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[0:14] <hakimsheriff> Hello Everyone
[0:15] <RITRedbeard> hi
[0:15] <dmsuse> hi
[0:18] <Guest82451> is that it?
[0:20] <tntexplosivesltd> Guest82451: where;s your nickname?
[0:21] <Guest82451> I lost it
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[0:54] <tntexplosivesltd> Guest82451: you were sleeping in when they were handing them out
[0:55] <Guest82451> What's wrong with Guest82451?
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[0:57] <Guest82451> FACEFOX-DOT-COM: I am quite confused about what facefox.com is supposed to be.
[0:58] <plugwash> Afaict a name like guest?????? usually means that someone has registered the nick the person is using with nickserv and set the enforcement options on their nickserv account
[0:58] <ReggieUK> or could it be that he's using a webclient?
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[0:59] <ReggieUK> oh look, @gateway/web/freenode
[1:00] <Guest82451> plugwash: If you scroll up a bit you would notice I changed my nick to this one because danieldaniel was being mean to Guest71926.
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[1:03] <ukscone1> ReggieUK: you around?
[1:04] <Guest82451> ukscone1: scroll up to 4 minutes ago
[1:04] <ukscone1> ah liam setup the webclient then?
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[1:07] <ReggieUK> ukscone1, yes dude
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[1:09] <ukscone1> ReggieUK: you watched pub dig?
[1:09] * Syliss (~Syliss@ Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[1:09] <ukscone1> trying to find where to buy the queeen's pint hoodie/fleece that one of the hosts wears. found the teeshirt equiv but not the hoodie
[1:10] <ukscone1> wondered if you knew
[1:10] <ReggieUK> I seen the adverts for it on the televisual
[1:10] <ReggieUK> but haven't sat down to watch it
[1:10] <ReggieUK> what channel is it on?
[1:10] <ReggieUK> channel 5
[1:10] <ReggieUK> sounds like their kind of content
[1:10] <Guest82451> a what
[1:10] <ReggieUK> low-high brow :D
[1:11] <ukscone1> ReggieUK: yes very :) rory mcgrath is on it for a start
[1:11] <ukscone1> but i like the teeshirt & hoodie the archiologist wears
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[1:12] <danieldaniel> what?
[1:12] <danieldaniel> oh
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[1:12] <danieldaniel> 7:10pm] Guest82451: [02:59:11] plugwash: If you scroll up a bit you would notice I changed my nick to this one because danieldaniel was being mean to Guest71926.
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[1:12] <danieldaniel> I was only kidding :(
[1:12] <Guest82451> danieldaniel: Guests are people too.
[1:12] <danieldaniel> D34TH: are you in?
[1:13] <danieldaniel> Can you go in now?
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[1:13] <Guest82451> danieldaniel: is in what? your snatch?
[1:13] <ukscone1> Guest82451: gueests being people too is a matter of opinion
[1:13] <danieldaniel> the quake3 server
[1:13] <ReggieUK> ukscone1
[1:13] <ReggieUK> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PINT-562-Hooded-Sweatshirt-Retro-Pint-Glass-Measurement-BNWT-/310392183929?pt=UK_Women_s_Activewear&var=&hash=item8e0a41bbb0
[1:13] <D34TH> i left hours ago
[1:13] <D34TH> D:
[1:13] <D34TH> i suppose though
[1:13] <danieldaniel> :(
[1:14] <danieldaniel> come in nao
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[1:14] <danieldaniel> long quit message
[1:14] <ukscone1> don't use fleabay but ok that's onee place there must bee a real online store somewhere amazon just has one seller of the teeshirts
[1:14] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: I like the trousers david mitchell wears in season 3 of peep show. Can you find me a pair?
[1:14] <D34TH> im in
[1:15] <danieldaniel> D34TH: me too
[1:15] <danieldaniel> i died :(
[1:15] <ReggieUK> Guest82451, I would if I cared enough about you
[1:15] <Guest82451> ukscone1: It's going to be guaranteed to be shit quality, so if you find one make sure to buy the size up.
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[1:16] <ukscone1> might hit up a friend with a silk screen, i'd prefer a different weights and measures district anyway
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[1:16] <danieldaniel> o.o
[1:16] <danieldaniel> wrong channel
[1:16] * IT_Sean is back
[1:17] <danieldaniel> IT_Sean: gtfo
[1:17] <danieldaniel> :)
[1:17] <IT_Sean> !!!
[1:17] <ReggieUK> ukscone1, http://www.wholesaleathleticapparel.info/hooded-sweatshirt/
[1:17] <danieldaniel> umad
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[1:17] <ReggieUK> in the middle of the page
[1:17] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: That's still ebay
[1:17] <D34TH> dan your not good at quake are you?
[1:17] <D34TH> how many fps are you getting
[1:17] <ReggieUK> oh whoops :D
[1:18] <danieldaniel> D34TH: how do I check?
[1:18] <danieldaniel> its really laggy
[1:18] <danieldaniel> also, i haven't been playing for a few minutes
[1:18] * danieldaniel leaves
[1:18] <danieldaniel> quake sux
[1:18] <danieldaniel> SD cards sux
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[1:18] <D34TH> `/cg_drawfps 1
[1:18] <D34TH> `/com_maxfps 0
[1:18] <D34TH> should help
[1:19] <danieldaniel> nah
[1:19] <paulmaidment> does the pi create a swapfile on the sd?
[1:19] <ReggieUK> ukscone1, a whole collection that isn't ebay
[1:19] <ReggieUK> http://www.cafepress.co.uk/dd/23532545
[1:19] <ReggieUK> but no hoodies :(
[1:19] <Guest82451> ukscone1: It wouldn't work over there anyway because the americans use a smaller pint glass.
[1:19] <danieldaniel> this SD card has been dd'ing for 3 hours
[1:19] <danieldaniel> and its fedora
[1:19] <paulmaidment> ah, so you have been building one
[1:20] <ukscone1> Guest82451: not in my house they don't
[1:20] <Guest82451> ukscone1: You won't be able to leave the house with it then
[1:20] <paulmaidment> what distro are you using on your desktop to make the cards daniel?
[1:20] <danieldaniel> OSX
[1:20] <paulmaidment> ah ok
[1:20] <paulmaidment> what class is the SD card?
[1:20] <ukscone1> Guest82451: no problem with that as well outside is full of americans :)
[1:20] <paulmaidment> 4 or 10?
[1:20] <danieldaniel> idk
[1:20] <danieldaniel> its a 32gb sandisk
[1:21] <paulmaidment> might be a 10 if it's a big card
[1:21] <danieldaniel> yeah
[1:21] <danieldaniel> is that OK?
[1:21] <paulmaidment> but the class makes a huge difference to write times
[1:21] <ReggieUK> ukscone1, http://www.10quidtees.bigcartel.com/product/imperial-pint-mens-hoodies
[1:21] <paulmaidment> class 10 is what you should aim for
[1:22] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Thanks for the pointers on kernel logging, new issue submitted with kernel panice
[1:22] <paulmaidment> personally, I would aim for a smaller boot SD
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[1:22] <paulmaidment> and then rely on network based storage for the big stuff
[1:22] <danieldaniel> ok
[1:22] <ukscone1> ReggieUK: thanks that is perfect (well other than price) i'll ring them on monday
[1:23] <Guest82451> the numbers wrong anyway
[1:23] <Guest82451> pint is 568
[1:23] <paulmaidment> running this one on an 8GB class 10, was nice and fast to write debian
[1:23] <paulmaidment> took 2 minutes or so
[1:24] <danieldaniel> then wtf
[1:24] <paulmaidment> hmmm....what partition are you dd'ing to?
[1:24] <danieldaniel> it says 6
[1:24] <paulmaidment> /dev/???
[1:24] <danieldaniel> rdisk1
[1:24] <paulmaidment> what is the command you used
[1:24] <ukscone1> ReggieUK: although i'll still probably have a go at doing one using silkscreening as well as those are vinyl leettering which can peel off
[1:24] <danieldaniel> dd if=/Users/daniel184/Downloads/raspberrypi-fedora-remix-14-r1.img of=/dev/rdisk1
[1:25] <ReggieUK> It'd be more fun silk-screening your own
[1:25] <paulmaidment> ok, so next question is, do you have a USB stick inserted also?
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[1:26] <danieldaniel> wow
[1:26] <danieldaniel> its actually booting
[1:26] <danieldaniel> and it didn't finish
[1:26] <danieldaniel> oh, nvm
[1:26] <paulmaidment> ah, may crash later
[1:26] <danieldaniel> it just stopped
[1:26] <danieldaniel> yeah
[1:26] <Guest82451> stfu danieldaniel
[1:26] <paulmaidment> how big is the img file daniel?
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[1:27] <danieldaniel> lemme check
[1:27] <danieldaniel> 1.77 gb
[1:27] <paulmaidment> ok, remove the SD
[1:27] <danieldaniel> i did
[1:28] <paulmaidment> on the label do you see a 4 or a 10 in the circle logo?
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[1:28] <danieldaniel> 6
[1:28] <paulmaidment> well, more like a "C"
[1:28] <paulmaidment> :)
[1:28] <danieldaniel> yeah
[1:28] <danieldaniel> its 6
[1:28] <paulmaidment> ok, so it's a class 6
[1:28] <danieldaniel> yeah
[1:28] <paulmaidment> ideally a class 10 would give you top performance
[1:28] <danieldaniel> is that ok?
[1:28] <paulmaidment> it should be able to boot from a class 6 I think
[1:29] <danieldaniel> ok
[1:29] * chandoo- (~chandoo@ool-ad032250.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[1:29] <paulmaidment> I booted from a class 4 before
[1:29] <paulmaidment> have you done any other images with this card yet?
[1:29] <danieldaniel> no
[1:29] <paulmaidment> like debian etc?
[1:29] <danieldaniel> just got it
[1:29] <paulmaidment> try debian for a start
[1:30] <Guest82451> try openelec
[1:30] <danieldaniel> ok
[1:30] <Guest82451> paulmaidment: class 10 sucks
[1:30] <paulmaidment> @Guest82451 Can you qualify that statement?
[1:30] <danieldaniel> downloading
[1:31] <Guest82451> paulmaidment: other than half the cards being incompatible with the pi they don't do very well with small random read/writes
[1:31] <paulmaidment> cool :)
[1:32] <paulmaidment> so by 'don't do very well' do we mean the pi crashes? or slow performance?
[1:32] <Guest82451> don't do very well
[1:32] <paulmaidment> that's a subvjective statement unless you qualify it
[1:33] <danieldaniel> lol
[1:33] <Guest82451> quantifying is for saps and ReggieUK
[1:33] <ReggieUK> stop trolling
[1:34] <paulmaidment> ok,. you are clearly a troll, not taking you seriously as you are unwilling to back up your statement with proof
[1:34] <danieldaniel> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Raspberry-Pi-Model-B-Brand-New-HDMI-USB-10-100-NIC-/150805714963?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item231cb89813#ht_500wt_1413
[1:34] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: I was saying you're not a sap
[1:34] <danieldaniel> Only $50 for anyone interested
[1:34] <danieldaniel> its not mine, but some people might want it
[1:35] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: Troll really??? Oh come on, surely you know about class 10 sd cards? It's been discussed a million times.
[1:35] * Turingi (~devon@unaffiliated/devon-hillard/x-7250961) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[1:35] <paulmaidment> well, saying something like, "cards don't do very well" and not going further is spreading nonsense
[1:36] <paulmaidment> tell me what you mean by that statement, in more detail
[1:36] <Guest82451> Just because I'm lazy, doesn't make me wrong.
[1:36] <paulmaidment> if you really know what you are talking about, you would be happy to do that
[1:36] <paulmaidment> too lazy to choose and register a nick too
[1:36] <Guest82451> But this is my nick
[1:37] * danieldaniel is trying debian
[1:37] <paulmaidment> @danieldaniel cool
[1:37] <paulmaidment> is the image writing ok this time?
[1:37] * Veryevil (~Veryevil@5aced5a8.bb.sky.com) Quit ()
[1:38] <danieldaniel> idk
[1:38] <danieldaniel> it doesn't output anything
[1:38] <paulmaidment> 2 secs, let me look up the instructions for dd, maybe we can make it go verbose
[1:38] <danieldaniel> i already looked those up
[1:38] <danieldaniel> :(
[1:40] <paulmaidment> I guess you just have to wait for it to write
[1:40] * vgrade (~martinbro@cpc2-nrte22-2-0-cust128.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[1:41] <danieldaniel> yep
[1:41] <danieldaniel> :(
[1:42] <paulmaidment> worst case scenario, you could use a tool like virtualbox to install a vm on your mac
[1:42] <paulmaidment> and install ubuntu
[1:43] <GabrialDestruir> Is there a simple and accurate way to turn a PDF of images into words?
[1:43] <paulmaidment> do you have any other pc actually?
[1:43] <Guest82451> GabrialDestruir: ocr
[1:44] * mikey_w (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[1:44] * Guest42120 (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[1:44] <Guest82451> GabrialDestruir: Do what google does and stick them up as an anti-bot device and get users to enter them in for you.
[1:44] <paulmaidment> www.onlineocr.net claims to be able to do it
[1:46] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@173-80.dsl.iskon.hr) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[1:47] <paulmaidment> how's the write coming along daniel?
[1:47] <danieldaniel> still doing it
[1:47] <danieldaniel> it seems like the sd is broken
[1:47] <danieldaniel> And I just spent $50 on it
[1:47] <danieldaniel> :(
[1:47] * Hopsy (~Hopsy@unaffiliated/hopsy) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[1:48] <Guest82451> that's what you get for sticking a swap partition on an sd card
[1:48] <paulmaidment> in my opinion 32GB is a bit large for booting a pi, possible to do, I am sure, but better with a smaller card
[1:48] <GabrialDestruir> Yeesh, you put a swap partition on an SD?
[1:48] <danieldaniel> :(
[1:49] <Guest82451> paulmaidment: What the hell?? What could the size have possibly anything to do with whether it can boot off it?!
[1:49] <paulmaidment> Nothing, just expensive
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[1:49] <paulmaidment> overkill for it's use IMO
[1:49] <Guest82451> What utter trollop
[1:50] <GabrialDestruir> Depends on it's use.
[1:50] <GabrialDestruir> If you want to store more than just the OS, that 32 could come in handy
[1:50] <paulmaidment> true, depends if it's networked I guess
[1:50] <Guest82451> How else am I going to fit my bluray rips on my new media player?
[1:50] <paulmaidment> as that is what samba is for
[1:50] <paulmaidment> you would put your BR rips on your nas
[1:50] <paulmaidment> and stream them
[1:51] <Guest82451> too slow
[1:51] <Guest82451> I need more than 8mb/s
[1:51] <danieldaniel> mine is 30mb/s
[1:51] <paulmaidment> fair point
[1:51] <RITRedbeard> get 100baset
[1:51] <RITRedbeard> welcome to 1999
[1:51] <Guest82451> danieldaniel: NAS = ethernet. Not usb
[1:51] <danieldaniel> o
[1:51] <paulmaidment> the pi has a slow nic
[1:51] * Moofie (~Darknesss@78-21-4-111.access.telenet.be) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[1:51] <danieldaniel> didn't see that
[1:52] <dmsuse> your expecting 8mb/s through samba?
[1:52] <paulmaidment> use nfs instead, the choice of networked protocol is not the point
[1:53] <Guest82451> dmsuse: I just pulled the number out of the air.
[1:53] <dmsuse> Guest82451: okay :P
[1:53] <paulmaidment> I concede, you have a point regarding playback of your blueray rips from your SD
[1:54] <Guest82451> there's no e in bluray
[1:54] <dmsuse> what's wrong with usb drives?
[1:54] <SpeedEvil> dmsuse: Nothing inherently
[1:54] <SpeedEvil> dmsuse: But they contend for bandwidth against ethernet and other USB.
[1:54] * NucWin (~nucwin@unaffiliated/nucwin) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:54] * PiBot sets mode +v NucWin
[1:54] <paulmaidment> there is no e in "troll" either :D
[1:54] <SpeedEvil> And likely use more CPU
[1:54] <dmsuse> doesn't matter its still going to be 10x faster than any sd card :P
[1:55] <SpeedEvil> paulmaidment: But there is 'lol'
[1:55] <paulmaidment> indeed
[1:56] <NucWin> how did i not notice raspberrypi or irc till now :(
[1:57] <Guest82451> SpeedEvil: Whats better for random read/writes, class 6 or 10?
[1:57] <Guest82451> NucWin: Because nothing happens here, move along.
[1:57] <NucWin> but im a pro irc idler
[1:57] <SpeedEvil> Guest82451: It probably varies per card
[1:58] <SpeedEvil> Guest82451: And especially if you care about 'wierd' uses - like writing smallish blocks
[1:58] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:58] * PiBot sets mode +v MystX
[2:00] <paulmaidment> ok, reading this further, class 4's are the best recommended cards, some issues reported with the 6's and 10's for some people
[2:00] * mrdragons (~em@ has joined #raspberrypi
[2:00] * PiBot sets mode +v mrdragons
[2:00] <Guest82451> no shit sherlock
[2:01] <paulmaidment> hey prick, watch your language
[2:01] * winocm (~textual@opensn0w/developer/winocm) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[2:01] <danieldaniel> lol
[2:02] <paulmaidment> I still maintain that you are a troll
[2:02] <mrdragons> I can see everyone's in a good mood tonight. :)
[2:02] <MystX> Indeedy
[2:02] <NucWin> i was thinking of risking buying a 8GB SanDisk Ultra SDHC 15MB/s SD Card Class 4 for ??10 if i ever get a pi and no ones tried it already
[2:03] <Guest82451> NucWin: What are you intending to use it for?
[2:03] <paulmaidment> @room, sorry, I am just trying to be helpful and a part of the conversation here, some guy who cannot bother to even register a nick is making rude remarks all of the time
[2:03] <NucWin> who knows lol because i dont
[2:03] <Guest82451> NucWin: Check the list, http://elinux.org/RPi_VerifiedPeripherals#Working_SD_Cards
[2:04] <NucWin> it wasnt there last time i checked
[2:04] <NucWin> no rush though
[2:04] <Guest82451> NucWin: How long are you intending to use this card for?
[2:04] <danieldaniel> it says mine wor
[2:04] <danieldaniel> d
[2:04] <NucWin> got email from farnell the other day saying they expect around 2-3months or something
[2:04] <danieldaniel> works*
[2:05] <NucWin> till i kill it?
[2:05] <NucWin> wow list has major reoranise and update
[2:05] <Guest82451> NucWin: With extended use of a swap partition on the sd card it probably wouldn't last more than a year, maybe 2.
[2:05] <NucWin> nice now verified
[2:05] <NucWin> \o/
[2:06] <NucWin> i had been thinking of that
[2:06] <paulmaidment> something interesting here "There are issues with most Class 10 SDHC cards, apparently due to a bug in the Broadcom bootloader.[1]
[2:06] <paulmaidment> This seems to have been fixed in sdhci.c: [2] Further feedback will be useful."
[2:07] <NucWin> will try to stick within the 256mb limit tbh
[2:07] <paulmaidment> According to that, class 10 could have a better chance of working with latest image
[2:07] <NucWin> i quite like arch so that help :)
[2:08] <NucWin> cool that makes things more interesting seen class 10 95MB/s cards lol
[2:09] <Guest82451> NucWin: the 10 indicates the speed rating. 95mb/s wouldn't be possible.
[2:09] * winocm (~textual@opensn0w/developer/winocm) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:09] * PiBot sets mode +v winocm
[2:11] <NucWin> http://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-Extreme-Pro-SDHC-Card/dp/B005LFT3GG/ref=sr_1_27?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1335658204&sr=1-27
[2:14] <paulmaidment> Sure enough, appears to contradict Guest82451's statement (unless the relatively minor 5Mb/s makes the difference between possible and impossible)
[2:14] * warddr (~warddr@Wikipedia/Warddr) Quit (Quit: Ik ga weg)
[2:15] <NucWin> think that might be related to the 4K speed
[2:17] * blah (6d9e9bd9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[2:17] * PiBot sets mode +v blah
[2:17] <LogicGuy> lol @ guys buying raspberry pi on eBay
[2:17] <LogicGuy> ^.^
[2:17] <Tomtiger11> Lol
[2:17] <danieldaniel> ik
[2:17] <Tomtiger11> I hope mine comes this batch
[2:17] <danieldaniel> Tomtiger11: it won't
[2:17] <Tomtiger11> danieldaniel: You know that?
[2:17] <LogicGuy> http://i.imgur.com/FbLSA.jpg
[2:18] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: n00b
[2:18] <danieldaniel> MY raspi is BETTER THAN YOURS
[2:18] * winocm (~textual@opensn0w/developer/winocm) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[2:18] <LogicGuy> u jelly ?
[2:18] <LogicGuy> ^.^
[2:19] <Tomtiger11> danieldaniel: How do you lnow?
[2:19] <danieldaniel> how do you do asian face
[2:19] <Tomtiger11> Know*
[2:19] <danieldaniel> Tomtiger11: its obvious
[2:19] <Guest82451> you better be wearing an anti-static wrist strap young man
[2:19] <danieldaniel> when did you order
[2:19] <paulmaidment> @NucWin, that device is not an SD is it?
[2:19] <Tomtiger11> How?
[2:19] <paulmaidment> made by sandisk but not a standard sd right?
[2:19] <LogicGuy> danieldaniel: i ordered launh day
[2:19] <danieldaniel> Tomtiger11: IS THAT A PILLOW?
[2:19] <danieldaniel> LOL
[2:19] <LogicGuy> and I received it last week
[2:19] <LogicGuy> I was very lucky
[2:19] <LogicGuy> :)
[2:19] <danieldaniel> i meant LogicGuy
[2:19] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: Please tell me thats NOT a pillow
[2:19] <LogicGuy> that's a blanket
[2:19] <Tomtiger11> Whats that on your face? It was pain!
[2:20] <danieldaniel> LOLOLOL
[2:20] <paulmaidment> @LogicGuy, same here, I was up at 5:30 am on launch day :)
[2:20] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment: yep I had to skip work actually
[2:20] <LogicGuy> just because of it
[2:20] <danieldaniel> So your holding your raspberry pi while touching the blanket
[2:20] <LogicGuy> hahahha
[2:20] <NucWin> dunno says sd looks like sd
[2:20] <danieldaniel> niceeeeeeeeee
[2:20] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[2:20] <LogicGuy> I always remove static electricity by touching my PC power supply
[2:20] <LogicGuy> don't worry, I'm a computer engineering student
[2:20] <paulmaidment> on the day, remember how much of an anticlimax the "express your interest" page was
[2:20] <danieldaniel> okei
[2:21] * winocm (~textual@ has joined #raspberrypi
[2:21] * winocm (~textual@ Quit (Changing host)
[2:21] * winocm (~textual@opensn0w/developer/winocm) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:21] * PiBot sets mode +v winocm
[2:21] * PiBot sets mode +v winocm
[2:22] * blah (6d9e9bd9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[2:22] <NucWin> send me the bits and i will see if its possible to build your own pi by positioning all the components then baking it for 15-20mins
[2:23] <Guest82451> NucWin: Wouldn't all the solder drip off onto the bottom of your oven?
[2:23] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[2:23] <NucWin> i fixed a graphics card with 200degC for 9mins or so
[2:24] <NucWin> looks a little burnt but no more corruption and driver fail
[2:25] <paulmaidment> @NucWin, so what is the principle behind that, soften the solder to make it less brittle/dull, restoring it?
[2:26] <NucWin> yeh was guessing issue was caused by dry connection / lead free solder
[2:26] <NucWin> wasnt worth paying for pro to resolder (was nvidia 9800GTX) and was worth a try before its trip to the bin
[2:26] <paulmaidment> cool, yeah, I saw something on the bbc a while back about them baking ps3's to fix them too
[2:27] <paulmaidment> watchdog, with anne robinson looking on in scorn :)
[2:28] <LogicGuy> NucWin, you can't solder the GPU & CPU
[2:28] <NucWin> the technique could save a pi one day or burn someones house down
[2:28] <LogicGuy> you need a robot
[2:28] * JeremyF (ad4c9a32@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[2:28] * PiBot sets mode +v JeremyF
[2:28] <LogicGuy> and the small components as well
[2:29] <LogicGuy> there are resistors who are as small as rice
[2:29] <LogicGuy> check my picture to see ;)
[2:29] <NucWin> i seen
[2:29] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) Quit (Quit: Gallomimia)
[2:29] <NucWin> some could prob hand solder with great patence
[2:30] <NucWin> the cpu/gpu would be the job of the oven and a little prayer that its perfectly in the right place when solder balls melt
[2:30] <LogicGuy> lol
[2:30] <paulmaidment> sounds like 'bleed' could be the biggest issue there
[2:30] <LogicGuy> the thermal specs of the CPU is 50 degrees
[2:30] <NucWin> highly likely to fail but would be fun to try lol
[2:30] <paulmaidment> i.e. solder setting between pins
[2:30] <LogicGuy> I don't know about that ....
[2:31] * JeremyF (ad4c9a32@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)
[2:31] <LogicGuy> also, on the launch day
[2:31] <LogicGuy> I was very lucky to read someone's note that if you're from US or Canada
[2:31] <LogicGuy> you have to buy from newark
[2:31] <LogicGuy> which is a subsidary of element14
[2:31] <LogicGuy> :)
[2:31] <paulmaidment> well, hopefully by this time next year, you'll be able to buy them in batches of 200 and have them next day
[2:31] <LogicGuy> many people were like herp derp
[2:31] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[2:31] <paulmaidment> plausible?
[2:32] <LogicGuy> express interest on an UK page
[2:32] <LogicGuy> derp derp
[2:32] <NucWin> if i kill a pi i will try baking it see what happens
[2:32] <plugwash> NucWin, hmm, the resistors on the Pi don't look that tiny to me though it's difficult to judge from photos
[2:33] <plugwash> but i'm guessing they are 0402 or 0603
[2:33] <paulmaidment> how do you intend to kill a pi Nucwin?
[2:33] <NucWin> i dont but shit happens
[2:33] <paulmaidment> those juicy overclock settings in config.txt look like a contender :D
[2:34] <paulmaidment> I'll wait for my second Pi before trying those :D
[2:34] <LogicGuy> lol overclocking an ARM processor that is already hot
[2:34] <LogicGuy> when I touch the SoC, it's around 40-45
[2:34] <LogicGuy> from experience
[2:34] <LogicGuy> celsius
[2:34] <LogicGuy> please don't overclock
[2:34] <paulmaidment> yeah, would not really want to try it
[2:34] <NucWin> small passive cooler ;)
[2:35] <NucWin> its something to try on pi 2 hehe
[2:35] <paulmaidment> yeah one possible method :)
[2:35] <LogicGuy> just put some thermal paste
[2:35] <NucWin> run it in bath of ionised water?
[2:35] <danieldaniel> oh crap
[2:35] <Guest82451> LogicGuy: I'm going to submerge my pi in water, so I can overclock it
[2:35] <danieldaniel> I figured out what the problem was
[2:35] <danieldaniel> I had 2 dds running
[2:35] <danieldaniel> at the same time
[2:35] <danieldaniel> >.>
[2:35] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:35] * PiBot sets mode +v katnegermis
[2:35] <LogicGuy> use cooking oil
[2:35] <LogicGuy> mineral oil*
[2:35] <LogicGuy> sorry
[2:35] <LogicGuy> :D
[2:35] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: To burn my SD?
[2:35] <Guest82451> no
[2:36] <danieldaniel> Lolno
[2:36] <Guest82451> water
[2:36] <LogicGuy> distilled water
[2:36] <LogicGuy> derp
[2:36] <paulmaidment> ionised water as it's non conductive?
[2:36] <Guest82451> regular water
[2:36] <Guest82451> out the tap
[2:36] <LogicGuy> he's trolling ^
[2:36] <danieldaniel> Guest82451: n01b
[2:36] <Guest82451> you're trolling
[2:36] * exfileme (~IceChat77@cpe-174-106-093-073.ec.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:36] * PiBot sets mode +v exfileme
[2:36] <NucWin> de-* i guess lol
[2:36] * michaelellis7 (~michaelel@pool-96-241-227-227.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:36] * PiBot sets mode +v michaelellis7
[2:36] <exfileme> wassup pi guys
[2:36] <Guest82451> danieldaniel: Will you shut the frak up already with calling everyone noob?
[2:36] <danieldaniel> Guest82451: n00b
[2:37] <danieldaniel> :3
[2:37] <NucWin> do any of you know python?
[2:37] <danieldaniel> a little
[2:37] <danieldaniel> not much though
[2:37] <danieldaniel> how hard is what your trying to solve?
[2:37] <Guest82451> I know cobra
[2:37] <NucWin> is there any places for modules like search.cpan.org for perl
[2:37] <danieldaniel> n00b
[2:37] <danieldaniel> no idea
[2:38] * LogicGuy slaps Guest82451 around a bit with a large trout
[2:38] <LogicGuy> get out, troll
[2:38] <LogicGuy> !kick Guest82451
[2:38] <Guest82451> O.o
[2:38] <paulmaidment> re python, not done much of that, went to a usergroup once, huge amount of resources out there
[2:39] <paulmaidment> you can even combine native code with python and get near to native speeds
[2:39] <exfileme> anyone using the latest Midori on Raspberry Pi?
[2:39] <paulmaidment> pypy is supposed to be good, as is Cython
[2:39] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@nat/mozilla/x-ivdwstjjtmwxtikf) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:39] * PiBot sets mode +v fabrice1
[2:39] <paulmaidment> @exfileme yes
[2:39] <NucWin> seems quite popular but the few times ive looked not found anything quite like the cpan library for perl all the code half pre done its saves a lot of time and solves some of the complex problems
[2:39] <paulmaidment> latest as in supplied with pi?
[2:40] <exfileme> i'm using fidora remix with midori 0.2.4 pre-installed. I'd like to upgrade to latest version if possible. Is it a pain?
[2:40] <paulmaidment> wiki.python.org
[2:40] <NucWin> think i might jsut have to learn c/c++ instead of more interpreted
[2:40] <paulmaidment> you would need to compile it for the pi
[2:41] <paulmaidment> not sure how easy that would be atm
[2:41] <paulmaidment> arm downloads are not commonplace (yet...the pi might change that)
[2:41] <exfileme> ahh ok
[2:42] <paulmaidment> you could try grabbing one of the src packages to see how easy or hard it is
[2:42] <paulmaidment> have you compiled from source before (anything?)
[2:43] <exfileme> a long time ago. I'm trying to get back into it.
[2:43] <exfileme> i'm basically a n00b ;)
[2:43] <LogicGuy> you probably expressed interest in the Pi
[2:43] <LogicGuy> on launch dat
[2:44] <paulmaidment> so biggest issue with something like midori would be that it is likely (just a guess) to use a wide range of libraries
[2:44] <paulmaidment> hence you would have lots of dependencies to deal with
[2:44] <paulmaidment> lots of trial and error
[2:44] <paulmaidment> but, if you are up for a challenge, that could be valuable work, to document how to compile individual apps
[2:45] <exfileme> ok
[2:45] <paulmaidment> but I am guessing it would not be very easy
[2:45] <NucWin> arch arm has midori for arm v5 & v7
[2:46] <paulmaidment> @NucWin I think the question here is "how do I get the latest build"
[2:47] <NucWin> think it is
[2:47] <paulmaidment> the build in fedora, or debian, or both?
[2:47] <plugwash> In general building stuff natively on the Pi should be pretty easy but may be very slow, cross compiling will give faster build times but is likely to be more of a PITA to set up
[2:48] <paulmaidment> @plugwash, agreed, currently investigating how to build a wifi dongle driver atm (was really surprised to find source code on the disk with the device)
[2:48] <exfileme> i'm betting we may see a Raspberry Pi MArketplace in the near future ;)
[2:49] <LogicGuy> http://twotoasts.de/index.php/midori/
[2:49] <paulmaidment> @exfileme that would rock!
[2:49] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment
[2:49] <LogicGuy> see link
[2:49] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[2:49] <NucWin> http://archlinuxarm.org/packages?search=midori
[2:50] <LogicGuy> this is an older package I bet
[2:50] <LogicGuy> never download a package, build it yourself
[2:50] <LogicGuy> to be sure to have latest
[2:50] <paulmaidment> midori on my pi is 0.2.4
[2:51] <paulmaidment> the download is 0..4.5
[2:51] <LogicGuy> you're using Debian
[2:51] <exfileme> yep
[2:51] <NucWin> ouch archlinux is 0.4.5
[2:51] <LogicGuy> that is for arch Linux
[2:51] <paulmaidment> so the arch image has latest midori?
[2:51] <NucWin> arch = bleededge
[2:51] <LogicGuy> I don't know why are you using Debian
[2:51] <NucWin> the joy of gentoo without the long wait times
[2:51] <LogicGuy> it's not recommended if you want to compile or do anything other than GUI
[2:52] <paulmaidment> lack of time atm. just got the first thing up and running
[2:52] <paulmaidment> just got the pi last week
[2:52] <paulmaidment> still in toy mode ;)
[2:52] <paulmaidment> want to try arch etc, will take time to explore
[2:52] <paulmaidment> :)
[2:53] <exfileme> i just got my Pi on Friday. Still exploring. Can't stay off Quake 3 tho ;)
[2:53] <LogicGuy> I got Apache, PHP, MySQL, Samba and FTP running
[2:53] <paulmaidment> nice
[2:53] <paulmaidment> what version of PHP?
[2:53] <paulmaidment> and what version of mysql?
[2:53] <LogicGuy> Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/1.0.1a DAV/2 PHP/5.3.11 with Suhosin-Patch Server at Port 80
[2:53] <LogicGuy> that's the whole signature
[2:53] <paulmaidment> nice work
[2:54] <paulmaidment> that's the latest production stuff (or close enough)
[2:54] <LogicGuy> got phpBB3 working
[2:54] <LogicGuy> had to install some modules
[2:54] <LogicGuy> :D
[2:55] <paulmaidment> my old arm based nas box (debian distro tucked away on it....you are not supposed to hack it....but where is the fun in that eh?) could install a lamp stack etc, but was only php4
[2:55] <exfileme> www,zynga.com
[2:55] <exfileme> soeey
[2:55] <exfileme> sorry
[2:55] <LogicGuy> and PHP is taking lots of RAM
[2:55] <LogicGuy> after I go to my phpBB3
[2:55] <paulmaidment> yeah LAMP will be very heavy on these boards
[2:55] <LogicGuy> it's starting to use the swap memory even
[2:55] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[2:55] <paulmaidment> good for academic fun, but not for performance
[2:56] <NucWin> LogicGuy check php.ini memory limit
[2:56] <LogicGuy> also, I'm getting 8 MB/s read speeds from the Apache
[2:56] <NucWin> might be 128Mb by default
[2:56] <NucWin> MB*
[2:56] <LogicGuy> oh yeah
[2:56] <LogicGuy> I'll do that
[2:56] <paulmaidment> have you been brave enough to load test the webserver yet?
[2:56] <LogicGuy> DDoS it ?
[2:56] <LogicGuy> hah
[2:57] <paulmaidment> yup, use apache benchmark or something
[2:57] <LogicGuy> I can try
[2:57] <paulmaidment> :)
[2:57] <NucWin> maybe replace apache for nigix
[2:57] <exfileme> too bad you can't use a portion of an SD card as memory like Windows 7
[2:57] <paulmaidment> theoretically, you could....
[2:57] <NucWin> its called a swap partition
[2:57] <LogicGuy> 19:56:31 up 10:58, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05
[2:57] <NucWin> :)
[2:57] * passstab (~coplon@c-68-80-37-73.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:57] * PiBot sets mode +v passstab
[2:58] <LogicGuy> that's idle
[2:58] <Guest82451> But it will eventually kill your SD card
[2:58] <NucWin> 8MB/s aint bad though
[2:58] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:58] * PiBot sets mode +v gobby
[2:58] <LogicGuy> NucWin: that's from my external HD mounted in /mnt
[2:58] * blast007 (~blast007@bzflag/developer/Blast) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:58] * PiBot sets mode +v blast007
[2:58] <LogicGuy> and symbolic link in the /srv/http folder
[2:58] <Guest82451> SD doesn't have the wear leveling you would get with an SSD
[2:58] <NucWin> ahhhh
[2:58] <exfileme> ahhh
[2:58] <exfileme> lol
[2:59] <LogicGuy> SD card is Class 4
[2:59] <exfileme> this is awesome information.
