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[0:39] <FunkyELF> Is the raspberry pi's HDMI able to connect to DVI via a passive dongle?
[0:39] <mgottschlag> yes
[0:40] <mgottschlag> hdmi always has dvi-compatible signalling
[0:40] <FunkyELF> okay... but not the other way around right?
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[0:42] <mgottschlag> I am sure that cheap solutions exist to do that as well
[0:42] <FunkyELF> I'm looking at getting a new monitor because it is inconvenient for me to use the TV
[0:42] <FunkyELF> oh... I think I was thinking of display port. There are passive adapters that go one way but to go the other way is a pain. I forget which
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[0:44] <FunkyELF> I got the DELL U2713HM which has great connectivity. It has DVI for my workstation, VGA for my work laptop, and HDMI for my raspberry pi.... but I need to return it because of quality issues on the screen.
[0:44] <FunkyELF> I'm looking at the U2312HM but it doesn't have HDMI
[0:44] <FunkyELF> it has DVI, Display Port, and VGA
[0:45] <FunkyELF> Can the rpi send out a Display Port signal over HDMI? I'm wondering if one of these $10 adapters would work
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[0:49] <mgottschlag> just as hdmi just happens to be compatible, it probably is compatible to displayport if adapters exist
[0:49] <mgottschlag> so a normal hdmi signal would also be a valid displayport signal (maybe with very subtle differences)
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[0:52] <AndrevS> are you saying there is no difference between hdmi and displayport but the connector?
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[0:52] <mgottschlag> I am saying that *if* adapters exist, then the differences are small enough so that the signal usually is compatible
[0:53] <FunkyELF> oh... nevermind
[0:53] <AndrevS> Well... I am seeing strange adaptors on the internet.....
[0:53] <AndrevS> VGA to composite for example
[0:53] <mgottschlag> there will be huge differences in terms of additional capabilities and control signals though
[0:53] <FunkyELF> All the adapters I found were for DP -> HDMI.... not the other way around. The HDMI -> DP adapters are active and $$$
[0:53] <mgottschlag> VGA to composite indeed sounds a little bit strange :D
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[0:54] <mgottschlag> although it would be possible with some passive circuitry and a graphics card which outputs very weird vga resolutions/frequencies
[0:55] <AndrevS> It could be done, if you have enough control over the hardware.
[0:56] <AndrevS> but you need to get the sync on there.... but I've read about sync-on-green, so that might work
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[0:57] <mgottschlag> I still want to try to output VGA signals using the rpi GPIO pins one day.
[0:59] <AndrevS> Are they fast enough?
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[1:00] <AndrevS> I think you'll need real-time for that. Unless timing for GPIO can be gone in hardware.
[1:00] <AndrevS> Otherwise, just a D-A converter, level shifter,
[1:00] <mgottschlag> well, you have enough rt capabilities if you hack a small kernel :)
[1:01] <mgottschlag> and it won't be fast enough for full 640x480, but still, just because it is possible :D
[1:01] <mgottschlag> (I think people reported sth like 20MHz signals on the GPIO pins)
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[1:02] <AndrevS> nice speed!
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[1:39] <Aebleskiver> Hey... is there someone here who might be able to help with Raspbian?
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[1:40] <Aebleskiver> I've been just experimenting with web server stuff, apache, php and so on... but today I decided to do an apt-get update/upgrade, and it completely messed my installation up
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[1:40] <Aebleskiver> (worked just fine before so no idea what happened)
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[1:41] <Aebleskiver> Now all sorts of weird stuff is happening like:
[1:42] <Aebleskiver> eisenheim@raspberrypi ~ $ rm
[1:42] <Aebleskiver> -bash: /bin/rm: cannot execute binary file
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[1:48] <Tachyon`> hrm, google giving away 15,000 pis apparently to schools and user groups
[1:49] <aDro> Oh nice
[1:49] <Tachyon`> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21243825
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[2:04] <Duncan3> Bet this has been a happy channel today :)
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[2:10] <lkthomas> hey guys
[2:11] <lkthomas> I am wodnering if it's possible to insert network interface on /boot partition so that operator could just edit text file without any linux knowledge ?
[2:11] <lkthomas> insert network interface network info I mean
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[2:21] <Muzer> out of interest
[2:21] <Muzer> why is the OK light called OK? :P
[2:21] <Muzer> Was it originally just a generic "everything's OK" light that got re-purposed into an SD activity link?
[2:21] <Muzer> *light
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[2:36] <lkthomas> http://raspberrypi-projects.com/how-to-connect-adafruit-sensors-to-raspberry-pi-and-log-results-94/
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[2:36] <lkthomas> guys, how does that bread board wiring does the job on the back ?
[2:36] <lkthomas> what if I don't need development board anymore ?
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[2:44] <shiftplusone> lkthomas, http://lizarum.com/assignments/physical_computing/2007/breadboarding.html
[2:44] <shiftplusone> If you don't need it anymore, put it in a drawer until you do... dev boards and breadboards often come in handy.
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[2:50] <lkthomas> shiftplusone: is that a "standard" board structure ?
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[2:50] <shiftplusone> Yeah, sometimes the collumns on the sides may not run through the whole board but be split in two or more sections, but in general that's all there is to it.
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[2:53] <shiftplusone> The basic idea doesn't change. It's deisgned to run power on the side collumns (5v and gnd lines or whatever the case may be). Dual inline packages (DIP) slot into the center. Then use wires, resistors and whatever else you need to connect everything.
[2:54] <lkthomas> sorry, I don't have much wiring knowledge
[2:54] <lkthomas> does Pi header is pin to pin connector ?
[2:55] <shiftplusone> I am not sure what you mean
[2:55] <lkthomas> http://learn.adafruit.com/assets/1866
[2:55] <lkthomas> it have a Pi header connect back to Pi
[2:55] <shiftplusone> I've got to go, but someone else will help you out if you stick around for a bit.
[2:55] <lkthomas> thanks mate
[2:55] <shiftplusone> take care
[2:57] <FunkyELF> so I bought two of these. When connected to my Raspberry Pi one of them reads 4.83 while the other reads 4.91. The one with 4.83 causes keyboard problems. Why would that be? Isn't 4.83 within range for the Raspberry Pi?
[2:57] <FunkyELF> https://www.adafruit.com/products/501
[2:57] * spY|da (~spychodel@linuxjunkies.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:57] <FunkyELF> keys seem to be stuck in the down position repeating over and over again... missed keypresses also happen
[2:57] <shiftplusone> It may be within tha range of the pi, but outside the range of the keyboard.
[2:57] <john_f> same cable?
[2:58] <shiftplusone> I have a keyboard that's sensitive to voltage levels as well and does the same thing
[2:58] <FunkyELF> john_f: shiftplusone same exact setup. same cable / keyboard
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[2:59] <FunkyELF> shiftplusone: is your keyboard that is sensitive a wireless keyboard?
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[2:59] <john_f> lkthomas:
[2:59] <john_f> eh
[3:00] <lkthomas> ?
[3:00] <lkthomas> john_f: http://adafruit.com/products/862
[3:00] <shiftplusone> FunkyELF, nope
[3:00] <john_f> errant enter key,
[3:00] * shiftplusone is gone
[3:01] <john_f> lkthomas: the breakout in the pictures is just the pins from the cable spread out
[3:01] <john_f> doesn't do anything to them electrically
[3:01] * FunkyELF doesn't like that adafruit doesn't really have a way of dealing with exchanges/returns. You basically have to post in their forum
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[3:02] <lkthomas> ok, just wonder if the Ribbon cable did some cross over connection
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[3:02] <john_f> not meant to connect two pi's afaik
[3:02] <john_f> so no crossover
[3:02] <lkthomas> I see
[3:02] <lkthomas> ok, thanks
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[3:04] <lkthomas> john_f: does GPIO ribbon is a standard?
[3:04] <lkthomas> just wondering if I have to get it from adafruit
[3:04] <john_f> just standard idc with the correct number of pins
[3:05] <lkthomas> so the number of pins also fixed
[3:05] <john_f> many sizes of idc, like used in floppy drives
[3:05] <john_f> different pin count
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[3:06] <lkthomas> I see, so I need to find the same pin count cable
[3:06] <lkthomas> wait, I could use direct connect
[3:07] <lkthomas> john_f: any chance of misconnection on GPIO will kill my Pi ?
[3:07] <john_f> yes you can
[3:08] <john_f> not protected
[3:08] <lkthomas> errr, ok
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[3:09] <pksato> first, build a protection board.
[3:09] <aDro> how do
[3:09] <lkthomas> pksato: how ?!
[3:09] <lkthomas> is that possible not to involve "board" ?
[3:09] <aDro> How do i list help by page?
[3:10] <lkthomas> I want to build everything within Pi case
[3:10] <aDro> or list terminal results by page?
[3:10] <pksato> not board?
[3:10] <lkthomas> pksato: I want to make it silm
[3:10] <lkthomas> slim *
[3:11] <pksato> all moderm electronc use a "board".
[3:11] * itsdavem (~itsdavem@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[3:12] <lkthomas> heh
[3:12] <lkthomas> trying to do direct connect
[3:13] * Giric (~blpisani@24-159-19-190.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:15] <pksato> my protection board http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/4088/rpigpiobreadxyz01.jpg
[3:16] <Giric> Howdy, y'all. I'm looking for some help with OpenArena. There are several errors coming up, including "Glimp_Init()- could not load OpenGL subsystem, stencil=0, samples=4,sample_buffers=1". Anyone willing to try to help me?
[3:17] <lkthomas> pksato: that seems complex, LOL
[3:17] <pksato> other similar idea http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Raspberry/Breakout.html
[3:17] * steve_rox2 (~steve@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:17] <pksato> no, it is simple. :)
[3:17] <steve_rox2> indeed
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[3:18] <john_f> pksato: do the zeners get noticeably warm?
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[3:19] <Giric> No help for me?
[3:19] <pksato> john_f: no. Except if you inject high voltage.
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[3:22] <aDro> What is the default memory split for Arch?
[3:22] <aDro> i would assume the gpu is lowest.
[3:27] <aDro> I am missing my /etc/rc.conf file
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[3:43] * TAFB (~TAFB@CPE602ad07b91a5-CM602ad07b91a2.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[3:45] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:51] <aDro> http://blog.insert-coin.org/post/34114704170/archlinux-raspberry-pi
[3:53] <john_f> aDro: there shouldn't be any rc.conf references in the current pages
[3:53] <john_f> beginners guide especially
[3:54] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[3:55] <john_f> netcfg works for me
[3:57] * builder (~builder@unaffiliated/builder) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:57] * Zarek_away is now known as Zarek_
[3:58] * loadRPi (~pi@host86-185-30-44.range86-185.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[3:58] <Viper-7_> can i power the pi from the 5V0 pins on the GPIO header?
[3:59] <pksato> yes
[3:59] <Viper-7_> sweet, that makes things easier :D
[4:00] * Wulf (~Wulf@unaffiliated/wulf) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[4:02] * TAFB (~TAFB@CPE602ad07b91a5-CM602ad07b91a2.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:03] * poli is now known as mpoli
[4:04] * mpoli is now known as poli
[4:07] * pksato (~PEBKAC@unaffiliated/pksato) Quit (Quit: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)
[4:08] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:08] <steve_rox> anything fun going on?
[4:09] * AndrevS (~andre_bk@2001:980:55e0:1:20f:eaff:fe58:28f8) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[4:09] <TAFB> trying to get my black magic intensity pro goin :)
[4:10] <TAFB> not sure if the Pi is gonna be able to stream this, but we'll see.
[4:10] <steve_rox> oh
[4:11] * tektsu (~Adium@ip24-56-44-80.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[4:12] <steve_rox> ive still yet to find a primary purpose for my pi
[4:13] <TAFB> don't need a web/email/webmail server?
[4:13] <TAFB> my Pi really saved my bacon today, my e-mail wasn't getting to my cell phone so I logged into webmail and it works sweet.
[4:13] <TAFB> (email server citadel) :)
[4:13] * poli (poli@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[4:14] * gh403 (~gh403@unaffiliated/gh403) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:15] <gh403> How come my Python (v3.3) programs sleep for two times the time I pass to time.sleep() on the RPi? All is normal on the computer.
[4:16] <steve_rox> ive got the pi running mumble but thats most it gets used for at moment
[4:21] * Torikun (~Torikun@76-220-9-159.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:21] * Torikun (~Torikun@76-220-9-159.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:22] <john_f> gh403: is your clock synced when you run it?
[4:22] <gh403> john_f: sync'd with what? The network?
[4:22] <john_f> yes if ntpd is running
[4:23] <john_f> just guessing some weird skew could do it
[4:23] <gh403> Yes, ntpd is running... twice. (?) I assume it spawned a second copy of itself and that this is normal?
[4:24] <gh403> The system time is correct.
[4:24] <john_f> normal
[4:24] <john_f> ok nvm
[4:26] * philh (~phil@5acc772c.bb.sky.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:27] * Mr_Sheesh (~mr_s@unaffiliated/mr-sheesh/x-0757054) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:30] * pizthewiz (~pizthewiz@c-67-188-110-20.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:33] * Mr_Sheesh (~mr_s@unaffiliated/mr-sheesh/x-0757054) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:36] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[4:37] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:38] * Leeky (Leeky@2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:feae:abfb) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[4:39] * netprince (~chatzilla@ip68-106-85-10.rn.hr.cox.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[4:40] * Leeky (Leeky@2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:feae:abfb) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:40] * builder (~builder@unaffiliated/builder) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[4:43] * stepcut (~stepcut@c-98-213-218-15.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:44] * dr_willis (~dr_willis@ has joined #raspberrypi
[4:45] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:47] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@243.Red-193-152-188.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[4:48] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:50] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccy_RegeaneWolf
[4:53] * bbond007 loves his walnut RPi case
[4:53] <bbond007> hope it does not catch fire
[4:54] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[4:55] * intothev01d (~intothev0@unaffiliated/intothev01d) Quit (Quit: intothev01d)
[4:56] <SubaruSVX> put a fan in it bbond007?
[4:57] <bbond007> its too small for a fan, becides if it did start to burn up, a fan might just fuel the fire
[4:59] <dr_willis> then you would have a charchol case
[5:00] <dr_willis> walnut may be a little hard to catch fire.. :) some dry pine now.......
[5:01] <dr_willis> i just made my case from 2 sheets of plexiglass and some spacers. i can see the pi and plug stuff in easially and get lots of air flow. and its protected
[5:04] <bbond007> rats, gotta reboot
[5:04] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:06] * yofel_ (~quassel@ubuntu/member/yofel) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:06] * atouk (~atouk@ool-457e23d5.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:07] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:07] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:08] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:09] * yofel (~quassel@ubuntu/member/yofel) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[5:11] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:11] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[5:11] * luke-jr_ (~luke-jr@2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:11] * Luke-Jr (~luke-jr@2001:470:5:265:222:4dff:fe50:4c49) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[5:11] * luke-jr_ is now known as Luke-Jr
[5:12] <bbond007> damn, the mac version of populous II runs too slowly on my RPi
[5:12] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:13] * TheSeven (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[5:15] * TheSeven (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:15] * Gordio (~Gordio@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:17] * mdszy (~mdszy@unaffiliated/mdszy) Quit (Quit: goodnight)
[5:20] <gh403> bbond007: how are you running Mac code on Linux?
[5:21] <bbond007> brb, my RPi became unstable when i tried to run marathon ii
[5:21] * pinion (~Adium@99-13-236-73.lightspeed.iplsin.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[5:22] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:23] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[5:23] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:23] <bbond007> that sucked, kernel panic when i told it to reboot
[5:24] <bbond007> never liked that game anyway
[5:24] <bbond007> monkey island ran great though
[5:25] * shirish (~quassel@unaffiliated/shirish) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[5:25] <bbond007> Another world looks good :)
[5:27] <bbond007> yes, basilisk II runs like an 030/40mhz(or so) on RPI.
[5:28] <bbond007> but if it locks up, sometimes the RPI becomes unstable, and you have to reboot.
[5:29] * libc (~EvanY@pool-71-254-7-202.burl.east.myfairpoint.net) has left #raspberrypi
[5:33] * rolleiflex (~rolleifle@ Quit (Quit: rolleiflex)
[5:36] * Piffer (~Piffer@p4FED4B2B.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[5:37] <gh403> bbond007: how are you running Mac code on Linux?
[5:37] * shirish (~quassel@unaffiliated/shirish) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:38] <bbond007> Basilisk II
[5:38] <gh403> no, you said " the mac version of populous II runs too slowly on my RPi".
[5:39] * Piffer (~Piffer@p579721B3.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:39] <bbond007> yes, thats because the mac version of populous II runs too slowly on my RPi under Basilisk II. what are you not understanding?
[5:40] <gh403> Oh, I thought Basilisk II was a game.
[5:40] * xiambax (~xiambax@2001:470:b:a79:18aa:2988:7867:31bf) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:40] <gh403> my bad ;)
[5:40] <xiambax> I ordered my raspberry pi lastnight after waiting for 6 months to just order one
[5:40] <bbond007> no, its a 68K Mac emulator
[5:40] <xiambax> I didn't want to wait a two months for it to ship though :(
[5:41] <xiambax> So I amazon'd it
[5:41] <bbond007> i ordered mine from MCM right when the 512 ones were anounced... it came in just a few days
[5:42] <gh403> I saw the 512MiB ones get announced, then I waited a week to be darn sure that I'd get the good ones. It was around Christmas by that point anyway.
[5:43] <xiambax> I bought a new router yesterday and setup ipv6 lastnight
[5:43] <xiambax> that router is sick and i caved and bought a domain and got hurricane electric to host my dyndns
[5:43] <gh403> My Pi is sitting on a little $8 Cisco switch here on my desk. The blinkenlights are a great comfort to me ^_^
[5:44] <xiambax> so i think i want to turn my rpi into a ipv6 and ipv6 web server.
[5:44] <xiambax> I have yet to decide what distro i want to install
[5:44] <gh403> I really want to 3D print a case for it; I know this guy with a 3D printer. Anybody have opinions on which cases are the best?
