuntu on it
[2:56] <mrdragons> Ew
[2:56] <Ben64> lightweight, easy UI
[2:56] <Henchman21> risc os open?
[2:57] <Tachyon`> aye
[2:57] <Tachyon`> has BBC Basic and an assembler built in in addition to the desktop, apps and so on it comes with, seems like it'd be good for learning on for the kids
[2:57] <Tachyon`> the BBC and arc did very well for years
[2:57] <Henchman21> thats nice
[2:58] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ???_???
[2:58] <RITRedbeard> ACM, IEEE, and NSF are always trying to find ways or initatives to make CS learnin' more appealing.
[2:59] <Henchman21> and more expensive
[2:59] <Henchman21> zing
[2:59] <RITRedbeard> I told this kid last night that if I hit the lottery I'm merely buy Alcatraz and lock everyone up in cells with modest laptop and only Linux/GNU stuff and Harley Hahn's Guide To Unix and a noose.
[2:59] <RITRedbeard> He thinks that C# is "the shit" and all this business.
[2:59] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ???_???
[2:59] <Henchman21> that'd be a great school
[3:00] <Henchman21> i'd buy an island with my lottery winnings
[3:00] <tntexplo1ivesltd> first thing he would do is install mono
[3:00] <tntexplo1ivesltd> =P
[3:00] <RITRedbeard> I told him FORTRAN, COBOL, and Ada were pretty cool, too.
[3:00] <tntexplo1ivesltd> you cruel person
[3:00] <RITRedbeard> I'd run a daemon that detected for mono and released deadly gas pellets.
[3:01] <tntexplo1ivesltd> and an eclipse one?
[3:01] <RITRedbeard> I said no Eclipse.
[3:01] <RITRedbeard> Vi or Emacs.
[3:01] * uen| (~uen@p5DCB101D.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:01] <RITRedbeard> or vim
[3:01] <RITRedbeard> Whatever.
[3:01] <tntexplo1ivesltd> =D
[3:01] <RITRedbeard> No netbeans, no eclipse, none of this sissy stuff.
[3:02] <DaQatz> C and asm
[3:02] <RITRedbeard> It's amazing what people perceive as old.
[3:02] <DaQatz> That's the sweet spot
[3:02] <tntexplo1ivesltd> RITRedbeard: like what?
[3:02] <RITRedbeard> Anything POSIX is old to some people.
[3:02] <tntexplo1ivesltd> ...
[3:02] <RITRedbeard> Same with C and C++. The people who say "we don't need to code in ASM anymore".
[3:03] <RITRedbeard> You should see a System Z setup.
[3:03] <mrdragons> I find these people really don't know much about how a computer really works.
[3:03] <RITRedbeard> The thing is backwards compatible for like... EVERYTHING
[3:03] <RITRedbeard> if you ever plugged into a mainframe, you know what I mean
[3:03] <RITRedbeard> It's a clever system, really, but holy hell...
[3:05] <RITRedbeard> reading dumps in the 3270 emulator... ugh
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[3:05] <RITRedbeard> I don't even want to think about Borroughs/Univac stuff.
[3:05] <Henchman21> just got one of those tiny universal remotes
[3:06] <Henchman21> much fun
[3:06] <RITRedbeard> I know some places are still using them and GOD HELP THEIR SOULS
[3:06] <RITRedbeard> Henchman21, how big?
[3:07] <Henchman21> keychain size
[3:07] <tntexplo1ivesltd> =o
[3:08] <Henchman21> http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_gHLi5No8dSY/SUZlAdo6FeI/AAAAAAAAB5Q/AzP1GYSIrTc/s720/Micro-Spy-Remote-Turns-Off-Any-TV-Changes-Channels.jpg
[3:09] <Henchman21> http://www.dealextreme.com/p/super-mini-tv-universal-remote-controller-keychain-2724
[3:09] <Henchman21> ~3$
[3:10] <Henchman21> must have
[3:10] <RITRedbeard> oh
[3:10] <RITRedbeard> I was thinking something like those harmony smart remotes
[3:11] <RITRedbeard> anyone here get wiimote working with *nix? how difficult is it (since nintendo does their own bluetooth stack)?
[3:11] <mrdragons> I saw an open source project a while back that successfully used a wii remote, let me see if I can find it
[3:11] <RITRedbeard> I have some off-brand remotes that are like 20% smaller and awesome and work with the Wii, not so much with windows bluetooth stacks.