[2:59] <paulmaidment> you could hook an ssd in via the usb port right?
[2:59] <LogicGuy> well, if you use a SATA -> USB adapter
[2:59] <LogicGuy> you could
[2:59] <LogicGuy> I have one
[2:59] <paulmaidment> and then put your swap on that
[3:00] <Guest82451> you might aswell use a hdd, because the main benefits of ssd is the speed, which you wouldn't get with usb 2
[3:00] <paulmaidment> good point
[3:00] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment, the theoretical limit of LAN 100 Mbit/s is 12.5 MB/s
[3:00] <LogicGuy> which you wouldn't get
[3:00] <LogicGuy> so 8 MB/s is quite good
[3:00] <LogicGuy> for the Pi
[3:00] <LogicGuy> :)
[3:00] <Guest82451> LogicGuy: 10-20% overhead
[3:01] * smw_ (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:01] * PiBot sets mode +v smw_
[3:01] <NucWin> wonder if you can get volatile ram on a usb connection
[3:01] <paulmaidment> would be great if they make a version with gigabit :)
[3:01] <NucWin> ^^
[3:01] <paulmaidment> and usb 3
[3:01] <Guest82451> and more ram
[3:01] <LogicGuy> hah
[3:01] <NucWin> and a dual core
[3:01] <Guest82451> and a better cpu
[3:01] <paulmaidment> and built in wifi
[3:01] <Guest82451> and a better SoC
[3:01] <dmsuse> Guest82451: it will kill the sd how?
[3:02] <Guest82451> dmsuse: longterm
[3:02] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment: the LAN controller actually uses the USB hub
[3:02] <LogicGuy> so you can't get faster than 480 Mbit/s theoretical
[3:02] <paulmaidment> ah, so the lan controller is effectively a usb device on the bus?
[3:02] <NucWin> any of you guys seen the rombus tech stuff
[3:02] <exfileme> couldn't I use a swap partition on an external HDD and connecting via the SATA to USB adapter?
[3:02] <NucWin> rhombus*
[3:02] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment, yes
[3:03] <paulmaidment> Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Standard Microsystems Corp.
[3:03] <paulmaidment> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:c52e Logitech, Inc.
[3:03] <paulmaidment> Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9512 Standard Microsystems Corp.
[3:03] <paulmaidment> Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
[3:03] <NucWin> exfileme i was thinking of that method
[3:03] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment, can I get this info on the Pi ?
[3:03] <plugwash> "you might aswell use a hdd, because the main benefits of ssd is the speed, which you wouldn't get with usb 2" yes and no, the main benefit of a SSD is IOPS, if each operation is small then a SSD may well give much better performance than a HDD even on a relatively slow bus like USB
[3:03] <paulmaidment> yes, type in lsusb
[3:03] <Guest82451> But then you'd be stuck with always having an external hdd attached
[3:03] * Simooon (~simon@gw.obelnet.dk) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:03] <LogicGuy> Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
[3:03] <LogicGuy> Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9512 Standard Microsystems Corp.
[3:03] <LogicGuy> Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Standard Microsystems Corp.
[3:03] <LogicGuy> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 152d:2329 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JM20329 SATA Bridge
[3:03] <exfileme> i have an HDD with that adapter lying around.
[3:04] <LogicGuy> SATA bridge ??
[3:04] <LogicGuy> omg that's my external HD
[3:04] <LogicGuy> :D
[3:04] <exfileme> Does Pi support USB hubs tho?
[3:04] <LogicGuy> exfileme, yes
[3:04] * OneFix_Work (~onefix@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[3:04] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[3:04] <Guest82451> exfileme: Yes, but they would need to be powered for most things
[3:04] <exfileme> still, would adding a swap partition make the Pi perform faster?
[3:04] <Guest82451> No
[3:05] <Guest82451> It would make it slower
[3:05] <paulmaidment> would be a great way to actually power the pi also (if you can get a stable enough wattage)
[3:05] <LogicGuy> exfileme, just decrease the GPU
[3:05] <Guest82451> But a swap partition would most likely be necessary with todays bloated linuxs
[3:05] <LogicGuy> RAM memory
[3:05] <paulmaidment> i.e. blackberry data cable from hub to pi then into the mains with the hub
[3:05] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@Tom4u/founder/tomtiger11) Quit (Quit: Bye!)
[3:05] <LogicGuy> [root@alarmpi ~]# free -m
[3:05] <paulmaidment> and then one wire from a pi usb port into the hub
[3:05] <LogicGuy> total used free shared buffers cached
[3:05] <LogicGuy> Mem: 217 201 15 0 63 102
[3:05] <LogicGuy> -/+ buffers/cache: 35 181
[3:05] <LogicGuy> Swap: 0 0 0
[3:06] <paulmaidment> hub + power all in one
[3:06] <LogicGuy> I have 217 MB of RAM currently
[3:06] <LogicGuy> for my CPU
[3:06] <LogicGuy> :)
[3:06] <LogicGuy> decreased it quite a bit
[3:06] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:06] * PiBot sets mode +v Tomtiger11
[3:06] <NucWin> what os LogicGuy?
[3:06] <LogicGuy> Arch Linux
[3:06] <plugwash> paulmaidment, just got to make sure the hub can supply the power demanded by the Pi while maintaining a decent voltage. Unfortunately I know of no easy way to find a suitable hub
[3:07] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ Quit (Changing host)
[3:07] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@Tom4u/founder/tomtiger11) has joined #raspberrypi
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[3:07] <Guest82451> avoid chinese makes if you can
[3:07] * RITRedbeard (~RITReadbe@t410.student.rit.edu) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[3:07] <plugwash> you want something that isn't too clever on the power (you don't want it limiting the power on the port that is feeding the Pi) but you also want something that comes with a decent PSU
[3:07] <paulmaidment> yeah, I had problems with that too, got 'brown outs' with my usb hub
[3:07] <paulmaidment> weird stuff like keyboard errors etc
[3:07] <LogicGuy> I'm using an LG telephone A/C adapter for my Raspberry Pi
[3:07] <NucWin> i want to try running my pi of double layer capacitors
[3:07] <FZombie> all these raspi emails from both companies are like "hi im just reminding you that you still don't have your raspi and its going to take forever". I want to play with raspi so bad.
[3:07] <LogicGuy> works like a charm
[3:08] <FZombie> I got a set of arcade controls for my raspi
[3:08] <LogicGuy> FZombie, you should've ordered on launch day like me
[3:08] <paulmaidment> Android charge cable (from an old HTC device) from laptop usb port, also works a treat :)
[3:08] <LogicGuy> you had to be more involved :D
[3:08] <FZombie> I did
[3:08] <Guest82451> FZombie: Scroll to the bottom of the email and clock the link that says something like, I wish to stop recieving your emaisl
[3:08] <Guest82451> *click
[3:09] <dmsuse> you will only be disappointed when you get it anyway
[3:09] * chandoo (~chandoo@ool-ad032250.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: No route to host)
[3:09] <NucWin> also thinking of helping a friend fit one in is camper van as entertainment system
[3:09] * chandoo (~chandoo@ool-ad032250.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:09] * PiBot sets mode +v chandoo
[3:09] * chandoo (~chandoo@ool-ad032250.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[3:09] <LogicGuy> dmsuse, depends if you use Debian or Arch Linux
[3:09] <ReggieUK> FZombie, which arcade controls did you get?
[3:09] <Guest82451> paulmaidment: That's not going to work very well. It's going to be limited to 500mA
[3:09] <dmsuse> if you ask me the only good think about the rpi project is the gertboard, the pi itself is a piece of crap
[3:09] <FZombie> The raspi beats the heck out of the android phone I'm using in its place
[3:09] <paulmaidment> yeah, could be problems if I do something that draws a lot of power
[3:09] <LogicGuy> just get an LG adapter
[3:10] <LogicGuy> mine is 0.7 Ampers
[3:10] * phantoneD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:10] * PiBot sets mode +v phantoneD
[3:10] <NucWin> pi would be sweet if it has the same specs as my phone hehe
[3:10] <paulmaidment> but talking to you on said device right now....all working well
[3:10] <LogicGuy> works perfectly
[3:10] <FZombie> ReggieUK, Assembled generic arcade repair parts myself, got a controller from Arcade Retro and Restore from nevada
[3:10] <exfileme> i'm still trying to change the time zone ;(
[3:10] <ReggieUK> and the gertboard is fairly pointless without a pi (in so much that shields for random mcu boards are old hat)
[3:10] <FZombie> adding a usb plug myself
[3:10] <LogicGuy> exfileme, that's the easiest thing to do
[3:10] <paulmaidment> maybe quake will crash it
[3:10] <dmsuse> ReggieUK: true dat
[3:10] <LogicGuy> http://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Timezone-in-Linux
[3:10] <ReggieUK> nice
[3:10] <LogicGuy> easy peasy
[3:10] <ReggieUK> I'm just going to get some from a UK based ebay retailer
[3:11] <FZombie> I'm sanding down some wood and putting a nice paper insert I'll print out with logos and whatnot, bolt the plexiglass window onto the wood
[3:11] <LogicGuy> FZombie, where are you from and where did you buy the Pi ?
[3:11] <Guest82451> bolt?
[3:11] <FZombie> mounting the buttons in a recess and adding a joystick when I can find one for a reasonable price
[3:11] <LogicGuy> if you bought it directly from UK and you're from US, you weren't thinking straight
[3:11] <ReggieUK> My mate is going to knock me up a box out of black american walnut, looks very nice apparently
[3:11] <dmsuse> wood, fibreglass is soooo much better :D
[3:12] <NucWin> i striped a printer the other day for some motors sadly they where not stepper motors but maybe good for playing with gertboard
[3:12] * uen| (~uen@p5DCB3292.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:12] * PiBot sets mode +v uen|
[3:12] <ReggieUK> joysticks are relatively cheap
[3:12] <ReggieUK> I might end up getting 3
[3:12] <LogicGuy> the drivers for the joysticks are going to be a bitch
[3:12] <ReggieUK> why?
[3:12] <dmsuse> doubtful :P
[3:12] <ReggieUK> there are many ways to skin that cat
[3:13] <LogicGuy> because joysticks are mostly for Windows
[3:13] <paulmaidment> yeah, call it weird but from a laptop USB port the pi works without error
[3:13] <FZombie> element14.com, LogicGuy
[3:13] <LogicGuy> FZombie, where are you from ?
[3:13] <FZombie> USA
[3:13] <FZombie> California
[3:13] * phantoxeD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[3:13] <ReggieUK> random usb HID boards, usb joysticks, wiimote, ps3, xbox360 controllers, keyboards, mice
[3:13] <LogicGuy> you should've ordered from newark.com
[3:13] <LogicGuy> sorry bro
[3:13] <dmsuse> isnt a joystick just a mouse?
[3:13] <LogicGuy> you got scammed :)
[3:14] <FZombie> actually it was newark.element14
[3:14] <ReggieUK> can all be appropriated for arcade controllers
[3:14] <FZombie> it did a redirect
[3:14] <ReggieUK> LogicGuy, what are you talking about?
[3:14] * OneFix_Work (~onefix@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:14] * PiBot sets mode +v OneFix_Work
[3:14] <LogicGuy> if you're from North America, you must order from newark.com (US) or canada.newark.com (Canada)
[3:14] <LogicGuy> if you want to get your Pi this year
[3:14] <FZombie> http://www.newark.com/raspberry-pi/raspbrry-pcba/raspberry-pi-model-b-board-only/dp/83T1943?COM=raspberrypi_group
[3:15] <FZombie> thats the right one correct? I read the info
[3:15] <LogicGuy> yeah
[3:15] <LogicGuy> the model number is correct
[3:15] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[3:15] <LogicGuy> you should get it pretty soon then
[3:15] <exfileme> hmm my password for root isn't working :(
[3:15] * uen (~uen@p5DCB1704.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[3:15] <paulmaidment> @Guest82451, one of the forum members has measured the power consumption, peak for a board under heavy cpu is 420mA
[3:16] <ReggieUK> FZombie, not sure I'm too happy with the trackball I made yesterday
[3:16] <ReggieUK> then again, it is just a deodorant ball sellotaped to the bottom of a mouse :D
[3:16] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:16] * PiBot sets mode +v gobby
[3:16] <FZombie> ReggieUK, trackerballs are very touchy I can help you find a good one if you like but they are over 50$
[3:16] <paulmaidment> tiny bit close to 500mA for comfort but fine for most I think
[3:16] <dmsuse> 2 watts?
[3:17] <ReggieUK> there are some $40 ones in the UK on ebay
[3:17] <FZombie> the only real smooth trackerball is a big gear brass assembly or japanese stainless in my opinion
[3:17] <paulmaidment> www.raspberrypi.org/forum/general-discussion/raspberry-pi-power-requirements/page-2
[3:17] <ReggieUK> 2" ball in these
[3:17] <LogicGuy> ReggieUK, please don't feed those guys who sell their Pi on eBay
[3:17] <LogicGuy> get it from manufacturer, it helps the cause
[3:18] <ReggieUK> LogicGuy, you seem to assume that you know what you're talking about :)
[3:18] <ReggieUK> clearly not
[3:18] <FZombie> the new model japanese stainless uses a laser instead of a set of wheels
[3:18] <LogicGuy> ReggieUK, you seem to not have a Raspberry Pi
[3:18] <LogicGuy> and I do
[3:18] <LogicGuy> problem ?
[3:18] <ReggieUK> YEah, you seem to think I am ordering one from ebay and then deciding to lecture me on where I should and shouldn't buy one
[3:18] <Crenn-NAS> Guten Morgen Alles
[3:19] <dmsuse> i would rather buy a cheap chinese knock off that from the rpi project
[3:19] <ReggieUK> not that I would waste money on buying one from ebay but it will be me that decides where I spend my money, mkoi!
[3:19] <FZombie> some guy had raspi cases on ebay for like 10$
[3:19] <FZombie> they were all sorts of strange colors though
[3:19] <ReggieUK> wait, better run that past LogicGuy before you order!!!
[3:20] <[deXter]> LogicGuy, Farnell promised to email me when they get some stock, never happened. I've lost almost all interest in the Pi, thanks to them.
[3:20] * orbs (~Dr_Acula@cpe-72-179-154-210.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:20] * PiBot sets mode +v orbs
[3:20] * NucWin hands out some chill pills
[3:21] <ReggieUK> LogicGuy, is it ok if me and FZombie go back to talking about arcade controllers or should I continue to be sarcastic?
[3:21] <LogicGuy> [deXter], did you order it ?
[3:21] <LogicGuy> if you didn't order it
[3:21] <LogicGuy> they won't e-mail anything
[3:21] <LogicGuy> :)
[3:21] <[deXter]> LogicGuy, I was never able to order it, but I did register my interest
[3:21] <LogicGuy> If you haven't put your credit card information
[3:21] <LogicGuy> LOL
[3:21] <NucWin> irc is too primative for sarcasm
[3:21] <LogicGuy> this is your problem bro
[3:21] <LogicGuy> Register interest =/= ordering
[3:21] <dmsuse> NucWin: you have obviously never ran the irissi client
[3:22] <ReggieUK> FZombie, I'd be very interested in your advice on trackballs
[3:22] <NucWin> i did read lots of command forgot the commands installed wine then mirc
[3:22] <[deXter]> LogicGuy, I didn't want to give them my CC details for something they couldn't promise on delivering.
[3:22] <Crenn-NAS> NucWin, No it isn't
[3:22] * ahks (~ahks@99-161-190-135.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:22] * PiBot sets mode +v ahks
[3:22] <LogicGuy> well I did receive it from Newark, you didn't order anything
[3:22] <[deXter]> They were like, um, maybe we'll give it to you next year
[3:22] <LogicGuy> that's why you didn't receive anything
[3:22] <LogicGuy> there is an order page which is different from the interest page
[3:22] <ReggieUK> [deXter], the only thing they can't promise is the date that it will arrive
[3:23] <dmsuse> NucWin: there are literally thousands of clients out there, why mirc lol ?
[3:23] <[deXter]> so why should I go ahead and buy it from them when I can get it from eBay, complete with concrete dates, shipping tracking, feedback, insurance etc
[3:23] <NucWin> lol my crazy side
[3:23] <ReggieUK> but most(All) of the backorders placed by 18th april should be fulfilled by the end of july
[3:23] <FZombie> well my best advice is that you get a tracker ball with a "Known good to port to usb" controller
[3:23] <FZombie> or you will be doing some serious homebrew
[3:23] * plugwash (~plugwash@2001:5c0:1400:a::10d) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[3:23] <LogicGuy> [deXter], your stupidity makes me laugh
[3:23] <LogicGuy> but go buy it from eBay
[3:23] <LogicGuy> :D
[3:23] <ReggieUK> [deXter] because it will cost you $500 :)
[3:24] <Crenn-NAS> ReggieUK, element14 promised mine on the week of May 29th
[3:24] <ReggieUK> it is however your choice if you wish to buy from there
[3:24] <FZombie> if you know electronics its not a big deal, use a volt meter and check power/resist blah
[3:24] <FZombie> but who wants to do that?
[3:24] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:24] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[3:24] <ReggieUK> Crenn-NAS mine will be here week commencing may 21st :)
[3:24] <dmsuse> i think ReggieUK forgot that 10 people bought over priced pi's from the project on ebay not so long ago :)
[3:24] * TheOpenSourcerer (~alord@81-178-65-1.dsl.pipex.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[3:24] <[deXter]> ReggieUK, I'm sure there are cheaper ones on eBay
[3:24] <LogicGuy> all right, well this channel is officially for people who don't know how to order online
[3:24] <LogicGuy> /end of chat
[3:24] <Crenn-NAS> ReggieUK: I bbet it's because you're in the UK ;P
[3:25] <[deXter]> Look. I'm on the farnell page right now . It says "Supplier lead time 143 days"
[3:25] <FZombie> dmsuse, stop making sense, it's not ok on the internet
[3:25] <[deXter]> So I part with my money now, and I get my product in 143 days? WTF? What sort of a business transaction is that?
[3:25] <ReggieUK> dmsuse, nope, not at all, I hadn't forgotten but ordering one off ebay, well, bidding, doesn't actually mean you will buy a pi on ebay, there's nothing special about them at all, so the only interest is in having one
[3:25] <ReggieUK> if you've got the cash to spend, go for it :)
[3:25] <solarbaby> deXter: its a none profit one
[3:25] <LogicGuy> [deXter], you don't part with your money until IT'S SHIPPED
[3:26] <Crenn-NAS> FZombie: But what the LogicGuy in this argument
[3:26] <LogicGuy> I didn't get my credit card charged
[3:26] <LogicGuy> UNTIL IT IS SHIPPED
[3:26] <LogicGuy> :D
[3:26] <LogicGuy> stupid stupid stupid
[3:26] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: me too.
[3:26] * Syliss (~Syliss@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:26] * PiBot sets mode +v Syliss
[3:26] <ReggieUK> [deXter] yeah because you welched on the ordering
[3:26] <ReggieUK> if you hadn't, you'd have one in the next 2-3 weeks
[3:26] <solarbaby> so 143 days is the expected waiting line for rapberry pi?
[3:26] * hamitron (~hamitron@just.screw-the.eu) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:26] <dmsuse> with all the delays to date, it wouldn't suprise me :D
[3:26] <ReggieUK> I'd say 143days is a guess because they're still fulfilling back orders
[3:26] <exfileme> why doesnt sudo password root work ;(
[3:26] * LogicGuy feels like a king
[3:27] <Guest82451> solarbaby: There's been 7 million orders and the factory has been reported to be chucking out 3 pi's a minute, so do the math.
[3:27] <[deXter]> ReggieUK, No, honest, there *was* no order / buy option on day 1. Only a register your intersest page.
[3:27] <NucWin> exfileme passwd
[3:27] <FZombie> ReggieUK, want to see my raspi keyboard? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26440523/IMG_20120428_182101.jpg the one on the bottom. The one with only one button.
[3:27] <solarbaby> Im glad I have a hacked pogoplug for now.. it makes waiting easier
[3:27] <paulmaidment> exfileme, try "sudo su"
[3:27] <ReggieUK> ha :D
[3:27] <paulmaidment> and then when in, "passwd"
[3:27] <Guest82451> [deXter]: actually lots of people ordered from farnell on day one.
[3:27] <ReggieUK> can you use one of those properly?
[3:27] <solarbaby> Guest82451: Wow.. I hope to see progress
[3:27] <exfileme> i got root using sudo su
[3:28] <exfileme> trying to set new password
[3:28] <exfileme> gettin it ;)
[3:28] <Guest82451> FZombie: is it wireless?
[3:28] <ReggieUK> FZombie, have you got a morse code license?
[3:28] <paulmaidment> I ordered one from RS and one from farnell
[3:28] <[deXter]> Guest82451, ReggieUK : This is Farnell NZ I'm talking about btw, I'm sure the UK/US one worked just fine..
[3:28] <FZombie> it has 2 lugs fore wires
[3:28] <paulmaidment> on day 1
[3:28] <paulmaidment> rs one is here
[3:28] <Syliss> i really should order a pi
[3:28] <FZombie> You don't need a license to use morse code
[3:28] <paulmaidment> farnell one is due on 21st march
[3:28] <Guest82451> [deXter]: well nooone cares about new zealand
[3:28] <LogicGuy> true that
[3:28] <[deXter]> Guest82451, Exactly. :(
[3:28] <ReggieUK> no of course but in general, people that can do morse code have a little bit more about them than just owning a CB radio
[3:29] <LogicGuy> my Pi is the 475 one manufactured
[3:29] <ReggieUK> so they're usually radio hams
[3:29] <exfileme> wootness
[3:29] <LogicGuy> and I'm from Canada
[3:29] <LogicGuy> feels good man.jpg
[3:29] <ReggieUK> and in the UK to be a radio ham you need a license
[3:29] <Guest82451> [deXter]: But then again, you have the option of being a hobbit
[3:29] <FZombie> can't do morse on CB radios, there are no channels for cw
[3:29] <ReggieUK> and to do morse you need a 2nd license
[3:29] <ReggieUK> exactly
[3:29] * JonSeals (~Jon@99-158-225-217.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Internet probably screwing with me.)
[3:29] <FZombie> I'm a licensed ham radio operator
[3:29] <Crenn-NAS> solarbaby: Nope, You can order from July pretty much
[3:29] <ReggieUK> dadaa :)
[3:29] <danieldaniel> FZombie: n00b
[3:29] <ReggieUK> I win!
[3:29] <dmsuse> ReggieUK: is it true you can network two computers together using tcp/pi over ham radio ?
[3:29] <dmsuse> *ip
[3:29] <[deXter]> Guest71926, I tried, but I didn't fit the requirements. Wasn't tall/slim enough to be an elf, wasn't short enough to be a hobbit. :(
[3:30] <orbs> so if i tried to pre-order a RPi right now it would be like 3 months
[3:30] <orbs> not too bad
[3:30] <FZombie> dmsuse, yes and no
[3:30] <danieldaniel> orbs: more like 12
[3:30] <orbs> lame
[3:30] <ReggieUK> My dad was doing packet radio back in the BBS days but no idea whether it was tcp/ip based or pre that
[3:30] <Guest82451> ReggieUK: Meh, they're not exactly going to hunt you down.. The local radio station in my town was a pirate one for many years until they eventually made them official
[3:30] <Crenn-NAS> [deXter]: I ordered from AU element14 the day after the RPi came out
[3:30] <convolution> guys, do you know a very small UPS for raspberry?
[3:30] <FZombie> dmsuse, you are not allowed to encrypt stuff over the ham bands so you can't generally use a internet connection
[3:30] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@Tom4u/founder/tomtiger11) Quit (Quit: Bye!)
[3:30] <ReggieUK> Guest82451, it depends where you are and what you're doing
[3:30] <solarbaby> ReggieUK: I'd sure like to run my old bbs on arm processor
[3:30] <ReggieUK> they used to be quite hot on it
[3:30] <Guest82451> convolution: car battery
[3:30] <[deXter]> Crenn-NAS, And did you get it, if so when?
[3:30] <FZombie> however you can send text or morse commands out that your computer will read and do actions, technically
[3:31] <dmsuse> FZombie: i am not talking the internet, i mean to send files long distance
[3:31] <LogicGuy> car battery -> 5V Regulator -> Raspberry Pi
[3:31] <ReggieUK> like kick your door in and confiscate all your equipment kind of hot on it
[3:31] <dmsuse> between two computers
[3:31] <FZombie> dmsuse, we can send pictures, emails, txt, etc....
[3:31] <LogicGuy> the car battery will probably power the Pi for days
[3:31] <dmsuse> FZombie: cool
[3:31] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: BOOM
[3:31] <FZombie> but anyone on can see the info
[3:31] <Crenn-NAS> [deXter]: iI'm getting it on the weeek of May 29th
[3:31] <ReggieUK> unlicensed operators are a pain in the ass
[3:31] <LogicGuy> danieldaniel: why boom ?
[3:31] <convolution> Guest71926: what?
[3:31] <ReggieUK> as they generally don't know what they're doing
[3:31] <dmsuse> FZombie: ah, whats the data speeds of say 100 miles ? do you know?
[3:31] <FZombie> it is POSSIBLE BUT NOT LEGAL for my radio to establish full encrypted private internet links just as your smart phone can on 3g/4g
[3:31] <ReggieUK> end up climbing all over frequencies they shouldn't be near
[3:32] * mkopack (~mkopack@c-24-98-202-47.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:32] * PiBot sets mode +v mkopack
[3:32] <FZombie> distance does not have anything to do with speed
[3:32] <danieldaniel> My dad has a wifi-hotspot in his car now
[3:32] <danieldaniel> :D
[3:32] <ReggieUK> some pirate stations will also get on better than others, it really depends on the content
[3:32] <FZombie> we are limited to low-bauds but it's possible to break the law and go faster
[3:32] <orbs> 12 months hmm
[3:32] * ahks is now known as ahks_
[3:32] <ReggieUK> avoid politics religion, swearing etc. and you'll probably be ok
[3:32] <dmsuse> FZombie: what speeds do you get sending an image then usually?
[3:32] <LogicGuy> Well guys, there are amateur satellites that transmit Usenet binaries 24/7 with speeds of 50-60 Mbit/s
[3:32] <LogicGuy> you can get the latest movies using a satellite dish + motor
[3:32] <[deXter]> Crenn-NAS, See that's my problem.. how can you wait for so long after ordering something? It'll kill me.
[3:32] * ahks_ is now known as Ahks
[3:33] <LogicGuy> so I don't know about amateur radio :D
[3:33] <Guest82451> [deXter]: My tactic is to completely forget about it
[3:33] <solarbaby> LogicGuy: Now that really does sound cool.. no need for a ISP'
[3:33] <dmsuse> ^^
[3:33] <ReggieUK> amateur radio can use satellite dishes too
[3:33] <Guest82451> [deXter]: and then 3 months later a pleasant suprise turns up
[3:33] * Guest71926 is now known as DooMMasteR
[3:33] * DooMMasteR (~DooMMaste@2002:86a9:ac01:affe:5604:a6ff:fe85:a556) Quit (Changing host)
[3:33] * DooMMasteR (~DooMMaste@unaffiliated/doommaster) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:33] * PiBot sets mode +v DooMMasteR
[3:33] <Crenn-NAS> [deXter]: Patience and I know I can wait quite some time
[3:33] <LogicGuy> solarbaby the configuration is a pain in the ass
[3:34] <Crenn-NAS> They didn't expect a whole bunch of problems that occurred
[3:34] <solarbaby> LogicGuy: I could only imagine.. then again my slow isp is a pain in the ass too
[3:34] <LogicGuy> you need GPS coordinates, a motor, Satellite receiver Card for your computer, software, encryption keys
[3:34] <convolution> http://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Trent-Dual-port-IMP50D-Blackberry/dp/B004AM1OK4/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1334754368&sr=8-19
[3:34] * Ahks (~ahks@99-161-190-135.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:34] <convolution> this should be good
[3:34] * Ahks (~ahks@99-161-190-135.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:34] * PiBot sets mode +v Ahks
[3:34] <solarbaby> LogicGuy: yikes
[3:34] <[deXter]> Guest82451, That's all well and good, but what if it never turns up? Is there tracking and stuff on the order? What if you aren't at home when the Pi arrives?
[3:34] <dmsuse> i wanted a pi for sending webcam images from remote locations and sending the pics via ham radio
[3:34] <FZombie> dmsuse, it depends really, I forget what the legal limit is most people just end up texting on like 45-300 baud
[3:35] <dmsuse> FZombie: cool. thanks
[3:35] <Guest82451> [deXter]: It wouldn't bother me, because I would have already forgotten.
[3:35] <ReggieUK> gps I can do, motor, that's very easy, got an alt/az motorised telescope mount, encryption keys might be difficult but alignment software would be an absolute breeze
[3:35] <FZombie> you can do ATV which is really a full color full picture image just like you get on a regular tv on specific bands
[3:35] * ReggieUK could track satellites
[3:35] <FZombie> You just can't use any of those for commercial use or encrypt them
[3:35] <Guest82451> [deXter]: I've never bothered to chase up orders and everything always gets delivered.. If I'm not in then a note gets left
[3:36] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ Quit (Quit: This here's FiftyOneFifty on the side. We gone, bye bye)
[3:36] <Crenn-NAS> [deXter]: Element14 uses a courier, they'll leave a card at your door if they can't deliver it and you ring them to organise another day
[3:37] <ReggieUK> FZombie, this is the motorised mount I've got:
[3:37] <ReggieUK> http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/celestron-nexstar-se-mount-tripod.html
[3:37] <ReggieUK> well, one of them :)
[3:37] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:37] * PiBot sets mode +v fiftyonefifty
[3:38] <ReggieUK> and that one:
[3:38] <ReggieUK> http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-heq5-pro-synscan.html
[3:38] <dmsuse> couldn't you have just used a motorised satellite dish for satellite tv? they are much cheaper :P
[3:38] <FZombie> if you guys want info on being a ham you can hit up ##hamradio requires you identify your username first. I can personally give info about how to become a ham in the USA
[3:38] <Crenn-NAS> Although for me, I told e14 to use the local postal service as they kept on leaving the packages at my door and they'd get stolen
[3:38] <[deXter]> Crenn-NAS, do they at least mail you in advance letting you know they've shipped the package?
[3:38] <Crenn-NAS> Only cheap components, but still very annoying
[3:38] <FZombie> ReggieUK, we made a sat tracker with 15$ and some spare time
[3:38] <ReggieUK> nice :)
[3:39] <FZombie> ran on belts and used motors
[3:39] <LogicGuy> okay guys
[3:39] <LogicGuy> who's up for a Quake 3 Match ?
[3:39] * tiger1 (~ich@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:39] * PiBot sets mode +v tiger1
[3:39] <LogicGuy> using my Pi ? :D
[3:39] <ReggieUK> these are for telescopes (obviously?) so they're a bit more involved with software but I Suspect it's essentially the same thing
[3:39] <FZombie> where did I put all my wad files?
[3:39] <FZombie> doom/quake etc
[3:40] <ReggieUK> I@m guessing you weren't getting 0.143617 Arc Seconds accuracy FZombie?
[3:40] <FZombie> getting good enough and unmeasured
[3:40] * tiger1 (~ich@ has left #raspberrypi
[3:41] <FZombie> I've had contact with the ISS
[3:41] <dmsuse> cool
[3:41] <FZombie> by just point and click
[3:41] <FZombie> no tracker
[3:41] <ReggieUK> I'm guessing with a satellite tracker theres a reasonable sized cone that you can aim at?
[3:41] <ReggieUK> you must've been moving the dish?
[3:41] <FZombie> just get the polarity of your antenna right and if you have a reflector thats better
[3:41] <ReggieUK> as the ISS zips across the sky when it does a pass
[3:42] <mkopack> That's one thing id like to see some time... Seems like every time I try to see it it ends up being cloudy here
[3:42] <FZombie> heres how it happend the first time, i was a new ham and my friend told me "go outside point to this star, turn on radio to freq" and that was the first time I heard the ISS
[3:42] <Guest82451> ugh what happened to the raspberrypi topic?
[3:42] <ReggieUK> mkopack, I keep randomly wandering outside, looking up and there it is, whizzing by
[3:42] <FZombie> that was just hearing it on a Handheld with a small little antenna
[3:42] <dmsuse> ham is soo much cooler
[3:43] <Crenn-NAS> [deXter]: For the last few packages, no, however I believe the RPi will be a different case
[3:43] <mkopack> Too much light pollution here to see it that easily
[3:43] <FZombie> the next time I used a mobile (car) radio and actually made contact myself
[3:43] <ReggieUK> FZombie, ahh, I thought you were still talking about dishes
[3:43] * SphericalCow (user@unaffiliated/sphericalcow) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:43] <Guest82451> go to #astrology
[3:43] <[deXter]> You mean #astronomy? :P
[3:43] <FZombie> a mobile radio with a reflector behind a sideways magna-top antenna lol
[3:43] <Guest82451> no
[3:43] <ReggieUK> Guest82451 go to #ignorant
[3:43] <FZombie> somewhat of a dish
[3:44] <Crenn-NAS> FZombie: Wouldn't becoming a ham require genetic engineering?
[3:44] <mkopack> Guest if you want to talk rpi, just start talking rpi
[3:44] <FZombie> my RPI will be able to network and control my projects
[3:44] * Guest82451 (561ec4a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[3:44] <dmsuse> what would be the cheapest way for me to listen to iss ?
[3:44] <FZombie> balloon radio tracking, sat tracking, etc.
[3:44] <FZombie> listen can be done on a 40$ radio
[3:45] <ReggieUK> I've watched some of the progress of the balloon trackers
[3:45] <dmsuse> i had a radio before, never picked anything up other than local radio stations :(
[3:45] <dmsuse> so sold it :(
[3:45] <ReggieUK> last one I watched made it across the atlantic from somewhere mid-west america
[3:45] <FZombie> http://www.issfanclub.com/frequencies pick a freq, some you can even tx on
[3:45] <ReggieUK> can't remember where it made landfall, spain I think
[3:46] <FZombie> I was in the mountains on 2 meters and hit a balloon which bounced my signal all the way to LA, I was near Tahoe
[3:46] <FZombie> all on a 4w handheld radio
[3:46] <LogicGuy> wow
[3:46] <LogicGuy> nice
[3:46] * mkopack (~mkopack@c-24-98-202-47.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:47] <LogicGuy> are you very experienced with amateur radio, FZombie ?
[3:47] <FZombie> on my handheld wouxun on 4-5w I got from near tahoe to the mt. vaca napa repeater
[3:47] <FZombie> I'm a newer ham, but I've been learning a lot
[3:47] <LogicGuy> I want to get into that
[3:47] <FZombie> learning morse and just bought my first HF rig its actually in the mail right now
[3:47] <Crenn-NAS> So how many Pis does everyone intend to buy? ;D
[3:47] <LogicGuy> only 1
[3:47] <LogicGuy> :)
[3:48] <[deXter]> 3
[3:48] <[deXter]> or maybe 4
[3:48] * mkopack (~mkopack@c-24-98-202-47.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:48] * PiBot sets mode +v mkopack
[3:48] <Syliss> i wouldn't mind 2-10
[3:48] <Crenn-NAS> I'm going for 5 maybe 6 xD
[3:48] <FZombie> http://www.arrl.org/licensing-education-training <---USA Licensing, you don't need to take a class (I didnt) but they have them, you can just show up on exam day and pay like 15$ and your good
[3:48] <FZombie> license lasts like 10yrs
[3:48] <Crenn-NAS> But initially just 1
[3:48] * wej (~j@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[3:48] <LogicGuy> you'll be dissapointed if you get 4
[3:48] <FZombie> 35q test for tech, another 35q test for general, and a 50q test for extra
[3:48] <Crenn-NAS> But looking at having at replacing this crappy 200MHz ARM based NAS
[3:49] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: Why?
[3:49] <mkopack> BTW, that Adafruit talk where they will be discussing their Pi-prototyping "Pi Plate" starts in 15 minutes. Go to the "Chat" section of the site to join in
[3:49] <Syliss> i wouldn't use one as a nas tho
[3:49] <LogicGuy> if my pi can do MySQL, Apache and PHP no problems, then why get more ?
[3:49] <LogicGuy> maybe 2 maximum
[3:49] * michaelellis7 (~michaelel@pool-96-241-227-227.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit ()
[3:49] <danieldaniel> apparently dd just didn't output that it was done
[3:49] <LogicGuy> another one for my HDTV upstairs
[3:49] <danieldaniel> >.>
[3:49] <danieldaniel> debian booted
[3:50] <mkopack> Pi is just WAY too slow IO to use as a NAS??? a POOR man's NAS, maybe???