[5:44] <bbond007> ah, crap, bubble trouble locked up the emu
[5:45] <gh403> xiambax: Arch
[5:45] <gh403> xiambax: the hard part (installing it) is even done for you already ^_^
[5:45] <xiambax> I want something stripped
[5:46] <gh403> Arch is pretty bare.
[5:46] <xiambax> It's just going to be a file share and web server
[5:46] <gh403> You get a command prompt, and the GNU utilities, and the pacman package manager, and that's about it. YOU choose what your system will become.
[5:47] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:47] <xiambax> no gui. just ssh, and nginx and something to share files
[5:48] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:48] <gh403> That's pretty much what my Pi is. (It's running Arch.) I don't have nginx but I do have a hardened ssh server running.
[5:49] <xiambax> What do you use it for?
[5:49] <gh403> I program it to do things like watch websites for me and email me if something shows up (these sites don't have RSS feeds).
[5:49] <gh403> Basically anything that requires a periodic check, but not much processing power.
[5:50] <gh403> I'm also thinking of spinning up an owncloud instance on it.
[5:50] <gh403> Although that might be overkill; I don't know.
[5:51] * lars_t_h (~lars_t_h@005033220242.mbb.telenor.dk) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[5:51] * Gordio (~Gordio@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[5:53] <xiambax> i need to figure out dns stuff
[5:53] <xiambax> im using hurricane electric
[5:53] <gh403> You could just memorize the IP :). Took me about 10 minutes.
[5:53] * oldtopman (~oldtopman@unaffiliated/oldtopman) Quit (Quit: *poof*)
[5:54] <xiambax> naw i have a domain with dyndns
[5:54] <gh403> That's probably a better plan
[5:54] <xiambax> i want to have a top level domain and several subdomains hit one external ip
[5:54] <xiambax> and then it route subdomains to ips behind my router
[5:54] <xiambax> can that be done
[5:55] <gh403> IPs behind your router? Behind as in NAT?
[5:57] * _cheney (~cheney@nat.sierrabravo.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:57] <xiambax> yes, ipv6 allocated too
[5:58] <gh403> Hm, with NAT you can't do that. All your machines look like one IP address to the outside network. But with ipv6, it might be possible; I don't really know. I do know that you'll have to have an ipv6-compatible remote connection to be able to access it.
[5:58] * bbond007 (~ogopogo@adsl-65-9-111-124.mia.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:59] <Viper-7_> xiambax: you need a load balancer or reverse proxy, it can be internal to your network (proxying requests based on vhost directly to the appropriate server) or external (proxying requests to a specific port on your external IP, which you can then NAT and translate to port 80 on the server you want)
[5:59] <piney0> i would use nginx or some other reverse proxy on the external ip address to route the traffic to the other addresses.
[6:01] * shirish (~quassel@unaffiliated/shirish) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[6:01] <Viper-7_> would it be faster to spin up qemu to compile propgcc on my rpi? heh
[6:01] <Viper-7_> people are claiming 8 hours of compile time
[6:02] <Viper-7_> throwing 3.8ghz of xeon behind it might help, even emulated heh
[6:02] <gh403> Viper-7_: anything would be faster than that. Wow.
[6:02] <gh403> Can't you cross compile?
[6:02] <Viper-7_> apparently not
[6:02] <Viper-7_> it has issues if you do
[6:02] <gh403> Hm. Yuck.
[6:04] * Cy-Gor (~Brian@cpe-70-124-70-140.austin.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[6:06] * heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[6:07] <xiambax> I have a router then could do the proxy stuff for me no?
[6:09] <xiambax> use mod_proxy for virtual hosts yes?
[6:10] * heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:11] * shirish (~quassel@unaffiliated/shirish) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:15] * heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[6:20] * Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
[6:23] <TAFB> alright, the Pi couldn't do my stream, just not enuff cpu/network bandwidth :( But I got er working through my desktop! http://rogerslive.click2stream.com/
[6:23] <TAFB> it's not 100% perfect, I think it might by trying to do 25fps out with 29.97 in :(
[6:27] * Mike-N-Go (~Mike-N-Go@ has joined #raspberrypi
[6:33] <gh403> TAFB: looks OK over here. You might try boosting audio quality a bit.
[6:35] <TAFB> I tried, but on my cell phone the best audio it would support was AAC at 48kbps :(
[6:36] <TAFB> I might try MP3 and see how high I can get
[6:37] * Gordio (~Gordio@ has joined #raspberrypi
[6:41] <SwK> heh 8 hours to compile? thats not to bad??? just running the configure script for FreeSWITCH on a rpi takes like 30 minutes
[6:41] <xiambax> why are you streaming rogers channel?
[6:45] * heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:45] <TAFB> xiambax: lol. It's just a proof of concept test :) This box isn't activated so I don't have my HD channels active on it. And I can't run any SD channels cause the stupid Black Magic Intensity Pro doesn't support 480p! lol.
[6:46] <xiambax> So you are just trying to stream hd from your own sites?
[6:46] <xiambax> via a card?
[6:46] <TAFB> yeppers
[6:47] <TAFB> i have a hockey game I have to stream to approx 30 cell phones in a few days, just getting everything set up for it.
[6:50] <SwK> holy crap fedora remix is horribly slow
[6:56] * dape (~dani@freenode/sponsor/dape) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:56] <Torikun> yo
[6:58] <TAFB> hey Torikun :)
[6:58] <TAFB> did ya check out my stream?
[7:00] <Torikun> send link
[7:00] <Torikun> every time I st art vncserver, my pi locks up =(
[7:00] <TAFB> http://rogerslive.click2stream.com/
[7:00] <TAFB> which vnc server? tight? x11vnc?
[7:00] <Torikun> tight
[7:01] <Torikun> nice cam
[7:01] <TAFB> i could never ever get tight working on my Pi :(
[7:01] <Torikun> what was your problem?
[7:01] <Torikun> worked fine on my 256mb pi
[7:01] <Torikun> problem is on 512
[7:01] <TAFB> it's my digital cable TV box, running through a Black Magic Intensity Pro card (and of course, through an HDMI decrypter first, to remove HDCP) :)
[7:01] <TAFB> Torikun: I can't remember the problem I had, lol.
[7:01] <Torikun> lol
[7:02] <Torikun> ah just crashed my other 512mb pi
[7:02] <dr_willis> heh.. and what 3rd world country did you order the decrypter from? ;)
[7:03] <Torikun> think I need more than 16mb split?
[7:03] <dr_willis> you got 16mb for the video?
[7:03] <Torikun> yup
[7:03] <dr_willis> that seems very very low.
[7:04] <dr_willis> like 1975 dos days low. ;)
[7:04] <Torikun> haha
[7:04] <TAFB> dr_willis: hehe. Decoder came from China, it's not listed as decoder, but works damn sweet ;)
[7:04] <Torikun> that maybe the problem lol
[7:04] <dr_willis> but its fairly easy to change and test.. :) my rasbian ssytem i think defaulted to 128mb.
[7:05] <TAFB> HDMI decrypter: http://www.ebay.com/itm/220864833576
[7:05] <Torikun> actually the pi that just crashed had default values
[7:06] <Torikun> ok all 3 pi's are crashing when vncserver is ran
[7:06] <Torikun> lol
[7:07] * jimerickson (~jimericks@pdpc/supporter/active/jimerickson) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[7:08] <dr_willis> for under $40 - that could be handy
[7:09] <dr_willis> ive never used palpal .:)
[7:09] <TAFB> yeah, crazy deal for sure :)
[7:09] <dr_willis> or ebay actually... except to look up prices for others
[7:09] * nutcase (~nutcase@unaffiliated/nutcase) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[7:09] <TAFB> wow, to stream at 60fps eats MASSIVE cpu :( lol
[7:10] <TAFB> it's running at 60fps now (same bitrate, unfortunatly)
[7:12] * dape (~dani@freenode/sponsor/dape) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[7:12] * Nemo7 (~nemo@unaffiliated/nemo7) Quit (Quit: it really tied the room together)
[7:13] * jimerickson (~jimericks@pdpc/supporter/active/jimerickson) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:13] <TAFB> alright, trying at 25fps... seems pretty good.
[7:15] * brguy (~idonteven@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:15] <brguy> greetings from Brazil
[7:15] <Torikun> Hi
[7:15] * nutcase (~nutcase@unaffiliated/nutcase) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:16] <brguy> hi Torikun
[7:17] <brguy> raspberry isn't being sold in my country, so sad :<
[7:18] <Torikun> many US people buy it from england
[7:18] <Torikun> http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/3158
[7:19] <brguy> Yes, I'm in Brazil. The price isn't so good here at the moment.
[7:20] * nutcase (~nutcase@unaffiliated/nutcase) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[7:20] * nimmis|work (~kjell@fenix.its.ltu.se) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[7:21] <Torikun> http://www.linux-toys.com/ <--powered by 3 PI's
[7:22] * zyklon (~zyklon@122-57-187-237.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:22] <Torikun> wordpress runs so much better than drupal
[7:22] <brguy> yes, I agree.
[7:23] * Belaf (~campedel@3-254.197-178.cust.bluewin.ch) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:25] <SwK> anyone tried distcc w/ rasbian yet?
[7:25] <Torikun> I did distcc with arch
[7:25] <Torikun> so slow
[7:25] <Torikun> but looks cool
[7:26] <SwK> arch on rpi?
[7:26] <Torikun> yup
[7:26] <Torikun> 4 nodes for distcc
[7:26] <SwK> how does arch compare to rasbian on performance?
[7:27] <Torikun> I hear arch generally runs faster from users in here
[7:27] <Torikun> and arch has newer packages
[7:28] <aDro> I am trying to learn arch after first learning how to manipulate around ubuntu and raspian
[7:28] <Torikun> arch is pretty awesome
[7:28] * tzarc (~tzarc@x251-66.tzarc.org) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[7:29] <Torikun> im having a few build and vnc issues with it at the moment lol they seem to be unique to me
[7:29] <SwK> now if I could just figure out how to hack the hardware to have a SSD inplace of the SD and I would be happy lol
[7:30] <SwK> (yes I know that kinda defeats the purpose of having a sub $50 nearly complete system but still)
[7:30] <Eliatrope> I had some kernel errors in Arch, even with Raspbian's kernel
[7:30] <Eliatrope> maybe it was low voltage issue, but I have 4.8V now
[7:31] <Eliatrope> errors when accessing both network and SD card with heavy load
[7:31] <TAFB> 4.8 is the super bare minimum you should get. Check the voltage DURING bootup and see if you get any drops.
[7:32] <TAFB> If so, you might need to bridge/bypass polyfuse F3 or upgrade to a better quality MicroUSB cable or higher power USB power supply (you can't power the Pi from the computer).
[7:32] <Eliatrope> I didn't get errors on boot
[7:32] <Eliatrope> I heard heard IPad's charger is good, but I had 4.6V with it
[7:32] <TAFB> Best quality microUSB cable on earth: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030307&p_id=8641&seq=1&format=2
[7:32] * gh403 (~gh403@unaffiliated/gh403) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[7:32] <TAFB> I had a 10amp 5v supply and was getting bad crashing and drop outs, it was my cabel.
[7:32] <TAFB> cable
[7:33] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca56e7.bb.sky.com) Quit ()
[7:33] * lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
[7:33] <TAFB> I tried three before I ordered the monoprice one, works with even my crappiest cell phone charger now! :)
[7:34] * Belaf (~campedel@3-254.197-178.cust.bluewin.ch) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[7:35] <brguy> aDro, arch is pretty awesome to use. If you use it well raspbian will be not a problem to use ^-^
[7:35] * nutcase (~nutcase@unaffiliated/nutcase) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:38] * akeeh (~ak@a91-155-182-201.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[7:38] <Eliatrope> what's the difference between USB cables, is it only wires diameter?
[7:39] * wakoinc (~wakoinc@unaffiliated/wakoinc) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:39] <TAFB> lol, RIM/BlackBerry is announcing it's new models tomorrow, stocks dropped ahead of the announcement :)
[7:39] <TAFB> Yep, good USB cable = 24gauge power cables
[7:40] <TAFB> crappy USB cables have 28gauge, or REALLY crappy ones are 30ga!
[7:40] <TAFB> ohhhh weather/news channel looks really good/clean :) http://rogerslive.click2stream.com/
[7:41] * mrmoney2012 (~mrmoney20@5e061dfb.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:41] * mrmoney2012 (~mrmoney20@5e061dfb.bb.sky.com) Quit (Client Quit)
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[7:46] * phenom (~L7@unaffiliated/phenom) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[7:48] <brguy> There are any emulators for raspberry?
[7:48] * dreamon_ (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[7:49] * phenom (~L7@unaffiliated/phenom) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:52] * phorce1_ is now known as phorce1
[7:52] * nimmis|work (~kjell@fenix.its.ltu.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:55] <shiftplusone> brguy, not really, but you can use qemu for the processor.
[7:55] * notfunk (~notfunk@ip72-221-66-218.ri.ri.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:56] <brguy> shiftplusone, thanks, I thought so. Was just checking out :)
[7:56] <shiftplusone> brguy, I wrote a tutorial here http://xecdesign.com/qemu-emulating-raspberry-pi-the-easy-way/
[7:56] <brguy> shiftplusone, oh wow, thanks
[7:56] <shiftplusone> np
[7:57] <brguy> it also runs on windows lol
[7:57] <shiftplusone> Yeah, but some people seem to have trouble with running it on windows. Seems to work for most though.
[7:58] <brguy> that's not surprising
[8:00] * tzarc (~tzarc@x251-66.tzarc.org) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[8:02] * KeatonT (~textual@unaffiliated/keatont) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:05] * jakubmichalski (5f8ff302@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[8:06] <jakubmichalski> Hello,
[8:07] * Shift_ is now known as shiftplusone
[8:07] <jakubmichalski> after yesterday's upgrade I have notice that during the start /etc/init.d/rc.local is trying to execute /etc/rc.local (but this is a directory with some perl scripts). Do you know if this is expected behavior?
[8:08] * wiiguy (~fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:12] * Eliatrope (~speckius@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[8:14] * dape8708 (~dani@freenode/sponsor/dape) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:15] * tzarc (~tzarc@x251-66.tzarc.org) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:24] * pizthewiz (~pizthewiz@c-67-188-110-20.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: pizthewiz)
[8:26] <brguy> I suppose you're using raspbian, jakubmichalski, right?
[8:28] <jakubmichalski> brguy: yes
[8:29] <jakubmichalski> brguy: (2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian)
[8:29] <brguy> jakubmichalski, I know that is a expected behavior from Debian. Is it somehow a trouble?
[8:29] * Pitel_IPEX (~pitel@gatekeeper.bm.ipex.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:30] <jakubmichalski> brguy: no at all, just have not seen it before upgrade, thanks for your answer
[8:30] * DexterLB (~dex@79-100-0-244.btc-net.bg) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[8:31] <brguy> np
[8:31] * `Winslow (~Winslow@unaffiliated/winslow/x-6891340) Quit (Quit: Buh-bye)
[8:31] * KeatonT (~textual@unaffiliated/keatont) Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
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[8:43] * [SLB] is now known as [SLB]`
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[8:47] <jakubmichalski> byebye
[8:47] * jakubmichalski (5f8ff302@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit ()
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[12:13] * prjkt (5b7830f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[12:13] <prjkt> hi, someoen was helping me follow http://elinux.org/RPi_Resize_Flash_Partitions before.
[12:13] * KindOne (KindOne@colchester-lug/silly-fool/donut) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:13] <prjkt> how do I list all the attached partitions again?
[12:14] <gordonDrogon> df -h will show what's mounted.
[12:14] <neilr> prjkt: conversation logs are at:
[12:14] <neilr> http://srv.datagutt1.com/
[12:15] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:15] <prjkt> thanks
[12:16] <prjkt> if i ever need anything from the logs i will just come in and ask for what that link was, again? "It's in the logs."
[12:16] <prjkt> :-D
[12:16] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:17] <neilr> :) - it's also displayed in the flurry of text when you log onto the channel, which is good as I can never remember it.
[12:17] <skope> openelec works fine. nice
[12:18] <jelly1> openelec is nice
[12:21] * h0cin (~h0cin@unaffiliated/h0cin) has joined #raspberrypi
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[12:30] <skope> transmission webinterface and android remote work nicely too
[12:30] <skope> this is too easy
[12:30] <skope> i have to break something
[12:30] * mpmc|Away is now known as mpmc
[12:35] * SgrA (~sgra@unaffiliated/sgra) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[12:42] <FR^2> Still no reply from RS concerning a new item :/
[12:43] * markbook (~markllama@pool-74-104-180-140.bstnma.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[12:48] * SgrA (~sgra@unaffiliated/sgra) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:52] <wsmsg> anyone got eggdrop + ssl running on the raspbian yet?
[12:52] * des2 (~noone@pool-71-190-47-113.nycmny.east.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[12:57] * mrcan (~mrcan@unaffiliated/mrcan) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:01] <Jck_true> wsmsg: Had znc running just fine
[13:02] <wsmsg> :/
[13:03] <Jck_true> wsmsg: Tried compiling from source?
[13:04] <Jck_true> wsmsg: Can't see a reason it wouldn't work on the raspberry - TCL works fine
[13:06] * Bhaal (~bhaal@freenode/staff-emeritus/bhaal) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:09] <wsmsg> Jck_true: yeah, no, its throwing an ssl error...
[13:09] <wsmsg> [12:50:57] TLS: unable to load own certificate: error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory
[13:09] <wsmsg> [12:50:57] TLS: unable to load private key: error:20074002:BIO routines:FILE_CTRL:system lib
[13:09] * Zarek_ is now known as Zarek_away
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[13:20] * Ryanteck (~Ryan@fsf/member/Ryanteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:20] <Ryanteck> Hello!
[13:21] * Oddj0b (~oddj0b@daimi-pat.daimi.au.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:22] <RaTTuS|BIG> 'noon Ryanteck
[13:22] <Ryanteck> Afternoon
[13:26] * Sakyl (~Sakyl@95-91-160-158-dynip.superkabel.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:32] * [SLB]` is now known as [SLB]
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[13:42] * markllama (mlamouri@nat/redhat/x-nrkqzrxytfwjuicj) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:42] <lkthomas> hey guys
[13:43] <lkthomas> so GPIO only have 26 pins
[13:43] <lkthomas> how could we attach multiple items to Pi ?
