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IRC Log for 2012-06-26

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[0:00] <markllama> and if you have an NFS server, doesn't it have an SSH client?
[0:00] <markllama> (unless it's something like a NetApp or a real NAS box)
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[0:00] <oldman> marklama: I can't make them work. Any ideas?
[0:00] <gordonDrogon> _inc, create ~/bin and in it put in a shell-script called gem which runs sudo gem
[0:00] <markllama> I'm using SMB for file transfer. I haven't tried NFS, but I can look tonight.
[0:01] <oldman> marklama: Nfs does not use ssh.
[0:01] <sneakyne1ks> why ~/bin and not /usr/bin?
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[0:01] <gordonDrogon> _inc make sure ~/bin is in your $PATH first .
[0:01] <gordonDrogon> ~/bin is for personal stuff.
[0:02] <_inc> hmmm, i thought there would be a setting. thanks gordonDrogon
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[0:02] <gordonDrogon> so you can put your own scripts in there, and if ~/bin is in your path ahead of /bin,/usr/bin etc. then it'll be seen first.
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> gordon @ pi1: echo $PATH
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games
[0:03] <oldman> markllama: My nfs mounts appear in my home folder.
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> then again, maybe now.
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> *not.
[0:03] <markllama> heh
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> # set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> fi
[0:03] <gordonDrogon> Ah, it's fine. it'll put it in if if exists. (that's from .profile)
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[0:04] <_inc> gordonDrogon: awesome dude. thanks
[0:04] <gordonDrogon> _inc, so logout & login again, or source .profile
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[0:04] <gordonDrogon> I don't normally use bash, but it's growing on me
[0:04] <_inc> gordonDrogon: zsh guy?
[0:04] <markllama> sh. POSIX. live by it!
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[0:06] <gordonDrogon> _inc, no tchs.
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[0:06] <gordonDrogon> er, tcsh even.
[0:06] <markllama> ew ick ;-)
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[0:06] <Tam> good evening all
[0:06] <gordonDrogon> ick for you, but 20 years of use for me.
[0:06] * markllama is a sysadmin. There is One True Shell ;-)
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[0:06] * gordonDrogon is a sysadmin too.
[0:06] <markllama> I used tcsh for a couple of years. Then I started writing system scripts and decided two shells was stupid.
[0:07] <markllama> and since sh is required by unix and POSIX...
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[0:07] <gordonDrogon> I stopped writing scripts in shells when I started writing them in php...
[0:07] <markllama> though I won't argue vi vs emacs.
[0:07] <GabrialDestruir> Psssh
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[0:07] <GabrialDestruir> nano is obviously better than both :p
[0:07] <Cheery> http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=9389
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[0:08] <markllama> FSVO "better"
[0:08] <Raynerd> Evening, I`m a noob but can you tell me, if I have a .jar file that is running a little game, is there any way of running it via a webpage?
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[0:08] <markllama> convert it to a war file and wrap it in a JNLP and most things will load it via javaws
[0:08] <GabrialDestruir> Yes, but you'll have to sell your soul to do it >.>
[0:08] <Raynerd> I`m hosting a webpage on my raspi and I want to push it a little harder and see if I can run a small game, but it is implementing the java game I can`t get my head around.
[0:08] <markllama> yes, you'll need to google a bit.
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[0:09] <Tachyon> the game will execute on the client anyway
[0:09] <markllama> you probably don't want to run java serverside on a pi
[0:09] <Cheery> Raynerd: wat?
[0:09] <sirhcjw> Hello all got my Raspberry Pi last night fired up Fedora14 remix was dog slow what OS would people recommend I want to use as a pc mainly for webbrowse with chrome
[0:09] <Tachyon> debian
[0:09] <Cheery> Raynerd: why not do a game in javascript?
[0:09] <GabrialDestruir> raspbian
[0:09] <Tachyon> that is debian isn't it?