[3:50] <Crenn-NAS> mkopack: Nah, I'll pass, saw it on twitter and decided it wasn't too much of an interest to me
[3:50] <LogicGuy> mkopack: i would disagree on that
[3:50] <mkopack> but if you have an actual NAS, pointless to replace it with the Pi
[3:50] <LogicGuy> 8 MB/s read speeds from Apache is quite good
[3:50] <mkopack> But that's not as a file server, you're talking WEB serving there
[3:51] <mkopack> I'm talking NAS = FILE server
[3:51] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: 1 to tinker with, 1 to be a server, and the rest for projects ;D
[3:51] <D34TH> hook the drive up via usd :3
[3:51] <paulmaidment> you up and running now danieldaniel?
[3:51] <danieldaniel> Yeah
[3:51] <danieldaniel> whats the root pass?
[3:51] <danieldaniel> for debian?
[3:51] <paulmaidment> excellent
[3:51] <LogicGuy> just do sudo su
[3:51] <LogicGuy> after you're in pi
[3:51] <LogicGuy> n00b
[3:51] <danieldaniel> oh
[3:51] <danieldaniel> sudo su - worked
[3:51] <paulmaidment> go in as pi/raspberry
[3:51] <danieldaniel> thanks
[3:51] <FZombie> the cool thing is I'm a minimalist so the pi works for me, there are so many people who will always ask "why doesn't pi have bluetooth or fiber optic or"
[3:51] <paulmaidment> sudo su
[3:51] <Crenn-NAS> mkopack: If it transfers faster than 6MB/s via SAMBA, it beats my shitty NAS
[3:52] <mkopack> You must have a REALLY shitty NAS then
[3:52] <LogicGuy> let me get Samba running
[3:52] <Crenn-NAS> mkopack: Note, 200MHZz ARM ;P
[3:52] <FZombie> I'd like to see how far it can be pushed but my main task is going to be controlling small projects. Not replacing web servers.
[3:52] <danieldaniel> paulmaidment: I appreciate the help though :)
[3:53] <mkopack> I was given a Thecus 5900, but ended up selling it and picking up a Drobo to directly attach to a Mac Mini (which I use as my HTPC / TV capture setup, and thus file server
[3:53] <paulmaidment> and once you sudo su you can passwd to change the pass
[3:53] <mkopack> Crenn-NAS: Ah.. yeah??? missed that part
[3:53] <paulmaidment> I usually do the pi password from the root prompt also
[3:53] <tpresence> anyone update their debian firmware and have it still work?
[3:53] <danieldaniel> having 32gb of space is nice
[3:53] <danieldaniel> :D
[3:53] <Crenn-NAS> mkopack: It will also be a web server as well, and my irssi server ;D
[3:54] <LogicGuy> I changed my root password
[3:54] <LogicGuy> using passwd
[3:54] * wej (~j@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:54] * PiBot sets mode +v wej
[3:54] <paulmaidment> you mean to the latest image from the site today tpresence?
[3:54] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: I know that much...
[3:54] <danieldaniel> I am now installing quake
[3:54] <orbs> quake 4?
[3:54] <danieldaniel> wtf no space left on device???
[3:54] <danieldaniel> no, 3
[3:54] <LogicGuy> LOL
[3:54] <paulmaidment> does quake work without the pak files?
[3:54] <LogicGuy> n00b
[3:54] <danieldaniel> WTF
[3:54] <LogicGuy> Use gparted
[3:54] <LogicGuy> LOL
[3:54] <danieldaniel> cannot open display
[3:54] <danieldaniel> :(
[3:54] <LogicGuy> > buy raspberrypi
[3:55] <LogicGuy> > does not know how Linux works
[3:55] <tpresence> I used the debian today, but I think its been there a few days
[3:55] <paulmaidment> i.e. the quake download, is it the complete game?
[3:55] <LogicGuy> > oh shit wtf.jpg
[3:55] <danieldaniel> paulmaidment: no
[3:55] <tpresence> but every time I try to update firmware, it totally hoses my pi
[3:55] <danieldaniel> paulmaidment: i had to get the pak3 files
[3:55] <paulmaidment> yeah, that debian is good, running it now
[3:55] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: Hey I don't know how Linux works... I didn't write it after all ;P
[3:55] <paulmaidment> ah, ok, makes sense danieldaniel
[3:55] <LogicGuy> I mean this is not Windows people
[3:55] <LogicGuy> you need to search stuff
[3:56] <paulmaidment> what is the main problem you are having tpresence?
[3:56] <LogicGuy> on Google, etc.
[3:56] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: Why use Google when there are nerds here?
[3:56] <LogicGuy> because they don't know how file systems on the Pi work
[3:56] <danieldaniel> how do I edit the partition
[3:57] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: I don't either ;P
[3:57] <LogicGuy> [21:53] <+LogicGuy> Use gparted
[3:57] <LogicGuy> jesus christ people
[3:57] <dmsuse> fdisk /dev/ whatever
[3:57] <LogicGuy> read what I write
[3:57] <paulmaidment> hans reiser does, he's a little 'off the grid' right now (joke for anyone who knows about that)
[3:57] <tpresence> paul: when I replace firmware in /boot the damn things never boot again
[3:57] <Crenn-NAS> For me, File systems are magical things which you set up once and forget about
[3:57] <tpresence> even if I use the tools published by liam
[3:58] <tpresence> paul: I bet he would kill to do more fs devel
[3:58] <paulmaidment> ah, I see, so you don't replace the whole image, just the firmware in the boot directory
[3:58] <tpresence> yeah
[3:58] <paulmaidment> is that the standard way to upgrade?
[3:58] <tpresence> and I end up starting over
[3:58] <tpresence> apparently it is
[3:58] <paulmaidment> would a re-image not be cleaner?
[3:58] <tpresence> not if you want to retain stuff
[3:58] <paulmaidment> true, I did not know this technique
[3:58] <paulmaidment> so, had it work before?
[3:59] <tpresence> it hasnt worked for me
[3:59] <tpresence> but it does work for others
[3:59] <paulmaidment> ok, lets come at this from another angle
[3:59] <paulmaidment> what have you changed that you need to retain?
[3:59] <danieldaniel> OMFG
[3:59] * Lerc (~Lerc@121-74-232-197.telstraclear.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[3:59] <danieldaniel> How do i resize it?
[3:59] <danieldaniel> gparted doesn't work
[3:59] <tpresence> it will
[3:59] <LogicGuy> ~_~
[3:59] <tpresence> unmount your parts first
[3:59] <danieldaniel> cannot open display
[3:59] <danieldaniel> It doesn't work
[3:59] <LogicGuy> > herp derp
[3:59] <danieldaniel> the command won't run
[4:00] <tpresence> then use parted :D
[4:00] <paulmaidment> startx
[4:00] * KrisW (~kris@cpc7-swin14-2-0-cust99.3-1.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[4:00] <paulmaidment> type startx daniel
[4:00] * KrisW (~kris@cpc7-swin14-2-0-cust99.3-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:00] * PiBot sets mode +v KrisW
[4:00] <danieldaniel> ok
[4:00] <danieldaniel> one sec
[4:00] * mkopack (~mkopack@c-24-98-202-47.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: mkopack)
[4:00] <dmsuse> danieldaniel: just use fdisk ;)
[4:00] * Lerc (~Lerc@ has joined #raspberrypi
[4:00] * PiBot sets mode +v Lerc
[4:00] <paulmaidment> you were running in command line right?
[4:01] <danieldaniel> yeah
[4:01] <danieldaniel> i did startx
[4:01] <paulmaidment> and you have desktop now?
[4:02] <danieldaniel> yeah
[4:02] <danieldaniel> blue desktop
[4:02] <paulmaidment> gparted should run there
[4:02] <paulmaidment> blue desktop with LXDE logo
[4:02] <tpresence> I wish they would fix the audio and res detection :(
[4:02] <paulmaidment> (kinda looks like LADE, the way they did it)
[4:03] <danieldaniel> i got it open
[4:03] <danieldaniel> thanks
[4:03] * Syliss (~Syliss@ Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[4:03] <paulmaidment> tpresence, you know the config.txt stuff right?
[4:03] <paulmaidment> for resolution?
[4:03] <LogicGuy> INB4 I CAN'T RESIZE
[4:03] <tpresence> I do
[4:03] <tpresence> but I cant get full res
[4:03] <danieldaniel> i can't
[4:03] <tpresence> I get some crappy 1168x728 crap now
[4:03] <LogicGuy> lol
[4:03] <paulmaidment> 2 secs, I have something you can try
[4:03] <tpresence> it was even better with the last rev
[4:03] <LogicGuy> tpresence, same with me
[4:03] <LogicGuy> that's why Debian sucks
[4:03] <danieldaniel> how do I resise?
[4:04] <danieldaniel> resize*
[4:04] <tpresence> you can only change the border
[4:04] <tpresence> you cant resize the desktop
[4:04] <danieldaniel> I mean
[4:04] <danieldaniel> the hdd
[4:04] <danieldaniel> how do I resize the partitions
[4:04] <LogicGuy> inb4 I can't use Google herp derp
[4:04] <tpresence> just click the >| icon
[4:04] <paulmaidment> tpresence,
[4:04] <paulmaidment> hdmi_mode=16
[4:04] <paulmaidment> disable_overscan=1
[4:04] <tpresence> and drag it over
[4:04] <paulmaidment> have you tried those?
[4:05] <danieldaniel> its grayed out
[4:05] <LogicGuy> danieldaniel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DztSRaFyaVE
[4:05] <LogicGuy> have fun
[4:05] <tpresence> umount the partition first
[4:05] <danieldaniel> Its all greyed out
[4:05] <danieldaniel> But I can't unmount a running partition
[4:05] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: I DID
[4:05] * phantoneD is now known as phantoxeD
[4:05] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: The thing he clicked on was GREYED OUT
[4:05] <LogicGuy> YOU NEED TO USE A LIVE CD
[4:06] <LogicGuy> AND A COMPUTER
[4:06] <LogicGuy> NOT THE PI
[4:06] <LogicGuy> N00B
[4:06] <danieldaniel> omfg
[4:06] <danieldaniel> oh
[4:06] <danieldaniel> i see
[4:06] <LogicGuy> ~_~
[4:06] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[4:06] <LogicGuy> OR A USB STICK
[4:06] <LogicGuy> :D
[4:06] * mattlemay (~Matt@108-87-52-45.lightspeed.wepbfl.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:06] * PiBot sets mode +v mattlemay
[4:07] * LogicGuy (LogicGuy@dsl-69-171-129-179.acanac.net) Quit ()
[4:07] * phantoneD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:07] * PiBot sets mode +v phantoneD
[4:07] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:07] * LogicGuy (LogicGuy@dsl-69-171-129-179.acanac.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:07] * PiBot sets mode +v LogicGuy
[4:08] * phantoxeD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[4:08] * phantoneD is now known as phantoxeD
[4:08] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@t410.student.rit.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:08] * PiBot sets mode +v RITRedbeard
[4:08] * blarson_ (~blarson@blars.us) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:08] * PiBot sets mode +v blarson_
[4:10] * oberling_ (~oberling@brln-4d0c3bf7.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:10] * PiBot sets mode +v oberling_
[4:10] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: You're a little harsh ;P
[4:11] <paulmaidment> you get the resolution sorted tpresence?
[4:11] <exfileme> i love this think
[4:11] <exfileme> thing
[4:11] <paulmaidment> excellent device eh?
[4:12] <paulmaidment> have you set up ssh yet exfileme?
[4:12] <exfileme> yeah, and it's forcing me to not be lazy and actually type in commands ;)
[4:12] <paulmaidment> :)
[4:12] <exfileme> ssh?
[4:12] <solarbaby> write scripts for those commands in the future
[4:12] <paulmaidment> yeah, "secure shell"
[4:12] <exfileme> oh no not yet
[4:12] <paulmaidment> so you can log into your pi over the network
[4:12] <paulmaidment> like from your laptop
[4:12] <exfileme> i'd love that
[4:13] <paulmaidment> from a command line
[4:13] <paulmaidment> apt-get install ssh
[4:13] <paulmaidment> you need to be root for that, or sudo it
[4:13] <paulmaidment> and you need to be on a network, so it can download the updates
[4:13] <exfileme> i created a root password
[4:13] <solarbaby> if you use reverse ssh tunnel and you have another server somewhere.. you'll be able to access yoru pi behind firewalls that you don't control
[4:13] <LogicGuy> SSH is already installed on the device
[4:13] <solarbaby> so you could leave your pi all over the place and still have access to it
[4:13] <LogicGuy> you just need to change the boot_ssh.rc to boot.rc
[4:14] <paulmaidment> not on debian by default logicguy
[4:14] <LogicGuy> yes
[4:14] <LogicGuy> by default
[4:14] <paulmaidment> or it's not started
[4:14] <LogicGuy> trust me :)
[4:14] <LogicGuy> it's not started
[4:14] * oberling (~oberling@brln-4d0c06fc.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[4:14] <LogicGuy> go to the /boot folder
[4:14] <LogicGuy> and rename the boot_ssh_something.rc
[4:14] <LogicGuy> to boot.rc
[4:14] <LogicGuy> using mv boot_ssh_something.rc boot.rc
[4:14] <BenO> ffs - got stable, decent sounding sound via mplayer thru alsa, but the cpu has shot up :(
[4:14] <paulmaidment> update-rc.d ssh defaults
[4:15] <paulmaidment> and then reboot the pi
[4:15] <paulmaidment> you should then have ssh running by default
[4:15] <Crenn-NAS> LogicGuy: cp would also work ;P
[4:15] <LogicGuy> BenO, yeah CPU doesn't like sound
[4:15] <BenO> LogicGuy, Actually, I take that back - it's just mp3's
[4:16] <LogicGuy> .wav works okay ?
[4:16] <BenO> hmm will have to investigate further, but alsa might be functioning now...
[4:16] <LogicGuy> good
[4:16] <LogicGuy> I'm waiting Liam to put a XMBC tutoria
[4:16] <LogicGuy> tutorial
[4:16] <BenO> yeah, but mp3 playback at 30ish% cpu is suckage
[4:16] <exfileme> i dont see and boot related .rc file
[4:17] <paulmaidment> is there an xbmc sd card image?
[4:17] <exfileme> bootcode.bin is closest
[4:17] <Crenn-NAS> Has anyone with a RPi played with SPI yet?
[4:17] <BenO> Whereas ogg is playing back at 6%...
[4:17] <paulmaidment> @exfileme update-rc.d ssh defaults
[4:17] <paulmaidment> just type that in and reboot
[4:17] <paulmaidment> trust me
[4:17] <paulmaidment> it tells debian that you wish to boot ssh when the OS starts
[4:17] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment's command can work too
[4:18] <LogicGuy> :)
[4:18] <paulmaidment> I looked into that this afternoon
[4:18] <Crenn-NAS> paulmaidment: SPI?
[4:18] * mattlemay (~Matt@108-87-52-45.lightspeed.wepbfl.sbcglobal.net) Quit ()
[4:18] <dmsuse> BenO: using what player?
[4:18] <paulmaidment> where can I grab SPI Crenn?
[4:18] <BenO> dmsuse, mplayer
[4:18] <exfileme> using dependency based boot sequencing
[4:19] <exfileme> warning: ssh stop runlevel arguments
[4:19] <Crenn-NAS> I don't know, I was wondering if someone has played with it
[4:19] <dmsuse> BenO: try mpg123 or mpg321
[4:19] <paulmaidment> don't worry about the messages
[4:19] <paulmaidment> just reboot and all will be well
[4:19] <exfileme> do no match LSB default-Stop values
[4:19] <exfileme> ok
[4:20] <Crenn-NAS> If someone hasn't by the time I've gotten a Pi, I'll try to write some C code so I can communicate between a RPi and a Leaflabs Maple ;D
[4:20] <bikcmp> maple?
[4:20] <paulmaidment> anyone know where I can download SPI?
[4:21] <paulmaidment> (that's the XBMC build right?)
[4:21] <Crenn-NAS> bikcmp: Like an Arduino but with a Cortex-M3
[4:21] <exfileme> rebooted
[4:21] <Crenn-NAS> paulmaidment: It's an interface available on the RPi
[4:21] <Crenn-NAS> It's a serial interface
[4:21] <paulmaidment> ok, type ... ssh root@localhost
[4:22] <paulmaidment> what do you see, a message about key auth?
[4:22] <paulmaidment> or a request for username?
[4:22] <paulmaidment> or something else?
[4:22] <exfileme> just a blank entry
[4:23] <paulmaidment> ??
[4:23] <paulmaidment> can you paste here?
[4:23] <exfileme> >
[4:23] <paulmaidment> ah ok
[4:23] <paulmaidment> type exit
[4:23] <exfileme> done
[4:23] <paulmaidment> and it goes back to prompt yes?
[4:24] <exfileme> yes sorry
[4:24] <paulmaidment> ok, got another machine on the network?
[4:24] <paulmaidment> what OS does the other machine run?
[4:24] <exfileme> this one
[4:24] <exfileme> ;)
[4:24] <exfileme> windows 7
[4:24] <paulmaidment> ok, google for a program called putty
[4:24] <dmsuse> BenO: do you get better results with those players?
[4:24] <paulmaidment> putty.exe
[4:25] <exfileme> i kicked Ubuntu off the network for Pi
[4:25] <exfileme> ok
[4:25] <paulmaidment> while you are doing that, go into the pi and type ifconfig
[4:25] <paulmaidment> and tell me what IP address comes up (usually 192.168.1.X)
[4:26] <paulmaidment> but could be different
[4:27] <paulmaidment> you got putty yet?
[4:27] <exfileme> hmm still says
[4:27] <paulmaidment> so no other addresses, have you plugged in the ethernet cable?
[4:27] <exfileme> yeah it accesses the internet
[4:28] <exfileme> wait wait
[4:28] <paulmaidment> eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr b8:27:eb:b7:80:54
[4:28] <exfileme> moron moment
[4:28] <paulmaidment> inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
[4:28] <paulmaidment> UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1488 Metric:1
[4:28] <paulmaidment> RX packets:39986 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
[4:28] <paulmaidment> TX packets:28715 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
[4:28] <paulmaidment> collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000
[4:28] <paulmaidment> RX bytes:19926605 (19.0 MiB) TX bytes:17691582 (16.8 MiB)
[4:28] <paulmaidment> lo Link encap:Local Loopback
[4:28] <paulmaidment> inet addr: Mask:
[4:28] <BenO> dmsuse, no actually but it's exposed a bug! so... thanks, I guess ;)
[4:28] <paulmaidment> UP LOOPBACK RUNNING MTU:16436 Metric:1
[4:28] <paulmaidment> RX packets:8 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
[4:28] <paulmaidment> TX packets:8 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
[4:28] <paulmaidment> collisions:0 txqueuelen:0
[4:28] <danieldaniel> dafuq
[4:28] <paulmaidment> RX bytes:560 (560.0 B) TX bytes:560 (560.0 B)
[4:28] <exfileme> i have a network IP sorry
[4:28] <paulmaidment> ok, what is the IP?
[4:28] <exfileme>
[4:29] <paulmaidment> ok, cool
[4:29] <paulmaidment> you downloaded putty yet?
[4:29] <exfileme> yes it's running
[4:29] <paulmaidment> cool, 2 secs, I will bring it up on my windows machine so I can see the same
[4:30] <paulmaidment> ok, in host name, type the IP
[4:30] <paulmaidment> port 22
[4:30] <exfileme> did it
[4:30] <paulmaidment> then hit open
[4:30] <paulmaidment> does it connect and request username/password?
[4:30] <LogicGuy> lol
[4:31] <exfileme> login as:
[4:31] <paulmaidment> excellent
[4:31] <paulmaidment> just log in as though you are on the pi itself
[4:31] <paulmaidment> did that work, logged in?
[4:31] <exfileme> yes
[4:31] <paulmaidment> type reboot :)
[4:32] <paulmaidment> and witness the awesome power of ssh :D
[4:32] <exfileme> must have superuser
[4:32] <paulmaidment> sudo
[4:32] <paulmaidment> sudo !!
[4:32] <paulmaidment> and then use your password
[4:32] <paulmaidment> or sudo reboot
[4:32] <paulmaidment> :)
[4:32] <paulmaidment> !! just types the last command in your history
[4:32] <paulmaidment> dead handy that one
[4:33] <exfileme> used sudo reboot
[4:33] <paulmaidment> did that work?
[4:33] <exfileme> rebooting
[4:33] <paulmaidment> :)
[4:33] <paulmaidment> cool, so that test worked
[4:33] <paulmaidment> we established that SSH is working
[4:33] <paulmaidment> and it starts on reboot
[4:33] <exfileme> rebooted
[4:33] <paulmaidment> when pi is up, try to connect again
[4:34] <paulmaidment> and there you go, remote control of your pi enabled :)
[4:34] <tpresence> well I can get 1860x1040, which is crap, but its the best I can do
[4:34] <paulmaidment> tpresence, did you try the settings I sent you?
[4:35] <paulmaidment> disable_overscan is something you need in there
[4:35] <tpresence> I did
[4:35] <exfileme> it connected
[4:35] <tpresence> it gave me 1860x1040
[4:35] <tpresence> BUT
[4:35] <tpresence> it was overlapping the edges
[4:36] <tpresence> so I had to do overscan_left and such
[4:37] <paulmaidment> @exfileme
[4:37] <paulmaidment> @exfileme it works then :)
[4:37] * HeavyWeaponsGuy (~jasonwupi@97-80-168-38.dhcp.gwnt.ga.charter.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:40] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[4:40] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:40] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[4:41] <exfileme> yep i can can access via my other PC
[4:41] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[4:42] <paulmaidment> @exfileme nice
[4:43] <exfileme> so tonight i've gained root access and created a password, changed the clock and gained root access. Haven't even touched the surface I bet
[4:44] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:44] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[4:44] <exfileme> oh i also fixed the HDMI sound issue, but that was easy
[4:44] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[4:45] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:45] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:45] * PiBot sets mode +v Gallomimia
[4:45] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@ Quit (Client Quit)
[4:45] <exfileme> i guess the quake 3 issue was never resolved
[4:46] <exfileme> the sound issue
[4:47] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:47] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[4:52] * gregrob (~gregrob@bas1-brampton13-1279590568.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:52] * PiBot sets mode +v gregrob
[4:52] * orzel (~orzel@berlioz.ethernet.freehackers.org) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[4:56] * passstab (~coplon@c-68-80-37-73.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:56] * pi_au (~pi_au@124-149-168-145.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:56] * PiBot sets mode +v pi_au
[4:56] * danieldaniel is proud of myself
[4:56] <danieldaniel> after 5 tries
[4:56] <danieldaniel> i got it to work
[4:57] <exfileme> what did you do?
[4:57] <danieldaniel> i kept on using the wrong root thing
[4:57] <danieldaniel> in cmdline.txt
[4:58] <danieldaniel> and the other 2 tries were partitioning things
[4:58] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[4:58] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:58] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[4:59] * gregrob (~gregrob@bas1-brampton13-1279590568.dsl.bell.ca) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[4:59] * rredd4 (~jb@71-80-200-24.dhcp.mdfd.or.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:59] * PiBot sets mode +v rredd4
[5:02] <rredd4> any one get there pi that lives in the USA?
[5:02] <exfileme> me
[5:02] <LogicGuy> I live in Canada, I got my P
[5:02] <LogicGuy> Pi :)
[5:02] <exfileme> i live in NC
[5:02] <danieldaniel> I have one
[5:03] <rredd4> still waiting for an email so I know when delivery date is, ordered it on pi day...
[5:03] * barr5790 (~alan@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:03] <LogicGuy> ordered or expressed interest ?
[5:03] <LogicGuy> if you haven't put your credit card, you haven't ordered
[5:03] <rredd4> oredered
[5:03] <LogicGuy> :)
[5:03] <rredd4> it says 55 bucks, used cc
[5:03] <LogicGuy> they used your credit card already ?
[5:04] <LogicGuy> they charged mine on shipping
[5:04] <rredd4> no, haven't sent it yet
[5:04] <exfileme> i wonder wat would happen if I apt-get midori
[5:04] <LogicGuy> apt-get install midori
[5:04] <LogicGuy> =)
[5:04] <exfileme> wonder if the command would update it
[5:05] <LogicGuy> no
[5:05] <exfileme> :(
[5:05] <LogicGuy> it's already up to date
[5:05] <rredd4> what linux are you using?
[5:05] <LogicGuy> from the package
[5:05] <LogicGuy> rredd4, clearly Debian
[5:05] <LogicGuy> apt-get doesn't work on Arch
[5:05] <exfileme> fedora remix
[5:05] <LogicGuy> oh yeah ?
[5:06] <LogicGuy> how's fedora behaving
[5:06] <rredd4> yeah, I like debian. easier to use
[5:06] <LogicGuy> not really
[5:06] <LogicGuy> Arch has more information
[5:06] <LogicGuy> wiki, etc.
[5:06] * jamesglanville (~james@global-2-74.nat.csx.cam.ac.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:06] * PiBot sets mode +v jamesglanville
[5:06] <rredd4> don't know what Arch is
[5:06] <rredd4> guess i will have to google it
[5:07] <ShiftPlusOne> rredd4, archlinux... a flavour of linux.
[5:07] <exfileme> how would i find out
[5:07] <rredd4> ok
[5:07] * LogicGuy (LogicGuy@dsl-69-171-129-179.acanac.net) Quit ()
[5:07] <rredd4> waiting for my pi to get here to do anything
[5:08] * LogicGuy (~LogicGuy@dsl-69-171-129-179.acanac.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:08] * PiBot sets mode +v LogicGuy
[5:08] <bikcmp> rredd4: i still need to order one
[5:08] <bikcmp> i want one so bad
[5:08] <bikcmp> lol
[5:08] <LogicGuy> no credit card ?
[5:08] <LogicGuy> even teens want it :D
[5:08] <ShiftPlusOne> heh
[5:08] <bikcmp> eh?
[5:08] <bikcmp> LogicGuy: i've got credit cards
[5:09] <bikcmp> i want one, but there's no where to buy them from what i understand
[5:09] <LogicGuy> nice troll sentance
[5:09] <rredd4> according to the pi website, if you order it now, you will get it july/august
[5:09] <LogicGuy> you should've ordered it on launch day, like many of us did
[5:09] <bikcmp> LogicGuy: i had work.
[5:09] <bikcmp> rredd4: where can i order it at?
[5:09] <bikcmp> lol
[5:10] <ShiftPlusOne> you put work ahead of raspberry pi? O_o
[5:10] <rredd4> usa?
[5:10] <paulmaidment> rs components or element 14 / farnell
[5:10] <LogicGuy> RS is for UK
[5:10] <LogicGuy> Element14 is for the rest
[5:10] <ShiftPlusOne> RS is also international AFAIK
[5:10] <exfileme> element 14 is USA i think
[5:10] <LogicGuy> www.newark.com is for US
[5:10] <paulmaidment> element 14 is worldwide
[5:10] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[5:10] <LogicGuy> canada.newark.com is for Canada
[5:10] <exfileme> ahhh
[5:10] <paulmaidment> RS only shipping to uk currently
[5:11] <paulmaidment> newark is part of the element 14 group
[5:11] <bikcmp> oh
[5:11] <LogicGuy> the most secure way to get Rpi currently is from newark
[5:11] <bikcmp> i'm in the us
[5:11] <LogicGuy> they called me when I got my Pi
[5:11] <LogicGuy> to see if I like it
[5:11] <bikcmp> nice
[5:11] <paulmaidment> nice :)
[5:11] <bikcmp> LogicGuy: i'm deaf
[5:11] <bikcmp> so like
[5:11] <bikcmp> yeah
[5:11] <bikcmp> lol
[5:12] <LogicGuy> haha
[5:12] <bikcmp> gonna need to be a text
[5:12] <bikcmp> lol
[5:12] <LogicGuy> really ?
[5:12] <bikcmp> LogicGuy: pretty much
[5:12] <bikcmp> i can hear noises but i can't parse them
[5:12] <LogicGuy> :(
[5:12] <LogicGuy> yeah the lady was like: "we're very sorry on the delay on your shipment, there ware some manufacturing problems"
[5:12] <LogicGuy> "are you satisfied with your Pi"
[5:13] <paulmaidment> all of the pi units had to go through safety checks in each country
[5:13] <bikcmp> what does lead time: 141 days
[5:13] <bikcmp> mean?
[5:13] <paulmaidment> that's where the delays came from
[5:13] <bikcmp> 141 days until it's expected to ship?
[5:13] <LogicGuy> it will be shipped in 141 days
[5:13] <LogicGuy> yes
[5:13] <paulmaidment> it means they are backed up with orders and expect to ship your device in 141 days if you order today
[5:13] <paulmaidment> but may be sooner
[5:14] <exfileme> doh
[5:14] <bikcmp> eh
[5:14] <bikcmp> i think i might wait.
[5:14] <paulmaidment> on twitter they are saying that all devices will be shipped by end of august
[5:14] <exfileme> might as well wait for the "boxed" version
[5:14] <bikcmp> tbh
[5:14] <bikcmp> yeah
[5:14] <paulmaidment> even if you order today
[5:14] <bikcmp> even if i order today
[5:14] <bikcmp> i won't have it
[5:14] <bikcmp> lol
[5:14] <LogicGuy> exfileme: my pi came in a box
[5:14] <LogicGuy> it was UPS Express Air
[5:14] <paulmaidment> you mean the plastic case?
[5:14] <exfileme> lol
[5:14] <exfileme> lol yeah the Educational version will have a case
[5:15] <paulmaidment> those are third party 3d prints
[5:15] <exfileme> ahhh
[5:15] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment: no it's actually a box + pink padding
[5:15] <paulmaidment> you can get the scematic and print with a 3d printer, or...
[5:15] <rredd4> what was the total cost?
[5:15] <paulmaidment> buy case
[5:15] <exfileme> might cram mine in an atari cartridge or something
[5:15] <paulmaidment> LogicGuy, you mean the cardboard box?
[5:15] <LogicGuy> paulmaidment: yes
[5:15] <LogicGuy> + pink padding
[5:16] <LogicGuy> http://i.imgur.com/ZVdtz.jpg
[5:16] <paulmaidment> Yeah, I got that, and the foam
[5:16] <LogicGuy> this was my 4chan image
[5:16] <LogicGuy> don't mind the date
[5:16] <LogicGuy> :D
[5:16] <danieldaniel> U all r jelly of my quake
[5:16] <danieldaniel> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbHMrVneBqw
[5:16] <paulmaidment> my pi came in that box
[5:16] <paulmaidment> but was grey foam, kinda purple really
[5:16] <danieldaniel> Where did you get it from?
[5:16] <danieldaniel> farnell or rs
[5:16] <paulmaidment> RS in the UK
[5:16] <danieldaniel> that doesn't look like what I got
[5:16] <danieldaniel> oh
[5:16] <LogicGuy> danieldaniel: this was from Canada
[5:16] <danieldaniel> i got different sheets of pape
[5:16] <LogicGuy> Newark Canada
[5:17] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: Oh
[5:17] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: Newark
[5:17] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:17] * PiBot sets mode +v fiftyonefifty
[5:17] <danieldaniel> n00b
[5:17] <LogicGuy> lol
[5:17] <danieldaniel> RS is for teh hardc0rez
[5:17] <LogicGuy> RS is for people who expressed an interest
[5:17] <LogicGuy> and are from UK
[5:17] <LogicGuy> and have bad teeth
[5:17] <LogicGuy> basically
[5:17] <LogicGuy> :D
[5:17] <bikcmp> bad teeth
[5:17] <paulmaidment> I have bad teeth
[5:17] <paulmaidment> :D
[5:17] <RITRedbeard> lol
[5:17] <paulmaidment> and a pi
[5:17] <paulmaidment> :D
[5:18] <LogicGuy> I'm in Socialist Canada
[5:18] <LogicGuy> have good teeth and a Pi
[5:18] <paulmaidment> aboot time
[5:18] <paulmaidment> sorry, couldn't resist the canadian accent joke :D
[5:18] <LogicGuy> aboot
[5:18] <LogicGuy> hahah
[5:18] <LogicGuy> true eh ?
[5:18] <paulmaidment> yup :)
[5:19] <RITRedbeard> hmmm
[5:19] <rredd4> liz was in CA, they didn't bring any pi's with them.
[5:19] <LogicGuy> she probably ordered from RS
[5:19] <RITRedbeard> i'm going to use the pis to implement scheme in hardware, like, hardward lisp
[5:19] <exfileme> Better hope the RIAA doesnt hear the background song in the quake 3 video ;)
[5:19] <RITRedbeard> then I am going to fit 20 of them in a suitcase, a business suitcase
[5:20] <danieldaniel> LOL http://i.imgur.com/mplST.jpg
[5:20] <RITRedbeard> and I'm going to make every bit of code parallel if it kills me
[5:20] <RITRedbeard> and then I'll have a suitcase of fast pi
[5:20] <paulmaidment> a pi grid
[5:21] <RITRedbeard> then when I resurrect Sussman we'll take over the world
[5:21] <RITRedbeard> by using the wizardry known as coding
[5:21] <exfileme> pic can do wierelsss keyboard and mouse?
[5:21] <RITRedbeard> and other ancient rituals
[5:21] <LogicGuy> yes, my Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard work fine
[5:21] <exfileme> man i'm such a n00b
[5:22] <danieldaniel> exfileme: ikr
[5:22] <LogicGuy> lol
[5:22] <paulmaidment> wireless keyboard and mouse are simple
[5:22] <LogicGuy> there are 2 kinds of people in this channel: those who expressed an interest in the RS site and those who actually ordered the Pi
[5:22] <paulmaidment> just buy a 'single dongle' based keyboard and mouse
[5:23] <RITRedbeard> what if you bought a pandaboard-es?
[5:23] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: which one am i
[5:23] <LogicGuy> the one who ordered
[5:23] <RITRedbeard> then you are a BOSS
[5:23] <danieldaniel> no
[5:23] <danieldaniel> i expressed the intrest
[5:23] <paulmaidment> @LogicGuy, depending on perspective we might say there are 10 types of people
[5:23] <BenO> I have to say, very disappointed in RS
[5:23] <danieldaniel> BenO: I'm not
[5:23] <danieldaniel> I have a nice shiny Pi
[5:24] <LogicGuy> and you're in the UK
[5:24] <LogicGuy> this is where the difference is
[5:24] <LogicGuy> n00b
[5:24] <danieldaniel> imm in the US
[5:24] <BenO> Got one from Farnell, ordered a second last week and will get it before end of June
[5:24] <RITRedbeard> what FPS did you get with q3?
[5:24] <exfileme> anyone cut the power or just leave it on all the time?
[5:24] <RITRedbeard> also is the the source iD released or what implementation?
[5:24] <danieldaniel> RITRedbeard: how do I check?
[5:24] <BenO> RS have ignored me but I still get their love letters from time to time
[5:24] <paulmaidment> Mind you, if you think about the amazing thing the foundation has done here, you have to cut them some slack
[5:24] <RITRedbeard> console command I guess; is it totally smooth?
[5:24] <danieldaniel> yeeah
[5:24] <paulmaidment> cheapest fully functional linux box ever
[5:24] <BenO> "Almost ready to take your order for the Pi!"
[5:24] <danieldaniel> it is actually
[5:24] <exfileme> my FPS would drop when multiple bots would be in the area dancing around
[5:24] <paulmaidment> designed for learning, small, powerful
[5:25] <paulmaidment> and lots of potential for embedded use
[5:25] <RITRedbeard> they're called routers
[5:25] <ReggieUK> it's a pity lots of people will miss the point
[5:25] <ReggieUK> and have already
[5:25] <LogicGuy> danieldaniel: what was the shipping from UK brohon ?
[5:25] <RITRedbeard> and I have some
[5:25] <paulmaidment> well, yes, but most routers do not have an HDMI output
[5:25] <LogicGuy> over 9000 pounds ?
[5:25] <paulmaidment> or sound
[5:25] <danieldaniel> LogicGuy: what?
[5:25] <RITRedbeard> mine does
[5:25] <danieldaniel> my uranium?
[5:25] <danieldaniel> what?
[5:25] <RITRedbeard> every router I purchased has those features
[5:25] <RITRedbeard> aren't they standard?