[13:44] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:45] <Ryanteck> I think devices using I2C Communication only uses a few pins
[13:45] <lkthomas> I know
[13:45] <Ryanteck> and you can get chips that connect via pin out to get more pins if needed
[13:45] <Ryanteck> I think
[13:45] <lkthomas> isn't it will be full soon ?
[13:45] <lkthomas> sorry, I don't get it
[13:45] <Ryanteck> Neither do I fully
[13:46] <Ryanteck> Not had the chance to buy components for hardware
[13:46] <lkthomas> right
[13:48] <Amadiro> lkthomas, with I2C, I think you can attach up to 128 components or so
[13:48] <lkthomas> so bascially 128 modules will be connect into 26 pins ?
[13:49] <Amadiro> lkthomas, the I2C bus only needs two wires.
[13:49] * mumbles (~mumbles@habari/community/mumbles) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:49] <mumbles> forgot to add this to auto join
[13:49] <lkthomas> ok, so how does two pin connect 128 devices ?!
[13:49] <lkthomas> is there have a mulplexer or something ?
[13:50] <Amadiro> lkthomas, I2C is a serial bus
[13:50] <Amadiro> only one device can talk at any time to the host
[13:50] <Amadiro> its a similar deal with SPI
[13:50] <lkthomas> what if two or more module want to talk to host ?
[13:50] * jprvita|afk is now known as jprvita
[13:51] <Amadiro> lkthomas, one of them has to wait
[13:51] <lkthomas> I see, so I2C have built-in method to tell device to wait ?
[13:52] <Amadiro> lkthomas, something like that. The master sends a packet that contains the target address of the device he wants to communicate with, as well as a "read" or "write" flag
[13:52] <Amadiro> then the master sends a "start" signal
[13:52] <Amadiro> then the master can talk to the device that has the target address the master specified
[13:52] <lkthomas> I see
[13:52] <Amadiro> and if its in write-mode, the device can send things to the master
[13:52] <Amadiro> then the master sends a stop signal
[13:52] <Amadiro> then the master can activate the next device and talk to it
[13:53] <lkthomas> token ring, LOL
[13:53] <Jck_true> Amadiro: By sending a stop signal and a new start + address
[13:53] <Amadiro> right
[13:53] <Amadiro> lkthomas, there's no ring involved
[13:53] <lkthomas> ok, understand now
[13:53] <Amadiro> http://www.totalphase.com/image/articles/i2c-diagram.png
[13:53] <lkthomas> another question, why people choose RPi instead of arduino ?
[13:54] <Amadiro> lkthomas, the arduino is a microcontroller, the rpi is more like a tiny computer.
[13:54] <lkthomas> I had a walk in downtown shops an hour ago, seems a lot of people selling it
[13:54] <Amadiro> it's vastly faster than the arduino, for instance
[13:54] <lkthomas> OH
[13:54] <lkthomas> but Arduino could run linux right ?
[13:54] <Amadiro> but the arduino in turn can do some things the rpi can't
[13:54] <Amadiro> no
[13:55] * rdji (~rdji@110-174-160-242.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:55] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@9.Red-193-153-239.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:55] <lkthomas> what could arduino do but Rpi can't ?
[13:55] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Task scheduling
[13:55] <lkthomas> huh?!
[13:55] <lkthomas> cronjob
[13:55] <Amadiro> lkthomas, it is 5V tolerant on the pins, for instance
[13:56] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Say you want to put power on a pin the second an input is triggered
[13:56] <gordonDrogon> arduino can run linux yes. very very very slowly.
[13:56] <Jck_true> lkthomas: On linux you run intro trouble with the scheduler, you never fully know when things will happen
[13:56] <Amadiro> lkthomas, cronjobs aren't good enough if you need to respond to a signal with a fixed latency of 20 microseconds exactly
[13:56] <Amadiro> gordonDrogon, maybe the due...
[13:57] <lkthomas> really?
[13:57] <lkthomas> hmm
[13:57] <gordonDrogon> Amadiro, I think it was an Uno - I'd need to check.
[13:57] <Amadiro> gordonDrogon, I don't think the uno has either a MMU or an MPU, so I don't see how you could run linux on there meaningfully...
[13:57] <lkthomas> I am a linux engineer, I could ride on linux but not C
[13:57] <Ryanteck> 0.o
[13:58] <Ryanteck> I have no clue compared to you guys
[13:58] <Amadiro> lkthomas, if you do timing-critical tasks, having an operating system is often out-of-question in general, because it introduces too much unpredictability in terms of latency
[13:58] <gordonDrogon> it's a atmega1284p http://dmitry.gr/index.php?p=./04.Thoughts/07.%20Linux%20on%208bit
[13:58] <Amadiro> although so-called "RTOS" (real-time operating systems) exist
[13:58] <lkthomas> hmm
[13:58] <gordonDrogon> I have a little real-time task scheduller for the atmega/arduino.
[13:59] <gordonDrogon> Linux on the Pi is good enough for most tasks that don't require "hard" real-time control.
[13:59] * tomeff (~effik@ip-78-45-50-94.net.upcbroadband.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:59] <lkthomas> give me an example which require real time operation
[13:59] <gordonDrogon> jitter at low timing values is an issue though, so some things.
[13:59] <gordonDrogon> a balancing robot.
[13:59] * tektsu (~Adium@wsip-174-79-34-244.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:59] <lkthomas> WoW!
[13:59] <lkthomas> good catch
[13:59] <Amadiro> lkthomas, any sort of application where you need to react to quickly changing input
[13:59] <Jck_true> lkthomas: if you call a sleep(1s) in your app you can't count on execution to continue at 1s. you know it's gonna be ATLEAST 1sec - It could be 1.0000 sec or 1.1 sec
[13:59] <lkthomas> that's true
[13:59] <Amadiro> for instance having the control surfaces on your plane react to the pilots input
[14:00] <Amadiro> or the servos responding to the wheel input in your car
[14:00] <Ryanteck> Not sure if this is possible but what about just running the basic linux kernel on the pi?
[14:00] <lkthomas> Amadiro: that will be running on FPGA?
[14:00] <FR^2> How about rt linux on a raspi?
[14:00] <Ryanteck> I guess it would be lots faster than raspbian
[14:00] <Amadiro> lkthomas, no, microcontrollers mostly
[14:00] <gordonDrogon> I think there is a port (in progress?) of RT Linux for the Pi.
[14:00] <gordonDrogon> Ryanteck, it would generally be slower, but more controllable than standard linux.
[14:00] <lkthomas> what does RT linux do? more precise timing ?
[14:00] <Amadiro> the chip in the raspberry pi is inherently limited in terms of latency & response time compared to an arduino
[14:00] <Amadiro> even if you do not factor in the OS, reaction times are unpredictable
[14:01] <gordonDrogon> Amadiro, actually, it's not the chip - it's what lies under it.
[14:01] <Amadiro> gordonDrogon, what?
[14:01] <gordonDrogon> the Pi is more than capable of hard real-time control if you take Linux away.
[14:01] <Amadiro> gordonDrogon, the videocore can acquire an exclusive lock on the bus at any time
[14:01] <gordonDrogon> although there is one final stumbling block and that's the dynamic RAM controller & GPU.
[14:02] <Amadiro> so you can't just do instruction counting like on an 8-bit AVR chip, for instance
[14:02] <gordonDrogon> no, but you have timers for that.
[14:02] <Amadiro> well, sometimes even timers aren't good enough
[14:02] <lkthomas> I throught microcontroller is gone after CPU being introduce, but I am wrong
[14:02] <Jck_true> A microcontroller is a CPU
[14:02] <Amadiro> lkthomas, they are most certainly not gone, you probably have at least half a dozen inside your computer right now
[14:03] <lkthomas> hmm
[14:03] <Amadiro> on the mainboard, in your harddisks, et cetera
[14:03] <gordonDrogon> the Pi under Linux is fine for most control stuff - just don't expect the same absolute control over it that you get with a dedicated controller.
[14:03] <Amadiro> however SoCs are displacing the high-end MCUs to some degree
[14:04] <lkthomas> gordonDrogon: can't you wrap another microcontroller on top of RPi ?
[14:04] <gordonDrogon> lkthomas, yes, and what's what I've done in the past (and am doing now)
[14:04] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Easily - Let your arduino run the time crtical stuff and fetch the dater over I2C, Uart, SPI or whatever
[14:04] <gordonDrogon> so I get an ATmega to handle some critical things like stepper motor control and just send it high-level commands from the Pi.
[14:04] <Amadiro> gordonDrogon, looks to me like the ATmega1284P also has no MMU or MPU, so you wouldn't be able to actually separate your processes
[14:04] <lkthomas> gordonDrogon: nice
[14:04] <gordonDrogon> Amadiro, read the article - it's an emulator.
[14:05] <Amadiro> uh, well, okay
[14:05] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Can you even draw the line between what is a SoC and what is a MCU?
[14:06] <Amadiro> Jck_true, its getting a little blurry, I guess -- especially since ARM is overtaking both the SoC and MCU market at a fairly rapid rate
[14:06] <Amadiro> the cortex-M0 is their most popular model yet, I think, and PICs have been in steady decline for a while
[14:07] <Jck_true> Amadiro: I've touched PIC a little - They aint developing much - Same goes for the H8 we use in a few products
[14:07] <Amadiro> but I would personally draw the line at something like "if it has an MMU, it's an SoC"
[14:07] <rdji> \help
[14:07] <lkthomas> does arduino ever hang ?
[14:07] <Jck_true> I'm actually coding for a TI chip based on Intel 8051
[14:07] <lkthomas> or does it have hardware watchdog in place ?
[14:07] <Amadiro> lkthomas, you can program it to hang, yes
[14:07] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Depends on your code
[14:07] <Amadiro> lkthomas, it has a hardware watchdog, yes
[14:08] * rdji (~rdji@110-174-160-242.static.tpgi.com.au) has left #raspberrypi
[14:08] <Amadiro> but you can disable it or hang in a busy-loop polling the watchdog
[14:08] <lkthomas> Amadiro: OH, hmm
[14:08] <Amadiro> so a watchdog is no guarantee that your program won't "hang"
[14:08] <lkthomas> then how could it be sure everything execute properly ?
[14:08] <Amadiro> as programmers always do
[14:08] <Amadiro> they test their code
[14:09] <Jck_true> Amadiro: You had a problem so you add a watchdog - Now you have an extra problem which covers the old one...
[14:09] <lkthomas> ok, put it this way, if whenever things happen on a Jet microcontroller which cause it hang, how does it recover ?
[14:09] * MARAA (~MARA@D97A0B65.cm-3-3a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:09] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You spend from monday noon to now writing a 20x40 state diagram for a GPRS modem :)
[14:10] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Its tested and tested and tested and tested
[14:10] * dj_pi (~asd@c-107-5-25-243.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:10] <lkthomas> Jck_true: what if memory error...etc ?
[14:10] <Amadiro> for one project I did a while back we needed to put a watchdog on a PC, to reboot it when it hung, so I put a pic chip on it.. then enabled the watchdog on that pic-chip... and then put a hardware watchdog made from a 555 and some caps on there that would reset the pic chip as well
[14:10] <lkthomas> it's not ASIC, how does it be sure, I don't understand
[14:10] <Amadiro> I was slightly more paranoid back then than I am now
[14:11] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Memory error? Myth
[14:11] <lkthomas> Amadiro: hardware watchdog for PC is very expensive
[14:11] <Amadiro> lkthomas, 25$ or so
[14:11] <lkthomas> Jck_true: huh? it will cause error for sure
[14:11] <lkthomas> Amadiro: err
[14:12] <lkthomas> my friend ask me to work on something like hardware ticket system which you press a button and new number print out
[14:12] <lkthomas> I think RPi could fit the work
[14:12] <Amadiro> yes, the rpi would probably work for that
[14:12] <Amadiro> you can find those ticket printers on ebay for not too-much money, and they usually come with usb or a serial port
[14:12] <lkthomas> does arduino have a DB structure ?
[14:12] <Amadiro> so you can connect them to the pi fairly easily
[14:13] <Amadiro> lkthomas, its programmable, you can program it to have a "db structure" if you want to
[14:13] <lkthomas> Amadiro: call sqlite library maybe ?
[14:13] <Amadiro> no, sqlite wouldn't run ot it
[14:13] <lkthomas> LOL
[14:13] <Amadiro> sqlite requires you to have an operating system & file-system working
[14:13] <lkthomas> a ticketing system require some DB to count on ticket number
[14:14] <Amadiro> but you can make your own little database-library that reads/writes to the EEPROM that you have in most AVR chips
[14:14] <Amadiro> you usually get something like 1 to 2 kilobytes
[14:14] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ip5455f582.speed.planet.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:14] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Actually - They have been kind on SQLite - The file functions are defines() so you *could* implement it
[14:14] <lkthomas> ha, too much work
[14:14] <lkthomas> no wait, back the RPi, when someone press a button, what program could you use to trigger an event ?
[14:15] <Amadiro> lkthomas, its not that much more work compared to doing an app on the rpi that uses sqlite, but using the pi is certainly more flexible, since you can add, say, a webinterface.
[14:15] <Amadiro> lkthomas, that depends on how you want to connect the button to the rpi
[14:15] <Amadiro> you could have it poll a GPIO pin, for instance
[14:15] <lkthomas> isn't GPIO ?
[14:15] <Amadiro> isn't GPIO what?
[14:15] <lkthomas> connect a button with GPIO, when a button press, signal generate to RPi
[14:16] <gordonDrogon> yes, you can do that.
[14:16] <Amadiro> yes, that would work.
[14:16] <lkthomas> then what program can I use to trigger
[14:16] * Megaf (~PhenomIIx@unaffiliated/megaf) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[14:16] <Amadiro> lkthomas, gordonDrogon wrote a library called "wiringPi", you can use that to poll the GPIO pins.
[14:16] <lkthomas> press a button would take less than 0.5 second
[14:17] <lkthomas> how quick could the polling do their job ?
[14:17] <Amadiro> there are also python libraries and such
[14:17] <Amadiro> lkthomas, a few times per second would probably be fine, but if you are concerned about missing a keypress, you can extend the buttons signal with a 555 timer or so
[14:17] <gordonDrogon> you can also send interrupts to a program so you don't need to actively poll.
[14:18] * Ryanteck (~Ryan@fsf/member/Ryanteck) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[14:18] <lkthomas> gordonDrogon: what program could use to monitor interrupts then ?
[14:18] <gordonDrogon> and the gpio has edge detection, so you never need to miss the briefest of touches.
[14:18] <lkthomas> I am an engineer, want to make things simple without programming :)
[14:18] <gordonDrogon> lkthomas, you write one - to use a library I wrote called wiringPi.
[14:19] <lkthomas> example page is 404 not found my dear friend
[14:19] <gordonDrogon> lkthomas, you can not NOT program. At some point you need to write something - a script, something and that's a program.
[14:19] <gordonDrogon> what example page?
[14:19] <lkthomas> bash script, so yes
[14:19] <lkthomas> https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/
[14:19] <gordonDrogon> a bash script is a program
[14:19] <gordonDrogon> that page is fine. if you get 404 then your proxy is blocking it.
[14:19] * hnsr (~hnsr@5ED31161.cm-7-4a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:20] <gordonDrogon> however I need to go out now to get my car MOTd.
[14:20] <lkthomas> nope
[14:20] <gordonDrogon> nope what? I can guarantee it's working.
[14:20] <lkthomas> LOL
[14:20] <lkthomas> forget it
[14:20] <Amadiro> its working for me as well.
[14:20] <lkthomas> I don't run any proxy
[14:21] <gordonDrogon> http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/
[14:21] <gordonDrogon> it's UP.
[14:21] <Amadiro> I think he means https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/examples/
[14:21] <lkthomas> yeah
[14:22] <Jck_true> http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=gpio&product_id=294#.UQkdzx1QamQ <-- Slick module - Just can't find any docs on how much current the pins take
[14:22] <john_f> https://github.com/WiringPi/WiringPi/tree/master/examples
[14:22] <lkthomas> john_f: thanks
[14:23] * prjkt (5b7830f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[14:23] <john_f> ask better questions
[14:24] <Jck_true> Worth ordering just to see if it will run at 3V#
[14:24] <lkthomas> so, for wiringpi, which one could I utilize via bash ?
[14:24] <Amadiro> Jck_true, 50mA, apparently
[14:24] <Amadiro> it runs at 3V
[14:24] <Amadiro> down to 2.3
[14:25] <gordonDrogon> john_f, that's not the master repository. it lags somewhat. https://git.drogon.net is the best place unless you're after thje pytnon, ec. wrappers.
[14:25] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Yeah but the external input looks dedicated to 5V -
[14:25] <gordonDrogon> lkthomas, yes, you can use the 'gpio' command from wiringPi.
[14:26] <gordonDrogon> right. really must go now. laters...
[14:26] * mark_vh (~pi@a91-152-107-216.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[14:26] <john_f> gordonDrogon: yeah I was after the python lib
[14:26] <lkthomas> thanks gordonDrogon
[14:27] <Amadiro> Jck_true, the input is for switching it?
[14:27] * dr_willis (~dr_willis@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[14:27] <lkthomas> well, I still don't understand how does gpio command work as a trigger, it could read pin for signal but how does a pin input drive an event
[14:27] * mark_vh (~pi@a91-152-107-216.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:28] <Jck_true> Amadiro: That's what I can't tell completely :)
[14:29] <Amadiro> looks to me like the external input goes from -0.5 to 0.3 (low) to 0.7 to 5.5 (high) too
[14:29] <Amadiro> so 3.3 would switch it
[14:29] <lkthomas> Amadiro: hmm
[14:29] <Amadiro> but that thing is really weak anyway
[14:29] <Amadiro> what do you want with 50mA
[14:29] <lkthomas> Amadiro: should I write a bash loop to monitor button pressing ?
[14:30] <Jck_true> Amadiro: That board would just simplify wiring a bit for a project I have in mind
[14:30] <neilr> hi all - sorry, just catching up with this conversation. lkthomas: are you restricted to linux as an operating system?