[0:09] <sirhcjw> true
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[0:09] <dirty_d> cheese pancake time
[0:09] <GabrialDestruir> It's not the same as the "official" debian though.
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[0:10] <Raynerd> ok. but it can be done !
[0:10] <Raynerd> nice one, cheers
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[0:10] <sirhcjw> was thinking just X and fluxbox
[0:10] <Cheery> rasbian has chrome?
[0:10] <neofutur> sirhcjw: there are gentoo images
[0:10] <Raynerd_> ahh, got disconnected.
[0:10] <neofutur> I recommend gentoo but people will say i mad ;)
[0:10] <sirhcjw> strip it down as much as I can
[0:10] <GabrialDestruir> It's been redone with hard points in mind or w/e
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[0:10] <GabrialDestruir> where as the officcial debian isn't
[0:11] <sirhcjw> I do like gentoo but are there binaries
[0:11] <Raynerd_> makllama - am I best using this .jar file or just trying to find a java download?
[0:11] <sirhcjw> I used gentoo on my desktop for years
[0:12] <GabrialDestruir> Personally my favorite OS so far is OpenELEC -nods
[0:12] <sirhcjw> But I dont have a year to compile everything on a P2 300 equivalent
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[0:12] <GabrialDestruir> Pssh it wouldn't take that long
[0:13] <GabrialDestruir> Just a couple weeks I'm sure
[0:13] <sirhcjw> LOL
[0:13] <TrickierStinky> anyone have knowledge of supertweet.net or any idea why this script would fail http://pastebin.com/YcK3dWcC
[0:13] <Cheery> weren't there a command to take screenshot in opengl?
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[0:14] <GabrialDestruir> Or you could compile it in a day or two
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[0:14] <TrickierStinky> with the error - Client must provide a 'status' parameter with a value."
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[0:16] <GabrialDestruir> I wish sites didn't have to go and break their content so much, it seems the reason a lot of stuff doesn't work on the free cable plugin, is because of different link structures, and the such.
[0:16] <Nerdy> Hey guys maybe you can help me. I was wondering if on Raspbmc, there was anyway to turn on the Web Server so I can control it with my Android phone via the settings files
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[0:17] <GabrialDestruir> Why are you trying t do this via the settings files?
[0:18] <Nerdy> All my keyboards are PS/2 so I can't use them with the Pi
[0:18] <scottman> Nerdy: walmart $10 bucks
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[0:18] <dirty_d> TrickierStinky, uptime=${uptime%%.*}
[0:18] <dirty_d> nevermind
[0:19] <GabrialDestruir> Bah
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[0:19] <GabrialDestruir> spend 20-30 bucks get a wireless mouse/combo setup like from logitech, and you're good to go
[0:20] <GabrialDestruir> I suggest personally that K400, it's a great little keyboard perfect for the pi
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[0:21] <Nerdy> I would like to avoid spending more money on it if I can avoid it
[0:21] <dirty_d> i had a nice wireless keyboard
[0:21] <dirty_d> then my girlfreind rage broke it
[0:21] * Terranigma (~MB@cable-205-21.zeelandnet.nl) Quit (Quit: .<UPP>.)
[0:22] <dirty_d> well i still have it, - and = are missing though
[0:22] <dirty_d> i have to jam my pinky finger into the holes
[0:22] <SSilver2k2> lo all
[0:23] <dirty_d> i dont know why, buty i love this picture http://i.imgur.com/fMFk6.jpg
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[0:23] <scottman> damn girlfriend rage
[0:24] <GabrialDestruir> Then borrow someones usb keyboard and enable it?