[5:26] <paulmaidment> lol
[5:26] <RITRedbeard> good points, I guess
[5:26] <RITRedbeard> I was trying to play counter-strike source today on T410 w/ NVS 3100m
[5:26] <RITRedbeard> at native
[5:26] <RITRedbeard> and it wasn't happening
[5:26] <paulmaidment> anyhow, this device has potential in both the hobbyist and commercial sectors
[5:26] <paulmaidment> so lets give them time
[5:26] * Kyzz (~quassel@cpe-24-166-81-109.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:26] * PiBot sets mode +v Kyzz
[5:26] <paulmaidment> we are still in the 'geek release' phase
[5:27] <LogicGuy> i'm going to create a seedbox company
[5:27] <paulmaidment> the big launch has yet to come :)
[5:27] <RITRedbeard> so I wonder if pi will suit my needs
[5:27] <LogicGuy> with raspberry pies
[5:27] <danieldaniel> how do I see my FPD
[5:27] <danieldaniel> FPS*
[5:27] <RITRedbeard> for the ultra mobile
[5:27] <LogicGuy> and have the highest profit ratio
[5:27] <RITRedbeard> not sure
[5:27] <LogicGuy> suck on that
[5:27] <LogicGuy> =)
[5:27] <paulmaidment> :)
[5:28] <RITRedbeard> I'm going to give Raspberry Pis to Sadda- Il-Jung someone or the other.
[5:28] <danieldaniel> how do I move my screen down and to the right?
[5:28] <paulmaidment> Nuclear missile telemetry on a pi :D
[5:28] <RITRedbeard> YOU DON'T
[5:28] <danieldaniel> :(
[5:28] <RITRedbeard> Not sure. You mean the x app window?
[5:29] <danieldaniel> I mean everything
[5:29] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@2001:4428:27e:beef:393f:ec7e:e266:328e) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:29] * PiBot sets mode +v Milos|Netbook
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> is it the wrong resolution or something?
[5:29] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@2001:4428:27e:beef:393f:ec7e:e266:328e) Quit (Changing host)
[5:29] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:29] * PiBot sets mode +v Milos|Netbook
[5:29] <danieldaniel> yeah
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> not quite sure I follow
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> ah
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> then I have no idea
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> i'm not good with x
[5:29] <RITRedbeard> :(
[5:29] <paulmaidment> daniel, have you tried the config.txt fixes?
[5:29] <danieldaniel> paulmaidment: what do I put in it?
[5:30] <danieldaniel> and do you mean cmdline.txt?
[5:30] <paulmaidment> http://wiki.paulmaidment.co.uk
[5:30] <paulmaidment> click on the link about 'raspberry pi' in there
[5:30] <paulmaidment> ok?
[5:30] <danieldaniel> ok
[5:30] <paulmaidment> and there is a note on graphics
[5:30] <danieldaniel> ok
[5:30] <danieldaniel> but do I do it in cmdline.txt?
[5:30] <danieldaniel> there is no config.txt
[5:30] <LogicGuy> ;P
[5:31] <RITRedbeard> so wait
[5:31] <paulmaidment> you need to make the file
[5:31] <RITRedbeard> what are the codes of the various modes?
[5:31] <danieldaniel> ok
[5:31] <RITRedbeard> what if that isn't his native resolution?
[5:31] <RITRedbeard> ANSWERS DEMANDED.
[5:31] <paulmaidment> there is a forum post on it somewhere
[5:31] <paulmaidment> https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/4
[5:32] <paulmaidment> I think they list the modes in here
[5:32] <paulmaidment> but just vi /boot/config.txt
[5:32] <danieldaniel> didn't fix it
[5:32] <paulmaidment> did anything change?
[5:32] <danieldaniel> no
[5:32] <danieldaniel> well, yeah
[5:32] <danieldaniel> it did
[5:32] <paulmaidment> what changed?
[5:32] <danieldaniel> i can barely see anything :(
[5:33] <RITRedbeard> you have to reboot?
[5:33] <RITRedbeard> what is the native resolution of the display?
[5:33] <danieldaniel> i did
[5:33] <danieldaniel> XD
[5:33] <paulmaidment> ok, so it spills over the borders of the screen?
[5:33] <danieldaniel> yeah
[5:33] <danieldaniel> imma try 4
[5:33] <paulmaidment> is it a tv or is it a monitor?
[5:33] <paulmaidment> wait
[5:33] <danieldaniel> tv
[5:33] <RITRedbeard> 720?
[5:33] <paulmaidment> ok, do you have a mode switch on the tb
[5:33] <paulmaidment> ok, do you have a mode switch on the tv
[5:33] <danieldaniel> mode switch?
[5:33] <danieldaniel> oh
[5:33] <danieldaniel> yeah
[5:33] <paulmaidment> some tv's have a 'pc mode'
[5:34] <paulmaidment> any luck?
[5:35] <danieldaniel> nope
[5:35] <danieldaniel> no pc mode
[5:35] <danieldaniel> and also
[5:35] <danieldaniel> it doesn't actually change
[5:35] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[5:35] <paulmaidment> ok, try adding the following...
[5:35] <danieldaniel> at all
[5:36] <D34TH> does your tv have a menu
[5:36] <danieldaniel> yeah
[5:36] <danieldaniel> i just looked at it
[5:36] <D34TH> look for auto adjust
[5:36] <danieldaniel> nothing that would help
[5:36] <D34TH> :D
[5:36] <paulmaidment> hdmi_mode=16
[5:36] <paulmaidment> <tpresence> disable_overscan=1
[5:36] <paulmaidment> <tpresence> overscan_left=30
[5:36] <paulmaidment> <tpresence> overscan_right=30
[5:36] <paulmaidment> <tpresence> overscan_top=20
[5:36] <paulmaidment> <tpresence> overscan_bottom=20
[5:36] <paulmaidment> but before you try that
[5:36] <danieldaniel> with the <tpresence>
[5:36] <paulmaidment> look for auto adjust
[5:36] <paulmaidment> :D
[5:36] <danieldaniel> no, didn't work
[5:36] <paulmaidment> no without tpresence
[5:36] <D34TH> are you hooking it up via rca or hdmi
[5:37] <paulmaidment> that's just some irc nick :D
[5:37] <danieldaniel> ok
[5:37] <danieldaniel> :D
[5:37] <exfileme> I had to add hdmi_drive=2 to get sound working via HDMI
[5:37] <paulmaidment> the overscan settings will trim the edges of the screen in to force the image to fit
[5:37] <danieldaniel> oh, i forgot to mention
[5:37] <danieldaniel> I'm not using HDML
[5:37] <danieldaniel> HDMI*
[5:37] <paulmaidment> ah, cheers for that @exfileme
[5:37] <danieldaniel> XD
[5:38] <paulmaidment> adding that now
[5:38] <exfileme> but HDMI_mode=16 makes it 1080p?
[5:38] <paulmaidment> yup, though some tv's struggle to make it look right
[5:39] <danieldaniel> i think that fixed it
[5:39] <danieldaniel> :D
[5:39] <danieldaniel> let me run quake3
[5:39] <paulmaidment> the overscan commands?
[5:39] <exfileme> no sound in quake
[5:39] <danieldaniel> paulmaidment: yeah
[5:39] <danieldaniel> that fixed it
[5:39] <paulmaidment> nice
[5:39] <danieldaniel> I took out the HDMI thing
[5:40] <paulmaidment> it may be slightly less than 1020p now though
[5:40] <paulmaidment> just slightly
[5:40] <paulmaidment> maybe 40 pixels or so
[5:40] <danieldaniel> idc
[5:40] <danieldaniel> :D
[5:40] <paulmaidment> cool :)
[5:40] <paulmaidment> be right back, want to see this hdmi drive command in action :D
[5:41] * paulmaidment (~paulmaidm@78-105-10-2.zone3.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:41] <danieldaniel> also, for anyone wondering
[5:41] <danieldaniel> I'm getting 25-35 FPS
[5:42] * paulmaidment (~paulmaidm@78-105-10-2.zone3.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:42] * PiBot sets mode +v paulmaidment
[5:43] <exfileme> framerate depends on map and number of bots
[5:43] <paulmaidment> hmmm...not sure how to test the sound
[5:43] <paulmaidment> will leave that for another day :)
[5:43] <paulmaidment> been a long one, need to sleep
[5:44] <paulmaidment> but great conversation here
[5:44] <paulmaidment> :)
[5:44] <danieldaniel> cya
[5:44] <paulmaidment> see you soon guys
[5:45] * paulmaidment (~paulmaidm@78-105-10-2.zone3.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Client Quit)
[5:45] <exfileme> i have yet to see a video of Q3A with sound
[5:45] <danieldaniel> I'm gonna go now
[5:45] <danieldaniel> well, after I try sound
[5:45] <exfileme> i need to go too
[5:46] <danieldaniel> no u dont
[5:46] <danieldaniel> n00b
[5:47] <danieldaniel> imma go to sleep nao
[5:47] <danieldaniel> bai
[5:48] <exfileme> weird i added that hdmi line and pi wont boot
[5:49] <ShiftPlusOne> yeah, it bricks the pi sometimes
[5:49] <exfileme> oh yay
[5:49] <ShiftPlusOne> (jk, it will be fine)
[5:53] * UnderSampled (~UnderSamp@cpe-174-097-224-178.nc.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:55] <exfileme> good thing i could edit by remote
[5:55] * D34TH (D34TH@unaffiliated/d34th) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:55] <exfileme> that line didnt work on my HDTV for some reason lol
[6:00] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[6:02] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[6:06] * cmicallef (~cmicallef@ has joined #raspberrypi
[6:06] * PiBot sets mode +v cmicallef
[6:06] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:06] * PiBot sets mode +v MystX
[6:08] * Shy (Shy@pdpc/supporter/professional/shy) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:08] * PiBot sets mode +v Shy
[6:09] * cmicallef (~cmicallef@ has left #raspberrypi
[6:10] * Lord_DeathMatch (~Lord_Deat@CPE-58-165-77-115.qld.bigpond.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
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[6:13] * Compy (~Compy@c-98-251-52-68.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit ()
[6:17] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:17] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[6:26] * rredd4 (~jb@71-80-200-24.dhcp.mdfd.or.charter.com) has left #raspberrypi
[6:28] * LWK_mac (~LWK@pdpc/supporter/student/lwk) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[6:37] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca56a2.bb.sky.com) Quit ()
[6:38] * pi_au (~pi_au@124-149-168-145.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[6:40] * s[x] (~sx]@ppp59-167-157-96.static.internode.on.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[6:40] * yourewrong (561ec4a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[6:40] * PiBot sets mode +v yourewrong
[6:41] <yourewrong> ShiftPlusOne: You didn't brick your pi
[6:41] <yourewrong> Bricking is permanant, hence the word, it's supposed to be as useful as a brick.. a paperweight.
[6:42] <yourewrong> You can't undo a bricking, if you can, then it was never bricked in the first place
[6:44] * yourewrong is now known as fishingonanempty
[6:44] <fishingonanempty> woo
[6:44] <fishingonanempty> hi
[6:44] <fishingonanempty> anyone around?
[6:45] * fishingonanempty is now known as tearsintherain
[6:45] <tearsintherain> tick
[6:45] <tearsintherain> and there goes another
[6:45] <tearsintherain> tock
[6:46] <tearsintherain> hundreds of people
[6:46] <tearsintherain> and so quiet
[6:46] <tearsintherain> are you afraid?
[6:46] <tearsintherain> there's no need.
[6:46] <tearsintherain> the monsters aren't afraid of the dark
[6:46] <tearsintherain> the darkness is null
[6:47] <tearsintherain> and so is this channel
[6:47] <mrdragons> That's deep man.
[6:47] <tearsintherain> it so wasn't
[6:47] <tearsintherain> it was complete bullshit
[6:47] <tearsintherain> drunken bullshit
[6:47] <tearsintherain> bored bullshit
[6:47] <tearsintherain> bullshit
[6:49] <tearsintherain> and so mr dragon, what made you speak?
[6:50] <tearsintherain> or rather, a compulsion
[6:50] * EricAndrews (~EricAndre@CPE78e7d1897efc-CM001ac319118a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:50] * PiBot sets mode +v EricAndrews
[6:50] <tearsintherain> there is no creator
[6:51] <tearsintherain> we exist to experience
[6:51] <tearsintherain> and then we die
[6:51] <tearsintherain> and all is lost
[6:51] <mrdragons> tearsintherain: An irrational phobia of people with the nick "tearsintherain" getting 11 consecutive posts
[6:51] <tearsintherain> mrdragons: tearsintherain is a bladerunner reference
[6:53] <tearsintherain> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOphFl88U-g
[6:55] * EricAndrews (~EricAndre@CPE78e7d1897efc-CM001ac319118a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[7:05] * PaulFertser (paul@paulfertser.info) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[7:07] <tntexplosivesltd> tearsintherain: you can't talk, you came here from the freenode web interface
[7:07] <tntexplosivesltd> get a real client
[7:08] <tearsintherain> I am using a real client
[7:09] <tntexplosivesltd> oho okay, if you say so >.>
[7:11] <bikcmp> tearsintherain: 01:10:05 -!- tearsintherain [561ec4a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]
[7:11] <bikcmp> you are using freenode's webchat gateway
[7:11] <bikcmp> a web based service
[7:11] <tearsintherain> bikcmp: your point?
[7:11] <bikcmp> that isn't a client in my opinion
[7:12] <tearsintherain> course it is
[7:12] <bikcmp> hm
[7:12] <bikcmp> not a locally run client
[7:13] <tearsintherain> "qwebirc is a fast, easy to use, free and open source IRC client designed by and originally just for the QuakeNet IRC network"
[7:13] <bikcmp> hm.
[7:14] <bikcmp> trying to find a definite definition to 'irc client'
[7:14] <tntexplosivesltd> not a silly childish web interface?
[7:14] <bikcmp> it's loosely defined
[7:14] <bikcmp> tearsintherain: the thing is
[7:14] <bikcmp> with qwebirc
[7:15] <hotwings> client software is a way for a user to send/receive data stored on a server
[7:15] <tntexplosivesltd> I prefer to not use them
[7:15] <bikcmp> you don't have a direct connection to the server.
[7:15] <bikcmp> it's you -> webchat -> irc.
[7:15] <tntexplosivesltd> they lack a lot of features I like
[7:15] <bikcmp> unless you're using some flash/java stuff
[7:15] <tearsintherain> of course it's local, it's javascript
[7:15] <hotwings> he is certainly using a client.. its just not local
[7:15] <bikcmp> tearsintherain: it kind of is, but isn't
[7:15] <bikcmp> tearsintherain: you're connected to the webchat server
[7:15] <bikcmp> not the irc server
[7:15] <bikcmp> if you get what i mean
[7:15] <tearsintherain> so?
[7:15] <bikcmp> so what
[7:16] <tntexplosivesltd> yeah, javascript
[7:16] <tntexplosivesltd> brilliant...
[7:16] <tearsintherain> javascript is clientside
[7:16] <bikcmp> it is, yes
[7:16] <bikcmp> but the operations you do are serverside
[7:17] <bikcmp> i'm trying to find something which might be able to explain it better than i can
[7:17] <tearsintherain> qwebirc is an irc client. Do you disagree with that statement?
[7:17] <bikcmp> hm.
[7:17] <bikcmp> well.
[7:17] <bikcmp> i define an irc client as an application which is able to directly connect to an irc server.
[7:17] <hotwings> it is a web-based client, run within a browser.
[7:18] <bikcmp> qwebirc is connecting to a gateway connecting to a web gateway
[7:18] <bikcmp> and the web gateway connecting to a irc server.
[7:18] <bikcmp> so, no.
[7:18] <tntexplosivesltd> how about children and people who don't know how to computer use web gateways
[7:18] <hotwings> it most certainly is an irc client, client, bla
[7:18] <bikcmp> well
[7:18] <bikcmp> it depends on how you define irc client.
[7:19] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: What's your point?
[7:19] <hotwings> there is no grey area for "irc client"
[7:20] <tntexplosivesltd> tearsintherain: they you are one of those
[7:20] <bikcmp> hotwings: well
[7:20] <tntexplosivesltd> * that
[7:20] <bikcmp> hotwings: i define it as this: an application that is able to connect to an irc server directly.
[7:20] <bikcmp> open a socket to an irc server.
[7:20] <bikcmp> qwebirc doesn't do that.
[7:21] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: What makes you think that? I have a fully functioning alternative called xchat, but I choose to use this.
[7:21] <hotwings> theres no rule that says a client must connect directly to a server
[7:21] <bikcmp> hotwings: that's how /i/ define it
[7:21] <hotwings> a client is simply a means for a user to communicate with a server. how it does that is completely irrelevent
[7:22] * bikcmp shrugs
[7:22] <bikcmp> haha
[7:22] <tntexplosivesltd> tearsintherain: because why would anyone use a web interface over a real client
[7:22] <tntexplosivesltd> I don't understand it
[7:22] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: convenience
[7:22] <bikcmp> hotwings: i /personally/ define an *IRC* client
[7:22] <bikcmp> as a application that opens a socket to an irc server.
[7:22] <bikcmp> qwebirc does not do that.
[7:22] <bikcmp> for the end user.
[7:22] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: It's the same reason why some browsers bundle ftp functionality
[7:22] <bikcmp> the backend does.
[7:22] <tntexplosivesltd> ???_???
[7:23] <tntexplosivesltd> but it's much much more limited compared to a real client
[7:23] <tearsintherain> how so?
[7:23] <tntexplosivesltd> or do you not really go on other channels?
[7:23] <tearsintherain> I can type /join
[7:23] <tntexplosivesltd> as in you personally day to day
[7:24] <tntexplosivesltd> can you connect to other nervers?
[7:24] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: Have you not tried it?
[7:24] <tntexplosivesltd> * servers
[7:24] <tntexplosivesltd> I have
[7:24] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: freenode suits my needs
[7:24] <tntexplosivesltd> once
[7:24] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: I used to use operanet, but not anymore.
[7:24] <hotwings> if he likes using a web-based irc client, i dont see the problem
[7:25] <tearsintherain> or she
[7:25] <tntexplosivesltd> hotwings: I am establishing the use case =)
[7:25] <tearsintherain> but really he
[7:25] <tntexplosivesltd> in some cases it makes sense to use a web client
[7:25] <tearsintherain> Well there you go
[7:25] <tntexplosivesltd> well, there's no disadvantage
[7:26] <[deXter]> Well, I definitely see a huge difference of speed.
[7:26] <hotwings> the only thing that matters to him is _his_ use case though
[7:27] <[deXter]> Web clients are really laggy on my computer, compared to a dedicated client like XChat
[7:27] <[deXter]> plus there are tons and tons of advantages
[7:27] <tearsintherain> The only annoyance is the captcha, but that doesn't bother me.
[7:27] <[deXter]> like automatic reconnect, the ability to use a BNC.. customization
[7:27] <[deXter]> scripts
[7:27] <[deXter]> themes
[7:27] <Crenn-NAS> irssi ftw ;D
[7:27] <tntexplosivesltd> tearsintherain: and client-side scripts
[7:27] <[deXter]> multi-server connectivity
[7:27] <[deXter]> And.. SPEED
[7:27] <tntexplosivesltd> which some people really hate
[7:27] <tearsintherain> why would you need autoconnect if you're not planning to stick around 24/7?
[7:27] <[deXter]> you just can't beat the speed of using a dedicated client
[7:28] * Turingi (~devon@unaffiliated/devon-hillard/x-7250961) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:28] * PiBot sets mode +v Turingi
[7:28] <tearsintherain> It's just text, is speed really that important?
[7:28] <Crenn-NAS> tearsintherain: I'm here 24/7 providing my internet connection lasts as long ;P
[7:28] <[deXter]> Yes
[7:28] <[deXter]> Because AJAX is slow
[7:28] <hotwings> he seems to have no problem keeping up with the conversation using his web client
[7:28] <Crenn-NAS> tearsintherain: Speed is always important if you want to write "FIRST"
[7:29] <tearsintherain> Crenn-NAS: Why are you here 24/7?
[7:29] <[deXter]> Well when you're chatting in a traffic-heavy channel
[7:29] <[deXter]> you'll see
[7:29] <Crenn-NAS> Or if you are having an argument
[7:29] <[deXter]> ^
[7:29] <Crenn-NAS> tearsintherain: For s~~~s and giggles?
[7:29] <[deXter]> You type out a sentence only to realise that after you press enter, someone's already beat you to it and even had a full reply.
[7:30] <tearsintherain> I'm not really an internet augmentative person.
[7:30] * Syliss (~Syliss@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:30] * PiBot sets mode +v Syliss
[7:30] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: Oh well, who cares
[7:30] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, Well if you're a casual user I guess not.
[7:30] <Crenn-NAS> Also, if someone says my name to ask me a question, I can get back to them when I'm next on IRC
[7:30] * [deXter] is an IRC addict.
[7:30] <tearsintherain> Crenn-NAS: There's a public log, I don't really see the benefit of sticking around
[7:30] * tnt_qw (3132f7b1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[7:30] * PiBot sets mode +v tnt_qw
[7:30] <BenO> Everyone who uses that web client, will share the same host. If an Op decides to kb you by using your host, it will kb everyone using that client
[7:30] <tearsintherain> Crenn-NAS: ctrl + f?
[7:31] <tnt_qw> ugh
[7:31] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, how many channels are you on right now?
[7:31] <tnt_qw> it doesn't colour nicks
[7:31] <tnt_qw> qq
[7:31] * tnt_qw (3132f7b1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)
[7:31] <tearsintherain> BenO: Wouldn't that depend on how they ban you?
[7:31] <[deXter]> Yeah, colored nick names are a huge negative.
[7:31] * Milos (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:31] * PiBot sets mode +v Milos
[7:32] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: Just the one.
[7:32] <[deXter]> I mean, the lack of.
[7:32] <tearsintherain> I find coloured nicks distracting.
[7:32] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, Well there you go. I'm on nearly 30 channels on Freenode alone.. I'm also connected to three other servers.
[7:32] <tntexplosivesltd> [deXter]: I modified the irssi nickcolor script to colour the lines of chat too
[7:32] <[deXter]> O.o
[7:32] <tntexplosivesltd> it's so good
[7:32] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, colored nicks help you track conversations
[7:32] <BenO> tearsintherain, if someone is trolling via a web client, banning their username isn't enough, as they'll just rejoin with a different one. Most Ops just take out the host as that is quickest
[7:33] <[deXter]> ^
[7:33] <[deXter]> In fact, it's the VERY reason why Freenode banned Mibbit.
[7:33] <Crenn-NAS> tearsintherain: I do, as it doesn't 'cost' anything to be online and means that anytime I want, anywhere in the world, I can just jump in without guessing what the conversation is about
[7:33] <tntexplosivesltd> yeah, we ban the use of major web irc clients on our server =O
[7:33] <tntexplosivesltd> * =P
[7:33] <tntexplosivesltd> tearsintherain: and reading the pub logs is tedious
[7:33] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: You'll never guess the host I'm using
[7:33] <tntexplosivesltd> like you were saying, it's convenient to be on 24/7
[7:34] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: http://webchat.freenode.net/
[7:34] <Crenn-NAS> I wonder if I could get my mother to use a RPi
[7:34] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, Yes, I know that. I was talking about Mibbit.
[7:34] <tearsintherain> If freenode hate web clients so much why would they provide one?
[7:34] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, did you know that freenode infact launched webchat.freenode.net, *because* they banned Mibbit?
[7:34] <[deXter]> And legit users wanted a way to IRC from their work / school etc..
[7:35] <tntexplosivesltd> why do they provide their own over other existing ones?
[7:35] <tntexplosivesltd> ninja;d
[7:35] <tntexplosivesltd> * 'd
[7:35] <[deXter]> Because people were abusing mibbit
[7:35] <BenO> So they can kb a user by their true ip
[7:35] * nighty^ (~nighty@69-165-220-105.dsl.teksavvy.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[7:35] <[deXter]> With their own servers, they have more control over user identities
[7:35] <tearsintherain> So what's the issue then
[7:35] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[7:36] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, My point is, if you're a regular IRC user and you're not using a real client without any vaild reason, then.. you're missing out.
[7:36] <tearsintherain> I disagree
[7:37] <[deXter]> :(
[7:37] <tntexplosivesltd> go on...
[7:37] <tearsintherain> I have xchat a couple of clicks away, yet I'm using webchat.freenode.net. Why? Because it full-fills my needs.
[7:37] <tntexplosivesltd> D=
[7:38] <tearsintherain> I don't need script support
[7:38] <tearsintherain> I don't need coloured nicks
[7:38] <tearsintherain> I am happy with this
[7:39] <tntexplosivesltd> then why have xchat =D
[7:39] <[deXter]> You're happy having to type in all your credentials and the captcha every single time?
[7:39] <tearsintherain> tntexplosivesltd: Because uninstalling things takes too much effort
[7:39] * Syliss (~Syliss@ Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[7:40] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: 1 nick, 1 room, and a captcha, not that hard.
[7:40] <Crenn-NAS> I don't need scipt support, I can't care about coloured nicks 0~although highlighting is good for me1~ and I'm happy enough with irssi ;D
[7:40] <[deXter]> tearsintherain, But what about your username and password?
[7:40] <tearsintherain> [deXter]: My nick isn't registered :D
[7:40] <[deXter]> O.o Your nick isn't registered?!
[7:41] <Crenn-NAS> brb, registering the nick tearsintherain
[7:41] <tntexplosivesltd> =D
[7:41] <tearsintherain> k
[7:41] <[deXter]> Yay :)
[7:41] * tearsintherain is now known as Guest96135
[7:41] <[deXter]> :P
[7:41] <Crenn-NAS> Done
[7:41] <tntexplosivesltd> he'll just change to another silly name
[7:42] <tntexplosivesltd> like you'rewrong
[7:42] <Guest96135> I won't
[7:42] <tntexplosivesltd> ???_???
[7:42] <[deXter]> See, this is why you register your nick. Also, some channels don't even allow unregistered nicks.
[7:42] <Guest96135> [deXter]: I have a registered nick
[7:42] <Guest96135> Just not that one
[7:42] <[deXter]> Guest96135, Then why don't you use it? :/
[7:43] <Guest96135> What's the point? I don't have a personal connection with you people, what do I care whether you remember me or not?
[7:43] <Guest96135> I could make up 200/300 of the idlers on this channel for all you know
[7:43] * phirsch_ (~smuxi@xdsl-89-0-161-201.netcologne.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:43] * PiBot sets mode +v phirsch_
[7:44] <[deXter]> Oh well.
[7:44] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: For 16 hours a day, I probably do too
[7:44] * exfileme (~IceChat77@cpe-174-106-093-073.ec.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[7:45] <ecto2> yo momma idles
[7:45] * phirsch (~smuxi@xdsl-78-35-60-50.netcologne.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[7:45] <ecto2> on deez nuts
[7:45] * exfileme (~IceChat77@cpe-174-106-093-073.ec.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:45] * PiBot sets mode +v exfileme
[7:45] <tntexplosivesltd> ???_???
[7:46] <Guest96135> ecto2: umm
[7:46] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[7:46] <Crenn-NAS> ecto2: The poor git
[7:47] <Guest96135> I need for caffeine
[7:47] <Guest96135> *more
[7:47] <Crenn-NAS> I can tell
[7:47] <Guest96135> I love me some coffee
[7:48] <Guest96135> no sugar, I'm sweet enough.
[7:48] <Guest96135> Black as my soul
[7:48] <Crenn-NAS> I don't drink coffee
[7:48] * tntexplosivesltd sits back with popcorn, watching Guest96135 trying to be cool
[7:48] <tntexplosivesltd> =P
[7:48] <Guest96135> cool?
[7:48] <Guest96135> all the cool people are asleep
[7:49] <tntexplosivesltd> Guest96135: are you from america?
[7:49] <Guest96135> uk
[7:49] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Don't know, I'm pretty cold currently
[7:49] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ Quit (Quit: This here's FiftyOneFifty on the side. We gone, bye bye)
[7:49] <tntexplosivesltd> >.>
[7:49] <Guest96135> ?
[7:49] <tntexplosivesltd> funny, I would have guessed america
[7:50] <Guest96135> it's 6:48am here
[7:50] <Crenn-NAS> If you're american, raise your gun in the air
[7:50] <Guest96135> tntexplosivesltd: Why american? Should I have expressed my love for tea?
[7:50] <Guest96135> Should I kill myself because I'm an englishman who doesn't like tea?
[7:50] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: You love tea too?
[7:50] <Guest96135> no
[7:51] <tntexplosivesltd> Guest96135: you just seemed american
[7:51] <Crenn-NAS> I hate not being able to do exclamation marks on this tablet...
[7:51] <tntexplosivesltd> something about you...
[7:51] <tntexplosivesltd> I can't pick it out
[7:51] <Guest96135> tntexplosivesltd: Our culture is becoming very americanised
[7:51] <hotwings> irc from a tablet? yuk
[7:51] <Crenn-NAS> tntexplosivesltd: He's text on a screen
[7:51] * s[x] (~sx]@ppp59-167-157-96.static.internode.on.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[7:51] <Crenn-NAS> hotwings: Tablet with keyboard ;P
[7:52] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:52] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[7:52] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: What OS?
[7:52] <hotwings> oh ok, i retract the yuk in that case
[7:52] <Guest96135> FUCK YOU FACEFOX.COM
[7:52] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Android Honeycomb
[7:52] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: Install the swiftkey 3 beta
[7:52] <Crenn-NAS> And it's also prone to crashing.... when I'm not using it
[7:53] <Guest96135> swiftkey 3 is amazing
[7:53] <Crenn-NAS> In the market?
[7:53] <Guest96135> No
[7:53] <Guest96135> It's beta
[7:55] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: http://www.swiftkey.net/swiftkey-3-beta-smart-space-ui-themes
[7:55] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: I think you have to register on the forums though to see a download link
[7:57] * jaxdahl (foobar@cthulhu.residential.okstate.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:57] * PiBot sets mode +v jaxdahl
[7:57] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Don't need to use it
[7:57] <Crenn-NAS> My phone has a physical keyboard as well
[7:57] <Guest96135> you said tablet
[7:57] <Crenn-NAS> Touch screen keyboards are all awful
[7:58] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Tablet with keyboard
[7:58] <Guest96135> impossible
[7:58] <Crenn-NAS> Asus EEEPad Transformer
[7:58] <Guest96135> Oh that overpriced thing
[7:58] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[7:59] <Crenn-NAS> I got it for free
[7:59] <Guest96135> the keyboard aswell/
[7:59] <Crenn-NAS> Yep
[7:59] <Guest96135> As much as an android fanboy I am, I do have to admit that the ipads are much better value for money at the moment
[7:59] <Guest96135> android tablets suck
[8:00] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[8:00] <Crenn-NAS> In what way do they suck?
[8:00] <Guest96135> Overpriced
[8:00] <Crenn-NAS> Just curious btw
[8:00] <Guest96135> The nexus tablet should change things up though
[8:00] <Crenn-NAS> In Australia all things are overpriced
[8:01] <Crenn-NAS> iPads, even more so
[8:01] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: And there are virtually no dedicated android tablet apps compared to apples
[8:01] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: I don't see that as a problem
[8:01] <Crenn-NAS> I'm using connectbot to connect to my server while I'm at my parent's place
[8:01] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:01] * PiBot sets mode +v Gallomimia
[8:01] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: Why? Wouldn't you want an app designed with a tablet interface in mind? Rather than a phone?
[8:02] <Crenn-NAS> When I leave here, I can use the same app on my phone with no issues
[8:02] <Guest96135> Yeah but a phone and a tablet are designed to do different things
[8:02] <Crenn-NAS> The app works fine on both devices
[8:03] <hotwings> im not a fan of tablets
[8:03] <Crenn-NAS> Agreed, one to fool around with and make calls, and the other to just fool around with
[8:03] <Crenn-NAS> hotwings: Neither am I
[8:03] <hotwings> im sure all the people who just listen to music, email, and screw around on google like them though
[8:03] <Crenn-NAS> For all purposes, I don't like the tablet, but it does have it's advaantages
[8:04] <Guest96135> I think a tablet would be extremely valuable just for the ability to watch video in bed without an awkward laptop position
[8:04] <Crenn-NAS> hotwings: I basically use the tablet for email, basic web browsing, and twitter
[8:05] <Crenn-NAS> And maybe the odd youtube video
[8:05] <Crenn-NAS> Not enough for me to justify buying one
[8:05] <Crenn-NAS> The main thing I like about the tablet is that it can be always on
[8:05] <Guest96135> Web browsing is still very much a mouse experience.. links and buttons are just too small for pudgy fingers and thumbs
[8:05] <Crenn-NAS> With my netbook, can't really do that
[8:06] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: Course you can.
[8:06] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Agreed, although this laptop has a touchpad ;D
[8:06] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: Stick a netbook on standby and it will last just as long
[8:06] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Not with the same battery life I can't
[8:06] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: But it means it's 'off' ;P
[8:06] <Crenn-NAS> It's not always on in the same sense
[8:06] <Guest96135> standby isn't off
[8:07] <Guest96135> everything is still in ram
[8:07] <Guest96135> but nearly everything else is off
[8:07] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Will it recieve emails during standby?
[8:07] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: No, but neither can your tablet.
[8:07] <Crenn-NAS> Actually it does ;P
[8:07] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: It would have to periodically wake itself up
[8:07] <Guest96135> And check
[8:07] <Guest96135> And then alert you
[8:07] <Crenn-NAS> Yep
[8:08] <Crenn-NAS> And it does
[8:08] <Guest96135> It's not so different from a netbook
[8:08] <Crenn-NAS> Without turning the screen on
[8:08] * farmboy (~quassel@cpc15-cmbg14-2-0-cust146.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:08] * PiBot sets mode +v farmboy
[8:08] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: Instant messaging is another thing that I do often would be nice
[8:09] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: What protocol?
[8:09] <Crenn-NAS> WLM
[8:09] * mpthompson (~IceChat77@c-50-131-39-81.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Beware of programmers who carry screwdrivers.)
[8:09] <Guest96135> wow I've never heard msn being referred to as WLM, I must be behind the times.
[8:10] <Guest96135> It was always msn in my day.
[8:10] <Crenn-NAS> I use both, but it stopped being MSN Messenger some time ago xD
[8:10] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:10] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[8:10] <Guest96135> FUCK YOU FACEFOX.COM
[8:10] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: I remember it being Windows Messenger
[8:10] <Guest96135> Crenn-NAS: It was msn before that
[8:11] <hotwings> who was around in the compuserve days?
[8:11] <Guest96135> not me
[8:11] <Crenn-NAS> Was it, I can't remember
[8:11] <Crenn-NAS> Compuserve sounds familiar
[8:12] <Guest96135> msn messenger was renamed windows live messenger in 2006
[8:12] * Lord_DeathMatch is now known as Lord_DM-away
[8:13] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[8:13] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:13] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[8:15] <Crenn-NAS> Either way, it's what I'd use
[8:15] <Guest96135> ShiftPlusOne: Can you ban FACEFOX-DOT-COM?
[8:16] <Crenn-NAS> But I'd love to be able to turn my netbook onto standby and for WLM to be slowly running providing there is a Wireless AP it can usee
[8:17] <Guest96135> there's an x86 version of android
[8:17] * ossifrage (~ossifrage@c-71-224-69-0.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[8:18] <solarbaby> I've used x86 andoid.. its good but hardly any android apps are compiled to run on atom
[8:19] <Crenn-NAS> Guest96135: I like Windows ;P
[8:19] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[8:19] <solarbaby> I liked Windows 2000
[8:19] <solarbaby> haven't liked it much since then though
[8:19] <Guest96135> just saying if you want your netbook to behave like a tablet you could always stick android on it
[8:20] <solarbaby> Guest96135: Ubuntu looks like tablet OSs now too
[8:20] <Guest96135> fuck ubuntu
[8:20] <solarbaby> Guest96135: Ubuntu uses the new Unity desktop theme
[8:20] <Guest96135> ubuntu is so bloated and unity is a pile of shit
[8:20] <solarbaby> Guest96135: no reason to be rude
[8:21] <Guest96135> solarbaby: Are you an ubuntu dev?
[8:21] <solarbaby> Guest96135: nope.. but I do run Ubuntu on my Netbook
[8:21] * Etac_Sufbo (~aaa@n058153242100.netvigator.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:21] * PiBot sets mode +v Etac_Sufbo
[8:22] <Guest96135> I want chrome os
[8:22] <Guest96135> hurry up hexxeh
[8:22] <tntexplosivesltd> Guest96135: lolol ubuntu is shit =D
[8:22] <solarbaby> I believe they gave up on Chrome os
[8:23] <Guest96135> solarbaby: who gave up?