[14:30] <lkthomas> neilr: I am
[14:30] <Amadiro> Jck_true, I'd just go with a 2$-solution and get some microcontroller like an AVR and program that, more versatile
[14:30] <Amadiro> Jck_true, or perhaps even get a teensy for 12$ or so, then you can connect it via USB
[14:30] <neilr> Ah, OK - just that I have some BASIC code that runs on RISC OS and monitors button presses on the GPIO pins
[14:30] <Amadiro> or use a beefier chip for heavier loads
[14:31] <Amadiro> the teensy (or any other AVR chip) will also have more lines than this one
[14:31] <lkthomas> neilr: I like your idea but I don't know how to manage RISC
[14:31] * brady2600 (~ludwig@71-218-239-229.hlrn.qwest.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[14:31] <Amadiro> lkthomas, you can do that, yes
[14:31] <lkthomas> Amadiro: sorry, which part are you talking about
[14:31] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Random plans for building a webconfigurable PLC
[14:31] <lkthomas> Amadiro: write loop ?
[14:31] <Amadiro> lkthomas, yes
[14:32] <Amadiro> Jck_true, what's a PLC
[14:32] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Programmable Logic Controller...
[14:32] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Sort of like "hook a float sensor to input one and a water pump to output 2"
[14:32] <lkthomas> Amadiro: do you think the loop will miss any event ?! this part I am not sure
[14:33] <Amadiro> lkthomas, as I said earlier, you can extend the signal with a 555 timer, if you're most comfortable with the hardware-side, or use proper interrupts, if you're more comfortable with the software-side
[14:33] <lkthomas> neilr: RISC OS 6 is not open source
[14:33] <Amadiro> Jck_true, sounds like a microcontroller is definitely the better choice, since you also get things like ADCs and PWM pins
[14:34] <lkthomas> OH, 555 timer is an object
[14:34] <lkthomas> please clarify what is "proper interrupts"
[14:34] <Amadiro> lkthomas, attaching a handler to an interrupt on an interrupt-able pin
[14:34] <Jck_true> Amadiro: Suppose so - I guess I just love I2C too much :)
[14:34] <Amadiro> then that interrupt will get fired when the pin changes state
[14:35] <Amadiro> Jck_true, you can connect the MCU using I2C, no problem
[14:35] <lkthomas> Amadiro: any example and program I could use on bash to handle interrupts ?
[14:36] <Amadiro> I kinda doubt you can do that with bash, you might need to use python for that
[14:37] <Amadiro> in python it's something like "set_rising_event(11)" and then you can use "GPIO.event_detected(11)"
[14:37] <neilr> lkthomas: The Pi runs RISC OS 5.19
[14:38] * TeraX (TeraX@terax.daimon.ipv6.bluesahar.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[14:38] <lkthomas> neilr: I know, but I never use RISC before, seems too risky :P
[14:38] <neilr> s'OK! Just clarifying, as you said that RISC OS 6 isn't open. Which is correct, but not applicable to the Pi :)
[14:39] * double-you (~Miranda@178-26-159-95-dynip.superkabel.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:39] <Amadiro> looks like maybe the gpio utility from wiringPi might be able to detect interrupts
[14:39] <Amadiro> so then you could use it from a shellscript
[14:39] <lkthomas> Amadiro: yeah?
[14:39] <Amadiro> maybe, ask gordonDrogon
[14:39] <Amadiro> but I'd just use python or so
[14:39] <lkthomas> heh, ok
[14:39] <Amadiro> should be easy enough to write a little utility that you can use from bash
[14:40] <lkthomas> yep
[14:40] <Amadiro> (or, well, whatever your preferred shell is)
[14:40] <lkthomas> just a python wrapper script would do, haha
[14:40] <lkthomas> "GPIO.event_detected(11)" -> run test.bash :P
[14:41] * dcorona_irc_2020 (~dcorona_i@unaffiliated/dcorona-irc-2020/x-1034130) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:41] <double-you> is there a anywhere a diy instruction for reducing the size of the sd adapter? i dont want to pay >10 euro for a low profile adapter
[14:41] <Amadiro> double-you, do you still want to use it?
[14:42] <double-you> hehe
[14:42] * Commander1024 (~Commander@Commander1024-2-pt.tunnel.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net) Quit (Excess Flood)
[14:42] <double-you> of course
[14:42] * Cy-Gor (~Brian@cpe-70-124-70-140.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:42] <Amadiro> lkthomas, or just a shellscript that will do something like "while true; do ./wait_for_event.py; ... heres the code to print the number ...; done
[14:42] <Amadiro> double-you, you could de-solder the thing and just solder the wires directly onto the board
[14:43] <lkthomas> Amadiro: hmm
[14:43] * Commander1024 (~Commander@Commander1024-2-pt.tunnel.tserv6.fra1.ipv6.he.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:43] <lkthomas> I didn't know linux sleep command could go under subsecond
[14:43] <double-you> I saw someone who soldered the micro sd card to the sd card, but that's horrible
[14:43] <neilr> double-you: that was me.
[14:43] <lkthomas> LOL
[14:44] <neilr> :)
[14:44] <Amadiro> sd cards tend to wear out, so you might want to keep them re-placeable...
[14:44] <lkthomas> Amadiro: https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/gpio-examples/tux-crossing/3-more-leds-and-a-button/; check Gordon on July 22, 2012 at 8:54 pm
[14:44] <double-you> my glasses break when I see something like this ;)
[14:44] <neilr> Snapped my SD card holder, so soldered some ribbon cable from the contacts to a micro-SD adaptor
[14:44] * brady2600 (~ludwig@71-218-229-102.hlrn.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:45] <lkthomas> guys, I am starting a new project to implement temperature sensor, what else is good to play with
[14:45] <neilr> Works well - way more reliable than the standard holder, which appears to be made of an alloy of cheese and sardine tin.
[14:45] <neilr> lkthomas: DS18B20
[14:45] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) Quit (Quit: Verlassend)
[14:45] <lkthomas> neilr: no I mean I am working on temperature project now
[14:46] <lkthomas> neilr: I want to see what could I use RPi in the next stage
[14:46] <Jck_true> lkthomas: DHT11 sensors :) There's a couple of example snippets
[14:46] <lkthomas> Jck_true: I have DHT22
[14:46] <lkthomas> http://www.adafruit.com/products/751
[14:46] <lkthomas> not sure if it would work on RPi
[14:47] <lkthomas> AHHA
[14:47] <lkthomas> serial port
[14:48] <FR^2> Hmm. 3 raspis from farnell ordered.
[14:49] * ninjak (~ninjak@ Quit (Quit: Sto andando via)
[14:50] <Jck_true> lkthomas: There's plenty of code samples on the forum :) So yeah it works (Well the DHT11 works and the DHT22 should work the same)
[14:50] <lkthomas> Jck_true: I mean, I want to try some other sensor
[14:50] <lkthomas> Jck_true: anything else I could try other than temperature ?
[14:50] * drago757 (~drago757@pool-173-66-42-163.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: drago757)
[14:50] <Jck_true> lkthomas: LCD displays
[14:51] <lkthomas> hmm
[14:51] <lkthomas> that will start become complex :P
[14:51] <lkthomas> let me search around adafruit
[14:51] <Jck_true> lkthomas: http://furyfi.re/raspberrypi/accessories.pdf
[14:52] <Amadiro> you can get lcd displays that are controllable via spi/i2c etc
[14:52] * mrph11 (~mrph@silb001-0801-dhcp48.bu.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:53] <Jck_true> lkthomas: The 16digit 7segment i put in that PDF is great fun - Comes with females headers that snap right onto the board
[14:53] <lkthomas> hmm
[14:54] <lkthomas> does GPIO could provide enough bandwidth for camera ?
[14:54] <Amadiro> no
[14:54] <Amadiro> the rpi has a CSI connector onboard for camera connections, but I don't know what the status on that is, i.e. whether it is currently usable
[14:54] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You got USB - just buy a USB camera :)
[14:55] <lkthomas> Jck_true: hehe, but it looks ugly
[14:55] <neilr> The TextStar serial LCD display is pretty nice. Has four input switches, as well as 16x2 output.
[14:55] <lkthomas> Amadiro: you mean that tape wire connector ?
[14:55] <neilr> I use one to display temperatures, time, IP address and something else I've completely forgotten about now
[14:55] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Maybe - but 16 digits is enough for temperature, winddirection and speed on my desk :)
[14:55] <Amadiro> lkthomas, yes
[14:56] <lkthomas> Jck_true: LOL
[14:56] <lkthomas> Amadiro: errr
[14:56] <Amadiro> http://i.imgur.com/k0Puu.jpg
[14:57] <lkthomas> I know one of them is for LCD
[14:57] <lkthomas> not sure another one
[14:57] <Amadiro> the other one is for a HD camera.
[14:57] <lkthomas> hmm
[14:57] <Amadiro> the one for a display is called DSI, the one for the camera is called CSI
[14:57] <Amadiro> but as I said, I don't know if they got them working
[14:57] <lkthomas> right
[14:57] <lkthomas> CSI, LOL
[14:57] <Jck_true> Amadiro: They only demoed a working camera - Nothing released :(
[14:58] * _cheney (~cheney@nat.sierrabravo.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:59] <Amadiro> It's probably a licensing-problem with broadcom
[14:59] <Amadiro> Would be my guess, anyway
[14:59] <lkthomas> broadcom promise to release android for Pi
[14:59] <lkthomas> never happen
[14:59] <Amadiro> I'm pretty sure broadcom didn't promise that
[15:00] <Amadiro> the foundation, maybe
[15:00] <Jck_true> They said they would look at the options
[15:00] <Jck_true> Such a shame - all I really need is a keyboard free interface
[15:00] <Jck_true> (Which aint XBMC)
[15:00] <Amadiro> just make it yourself
[15:00] <Amadiro> after all, that's what the pi is for :P
[15:02] <Jck_true> Amadiro: I know right - But if i make a completly new window manager + a touch based webkit browser before lunch what am i supposed todo the rest of the day?
[15:04] * djuggler (~djuggler@doug.ws.utk.edu) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[15:04] * neilr (~neilr@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:06] <Amadiro> you can probably use a scriptable wm like "awesome" to do what you need
[15:06] <Amadiro> And you'll probably find some browser that works with your touch input device as well
[15:06] * _julian (~quassel@hmbg-4d06d872.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:06] <_julian> hi
[15:07] <_julian> I try to get a minimal gles example set up that just blanks the output window to red/black in a loop.
[15:07] <_julian> my code is this: http://pastebin.com/iM4AQ3Zi
[15:07] <_julian> but all I get is a plain white window
[15:07] <_julian> any hints what is missing there?
[15:08] <_julian> fill_pattern is not used yet. this is planned for stage 2 of the test (draw a texture)
[15:09] <Amadiro> _julian, hm, looks like you've jumped over a few steps
[15:09] <Amadiro> let me compare with my code
[15:11] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:11] <_julian> Amadiro: ah got it. missed the eglMakeCurrent()
[15:11] <_julian> works now
[15:11] * yaayaa (~yaayaa@lns-bzn-52-82-65-127-78.adsl.proxad.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[15:11] * ChanServ sets mode +o IT_Sean
[15:11] <Amadiro> _julian, yes, that should be much later, after you've create the window
[15:12] <Amadiro> I don't know why you have it up front there as well, I don't think that's needed
[15:12] <lkthomas> Amadiro: where could I find out other peoples' project on RPi ?
[15:13] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:13] * Bochi (bochi@nat/suse/x-qkufihutfkdqpckf) Quit (Quit: Adee)
[15:13] <Amadiro> _julian, tangentially related tip: if you want to use both video playback and opengl ES simultaneously (to draw something like an UI over the videostream), make sure you have at least 128 megabyte ram allocated to the VC and use offline compositing.
[15:13] <Amadiro> lkthomas, google?
[15:13] * tsn (~tsn@563466d7.rev.stofanet.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:13] <tsn> hi, anyone here using xmonad?
[15:13] <_julian> Amadiro: eglGetDisplay can cause memory corruption if eglMakeCurrent was not called before on rpi (see https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/99)
[15:14] <Amadiro> _julian, interesting, thanks.
[15:14] <_julian> Amadiro: actually I plan to draw the video with gles (gstreamer), but as I have some issues there (image is only painted as solid color instead of the actual texture) I wanted to make up some minimal test case
[15:14] <Amadiro> _julian, does gstreamer have an OpenMAX backend?
[15:15] <_julian> Amadiro: yes, omx is working. I lately added mpeg2 support to it (http://cgit.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gst-omx)
[15:15] <Amadiro> cool
[15:15] <_julian> what's currently missing is a proper video output plugin. my plan is to use egl/gles
[15:16] <Amadiro> _julian, unfortunately we can still not get an accelerated window under X
[15:16] <_julian> I already have a patch for eglglessink that makes the window setup and stuff, but it only draws one solid color (the color placed at the texture pixel which collates to the vertex -1, -1)
[15:16] <Jck_true> lkthomas: The forum - Under projects
[15:16] <_julian> Amadiro: I don't care about X. fullscreen videoutput on framebuffer is my target :)
[15:17] <lkthomas> Jck_true: right, what project did you work on ?
[15:17] <Amadiro> _julian, okay. Maybe this could also be used in conjunction with weston
[15:17] <_julian> Amadiro: possible, have not much knowledge of weston
[15:17] <Amadiro> me neither
[15:17] <Amadiro> feel free to join #raspberrypi-internals, some people there might know more
[15:17] * oldtopman (~oldtopman@unaffiliated/oldtopman) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:18] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Nothing I've posted about really - But I do run 1 rasp to the display i linked earlier which shows weather and it controls a power saving strip for my desk (Touch the steel frame of the desk turn on power for 30min)
[15:18] <lkthomas> I see
[15:19] <Jck_true> lkthomas: And Uhmm - Working a bit on running some nautical charts on one with my boss
[15:19] <Jck_true> lkthomas: And a webconfigurable PLC device :)
[15:19] <lkthomas> errr
[15:20] * streetmapp (~root@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:20] * tobier (~tobier@c-889de055.712-1-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:20] <lkthomas> guys, if I want to run DHT22 as well as LCD, I just need to jam everything into same breadboard ?
[15:21] * johnthebear (~Johnthebe@13-165-139.client.wireless.msu.edu) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:22] <linuxstb> _julian: Regarding gst-omx, why would you want to use egl/gles for video output? Shouldn't you be using the video_render component connected to the video_decode to render the video directly on the GPU? Or am I misunderstanding?
[15:23] <lkthomas> so GPIO is a serial bus, does it means one pin connect two module at the same time ?
[15:23] <Amadiro> lkthomas, GPIO is not a serial bus, GPIO just means you can set the pins in software however you want
[15:23] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ip5455f582.speed.planet.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[15:23] <Amadiro> so you can use it to implement a parallel bus, or a (slow) serial bus
[15:24] <lkthomas> Amadiro: so how does it work if I want to run LCD display as well as DHT22 sensor ?
[15:24] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You use differnt ports
[15:24] <lkthomas> what "ports" are you talking about
[15:24] <Amadiro> lkthomas, if they are both I2C, you just connect them both in parallel to your I2C pins, for instance
[15:24] <Amadiro> if one uses SPI, the other I2C, you connect them to each their appropriate pins
[15:24] <Amadiro> etc
[15:25] <lkthomas> I am not sure what does it run on
[15:25] <Jck_true> In the case of DHT11 you have to bit bang on the GPIO io pins
[15:25] <lkthomas> sorry, newbie :P
[15:25] <Amadiro> read the datasheet
[15:25] <Amadiro> it'll tell you what interfaces it supports
[15:25] <lkthomas> Jck_true: what do you mean
[15:25] <lkthomas> Amadiro: right, will check it
[15:25] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Check the forums for DHT11/22 plenty of guides setting that up
[15:26] <Jck_true> As to LCD displays it depends on the type -
[15:26] <lkthomas> Jck_true: I have it on hand, but none of them connect two or more devices at the same time
[15:26] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ip5455f582.speed.planet.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:26] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You simply use differnt pins...
[15:26] <Amadiro> just get an I2C LCD and an I2C temperature sensor, it'll be the easiest.
[15:27] <Jck_true> (And make sure they are 3V3 compatible)
[15:27] <Amadiro> easy to wire up, and easy to talk to
[15:27] * neilr (~neilr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:27] <_julian> linuxstb: using the omx video_render component does not fit into the gstreamer module concept. you would have to distribute the omx tunnel between the video decoder and video sink plugin, which is hardly possible
[15:28] <lkthomas> http://www.adafruit.com/datasheets/DHT22.pdf
[15:28] <lkthomas> "digital signal via single-bus" ?
[15:28] <_julian> linuxstb: but it is possible to head over an EGLImage (which can be created by OMX) to the eglglessink
[15:28] <_julian> which should achieve a good performance as well
[15:28] <_julian> plus you can use shader code to do image post processing
[15:28] <Jck_true> lkthomas: http://learn.adafruit.com/dht-humidity-sensing-on-raspberry-pi-with-gdocs-logging
[15:29] <lkthomas> Jck_true: I know that page, my question is it I2C
[15:29] <linuxstb> _julian: So that doesn't involve copying the back and forwards from GPU RAM to CPU RAM?
[15:29] * TomWij (~TomWij@d51530B99.static.telenet.be) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[15:29] <Jck_true> lkthomas: No it's not -- That's IO ports
[15:29] <_julian> linuxstb: no, when using an EGLImage omx render directly into GPU memory
[15:29] <Jck_true> lkthomas: " Many low cost sensors have unusual output formats, and in this case, a "Manchester-esque" output that is not SPI, I2C or 1-Wire compatible"
[15:30] <lkthomas> Jck_true: so what if I want to connect other devices, how should I do
[15:30] <_julian> although right now I am working on step 1, which means doing a CPU memory copy. but as soon as this works I will try to get EGLImage rendering set up
[15:30] <lkthomas> Jck_true: connect as parallel ?
[15:30] <linuxstb> _julian: OK, nice. So basically the GPU renders into a GPU buffer, you can then manipulate that buffer, and then you tell the GPU to display it?