[0:24] <dirty_d> i have no bedroom door anymore because of girlfriend rage
[0:24] <scottman> girlfriends only know rage
[0:24] <dirty_d> truth
[0:25] <dirty_d> and deception
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[0:26] <dirty_d> gay men are on to something
[0:26] * Nerdy (~Nerdy@cpe-72-182-82-50.austin.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[0:26] <dirty_d> women, theyre just fucked
[0:27] <dirty_d> ctrl+z ctrl+z ctrl+z
[0:28] <x12> I have a problem with startx
[0:28] <x12> My mouse does not function, and I have tried multiple mice
[0:29] <Tachyon> hrm, I'm suddenly tempted to design a small robot
[0:29] <x12> What could be wrong?
[0:29] <Tachyon> presumably you don't have to actually be african to compete
[0:29] <x12> Tachyon: I sometimes have that urge ^^
[0:29] <Tachyon> x12: http://www.robotics-africa.org/design_challenge.html
[0:29] <dirty_d> x12, what image are you using?
[0:29] <x12> The default debian from the RaPi site
[0:29] <dirty_d> Tachyon, build a submarine robot
[0:30] <dirty_d> x12, thats wierd
[0:30] <Tachyon> I'd probably prefer to start with something that moves before attempting something that moves and doesn't get fried by seawater
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[0:30] <dirty_d> just make sure its watertight
[0:30] <Tachyon> I wonder how big my biggest PICs are
[0:31] <dirty_d> and make sure it has a speargun on it
[0:31] <Tachyon> lol
[0:31] <dirty_d> thar be monsters down there
[0:32] <Tachyon> yeah, you're likely to be eaten by a grue
[0:32] <dirty_d> i was actually thinking about something like that for fishing
[0:32] <dirty_d> to find fish
[0:32] <dirty_d> screw sonar
[0:32] <dirty_d> rpi + webcam + motors + ethernet cable + laptop
[0:32] <dirty_d> yea
[0:32] <x12> -laptop
[0:32] <x12> xD
[0:33] <x12> Get a screen & a long cable
[0:33] <dirty_d> why not a laptop?
[0:33] <dirty_d> you gotta cxomtrol it somehow
[0:33] <GabrialDestruir> - laptop + Motorola laptop dock
[0:33] <dirty_d> whoa
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[0:36] <GabrialDestruir> Keep the Pi on dry land and create a submersible that connects to the Pi .-.
[0:36] <dirty_d> noooo
[0:36] <GabrialDestruir> At least until such a day you can order a pi and get it in a couple days
[0:36] <dirty_d> just dont actually use it until you can get one quickly
[0:37] <dirty_d> or just make sure you test it well
[0:37] <dirty_d> which is easy
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[0:38] <gordonDrogon> x12 try sudo modprobe evdev
[0:39] <gordonDrogon> x12 before startx
[0:39] <x12> Will do
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[0:39] <GabrialDestruir> Mm... keep in mind that there's power consumption too to worry about .-.
[0:40] <GabrialDestruir> It'd suck to get it down there and lose it because the battery was dead xD
[0:40] <dirty_d> it woulf be tethered with an ethernet cable for communication
[0:41] <dirty_d> just yank it up
[0:41] <GabrialDestruir> Why wouldn't you invest in a wifi adapter.... seems like that would allow for more movement .-.
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[0:41] <dirty_d> 2.4GHz doesnt penetrate water
[0:41] <GabrialDestruir> Really? Huh.... I never thought about that....