[8:23] <solarbaby> Google
[8:23] <solarbaby> they are working on something that will replace chrome os
[8:23] <Guest96135> you sure?
[8:23] <solarbaby> not sure, but I did hear that on Tech News Today
[8:23] <Guest96135> Ha tech news today
[8:24] <Guest96135> I do love a bit of twit
[8:24] <solarbaby> same here
[8:24] <Guest96135> I can't be bothered to keep up with a daily show though
[8:25] <Guest96135> this week in tech is enough for me
[8:25] <solarbaby> I get a little upset with Leo when he starts to talk about none tech stuff
[8:26] <Guest96135> why
[8:27] <solarbaby> good question.. and I guess its that Im spending my time listening to all things tech, and not whatever else is on his mind
[8:27] <Guest96135> I think I have the ads memorised :(
[8:27] <solarbaby> he's good with his ads
[8:27] <Guest96135> Audio bandwidth for This Week in Tech is provided by the new Winamp for Android... featuring wireless sync and one-click iTunes import. Now with FREE daily music downloads and full length CD listening parties
[8:28] <Guest96135> Ugh
[8:28] * solarbaby Laughs at Guest96135!!
[8:28] <tntexplosivesltd> sad.....
[8:28] <tntexplosivesltd> -P
[8:28] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:28] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[8:28] <tntexplosivesltd> * =P
[8:28] <tntexplosivesltd> ???_???
[8:28] * LogicGuy (~LogicGuy@dsl-69-171-129-179.acanac.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[8:29] <Guest96135> I just get them downloaded automatically onto my phone though
[8:29] <Guest96135> and then listen during commuting
[8:29] <Guest96135> zero effort really
[8:29] <Guest96135> I love android
[8:31] <Guest96135> I don't know how I would be able to survive without rss feeds
[8:31] <tntexplosivesltd> like a normal person
[8:31] <tntexplosivesltd> without tech
[8:32] * Lord_DM-away is now known as Lord_DeathMatch
[8:32] <Guest96135> but then I would have to manually check for website updates
[8:32] <Guest96135> sooo much wasted time
[8:32] <tntexplosivesltd> true
[8:33] <Guest96135> I use rss feeds to automatically download new releases of my favourite shows
[8:33] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[8:33] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:33] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[8:34] <Guest96135> Especially useful seeing as they always get released at 3am
[8:35] * smw_ is now known as smw
[8:37] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[8:37] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:37] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[8:38] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[8:43] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[8:43] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:43] * PiBot sets mode +v Gallomimia
[8:48] <tntexplosivesltd> what's with facefox-dot-com
[8:48] <tzarc> they like to shout when announcing their presence
[8:51] <tntexplosivesltd> LOOK AT ME!!!!!!
[8:51] * Etac_Sufbo (~aaa@n058153242100.netvigator.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[8:53] * namfonos (~boris@108-194-22-242.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[8:53] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:58] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[9:00] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:00] * PiBot sets mode +v MystX
[9:03] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[9:07] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ppp-110-168-198-71.revip5.asianet.co.th) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:07] * PiBot sets mode +v capiscuas
[9:09] * sm4wwg (~root@h5n2-oer-d3.ias.bredband.telia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[9:09] * dagb (~dagb@ has joined #raspberrypi
[9:09] * PiBot sets mode +v dagb
[9:09] * sm4wwg (~root@h5n2-oer-d3.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:09] * PiBot sets mode +v sm4wwg
[9:09] <dagb> yikes. crowded channel.
[9:10] <tzarc> and yet all they do is idle
[9:10] <tzarc> :P
[9:10] <Crenn-NAS> dagb: You expected a barren channel?
[9:10] <Crenn-NAS> tzarc: I resent that
[9:10] <Crenn-NAS> I lurk
[9:10] <tzarc> fine fine
[9:10] <dagb> Crenn-NAS: not exactly. But still.
[9:11] <dagb> any of you guys got an r-pi board yet?
[9:11] <tzarc> yep
[9:11] <tzarc> but no SD cards floating around
[9:11] * phirsch_ is now known as phirsch
[9:12] <dagb> tzarc: are you bored of it yet? :-)
[9:12] <tzarc> nah been too busy
[9:13] <dagb> tzarc: yuo don't have an old camera with an SDcard in a drawer somewhere?
[9:13] <tzarc> nope
[9:13] <tzarc> not since I moved apartments
[9:13] <Crenn-NAS> dagb: I'm buying a new SD Card for when I get mine :D
[9:13] <tzarc> got a few microSD cards though, but no adapters :S
[9:13] <solarbaby> sd cards are very cheap now.. though I don't recommend using a cheap card :)
[9:14] <tzarc> oh I know, just haven't had time to get one
[9:14] <tzarc> been pulling 8pm+ at work, and nothing is open at that point
[9:14] <solarbaby> time to hit up amazon.com
[9:14] <dagb> tzarc: solarbaby beat me to it
[9:14] <tzarc> would still be a week+ away :P
[9:14] * solarbaby laughs
[9:14] <dagb> although I'd point you at dx.com or similar
[9:14] <solarbaby> yeah thats true
[9:15] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:15] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:15] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[9:15] <solarbaby> dagb: never been there
[9:15] <tzarc> I can go pick one up tomorrow on the way to work
[9:15] <tzarc> if I'm having to stay back after 8pm, they can wait for me to start as well
[9:15] <dagb> solarbaby: Hong Kong operation. No shipping fees. :-)
[9:15] <Guest96135> have you actually been to facefox.com?
[9:16] <solarbaby> found this script that colorizes nicknames on irssi.. holy shit this makes a big difference keeping up with convo in a channel now :)
[9:16] <Guest96135> It's just an overcomplicated ad portal.
[9:16] <tzarc> hmmm, I should add that sort of thing to my scripts as well
[9:16] <solarbaby> tzarc: i'll try to point you to what im using
[9:17] <tzarc> oh I'm using mIRC so it won't be much use to me
[9:17] <tzarc> I'll just write one real quick
[9:17] <tzarc> simpler :P
[9:17] <dagb> solarbaby: the theme I use colorize anything I say, as well as anything anyone says with my nick in it.
[9:18] <dagb> that covers most of what I am interested in. :-)
[9:18] <Guest96135> DAGB
[9:19] <dagb> yeah. it is case insensitive
[9:19] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:19] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:19] <tzarc> /facepalm
[9:19] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[9:21] <solarbaby> tzarc: http://scripts.irssi.org/html/nickcolor.pl.html#load_colors-
[9:22] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ppp-110-168-198-71.revip5.asianet.co.th) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[9:22] * Gallomimia (~Gallo@S0106602ad08026fc.ca.shawcable.net) Quit (Quit: Gallomimia)
[9:22] <Guest96135> solarbaby: They spelt colour wrong
[9:22] <solarbaby> dagb: im just starting out with irssi but so far I created a highlight window that takes 6 lines of my screen and shows me any important messages I may have missed on every screen
[9:22] * mikey_w (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:22] * PiBot sets mode +v mikey_w
[9:22] * mike_ (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:22] * PiBot sets mode +v mike_
[9:22] <solarbaby> Guest96135: its a nice script, spelling errors just gives the author some character. hahha
[9:23] * mike_ is now known as Guest63933
[9:24] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:24] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:25] <Guest96135> fuck you FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:26] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[9:26] <dagb> solarbaby: Mine highlights the channels where anyone mentions my name. And I have a fat scrollback buffer. :-)
[9:26] * Shy (Shy@pdpc/supporter/professional/shy) Quit ()
[9:26] * namfonos (~boris@108-194-22-242.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:26] * PiBot sets mode +v namfonos
[9:26] <dagb> oh. he left
[9:26] <Guest96135> dagb
[9:26] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:26] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[9:27] <dagb> wb, solarbaby
[9:27] <solarbaby> Thanks!
[9:27] <solarbaby> sorry about the ins and outs.. Im really having difficulties with the window modes of irssi
[9:27] <solarbaby> very confusing
[9:27] <Guest96135> you should use a web client
[9:27] <dagb> if you don't do so already, running irssi inside screen allows you to pick up your irssi session from anywhere
[9:28] <solarbaby> true.. i was trying to clear one of the half screen windows
[9:28] <solarbaby> i am running inside of screen though..
[9:28] * P4R4N01D (~johndoe@189-83-145-211.user.veloxzone.com.br) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:28] * PiBot sets mode +v P4R4N01D
[9:29] <solarbaby> wish that part was easier to understand
[9:32] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[9:32] <solarbaby> hmmm i killed my status window i guess that wasn't too bright
[9:32] <solarbaby> sigh
[9:32] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ has joined #raspberrypi
[9:32] * PiBot sets mode +v capiscuas
[9:33] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[9:33] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:33] * PiBot sets mode +v solarbaby
[9:36] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@nat/mozilla/x-ivdwstjjtmwxtikf) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[9:37] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ Quit (Client Quit)
[9:38] <tzarc> well that should do it
[9:38] <tzarc> apparently I'm orange
[9:39] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:39] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:41] <Guest96135> no your black
[9:41] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[9:41] <tzarc> not on my screen :P
[9:42] <Guest96135> what colour am I?
[9:42] <tzarc> dark grey
[9:42] <Guest96135> my favourite
[9:43] <solarbaby> Guest96135: your red
[9:44] <solarbaby> tzarc: your blue
[9:44] <solarbaby> and I'm white
[9:44] <Guest96135> I don't want to be red
[9:44] <solarbaby> tzarc: do you like the script?
[9:45] <tzarc> like I said, I'm using mirc so it's no use to me :P
[9:45] <solarbaby> woops
[9:45] <tzarc> wrote an equivalent though based on username hash
[9:45] <solarbaby> hahah
[9:45] <solarbaby> tallent
[9:45] * Syliss (~Syliss@ has joined #raspberrypi
[9:45] * PiBot sets mode +v Syliss
[9:46] <tzarc> http://i.imgur.com/YCQ1r.jpg
[9:47] <Guest96135> use consolas
[9:47] <solarbaby> tzarc: thats the best looking mirc i've ever seen
[9:47] <tzarc> well, I wrote the script :P
[9:47] <tzarc> I would use consolas, but I had fixed-width fonts for anything but code
[9:47] <tzarc> hate*
[9:48] <tzarc> and the dots signify normal/voice/hop/op status
[9:48] <tzarc> *shrug*
[9:48] * uen| is now known as uen
[9:49] <tzarc> mm, just blacklisted the dark colours too
[9:49] <tzarc> so now everything changes
[9:49] <tzarc> oh well
[9:50] <solarbaby> i need a notice please
[9:51] <solarbaby> just re arranged my hilight window
[9:51] <Guest96135> no notice for you
[9:51] <solarbaby> i could really use one
[9:51] <Guest96135> tough
[9:51] <solarbaby> solarbaby: I'm noticing myself
[9:52] <solarbaby> well that didn't work
[9:52] <Guest96135> solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby
[9:52] <solarbaby> that worked! Thanks!!
[9:52] <solarbaby> thats great.. now its working
[9:53] <Guest96135> solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby solarbaby
[9:53] <huene> hilight window sounds like irssi :)
[9:53] <solarbaby> I've got a 6 line box on top of my screen and all notices go in there
[9:53] <solarbaby> huene: yes it is
[9:53] <huene> great :)
[9:53] <solarbaby> huene: I'm new to it, just trying to make it home
[9:53] <huene> well, hilight window is a very good idea
[9:54] <Guest96135> highlight?
[9:54] <solarbaby> huene: so far I'm very pleased
[9:54] <solarbaby> next I think I should figure out how the away messages get handled, and set up some sort of auto away
[9:55] <Guest96135> auto away is for fags
[9:55] <Guest96135> real men type /away when they leave and /back when they return
[9:55] <solarbaby> hmmm
[9:55] <solarbaby> guess it wasn't that important
[9:56] <solarbaby> i don't think the command /away did anything at all
[9:56] <huene> it does
[9:56] <huene> look at the bottom status line
[9:56] * FACEFOX-DOT-COM (~gfdffdfd@pool-74-111-197-200.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:56] * PiBot sets mode +v FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:56] <huene> there's green (zZzZ) beside your nick (and its modes)
[9:56] <Guest96135> fuck you FACEFOX-DOT-COM
[9:57] <huene> and the away message is displayed to someone who sends you msg or /whois
[9:57] <solarbaby> huene: yeah I don't see that zZzZ anywhere on my status bar
[9:57] <huene> you need to set a message.
[9:58] <huene> only typing "/away" will unset away status
[9:58] <solarbaby> Oh There we go. the message did it
[9:58] <huene> try "/away i'm not here at the moment"
[9:58] <huene> ok :)
[9:59] <solarbaby> and then how does /back or /unaway work?
[9:59] * TheOpenSourcerer (~alord@81-178-65-1.dsl.pipex.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:59] * PiBot sets mode +v TheOpenSourcerer
[9:59] <Guest96135> same thing
[10:00] <solarbaby> ah i guess I just type /away again
[10:04] <huene> yes
[10:04] <huene> without any parameter
[10:05] <Guest96135> don't do it more than 20 times though without a /part in between otherwise beetlejuice will get you
[10:06] <huene> are you sure?
[10:06] <Guest96135> no
[10:06] <huene> i normally never part (i have irssi running constantly on my server in screen)
[10:06] <Guest96135> parting is good for the heart
[10:07] * Syliss (~Syliss@ Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[10:07] <huene> i just detach the session :)
[10:07] * AdrianG (~amphetami@unaffiliated/amphetamine) Quit ()
[10:10] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:10] * PiBot sets mode +v katnegermis
[10:13] * anon9002 (~anon@KYM5298.rh.psu.edu) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[10:23] * dave (~KaiNeR@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:23] * PiBot sets mode +v dave
[10:23] * KaiNeR (~KaiNeR@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[10:24] * dave is now known as Guest80423
[10:24] * Guest80423 is now known as KaiNeR
[10:25] * Laogeodritt (~Laogeodri@wikipedia/Laogeodritt) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[10:25] * Guest96135 (561ec4a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[10:28] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:33] * FZombie (~STN@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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[10:33] * wiiguy (~fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:35] * NIN102 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:38] * iccanobif (iccanobif@host209-126-dynamic.20-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:45] * sekanS (~Mojak@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:46] * Oejet (~Oejet@unaffiliated/oejet) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:47] * seankthx (~seankthx@c-71-199-102-236.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:47] * tzarc (~tzarc@124-149-114-89.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[12:00] <Iota> I've just made a file called "-i" how do I delete it or move it? I can't rememebr.
[12:02] <jaxdahl> did you try rm '-i'
[12:02] <jaxdahl> or rm '\-i'
[12:02] <Iota> Yup, neither work.
[12:03] <jzaw> mayebe rm ./\-i
[12:03] <jzaw> is -i the only file there?
[12:03] <Iota> That worked, jzaw. Thanks.
[12:04] <jzaw> :)
[12:04] <jzaw> cool
[12:04] <jzaw> looks strange when you start escaping characters doesnt it
[12:04] <Hydrazine> I remeber once creating a directory named "~"
[12:04] <Iota> Playing it safe, Was did "mv ./\-i new_file" first, then rm'd it.
[12:04] <Iota> Lol, Hydrazine .
[12:05] <jzaw> hehe
[12:05] <jzaw> and i bet it was owned by root only ;)
[12:05] <huene> a "backspace" character in a filename is also annoying
[12:05] * Guest33147 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:05] * PiBot sets mode +v Guest33147
[12:05] <Iota> Lol
[12:05] <Hydrazine> but I stil want one named ".."
[12:05] <jaxdahl> learn how to use ctrl+m
[12:05] * Guest33147 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:06] * BCMM (~ben@unaffiliated/bcmm) has joined #raspberrypi
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[12:06] <Hydrazine> mkdir: cannot create directory `..': File exists
[12:06] <Hydrazine> :(
[12:07] <jzaw> Hydrazine: move the existing one to somewhere else :P
[12:07] <Hydrazine> xD
[12:07] <jzaw> :D
[12:14] <Iota> Alright, bash related problem now... What's wrong with this command? wget -O $(cut -f2 -d"#" ADDR) -i ADDR
[12:15] <zgreg> what is the expression ADDR?
[12:15] <Iota> ADDR=$1
[12:15] <Iota> You parse a URL into the script.
[12:16] <Iota> Saving the web page/song/whatever as the name after the # in the URL. It's very site specific.
[12:16] <zgreg> I guess -i is just wrong
[12:17] * plugwash (~plugwash@2001:5c0:1400:a::1bb) has joined #raspberrypi
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[12:20] <tntexplosivesltd> hmm
[12:20] <tntexplosivesltd> it looks okay
[12:20] <tntexplosivesltd> oh
[12:20] <Iota> $ADDR
[12:20] <tntexplosivesltd> maybe ADDR isn't being passed properly
[12:20] <tntexplosivesltd> ninja'd
[12:20] <Iota> You're right, tntexplosivesltd.
[12:22] * tidge27 (b01bad8f@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[12:58] <Matt> morn
[12:59] <techman2> evening
[13:00] <Hydrazine> silly timezones
[13:01] <techman2> heh
[13:01] <techman2> what's news?
[13:02] * Veryevil (~Veryevil@5aced5a8.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:02] * PiBot sets mode +v Veryevil
[13:04] <Matt> a report of recent events
[13:07] <techman2> thanks for clearing that up for me
[13:07] <techman2> been bothering me for ages.
[13:09] * steve_rox (~steve@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[13:10] * GedMurphy (~Ged@reactos/developer/gedmurphy) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:12] <techman2> bbl
[13:12] * techman2 (~Glen@ Quit (Quit: leaving)
[13:15] <NucWin> yawn
[13:22] <Davespice> just going to try the Quake 3 binaries from Hexxeh, anyone up for a Death match?
[13:27] * solarbaby (~solarbaby@adsl-99-64-146-239.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[13:28] * ben__ (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:28] <_ben> hello!
[13:29] * iccanobif (iccanobif@host209-126-dynamic.20-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[13:31] * Matthew (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:31] * Matthew is now known as Guest98206
[13:32] * Lord_DeathMatch is now known as Lord_DM-eating
[13:32] <_ben> where can I buy/get the q3arena files from?
[13:33] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:34] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:37] * mrtenchy (02da7432@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:38] <_ben> where can I buy/get the q3arena files from?
[13:39] * Milos (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[13:40] * _ben (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[13:42] <Matt> when he comes back again
[13:42] <Matt> someone point him at http://ioquake3.org/buy-quake-3/
[13:44] * mezza (~mez@cpc8-sutt4-2-0-cust491.perr.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:48] * Compy (~Compy@c-98-251-52-68.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:49] <NucWin> can the demo files not be used?
[13:50] * mezza (~mez@cpc8-sutt4-2-0-cust491.perr.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #raspberrypi
[13:52] * M0RBD (m0rbd@chuck.angrysmiley.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:52] <Davespice> okay, got Quake 3 working on the Pi
[13:52] <Davespice> just have no sound
[13:52] <Davespice> I am wondering if this is a config.cfg file option I need to set
[13:53] * shirro (~shirro@pdpc/supporter/active/shirro) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:56] * MystX (~MystX@49-50-247-177.a.hd.net.nz) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[13:58] <tntexplosivesltd> Davespice: how well does the game run?
[13:59] <Davespice> its a little jerky in some places, I had to adjust the detail levels a little to make it more playable
[13:59] <Davespice> can't get sound over alsa working, not sure what to do about that
[13:59] <Davespice> but it was playable enough, just did a 1v1 deathmatch against a bot for 10 minutes
[13:59] * tzarc (~tzarc@124-149-114-89.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:59] <Davespice> also not sure what rez it's running in too, I think it runs in the native res of the display despite what you select in the options
[14:00] * tzarc (~tzarc@124-149-114-89.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
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[14:02] * Hopsy (~Hopsy@unaffiliated/hopsy) has joined #raspberrypi
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[14:03] * D34TH (D34TH@unaffiliated/d34th) has joined #raspberrypi
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[14:04] * Lord_DM-eating is now known as Lord_DeathMatch
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[14:06] * iMatttt (~imatttt@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[14:07] * Guest98206 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:07] <NucWin> oooooh i could setup dedicated q3 server
[14:08] * dpiesse (~androirc@02da7432.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:08] * PiBot sets mode +v dpiesse
[14:08] * TheOpenSourcerer (~alord@81-178-65-1.dsl.pipex.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:08] <exfileme> i'm gonna practice first and tweak the settings for a better framerate first before i get pwn3d
[14:09] <dpiesse> Anyone had any luck getting a game controller working on a pi?
[14:09] <SpeedEvil> bluetooth + wii should be like it is on any other platform
[14:10] <Davespice> okay, I've just tested Quake 3 multiplayer, its fine and works out of the box with hosts running on Windows#
[14:10] <SpeedEvil> Woo!
[14:10] <exfileme> coo
[14:10] <dpiesse> Ok... Thats the easy one though... Xbox 360 is the grail
[14:10] <NucWin> tbh i was thinking about booting my pc up and pretending its a pi so i can run around you all at 3Million FPS
[14:11] <exfileme> lol
[14:11] <danieldaniel> lol
[14:11] <Davespice> if anyone knows a way to make Quake 3 sound work via Alsa please let me know
[14:12] <Davespice> having sound with it would be mint! ;)
[14:12] <danieldaniel> Davespice: open source of quake 3
[14:12] <danieldaniel> ???
[14:12] <danieldaniel> Profit
[14:12] * Matthew (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:12] * PiBot sets mode +v Matthew
[14:12] <D34TH> nucwin after 300 fps the game lags
[14:12] <D34TH> <-- tested it
[14:12] * Matthew is now known as Guest5744
[14:12] <NucWin> hehe
[14:13] <Davespice> danieldaniel: is this the usually indignant resonse meaning; "do the development work yourself to make it work" ?
[14:13] <danieldaniel> yeah
[14:13] <exfileme> uggg i need a 32GB card ;(
[14:13] <conra> Mamy kogo?? z polski?
[14:13] <Davespice> danieldaniel: fine, it may have already been done though
[14:13] <danieldaniel> exfileme: U jelly of mah 32gb sandisk
[14:14] <exfileme> lol
[14:15] <D34TH> i wonder if i allocate q3 256 mb of ram will it shit bricks
[14:15] <danieldaniel> lol
[14:15] <danieldaniel> dont do it
[14:15] <danieldaniel> it will blow up
[14:16] <D34TH> testan
[14:16] <danieldaniel> st00p1d
[14:16] <D34TH> looks like my fps goes full retard after 500
[14:16] <SpeedEvil> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CJBm-gpDNg&feature=player_embedded - reaction to not getting Pi.
[14:17] <SpeedEvil> (Well - sort-of)
[14:17] <danieldaniel> watching
[14:18] <danieldaniel> lol
[14:19] <NucWin> D34TH try full x86 limit
[14:20] <D34TH> engine keeps dieing @ 571 fps
[14:20] <NucWin> lol
[14:21] <D34TH> D:
[14:21] <D34TH> make sure to set cl_maxpackets higher
[14:22] <danieldaniel> D34TH: did it blow up y3t?
[14:22] <D34TH> yep
[14:22] <danieldaniel> :D
[14:22] <danieldaniel> pix
[14:22] <D34TH> of high fps?
[14:22] <D34TH> ok
[14:22] <danieldaniel> no
[14:22] <danieldaniel> of it blowing up
[14:23] <danieldaniel> with flames
[14:23] <D34TH> and crying eagles?
[14:23] <danieldaniel> Yeah!
[14:24] * dpiesse (~androirc@02da7432.bb.sky.com) Quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com ))
[14:24] <D34TH> 686 stable
[14:25] <D34TH> ok so set hunkmegs and maxpackets higher to get your fps high and stable
[14:30] <Davespice> who else is running Quake 3 here, I just want to ask what people are using in their cfg file, or if they're using one
[14:30] <Davespice> seta r_customwidth for instance
[14:34] <NucWin> seta fov 105
[14:34] <Davespice> ah, is that field of view? what is the default for that 90?
[14:37] <NucWin> i was just being silly sorry
[14:37] <NucWin> not sure if it has fov control
[14:37] <NucWin> default would be about 65 though
[14:37] <tntexplosivesltd> 105 is way too big
[14:37] <NucWin> yups start getting fish eye there
[14:38] <Davespice> right o
[14:38] <Davespice> ------ Initializing Sound ------
[14:38] <Davespice> ----- Sound Info -----
[14:38] <Davespice> -1 stereo
[14:38] <Davespice> 0 samples
[14:38] <Davespice> 0 samplebits
[14:38] <Davespice> 0 submission_chunk
[14:38] <Davespice> 0 speed
[14:38] <Davespice> I get that when I run Quake 3 too
[14:39] <NucWin> have you got sound working outside of quake?
[14:39] <Davespice> I also get Sound initialization successful.
[14:39] <Davespice> yes I have, it's working in LXDE
[14:40] * cjbaird (~cjb@ppp121-45-175-149.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:40] * PiBot sets mode +v cjbaird
[14:40] <Davespice> Maybe I should try plugging in something to the headphone jack, maybe it is a problem with audio over hdmi
[14:40] <Davespice> stand by
[14:41] * cybersnik (9e7054ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[14:41] * PiBot sets mode +v cybersnik
[14:42] <NucWin> Davespice is there a s_sndserver option in config?
[14:42] * GabrialDestruir_ (~GabrialDe@pool-71-254-135-241.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:42] * PiBot sets mode +v GabrialDestruir_
[14:43] <Thorn_> its cg_fov
[14:43] <Thorn_> and you want ~103 for 16:9
[14:43] <NucWin> :)
[14:43] * si (~si@cpc5-wolv6-0-0-cust122.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:43] * si (~si@cpc5-wolv6-0-0-cust122.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Changing host)
[14:43] * si (~si@unaffiliated/siofwolves) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:43] * PiBot sets mode +v si
[14:43] * PiBot sets mode +v si
[14:43] <Thorn_> and it's horizontal not vertical fov
[14:43] <Thorn_> which is why 65 would be ridiculous :)
[14:44] <Thorn_> default is 90, anything > 115 is fisheye
[14:44] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: NIN101)
[14:44] <NucWin> really annoying how most crappy windows ports of games are still fixed to console friendly 65
[14:44] <NucWin> q3 is taking ages to download to my server
[14:45] * GabrialDestruir (~GabrialDe@pool-71-254-135-241.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[14:45] * barr5790 (~alan@ has joined #raspberrypi
[14:45] * PiBot sets mode +v barr5790
[14:45] <flaushy> anyone know how to check whether l2 is enabled?
[14:45] * vgrade (~martinbro@cpc2-nrte22-2-0-cust128.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:45] * PiBot sets mode +v vgrade
[14:46] * the_real_crimper (~the_real_@cpe-98-154-91-166.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[14:46] * Guest5744 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:47] * rlinfati (~rlinfati@adsl-ull-9-142.42-151.net24.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:47] * PiBot sets mode +v rlinfati
[14:47] * the_real_crimper (~the_real_@cpe-98-154-91-166.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:47] * PiBot sets mode +v the_real_crimper
[14:47] * rlinfati (~rlinfati@adsl-ull-9-142.42-151.net24.it) Quit (Client Quit)
[14:49] <Davespice> okay, checked the sound again, using hdmi and over the 3.5 mm jack, nothing
[14:50] * Lord_DeathMatch (~Lord_Deat@CPE-58-165-77-115.qld.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Quit: adi??s, amigos!)
[14:50] <Davespice> NucWin: I am actually running without any config files in the quake3 or the baseq3 folders
[14:50] <Davespice> not sure if those are kept elsewhere on the system though?
[14:51] <D34TH> those might have been created in a userfolder
[14:51] <Davespice> like ~/.quake3 or something? - I'll check
[14:52] <Davespice> aha
[14:52] <Davespice> ~/.q3a/baseq3
[14:53] <Davespice> only q3config_server.cfg in there though
[14:53] <Davespice> ah well, I expect Hexxeh may be able to shed some light when he gets back
[14:54] <Davespice> tempted to have a crack at compiling open transport tycoon, that games caused almost as many homework hours to be lost as Doom and Quake put together
[14:55] <danieldaniel> Davespice: n00b
[14:55] <Davespice> danieldaniel: what is your problem?
[14:56] <danieldaniel> y u transport tycoon
[14:56] <danieldaniel> it sux
[14:56] <Davespice> danieldaniel: only going to say this one, off my case; get
[14:56] <D34TH> chmod -R 755 ~/.q3a
[14:56] <D34TH> :D
[14:57] <danieldaniel> D:
[14:57] <danieldaniel> umad
[14:57] <D34TH> only on tuesdays
[14:57] <flaushy> is the arch image softfloat as well?
[14:58] * benji (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[14:58] * PiBot sets mode +v benji
[14:59] * benji is now known as benzeman
[14:59] <benzeman> hey, anyone active? what's the server ip?
[14:59] <benzeman> also, does the server accept versions without a cd key?
[15:02] <Davespice> benzeman: no idea, I'm active
[15:02] <danieldaniel> benzeman: google quake 3 cd ley
[15:02] <danieldaniel> key*
[15:02] <danieldaniel> :P
[15:02] <Davespice> but I don't have exclusive use of my tv right now
[15:02] <danieldaniel> Davespice: TV n00b
[15:02] <tzarc> quake 3 used to allow 1111111111111111111111 as a key, didn't it?
[15:03] <Davespice> tzarc: almost
[15:04] <Davespice> danieldaniel: can you get off my case please, or I'll have to write an angry letter to my MP about you
[15:04] <danieldaniel> MP?
[15:04] <danieldaniel> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP
[15:04] <Davespice> Minister of Parliament, over here we call it sarcasm
[15:04] <danieldaniel> Not sure if legit, or just trolling
[15:04] <danieldaniel> oh
[15:04] <danieldaniel> coolbeans
[15:05] * danieldaniel hides with Raspberry Pi and ethernet
[15:05] <D34TH> tzarc didnt even need a key
[15:05] <D34TH> put a
[15:05] * Matthew (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:05] * PiBot sets mode +v Matthew
[15:05] <D34TH> worked
[15:05] <Davespice> I would play it over vnc but that would be pretty bad lol
[15:05] <tzarc> lol cool
[15:05] <benzeman> danieldaniel: you mean - an ILLEGAL key ;)
[15:05] <danieldaniel> Davespice: XD
[15:05] <danieldaniel> benzeman: exactly!
[15:05] * Matthew is now known as Guest17413
[15:05] * kcj (~casey@unaffiliated/kcj1993) Quit (Quit: kcj)
[15:06] <benzeman> haha :)
[15:06] <flaushy> benzeman: we prefer "commone key"
[15:06] <flaushy> -e
[15:06] <danieldaniel> flaushy: n00b
[15:07] <Davespice> there are loads of youtube videos of people doing it, it won't take you long to find
[15:07] <eigoom> good morning.
[15:07] <benzeman> flaushy: love it :) just got a key that "appears to be valid" :)
[15:08] <benzeman> what settings are people running on? to get reasonable framerates I had to push the settings down to "fastest"
[15:08] * danieldaniel looks at his trinitite light and laughs evilly
[15:08] <benzeman> also, why don't people share with the PK3 files! I mean...
[15:09] <danieldaniel> benzeman: google pak0.pk3
[15:09] <D34TH> you can find them easily on a google search
[15:09] <danieldaniel> 8th one
[15:09] <D34TH> here
[15:09] <danieldaniel> it has to do with muse
[15:09] <NucWin> can the pak0.pk3 from the demo be used?
[15:09] <benzeman> danieldaniel: I've got them now, but... would be easier...
[15:09] <danieldaniel> NucWin: sorta
[15:09] <danieldaniel> benzeman: on some servers
[15:09] <D34TH> use that
[15:09] <D34TH> it works nicely
[15:09] <danieldaniel> i meant to ping NucWin
[15:09] <danieldaniel> benzeman: n00b
[15:09] <Hydrazine> I think I just let the magic smoke out my oscilloscope :(
[15:10] <benzeman> NucWin: I'd just get fresh ones *looks for the torrent he used*
[15:10] * Guest17413 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:10] <danieldaniel> Obaider
[15:10] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:10] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[15:11] <Davespice> can I just ask, is everyone (who has a Pi) without sound in Quake3, or is it just me? *worried look*
[15:11] <benzeman> Nucwin: It was this one: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/3871279/Quake_3_Arena_Full it gives you a self extracting exe, extract and copy the baseq3 folder
[15:11] <Davespice> ;)
[15:11] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:11] <benzeman> Davespice: I haven't tried - will give it a shot sometime...
[15:11] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:11] * benzeman is off to pig chocolate
[15:11] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[15:11] <Davespice> I had a similar problem on my Ubuntu laptop too
[15:12] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:12] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:12] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[15:13] * BCMM (~ben@unaffiliated/bcmm) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[15:13] <benzeman> Davespice: Nope, over the analogue (3.5mm) I don't have any audio either, can't test with HDMI 'cause I'm using a moniter with HDMI --> DVI
[15:14] <Davespice> fair enough, I do think their is a wait to configure Quake3 to direct to the Alsa driver, but I can't remember how
[15:14] <Davespice> I might check my .cfg file on my other laptop as that might have it
[15:14] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:14] <NucWin> http://ioquake3.org/ <--- maybe some help on there
[15:14] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:14] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[15:15] * zleap (~zleap@dsl-217-155-46-222.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:15] * PiBot sets mode +v zleap
[15:17] <Davespice> ahhh s_useOpenAL=true perhaps?
[15:18] <Davespice> Hexxeh: will probably know
[15:18] * eth00 (~none@unaffiliated/eth00) Quit ()
[15:19] * cjbaird (~cjb@ppp121-45-175-149.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net) has left #raspberrypi
[15:20] * iccanobif (iccanobif@host38-135-dynamic.21-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:20] * PiBot sets mode +v iccanobif
[15:22] <D34TH> davespice
[15:22] <D34TH> whats the command you are using to launch q3
[15:23] * Jaska__ (~quassel@dsl-olubrasgw1-fe49fb00-218.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:23] * PiBot sets mode +v Jaska__
[15:23] * shirro (~shirro@pdpc/supporter/active/shirro) Quit (Quit: shirro)
[15:25] <Davespice> ./start.sh
[15:25] <benzeman> D34th: if it helps mine is sh start.sh
[15:25] <Davespice> but I had to chmod +x the .sh and .arm files
[15:26] <benzeman> anyone else getting no response from master server?
[15:31] <benzeman> does anyone know the ip for the raspberry pi quake 3 server?
[15:32] * del_ (5005448e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[15:32] * PiBot sets mode +v del_
[15:33] * Oejet (~Oejet@unaffiliated/oejet) has left #raspberrypi
[15:34] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca56a2.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:34] * del_ (5005448e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)
[15:34] * PiBot sets mode +v ReggieUK
[15:34] <ReggieUK> hi all
[15:34] <flaushy> huhu
[15:35] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[15:37] <Davespice> benzeman: is there even one? I didn't know...
[15:39] <danieldaniel> Yay! I found my iPod nano
[15:39] <danieldaniel> Now I can do
[15:39] <danieldaniel> http://www.apple.com/support/ipodnano_replacement/
[15:39] <benzeman> Davespice: I thought there was one...
[15:40] <danieldaniel> is one wut
[15:40] <Davespice> I'll give you a game later then, if you find it :)
[15:40] <benzeman> danieldaniel: an official q3server for rpi..
[15:41] <benzeman> hmm... on closer examination of the blog post, it doesn't actually mention an official server...
[15:41] <D34TH> davespice try artdsp -m ./start.sh
[15:41] <D34TH> :D
[15:41] <Davespice> it does come with a binary called ioq3ded.arm, which I am guessing is a dedicated srver
[15:41] <benzeman> btw, is anyone else getting no response from master server for multiplayter?
[15:41] <Davespice> D34TH: what does that do?
[15:41] <D34TH> benze the sevrer is probably dead because of how old it is
[15:42] <D34TH> redirects audio supposedly
[15:42] <Davespice> D34TH: oh does it work?
[15:42] <D34TH> no clue
[15:42] <D34TH> still waiting on my rpi
[15:42] <benzeman> D34th: :( do you know of a good server then?
[15:42] <Davespice> oh okay
[15:42] <D34TH>
[15:42] <benzeman> D34th: Where + when did you order?