[15:30] <_julian> linuxstb: yes
[15:30] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Depends on the type of device - In this case it's not a bus - So you need a new pin for each sensor
[15:31] <lkthomas> Jck_true: make sense, what if LCD display want to use the pin which DHT22 already using ?
[15:31] * stayarrr (~stayarrr@p57A6C7AA.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:31] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You move it to another pin
[15:32] <Jck_true> (if you can)
[15:32] <lkthomas> really?
[15:32] * rolleiflex (~rolleifle@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:33] <Amadiro> lkthomas, here's the basic rundown: on the pin-header, you can connect 1 serial (rs232) device to your pi, 127 (or-so) I2C devices, 4000-or-so SPI devices (in theory), but each SPI device will usually in addition to being connected to your SPI bus require you to use up one GPIO pin; then the rest of the GPIO pins you can use to connect whatever kind of things, but only talk to the devices very slowly.
[15:35] <lkthomas> Amadiro: second part I don't understand, each SPI device will use one GPIO pin ?
[15:35] <Amadiro> yes. so if you have 3 SPI devices connected, you'll need 3 pins for the SPI bus + 3 select pins, one for each device.
[15:36] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Chip select pin - You need to be able flipping a switch that decides which device you're talking to
[15:36] <lkthomas> so if all 26pins being use, no more SPI device could be add
[15:36] <Amadiro> I2C encodes this "slave select" into the protocol, which makes it much uglier from a data implementation point-of-view, SPI uses a simple on/off wire to select the slave, which makes it uglier from a wiring-point-of-view
[15:36] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You can't reach 26 - Not all pins are controlable
[15:37] <pronto> http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-Class-Flash-Memory-TS8GSDHC10E/dp/B003VNKNEG/ wow, these are stupid cheap :| 8gb class 10 $8
[15:37] <lkthomas> err
[15:38] <Jck_true> lkthomas: must be ~10-12 SPI devices tops
[15:38] <Amadiro> lkthomas, http://elinux.org/RPi_Low-level_peripherals look at the image
[15:38] <Amadiro> only those that say "GPIO" you can control manually
[15:38] <Amadiro> the ones that have something in parens, you cannot control if you want to use the functionality in the parens
[15:38] <Amadiro> so for instance if you want to use SPI, you cannot use GPIO pin 10, 9 and 11
[15:39] <Amadiro> because MOSI, MISO and SCLK are used for SPI
[15:39] <Amadiro> plus one additional one that you can chose yourself
[15:39] <Amadiro> for each device
[15:39] <Amadiro> if you want to use the rs232 line, OTOH, you have to give up GPIO pin 14 and 15
[15:40] <lkthomas> where did you find out pin 10, 9, 11 can't be use ?
[15:40] <Amadiro> (TXD and RXD)
[15:40] <Amadiro> it says so in the parens
[15:40] <Jck_true> lkthomas: They are labled in purple
[15:40] <Amadiro> "GPIO 10 (MOSI)"
[15:40] <Amadiro> that means you can either use it as GPIO, or for MOSI
[15:41] <Amadiro> MOSI is required for SPI, so you can either use SPI, or the GPIO pins
[15:41] <Amadiro> (MOSI is one of the data-lines for SPI that sends data from the rpi to the device you're talking to)
[15:41] <Amadiro> (It sands for "Master Out, Slave In")
[15:42] <lkthomas> so all devices jam into MOSI, MISO and SCLK in parallel form ?
[15:42] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Correct
[15:42] <Amadiro> lkthomas, yes, plus one activation line for each device, as I said
[15:42] <Jck_true> lkthomas: And you choose which one to talk with from a sperate pin
[15:42] <lkthomas> now I start to understand
[15:42] <Amadiro> lkthomas, with I2C, all the devices are connected to GPIO 0 (SDA) and GPIO 1 (SCL) -- no further lines are required, regardless how many devices you have
[15:42] <lkthomas> BUT, for DHT22, is it using RS232 ?
[15:43] * dero (~dero@ Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[15:43] <Jck_true> lkthomas: DHT22 aint using either standard
[15:43] <Amadiro> just don't use the DHT22, mhkay
[15:43] <Jck_true> It has to be manually "hacked"
[15:43] <lkthomas> Jck_true: so what is the standard that it is using ?!
[15:43] <Amadiro> use something that uses I2C, it'll be the easiest
[15:43] <Jck_true> Read the datasheet on that
[15:44] <lkthomas> Amadiro: does it means if it's not using standard, it will screw up the standards which use those pins ?
[15:44] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Not at all
[15:44] <Amadiro> lkthomas, if it doesn't talk SPI, I2C or rs232 (serial) it means you simply cannot connect it to those pins and get it to work
[15:44] <Amadiro> so instead, you have to turn the pins on and off really fast manually to implement the protocol the device wants to talk
[15:44] <Amadiro> which is very slow and unreliable
[15:44] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Picture it as differnt languages - SPI is one language, UART a differnt, I2C a 3rd
[15:45] <lkthomas> Jck_true: I understand, but after look into DHT22, I can't tell which protocol does it talking with RPi
[15:45] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[15:45] <Amadiro> lkthomas, it uses a proprietary protocol called one-wire
[15:46] <Amadiro> you can get adapters for it that convert it to SPI
[15:46] <Amadiro> but the pi doesn't support the protocol natively
[15:46] <Jck_true> lkthomas: I'll repost what I qouted earlier " Many low cost sensors have unusual output formats, and in this case, a "Manchester-esque" output that is not SPI, I2C or 1-Wire compatible must be polled continuously by the Pi to decode. Luckily, the C GPIO libraries are fast enough to decode the output. "
[15:47] <Amadiro> one-wire is one of those protocols you really don't want to implement with bitbanging if you can at all avoid it, since it requires you to do frequency recyling, since it doesn't have a CLK line like SPI or I2C
[15:47] <Weaselweb> there are several USB-1-wire adapters
[15:47] <Amadiro> so if reliability means anything to you, just leave it alone or get an adapter
[15:47] <lkthomas> Jck_true: too many technical terms, does it means even it is using 1-Wire, RPi C GPIO library could decode output ?
[15:47] <Amadiro> lkthomas, yes, but you have to do it manually and it'll be super-slow and super-unreliable.
[15:48] <Amadiro> (well, I don't think 1-wire is fast in the first place, so whatever)
[15:48] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Means that the native hardware on the raspberry doesn't support the protocol it's using - So you have to implement it in software
[15:48] <Amadiro> but it'll eat up tons of your CPU resources.
[15:48] <lkthomas> ok, please define what is "Manually" ? like execute command by hand to get output ?
[15:48] <lkthomas> Amadiro: no wait, I2C and SPI is hardware accelerated protocol ?
[15:49] <Amadiro> yes
[15:49] <Amadiro> lkthomas, think of protocols like SPI and I2C like frequencies that you can talk on. your rpi can already send and receive on the SPI frequence and on the I2C frequency, but it doesn't know how to send or receive on the one-wire frequency
[15:49] * lkthomas didn't know that
[15:49] <Amadiro> so instead, you have to manually say "high! low! high! low!" really fast to "simulate" the frequency
[15:49] <Weaselweb> i wouldn't say SPI is a protocol
[15:49] <Amadiro> at just the right, well, frequency
[15:49] * Orion_ (~Orion_@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:49] <lkthomas> Amadiro: that means, I have to becareful on checking CPU usage
[15:50] <Amadiro> and that way you still can talk to 1-wire devices, but you will be busy all the time toggling the pin, and if the OS decides to interrupt you for some reason (as operating systems tend to do) it might mess up your timing and you have to re-do the frequency
[15:50] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:50] <Amadiro> so it can be done, but it is really icky
[15:50] <lkthomas> understand now
[15:50] <Weaselweb> bit banging is just last resort
[15:50] <Amadiro> hence why you should instead just use something with I2C, SPI or get a one-wire-to-SPI adapter
[15:50] <lkthomas> Amadiro: does it matter if I don't request sensor response often ?
[15:51] * tubadaz (~quassel@pdpc/supporter/student/tubadaz) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:51] <Amadiro> lkthomas, that'll certainly help your overall CPU usage, but it's still somewhat unreliable
[15:51] <Jck_true> lkthomas: Of course - You just request it less often
[15:51] <lkthomas> well, that's controllable
[15:51] <lkthomas> I plan to request every minute
[15:51] <lkthomas> that's not a lot
[15:51] <Amadiro> having a high CPU usage while trying to bitbang the pin may have negative side-effects, for instance
[15:51] <Amadiro> or playing a video
[15:52] <lkthomas> hmm
[15:52] <lkthomas> side effect = retry ?
[15:52] <Amadiro> probably
[15:52] <lkthomas> that's not too bad
[15:52] <Jck_true> Or lag in other application
[15:52] <lkthomas> Jck_true: it will hold up other application as an interrupt ?
[15:52] <Jck_true> (But I guess It won't take very long)
[15:53] <lkthomas> hmm
[15:53] <lkthomas> should be quickl
[15:53] <Jck_true> It's reading like 16 bits from the temp sensor - Should run smooth -
[15:53] * Orion_ (~Orion_@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[15:53] <lkthomas> Jck_true: huh?! what's that
[15:54] <Jck_true> lkthomas: You know about hex/binary/bytes?
[15:54] <lkthomas> kind of, but why 16 bits will be smooth
[15:54] <Jck_true> lkthomas: It's short - Compared to transfering a frame to a 480x320px display
[15:55] <lkthomas> and ?
[15:56] <Amadiro> lkthomas, transferring less data takes less time, so less interruption for other things to happen
[15:56] <Jck_true> Less waiting for individual bits etc
[15:56] <Amadiro> lkthomas, do you own an oscilloscope
[15:56] <lkthomas> I see, no
[15:57] <Amadiro> lkthomas, before you do any of this, you're probably well-advised to get an oscilloscope and learn how to use it
[15:57] <Amadiro> lkthomas, an oscilloscope allows you to "hook" into the connection and see all the bits as they are transferred
[15:57] * Halcyonforever (~Halcyon@ip68-12-116-171.ok.ok.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:57] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:57] <Jck_true> lkthomas: http://mbed.org/users/okano/notebook/i2c-access-examples/
[15:57] <_julian> ok, I got a minimal example to reproduce my rendering issue now
[15:57] <_julian> http://pastebin.com/GKQXVX3k
[15:58] <Amadiro> once you run into problems (which tends to happen with bitbanging) the oscilloscope will help you figure out what's going wrong
[15:58] <_julian> this should render a 320x240 window with 10 alternating red/black vertical bars
[15:58] <Amadiro> A logic analyzer works too, but they are harder to use
[15:58] <lkthomas> Amadiro: is it getting too far ?! I am currently just trying examples which posted by someone else
[15:58] <Jck_true> lkthomas: The example in this case is I2C - But should show some of it
[15:58] <_julian> but I only get a plain red fill
[15:58] <_julian> if I change line 256, which is the texture coordinate related to vertex coordinate -1,-1 to 0.55,0.55 I get a plain black fill, because I hit a black bar then
[15:58] <lkthomas> sorry guys, way over my head now
[15:59] <Jck_true> haha you can pm me but i gotta run in 10 minutes
[15:59] <_julian> could someone try this example and see if it behaves as I see? maybe my gl system is garbled or anything like that
[16:00] * jthunder (~jthunder@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:00] <lkthomas> thanks guys
[16:00] <lkthomas> I have a lot to learn from you all
[16:01] <Amadiro> lkthomas, just do the button-printer-thing-project first, you'll learn a lot
[16:01] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:01] <lkthomas> Amadiro: will do, going to bed soon
[16:01] <lkthomas> ttyl all
[16:01] <lkthomas> thanks
[16:01] <Amadiro> YW
[16:02] * TomWij (~TomWij@d51530B99.static.telenet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:03] <Jck_true> Yeah it's 4 for me too :) Work duty survived for today
[16:03] <Jck_true> Peace folks *bows -> Exit stage left*
[16:04] <lkthomas> LOL :)
[16:06] <Jck_true> You can change practically EVERYTHING on this display - Just can't disable the anoying light sensor that makes the brightness cycle all over the place
[16:06] * jthunder (~jthunder@ Quit (Quit: jthunder)
[16:07] <lkthomas> shit, I bought the wrong 26pin connector for breadboard
[16:08] * Jck_true (~JCT@unaffiliated/jcktrue/x-390518) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[16:08] <lkthomas> I realize that adafruit one have a distance to connect left and right
[16:10] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccy_RegeaneWolf
[16:10] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:12] * Bochi (~bochi@ppp-83-171-186-97.dynamic.mnet-online.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:13] * stayarrr (~stayarrr@p57A6C7AA.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: Leaving...)
[16:14] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[16:15] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:18] <lkthomas> brb
[16:18] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:19] <_julian> anyone who could just compile that snippet on raspberry and test it?
[16:19] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[16:20] * Nik05 (~Nik05@unaffiliated/nik05) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[16:20] <_julian> or anyone who has an idea why the texture is not properly drawn when looking at the code?
[16:20] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:21] * Nik05 (~Nik05@unaffiliated/nik05) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:25] * linuxstb (~linuxstb@unaffiliated/linuxstb) Quit (Read error: No route to host)
[16:30] * linuxstb (~linuxstb@unaffiliated/linuxstb) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:33] <SwK> does anyone know of a small keyboard/trackpad like http://www.amazon.com/FAVI-Entertainment-Wireless-Keyboard-TouchPad/dp/B003UE52ME but wired?
[16:35] <FR^2> the cable would be thicker than the keyboard?
[16:36] * xCP23x (~xCP23x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:37] * hellsing (~pi@lib33-2-88-163-53-29.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:37] * murphycr (~robert.mu@fw-corp.ateb.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:38] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) has left #raspberrypi
[16:39] * mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
[16:39] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@5aca56e7.bb.sky.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:39] * ChanServ sets mode +o ReggieUK
[16:40] <murphycr> Greetings! I'm experiencing a rather... interesting... issue with GPIO; I'm using the cobbler-T by adafruit and when I measure from any pin to GND I get the exact voltage I expect, but negative. I've confirmed with two volt meters and by wiring up a simple LED
[16:40] <tobier> yay, I'm blinking the OK LED
[16:40] <tobier> obviously I'm a hardware wizard
[16:40] <SwK> FR^2: maybe???
[16:40] * matejv (~matej@188-230-133-101.dynamic.t-2.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:40] <murphycr> Anyone have any ideas as to what's going on?
[16:41] <ReggieUK> did you try swapping the probes of your meter round to the other hand?
[16:41] <IT_Sean> ^
[16:41] <tobier> :D
[16:41] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:42] <murphycr> When I measure from any other source I get expected readings
[16:43] <hellsing> reverse voltage = reverse probes
[16:43] <IT_Sean> wot 'e said ^
[16:43] <murphycr> The longer pin on an LED is positive, correct?
[16:43] * Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
[16:44] <ReggieUK> http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/
[16:44] <ReggieUK> specifically:
[16:44] <ReggieUK> http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/led.htm
[16:45] <murphycr> That's what I thought; though thanks for the link ReggieUK; that looks like a great reference site
[16:45] <ReggieUK> it's a superb reference site :)
[16:46] <murphycr> Alright. I'll see if I can verify my readings some other way
[16:46] * audiodef (~quassel@pool-71-191-172-210.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:46] <ReggieUK> does a led light up how you'd expect if you wired it correctly?
[16:47] <ReggieUK> anybody need a cheap mouse/keyboard combo?
[16:47] <ReggieUK> http://www.ebuyer.com/225873-xenta-black-wired-mac-style-keyboard-with-black-optical-mouse-usb-hk6718a-hm3208-black-
[16:47] <SwK> someone riddle me this...
[16:47] * herdingcat (~huli@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:47] <ReggieUK> no idea if it works on the pi or not
[16:47] <ReggieUK> but at that price it's got to be worth a punt if you're in the market
[16:47] <SwK> at the micro USB input I'm measurign 4.8V
[16:47] <SwK> but across tp1/tp2 I',m getting like 4.5
[16:48] <pronto> autossh is a magical thing
[16:48] <murphycr> ReggieUK: That's the baffling bit. It doesn't
[16:48] <SwK> does the regulation really suck up that much power?
[16:48] * Jever (~Jever@unaffiliated/jever) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:49] <ReggieUK> murphycr, that is really odd, I'd post on the forums about it
[16:49] <pronto> autossh on a cron, on my pi, so the second minute it gets internet it makes a remote port forward tunnel to my vps for 22, so from my vps i can ssh to my pi :D
[16:49] * stickystyle (~stickysty@108-198-60-24.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[16:50] <pronto> */1 * * * * autossh -M 20000 -R <someport>:localhost:22 -N userfortunnel@vpsplace
[16:50] <ReggieUK> SwK, it could be polyfuses (depending on the version of pi) or it could be poor quality cables or it could be the polyfuses at the usb out end of the chain
[16:50] <SwK> ReggieUK: Bv2
[16:50] <murphycr> pronto: Very clever. I wish I had thought of that 2 days ago.
[16:51] * murphycr steals the idea :P
[16:51] <pronto> murphycr: set it up with ssh keys, and make yoru tunnelacc shell = /bin/false
[16:51] <pronto> so it can make a passowrdless, no shell, tunnel
[16:52] <pronto> and, autossh is in the repo for the debain raspberry distro :D
[16:52] <nid0> what particularly do you need autossh for to do that instead of just ssh -R?
[16:53] <pronto> nid0: incause for what ever reason the tunnel goes down, it'll bring it back up
[16:53] <murphycr> Oh. Another question for you all: My USB hub leaks current back to the Pi; is it safe to power it that way?
[16:53] <nid0> murphycr: yes
[16:53] <murphycr> nid0: thanks!
[16:53] <nid0> the ability to do so is why the foundation removed the polyfuses on the usb ports
[16:54] <SwK> ReggieUK: when I dont think the cable is the problem as I measure at the micro USB input direct to where it is soldered to the PCB, then measured across the large input filter cap there and theres a .3v drop already
[16:54] <ReggieUK> which is kinda crazy because it's not supposed to leak power backwards (on a usb hub)
[16:54] <murphycr> ReggieUK: one would think.
