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[0:36] <n1x4> So are they not selling anymore until the CE mark?
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[0:41] <SpeedEvil> n1x4: they are not selling any, yes.
[0:42] <n1x4> ok thanks.... was wanting to get one... anything else out there that resembles it?
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[0:42] <_av500_> a printout of a photo of it?
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[0:43] <SpeedEvil> Beagleboard, beaglebone, pandaboard, ...
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[0:43] <_av500_> snowball board, origenboard, quickstartboard
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[0:44] <_av500_> craneboard, hawkboard, eagleboard
[0:44] <_av500_> leopardboard
[0:44] <n1x4> anymore
[0:45] <SpeedEvil> Old laptops from ebay are in some ways comparable
[0:46] <_av500_> if your buy a $35 one, yes
[0:46] <_av500_> -r
[0:46] * _av500_ has a P3 laptop for sale, $35
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[0:46] <_av500_> codenamed "the turbine"
[0:47] <n1x4> i need a small sys... My laptop is friggin huge
[0:47] <SpeedEvil> You can - for example - get a core duo laptop with a gig of RAM, 1.5GHz or so, broken screen, for about twice or three times the price
[0:47] <SpeedEvil> Which will - if you pick the right one - use about 8-10W idle.
[0:48] <_av500_> and run Office
[0:48] <SpeedEvil> If you want to do that, sure.
[0:48] <n1x4> I run arch, so no need for that jargen
[0:48] <n1x4> so... Ermmm...
[0:49] <n1x4> anyone know anything about the cheap ass 7in chinese netbooks? wm8505?
[0:49] <n1x4> i have one here that doesn't do anything but just lights up...
[0:49] <_av500_> that arm9
[0:49] <_av500_> that's
[0:49] <_av500_> even worse then the arm11 on the r-pi
[0:50] <n1x4> honestly have no clue
[0:50] <n1x4> It's a POS for sure
[0:50] <_av500_> yep
[0:50] <_av500_> its even not in cheap android tablets any more
[0:50] <piofcube> I've seen a couple where the microSD isn't put in right... have you checked for that?
[0:50] <n1x4> Pretty much bricked atm...
[0:50] <piofcube> the internet PCB mounted one
[0:50] <n1x4> Yea, i was flashing it with android then the power went out..
[0:51] <piofcube> internal**
[0:51] <n1x4> Umm, dunno.. Been a while since I took it apart.. But I do remember a USB inside..
[0:52] <n1x4> IT was working until i lost power and the thing bricked
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[0:52] <piofcube> that'll be why then... if you were flashing at the time
[0:52] <n1x4> Don't really know what to do now.. with it.. SO n00b to ARM
[0:52] <n1x4> yup
[0:52] <n1x4> sure was
[0:52] <mkopack> eh, ARM is just another CPU???.
[0:52] <n1x4> Anyway to fix short of jtag flashing, which i dont have the utils for
[0:52] <mkopack> You still using it the same way you'd use an x86
[0:53] <n1x4> Ahh, ok
[0:53] <piofcube> it'll probs just be a corrupt sdcard
[0:53] <mkopack> You run Linux and at that point, WTF diff does it make which CPU is under the hood?
[0:53] <n1x4> lol... the installation methods are different
[0:54] <_av500_> mkopack: the speed matters maybe
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[0:54] <n1x4> i've tried 2 different cards
[0:54] <mkopack> Well, sure, but that's about it
[0:54] <sparkplug> sorry to butt in but can one play flash video on the pi or is there not a arm version of flash atm?
[0:54] <_av500_> well yes
[0:54] <n1x4> with/without card it does nothing but light up...lol
[0:54] <_av500_> sparkplug: flash on arm is dead more or less
[0:54] <mkopack> spark: No ARM build of Flash that I know of
[0:54] <_av500_> adobe gave it up
[0:54] <piofcube> if you use an empty sd card there will be no OS to load
[0:54] <_av500_> there *is* flash for arm still
[0:54] * n1x4 facepalms
[0:54] <mkopack> Adobe is pretty much giving up on Flash players across the board
[0:55] <_av500_> if you insist and pay adobe $$$
[0:55] <mkopack> (Thank GOD)
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[0:55] <_av500_> but its not generally available
[0:55] <n1x4> sdcard(s) have script dirs on them...
[0:55] <n1x4> so not blank...
[0:56] <piofcube> do they have an arm distros on them?
[0:56] <mkopack> n1x4: sorry, I came in late, but what are you trying to do?
[0:56] <n1x4> yea
[0:56] <piofcube> specific to that chip?
[0:56] <n1x4> ahh, i just have a bricked POS 7in mini netbook
[0:56] <n1x4> pretty sure...