[3:11] * MystX (~MystX@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:12] <Henchman21> wanted a tv b gone but this is cheaper and controls more than just power
[3:12] <Henchman21> win/win
[3:12] <RITRedbeard> one of these sexy things http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Pack-Mini-Wii-MiniChuk-Nintendo/dp/B003V4AK7U/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1328926296&sr=8-27
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[4:13] <MystX_> fuu
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[9:26] <RITRedbeard> goddamn
[9:27] <RITRedbeard> another post on the site that isn't release
[9:27] <RITRedbeard> they should let someone handle the sales portion
[9:27] <RITRedbeard> it isn't their strength
[9:27] <RITRedbeard> they can't even stock stickers from kinkos
[9:27] * whyzfreenode (~e@h145n7-n-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:28] * whyz (~e@h145n7-n-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:28] <Ben64> release isn't till at least the 20th, chill
[9:28] * alyosha_sql (~a@93-103-9-223.static.t-2.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:29] <RITRedbeard> david blane will bury himself underground until it releases
[9:29] <RITRedbeard> david blane, magician, dies after 15 year wait
[9:30] <Ben64> 20th
[9:30] <Ben64> might take a couple days for them to make sure everything works before they sell em though
[9:30] * Lerc (~Lerc@121-74-253-222.telstraclear.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:31] <RITRedbeard> I'll have my tax return by then
[9:31] <RITRedbeard> and probably a pandaboard too
[9:31] <Ben64> more pi for me
[9:32] * Lerc (~Lerc@121-74-253-222.telstraclear.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:32] <RITRedbeard> enough money to buy 10 pandaboards and accessories/hardware
[9:33] <Ben64> or 100 raspberry pis
[9:33] <RITRedbeard> they will be out of stock
[9:34] <RITRedbeard> for three-four months
[9:34] <RITRedbeard> probably upon release day
[9:34] <RITRedbeard> OOS
[9:35] <Ben64> ha, pandaboard is out of stock
[9:36] <RITRedbeard> I bought the rest
[9:38] * CodeBlock (~CodeBlock@ec2-107-22-199-66.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[9:38] * mjorgensen_ (quassel@nat/nokia/x-onemxwzwirckttes) has joined #raspberrypi
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[9:52] <SpeedEvil> The 20th is when they are all done.
[9:52] * jol02 (~jolo2@ has joined #raspberrypi
[9:52] <SpeedEvil> This does not imply that - for example - they may not be produced at a couple of thousand a day till then.
[9:52] <SpeedEvil> In which case, there may be batches tested, and coming out rather sooner.
[9:52] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[9:54] <RITRedbeard> well I have plenty of time still to do all my pi related business
[9:56] <SpeedEvil> http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/12/02/11/0219237/golden-delicious-now-shipping-hackable-openmoko-gta04 - also!
[9:56] * jolo2 (~jolo2@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[17:03] -Martinp23- [Global Notice] Hi everyone. In a few moments, services (nickserv, chanserv, etc) will be restarted as part of some planned maintenance. We expect the downtime to be very short. Please opt-in to wallops for more info as this progresses (/umode +w, /mode yournick +w). Thanks!
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[18:27] <ukscone1> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2099163/Jack-Box-serves-bacon-milkshake-1-081-calories.html?ITO=1490
[18:27] * zma (~zmac@c2s31-2-83-152-88-41.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:35] * customtronics (~puppy@user-12l2tpe.cable.mindspring.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:38] <acfrazier> bacon.. milkshake
[18:38] <acfrazier> I don't even
[18:39] <ukscone1> acfrazier: want weird google heston blumenthal and/or the fatted duck
[18:39] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[18:39] <ukscone1> bacon and egg ice cream
[18:39] <acfrazier> oh wow
[18:39] <ukscone1> grilled cheese ic cream
[18:39] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
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[19:39] <ShiftPlusOne> quiet in here O_o
[19:39] <Aquilus> Is it out yet?
[19:39] <PiBot> Aquilus: The boards will be completed on February 20th.
[19:39] * tero (~0@aether.info) Quit ()
[19:48] * tero (~0@aether.info) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:49] <mrdragons> Is it out yet?
[19:49] <PiBot> mrdragons: The boards will be completed on February 20th.
[19:53] <Aquilus> This is fun.
[19:53] <tsdedst> not really tho
[19:53] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@185-156.dsl.iskon.hr) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:53] <tsdedst> :P
[19:57] * Martix (~martix@cst-prg-180-4.cust.vodafone.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:35] <mrdragons> Whoop, my bot's module system now works. ^_^
[20:36] <mrdragons> q: hello bot
[20:36] <mrdragons> Derp, mb
[20:37] * heymaster (~heymaster@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[20:51] <ukscone1> thnx
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[22:10] <mrdragons> Chat is really boring today.