[16:55] * Peetz0r (~peter@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:55] <mjr> not supposed to, but hey, it's cheap
[16:55] <aldasa> @bar(input):button1
[16:55] <mjr> nid0, is that why though? I thought it was because of usb stability
[16:56] <ReggieUK> Swk, it could be because of the already high resistance in the micro usb cable, anything further up using current could make it drop
[16:56] * tsn (~tsn@563466d7.rev.stofanet.dk) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[16:56] <aldasa>
[16:56] <nid0> mjr, they did specifically say when providing the notes for the board revision that they did it to allow backfed powering
[16:56] * Halcyonforever (~Halcyon@ip68-12-116-171.ok.ok.cox.net) has left #raspberrypi
[16:56] <mjr> ie. I'm not sure how powering the Pi that way goes wrt. warranty, since it bypasses the input fuse. It does work in practice though.
[16:56] <Peetz0r> Hi, this happened after I conencted a phone (SE k550i) to the usb port: https://p.6core.net/p/709sexa3jb93hyt5
[16:56] <SwK> ReggieUK: is there really anything between the usb connector and that filter cap?
[16:56] <ReggieUK> I've got a couple of hubs here, the one that backfeeds power is a poorly made chinese one
[16:57] <mjr> nid0, okay. Well. I suppose a statement like that alleviates warranty concerns.
[16:57] <Peetz0r> and now it won't boot at all. The sd card is still fine
[16:57] <murphycr> ReggieUK: This is Belkin -_-
[16:57] <aldasa> ~~~~~
[16:57] <SwK> ReggieUK: if not in theory the voltages should be the same at that point
[16:57] <murphycr> Peetz0r: Maybe an fsck on the root filesystem?
[16:57] <ReggieUK> SwK, I'm not saying it's definitely that but I had my fair share of issues with poor quality micro usb cables and power
[16:57] <ReggieUK> if the micro usb cable cost < ??2 then it's probably rubbish :D
[16:58] <SwK> its not a cheap cable
[16:58] <SwK> and i've tried a few
[16:58] <ReggieUK> yeah, me too
[16:58] <SwK> its a rated for use on 3A
[16:58] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[16:58] <ReggieUK> I even splashed ??7 on a chunky looking one from tesco
[16:58] <ReggieUK> that was bad too
[16:58] <Peetz0r> ReggieUK: I don't think price is a factor. I've seen $10-cables that are rubbish, and also $1 cables that work just fine.
[16:58] <IT_Sean> you paid extra for an extra layer of insulation, Regg.
[16:58] <SwK> I'm just trying to wrap my head around a .2 to .3v drop drom the micro usb input to the C6 which looks to be the V in filter cap
[16:59] <ReggieUK> Peetz0r, agreed, just that the cheap ones that people tend to go for (from poundshops) are nearly always junk
[16:59] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:00] <SwK> i wish there was a better connector to get power into lol
[17:00] <ReggieUK> and you have to be careful with expensive ones
[17:00] <nid0> should have poe imo :(
[17:00] <ReggieUK> the best microusb cable I found was from a samsung phone
[17:00] <nid0> fwiw, every power adaptor/cable I have runs my pi's just fine
[17:01] * double-you (~Miranda@178-26-159-95-dynip.superkabel.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[17:01] <SwK> my favorite micro usb cable just gets hot when I plug my pi into it, is that a problem </sarcasm>
[17:01] * Yen (~Yen@ip-81-11-200-26.dsl.scarlet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:01] <ReggieUK> nid0, yeah, I did say that it depends on the model of pi
[17:01] <Peetz0r> ReggieUK: I get mine at dx.com :)
[17:02] <ReggieUK> if you've got the newer ones with the polyfuses removed then a lot of the power issues go away
[17:02] <nid0> mine are very original ones
[17:02] <Peetz0r> murphycr: fsck says both filesystems are just fine, still won't boot
[17:02] <SwK> ReggieUK: so wait, newer ones polyfuse removed??? how do I identify that?
[17:02] <ReggieUK> mine too, had nothing but grief on the original
[17:02] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:02] <nid0> one was the first batch with CE marks stuck on with a sticker, the other is marginally newer (first-day order from rs)
[17:02] <nid0> never had power issues with either of them
[17:02] <Peetz0r> also, it's a rev2 board, so it shouldn't be a power issue, right?
[17:03] <SwK> ReggieUK: I know I have a rev2 update as verified with the P6 reset pad
[17:03] <aldasa> ~
[17:03] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[17:04] <ReggieUK> up by the headphone socket you should see 2 green surface mounted things if you've got polyfuses on there
[17:04] <ReggieUK> or flip it over and underneath the micro usb socket there will be 1 green surface mounted thing :D
[17:04] * Pitel_IPEX (~pitel@gatekeeper.bm.ipex.cz) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:04] <IT_Sean> SMT = surface mounted thing?
[17:04] <ReggieUK> they'll be marked F1, F2 and F3
[17:04] <ReggieUK> IT_Sean, correct ;)
[17:05] <Peetz0r> ReggieUK: mine are black, not green
[17:05] <Peetz0r> ( I have both a rev1 and a rev2 board)
[17:05] <ReggieUK> are rev 2 black?
[17:05] <ReggieUK> cos the 3 I've got here are all green
[17:05] <Peetz0r> nope, rev2 doesn't have them at all
[17:06] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:06] <Peetz0r> but my rev1 board has one of the polyfuses in green, the other 2 in black
[17:06] <Peetz0r> but there are actually 4 versions of the Pi
[17:06] * loadbang (~loadbang@host86-162-196-125.range86-162.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:07] <Peetz0r> rev1 with problems, rev1 with temporary polyfuse fix, rev2 with 256mb ram, rev2 with 512mb ram
[17:07] <ReggieUK> I haven't kept up on things more recently, I've been playing with other boards
[17:07] <SwK> ReggieUK: so I see the one at F3 it looks like but I have the newer boards with the mounting hole where F1 and F2 are on the orig board
[17:07] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:08] <SwK> ReggieUK: holy crap
[17:08] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:08] <SwK> ReggieUK: I'm getting a .18v drop across F3
[17:08] <Peetz0r> yeah, rev2 still has F3 but not F1 and F2
[17:08] <ReggieUK> oooh, do I win?
[17:09] * ReggieUK claims a cookie from the ether
[17:09] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[17:09] * SwK DCC's ReggieUK a cookie.
[17:09] <ReggieUK> nom
[17:09] * IT_Sean wants a cookie!
[17:09] <SwK> ReggieUK: you recommend shorting F3?
[17:10] <Peetz0r> okay, my 2nd board still boots
[17:10] <Peetz0r> but my 1st board doesn't
[17:10] <ReggieUK> shorting the polyfuses is the universally accepted fix but of course bearing in mind that there is no protection on the PI should anything go wrong
[17:11] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:11] <Peetz0r> so it looks like I killed my rev2 board by plugging in a phone?
[17:11] <Peetz0r> is it safer to use a rev1 board, or could I kill that one as well?
[17:11] <Peetz0r> also, how dead is my rav2 board now exactly?
[17:12] <IT_Sean> Peetz0r: wha'd you do to it?
[17:12] <IT_Sean> did you release any of the magical blue smoke?
[17:12] <Peetz0r> nope
[17:12] <IT_Sean> Did you just trip a pfuse?
[17:12] <Peetz0r> I connected a phone (SE k550i) to the rev2, it responded like this: https://p.6core.net/p/709sexa3jb93hyt5
[17:12] <SwK> ReggieUK: thanks??? I can engineer around the pfuse using
[17:12] <ReggieUK> np
[17:13] * Matt (matt@freenode/staff-emeritus/matt) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:13] <IT_Sean> Can you TELL me how it responded? I'm at work... so... not clicking on that.
[17:13] <Peetz0r> then I pulled the plug, double-checken the microsd card, tried to boot it again on that same board, nothing
[17:13] <Peetz0r> it's just a pastebin-ish link
[17:13] <IT_Sean> Does PWR light?
[17:13] <nid0> does the sd card image work in another pi still?
[17:13] <Peetz0r> plain text
[17:13] <DrPiD> It's SFW, it's just a log file :)
[17:13] * IT_Sean clicks
[17:13] <Peetz0r> PWR is still on
[17:14] <IT_Sean> Did you try another SD card, or re-imageing the car?
[17:14] <IT_Sean> *card
[17:14] <IT_Sean> It sounds like it can't boot off the SD
[17:14] <Peetz0r> and the card still works in the other Pi
[17:14] <ReggieUK> sounds more like a polyfuse issue
[17:14] <IT_Sean> Leave it unplugged for several hours. See if the pfuse resets
[17:14] <ReggieUK> put it somewhere where it will cool down for a bit
[17:14] <Peetz0r> the problem is on the board which doesn't have polyfuses
[17:14] <ReggieUK> :/
[17:14] <ReggieUK> eeek
[17:14] <IT_Sean> and several hours means several hours. Not 5 minutes.
[17:14] <Peetz0r> the rev2 board has the problem, the rev1 board is working fine
[17:14] <IT_Sean> oooh
[17:15] <IT_Sean> you might have nuked it.
[17:15] <nid0> since when does a phone backfeed power?
[17:15] <ReggieUK> it doesn't have to
[17:15] <Peetz0r> (I haven't yet tried plugging in my phone in the rev1 board after this)
[17:15] <nid0> why not, the pi's power input still has a polyfuse
[17:15] <IT_Sean> It may not have been a backfeed issue.
[17:15] <Peetz0r> nid0: true
[17:15] <ReggieUK> aha
[17:16] <nid0> you're only going to nuke a pi either by backfeeding, gpio, or shorting the input fuse
[17:16] <Peetz0r> the Pi still responded after plugging in the phone
[17:16] <Peetz0r> see tha 2nd half of the terminal output
[17:16] <Peetz0r> the*
[17:16] <nid0> Peetz0r: have you tried 1) that SD in another pi and 2) a fresh sd image in that pi
[17:16] <nid0> because your log suggests you've got a nackered (wiped) os on that card
[17:17] <Peetz0r> nid0: yes, as I said, the same cars still works on another Pi and in my laptop
[17:17] <Peetz0r> fsck on that laptop tells me it's just fine
[17:17] <Peetz0r> card*
[17:17] * BensonC (~Mad@218-35-150-230.cm.dynamic.apol.com.tw) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:18] * Mr_P (~gerhard@chello080108255018.3.14.vie.surfer.at) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:19] <nid0> peculiar
[17:19] <Peetz0r> yes, indeed
[17:19] * poli (poli@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:20] <Peetz0r> also, the phone is undamaged and hasn't rebooted or anything
[17:22] <nid0> as above, maybe leave it for a while to let the main input polyfuse cool, see if that helps it
[17:22] <Peetz0r> yeah, i'll try that
[17:24] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:24] <neilr> Hoooray! My lovely wife has just brought me tea and hobnobs. Life cannot get better than this.
[17:24] * deep13 (~deep13@c-71-56-122-103.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:24] * loadbang (~loadbang@host86-162-196-125.range86-162.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Quit: loadbang)
[17:28] * sinjax (~ss@leto.ecs.soton.ac.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:28] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[17:28] <sinjax> hello! :)
[17:28] * Oddj0b (~oddj0b@daimi-pat.daimi.au.dk) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:28] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] * deep13 (~deep13@c-71-56-122-103.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[17:29] * Yachtsman (~Yachtsman@173-147-216-24.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] * deep13 (~deep13@c-71-56-122-103.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ip5455f582.speed.planet.nl) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[17:29] <sinjax> I'm trying to compile something using v4l2 and jpeg on my raspberry pi, using the command: "gcc -nostdlibs -static-libgcc --shared -Wl,-soname,OpenIMAJGrabber.so -o OpenIMAJGrabber.so OpenIMAJGrabber.o capture.o support.o -lrt -lc -Wl,-Bstatic -lv4l2 -ljpeg" I get the error: "ld: cannot find -lv4l2".
[17:29] * BensonC (~Mad@218-35-150-230.cm.dynamic.apol.com.tw) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[17:29] * Caleb (~archdemon@archlinux/op/caleb) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[17:29] * mikey_w (~mike@c-71-63-115-202.hsd1.va.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:30] <sinjax> Looking in /usr/lib there is indeed no libv4l2 but looking in /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf the file exists!
[17:30] <sinjax> so!
[17:30] <sinjax> I tried to add this to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH but the error remains, are there some common pitfalls I'm not avoiding when compiling things on the raspberry pi?
[17:31] <murphycr> sinjax: I've always had good success with cross-compiling
[17:31] <pksato> sinjax: You installed dev packeges?
[17:32] <sinjax> pksato: I did indeed install libv4l-dev
[17:32] * aldasa (~steven@unaffiliated/aldasa) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[17:32] <sinjax> murphycr: you're suggesting I compile on another machine for the pi? agreed! but the compiled library doesn't work, and i think this might be because libv4l2.so isn't "available"
[17:32] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) Quit (Client Quit)
[17:32] <sinjax> or rather??? visible? loadable? :D
[17:32] * parabyte (~parabyte@unaffiliated/parabyte) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:33] <parabyte> does the pi have interupt pin's?
[17:33] * Oddj0b (~oddj0b@daimi-pat.daimi.au.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:33] <sinjax> my pi?
[17:33] * Oddj0b (~oddj0b@daimi-pat.daimi.au.dk) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:33] <sinjax> oh right sorry :D
[17:33] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:34] <murphycr> parabyte: With the latest raspian kernel it supports interrupts on all pins IIRC
[17:34] <parabyte> ooooooooo
[17:34] <parabyte> murphycr, i can interface with that with python or C?
[17:34] <parabyte> i got a interesting use for the pi as its so cheap
[17:35] <parabyte> :D
[17:35] <parabyte> can the pi act as a usb host?
[17:36] <Peetz0r> parabyte: definately
[17:36] <Peetz0r> it has two regular usb ports :)
[17:36] <parabyte> hang on my terminology is confused
[17:36] <IT_Sean> parabyte: that's what the two USB ports onnit are for.
[17:36] <parabyte> i meant as usb client
[17:36] <parabyte> !!
[17:36] <IT_Sean> oh... No.
[17:36] <IT_Sean> It's a computer, basically.
[17:36] <parabyte> if i plug it say into a pc it comes up as a usb device
[17:36] <parabyte> yeah i know
[17:36] <IT_Sean> So, it acts as a USB host.
[17:36] <parabyte> i wanna use it as a embedded controller
[17:36] <IT_Sean> Not as a client.
[17:36] <parabyte> that plugs into my pc as a client
[17:36] <parabyte> :D
[17:36] <parabyte> lol
[17:36] <IT_Sean> That won't work, sorry.
[17:37] <Peetz0r> parabyte: can you use a network conenction for what you want?
[17:37] <parabyte> maybe its got enough guts to run mixxx dj software
[17:37] <Peetz0r> or maybe a serial conenction?
[17:37] <parabyte> basically i want to put jog wheels onto the interupts via encoder
[17:37] <parabyte> and some dj sliders and such
[17:37] * aldasa (~steven@unaffiliated/aldasa) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:37] <Peetz0r> maybe even a serial conenction with a serial-usb adapter
[17:37] * peetaur2 (~peter@hmbg-4d06ee1d.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:37] <parabyte> i dont think there be enough bandwidth
[17:38] * Orion_ (~Orion_@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:38] * Orion_ (~Orion_@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:38] * bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:39] <parabyte> i have not actually got a pi to experiment with mixxx but i know it requires full on GL for its waveform's
[17:39] * MichaelC|Away is now known as MichaelC
[17:39] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:40] <parabyte> seems kinda silly the pi does not do client mode usb
[17:40] <Peetz0r> is there a way to prevent tripping the polyfuses while still connecting a phone to the pi?
[17:40] <murphycr> Peetz0r: Powered USB hub?
[17:40] * Welington (~carlos@mvx-200-196-57-166.mundivox.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:40] <IT_Sean> parabyte. It is a computer. Not a client device.
[17:40] <IT_Sean> It is meant to have other things attached to it.
[17:40] <IT_Sean> You can't do both.
[17:40] <Peetz0r> murphycr: yeah, might be a good option
[17:41] <parabyte> no hacks to put it into client mode?
[17:41] <IT_Sean> No.
[17:41] <IT_Sean> It is not physically capable, at all, of working as a USB client.
[17:41] <murphycr> well, you _could_ use a usb-to-serial adapter and connect to the serial pins on the GPIO header
[17:41] <murphycr> Then you'd have a console, but that's about it
[17:42] <IT_Sean> You could. It would be slightly hairy, however.
[17:42] <Peetz0r> I actually do ahve a powered usb hub. Now I need to find a way to power the Pi and the phone trough that hub from a portable power source
[17:42] * pretty_function (~sigBART@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:42] <IT_Sean> And it would give you a terminal.
[17:42] <Peetz0r> maybe an old laptop battery. does anyone have experience with powering a Pi from a battery?
[17:42] <parabyte> Peetz0r, just basic electronics
[17:42] <Peetz0r> actually, I need to power the Pi, phone, webcam and 2 knex motors from a battery :D
[17:43] <murphycr> Peetz0r: the trick there is charging it... I'd recommend just getting a dedicated LiPo battery
[17:43] <IT_Sean> you'll need a decent battery
[17:43] <parabyte> iv powered armel based access points for years off random batteries and solar cells
[17:43] <Peetz0r> I'll need to find out how much power all those devices use together
[17:43] <Peetz0r> also, I need to find a way to safely connect those motors to gpio in the first place
[17:44] <Peetz0r> enough work to do :D
[17:44] <IT_Sean> you will need a motor controller
[17:44] * Gordio (~Gordio@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:44] <IT_Sean> connecting them directly to the GPIO is generally A Bad Idea, as they aren't designed to directly run any motor beefy enough to move that lot.
[17:44] * Gordio (~Gordio@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:44] <Peetz0r> yeah, I've seen that before
[17:45] <Peetz0r> I'd like to know hoe bad it is to power those 3v motors using 5v. would it do faster, or would it go poof? :p
[17:45] <IT_Sean> depends on the motor
[17:45] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[17:45] <IT_Sean> Even if it did work for a short time, you would PROBABLY burn out the motor in short order
[17:46] * nils_2_ (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:48] <Peetz0r> heh, true :p
[17:48] <IT_Sean> They are rated at 3v for a reason.