[0:56] <sparkplug> I was thinking of using one as a cheap multimedia device for my pops and amazon's instant video is one interest I have for it as well as video on my server.
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[0:56] <n1x4> it was working b4 the power outage
[0:56] <n1x4> now nothing
[0:56] <n1x4> on seperate cards
[0:57] <mkopack> sparkplug: well, you're pretty much limited to H.264 compressed video if you want HD video
[0:57] <_av500_> h264 is not the issue, its the flash player and the DRM
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[0:58] <mkopack> Right, I'm just saying, if you want to play video, you're limited to that codec for the most part, so only stuff that uses that is going to work
[0:58] <_av500_> all the current VOD and streaming is h264
[0:58] <mkopack> Ah, YEah,
[0:58] <sparkplug> then I will need to find a low price atom with ion gfx for him.
[0:58] <mkopack> (I really hate all the combinations there are??? )
[0:58] <sparkplug> I thought of a ps3 but it's rather limited too >.<
[0:59] <_av500_> you dont need ion gfx for video
[0:59] <hamitron> AMD APU
[0:59] <hamitron> ;)
[0:59] <_av500_> intel chipsets play that too
[0:59] <_av500_> if you get the drivers to work :)
[0:59] <sparkplug> I'd rather get a single device that can do just about anything.
[0:59] <mkopack> pretty much the only "guaranteed to play everything" is an x86 PC
[0:59] <sparkplug> in my experence, intel cannot handle 720p very well, let alone 1080p
[0:59] <hamitron> "everything"? ;/
[0:59] <mkopack> And that can be an utter PITA because of all the codecs and players and such you need to use
[0:59] <_av500_> sparkplug: they can
[1:00] <_av500_> i have a 1.2ghz atom that can play 1080p easily using the gma500
[1:00] <_av500_> usint the interl driver in microsoft sw :)
[1:00] <_av500_> so the hw can do it
[1:01] <mkopack> Intel graphics chips should be burned???. F'ing JUNK
[1:01] <hamitron> kinda because of what mkopack said, I'm tempted to just stick with x86
[1:01] <sparkplug> my little netbook can handle 720p somewhat but that's at 1024x600.
[1:02] <_av500_> sparkplug: it depends on the chipset
[1:02] <_av500_> the poulsbo aka gma500 has hw accell for video decoding
[1:02] <sparkplug> the reason for the ion is better gfx in general, intel's gpu is good for general use, not multimedia.
[1:03] <_av500_> and all the newer intel chipsets should have that too
[1:03] <_av500_> no idea bout linux drivers though
[1:03] <mkopack> Intel calling their graphics chips 3D GPUs is a stretch IMO???
[1:03] * _av500_ does not care about 3d anyway
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[1:04] <_av500_> as long as i can move windows in real time
[1:04] <sparkplug> that's the thing, linux drivers are rather wank for intel.
[1:04] <sparkplug> windows does better with intel gfx imo
[1:06] <hamitron> doesn't FIFA 12 play on intel gfx?
[1:07] <hamitron> sandybridge is supposed to anyway
[1:08] <hamitron> so can't be that bad hardware
[1:08] <hamitron> :)
[1:08] <_av500_> sandybrdige in a netbook
[1:08] <hamitron> oh, didn't realise the convo was netbook only
[1:08] <hamitron> :)
[1:09] <_av500_> well, we started from r-pi alternatives :)
[1:09] <hamitron> haha, ok :)
[1:09] <_av500_> so yes, a 6 core I7 is maybe adequate
[1:09] <hamitron> I've actually gone for an ITX mobo with I3 cpu, 8GB ram
[1:10] <winocm> System Information: Model: Mac Pro (Mid 2010) ??? CPU: Intel Core i7 970 (12 Cores) @ 3.24 GHz ??? L2: 262.14 KB ??? L3: 12.58 MB ??? Memory: 24.00 GB ??? Uptime: 2 Days ??? Disk Space: Total: 500.00 GB; Free: 370.58 GB ??? Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT ??? Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 ??? Load: 15% ??? OS: Mac OS X 10.8 (Build 12A128p) (64-bit kernel)
[1:10] <hamitron> as the alternative
[1:10] <hamitron> ;)
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[1:10] <sparkplug> I didn't know a i7 could use a mear 3 watts to render a page.
[1:10] <hamitron> sure it can
[1:10] <hamitron> it is the other 100W you need to worry about
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[1:10] <hamitron> ;)
[1:10] <sparkplug> yeah...