[22:14] <rm> everyone in hibernation till 20th at least :p
[22:16] <mrdragons> Seems like it, heh
[22:17] * Martix (~martix@cst-prg-14-10.cust.vodafone.cz) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[22:17] <xlq> :)
[22:22] * lasttime (180dd3a6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[22:25] * lasttime wonders if the XBMC RP distro will be able to stream or only load from local
[22:33] * iMatttt (~imatttt@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:37] <lasttime> nadda?
[22:37] <lasttime> k
[22:37] <lasttime> I've never had great success streaming with xbmc on linux even with 3x the power of the RP, I can't imagine the RP would be any better if not much worse.
[22:39] <rm> blah
[22:39] <rm> if it doesn't "stream", you just mount a network drive via CIFS
[22:39] <rm> and it becomes "local"
[22:40] <lasttime> I meant from icefilms/navix/etc
[22:40] * stcuser (~Yogesh@host-76-11-181-29.newwavecomm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:43] <rm> I see
[22:43] <rm> never used these
[22:43] <rm> if they have an option to just retrieve a video file via HTTP, then it can work
[22:44] <rm> but if they expect you to load up their Flash player and watch video via that, then most likely nope
[22:44] <lasttime> ok, but possibly a vlc build on RP might work
[22:45] <lasttime> It's such a long shot though
[22:45] <rm> also another problem is which codec is used
[22:45] <lasttime> Looks like something more like a remote bittorrent downloading to a shared drive, mounted to the RP, so it is only streaming from a network connection, so XBMC would only be local network streaming directly
[22:46] <lasttime> that's kind of a shame though
[22:47] <lasttime> I think a lot of people are expecting desktop XBMC functionality on the RP, it's just not going to be the case
[22:49] <lasttime> wow #linuxmint is dead, i haven't been on it in ages, but i didn't expect it to be dead
[22:49] <xlq> It's not the main channel.
[22:50] <lasttime> I checked on the site and it even says that the forums supersede the irc
[22:51] <lasttime> what was the main channel? the old #pimpmymint?
[22:51] <mrdragons> Probably because no one uses linux.
[22:52] <mrdragons> WINDOWS IS FREEDOM
[22:52] <lasttime> love ignore
[22:52] <xlq> Freedom is slavery!
[22:53] <mrdragons> Wow, you ignored me for that? What a pompous ass lol
[22:54] <mrdragons> So, pirate box anyone?
[22:55] <lasttime> /join #ubuntu
[22:55] <rm> I wonder if you can build a Sarcasm Detector out of a raspberry pi
[22:55] <haltdef> going to be lots of moaning in the forums when people realise the raspi isn't an i7
[22:55] <rm> utilize the GPIO pins somehow
[22:55] <rm> because what else do you do when yours is broken :p
[22:56] <mrdragons> haltdef: Yeah, I and with all the xmbc demos I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be disappointed. :\
[22:56] <mrdragons> lasttime: I'm a notorious unamusing troll.
[22:57] <lasttime> using the GPIO would it be possible to make an intermediary shield that would let people interface to arduino shields?
[23:00] <mrdragons> I wonder if you could do it directly from the gertboard...
[23:11] <lasttime> register orange1 george.endrulat@gmail.com
[23:12] * Simon- guesses that that's your gmail password too
[23:13] <rm> derp
[23:14] * esotera (~jamie@94-193-222-75.zone7.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:16] <mrdragons> Sigh... I can't be the only one that feels like this community is deteriorating. ;_;
[23:17] <haltdef> very few people actually have one, it'll kick off once they do
[23:17] * lasttime (180dd3a6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #raspberrypi
[23:20] * Liam (~quassel@ool-4a5ac74e.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:22] <xlq> lasttime is now frantically remembering all the different accounts all over the web with the same password :P
[23:23] <xlq> I've seen a couple of failed "identify"s on IRC, but a failed *register*? O_o
[23:23] <mrdragons> lol
[23:23] <xlq> Also, it's a terrible password.
[23:24] <mrdragons> What a weak password too, that could be bruted in like 2 seconds with a word list
[23:24] <xlq> "correct horse battery staple"
[23:24] * lasttime (180dd3a6@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[23:24] * mrdragons appends orange1 to word list
[23:26] <xlq> :)
[23:27] <mrdragons> Actually, just looked through the rockyou list; "orange1" is already on there
[23:27] <mrdragons> So his password is absolutely terrible. XD
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[23:40] <victhor> "arm_freq : frequency of ARM in MHz. Default 700."
[23:40] <victhor> I want so much to put "1400" in there just for the lulz.
[23:44] <mrdragons> that'd be straight-up lying
[23:44] <mrdragons> Talking about the wiki right?
[23:56] * ShiftPlusOne2 (~Shift@124-168-117-148.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
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