[17:48] <Peetz0r> this is going to be the 'forward' motor: http://www.knex.com/building_toys/black_motor_r2a.php
[17:48] <Peetz0r> and I'll try to use this one for steering: http://www.knex.com/building_toys/tethered_power_pack_motor.php
[17:49] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:49] <Peetz0r> both are usually powered by 2xAA, but I'll somehow conenct them to a battery which I still need to find somewhere
[17:49] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[17:50] * nils_2_ is now known as nils_2
[17:50] <Peetz0r> ...maybe I should drop the knex idea anyway and build something bigger with better motors and a car battery or something
[17:51] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:51] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:51] <Peetz0r> but I don't really have budget for motors and wheels and other parts
[17:51] * Peetz0r keeps on dreaming
[17:51] <pksato> O think, RC (Radio Control) store have all need to power RPi from battery, and control motors.
[17:51] <Peetz0r> yeah, I know a store around here which has everything I need
[17:52] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:52] * des2 (~noone@pool-71-190-47-113.nycmny.east.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: des2)
[17:52] <Peetz0r> but I'm not willing to spend ???100 on this toy project
[17:52] <IT_Sean> Go big or go home
[17:53] <Peetz0r> I'm not ready to make that decision
[17:53] <Peetz0r> and I think I can do this
[17:53] * IT_Sean suggests the base of a shopping trolley, with the sides and handles cut off, using differential power on the two rear wheels for steering. It'll be big enough to carry several car batteries, and several cameras
[17:54] <Peetz0r> I think I don't really need a car battery if I'm going to keep it small (maybe 30cm long and 1kg heavy)
[17:54] <IT_Sean> :/
[17:56] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:57] * _cheney (~cheney@nat.sierrabravo.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:57] * _cheney (~cheney@nat.sierrabravo.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:59] * [SkG] (~sconde@unaffiliated/skg/x-897332) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:59] * [SLB] (~slabua@unaffiliated/slabua) Quit (Quit: Close the world, Open the nExt)
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[18:01] * DrPiD is now known as DrPiD|Away
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[18:03] * [SLB] (~slabua@unaffiliated/slabua) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:04] * dreamon__ (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:06] * herdingcat (~huli@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[18:08] * Welington (~Welington@mvx-200-196-57-166.mundivox.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:09] * Essobi (~Essobi@74-130-139-83.dhcp.insightbb.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:16] <Torikun> Anyone have any gusses why running "vncserver" would lockup 3 Raspberry Pi's?
[18:16] * [Gordio] (~Gordio@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:16] * pretty_function (~sigBART@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[18:17] * Caleb (~archdemon@archlinux/op/caleb) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:17] * dreamon__ (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[18:19] <sinjax> I found the problem!
[18:19] <sinjax> my gcc line was trying to compile v4l2 statically
[18:19] <sinjax> if i made it not do so, it compiles! woo!
[18:19] <sinjax> but
[18:19] <sinjax> :D
[18:19] <sinjax> i need it to compile statically ;)
[18:19] <sinjax> for that i need the v4l.a file
[18:20] <sinjax> it does not seem to be in the /usr/lib/ dir
[18:20] * Gordio (~Gordio@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[18:21] <SpeedEvil> nexus 4 on UK play, for anyone interested.
[18:21] * [Gordio] (~Gordio@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[18:21] <Torikun> ah ok. I see vncserver kernel panicing the raspberry pi
[18:21] <mjr> doesn't sound too healhty
[18:23] * Mr_P (~gerhard@chello080108255018.3.14.vie.surfer.at) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[18:24] <Torikun> pulse audio taints kernel
[18:25] <_julian> any gles expert here who have an idea about this issue: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/142 ?
[18:25] <Torikun> so I need to copy rootfs to ext3 and upgrade kernel casue latest kernel corrupts ext4
[18:25] <Torikun> pain in booty
[18:25] * _Trullo (~33guff@90-231-190-172-no124.tbcn.telia.com) Quit ()
[18:26] * Ryanteck (~Ryan@fsf/member/Ryanteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:26] * gr4yscale (~gr4yscale@107-1-54-178-ip-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:26] <Ryanteck> Hi Guys :)
[18:26] <aDro> hiya
[18:30] * Orion_ (~Orion_@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:31] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) Quit (Quit: Quit)
[18:31] * Armand (~martin@cpc17-haye16-2-0-cust427.haye.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:35] * Kane (~Kane@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:35] <Peetz0r> These are the parts I'm trying to build this machine from: http://imgur.com/kl6YsRA
[18:35] <Kane> o/
[18:35] <Peetz0r> brb - dinner time
[18:36] * aDro (~l4gl3ss@d67-193-252-25.home3.cgocable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:37] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff/UltimateMacUser1) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:47] * aphadke (~Adium@2620:101:8003:200:8c81:6991:1e42:5799) has joined #raspberrypi
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[19:12] * Diaoul (~Diaoul@APuteaux-652-1-244-35.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[19:12] <Aebleskiver> anyone know what's the best way to do a online backup of SD card in R-Pi?
[19:13] * scorphus (~scorphus@CAcert/User/scorphus) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:13] <IT_Sean> why not just pop out the SD card, and create an image of it on another machine?
[19:13] <IT_Sean> probably easier.
[19:13] * stepcut (~stepcut@c-98-213-218-15.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:15] * Diaoul (~Diaoul@APuteaux-652-1-152-223.w83-204.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:15] * axion (~axion@cpe-67-242-88-224.nycap.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:15] * Xeph (~Xeph@wikipedia/Xeph) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:16] * bacilla is now known as karolis_fn
[19:17] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:17] <Aebleskiver> IT_Sean: That sounds like a good idea, I think I was being lazy :)
[19:18] <IT_Sean> There you go.
[19:18] <Aebleskiver> Do you just run your boot partition on the SD and then have your rootfs on something else like a hard disk?
[19:19] <Aebleskiver> Was wondering if it would be better to do that because of the flash wear...
[19:19] * stayarrr (~stayarrr@dslb-084-060-073-052.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:20] * pretty_function (~sigBART@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:22] * pretty_function (~sigBART@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:24] <dape> this is not 2000, it 2013
[19:25] * jthunder (~jthunder@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[19:25] <dape> slap a sandisk or a lexar and you're set for few good years
[19:25] <IT_Sean> Wot 'e said
[19:25] <Aebleskiver> hehe
[19:25] <IT_Sean> Besides... SD cards are cheap. Just keep occasional backups, and when it goes bad (in a few years) replace it.
[19:25] <Aebleskiver> Ahh well, I guess as long as I do regular backups it won't matter
[19:25] <Aebleskiver> Yep
[19:26] <Aebleskiver> Sounds good...
[19:26] <Torikun> you all will have new Pi's before the SD goes bad
[19:26] <Torikun> face reality here =)
[19:26] <IT_Sean> wha's an SD card cost these days anyway? :p
[19:26] <Aebleskiver> probably will be able to buy a 32GB one for ??0.05 in a few years anyhow
[19:26] <Torikun> IT_Sean: I got some on amazon 8GB for like $2
[19:26] <pronto> Torikun: where?
[19:26] <Torikun> amazon.com
[19:26] <pronto> like, link
[19:26] <IT_Sean> he just said... Amazon.
[19:26] <Torikun> lol
[19:26] <pronto> like, do you have the link to the page :/
[19:27] <Torikun> Go Amazon lol
[19:27] <Aebleskiver> one great thing about the Pi is that it ignores the write protect tab on the SD :)
[19:27] <Torikun> I got one fore 49 cents here
[19:27] <Torikun> http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000VUVA62/ref=sr_1_3_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1359570446&sr=8-3&keywords=8+GB+SD&condition=new
[19:27] <Aebleskiver> useful because my SD for it lost it a while back
[19:28] <dape> i don't think card bigger than 8 gb justify their purchase for a Pi, maybe a 16 gb if you run multiple desktop environments and such graphical stuff but for something like Arch Linux mini server a 8 gb its more than enough
[19:28] <Xeph> hey, i got a B model with archlinux installed. xbmc wont show any video playback, while omxplayer does. any hints, any ideas? recent firmware, recent software
[19:28] <Aebleskiver> I have some really cheap Chinese class 10 32GB SD for it, it was only ??15
[19:28] <Aebleskiver> it's disintegrating around the circuit board though
[19:28] <Torikun> how you get xmbc installed on arch ? I can't get it to compile
[19:28] <Aebleskiver> using superglue and tape to hold it together now :)
[19:28] <pronto> Torikun: is class 4 okay for booting off of?
[19:28] <IT_Sean> Thats what happens when you buy chinese, Aebleskiver
[19:28] * ukgamer|away is now known as ukgamer
[19:29] <Torikun> pronto: I just bought dirt cheap to save money and it works, all I can say
[19:29] <Aebleskiver> IT_Sean: I just remembered, that's really the reason I'm looking for the online backup, lol
[19:29] <Torikun> even my old 256MB SD works fine
[19:29] <Aebleskiver> So I don't have to remove it from the slot too much :D
[19:29] <Torikun> Xeph: I hope your not using ext4 on arch
[19:29] <Torikun> lol
[19:29] <Aebleskiver> Torikun: Try posting the compile errors and maybe someone will tell...
[19:29] <dape> why not ?
[19:30] <Xeph> Torikun: it's precompiled in the aur-repository
[19:30] <Torikun> you will not be able to reboot after a kernel upgrade
[19:30] <Torikun> what is the packae name Xeph ?
[19:30] <dape> Torikuni upgraded from 3.2.x to 3.6.11 without problems
[19:30] * mythos (~mythos@unaffiliated/mythos) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:30] <dape> (dumb frozen keyboard)
[19:31] <Torikun> On all m, PI's I can not upgrade kernel on ext4
[19:31] <Torikun> some others had same problem
[19:31] <Xeph> Torikun: xbmc-rpr-git
[19:31] <Torikun> ty so much Xeph!
[19:31] <Xeph> btw ext4 here
[19:31] <Xeph> :)
[19:31] <Torikun> lucky
[19:31] <Torikun> lol
[19:31] <Torikun> how is xbmc on the pi Xeph?
[19:31] <Torikun> stable, fast?
[19:32] <Aebleskiver> I want to know that as well actually
[19:32] <Aebleskiver> heard it has audio decoding problems...
[19:32] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:32] <Aebleskiver> I've searched but no really recent reports on it
[19:32] <Xeph> Torikun: actually I'm here because I get no video playback, but it seems quite nice
[19:32] <Torikun> lol ok
[19:33] <Aebleskiver> I think one small thing was that it can't play any video that has an ac3 stream
[19:33] <Torikun> oh
[19:33] <Aebleskiver> it doesn't have a hardware decoder for it..
[19:33] <Torikun> so basicall OMX player does not ?
[19:33] <Aebleskiver> H.264/AAC is fine I think
[19:34] <Aebleskiver> Yep, think so
[19:34] <Torikun> ah ok
[19:34] <Xeph> Aebleskiver: Is there anything that I might forgot during setup? xbmc plays my matroskas, but without video :)
[19:34] <Aebleskiver> like the screen just goes blank?
[19:36] <Aebleskiver> does it play any video at all, or just the mkv has a problem?
[19:36] <Viper-7> Torikun: it can pass AC3 raw out of hdmi, it just cant decode it to analog onboard
[19:36] <Viper-7> also http://www.raspberrypi.com/mpeg-2-license-key/
[19:36] <Xeph> nope, xbmc gui still visible. in fullscreen, of course it's blank :) when I hit "O", it shows the audio stream ( D(Audio???), but video: D() P(fr:23.976,vq0%,dc::,Mb/s:0.00)
[19:36] <Torikun> ah
[19:36] <Aebleskiver> Viper: Ahh, I see
[19:38] <mjr> ac3 too heavy to decode on the cpu then?
[19:39] <mjr> or is it just not supported yet for other reasons
[19:40] * [SLB]` is now known as [SLB]
[19:40] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:42] * BlueDreams (~matt@24-205-95-34.dhcp.psdn.ca.charter.com) Quit (Quit: BlueDreams)
[19:44] * BlueDreams (~matt@24-205-95-34.dhcp.psdn.ca.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:46] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:46] * IT_Sean looks 'round
[19:47] * Armand pokes IT_Sean in the eye!
[19:47] <IT_Sean> x.o
[19:47] <IT_Sean> what was that for?
[19:47] <IT_Sean> also... OW!
[19:48] <Armand> gits & shiggles. ^_^
[19:48] <IT_Sean> lol
[19:49] <Xeph> Torikun: you're installing xbmc right now?
[19:49] <Torikun> no I will soon
[19:49] <Torikun> resyncing my rootfs to pi now
[19:51] * brguy (~brguy@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:51] <Torikun> atest firmware has added a start_x.elf which includes extra (free) codecs: MJPEG, VP6, VP8, Ogg Theora, and audio codec: Ogg Vorbis. MJPEG has also been added.
[19:51] * Armand hands IT_Sean an eye-patch.... YYAAAAARRR!
[19:52] * IT_Sean unscrews his poked out eye, fishes a replacement from his desk drawer, and screws it in the empty socket
[19:52] * IT_Sean blinks a few times
[19:52] <IT_Sean> Ahh... better.
[19:52] <Armand> Sweet... he's using the bugged eye..
[19:53] <mjr> Torikun, whoa? Finally.
[19:53] <Armand> *cough* Damn.. did I say that out loud ?
[19:53] <Torikun> Yup
[19:53] * dano5 (~dano5@208.79-160-124.customer.lyse.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:53] <IT_Sean>
[19:55] * [t0R] (~tor@c-67ace455.59-1164-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:55] * Yachtsman (~Yachtsman@173-147-216-24.pools.spcsdns.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:55] * oldtopman (~oldtopman@unaffiliated/oldtopman) Quit (Quit: *poof*)
[19:55] * Kisume (~Kisume@unaffiliated/kisume) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:56] <Armand> IT_Sean, I'm now imagining you to be something like Kryten.. with spare heads and other parts in a storage room somewhere. :P
[19:58] <IT_Sean> Armand: +5 internets for the Red Dwarf reference.
[19:58] <IT_Sean> Also... i'm a #raspberrypi Op. We aren't born. We're made from spare parts.
[19:58] <IT_Sean> :p
[19:58] <Torikun> with a lego case
[19:59] * Yachtsman (~Yachtsman@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:59] * [t0R] (~tor@c-67ace455.59-1164-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:00] * egrouse (~newb@unaffiliated/egrouse) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:01] <apollo> hey I've got a python/gtk app that I want to run standalone on a pi. What's the best way to boot directly to this without any other desktop environment
[20:02] <Xeph> Torikun, Aebleskiver: You have to assign more than 64M to the video core??? that's it
[20:02] <parabyte> can i make the gpio's appear as a HID device under debian?
[20:02] <aldasa> apollo: I think you need a desktop to run a gtk app
[20:02] <SpeedEvil> X&;export DISPLAY=:0;app
[20:02] <Torikun> ah ty
[20:03] * tubadaz (~quassel@pdpc/supporter/student/tubadaz) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:03] <apollo> SpeedEvil: thanks.
[20:03] <parabyte> i imagine not
[20:03] <Aebleskiver> Xeph: Ahh nice, good job finding that out :)
[20:04] <Armand> IT_Sean, I have some Lego Technic bits, if you want an upgrade. :P
[20:04] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:04] <Aebleskiver> You should add that to the wiki if it's not there at all o.O
[20:06] <Xeph> Aebleskiver: It's in the RPi-Troubleshooting section, but unfortunately shifted out of my screen (10" EEE-PC here)
[20:07] * |Jeroen| (~jeroen@d5153E72C.access.telenet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:07] <Xeph> http://elinux.org/R-Pi_Troubleshooting#Choosing_the_right_ARM.2FGPU_memory_split Aebleskiver, maybe you could realign the code-section. I got no wiki account.
[20:13] * _Trullo (~guff33@90-231-190-172-no124.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:16] * [t0R] (~tor@c-67ace455.59-1164-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[20:16] * fayimora (fayimora@nat/google/x-ogrfopruyoyuxhyq) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:19] * Kingpin13 (~Kingpin13@Wikipedia/Kingpin13) Quit (Quit: quit)
[20:22] * drago757 (~drago757@mobile-198-228-227-225.mycingular.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:23] * pretty_function (~sigBART@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:24] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:25] * phenigma (~quassel@d67-193-151-201.home3.cgocable.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[20:26] * Rothchild (~Rothchild@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:28] * flowsnake (~flowsnake@cpc26-aztw25-2-0-cust894.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[20:29] * flowsnake (~flowsnake@cpc26-aztw25-2-0-cust894.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:31] * fatpudding (~fatpuddin@ Quit (Read error: Connection timed out)
[20:31] * fatpudding (~fatpuddin@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:33] * Viper-7_ (7897d190@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:33] * oldtopman (~oldtopman@unaffiliated/oldtopman) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:34] * brady2600 (~ludwig@71-218-229-102.hlrn.qwest.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[20:34] * fayimora_ (fayimora@nat/google/x-ipuxmfkfupixaxye) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:34] * fayimora_ (fayimora@nat/google/x-ipuxmfkfupixaxye) Quit (Client Quit)
[20:36] * fayimora (fayimora@nat/google/x-ogrfopruyoyuxhyq) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[20:37] * Mr_P (~gerhard@chello080108255018.3.14.vie.surfer.at) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:40] * ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox
[20:42] * brguy (~brguy@ Quit (Quit: ???(????????????))
[20:48] * brady2600 (~ludwig@71-208-249-18.hlrn.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:51] * Belaf (~campedel@3-254.197-178.cust.bluewin.ch) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:56] * jprvita is now known as jprvita|afk
[20:56] <Armand> 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' "Revision : 000f" ?
[20:57] <Aebleskiver> Armand: Indeed :P
[20:57] * ech0s7 (~ech0s7@host170-155-dynamic.55-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:57] <Armand> According to the site, it should report back 2~6 ?
[20:58] <Aebleskiver> I think 512MB boards are normally revision 000f
[20:58] <Armand> It is that.. It's a UK-built rev2.
[20:59] <Aebleskiver> Yep, that's it
[20:59] <Aebleskiver> My one is 000f as well
[20:59] <Armand> I think someone needs to update the online documentation..