[0:42] <dirty_d> yup
[0:42] <dirty_d> radio control is pretty much not gonna work
[0:42] <dirty_d> you need very low frequency
[0:42] <dirty_d> thats why all rovs use tethers
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[0:46] <plugwash> some people at the uni i'm at are experimenting with acoustic communication for autonomous underwater vehicles
[0:47] <Tachyon> ah, something else to aggravate the dolphins
[0:47] <maicod> hi did anyone succesfully use lxplayer to play the small music file (or another mp3). I didn't change anything after booting up my Pi for the first time
[0:47] <maicod> It won't play it (the minutes anc seconds stay at --:--)
[0:47] <plugwash> heh, the group at uni aren't planning to put these in the open ocean, their target is exploring nuclear waste storage ponds
[0:47] <Tachyon> ahh
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[0:53] <Raynerd_> guys.if I have a collection of java files I wish to compile, how do I know which one to run in the command javac XXXX.java
[0:54] <plugwash> all of them I think
[0:54] <plugwash> though it's ages since i've done java development at the command line
[0:54] <Raynerd_> hummm,
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[0:56] <hadifarnoud> join magento
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[0:58] <sirhcjw> ok well i am going to give raspbian a go
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[0:59] <neofutur> (01:04) <+ sirhcjw> I do like gentoo but are there binaries
[0:59] <sirhcjw> i assume you just copy the files in the installer archive to a fat partition and then it will boot the installer
[0:59] <neofutur> bah emerge -e world took me only 2 days ;)
[0:59] <neofutur> but yes we will need a binhost for sure
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[1:00] <neofutur> anyone interesed on setting up a binhost for gentoo pi /join #rpi-gentoo
[1:01] <sirhcjw> neofutur, need a hosted server
[1:03] <neofutur> for sure a binhost would be useful
[1:03] <dmsuse> bin host?
[1:03] <neofutur> even if its not a full gentoo mirror
[1:04] <neofutur> bin host = binaries for gentoo
[1:04] <neofutur> ss a default you will build averything with gentoo
[1:04] <dmsuse> i thought the idea of gentoo was the compile everything
[1:04] <dmsuse> the = to
[1:04] <neofutur> yes it is, but you can still use a binhost
[1:04] <neofutur> if you anage 20 servers with the same harsware you can setup your own binhost
[1:04] <dirty_d> 20?
[1:05] <neofutur> but yes the defut idea is to build it all yourself, and I did it
[1:05] <neofutur> http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Using_Portage_BINHOST
[1:05] <dmsuse> how much bandwidth will it use?
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[1:06] <neofutur> if I hosted a rpi gento binhost i d set it up with mirrors on 3 different servers
[1:06] <gooseberry> dmsuse: 20 googols
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[1:18] <Syliss> lol gooseberry???
[1:19] <Syliss> hmm i think i want to turn my pi into a war diving machine
[1:19] * normod (~Thorium23@bling.org) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[1:19] * Hopsy (~Hopsy@unaffiliated/hopsy) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[1:20] <dmsuse> everyone uses wpa now, isnt it pointless war driving
[1:21] <Syliss> so not true
[1:21] <Syliss> there are more than a few stupid people in my area
[1:21] <Syliss> plus coffee shops and what not, good to know before going
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[1:23] <GabrialDestruir> WPA isn't uncrackable... just some food for thought
[1:23] <Syliss> oh i know
[1:24] * GabrialDestruir (~GabrialDe@pool-71-189-15-145.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: GabrialDestruir)
[1:24] <Syliss> it just takes a long time or a hardcore system(s)
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[1:25] <dmsuse> GabrialDestruir: it is
[1:25] <dmsuse> unless you have 60 years of your life to waste
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[1:26] <GabrialDestruir> It all depends on the WPA options, but I remember a while back a proof of concept proving that it could be done in like a day
[1:26] <Jak_o_Shadows> As always, a lot of the time it's easier to just spot the password being entered, or gaining access to the password
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[1:27] <Syliss> packet sniffing on wep!
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[1:29] <Jak_o_Shadows> I was more thinking getting into their house and looking in the top draw of their computer desk.
[1:29] <Jak_o_Shadows> Each to their own
[1:29] * jprvita|afk is now known as jprvita
[1:29] <GabrialDestruir> There's also things like http://lifehacker.com/5873407/how-to-crack-a-wi+fi-networks-wpa-password-with-reaver
[1:32] <GabrialDestruir> to keep in mind
[1:32] * ssvb (~ssvb@a88-114-220-213.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[1:32] <Jak_o_Shadows> Ah, yeah, WPS
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[1:32] <nid0> that uses a wps flaw that was patched on practically every router some time ago
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