[15:42] <NucWin> Davespice i want to try running dedi on arch x64
[15:43] <D34TH> rs + few weeks ago
[15:43] <Davespice> I'm going AFK for a while now guys, but pm me if anything important is discovered
[15:43] <Davespice> D34TH: I'll try your command suggestion later too
[15:43] <benzeman> ahh, I "registered interest" with RS on launch at about 6:01 :)
[15:43] <D34TH> will do davespice
[15:44] <benzeman> D34th: what port on that server? 27960 (default) just shows "awaiting challenge"
[15:44] <D34TH> default port
[15:45] <benzeman> hmm... will check on my firewall then...
[15:45] <D34TH> loaded for me
[15:45] <benzeman> yeah, guess it's my firewall then... damn you bt home hub!
[15:45] <D34TH> lol
[15:45] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:45] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[15:46] <benzeman> welcome matttt :)
[15:46] <Matttt> Hello there :)
[15:46] <D34TH> do you have a router after the hub?
[15:47] <D34TH> benzeman?
[15:48] <Hopsy> how much sectors does have an hdd normally?
[15:48] <benzeman> sorry - no I don't...
[15:48] <benzeman> Hopsy: depends on the capacity of the hdd and the sector size
[15:48] <D34TH> heh needs moar dmz
[15:48] <Hopsy> 149 gb benzeman
[15:48] <Hopsy> ow sorry, its 160 gb
[15:48] <D34TH> hopsy got a model number?
[15:49] <Hopsy> WD
[15:49] <Hopsy> uhmm
[15:49] <benzeman> what's the sector size? total size / sector size = number of sectors :)
[15:49] <Hopsy> benzeman: www.gyazo.com/12d77c805be51c74fd692d415236a2a4.png?1335706931
[15:50] * KD (5c02dfdf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[15:50] * PiBot sets mode +v KD
[15:50] <Hopsy> I dont hope there are 312576705 sectors :S
[15:50] <benzeman> it says how many sectors :)
[15:50] <benzeman> yeah, that number... :(
[15:51] <Hopsy> and it scanned 52?!?!?!
[15:51] <benzeman> why, is it very slow...
[15:51] <Hopsy> in 4 hours
[15:51] <Hopsy> omg
[15:51] <benzeman> hmm, that does seem very slow...
[15:51] <Hopsy> this will take me like 5 years
[15:51] <D34TH> i think the windows tool, beats that in speed
[15:51] <Hopsy> does anyone know an other tool?
[15:52] <Hopsy> I tried spinrite
[15:52] <benzeman> haha :) but all the ones it's scanned are bad sectors...
[15:52] <Hopsy> thats not good I think?
[15:53] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:53] * PiBot sets mode +v NIN101
[15:53] <benzeman> no, that's bad... :(
[15:54] <Hopsy> I dont get anything :S
[15:54] <Hopsy> benzeman: http://gyazo.com/f4d9f33a76a358c216451fa0fd048438.png?1328026666
[15:54] <Hopsy> thats the SMART data
[15:55] * KD (5c02dfdf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)
[15:56] <Hopsy> benzeman: do you know an other tool?
[15:56] <Hopsy> or D34TH
[15:56] <benzeman> hmm... current pending sectors is _very_ high...
[15:56] <D34TH> speedfan reads smartdata
[15:56] <D34TH> :D
[15:56] <benzeman> sorry, no, I've never had a problem with bad sectors :)
[15:57] <Hopsy> I am using smartdata
[15:57] <D34TH> or wait
[15:57] <D34TH> wrong tool
[15:57] * fiftyonefifty (~fiftyonef@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:57] * PiBot sets mode +v fiftyonefifty
[15:57] <D34TH> damn
[15:58] <Hopsy> D34TH: http://gyazo.com/f5129b00f03254d2d33721cb0d588ad7.png?1335707843
[15:58] <Hopsy> no error!!??
[15:58] <Hopsy> I dont get anything :S
[15:58] <D34TH> 100/253 uncorrectable
[15:58] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ppp-110-168-198-71.revip5.asianet.co.th) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:58] * PiBot sets mode +v capiscuas
[15:58] <D34TH> perform indepth online
[15:59] <benzeman> this should work with the rpi shouldn't it http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290636689096#ht_3043wt_892
[16:00] <ReggieUK> benzeman, I Don't think anyone can tell you definitively whether it will work
[16:01] <ReggieUK> it probably will but ......
[16:01] <benzeman> ReggieUK: no, obviously :) but it *should* work - right
[16:01] <benzeman> yeah, I mean if it doesn't I'll just return it, under the DSR's
[16:01] <ReggieUK> how are you going to connect it?
[16:01] * mpthompson (~IceChat77@c-50-131-39-81.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:01] * PiBot sets mode +v mpthompson
[16:01] <ReggieUK> ethernet or usb?
[16:02] <benzeman> ethernet, powered by either USB or plug (I have 2 powered USB ports on my rpi plug)
[16:02] <Hopsy> D34TH: http://gyazo.com/fcf16cdefb7dc221c103b939909aeeef.png?1335707675
[16:02] <BenO> It looks like it wants 5v - 1A so be careful
[16:02] <D34TH> everything thats red is bad
[16:02] <D34TH> :D
[16:03] <Hopsy> D34TH: is my hdd now death?
[16:03] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ppp-110-168-198-71.revip5.asianet.co.th) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[16:03] <D34TH> possibly
[16:03] <Hopsy> ='[
[16:03] <Hopsy> D34TH: do you know tools
[16:04] <Hopsy> some *
[16:04] <Hopsy> to recover
[16:04] <benzeman> BenO: Thanks - I think my plug provides 1A to each USB, but I'll check that :) worst case, I'll have to use the passthrough
[16:04] <Hopsy> this is my SSD http://gyazo.com/072fb2fc7ee8f9188fa9f58e817ff113.png?1335707794
[16:04] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@cpc6-dund12-0-0-cust248.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:04] * PiBot sets mode +v TopherBrink
[16:04] <benzeman> Hopsy: AFAIK if it has bad sectors you're screwed, but somebody else might know better
[16:05] <D34TH> heres mine http://gyazo.com/072fb2fc7ee8f9188fa9f58e817ff113.png?1335707794
[16:05] <Hopsy> D34TH: no thats mine :(
[16:05] <Iota> Yay, another gyazo user!
[16:05] <BenO> benzeman, It should be straightforward to spot issues if you keep an eye on the voltage across the pins on the gpio header
[16:05] <D34TH> lol
[16:05] <benzeman> ok, will do :) thank you BenO!
[16:05] <D34TH> i figured it would be easier than dropbox
[16:06] <D34TH> and mspaint
[16:06] <Iota> Yar.
[16:06] <Hopsy> D34TH: you copied and paste my gyazo link :(
[16:06] <benzeman> yeah, I use gazo too :)
[16:06] <Iota> \o/
[16:06] <D34TH> aww damn
[16:06] <D34TH> hold up
[16:07] <D34TH> http://gyazo.com/f94ad93f8b472c47c09b86394d617ab0.png?1335707983
[16:07] <D34TH> there
[16:07] * blueflash (52081e24@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[16:07] * PiBot sets mode +v blueflash
[16:08] <Hopsy> mine ssd is worser
[16:09] <benzeman> my ssd: http://gyazo.com/36b4c594b9a83f11ef3ffa895aeee2a1
[16:10] * smjms (~janne@87-93-29-46.bb.dnainternet.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:10] * smjms (~janne@87-93-29-46.bb.dnainternet.fi) Quit (Changing host)
[16:10] * smjms (~janne@pdpc/supporter/student/kosiini) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:10] * PiBot sets mode +v smjms
[16:10] * PiBot sets mode +v smjms
[16:16] * rikai (~rikai@unaffiliated/rikai) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:20] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:21] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:21] * PiBot sets mode +v capiscuas
[16:22] <Hopsy> wasnt ocz bad benzeman
[16:22] <Hopsy> the sandforce controller
[16:23] <benzeman> yeah, well I got it for ??45 so I thought meh.
[16:23] <benzeman> I mean, I haven't seen anything so far to suggest the problems with the SF controller, but...
[16:24] * Guest63933 (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:24] * mikey_w (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:24] <benzeman> It's in my netbook, made a big difference (1015PX - Intel N570 1.66Ghz Duel Core Atom - 2GB RAM, 64GB OCZ Petrol SSD)
[16:25] * rikai (~rikai@cpe-72-224-109-140.maine.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:25] * rikai (~rikai@cpe-72-224-109-140.maine.res.rr.com) Quit (Changing host)
[16:25] * rikai (~rikai@unaffiliated/rikai) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:25] * PiBot sets mode +v rikai
[16:25] * PiBot sets mode +v rikai
[16:26] * itsrachelfish (~rachel@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:26] * Milos|Netbook_ (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:26] * PiBot sets mode +v Milos|Netbook_
[16:26] <itsrachelfish> n__n
[16:26] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[16:26] * Milos|Netbook_ is now known as Milos|Netbook
[16:26] <benzeman> urh... homework :(
[16:27] <zleap> hi Miek_
[16:27] <zleap> hi Milos|Netbook
[16:29] * Kushan (Kushykins@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:29] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:29] * jaxdahl (foobar@cthulhu.residential.okstate.edu) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:30] * jaxdahl (foobar@cthulhu.residential.okstate.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:30] * n1x0n (nixon@n1x0n-1-pt.tunnel.tserv5.lon1.ipv6.he.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:32] * gobby (~gobby@biro.starling.org.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:32] * capiscuas (~capiscuas@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[16:35] * Milos|Netbook_ (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:36] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:37] * n1x0n (nixon@n1x0n-1-pt.tunnel.tserv5.lon1.ipv6.he.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:39] * Simon- (simon@proxima.lp0.eu) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:39] * Simon- (simon@proxima.lp0.eu) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:40] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:42] <BenO> Urgh - so close to decent stable sound...
[16:43] * mrtenchy (02da7432@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[16:43] <D34TH> cpu usage?
[16:43] <BenO> mpg123 + ogg123 are very low cpu
[16:44] <BenO> mplayer is not...
[16:44] <BenO> 31+%
[16:44] <BenO> *123 figure around the 7% mark
[16:44] <BenO> Plus mplayer sound like ass with my latest changes to the driver
[16:44] <BenO> but the others sound fine
[16:45] <D34TH> hmm
[16:45] <D34TH> do you have the command aplay
[16:45] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:45] <BenO> It's not that - there is a deeper issue in the driver I am trying to tackle
[16:46] <BenO> It's to do with how alsa calculates it's concept of hw_ptr and appl_ptr's
[16:47] <BenO> and how that relates to the true playback pointer in the audio core
[16:47] <BenO> It's a PITA
[16:48] <D34TH> compile mplayer from source?
[16:48] * Milos|Netbook_ is now known as Milos|Netbook
[16:49] <BenO> It's a timing issue - If I run mplayer in a highly verbose mode through strace, the crackling goes away. Crackling not apparent with the other players
[16:49] <Hydrazine> sounds nasty
[16:50] * Mogwai (~mogwai@206-248-185-244.dsl.teksavvy.com) has left #raspberrypi
[16:50] <BenO> Hydrazine, Indeed - I've been fighting against it since I got my Pi
[16:50] <Hydrazine> ouch
[16:50] <BenO> That said, I tend to get frustrated by it and only look at it for an hour or so ;)
[16:51] <flaushy> hmm i need to take tuesday to play with my pi
[16:51] <flaushy> forget the other work that i need be doing and do some stuff with it
[16:52] * quake3 (58686169@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[16:52] * PiBot sets mode +v quake3
[16:53] <PiKeY> if i use the debian img on rpi site will that use the whole 8gb of my 8gb sd card or do i need to do something once i`m up and ruinning?
[16:54] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:54] <flaushy> it uses first 2 gb if you create it with dd
[16:54] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:54] * PiBot sets mode +v chris_99
[16:54] <PiKeY> i used a windows tool to write img to card
[16:54] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Be good to get ALSA working :)
[16:54] <PiKeY> win32diskimager-binary was the program
[16:55] * martin_ (~martin@host-2-103-173-160.as13285.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:55] * PiBot sets mode +v martin_
[16:55] <plugwash> any space beyond the 2 gb used by the image will be left unpartitioned, if you want to use that space you will need to either resize the partitions with a partition editing tool or create new parition(s) and store your stuff on them
[16:56] <PiKeY> thx i will go find out how to increase partition size to 8gb
[16:56] <benzeman> I used gparted live
[16:56] <martin_> Does anyone know if flash will work on any of the available operating systems?
[16:56] <quake3> hello, i just got quake3 working. is there any servers for the raspberry pi?
[16:56] * Kushykins (Kushykins@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:56] * PiBot sets mode +v Kushykins
[16:57] <Gadget-Mac> Hmmm, can't load snd module with the debug kernel
[16:57] <benzeman> martin_: no - something adobe are meant to be working on though
[16:57] <benzeman> quake3: don't think so :(
[16:57] <flaushy> what do you need to run a server?
[16:58] <benzeman> flaushy: a fast internet connection or a vps somewhere
[16:58] <martin_> benzeman; Will vlc player work as an alternative to flash?
[16:58] <flaushy> 50/10 is ok?
[16:58] <flaushy> how much space on the device?
[16:59] * blueflash (52081e24@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[16:59] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, absolutely
[17:00] <benzeman> martin_: only if the video is compatable with VLC - and apparently VLC performance on the pi is rubbish...
[17:00] <martin_> Ok
[17:01] <NucWin> noooo i just busted my linux box and im not at home to sort it out. seems no dedi q3a server today :(
[17:01] * martin_ (~martin@host-2-103-173-160.as13285.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:02] <BenO> martin_, benzeman It's likely that the proper player for the Pi will be the omxplayer
[17:03] * esotera (~jamie@94-193-222-75.zone7.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:03] * PiBot sets mode +v esotera
[17:05] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: are you popcornmix on GitHub ?
[17:05] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, nope
[17:05] <Gadget-Mac> k.
[17:05] <BenO> That's Dom
[17:05] <ReggieUK> has hexxeh been around today?
[17:06] <Gadget-Mac> Any suggestions about debug kernels and snd_bcm2835 not loading ?
[17:07] <BenO> Kernel doesn't match the one you built the module with?
[17:07] * winocm (~textual@opensn0w/developer/winocm) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[17:07] <flaushy> http://candgsoc.host56.com/ a mate tested my pi
[17:09] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:10] * cybersnik (9e7054ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[17:11] <BenO> flaushy, pretty fair assessment :)
[17:12] <flaushy> BenO: kudos goes to cand, i just provided my pi
[17:12] * benzeman (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[17:13] * cand (~cand@unaffiliated/cand) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:13] * PiBot sets mode +v cand
[17:13] <BenO> flaushy, He did a good job and put some numbers behind what people need to hear - at the moment, it's not a good idea to use these as mini servers :)
[17:13] <BenO> That Eth->USB->OS thing is a killer
[17:13] * AlexanderS (AlexanderS@animux.de) Quit (Quit: Quit)
[17:13] <cand> yep, 50% is a ton
[17:13] <BenO> Ah hi cand :)
[17:13] <cand> why voice? Is there something going on this chan?
[17:14] <flaushy> nah, default ;)
[17:14] <BenO> cand, PiBot is a little "special" - that is pretty much its only trick
[17:14] <cand> but there are many nicks without?
[17:15] * AlexanderS (AlexanderS@2a01:4f8:120:7061::5:46a0) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:15] * PiBot sets mode +v AlexanderS
[17:15] <BenO> cand, Yep - the bot isn't all that stable and can disappear for a time...
[17:16] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Ok, have to wait for dom to get back to me :(
[17:17] * Matthew (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:17] * PiBot sets mode +v Matthew
[17:18] * Matthew is now known as Guest64881
[17:19] * Hydrazine suddenly feels special for not being voiced
[17:21] <BenO> DAY OF THE TENTACLE WITH SOUND! :) And no crashy crashy!
[17:21] * BenO is a happy man
[17:21] <Hydrazine> O_O
[17:21] <Hydrazine> do want!
[17:22] <BenO> Hydrazine, do you have the Dott files?
[17:22] <Hydrazine> nope :(
[17:22] <BenO> Well, having said that we'll see if normal sound works - just MIDI so far
[17:22] <BenO> "Mmm I'm thirsty" - yep works :)
[17:23] <Hydrazine> hehe
[17:23] <cand> why's everyone warezing q3? Doesn't OA run on the pi?
[17:24] <oldtopman> cand: q3 is foss, there is no warezing.
[17:24] <cand> the data is not
[17:24] <BenO> Q3 engine is foss - game files arent'
[17:24] <BenO> What he saud
[17:24] <BenO> said*
[17:24] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[17:24] * BCMM (~ben@unaffiliated/bcmm) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:24] * PiBot sets mode +v BCMM
[17:24] * quake3 (58686169@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[17:25] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: NIN101)
[17:25] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:25] * PiBot sets mode +v chris_99
[17:25] <NucWin> http://openarena.ws/download.php <--- fully foss (i think)
[17:25] <cand> ye, OA = OpenArena
[17:25] <cand> though you might need 0.8.5
[17:26] <cand> 0.8.8 introduced many heavier effects
[17:26] <BenO> It's actually using the ioquake3 engine port
[17:26] <BenO> as the Pi is OpenGL ES2.0, not OpenGl
[17:27] <BenO> big difference internally
[17:27] <cand> yes, the new effects are GL only
[17:27] <BenO> It would be interesting to see if an earlier set of OA pak's will run through ioquake3
[17:28] <BenO> (I don't know how much they've altered the internals)
[17:28] <cand> not much
[17:28] <cand> pretty much only name changes, in their exe
[17:28] <cand> cutable
[17:28] <cand> though I last looked at the src in 0.8.1 days
[17:29] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:29] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] * PiBot sets mode +v NIN101
[17:33] <flaushy> has anyone tested openarena on the pi?
[17:34] * poptire (~quassel@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[17:36] * Charlie (~quassel@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:36] * PiBot sets mode +v Charlie
[17:36] * Charlie is now known as Guest46213
[17:38] <BenO> flaushy, It's unlikely to work without being ported to use OpenGL ES 2.0 rather than OpenGL
[17:38] <BenO> Whether that has been done or not, I've no idea
[17:38] <flaushy> ok
[17:38] <cand> it's fairly vanilla ioq3
[17:39] <flaushy> q3 server does not run on my vps :/
[17:39] <cand> given the engine is already ported, only the shiny effects (bloom etc) wouldn't work
[17:39] <D34TH> i wonder if i could get it running on my vps
[17:39] <NucWin> im still trying that flaushy trashed one vpn moved on to another
[17:39] <NucWin> ooh D34TH your still here
[17:39] <D34TH> :3
[17:39] <NucWin> hope you dont have upload limits on that url you sent me?
[17:40] <D34TH> nope
[17:40] <D34TH> :D
[17:40] <NucWin> good downloaded 4 times so far :s
[17:40] <D34TH> :3
[17:40] <BenO> Does anyone want to try out my 'fixes' on the alsa module?
[17:40] <BenO> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/49868798/snd-bcm2835.ko
[17:40] <NucWin> once to laptop but wanted on other server and was faster than upload to download again
[17:40] <NucWin> then i acciently deleted it
[17:40] <NucWin> then i busted the vm so move to my other vm at my friends house
[17:40] * Guest46213 (~quassel@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[17:41] * Meatballs|Away is now known as Meatballs
[17:42] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Will do :)
[17:44] <Gadget-Mac> Once I've tried getting some debug info :)
[17:45] <D34TH> heh nucwin im grabbing pak0 on my vps @ 5 mb/s
[17:45] <NucWin> nice i got some good speeds on my friends 50Mbps
[17:46] <NucWin> ^^^ gettting that erorr trying to build with x64 bot patch though
[17:47] <flaushy> NucWin?
[17:47] <NucWin> flaushy
[17:47] <NucWin> ooh
[17:47] <NucWin> /usr/include/SDL/SDL_opengl.h:46:60: fatal error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory
[17:48] <flaushy> ah
[17:48] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, it is a timing issue I am trying to tackle - ie one of those problems that often disappear when you add in lots of debug code round it :)
[17:48] <Gadget-Mac> Sure.
[17:48] * mkopack (~mkopack@184-227-248-205.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:48] * PiBot sets mode +v mkopack
[17:48] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Would you like another test app ?
[17:48] <BenO> NucWin, flaushy just remember there is no OpenGL on the Pi! :)
[17:48] <flaushy> BenO: there is no screen on my pi
[17:48] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, sure, the more the merrier (cmdline preferred)
[17:49] <NucWin> yeh im just trying to get dedicated server working on archlinux x64
[17:49] <NucWin> see if the arm build can connect to it
[17:49] <Gadget-Mac> One slight problem, needs some stuff run on a server
[17:49] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, not that much of an issue
[17:49] <Gadget-Mac> see: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/11
[17:49] <Gadget-Mac> squeezeslave
[17:49] <Gadget-Mac> http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezeSlave
[17:50] <BenO> Ah I see :)
[17:50] <PiKeY> anyone else have the ?User Interface is version 3, expected 6? in quake3?
[17:50] <D34TH> why do i love mlocate so much
[17:51] <PiKeY> seems there may be a patch but unsure how to apply it
[17:52] * Guest64881 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:52] <Gadget-Mac> BenO: Pretty cool. On reflection it does sound a bit 'noisy'
[17:52] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, Squeezeslave?
[17:53] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, oh and HDMI or line out?
[17:53] <Gadget-Mac> line out
[17:53] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:53] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[17:53] <BenO> to a line out device or to headphones?
[17:53] <Gadget-Mac> powered speakers
[17:54] <BenO> Hmm bugger - same issue with mplayer...
[17:54] <Gadget-Mac> Well, having 2 things with the same problem, makes it easier to track down ?
[17:56] <NucWin> umm seems i cant compile on headless box
[17:58] <cand> if you download OA, IIRC it comes with the dedicated server binary too precompiled for x86 and x64
[17:58] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, Sort of - I'd guess that both are heavy users of the alsa 'get_delay' function and try to send little packets of 'silence' when they get upset
[17:58] * passstab (~coplon@c-68-80-37-73.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:58] * PiBot sets mode +v passstab
[17:58] <BenO> I don't know enough about the hw to know how to successfully send silence though
[17:58] <BenO> or mute for that matter
[17:58] <flaushy> debian has openarena-server :)
[17:59] <flaushy>
[17:59] <flaushy> try it :)
[17:59] <BenO> flaushy, It may still require opengl
[17:59] <flaushy> the server is fine
[17:59] <flaushy> i ll try soon :)
[17:59] <flaushy> my pi is resizeing its sdcard
[17:59] <Gadget-Mac> BenO,  shame no option to use an alternatvie to ALSA
[17:59] <BenO> flaushy, Okay, finger's crossed :)
[17:59] <BenO> Gadget-Mac, alsa-oss seems to work... ;)
[18:00] <flaushy> BenO: i cross them for you getting sound working :)
[18:00] <cand> flaushy, is that oa or q3?
[18:00] <flaushy> oa
[18:00] <flaushy> with a "i have no clue but copied config" settings
[18:01] <cand> I
[18:01] <flaushy> so i might dos some other machine currently ^^
[18:01] <cand> 'll join soon then
[18:01] <flaushy> i do not play :)
[18:01] <flaushy> need to leave in a bit for the local hackerspace meeting as well
[18:02] <flaushy> but i might get a openarena server on a pi done by then, with a ok speed line
[18:02] * Davespice (~quassel@cpc13-haye17-2-0-cust146.haye.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[18:02] <flaushy> uh and i am happy about a nice openarena config that you want to play
[18:07] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@cpc6-dund12-0-0-cust248.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[18:08] * Davespice (~quassel@cpc13-haye17-2-0-cust146.haye.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:08] * PiBot sets mode +v Davespice
[18:09] <dmsuse> hmm
[18:09] <flaushy> hmm?
[18:09] <dmsuse> yes, hmm...
[18:10] * jamesglanville (~james@global-2-74.nat.csx.cam.ac.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:11] <cand> flaushy, you should add some bots ;)
[18:11] <flaushy> how?
[18:11] <flaushy> so it runs?
[18:12] * jakobw (~jakob@archlinux/developer/jakobw) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:12] * PiBot sets mode +v jakobw
[18:12] <cand> I got a waiting screen, guess I was the only player
[18:12] <BenO> Has anyone got the link to (Hexxeh's?) q3 binaries
[18:12] <dmsuse> anyone tried enemy territory on the pi ?
[18:13] <flaushy> cand: http://t.co/FO9G5558
[18:15] * jakobw (~jakob@archlinux/developer/jakobw) has left #raspberrypi
[18:16] <convolution> is there some way to buy raspberry pi now?
[18:16] <convolution> why isn't in store now?
[18:16] <dmsuse> convolution: no way :P just have to wait
[18:16] * Laogeodritt (~Laogeodri@wikipedia/Laogeodritt) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:16] * PiBot sets mode +v Laogeodritt
[18:16] <dmsuse> unless you wanna spend 10x more than its value on ebay :P
[18:17] <cand> flaushy: seta bot_minplayers "1" and seta bot_enable "1" in the server config
[18:17] <convolution> wait for what?
[18:17] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:17] * PiBot sets mode +v chris_99
[18:17] <convolution> release date of raspberrypi was on february
[18:17] <dmsuse> convolution: for them to be made.. there is already a queue of over 250,000
[18:17] <convolution> now we are on may and nothing about it
[18:18] <dmsuse> i know, liz was too busy being on holiday funded by the project to put time into making sure there are enough to go round
[18:19] <BenO> preorder date was the 29th of Feb
[18:21] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:21] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[18:23] * SphericalCow (user@unaffiliated/sphericalcow) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:23] * PiBot sets mode +v SphericalCow
[18:23] <Jaska__> i wonder in how many years its possible to order the rpi :\
[18:24] <flaushy> cand thx :)
[18:24] <hotwings> easy pal.. just slow down
[18:24] <flaushy> i ll put it on the pi soon
[18:24] <flaushy> and give you access as well
[18:24] <hotwings> order an rpi?... you believe in miracles? :)
[18:24] <mkopack> convolution: because the first batch had a bug (wrong Ethernet connector installed by the factory), and then they had to go through CE/FCC testing before mass production could start
[18:25] <mkopack> convolution: which meant that it wasn't until like 2 weeks ago that they were able to start really pumping them out on the assembly line in numbers.
[18:25] <convolution> mkopack, and when i can buy it?
[18:25] <BenO> mkopack, don't forget that they only had enough initial investment to buy and manufacture 10k boards
[18:25] <IT_Sean> I would guess that the raspi should be. In steady supply by late summer.
[18:26] <mkopack> another 8000 are getting shipped out next week, and at least another 12,000 (probably more like 20000 since that 12k number came from only one of the two manufacturers) 2 weeks after that
[18:26] <mkopack> convolution: where are you ?
[18:26] <dmsuse> i could make 12k in 4 weeks lol
[18:26] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:26] * PiBot sets mode +v fabrice1
[18:26] <convolution> mkopack, italy
[18:27] <mkopack> convolution: so contact your local Farnell or RS branch, register interest. When they get to you on the queue, they'll let you know and you can order???
[18:27] <mkopack> The problem is, the longer you wait to register interest, the farther back in the queue you are, the longer you're going to have to wait to getit
[18:28] * IT_Sean joined the queue a couple of weeks ago
[18:28] <flaushy> IT_Sean: you have yours?
[18:28] <mkopack> Farnell has said all orders that were placed before April 18 would be shipped out before the end of June. Anything after that won't be until ed of July
[18:28] <IT_Sean> flaushy: No.
[18:28] <convolution> is better farnell or rs?
[18:29] <mkopack> convolution: the fact is, there is WAY more demand than there are units to go around right now, so we're ALL in the same boat of just having to register interest and wait for our turn in line to come up. Deal with it.
[18:29] <mkopack> Eh, personally I think Farnell has been doing a better job with it, but others like RS. Up to you
[18:29] <blarson_> I ordered mine in February, hopfully it will arive next month.
[18:30] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) Quit (Quit: IT_Sean)
[18:30] <flaushy> i ordered on launchdate and am getting mine around 22th may
[18:31] <BenO> ordered mine on launch, got it a few weeks ago, ordered second which will arrive before end of June
[18:31] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[18:31] <dmsuse> just wait for the allwinner a10, half the price and double the speed and will probably arrive sooner than the pi :P
[18:31] <flaushy> and if you consider a huge bulk will have ordered on launch
[18:32] <mkopack> I'm HOPEFUL I'll be in the next 8000 next week, but if not, I should most definitely be in the 12,000 batch 2 weeks later
[18:33] <mkopack> There's also the issue that only so many are getting out to each region, so people who ordered after you from another region might get theirs before you because more units get allocated to fulfilling orders in that other region..
[18:34] <flaushy> uh ... so telling mates was no smart idea :/
[18:35] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[18:37] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:37] * PiBot sets mode +v chris_99
[18:38] <mkopack> the fact is that the demand was WAY higher than they expected early on - initially they expected only developer types to want it - then somebody posted that they got XBMC and Quake 3 working on one of the alpha boards and suddenly demand went nuts??? People wanted it without understanding what it was and what it's limitations are.
[18:38] * vgrade (~martinbro@cpc2-nrte22-2-0-cust128.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[18:39] <NucWin> i think i got ioquake dedi working on x64 :)
[18:39] <NucWin> with bots
[18:39] <flaushy> NucWin: \o/
[18:39] <flaushy> openarena on my pi will take forever... sdcard already limits download :/
[18:40] <mkopack> I'm thinking I'm going to go the "external HD" route with my Pi??? already about to do that with my PandaboardES??? The SD card is just too damned slow
[18:40] <mkopack> (although I bought 16GB SD cards, so that was kind of a waste???)
[18:41] <mkopack> probably use the SD card for my MAME setup Pi
[18:41] <flaushy> hehe
[18:41] <flaushy> i ll try to get tor decently running on a sdcard
[18:41] <mkopack> 16GB is a LOT of space for MAME / Stella / VICE
[18:41] <Jaska__> mame is quite cpu intense
[18:42] <mkopack> Some folks have already gotten it working.. check the forums
[18:42] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8-dev)
[18:42] <flaushy> probably we will use a pi for home automation setups in university as well
[18:42] <mkopack> I need to check with Hexxeh to see if he managed to get VICE running
[18:42] <Jaska__> low cost mail server :>
[18:42] <Jaska__> :P
[18:43] <flaushy> we thought about hosting with such devices :)
[18:43] <flaushy> putting them epoxy for sec reasons
[18:44] <flaushy> but the pi sucks for that case
[18:44] <flaushy> we ll try the a10 prolly
[18:45] <flaushy> what i like about the pi are the gpios :) makes them nice for the hackerspace
[18:46] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:46] * PiBot sets mode +v nils_2
[18:47] <mkopack> Robotics :)
[18:47] <zleap> flaushy, this was posted to the dclug channel http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/raspberry-pi-gets-an-electronics-prototyping-plate-kit-20120427/
[18:48] <flaushy> zleap: yepe thx :)
[18:48] <zleap> np
[18:48] <flaushy> mkopack: for robotics i stick with stm32
[18:49] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:49] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[18:49] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:49] * PiBot sets mode +v nils_2
[18:51] <mkopack> Well, everyone has their favorite??? I prefer Arduino, but the nice thing about the Pi is that it has the power to perform more complex things like A* path planning or even some computer vision stuff. And then it can communicate with your uC of choice to tell it what commands to execute to control motors and such...
[18:51] <ReggieUK> mkopack, indeed!
[18:51] <flaushy> mkopack: yepe :)
[18:51] <ReggieUK> need brains + brawn
[18:52] * iccanobif (iccanobif@host38-135-dynamic.21-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit ()
[18:52] <flaushy> and you can dev on the same board as you play
[18:52] <flaushy> insert diff sdcard, and all is great again
[18:52] <mkopack> For instance - Use your uC to read sensors and drive motors, communicate over serial to the Pi, let the Pi do interpretation of that sensor data, determine where to go, communicate back "Drive the right motor"
[18:52] <mkopack> yup
[18:52] <mkopack> I plan to give ROS a go on the Pi as soon as I get it
[18:52] <ReggieUK> ROS?
[18:53] <mkopack> (although so far, trying to get ROS's Kinect/OpenNi stuff working on my Pandaboard ES is proving quite the challenge due to the lack of ARM drivers for the Kinect)
[18:53] <mkopack> Robot Operating System
[18:53] <mkopack> Willowgarage.com
[18:53] <mkopack> ros.org
[18:54] * TheShrew (~theshrew@87-194-161-58.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:54] * PiBot sets mode +v TheShrew
[18:54] <mkopack> The nice thing about ROS is that it's TOTALLY distributed in nature - You have 1 central hub node that does all the bookkeeping (yellow pages and shared data blackboard) and you then run different processing nodes on as many CPU's as you want - all on one, or split up among different processors
[18:55] * Kushykins is now known as Kushan
[18:55] * chandoo (~chandoo@ool-ad032250.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:55] * PiBot sets mode +v chandoo
[18:55] <flaushy> hmm nice
[18:55] <flaushy> sounds a bit liek barrelfish
[18:56] <mkopack> So, I could use 1 RPi to talk to the Arduino to get the sensor data, and post that to ROS. Use the Pandaboard to do Computer Vision stuff off a Webcam, and use a 2nd Pi to do the A* path planning stuff, and they all tie together through ROS and TCPIP.
[18:56] <zleap> mkopack, gordon from the dclug has linked a ardino with a raspPI
[18:57] <mkopack> No one of those processors has the grunt to do it all, but having all 3 means you can split the work up and centralize the individual functions
[18:57] <BenO> zleap, SPI?
[18:57] <zleap> ?
[18:57] * Wedgybo (~jsutherla@i-195-137-107-162.freedom2surf.net) Quit (Quit: Wedgybo)
[18:57] <zleap> he has connected an ardino board to a raspberry pI
[18:58] <BenO> How are they connected?
[18:58] <mkopack> Did they use SPI interface to get them talking
[18:58] <zleap> not sure
[18:58] <mkopack> That or just straight serial would be the obvious ways
[18:59] <BenO> mkopack, do the new Uno's come with a normal serial connection? or is it all usb serial?
[18:59] <flaushy> and gone :)
[18:59] <NucWin> argh taking ages to download the point release files for windows so i can test this server lol
[18:59] <mkopack> I think it's just USB serial, but you can get normal serial using a couple of the pins.
[18:59] <ReggieUK> mkopack, sounds a bit like my plan with the pi to palm off certain jobs that don't particularly need to be on the same machine
[18:59] <mkopack> That's how the XBee modules /shield interface with the Uno
[18:59] <BenO> mkopack, softwareserial-style?
[18:59] <ReggieUK> has anyone tried out webcams on a pi yet?
[19:00] <BenO> (camel case as appropriate)
[19:00] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@t410.student.rit.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:00] * PiBot sets mode +v RITRedbeard
[19:00] <mkopack> ReggieUK: There was a thread on the forums about it??? Some question as to wether the L4V module was included in the Kernel
[19:00] <mkopack> BenO: no idea
[19:01] <BenO> ReggieUK, There is a zif connector on the board that apparently connects to a webcam
[19:01] <BenO> they are talking about bringing this out at some point (AFAIK)
[19:01] <ReggieUK> right now I'm really talking about standard webcams but that would be interesting about the zif connector, depending on exactly what you could plug into it
[19:01] <mkopack> BenO: He's talking more about normal UVC webcams attached via USB
[19:02] <mkopack> They're talking about having 2 different ZIF connector cams that could be connected.
[19:03] * SphericalCow (user@unaffiliated/sphericalcow) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:03] <BenO> Ah k
[19:04] <ReggieUK> mkopack, right now I'm talking about webcams but I'd be seriously interested in CCD/CMOS interfaces on the PI
[19:04] <mkopack> the CCD/CMOS interface on the Pi will require the GPU blob to support it
[19:04] <mkopack> Which isn't there yet
[19:05] <NucWin> there are some webcams in the hardware list i think so someone must have tried them
[19:05] <mkopack> As far as the USB webcams, see my comment above
[19:06] <ReggieUK> I take it it's just a case of compiling the v4l stuff for the pi to get that side of things up and running?