[20:59] <Aebleskiver> Yep, lol
[20:59] * ephialtes480 (~ephialtes@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:00] <Aebleskiver> I saw that criticism in a post somewhere, Armand
[21:00] * FR^2 (~frquadrat@farsquare.de) Quit (Quit: Connection reset by peer)
[21:01] * zabomber (~zabomber@gateway/tor-sasl/zabomber) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[21:01] * basiaf (~basiaf@2a01:238:433a:c200::1) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[21:02] * gordonDrogon waves.
[21:02] <gordonDrogon> Some 512K boards are 000e
[21:02] * gordonDrogon has one: Revision : 000e
[21:02] <Armand> 512KB.. that would be harsh..
[21:02] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:02] <gordonDrogon> s/K/M/
[21:03] <Aebleskiver> Has the model A ever been sold anywhere?
[21:03] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:03] <Armand> :P
[21:03] * tinti_ (~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:03] <IT_Sean> Aebleskiver: the model A is not out yet.
[21:04] <|Jeroen|> will they make it?
[21:04] <IT_Sean> They will.
[21:04] <IT_Sean> It just isn't out yet.
[21:07] <IT_Sean> Keep in mind the A has no Ethernet, and only one USB port. It is cheaper, though, and draws less power.
[21:08] <mdik> hi. is anyone around here running one of these decentralized search engines on herhis Pi, like yacy?
[21:09] * DexterLB (~dex@79-100-0-244.btc-net.bg) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:09] <|Jeroen|> mhz the model A has changed
[21:09] <|Jeroen|> looks exaclty like the B only no eth
[21:09] <|Jeroen|> kinda stupid they bother makeing it
[21:09] <mdik> i'm just cleaning up my nearly thousand bookmarks i collected since 2004. so the next step for me would to be feed it to a search engine
[21:09] <chithead> and model a might be able to act as usb slave
[21:09] * datagutt (~datagutt@unaffiliated/datagutt) Quit (Quit: kthxbai)
[21:10] <Armand> I was thinking that myself, |Jeroen|.. I can't see any purpose to it.
[21:10] * rolleiflex (~rolleifle@ Quit (Quit: rolleiflex)
[21:10] <|Jeroen|> they better make a model dual core model C or somthing
[21:10] <Armand> LAN port is an absolute must, so.. I certainly wouldn't buy a machine without one.
[21:10] <|Jeroen|> indeed
[21:12] * zabomber (~zabomber@gateway/tor-sasl/zabomber) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:14] * DexterLB (~dex@79-100-0-244.btc-net.bg) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:15] * Cykey (~textual@modemcable119.94-162-184.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:16] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:18] * dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
[21:20] <Aebleskiver> I personally don't think the model A will make it out... doesn't make sense with economies of scale
[21:20] <IT_Sean> How did you figure that? O_o
[21:21] <Armand> Because the model B sells so well.. I can't see that many people wanting the model A
[21:21] * Squirm looks at Aebleskiver
[21:21] <Aebleskiver> i.e. they can make large quantities of the model B cheaper than maintaining production of two models, one of which I don't see being very popular
[21:21] <Amadiro> it does seem somewhat useless without the networking...
[21:22] <Aebleskiver> Sorry, I welcome other opinions of course, that's just what I've been thinking :)
[21:22] <Joeboy> model A is just model B with some bits missing, I think. Not a huge overhead to manufacturing both models
[21:22] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:22] <Joeboy> although that begs the question as to why they haven't managed to make any yet
[21:22] <Squirm> I wouldn't like network missing. but there should still be usb. means for wireless
[21:23] <Aebleskiver> Only one USB though?
[21:23] <IT_Sean> yes
[21:23] <pksato> Remember primary use for Raspberry Pi.
[21:23] <Squirm> powered hub?
[21:23] <IT_Sean> you can still use a powered hub with it, of course
[21:23] <Aebleskiver> So you'd actually need to outlay more for the model A in a sense, having to purchase a powered hub
[21:23] <rymate1234> education
[21:24] <IT_Sean> You need a powered hub with the B anyway, in most cases
[21:24] <IT_Sean> And besides... the A is not designed for the dev community... it's designed for education.
[21:24] <rymate1234> with the model A
[21:24] <rymate1234> you could use it as a headless server
[21:24] <Amadiro> Aebleskiver, even two usb ports is so little, however, that you'll likely have to get a hub anyway
[21:24] <Squirm> I think both are designed for education either way. B will just be more all-round
[21:24] <rymate1234> just stick a wifi dongle into the usb port
[21:24] <Amadiro> at least for most applications
[21:24] <Joeboy> I think there must be uses for a tiny, low power, disposably cheap machine with one USB port.
[21:24] <Armand> I'd rather drop both USB ports, than LAN. :P
[21:25] <Amadiro> I haven't seen many people use a model b without hub, yet
[21:25] <Joeboy> Not necessarily traditional uses
[21:25] * calimocho (~calimocho@fedora/calimocho) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[21:25] <murphycr> Amadiro: Mainly because I can't hotplug stuff without one :P
[21:25] * int3nz0r (~int3nz0r@ Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
[21:25] <Amadiro> murphycr, how's that
[21:25] <murphycr> (at least in my case)
[21:26] <murphycr> I thought when they removed the polyfuses it broke direct usb hotplugging
[21:26] * mrph11 (~mrph@silb001-0801-dhcp48.bu.edu) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:26] <Armand> I literally only used the USB when I first got the machine, doing the initial setup connected to my TV.
[21:26] <Amadiro> when did they remove the fuses?
[21:26] <murphycr> With rev 2
[21:27] <Joeboy> I'm not using either USB port or the ethernet port
[21:27] * DeliriumTremens washes rymate1234s mouth out with soap
[21:28] <Joeboy> I need a new pi with the extra header, and am weirdly committed to getting a model A and saving a fiver
[21:28] <Squirm> my model B has 256mb ram :/
[21:28] <Joeboy> mine too
[21:28] <Squirm> I'm annoyed about that
[21:29] <Squirm> but I haven't really got any use for it
[21:29] <gordonDrogon> Squirm, all early model B's have 256MB ...
[21:29] <mdik> pksato: even with remembering primary use. model b alone suffice
[21:29] <Aebleskiver> Joeboy: Is the model A going to be 256 still?
[21:29] <Squirm> gordonDrogon: I know
[21:29] <Joeboy> Aebleskiver: that's what they say
[21:29] <Squirm> I want to get rev 2, a small 7" touch screen, install Android Jellybean and run an in car computer
[21:30] <ReggieUK> good luck with the android atm
[21:30] <gordonDrogon> I just bought a paid of Rev 2 boards - with the intention of selling them on, but the workshop I was running this weekend has been cancelled )-:
[21:30] <murphycr> Squirm: If you do that, throw bluetooth on there, and with a $20 dongle from amazon you can get live data from your car's engine :P
[21:30] <Squirm> ReggieUK: yeah, been keeping tabs. haven't check in a while though. still problems with the acceleration?
[21:31] <Squirm> murphycr: not with my car :/
[21:31] <ReggieUK> afaik yeah
[21:31] <pksato> mdik: Yes, same complaint about the model B. They forget that the RPI are for education.
[21:32] <Squirm> murphycr: but it will have wifi, gps, etc.
[21:32] <Squirm> ReggieUK: ok. don't have the money for the bits yet anyway. so I can wait
[21:32] <Joeboy> Squirm: I think the olimex boards are designed to run android
[21:32] <Squirm> Joeboy: will check it out
[21:33] * Mr_P (~gerhard@chello080108255018.3.14.vie.surfer.at) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[21:33] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[21:33] <murphycr> Squirm: Just do me one favor and include a low voltage protection circuit. Dead batteries suck :P
[21:34] * Syliss (~Home@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:34] <Squirm> murphycr: I'd figure out how to wire it into the ignition(or wherever), so that it'll only run if the car is on
[21:35] <mdik> pksato: i'm confident that, given some time for the nerds to figure out all the nice things one might watn tot to with an rpi, the solid documentation for children will follow (and there already are books on that matter)
[21:38] <pronto> i'm a horrible and disquesting person... to get wvdial dial to start on boot... i just tossed "wvdial &" in the init.d script for sshd start) case
[21:38] <mdik> but i'm in my third bottle of beer this evening and seems to occur to me that the damage one bike-accident earlier today left may be more significant than i thought... good night
[21:38] * murphycr beats pronto with his raspberry pi
[21:38] <pronto> xD
[21:38] <murphycr> Why would you _EVER_ do that?
[21:39] * Squirm eyes pronto
[21:39] <pronto> murphycr: i wanted wvdial to start on boot :(
[21:39] <pronto> quickest way i could think of doing it
[21:39] <murphycr> you know there is an rc.local script for that
[21:39] <pronto> but i'm lazy xD
[21:40] <pronto> but now on boot, it starts it, and with a cronjob running autossh , it creates a remote tunnel to my vps for ssh :D
[21:40] * BlueDreams (~matt@24-205-95-34.dhcp.psdn.ca.charter.com) Quit (Quit: BlueDreams)
[21:40] * Holden (~holden@unaffiliated/holdenc) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:43] * drago757 (~drago757@mobile-198-228-227-225.mycingular.net) Quit (Quit: drago757)
[21:43] * h0cin (~h0cin@unaffiliated/h0cin) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:47] * smw (~smw@unaffiliated/smw) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:48] * Sendoushi (~Musok@cm2-84-91-84-50.netvisao.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:51] * bortzmeyer (~stephane@2a01:e35:8bd9:8bb0:5c7e:a341:65eb:eb9e) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:51] * phorce1 (~gvl2@pdpc/supporter/active/phorce1) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[21:51] * peetaur2 (~peter@hmbg-4d06ee1d.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:52] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:53] * BCMM (~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm) has joined #raspberrypi
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[21:53] * phorce1 (~gvl2@pdpc/supporter/active/phorce1) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:54] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:54] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:55] <Torikun> upgrading the kernel in arch using ext3 failed (
[21:55] <Torikun> pi no boot
[21:55] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:55] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:56] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:57] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[21:58] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:58] <Armand> Torikun, RASPBIAN! :D
[21:58] <Torikun> ol
[21:59] * rstrt (~rstrt@unaffiliated/rstrt) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:59] <Torikun> BUG" Bad page state in process swapper I get
[21:59] * Belaf (~campedel@3-254.197-178.cust.bluewin.ch) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[21:59] * Armand has no clue..
[21:59] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:01] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:01] * Welington (~Welington@mvx-200-196-57-166.mundivox.com) Quit (Quit: Saindo)
[22:01] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:01] * Syliss (~Home@ Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[22:02] * DaQatz (~DB@pool-71-161-203-230.burl.east.myfairpoint.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:02] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:02] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:03] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[22:05] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:05] * rolleiflex (~rolleifle@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[22:05] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:05] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:05] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:06] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:06] * TeRrOrHuRtZ (~luke@66-188-39-196.static.bycy.mi.charter.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:08] * dero (~dero@p548B5BA9.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[22:11] * debenham (~cjd@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:12] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:12] * Phosphate- (~james@ec2-50-19-211-93.compute-1.amazonaws.com) Quit (Client Quit)
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[22:21] <Torikun> worked better 2nd time, great
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[22:33] <TomWij> Torikun: Do you know whether I need to do anything special to get it to use the _x files?
[22:33] <Torikun> TomWij: I do not understand
[22:33] <TomWij> bootcode.bin cmdline.txt config.txt fixup.dat fixup_x.dat kernel.img start.elf start_x.elf
[22:34] <Torikun> I never used/modified those
[22:34] <Torikun> onlt cmdline and config
[22:34] <TomWij> The new codecs are in the _x files, will it automatically load them if they are present like that or will I need to rename / modify something to get it to use them?
[22:34] <Torikun> you moved to arch from gentoo?
[22:34] <TomWij> Okay, anyone else?
[22:34] <TomWij> No, Gentoo.
[22:35] * SgrA (~sgra@unaffiliated/sgra) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[22:35] <TomWij> Hmm, maybe I need to do start_file=start_x.elf and fixup_file=fixup_x.elf in config.txt, let's see...
[22:35] <parabyte> TomWij, x files!!!
[22:35] <parabyte> :)
[22:35] * |Jeroen| (~jeroen@d5153E72C.access.telenet.be) Quit (Quit: Toedels)
[22:37] * S0-2 is now known as SgrA
[22:37] <TomWij> Okay, dunno whether that worked, but it rebooted fine.
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[22:49] <[ill]will> anyone have an issue when hotplugging a wifi card that the pi freezez and drops ehternet connectivity
[22:50] <IT_Sean> Are you plugging the wifi dongle into a powered hub? or right into the Pi?
[22:50] <[ill]will> into the pi
[22:51] <IT_Sean> Try a powered hub. It may be trying to draw too much powah.
[22:51] <[ill]will> it works fine if i boot with it in
[22:51] <IT_Sean> odd.
[22:51] <IT_Sean> okay... so much for my theory.
[22:51] <[ill]will> i think maybe the drop of voltage makes the pi cry
[22:51] <IT_Sean> can you hotplug other USB stuff without a problem?
[22:51] * lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
[22:52] <[ill]will> i think at one point i had a keyboard issue when i first tried last week
[22:54] <[ill]will> this edimax was a pain in the butt to get working
[22:54] <[ill]will> i finally got it to work on one network
[22:54] * redarrow (~quassel@unaffiliated/redarrow) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:54] <mjr> Had the same thing with hotplugging a logitech dinovo mini usb dongle, whereas a memory stick would work fine. I presume it's a momentary voltage drop indeed, but haven't bothered much with it.
[22:55] * Weaselweb (~quassel@77-64-181-50.dynamic.primacom.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:55] <[ill]will> i need to find a usb hub that is both small and cheap
[22:56] <Torikun> I am looking for a wife with those trains also
[22:57] <[ill]will> unless your pi makes crack, good luck
[22:57] * redarrow_ (~quassel@unaffiliated/redarrow) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[23:01] <Torikun> lol
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[23:25] <[ill]will> i can have wifi and ehtenet running at same time right?
[23:27] * AeroNotix (~xeno@abny103.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:27] * b03tz (52485bdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
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[23:28] <b03tz> Hi y'all :) I've got a MCP3008 question
[23:28] <b03tz> Anyone can help?
[23:29] <gordonDrogon> A/D converter?
[23:29] <b03tz> Yes
[23:30] <b03tz> I doesn't seem to matter which resistor I hook up to the channel 0
[23:30] <b03tz> I always reads max voltage...
[23:30] <b03tz> When disconnected, it reads 0
[23:30] <gordonDrogon> that's probably right.
[23:31] <gordonDrogon> you need 2 resistors in a divider.
[23:31] <b03tz> What?
[23:31] <gordonDrogon> you need 2 resistors in a divider.
[23:31] <b03tz> Ah thanks
[23:31] <b03tz> What?
[23:31] <b03tz> :D
[23:31] <b03tz> A divider...
[23:31] <b03tz> I think I know what you mean
[23:31] <b03tz> Hold on ;)
[23:31] <gordonDrogon> if you connect just one to +ve then that will read max.
[23:31] * bortzmeyer (~stephane@2a01:e35:8bd9:8bb0:5c7e:a341:65eb:eb9e) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[23:31] <b03tz> Because the resistors limits the current flow not the voltage
[23:31] <b03tz> ?
[23:32] <gordonDrogon> so wire 2 resistors in series between +ve and 0v and connect the mid-point to the input.
[23:32] <gordonDrogon> yes, it's current limiting.
[23:34] <b03tz> Got it...
[23:34] <b03tz> Awesome :)
[23:34] <b03tz> Works like a charm
[23:34] <b03tz> Thank you sir.
[23:34] * WeeJeWel (~WeeJeWel@ has joined #raspberrypi
[23:36] <gordonDrogon> read up on some more basic electronics. e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltage_divider
[23:36] <b03tz> I will :)
[23:37] <gordonDrogon> how are you driving the SPI bus?
[23:37] <Torikun> an SD card moving very slow in format probably not a good sign: 3149824/3869851
[23:37] <Torikun> barely moving
[23:39] <b03tz> gordonDrogon: bitbang
[23:39] <b03tz> =)
[23:39] <b03tz> This is my first try with SPI...so I'm glad it works at all >:D
[23:42] * karolis_fn is now known as bacilla
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[23:45] <b03tz> Can a DS18B20 also be read with bitbanging a GPIO port?
[23:46] <rstrt> Does anyone know where to start using the GPIO with Arch?
[23:47] * b03tz (52485bdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: thank :))
[23:47] <gordonDrogon> b03tz, I'd use the kernel SPI driver myself (and I do)
[23:47] * asaru (~whydent@unaffiliated/asaru) Quit (Excess Flood)
[23:47] <gordonDrogon> rstrt, what language?
[23:48] <pronto> (please say english)
[23:48] * Nemo7 (~nemo@unaffiliated/nemo7) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:48] <gordonDrogon> programming language...
[23:48] <rstrt> gordonDragon; No preference as I'll likely have to learn as I go no matter what
[23:49] <gordonDrogon> rstrt, wiringPi - is a library I've written to access the gpio from the shell, C/C++ ...
[23:49] <pronto> gordonDrogon: thatthejoke.jpg
[23:49] <rstrt> Perfect, that's where I'll start looking. (I have a very small amount of experience with C++ so that's a good starting point.)
[23:50] <gordonDrogon> https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/
[23:50] * [SkG] (~sconde@unaffiliated/skg/x-897332) Quit (Quit: Saliendo)
[23:50] <gordonDrogon> lots of examples, etc. there.
[23:51] <rstrt> Gracias, I'll check it out when I have more time.
[23:52] * rstrt (~rstrt@unaffiliated/rstrt) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[23:52] <gordonDrogon> ok.
[23:52] <gordonDrogon> and on that note I'm off to bed. early start tomorrow )-:
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[23:58] * DDave (~DDave@unaffiliated/ddave) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:58] <DDave> Gentlemen, could I use the GPIO as a IR-receiver input?
[23:59] <DDave> whops, google-foo failed me
[23:59] * DDave apologizes for the silly question
[23:59] * poli (poli@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)

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