[1:11] <shirro> intel save a fortune on room heating costs. not so good in a warm climate
[1:11] <hamitron> :D
[1:11] <sparkplug> I kinda like my 6-8 hour battery life ty
[1:11] <hamitron> I wonder how energy efficient the r-pi will be compared to an i7.... for work done
[1:12] <shirro> damn, its cold. start all the computers up and build gentoo
[1:12] <mkopack> You gotta have a LOT of work to keep that i7 maxed out busy
[1:12] <hamitron> mkopack, well, i3 then
[1:12] <hamitron> :)
[1:12] <sparkplug> forget the i7, power up some p4s
[1:12] <_av500_> mkopack: build android all day, works for me
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[1:13] <mkopack> I've only ever had my 2009 Mac pro maxed out ONCE - when running some nasty calculations for my AI grad school class that used 10 threads going full blast for 8 days to get my results.
[1:13] <sparkplug> lol
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[1:13] <hamitron> shame on you mkopack
[1:13] <mkopack> All 4 cores/8 threads at 99.5% the whole time
[1:13] <mkopack> 8 days straight
[1:13] <hamitron> you need to torture you hardware more ;)
[1:14] <hamitron> your*
[1:14] <mkopack> Eh, I don't usually have a need for that
[1:14] <hamitron> I guess this is what makes the amazon cloud so useful
[1:14] <mkopack> I might this quarter though. we have to write a ray tracer engine. I'm def going to try to make it multi-threaded to crank up the rendering speed
[1:14] <sparkplug> my desktop has it easy, the hardest it has to work is when playing minecraft lol. it's a core2quad.
[1:15] <hamitron> minecraft is actually impressively demanding :)
[1:15] <mkopack> Of course, I need to read the damn reading assignment tonight so maybe I'll have a clue how to even get started on it??? I was totally lost when he presented the assignment to us in lecture last night
[1:15] <hamitron> my p3 1.2ghz can't handle it
[1:15] <hamitron> :/
[1:15] <mkopack> Oh, I'll run stuff that will max out a core or two, maybe 3, but rarely all 8 threads
[1:15] <hamitron> not well anyway
[1:16] <sparkplug> hamitron: my p4 can't even handle it on large worlds. it barelt can do single player
[1:16] <hamitron> :/
[1:16] <sparkplug> my netbook refuses to play it.
[1:16] <hamitron> that actually makes me happy
[1:17] <hamitron> my p3 managed to just about let me run around
[1:17] <hamitron> :)
[1:17] <sparkplug> it's good for multicore cpus where one is busy with mc and the rest handles the rest.
[1:18] <sparkplug> my cpu usage easly goes up 50% on all cores on my quad with 64bit java. =/
[1:18] <hamitron> I'd like to see us go back to single thread apps
[1:18] <hamitron> :/
[1:18] <hamitron> not gonna happen, I know
[1:18] <mkopack> lol
[1:19] <mkopack> I'm SO pissed??? There's a good class offered on Parallel processing, but I won't get to take it because it's only offered in Winter Qtr, and there's another class I HAVE to take thats also only offered then...
[1:19] <sparkplug> 4 cores running at 2.83ghz and getting worked like a dog from a simple java app.
[1:19] <hamitron> but in my ideal world.... we'd demand less in terms of tech, to get cheaper and more stable stuff
[1:19] <hamitron> :)
[1:20] <DaMummy> Internet Explorer 9
[1:20] <hamitron> I said stable
[1:20] <hamitron> :/
[1:21] <sparkplug> what's IE9? lol
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[1:21] <hamitron> IE doesn't even do basic 3D.... kind of poor ;)
[1:22] <DaMummy> thatd definition of demanding less
[1:22] <sparkplug> suposively IE has gotten better, I see nothing has improved except for more nagging boxes. kinda annoying when you only use it to dl your other browsers.
[1:22] <hamitron> although tbh, I do agree with MS, for their arguments against it
[1:23] <hamitron> tbh, IE seems to use the least resources?
[1:24] <hamitron> out of the big 3 anyway
[1:24] <sparkplug> wat
[1:25] <sparkplug> I find it funny how ff uses less ram than chrome but chrome is more secure. >.>
[1:26] <hamitron> chrome has a sandbox though?
[1:26] <sparkplug> it does
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[1:26] <hamitron> all modern browsers and fancy webpages should be banned anyway
[1:27] <hamitron> make people use text on web pages, and read it
[1:27] <hamitron> in normal plain styles
[1:27] <sparkplug> i had switched to chrome for its sandboxing from ff with its high memory usage, now i'm on nightly
[1:28] <hamitron> firefox all the way for me now
[1:28] <hamitron> :)
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[1:28] <hamitron> just not a fan of google
[1:28] <hamitron> they offer sooooooooooo many nice things too :/
[1:29] <sparkplug> i do not like how you cannot open a new tab next to the current one by right clickin on the tab.
[1:29] <sparkplug> I like google, just not it's poor ram usage in chrome.