[19:06] <ReggieUK> and appropriate drivers
[19:06] <mkopack> Would assume, yes
[19:07] <mkopack> UVC webcams should work without special drivers as long as V4L is in the Kernel (as I understand it)
[19:07] <ReggieUK> for the cams I intend to use (initially) I believe there are already drivers
[19:07] <ReggieUK> definitely for one but it's not so much a webcam, so that will be used later
[19:08] <RITRedbeard> standard webcams work well if they're UVC compatible (I was going to mount HD-5000 to aeral platform, worked well under bifferboard during tests)
[19:09] <RITRedbeard> although you can imagine a very high RPM motor vibrating a fixed mass attached to the airframe
[19:09] * AdrianG (~amphetami@unaffiliated/amphetamine) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:09] * PiBot sets mode +v AdrianG
[19:09] <ReggieUK> well, these will be 640x480 resolution max and 0.5 frames per second :)
[19:11] <RITRedbeard> http://www.cs.rit.edu/~rhj6411/rit_flier/spitfire/
[19:12] <RITRedbeard> I never got to play with the focus
[19:12] <mkopack> Man, you're up near my old stomping grounds??? I grew up around Syracuse + Utica
[19:12] <RITRedbeard> I actually never got it to fly, it is difficult flying smaller models :(
[19:12] <RITRedbeard> difficulty curve is near factorial, I swear
[19:13] <RITRedbeard> 1400mm pusher config? no biggie, up in the air
[19:13] <RITRedbeard> 800mm with engine in front... yeahhhh
[19:14] * AdrianG (~amphetami@unaffiliated/amphetamine) has left #raspberrypi
[19:14] <RITRedbeard> gotta have a good pressure differential between the top and bottom of wing and airspeed (directly related)
[19:14] <RITRedbeard> also the fact that if you crash it, it's nose first usually
[19:14] <RITRedbeard> so repairs need to be made
[19:15] <RITRedbeard> mkopack, heh
[19:15] * warddr (~warddr@Wikipedia/Warddr) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:15] * PiBot sets mode +v warddr
[19:15] <RITRedbeard> It's nice up here, not so sure about RIT though, I might go back home and transfer into Drexel
[19:16] <mkopack> Hehe, I go to Drexel right now (Online)
[19:16] * vgrade (~martinbro@cpc2-nrte22-2-0-cust128.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:16] * PiBot sets mode +v vgrade
[19:16] <RITRedbeard> living in south jersey, camden county, makes pretty good sense
[19:16] <RITRedbeard> just take the transit to university city
[19:16] * L337hium (~ed@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:16] <mkopack> Ugh??? Im sorry. that's where our main office is??? I HATE when they make me go up there. Driving there is a NIGHTMARE
[19:17] <RITRedbeard> Camden or University City?
[19:17] <mkopack> The roads make NO sense, they're in HORRIBLE shape, and everything is just so old and run down
[19:17] <mkopack> Camden/Cherry Hill. Office is in Cherry Hill
[19:17] <RITRedbeard> Hahahaha, I know Cherry Hill.
[19:17] * L337hium (~ed@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:17] <mkopack> I usually stay at that Crowne Plaza hotel on 70
[19:17] * PiBot sets mode +v L337hium
[19:17] <RITRedbeard> Yeah, you're absolutely right.
[19:17] <RITRedbeard> Ah, I know where that is, I think.
[19:18] <mkopack> Right near the Porche dealership
[19:18] <mkopack> and the DMV
[19:18] <mkopack> the Home Depot
[19:18] <mkopack> Wegmans
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> hmmm DMV in cherry hill
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> OH YES
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> yes
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> it's on the way to the hospital
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> because it's funny
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> wegmans has a monopoly up here
[19:18] <mkopack> Our office is in Executive Campus
[19:18] <RITRedbeard> but that is the only wegmans in NJ that I know of :P
[19:18] * cand (~cand@unaffiliated/cand) has left #raspberrypi
[19:20] <mkopack> They keep making it sound like the only way I'm going to get put on good projects is to move up there to be in the main office, but they couldn't pay me enough to move up there. F'ing DUMP
[19:20] <mkopack> (no offense)
[19:20] <mkopack> I'll stay down here in Atlanta thanks
[19:20] <mkopack> the ONLY places I'd consider moving are Colorado, Boston, Pitt (only because of CMU) or San Fran
[19:20] <mkopack> Well, Silicon Valley to be more accurate
[19:21] <mkopack> And Boston and Pitt are a long shot - would only be to go for a PhD
[19:22] <mkopack> Hmm??? reminds me??? I should plan to give Henrick Christensen @ GaTech a call in the fall, see what it would take to get in as a PhD student over there...
[19:22] <mkopack> Start getting my ducks in a row
[19:24] <RITRedbeard> yeah
[19:24] <RITRedbeard> I don't like south NJ/Philadelphia much any more
[19:24] * eephillip (~eephillip@pdpc/supporter/student/eephillip) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:24] * PiBot sets mode +v eephillip
[19:24] <RITRedbeard> I can't claim residence in NY state because I'm only a student here.
[19:25] <RITRedbeard> And guess what? I have a drivers license so by law I have to be on a policy of someone living in my household
[19:25] <BenO> Today, I will mostly be building this: http://fuse-emulator.sourceforge.net/#What_is_it ;)
[19:25] <RITRedbeard> and guess what? highest insurance rate in country? NJ!
[19:25] <RITRedbeard> whoo hoo!
[19:25] <mkopack> Yup. I hear ya
[19:25] <mkopack> I had to deal with all that when I came down to GA for college...
[19:25] <RITRedbeard> but where my grandmother lives is a nice suburban neighborhood
[19:25] <mkopack> NY wasn't much better for insurance
[19:26] <RITRedbeard> but slowly but surely like, the towns surrounding it are getting poorer/worse
[19:26] <mkopack> and I had to pay out of state tuition which was 3x more than in-state
[19:26] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:26] * PiBot sets mode +v fabrice1
[19:26] <RITRedbeard> I dont know if you know what Lindenwold or Glendora are... they're like little mini-Camdens
[19:26] <RITRedbeard> and they're growing in size
[19:26] <RITRedbeard> Pine Hill, too.
[19:26] <mkopack> I love how all the bridges out of Jersey charge you the toll to escape??? but not to come in
[19:26] <RITRedbeard> lol
[19:27] <RITRedbeard> we think that's hilarious as shit, too
[19:27] <mkopack> I ALWAYS forget to carry cash to pay those stupid ass tolls
[19:27] <RITRedbeard> STAY AWHILE -- STAY FOREVER!
[19:27] <a5m0> is zram going to be turned on by default for all linux on raspi?
[19:27] <mkopack> Last time the rental car had one of those EZPass things.. SO I figured I'd just use that - and when I went through the toll booth it said "EZPass Error, Contact EZPASS"??? Luckily the gate went up
[19:28] <mkopack> So I'm SURE I'll see a bill from Avis for that at some point
[19:28] <RITRedbeard> Colorado is where it's at, though. So damn beautiful.
[19:28] <mkopack> Yeah, and my sister and her husband and my nephew live there??? but they live in the middle of GD nowhere in SW colorado. I'd have to do Denver or Boulder
[19:28] <mkopack> Which is STILL like a 7 hour drive to their place
[19:29] <RITRedbeard> boulder is lovely
[19:29] <RITRedbeard> just north of it is lovely
[19:29] <mkopack> Yeah, been there several times for work
[19:29] <RITRedbeard> I love that place
[19:29] <mkopack> VERY expensive to get a house there though. Zero growth policy
[19:29] <RITRedbeard> used to be a tech boom for the hard drive industry awhile back there, apparently
[19:29] <mkopack> yup
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> but that seems to be dead
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> I can tell you that IBM's data center is impressive there
[19:30] <mkopack> Yup, been there :)
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> as well as the print operations
[19:30] <mkopack> Spent several weeks there
[19:30] * meshuga- (fn@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:30] * PiBot sets mode +v meshuga-
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> for Lexmark, IBM, Ricoh?
[19:30] <mkopack> Back when I wore a blue suit
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> oh damn
[19:30] <mkopack> IBM
[19:30] <RITRedbeard> BLUE SUIT! BLUE SUIT!
[19:31] <mkopack> Bah, honestly it wasn't as cool as you'd think
[19:31] <RITRedbeard> It was great working there and funnier still was it was for Ricoh but being contracted by IBM
[19:31] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[19:31] <RITRedbeard> Well, was it the printer part of the biz?
[19:31] <mkopack> 2/3 of the people working for that company should have been fired??? and the same amount of work would have been done
[19:31] <RITRedbeard> Or mainframe stuff?
[19:31] <mkopack> I was up there to get a system working and transitioned over to Hosting
[19:32] <RITRedbeard> The people in Ricoh seemed pretty solid, most of them ex-blues and old timers.
[19:32] <RITRedbeard> Especially our IT guys.
[19:32] <RITRedbeard> Or as I liked to think of them: mainframe wizards
[19:33] <mkopack> Yeah, there were a TON of them in my group at IBM - the problem was, they were CLUELESS with PCs....
[19:34] <RITRedbeard> yeah
[19:34] <mkopack> It was a very strange dichotomy at the time - I joined IBM Global Services in 1995. Client Server + OS/2 were the big things at the time, Lotus Notes was just starting to come in, etc. There were the older people who were 100% Mainframe and just COULD NOT get PC's. Then there were the younger ten people like me (I was one of the first new hires my dept had in YEARS) who had NO IDEA how to do anything on the Mainframe and didn't see
[19:34] <mkopack> point in them anymore.
[19:35] <mkopack> Those two groups did NOT mix well
[19:35] <RITRedbeard> OH GOD
[19:35] <RITRedbeard> don't say lotus notes
[19:35] <RITRedbeard> and please do not say sametime
[19:35] <RITRedbeard> I will seppuku
[19:35] <mkopack> HAHA, I'm a certified Notes Dev :) (R5) Haven't used it in over a decade though
[19:35] <RITRedbeard> You asshole! :)
[19:36] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:36] * PiBot sets mode +v TopherBrink
[19:36] <mkopack> Notes itself isn't bad. It's that people try to shoehorn it into doing things it was NEVER meant to do
[19:36] <RITRedbeard> Yes, like, having project manager or someone add a group under this thing...
[19:36] <RITRedbeard> it's like... wait, what?
[19:36] <mkopack> All the web stuff they put on was just a damn shoehorn and it's FUGLY for that
[19:36] <RITRedbeard> yeah it looks like something from 1995
[19:37] <RITRedbeard> but that's probably a complement since dealing with MVS and such is like dealing with dinosaurs... your home directory is just a linear vsam!
[19:37] <mkopack> I actually worked on a couple web site content management systems that were based around Lotus Notes??? The customers would enter their site content (stories) through a Notes Interface, and then would hit a button and our system would "publish" the content into an HTML template to produce a static page and load it on the site.
[19:38] <RITRedbeard> I agree with your critique though; the guys I worked with were really good at what they did, the problem wasn't the software but the software in their brains
[19:38] <RITRedbeard> cobwebs
[19:38] <mkopack> NYSE, Univision, the Masters (golf), AMICA (insurance) all were sites we did that way
[19:38] <danieldaniel> whats notes/
[19:38] <RITRedbeard> Lotus Notes
[19:38] <danieldaniel> oh
[19:38] <danieldaniel> ok
[19:38] <mkopack> danieldaniel: Lotus Notes
[19:39] <RITRedbeard> mkopack is proof, I knew it. I knew the devs of Lotus Notes didn't use Lotus Notes.
[19:39] <RITRedbeard> Just other IBM employees/divisions
[19:39] * ksx4system (~ksx4syste@taranis.mac.info.pl) Quit (Excess Flood)
[19:39] <RITRedbeard> I KNEW IT
[19:39] <mkopack> Oh, I did at the time. And I loved it. It was great??? Just the market for it after I left IBM wasn't enough to find jobs in, and I really wanted to do Java dev
[19:40] <RITRedbeard> the engineers though like for the hardware parts (both printer and mainframe) were smart as all hell, though.
[19:40] <mkopack> We have a Notes server that is used to host a couple internal systems (like Purchase Order management)
[19:41] <RITRedbeard> In 1995 was the noth side still warehouse or were they expanding lexmark and their printer stuff?
[19:41] <RITRedbeard> like, do you know about the BIC?
[19:42] <mkopack> No idea
[19:42] <RITRedbeard> or were you strictly on the south side of the building/didn't exist
[19:42] <mkopack> It's been so long I honestly don't remember
[19:42] * ksx4system (~ksx4syste@taranis.mac.info.pl) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:42] * PiBot sets mode +v ksx4system
[19:42] <mkopack> Last time I was there was back around 99/2000
[19:43] <RITRedbeard> hmmm
[19:43] <NucWin> yay ioquake server working :)
[19:43] <RITRedbeard> you woulda remembered the BIC
[19:43] <markus> so this has become a quake channel?
[19:43] <mkopack> lol, no
[19:44] <mkopack> Just not a lot happening in the RPi world right this second??? Lots of us just waiting to get our units
[19:44] <markus> ;)
[19:44] <RITRedbeard> nah
[19:45] <RITRedbeard> someone needs to port xenu3d/goldsrc compatible
[19:45] <D34TH> nucwin ip?
[19:45] <NucWin> rich.uk.to
[19:45] <RITRedbeard> mkopack, I can't find any video or picture, not really supposed to talk about the BIC but it's like engineering test room where they stress test the engines and stuff
[19:45] <mkopack> ah
[19:45] <mkopack> yeah I don't think I ever saw that
[19:46] <RITRedbeard> smells of toner and ink :)
[19:46] <D34TH> connection interupted?
[19:46] <D34TH> ahh
[19:46] <RITRedbeard> best thing though was biking into 1 IBM Drive from the Diag (okay well almost getting killed wasn't the best) but biking into 1 IBM Drive and seeing this
[19:46] <RITRedbeard> http://img.ibtimes.com/www/data/images/full/2011/04/28/92887-the-sign-at-the-ibm-facility-near-boulder-colorado.jpg
[19:46] <D34TH> ihad to hardlimit my fps
[19:46] <RITRedbeard> every day
[19:47] <mkopack> BTW, I also find it AWEOME that somebody got that StarControl2 port working on the RPi! I had just installed and started playing that on my Macbook a couple weeks ago
[19:47] <D34TH> so much lag nucwin D:
[19:47] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[19:47] <RITRedbeard> are the quake ports doing better with particle effects and floating point?
[19:48] <mkopack> Yeah, the scenery out there is so awesome. I remember the first time I went out there, I landed in Denver at night and drove to Boulder and was like "I don't get WTF everyone is so on about. I don't see any mountains..."
[19:48] <danieldaniel> NucWin: IP?
[19:48] <mkopack> The next morning I went out to get into the rental car to drive to the IBM facility and turned around and "HOLY CRAP!" that mountain was RIGHT behind my hotel!
[19:48] <RITRedbeard> the first thing I saw when I collected my head (first time flying, first co-op, first REAL job) was in the shuttle van, about 5 PM
[19:48] <RITRedbeard> sun was starting to set
[19:48] <RITRedbeard> I look out the window and I saw the sun setting between the flatirons
[19:48] <RITRedbeard> I was like
[19:48] <RITRedbeard> woooooooooooowwwwwwwww
[19:49] <RITRedbeard> so pretty
[19:49] <RITRedbeard> good air, too
[19:51] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:52] <RITRedbeard> I'd work there again but I'm really interested in the mainframe stuff which is why they want young people... not like they're you know... teaching about hypervisors and JCL out here in university land
[19:52] <RITRedbeard> but the hardware is intriguing
[19:52] <markus> RITRedbeard: where are you right now, in poland?
[19:52] <mkopack> I always liked the little bar area down in downtown Boulder - being a college town, lots of nice little shops and pubs and very pedestrian friendly
[19:52] <danieldaniel> NucWin: i'm in
[19:52] <danieldaniel> oh
[19:52] <danieldaniel> nvm
[19:52] * bob_ (~bob@5ac0e860.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:52] <danieldaniel> now I am
[19:52] * PiBot sets mode +v katnegermis
[19:52] * PiBot sets mode +v bob_
[19:53] <RITRedbeard> poland?
[19:53] <NucWin> having a little trouble?
[19:53] <RITRedbeard> markus, poland?
[19:53] <markus> RITRedbeard: where is the sun setting?
[19:53] <mkopack> RITRedbeard: Yeah, the old timers didn't understand why I didn't know anything about mainframes when I showed up at IBM??? Um, because NOBODY teaches that in college anymore! LOL???
[19:53] <RITRedbeard> Colorado. 5 PM GMT, May-August
[19:53] <markus> i guess it depends on both latitude and longitude
[19:54] <RITRedbeard> but i'm in Rochester, NY right now
[19:54] <RITRedbeard> and it's almost 2 PM EST
[19:55] <markus> yes so the sun doesn't set now i suppose :)
[19:55] <RITRedbeard> no, I was describing a time in the past
[19:56] <RITRedbeard> also I found it cool that from where I was renting the sun would set and you could see the light beyond the Rockies
[19:56] * UnderSampled (~UnderSamp@cpe-174-097-224-178.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:56] * PiBot sets mode +v UnderSampled
[19:57] <RITRedbeard> mkopack, I don't even know if IBM had any university purchases through the years, no? Hasn't it been all DEC stuff, mostly?
[19:57] <mkopack> ?
[19:57] <mkopack> You mean selling Mainframes to uni's?
[19:57] <mkopack> HEck, no idea...
[19:58] <mkopack> IMO the only good use for big iron anymore is as huge database servers
[19:58] <mkopack> They just work SO different from everything else out there that I don't see the point in them anymore
[19:59] * phirsch (~smuxi@xdsl-89-0-161-201.netcologne.de) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:59] * phirsch (~smuxi@xdsl-89-0-162-88.netcologne.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:59] * PiBot sets mode +v phirsch
[19:59] <RITRedbeard> only a few I see
[19:59] <RITRedbeard> most were VAX/PDP
[20:00] <mkopack> yeah
[20:00] * neouf (~neouf@charles.bijon.fr) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[20:00] <RITRedbeard> makes sense given uni hertiage is unix
[20:00] <mkopack> yup
[20:00] <mkopack> I know the community college in Utica used a VAX??? I took a BASIC programming class there on Saturdays as a teen
[20:00] <mkopack> Those old Teletype terminals??? not even CRT screens!
[20:01] <mkopack> Tractor feed dot matrix printers
[20:02] <zleap> talking of teletype http://www.usbtypewriter.com/
[20:02] <mkopack> LOL!
[20:02] <RITRedbeard> hehehehe
[20:02] <danieldaniel> lolwut
[20:03] <zleap> hardware hacking at its best
[20:08] <mkopack> You guys see the thread about the SD card slot performance being low?
[20:09] <zleap> what class of sd card is being used ?
[20:09] <mkopack> Wasn't an issue of card class...
[20:09] <mkopack> http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum?forum=1&topic=4917
[20:10] * hamitron (~hamitron@just.screw-the.eu) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:10] * PiBot sets mode +v hamitron
[20:10] <mkopack> Basically, he's saying that using the card in the SD slot on the RPi he was only getting like 6MB/sec read??? Using the same card in a USB SD card reader hooked to the RPi, he was getting like 20MB/s
[20:11] <mkopack> "Opening up the USB reader and using an oscilloscope to probe the sdcard CLK line shows it driving the card at ~50Mhz.
[20:11] <mkopack> Doing the same on the R-Pi onboard slot shows it only driving the card at 10Mhz or 12.5Mhz depending on the card.
[20:11] <mkopack> The kernel driver seems to suggest 20MHz as the maximum, and yet the peripherals data sheet suggests higher speeds could be possible. "
[20:11] * FZombie (~STN@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:11] * PiBot sets mode +v FZombie
[20:12] * neouf (~neouf@charles.bijon.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:12] * PiBot sets mode +v neouf
[20:12] <mkopack> crap, I should go mow the lawn....
[20:14] * Conic_ (dillon@c-75-69-38-59.hsd1.vt.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:14] * PiBot sets mode +v Conic_
[20:14] * TheShrew (~theshrew@87-194-161-58.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[20:14] <haltdef> GTX 680 arriving tomorrow :D
[20:15] <mkopack> You see they announced the 690??? and it's $1000!?!??!
[20:15] <mkopack> That's INSANE
[20:15] <markus> haltdef: what can it do?
[20:15] <haltdef> yeah, mental
[20:15] * vgrade (~martinbro@cpc2-nrte22-2-0-cust128.8-4.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[20:15] <haltdef> I didn't have a need to upgrade my 570 until I got a 27" panel, 2560x1440
[20:16] <haltdef> can't quite max stuff out on the 570, which I must be able to do :P
[20:16] <mkopack> ok, I'm outta here. Later guys
[20:16] * mkopack (~mkopack@184-227-248-205.pools.spcsdns.net) Quit (Quit: mkopack)
[20:16] <flaushy> i dont know whether cand announced it: wowee.dyndns.org:9050 openarena server running on a pi
[20:18] * jamesglanville (~james@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:18] * PiBot sets mode +v jamesglanville
[20:21] * benzeman (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[20:21] * PiBot sets mode +v benzeman
[20:21] <benzeman> good day!
[20:22] * clonak_ (~clonak@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:22] * PiBot sets mode +v clonak_
[20:22] * clonak (~clonak@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:22] * barr5790 (~alan@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[20:22] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:22] * PiBot sets mode +v DDave
[20:24] * uen (~uen@p5DCB3292.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:24] <PiKeY> booo server uses protocol version 71. i guess i`m on a diff version
[20:25] <PiKeY> now to learn how to update now?
[20:26] <PiKeY> doesn`t tell me what protocol i`m on tho
[20:28] * chod (~chod@toy-town.demon.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:28] * PiBot sets mode +v chod
[20:32] * uen (~uen@p5DCB3292.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:32] * mrcan (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:34] * koaschten (~koaschten@31-16-2-45-dynip.superkabel.de) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:34] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:37] * BillNye1 (~Eastaspoo@host-134-225-179-211.readingconnect.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:37] * PiBot sets mode +v BillNye1
[20:41] * zleap (~zleap@dsl-217-155-46-222.zen.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[20:41] * mrcan_ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:42] * zleap (~zleap@dsl-217-155-46-222.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:44] * tomekk (tomekk@tomekk.org) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:44] * mrcan__ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:45] * mrcan (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:47] * RBlunderbuss (443fb08b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:47] <RBlunderbuss> hello all
[20:47] * mrcan_ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[20:47] * namfonos (~boris@108-194-22-242.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:47] * Delboy_1 (~Kombajn@175-62.dsl.iskon.hr) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:48] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@173-80.dsl.iskon.hr) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[20:48] <Hydrazine> well, I might have succeeded in building my own lcd driver \o/
[20:48] <flaushy> \o/
[20:49] <RBlunderbuss> ha, cool
[20:49] <Hydrazine> worst case: I'm going to blow up my Rpi, less than worst case: it doesn't work, but I learned something :P
[20:49] <RBlunderbuss> anyone know if Hexxeh posted OpenTTD binaries? or of any other cool stuff has come out in the past 2 days I might have missed?
[20:49] <Hexxeh> not yet
[20:50] * eephillip (~eephillip@pdpc/supporter/student/eephillip) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:50] <Hexxeh> working on adding sound support and getting it to run faster
[20:50] <Hydrazine> but according to the kern.log I'm sending someting
[20:50] <Hexxeh> been out all day at a christening, just gonna get another indian and then have a crack later tonight
[20:50] <BenO> Hexxeh, Have you done a recompile to allow sound?
[20:50] <Hexxeh> working on adding openmax support BenO
[20:50] <BenO> Hexxeh, From OpenAL?
[20:50] <RBlunderbuss> Hexxeh : raspberrypi.org claims you have Chrome OS as a working download on your webpage?
[20:50] <RBlunderbuss> lol
[20:51] <Hexxeh> RBlunderbuss: take a look at the comments, she said she was mistaken
[20:51] <RBlunderbuss> ah ok
[20:51] <Hexxeh> BenO: OpenTTD doesn't use OpenAL?
[20:51] <BenO> Hexxeh, Oh! Sorry! I thought it was q3 again! :)
[20:51] <Hexxeh> oh no, Quake 3 sound i've not looked at yet
[20:51] <Hexxeh> it's not a simple case of a recompile though
[20:52] <danieldaniel> How would I go about attaching an LCD serial screen to my Pi
[20:52] * fabrice1 (~fabrice@c-67-180-20-19.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:52] * PiBot sets mode +v fabrice1
[20:52] <zleap> can the pi run q3 server or open areana server OK
[20:52] <ecto2> bzflag
[20:53] <BenO> Hexxeh, What does OpenTTD expect for sound? Is it SDL based?
[20:53] <Hexxeh> zleap: don't see why not, the binaries are in with the quake3 client i uploaded
[20:54] <zleap> ok
[20:54] <Hexxeh> BenO: it has a choice of drivers
[20:54] * Hexxeh afk
[20:54] * Delboy_1 is now known as Delboy_
[20:54] <zleap> does the ram affect number of users it can handle
[20:55] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:55] <zleap> when is the model A going to be out ? just out of interest
[20:56] * Conic_ (dillon@c-75-69-38-59.hsd1.vt.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[20:57] * mrcan_ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:57] * PiBot sets mode +v mrcan_
[20:57] <Hydrazine> okay, it did not work
[20:58] <BenO> Hydrazine, What LCD are you using?
[20:58] * IT_Sean (~sean@pool-96-242-229-98.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:58] * IT_Sean (~sean@pool-96-242-229-98.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Changing host)
[20:58] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:58] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[20:58] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[20:58] <Hydrazine> hd44870 compatible, driving it via a shift register
[20:59] <Hydrazine> and yeah, someone probably already made a driver for it
[20:59] * jamesglanville (~james@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:59] <danieldaniel> anyone know how to attach an LCD serial screen?
[20:59] <BenO> Using the 4-wire protocol?
[20:59] <Hydrazine> yes, SPI
[21:00] * mrcan__ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[21:00] <Hydrazine> I'm sending the commands, but they either arrive wrong or in the wrong order
[21:00] <BenO> Hydrazine, Hmm in that case, I can't wait for someone else to make a nice shiny SPI driver ;)
[21:00] * mrcan__ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:00] * PiBot sets mode +v mrcan__
[21:01] <Hydrazine> I'm using the spi driver made by REW
[21:01] <Hydrazine> http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/projects-and-collaboration-general/wanted-beta-testers-for-spi-driver
[21:02] <danieldaniel> it's this: http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/Displays/tabid/159/ProductID/50/List/0/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName
[21:02] * mrcan_ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:02] <BenO> Hydrazine, Ah cool - it's a real PITA to keep track of forums
[21:02] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@175-62.dsl.iskon.hr) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:03] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD28488.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: NIN101)
[21:04] <Hydrazine> danieldaniel: I think you can use the serial out of the Rpi
[21:04] <Hydrazine> shouldn't be to hard
[21:04] <danieldaniel> Hydrazine: so which pins do I connect it to?
[21:04] <danieldaniel> the 5v one?
[21:04] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@175-62.dsl.iskon.hr) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:04] * PiBot sets mode +v Delboy_
[21:05] * egilhh (~egilhh@cm- Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[21:05] <jzaw> Hexxeh: q3 arena ... oooh sweet memories from years past ....
[21:05] * egilhh (~egilhh@cm- has joined #raspberrypi
[21:05] * PiBot sets mode +v egilhh
[21:05] * mrdragons (~em@ Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:06] <jzaw> out of interest how does the RPi compare fps wise to what was my gaming ring back then (1.2GHz amd and some 32MB agp card)
[21:06] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@t410.student.rit.edu) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:06] * Conic_ (dillon@c-75-69-38-59.hsd1.vt.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:06] * PiBot sets mode +v Conic_
[21:06] <Hydrazine> danieldaniel: you need the 5V, the ground and the Tx of the Rpi
[21:06] * khildin (~khildin@ip-83-134-214-171.dsl.scarlet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:06] <BenO> jzaw, It's a little bizarre :)
[21:06] * PiBot sets mode +v khildin
[21:06] <jzaw> yeah ?
[21:06] <Hydrazine> http://elinux.org/Rpi_Low-level_peripherals
[21:07] <BenO> jzaw, imagine putting a really shiny and cool video card into a rig with a very meh cpu
[21:07] <jzaw> lol
[21:07] <jzaw> so processor bound ;0
[21:07] <BenO> jzaw, absolutely
[21:07] <jzaw> s/;0/;)
[21:08] <jzaw> how does that exhibit ? long lags like buffering then frantic action ?
[21:08] <jzaw> or just general slowdown in complex scenes
[21:08] <BenO> Runs fine until bots or cpu-side effects like particle systems (explosions) are involved
[21:09] <BenO> Also some levels tax the ram too
[21:09] <jzaw> aw shame i was hoping to ressurect my q3 gaming :D
[21:09] <jzaw> that and UT
[21:10] <danieldaniel> Hydrazine: thanks!
[21:10] <BenO> jzaw, I'm sure that it will get honed in time ;)
[21:10] * jzaw nods
[21:10] <jzaw> never the less sooo amazing something the size of a credit card manages basically the same as a ??1500 computer back then !
[21:11] <Hydrazine> danieldaniel: double check with the datasheet what I said, and make sure it interprets 3.3V signals as high
[21:11] * cyberdo (cyberdo@montezuma.acc.umu.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:11] <jzaw> not to mention the dyson fan on the heatsink (amd's ran hot back then)
[21:11] * cyberdo (cyberdo@montezuma.acc.umu.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:11] * PiBot sets mode +v cyberdo
[21:11] <BenO> Hydrazine, Grrr would be nice if the guy supplied the driver as a patch... 200Mb and counting ;)
[21:12] <Hydrazine> hehe
[21:13] * mrdragons (~em@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:13] * PiBot sets mode +v mrdragons
[21:13] * DrHorrible_KingO (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:13] * PiBot sets mode +v DrHorrible_KingO
[21:14] * DrHorrible_KingO (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:14] * mrdragons (~em@ Quit (Client Quit)
[21:15] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:16] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:16] * PiBot sets mode +v TopherBrink
[21:16] * mrdragons (~em@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:16] * PiBot sets mode +v mrdragons
[21:17] <danieldaniel> hmm
[21:17] <danieldaniel> can I cut the IDE cable I got and make my own cable?
[21:17] <Hydrazine> depends
[21:17] <Hydrazine> do you have a pair of scissors?
[21:17] <danieldaniel> XD
[21:17] <danieldaniel> I have a wire cutter
[21:18] <Hydrazine> even better :P
[21:18] <BenO> And have you checked that it will actually go over the GPIO header?
[21:18] * eebrah (~Ibrahim_K@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:18] * PiBot sets mode +v eebrah
[21:18] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:18] * PiBot sets mode +v Tomtiger11
[21:18] <danieldaniel> yeah
[21:18] <danieldaniel> it does
[21:19] <danieldaniel> so how do I go about doing this
[21:19] <Thorn_> with a hammer
[21:19] <danieldaniel> o.o
[21:19] <danieldaniel> Hydrazine: how would I do it?
[21:19] <danieldaniel> should I cut the red wire?
[21:19] * danieldaniel cuts
[21:19] <danieldaniel> BOOM
[21:20] <danieldaniel> but seriously
[21:22] <BenO> Do you have a multimeter? Alligator clips? soldering iron? any of these?
[21:22] <danieldaniel> multimeter and soldering iron
[21:23] <danieldaniel> no alligator clips :(
[21:23] <danieldaniel> should I take those out?
[21:23] <BenO> Use the multimeter to work out which of the wires in the ribbon you need to connect to whatever it is you are connecting to
[21:23] <danieldaniel> how...?
[21:24] * Gadget-Mac fires up debug kernel for SND diagnostics :)
[21:24] <BenO> danieldaniel, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftc3EQGZowk&feature=youtube_gdata
[21:24] <danieldaniel> oh
[21:24] <danieldaniel> I know that already
[21:24] <danieldaniel> it says on the screen
[21:25] <danieldaniel> TX, 5V, and ground
[21:25] <danieldaniel> it says it next to each of the pins
[21:26] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) Quit (Quit: snack)
[21:26] <danieldaniel> lemme get my soldering rion
[21:26] <danieldaniel> iron*
[21:27] * si (~si@unaffiliated/siofwolves) Quit (Quit: hosepipe ban)
[21:27] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:27] <danieldaniel> i have all of it
[21:27] <danieldaniel> so what do I do? D:
[21:28] * BillNye1 (~Eastaspoo@host-134-225-179-211.readingconnect.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:28] * Tomtiger11 (~tomtiger1@ Quit (Quit: Bye!)
[21:28] * BillNye1 (~Eastaspoo@host-134-225-179-211.readingconnect.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:28] * PiBot sets mode +v BillNye1
[21:28] * paulmaidment (~paulmaidm@78-105-10-2.zone3.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:28] * PiBot sets mode +v paulmaidment
[21:29] <BenO> danieldaniel, connect the wires up and talk to it
[21:29] * danieldaniel tries talking to the wires
[21:29] <danieldaniel> :)
[21:29] <danieldaniel> But the problem is
[21:29] <danieldaniel> I have to make my own cables
[21:29] <danieldaniel> They don't line up
[21:29] * datagutt (~datagutt@unaffiliated/datagutt) Quit (Quit: kthxbai)
[21:29] <danieldaniel> I have to rearrange the IDE cable
[21:29] <BenO> ?
[21:29] <danieldaniel> I mean
[21:30] <Thorn_> lick the tip of the soldering iron to verify it has reached temperature
[21:30] <danieldaniel> the location on the LCD screen is not the same on the rpi
[21:30] <danieldaniel> Thorn_: OW!
[21:30] * paulmaidment (~paulmaidm@78-105-10-2.zone3.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:30] <danieldaniel> on the lcd, its TX, 5v, and ground
[21:30] <danieldaniel> all next to eachother
[21:30] <danieldaniel> they aren't next to each other on the Pi
[21:30] <BenO> The one you linked to had a few more pins than that?
[21:30] <danieldaniel> I mean
[21:30] * IT_Sean (~sean@pool-96-242-229-98.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:30] * IT_Sean (~sean@pool-96-242-229-98.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Changing host)
[21:30] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:30] <danieldaniel> on the RPI
[21:31] <danieldaniel> They aren't all next to eachother
[21:31] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[21:31] <BenO> Nor is it on the ribbon
[21:31] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[21:31] <danieldaniel> no
[21:32] <danieldaniel> i have to separate the wires on the IDE cable
[21:32] <BenO> ie have you worked out which socket on the ide cable matches with which wire in the ribbion
[21:32] <BenO> ribbon*
[21:32] <danieldaniel> it matters?
[21:32] <_av500_> 13579 ... 2 4 6 8 10 ...
[21:32] <danieldaniel> OH
[21:32] <danieldaniel> I see
[21:32] <danieldaniel> no, how do I do that
[21:32] <_av500_> and on thecable: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ...
[21:33] <danieldaniel> i don't see that
[21:33] <BenO> danieldaniel, as I said before, either work it out from scratch or use your multimeter
[21:33] <danieldaniel> I'm confused
[21:33] <_av500_> 40 pin ide header:
[21:33] <_av500_> 12
[21:33] <_av500_> 34
[21:33] <danieldaniel> Aren't they lined up?
[21:33] <_av500_> 56
[21:33] <_av500_> 78
[21:33] <_av500_> ..
[21:33] <_av500_> ..
[21:33] * yehthanks (52081e24@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[21:33] * PiBot sets mode +v yehthanks
[21:34] <_av500_> so on the cable: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...
[21:34] <danieldaniel> its a 40 pin
[21:34] <_av500_> one side is odd, the other even
[21:34] <_av500_> google knows
[21:34] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:34] <danieldaniel> leme google
[21:34] <danieldaniel> lemme
[21:35] <danieldaniel> i mean
[21:35] <danieldaniel> what do I google?
[21:35] <zleap> danieldaniel, does this help http://pinouts.ru/HD/AtaInternal_pinout.shtml
[21:35] <Hydrazine> I suspect that my shift register detects 3.3V as a 0
[21:35] <danieldaniel> that helps
[21:36] <zleap> np
[21:36] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:36] <danieldaniel> so do the pins match up with the order of the wires?
[21:36] <danieldaniel> Left to right?
[21:36] <_av500_> yes
[21:36] <danieldaniel> Ok
[21:36] <danieldaniel> So pin one would be the left one
[21:37] <danieldaniel> like, the furthest left
[21:37] <_av500_> the header would be magic otherwise
[21:37] <danieldaniel> pin 2 would be the next one
[21:37] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:37] <_av500_> or very complicated
[21:37] <danieldaniel> so yeah, now I know that
[21:37] <danieldaniel> BenO: Ok, so now I know
[21:38] <BenO> danieldaniel, it can be confusing which is why I'm recommending you use your multimeter to check that the socket matches the wire you think it does
[21:38] * conra (~ping@ip-178-216-200-30.e24cloud.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:39] <danieldaniel> how would I check?
[21:39] <danieldaniel> thanks for all the help, btw
[21:40] <_av500_> multimeter in continuity test mode
[21:40] <_av500_> the one that goes "beep"
[21:40] <danieldaniel> volt alert
[21:40] <danieldaniel> ?
[21:40] <_av500_> or ohm test, then it goes 0
[21:40] <danieldaniel> yeah
[21:40] <danieldaniel> that beeps
[21:41] <BenO> danieldaniel, http://youtu.be/k6SqGcXYmLw?t=12s continuity test
[21:41] <_av500_> http://www.futurlec.com/Pictures/DT-830D_250.jpg 5 o clock
[21:41] <danieldaniel> BenO: trying
[21:41] <D34TH> :O
[21:41] <Hexxeh> tpresence: You around?
[21:42] <D34TH> i have that same meter
[21:42] <D34TH> DenO
[21:42] <D34TH> **ben
[21:42] * namfonos (~boris@108-194-22-242.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[21:42] <BenO> D34TH, The one in the vid?
[21:42] <D34TH> yep
[21:42] <danieldaniel> OHH
[21:42] <danieldaniel> thats smart
[21:42] <BenO> Heh, nice :)
[21:43] <danieldaniel> it detects when they connect
[21:43] <danieldaniel> :D
[21:43] <D34TH> i wish it had an ammeter function
[21:43] <danieldaniel> but how would I do that?
[21:43] <danieldaniel> its an IDE cable
[21:43] <Hexxeh> anyone who tried rpi-updater to find it borked their Pi around?
[21:43] <D34TH> put the probe in the header
[21:43] <D34TH> and touch the probe to the wire
[21:43] <D34TH> :P
[21:43] <danieldaniel> but the wire isn't exposed
[21:44] <BenO> danieldaniel, I think you just answered your own question
[21:44] <danieldaniel> what do I do?
[21:44] <danieldaniel> i connect one to the socket
[21:44] <BenO> expose the wire!
[21:44] <Hydrazine> expose it
[21:44] <danieldaniel> Oh
[21:44] <danieldaniel> should I cut it altogether?
[21:45] <danieldaniel> Or should I just make a little hole?
[21:45] * JeremyF (ad4c9a32@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[21:45] * PiBot sets mode +v JeremyF
[21:45] <BenO> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVpbFMhOAwE&feature=colike How linux is built video - quite nice actually (from the Linux Foundation)
[21:45] <BenO> Quite superficial at the start
[21:45] <danieldaniel> BenO: Should I cut it altogether?
[21:45] <Hydrazine> just remove a bit of the isolation
[21:45] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:45] <Hexxeh> RBlunderbuss: same Blunderbuss who commented on my blog?
[21:46] <tpresence> hexxeh: Im here dude
[21:46] <Hexxeh> oh cool
[21:46] <Hexxeh> got time for some testing?
[21:46] <tpresence> sorry, I was away dealing with bs
[21:46] <tpresence> sure
[21:46] <Hexxeh> i'd like to see what happened with that tool
[21:46] <Hexxeh> got a working image again?
[21:46] <tpresence> yep
[21:46] <Hexxeh> okay, so run these commands and give me the output
[21:46] <danieldaniel> aww
[21:46] <danieldaniel> I cut it
[21:46] <tpresence> I dont have the tool on it yet...should I get the tool first?
[21:47] <Hexxeh> ls -l /boot && ls -l /lib/modules && ls -l /opt/vc
[21:47] <danieldaniel> wow, the thing won't go into the hole
[21:47] <Hexxeh> nah it's cool, just seeing how things are setup first
[21:47] <danieldaniel> and thats not sexual
[21:47] <tpresence> Im default with some extra packages, thats it...do you need it run as root?
[21:48] <danieldaniel> BenO: its too big
[21:48] <danieldaniel> ill attach a small wire
[21:48] <Hexxeh> tpresence: shouldn't need root for those commands, nope
[21:48] <tpresence> I think its a "git" or remote transfer issue, but thats just a stab in the dark
[21:48] <Hexxeh> even if it has trouble running git, it should at least restore your original files
[21:48] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:48] * PiBot sets mode +v smw
[21:49] <Hexxeh> the last thing i want to do is screw up people's installs
[21:52] <danieldaniel> it workd
[21:52] <danieldaniel> worked*
[21:52] <danieldaniel> I'm proud of myself!
[21:52] <danieldaniel> XD
[21:53] <BenO> danieldaniel, if you have any sticky labels, it can be handy to use those to label the wires you want
[21:53] <danieldaniel> I dont
[21:53] <BenO> with what they are
[21:54] <danieldaniel> but, what do I have to do?
[21:54] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:54] <danieldaniel> Solder the wires back together?
[21:54] * Matthew (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:54] * PiBot sets mode +v Matthew
[21:55] * Matthew is now known as Guest95583
[21:55] * bob_ (~bob@5ac0e860.bb.sky.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:55] <danieldaniel> should I cut all of the wires?
[21:55] <danieldaniel> and then rearrange them?
[21:55] <danieldaniel> and then solder them back together?
[21:55] * JeremyF (ad4c9a32@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[21:56] <BenO> danieldaniel, you are only going to reconnect the wires that you want connected
[21:56] <danieldaniel> Yeah
[21:56] <danieldaniel> thats what I mean
[21:56] <danieldaniel> ok
[21:56] <BenO> otherwise you might end up with things connecting that really shouldn't
[21:56] * Matttt (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:56] * PiBot sets mode +v Matttt
[21:56] <danieldaniel> I'll try not to blow myself up
[21:56] <danieldaniel> Also
[21:56] <danieldaniel> Does it matter which wires I use?
[21:57] * unsignedbool (~unsignedb@f050075240.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:57] * PiBot sets mode +v unsignedbool
[21:58] <danieldaniel> hmm
[21:58] <danieldaniel> how hot should the soldering iron be?
[21:58] <IT_Sean> hot enough to melt your face
[21:59] * Guest95583 (~Matthew@cpc3-farn4-0-0-cust594.6-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:59] <danieldaniel> i know
[21:59] <danieldaniel> degrees?
[21:59] <danieldaniel> is 350 ok?
[22:02] <D34TH> erm
[22:02] <D34TH> for the iron?
[22:02] <D34TH> no.
[22:03] * katnegermis (~katnegerm@ip2.c648.frb194.cust.comxnet.dk) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:03] <danieldaniel> how much do I need?
[22:03] <danieldaniel> like, degrees
[22:03] <D34TH> i bought a cheap one that does ~750F
[22:04] <ReggieUK> you want it around 220c depending on the type of solder you're using
[22:04] * RITRedbeard (RITReadbea@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:04] * PiBot sets mode +v RITRedbeard
[22:04] <ReggieUK> you also need a damp sponge to keep the tip shiny clean
[22:04] <danieldaniel> so 428?
[22:04] <danieldaniel> ok
[22:05] <danieldaniel> thats hot
[22:05] <ReggieUK> just jump on youtube really, there are hundreds of soldering video tutorials
[22:05] <Hydrazine> I think I just accidentally tested my polyfuse :(
[22:05] <ReggieUK> some really neat ones that show you how to solder smt parts with an iron :D
[22:06] * Jakuar (7ded66e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[22:06] * PiBot sets mode +v Jakuar
[22:06] <ReggieUK> would be useful to get yourself some flux too
[22:08] * jamesglanville (~james@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:08] * PiBot sets mode +v jamesglanville
[22:08] <dmsuse> i once soldered a huge solar panel.... :P
[22:09] * Jakuar (7ded66e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Client Quit)
[22:11] <D34TH> i soldered a panel
[22:11] <D34TH> burnt the fuck out of myself because of bad flux
[22:11] <D34TH> it boiled
[22:12] <D34TH> still have the blister
[22:12] <D34TH> bad idea was bad
[22:23] * passstab (~coplon@c-68-80-37-73.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:25] <Hydrazine> those human checks at the forum always confuse me
[22:25] <Hydrazine> "what is the sum of 4+5"
[22:25] <Hydrazine> 4+5
[22:26] <danieldaniel> whats this red and orange stuff coming off of my soldering iron
[22:26] <danieldaniel> i'm scared
[22:26] <danieldaniel> its loud
[22:26] <Hydrazine> o.0
[22:26] <danieldaniel> and this weird beeping thing is going off
[22:27] <danieldaniel> hmm
[22:27] <haltdef> lick it
[22:27] <danieldaniel> it feels hot
[22:27] <danieldaniel> will that make it go away?
[22:27] <danieldaniel> trolololo.org
[22:27] <danieldaniel> but yeah, its so small
[22:27] <danieldaniel> I'm still trying!
[22:27] * Pyrat (~Xan@host-78-150-145-130.as13285.net) Quit (Quit: Bye! :))
[22:28] <danieldaniel> hmm
[22:28] <danieldaniel> Is it really smart for a 15 y/o to be doing this?
[22:28] <danieldaniel> 13*
[22:28] <danieldaniel> w/e
[22:28] <Hydrazine> aaarrrg, I hate not being able to see whats happening
[22:28] * danieldaniel proceeds to burn his house down
[22:29] <Hydrazine> more fuel is required
[22:29] <Hydrazine> time for a cup of coffee
[22:29] * warddr (~warddr@Wikipedia/Warddr) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[22:29] <D34TH> inb4 orange stuff is copper
[22:30] * warddr (~warddr@Wikipedia/Warddr) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:30] * PiBot sets mode +v warddr
[22:30] <zleap> that suggests you are holding the iron on the board too long
[22:30] <zleap> if soldering a component to the board you only need to melt the solder so it binds the component leg to the copper on the board
[22:30] <danieldaniel> i know
[22:30] <danieldaniel> :P
[22:30] <danieldaniel> Iw as kidding
[22:30] <danieldaniel> But its so damn small
[22:31] <danieldaniel> I got my first wire on
[22:31] <danieldaniel> in 15 minutes
[22:31] <danieldaniel> >.>
[22:32] <danieldaniel> AAAANDDD
[22:32] <danieldaniel> the wire fell off
[22:32] <danieldaniel> >.>
[22:32] <zleap> what are you soldering together ?
[22:33] <danieldaniel> ide cables
[22:33] <danieldaniel> I got it on again
[22:35] <zleap> ok
[22:35] <zleap> if you have not done soldering before you may want to practice on old stuff first
[22:36] * steve_rox (~steve@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:36] * PiBot sets mode +v steve_rox
[22:37] <oldtopman> ... IDE Cables" <== That is old stuff.
[22:37] * khildin (~khildin@ip-83-134-214-171.dsl.scarlet.be) Quit (Quit: I'm gone, bye bye)
[22:38] <zleap> so the are cables you are just practicing on, ok np
[22:39] * eebrah (~Ibrahim_K@ Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:39] * danieldaniel plugs into raspberry pi
[22:39] <danieldaniel> BOOM
[22:40] <danieldaniel> :(
[22:40] * mikey_w (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:40] * PiBot sets mode +v mikey_w
[22:40] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[22:40] * mike_ (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:40] * PiBot sets mode +v mike_
[22:41] * mike_ is now known as Guest48726
[22:41] * Nyn3x (~Nyn3x@securitycenter.rit.edu) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[22:43] * Piezochem (~Xan@host-78-150-145-130.as13285.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:43] * PiBot sets mode +v Piezochem
[22:43] * benzeman (4e90ea07@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[22:43] <Hydrazine> I think my shift register is not responding :(
[22:45] * unsignedbool (~unsignedb@f050075240.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit ()
[22:46] <danieldaniel> I put so much solder on these wires, I can't tell which is which anymore o.0
[22:46] <danieldaniel> I think my soldering iron is trolling me
[22:46] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8-dev)
[22:47] * Piezochem is now known as Pyrat
[22:49] <BenO> danieldaniel, google how to join wires
[22:50] <oldtopman> danieldaniel: No offense, but you need to learn to solder. Don't suppoes you have any through hole pcbs with some cheap resistors?
[22:50] <Hydrazine> hmmm, maybe I'll just use a microcontroller instead of a shift register
[22:51] <danieldaniel> no, I don't
[22:51] <danieldaniel> oldtopman: I know
[22:51] <danieldaniel> oldtopman: I suck
[22:51] <danieldaniel> And yes, this is my second time doing it
[22:51] <danieldaniel> :P
[22:51] <danieldaniel> I know the complete basics
[22:51] <oldtopman> You might ask the dudes in #arduino where they learned to solder.
[22:51] <danieldaniel> and not even that
[22:51] <danieldaniel> :(
[22:51] <danieldaniel> My parents taught me some
[22:51] <danieldaniel> and I have done some googlin'
[22:52] <BenO> There is always more to learn
[22:52] <danieldaniel> BenO: Key word: "some"
[22:52] <danieldaniel> :)
[22:52] <ReggieUK> youtube, sparkfun, adafruit
[22:52] <danieldaniel> There is way more to learn
[22:52] <ReggieUK> all places you can learn to solder
[22:52] <BenO> danieldaniel, http://www.aaroncake.net/electronics/solder.htm
[22:53] <BenO> danieldaniel, and specifically on that page: "Soldering A Wire Joint or Splice"
[22:53] <zleap> do they teach you to solder at school ?
[22:53] <danieldaniel> zleap: They teach me how to use excel at school
[22:53] <danieldaniel> literally.
[22:53] <danieldaniel> brb
[22:54] <BenO> Ah a UK student :)
[22:54] <oldtopman> danieldaniel: I learned from adafruit myself. Great site.
[22:54] <zleap> what about in things like design / technology or is that wood / metal work,
[22:54] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Quit: No power in the 'Verse can stop me. Well... except that.)
[22:54] * yehthanks (52081e24@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[22:54] <BenO> zleap, depends greatly on the school
[22:55] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:55] * PiBot sets mode +v TopherBrink
[22:55] <zleap> i did gcse electronics, so got to play with logic gates, lego, build pcbs, and program computers to control led output boards
[22:57] <BenO> Just checked the Nat Curriculum (UK) - when did they move Food + cookery into D&T?
[22:57] <zleap> no idea
[22:57] <zleap> god help us when it comes to teaching computing
[22:58] <BenO> zleap, did you see the "grinch that stole ICT post"?
[22:58] <zleap> nope
[22:58] <BenO> http://www.battle-school.co.uk/Blog/2012/04/25/how-the-grinch-stole-ict/
[22:59] <BenO> I think it's quite on the money as to what will happen in some schools
[23:00] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@175-62.dsl.iskon.hr) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[23:00] <zleap> lol
[23:00] <zleap> or any schools
[23:00] <BenO> I mean there are some schools that have gone 'virtual' for chemistry of all things
[23:00] <BenO> ie teacher does all experiments or they see it on screen
[23:00] <zleap> i worked out earlier that at ?31 quid a head, to buy a class of 25 pupils a respPI board is goingto cost over ?1000
[23:00] <zleap> ouch
[23:01] <dmsuse> 31 quid how do you work that out?
[23:01] <BenO> I think the model A's are targetted at schools
[23:01] <zleap> for a raspPI
[23:01] <zleap> from the site,
[23:01] <dmsuse> how does a rpi cost 31?
[23:02] <ReggieUK> BenO, is that going to happen because the wrong people are being put forward as IT teachers
[23:02] * Delboy_ (~Kombajn@175-62.dsl.iskon.hr) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:02] * PiBot sets mode +v Delboy_
[23:02] <ReggieUK> who are in actual fact glorified typing tutors?
[23:02] <zleap> dmsuse, i am going by what it said on the RS site a while back
[23:03] <dmsuse> zleap: well remove 20% of the price, because schools do not pay vat
[23:03] <BenO> ReggieUK, ICT has been a dire and pointless subject for too long now - most teachers who could do a good job avoided it like the plague
[23:03] <TopherBrink> not accounting for mass buy discounts, subsidies, grants, etc
[23:03] <zleap> ok
[23:03] <TopherBrink> schools wont be on the going rate
[23:03] <zleap> either way you still need to add, psu, cables etc
[23:03] * nighty^ (~nighty@69-165-220-105.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:03] * PiBot sets mode +v nighty^
[23:03] <zleap> so going back to ?31 x 25 kids per class775
[23:04] <TopherBrink> compare it to a few hundred per box
[23:04] <BenO> zleap, A good chunk of the schools budgets is (or was?) in ecredits
[23:04] <zleap> so going back to ?31 x 25 kids per class ?775
[23:04] <danieldaniel> F it
[23:04] <zleap> i want to know where the money is going to come from
[23:04] <danieldaniel> anyone know where to get a 24 pin ide cable?
[23:04] <zleap> erm
[23:04] <dmsuse> you also need to remember they get all their computer equipment free
[23:04] <dmsuse> from tesco and sainsburys
[23:05] <zleap> ok
[23:05] <zleap> will tesco include the raspPI in the items schools can get
[23:05] <dmsuse> i think the schools just get the money?
[23:05] <zleap> ok that still leaves the question who is going to teach coding
[23:06] <dmsuse> lol good question
[23:06] <BenO> zleap, and therein lies the rub
[23:06] <dmsuse> but what i am more worried about is if they are only going to teach the pygames rubbish
[23:06] <BenO> compared to?
[23:06] * IT_Sean (~IT_Sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:06] * PiBot sets mode +v IT_Sean
[23:07] <zleap> i am setting up a computer group for young people , my approach is that youngf people are able to learn given a) support, b) materials c) software
[23:07] <dmsuse> a language that they can actually use in a working environment :P
[23:07] <BenO> dmsuse, I make my living from python so...
[23:07] <zleap> so lets support eadch other,k I learnt on a zx spectrum, years ago, at 12/13 so modern kids can do the same using newer languages
[23:07] <dmsuse> BenO: really what doing?
[23:07] * Milos|Netbook_ (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:07] * PiBot sets mode +v Milos|Netbook_
[23:08] <IT_Sean> I'm going to guess... programming.
[23:08] <zleap> dmsuse, python, ruby, ruby on rails, html5, java script
[23:08] <BenO> dmsuse, University + Gov work, with art/hack stuff on the side
[23:08] <dmsuse> i thought government was not allowed to use open software?
[23:08] <BenO> dmsuse, er ?
[23:08] <zleap> it can
[23:08] * ief015 (~ief015@Powder/Staff/ief015) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:08] * PiBot sets mode +v ief015
[23:09] <BenO> Uk gov and US gov seem to do fine on it
[23:09] <dmsuse> that's what i heard last, they are not allowed to use it unless it has a license and is paid for
[23:09] <zleap> oh you mean in schools
[23:09] * mrcan (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:09] * PiBot sets mode +v mrcan
[23:09] <zleap> as in every school comptuer capable of running windows must have a license
[23:09] <dmsuse> no, i was reading something a while back on why the government does not use linux
[23:09] <zleap> even if it doesn't run windows
[23:09] <zleap> dmsuse, i think becta put a stop to that
[23:10] <dmsuse> ok
[23:10] <BenO> dmsuse, which government?
[23:10] <dmsuse> uk govt
[23:10] <zleap> they can ujse Linux, they may use it in more back office stuff
[23:10] <danieldaniel> will http://www.amazon.com/24P-W-Singled-Sleeved-24-Pin-Premium/dp/B003TO51LC/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1335733690&sr=1-11 work?
[23:11] * Milos|Netbook (~Milos@pdpc/supporter/student/milos) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[23:11] <BenO> A good number of UK gov websites now are built on open tech
[23:11] * chod (~chod@toy-town.demon.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[23:11] <BenO> http://www.whitehouse.gov/ is a wordpress site, IIRC
[23:12] <dmsuse> ok
[23:12] <BenO> I mean, they could be teaching them VB and excel macros - useful, but not great for many pupils
[23:12] * BillNye1 (~Eastaspoo@host-134-225-179-211.readingconnect.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:12] <dmsuse> vb is dead thank god
[23:13] <BenO> Not as dead as I'd like it
[23:13] * mrcan__ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[23:13] * BillNye1 (~Eastaspoo@host-134-225-179-211.readingconnect.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:13] <zleap> you also need to teach how to select the right tool for the job
[23:13] * IT_Sean (~IT_Sean@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has left #raspberrypi
[23:14] <dmsuse> yeah thats my point they need to learn a multitude of language not just pygames :P
[23:14] <zleap> dmsuse, we need to start somewhere
[23:14] <zleap> so python then python and pygame, but python has far more than just pygame as extentsions
[23:15] <zleap> dmsuse, but do you be good at one or two languages or have a small knowledge of many languages
[23:15] <BenO> but allows them a reasonable leap from Scratch, which I don't 'get' but I've seen the evidence that it acts as a really good 'gateway drug' for kids to want to learn more, and to learn proper coding
[23:16] <zleap> well scratch teaches you how to group together bits of code, how things fit together
[23:16] <zleap> in fact looking at the scratch site, there are some pretty advanced programs onthere
[23:16] <dmsuse> zleap: i would rather be firmiliar with many, alot have similar coding styles anyway
[23:16] <zleap> yeah
[23:17] * GPhillips-Sewell (~gsewell@cpc2-newt14-0-0-cust582.newt.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:17] <zleap> hi GPhillips-Sewell
[23:17] <GPhillips-Sewell> Hi Paul.
[23:17] <zleap> hi
[23:17] * P4R4N01D (~johndoe@189-83-145-211.user.veloxzone.com.br) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[23:17] <zleap> BenO, i have played with scratch a little
[23:18] <GPhillips-Sewell> I'm personally not a fan of Scratch.
[23:19] <BenO> zleap, It is a great tool - the colour choices make my eyes bleed, but it is not aimed at me
[23:19] <zleap> i think its aimed at younger children
[23:19] <BenO> I'd rather they get into code properly from the off
[23:19] <BenO> but it's good at giving the widest range an understanding of the basics of procedural programming
[23:19] <GPhillips-Sewell> Yeah, I understand that, but I just don't think it's that necessary.
[23:20] <zleap> as long as they understand what the are doing and learning
[23:20] * BCMM (~ben@unaffiliated/bcmm) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[23:20] <BenO> GPhillips-Sewell, Don't forget, it's point-and-click in part for the teachers too, the less confident ones
[23:21] <zleap> stencyl seems one step up from scratch, I think you can see / edit code
[23:21] <GPhillips-Sewell> The way I look at it is that kids today are no different to kids 30 years ago. If kids could learn to program using nothing more than a flashing cursor and a book of some description back then, then why do they need unecessary point-and-click, drag-and-drop interfaces to learn the basic elements of programming today?!
[23:21] <zleap> what about things like codeacademy designed to teach basic javascript
[23:21] * Maccer (~Maccer@ Quit (Excess Flood)
[23:22] <GPhillips-Sewell> CodeAcademy is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.
[23:22] <TopherBrink> kids today are vastly different. thats the first error there.
[23:22] <GPhillips-Sewell> How are today's kids any different?
[23:22] <TopherBrink> tech is everywhere already for them
[23:22] <zleap> are they , surely given similar tools they can still learn by doing and experimenting
[23:23] <zleap> TopherBrink, this is why they want to teach kids coding, they are surrounded by tech, but are not taught how to make that tech do what they want
[23:23] <TopherBrink> thats because the complexity has moved on too
[23:24] <zleap> well coding hasn't really changed much, variables are still the same there were 30 years ago I think so the terminology is still there
[23:24] <TopherBrink> still have to learn the basics but the basics are not the same
[23:25] <TopherBrink> try coding direct to the hardware the same way you could on a spectrum from a modern desktop
[23:25] <TopherBrink> now try teaching kids who have much more to do that
[23:25] * phantoneD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:25] <GPhillips-Sewell> Did you *start* with coding directly on the hardware on a Z80? Or did you *start* with something more basic and work up to it?
[23:25] * dsoto (~dsoto@pool-108-14-220-251.nycmny.east.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:26] <TopherBrink> i did.
[23:26] <GPhillips-Sewell> Which?
[23:26] <TopherBrink> the former.
[23:26] <zleap> how old were you when you started
[23:26] <TopherBrink> but then the argument just died anyway
[23:26] <TopherBrink> "start with something simpler" is what these tools are doing
[23:27] <TopherBrink> it is exactly that.
[23:27] <BenO> http://codingforkids.org/wiki/Main_Page I'll just leave this here along with http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/
[23:27] <GPhillips-Sewell> There's "simpler" and then there's going too far, in my opinion.
[23:27] <BenO> and of course: http://youngrewiredstate.org/
[23:28] <BenO> Logo was pretty simple
[23:28] <TopherBrink> it was
[23:28] * phantoxeD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:29] <BenO> One of the simpler syntaxes, few (3?) datatypes, etc
[23:29] <GPhillips-Sewell> And Logo didn't have a silly drag'n'drop interface. It was a simple introduction to some of the fundamental concepts of programming. And I think it's a good way to get started.
[23:29] <TopherBrink> but which is more visually interesting to a "kid" these days? a screen full of code or an inviting friendly concept.
[23:30] <zleap> we need to be careful we don't fall in to tejh one size fits all trap, some people may prefer scatch and others may find they get on better with code different people learn differently
[23:30] <TopherBrink> one that encourages experimentation rather than punishes failure
[23:30] <BenO> The key stated reason for the code block interface is to avoid "Syntax Error" type things
[23:30] * phantoneD is now known as phantoxeD
[23:30] <TopherBrink> precisely my point on why this is better
[23:31] <BenO> I was on the computer history stand at Gadgetshow live, showing kids how to program in BASIC on a commodore PET
[23:31] * jamesglanville (~james@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:31] <dmsuse> basic lol
[23:31] <TopherBrink> fun
[23:31] <BenO> nothing killed the enthusiasm like an error from a typo
[23:32] <BenO> To them, the machine was maliciously dumb
[23:32] <zleap> you soon learn how to find the errors
[23:33] <BenO> There is a difference to educating kids to be computer scientists and educating them to get the basics
[23:33] <zleap> important thing is to make it fun
[23:34] * smjms (~janne@pdpc/supporter/student/kosiini) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[23:34] <zleap> after all if you are going to do it as a career may as well enjoy programming, if you don't then why go down that career path
[23:34] * phantoneD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:34] <zleap> same as why go into teaching if you can't stand kids,
[23:34] <TopherBrink> thats because kids have a thousand distractions we didnt. make it engaging and get them curious.
[23:35] * lars_t_h (~lars_t_h@002129209096.mbb.telenor.dk) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[23:35] * phantoxeD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[23:35] <zleap> exactly
[23:35] <Da|Mummy> squirrel!
[23:35] * MidnighToker (~Toker@unaffiliated/midnightoker) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:35] <TopherBrink> even from the point of view of someone who started there i can see something like scratch being a hell of a lot more inviting than a flashing cursor
[23:35] * PiBot sets mode +v MidnighToker
[23:36] <danieldaniel> TopherBrink: Scratch was boring for me
[23:36] <danieldaniel> They taught me that in 6th grade
[23:36] <danieldaniel> And I was like wtf
[23:36] <danieldaniel> Y U NO JAVA
[23:36] <danieldaniel> yes, I know scratch is based off java or something
[23:36] <danieldaniel> but its st00p1d
[23:37] <zleap> how old is 6th grade
[23:37] <danieldaniel> i think I was 11
[23:37] * mrcan_ (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:37] <danieldaniel> everyone else was liek
[23:37] <danieldaniel> omg i can make games
[23:37] <TopherBrink> thats who its for
[23:37] <danieldaniel> Yeah
[23:37] <TopherBrink> the people who dont know
[23:38] <zleap> you will always have one or two people ahead of the class, what we need to do is give them something else to do and engage with them
[23:38] <danieldaniel> it's for the people who don't know how better real programming is
[23:38] <BenO> I think the UI is godawful, but it's not for me, or kids that thought as I did then
[23:38] <danieldaniel> zleap: My school didn't do anything buy excel and scratch
[23:38] <danieldaniel> Except for the gifted kids thing
[23:39] <plugwash> It's the classic problem, kids in school are grouped by age not by their ability in what is being taught so kids who have leant something at home can be MILES ahead of the rest of the class and therefore will find it boring :(
[23:39] <danieldaniel> They basically let us do anything we could do, and challenged us
[23:39] <danieldaniel> Yep
[23:39] <BenO> danieldaniel, That is probably not going to change for many schools
[23:39] <danieldaniel> BenO: I kno
[23:39] * GPhillips-Sewell (~gsewell@cpc2-newt14-0-0-cust582.newt.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #raspberrypi
[23:39] <danieldaniel> know*
[23:39] <zleap> well my comptuer group approach is really to bring kids together who are interested and see if they can help each other a little
[23:39] <BenO> but there are people (like myself) involved in setting up clubs outside of school
[23:39] * BenO (~BenO@ has left #raspberrypi
[23:40] * BenO (~BenO@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:40] <danieldaniel> BenO: Next year I will be allowed to do that inside of school
[23:40] * phantoneD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[23:40] <danieldaniel> Which will be interesting
[23:40] * mrcan (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[23:40] <danieldaniel> I'm also going to a tech high school
[23:40] <zleap> cool
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[23:41] <danieldaniel> and even the tech high school doesn't have much
[23:41] <zleap> i guess kids will learn far more from each other, and if self motivated will do / use what they want
[23:41] <BenO> danieldaniel, Cool :) get stuck in
[23:41] <danieldaniel> well, compared to college
[23:41] <flaushy> BenO: clubs outside of schools?
[23:41] <danieldaniel> BenO: :)
[23:41] <danieldaniel> the high school that I would have gone to
[23:41] <zleap> but a lot will take the idea that we need to teach kids
[23:41] <danieldaniel> Like my town HS
[23:42] <danieldaniel> The best they had was, like, simple java stuff
[23:42] <danieldaniel> I looked at the curriculum and was like, Yeah??? No.
[23:42] <BenO> flaushy, eg someone I know has just been funded for this http://www.peoplefund.it/creative-computing-club-suffolk/
[23:42] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[23:42] * dsoto (~dsoto@pool-108-14-220-251.nycmny.east.verizon.net) has left #raspberrypi
[23:43] <danieldaniel> Teach students how to be more creative with computers, not word processing! The whole ethos for the club is to teach students how to be more creative with computers and technology, we will not be teaching you how to use word processors.
[23:43] <danieldaniel> I can't express how true that is
[23:43] <zleap> that is exactly what I want to do, encourage peer support
[23:43] <BenO> He's a great guy too - chip-music artist as well :)
[23:43] <RBlunderbuss> Hexxeh : yeah that was me, sorry was afk
[23:43] <BenO> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixelh8
[23:44] * Siph0n (~Siph0n@ip98-177-157-174.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:44] * decadance_ (~decadance@ Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[23:45] <RBlunderbuss> Hexxeh : RE your question - there were no errors when installing, but it would not post after I rebooted
[23:45] <RBlunderbuss> Hexxeh: I have backups of my SD card, so I'm happy to try again
[23:45] <danieldaniel> BenO: That thing looks REALLY cool
[23:46] <danieldaniel> how far do they go into XNA
[23:46] * phantoxeD (~destroy@a95-92-89-24.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[23:47] <flaushy> BenO: ah cool, i am in the process of starting a hackerspace here :)
[23:47] <BenO> danieldaniel, no idea but he's going to be posting up "lesson plans" and the like
[23:47] <flaushy> so basicly different name, very similiar goals
[23:47] <BenO> flaushy, ah cool - whereabouts?
[23:47] <flaushy> Bremen
[23:47] <danieldaniel> Not sure if you have heard of this
[23:47] <danieldaniel> but theres this really cool summer camp I went to
[23:48] <flaushy> crappy website, 80 qm Rooms we will have 1st of june
[23:48] <danieldaniel> http://www.internaldrive.com/
[23:48] <danieldaniel> They have a bunch of programming stuff
[23:48] <zleap> it would be good to have things like lesson plans as creativer commons, so others canuse, add to and feedback to the whole community,
[23:48] <danieldaniel> XNA, C++, Java, objective C, and tons of other cool courses
[23:48] <flaushy> zleap: yeah. That is one of the major issues
[23:48] <danieldaniel> http://www.internaldrive.com/courses-programs/programming-courses/
[23:49] <danieldaniel> they don't actually give a cra* about the age limits
[23:49] <danieldaniel> If you can do it, they let you
[23:49] <zleap> danieldaniel, i like that sort of thing
[23:49] <danieldaniel> zleap: I know. Thats the sort of thing my school should do.
[23:50] <zleap> i amstarting with year 5 upwards
[23:50] <danieldaniel> Also, the de facto grouping of ability and not age is really good
[23:50] <zleap> well you learn from older kids
[23:50] * TopherBrink (~GeorgeWBu@host86-137-52-18.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Quit: No power in the 'Verse can stop me. Well... except that.)
[23:50] <zleap> they bring in cool apps and inspire you to do the same
[23:50] <danieldaniel> have you ever been there?
[23:51] <zleap> me, no
[23:51] <danieldaniel> oh
[23:51] <danieldaniel> what were you talking about theN?
[23:51] <danieldaniel> oh
[23:51] <zleap> i was saying generally, if you work with older kids at these camps then you see what the older kids can do, and it inspires you further as you can see what can be done
[23:51] <danieldaniel> nvm
[23:51] <danieldaniel> XD
[23:51] <danieldaniel> Yeah
[23:51] <danieldaniel> I didn't get it for a sec
[23:51] <danieldaniel> i kno
[23:52] <danieldaniel> and I just realized something: I have taken all but 3 of their programming courses o.o
[23:52] <zleap> so grouping does not always work
[23:52] <danieldaniel> yeah
[23:52] * decadance (~decadance@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:52] <zleap> it looks like the US is ahead of the UK on this sort of thing
[23:53] <ReggieUK> that's really what the pi is about
[23:53] <zleap> yeah
[23:53] <danieldaniel> ReggieUK: Yeah
[23:53] <ReggieUK> there used to be loads and loads of computer clubs when I was a kid
[23:53] <ReggieUK> all sorts of 'crazy' stuff going on
[23:53] <zleap> not just computer clubs but hardware stuff too
[23:53] <danieldaniel> I'm, honestly, one of 2 or so (out of 700) people in in my school that care about computer stuff
[23:54] <zleap> i liked going to the amateur radio events and computer events
[23:54] <danieldaniel> its sad
[23:54] <ReggieUK> the hardware side was, from memory, more radio ham style people that naturally came together because of the computer kit
[23:54] * P4R4N01D (~johndoe@189-12-26-106.user.veloxzone.com.br) has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:54] <zleap> danieldaniel, this is where my group will help kids like you, as it will bring together kids form different schools
[23:54] <danieldaniel> I mean, people "care" about it, but what they care about are the new plug-and-play gadgets
[23:54] <D34TH> quake3 for everyone
[23:55] <danieldaniel> Like the iPhones and stuff
[23:55] <ReggieUK> I think the internet should be a big game changer this time round + the advent of PCs helping too
[23:55] <dmsuse> i want a ham radio :P
[23:55] <danieldaniel> zleap: Which group?
[23:55] <danieldaniel> zleap: The one that someone gave the link to?
[23:55] <zleap> not sure if this analagy is similar, i used to ach tag rugby to 6/7 yearolds, by the time these kids are under 11s (year 6 at school) they are doing full contact at the club, but the schools are still stuck on tag, and have to teach tag, (flag to those of u in the US)
[23:56] <ReggieUK> I think the problem with lack of enthusiasm is down to ICT
[23:56] <ReggieUK> there is nothing to aspire to
[23:56] <ReggieUK> 'what am I ultimately going to learn from ICT?'
[23:56] <zleap> danieldaniel, no i meatn the one i am settting up
[23:56] <danieldaniel> zleap: Where is it located?
[23:56] <ReggieUK> how to be a manager or an office monkey
[23:56] <danieldaniel> UK?
[23:56] <zleap> as i said kids like you so if there are 1 or 2 kids in a school really interested it gets them in touch with other kids from other schools
[23:56] <zleap> danieldaniel, yes
[23:57] <danieldaniel> aww
[23:57] <ReggieUK> but if you teach kids from an early age that they can make and do stuff with computers then they'll provide their own inspirations
[23:57] <zleap> well thats what we hope
[23:57] <ReggieUK> you won't inspire all kids of course
[23:57] <danieldaniel> ReggieUK: i know
[23:57] <zgreg> http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/features-and-requests/raspberry-pi-arm-clone
[23:58] <zgreg> wat
[23:58] <zleap> goiing back to tag rugby, so the kids who have done tag at club ldon't want to do tag again when they are in year 6 when they are doing full contact at the local club
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[23:59] <zleap> ok so should we be giving kids access to electronics kits in parallel to software tools, so you can combine the two, and make hardware work from software
[23:59] * Winslow (Winslow@c-98-223-104-33.hsd1.in.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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