[1:30] <hamitron> you can right click on a link and open in a new tab near it ;)
[1:30] <sparkplug> I don't think I've ever used IE as a primary browser in my years of computing.
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[1:31] <sparkplug> hamitron: yeah but what if I want a blank tab next to it?
[1:31] <hamitron> then do that and press the home button
[1:32] <sparkplug> 2 button > 3 button :P
[1:32] <sparkplug> action *
[1:32] <hamitron> was gonna say
[1:32] <hamitron> most people would want more buttons
[1:32] <hamitron> ;)
[1:33] <sparkplug> less is better and faster sometimes
[1:33] <hamitron> on balance, I prefer chrome I think
[1:34] <hamitron> but firefox is not google
[1:34] <hamitron> and I hate all these large setups in "the cloud"
[1:34] <sparkplug> wait, actually, I used IE when we was on aol 8+ years ago
[1:34] <hamitron> all that data of mine, that is not in my control
[1:35] <hamitron> I used IE when firefox was maturing
[1:35] <hamitron> to 1.0
[1:36] <hamitron> but can proudly say, never used AOL ;)
[1:36] <sparkplug> and for me, I always have 20 to 30 tabs open in my browser.
[1:37] <hamitron> same
[1:37] <sparkplug> I do like how ff won't load every single tab everytime I open it.
[1:37] <hamitron> I hate that habit :/
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[1:38] <sparkplug> via a option on the general options tab.
[1:38] <hamitron> I guess maybe chromium may be worth me using
[1:38] <sparkplug> nope
[1:38] <sparkplug> it's worst than chrome
[1:39] <hamitron> yeh, but chrome is google controlled ;/
[1:39] <sparkplug> I had switched from chromium to chrome, suposivly chrome had less ram usage til I found out that it was just as bad.
[1:39] <hamitron> :/
[1:39] <sparkplug> chrome performed faster too
[1:40] <sparkplug> ff maintains a small foot print by caching the unused tabs onto the hdd.
[1:40] <piless> chromium doesn't have that special update thing
[1:41] <hamitron> and how does IE do it? lack of features? ;)
[1:41] <sparkplug> I dunno how it handles 20+ tabs.
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[1:42] <hamitron> my comp with IE 9 doesn't handle 20 tabs
[1:42] <hamitron> maybe 4 or 5
[1:42] <hamitron> :)
[1:43] <sparkplug> lol
[1:43] <hamitron> but it can't handle firefox or chrome
[1:43] <hamitron> ;/
[1:43] <hamitron> IE runs best
[1:43] <sparkplug> lol
[1:43] <Jak_o_Shadows> I hate how all web-browsers have gotten rid of the title bar
[1:44] <hamitron> they have?
[1:44] <sparkplug> ff still has the title bar
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[1:50] <Dagger2> it does for the moment, at least. I expect Australis to remove that
[1:52] <Dagger2> certainly none of the mockups have had titlebars, and one of the explicit goals of Australis is to "make Firefox easier to customize" by removing the ability to customize bits of it
[1:52] <sparkplug> lolololol
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[1:58] <Dagger2> ... yeah, it doesn't make a great deal of sense to me either. but there you go: it is nevertheless a goal
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[1:59] <sparkplug> heh
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[2:05] <Thorn_> TL;DR
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[2:26] <piless> Hmm time just flies by when you're playing civ
[2:26] <piless> 8 hours
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[3:12] <RITRedbeard> piless, are you playing with people or all AI?
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[3:41] <DaQatz> Brooklyn Breweries Chocolate stout sure is hoppy..
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[3:50] <piless> DaQatz: Does it smell of sick?
[3:50] <DaQatz> piless, No
[3:51] <DaQatz> Mildly sour hoppy scent.
[3:51] <DaQatz> Cept for the hops it's pretty balanced.
[3:51] <DaQatz> Not particularly special.
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[5:44] <[deXter]> lol
[5:45] <[deXter]> checking out that gunman clive game
[5:45] <[deXter]> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=beril.mootor.gmc
[5:45] <[deXter]> it says " Full 3D graphics"
[5:45] <[deXter]> wtf lol
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[5:52] <piless> [deXter]: Looks 3d to me.
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[5:53] <[deXter]> piless, It's a joke. It's a 2D sidescrolling platformer with 3D graphics. :P
[5:54] <piless> [deXter]: Never played trine?
[5:54] <[deXter]> trine?
[5:54] <piless> Google it
[5:54] <[deXter]> well that' looks 3D
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[5:55] <[deXter]> looking at gunman clive... doesn't really seem 3D is used or neede
[5:56] <SpeedEvil> It's 3D
[5:56] <SpeedEvil> It's got paralax!
[5:58] <[deXter]> lol
[5:58] <[deXter]> right
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