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[20:30] <datagutt> I had to roll back to a 7 day old backup for logs
[20:30] <datagutt> Had some issues when updating debian
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[20:34] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: yup. but it's quite anemic for anything not trivial.
[20:34] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: and io performance is abyssal. even compared to vps.
[20:35] <TheSnide> for znc or simple web hosting, it does fit the bill.
[20:36] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: that said, for anything text-based, it is quite nice :)
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[20:39] <DarkByD3sign> Thesnide, would the Pi act as my VPS
[20:40] <DarkByD3sign> Ahh.. I'm trying to make it so I don't have to rent a vps
[20:40] <DarkByD3sign> Admittedly I have other needs for it too but..
[20:43] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: well, i still rent a vps :)
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[20:44] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: mostly because of better conectivity, no "oops, i tripped on the cable", etc.
[20:45] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: serves different needs, imho.
[20:45] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: but, if you only have a vps for znc, well... go for Rpi then :)
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[20:59] <DarkByD3sign> Sorry, my connection died :(
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[21:05] <TheSnide> DarkByD3sign: :)
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[21:18] <Mortvert> This took too long for me to remember. ??_o
[21:18] <DarkByD3sign> \clear
[21:19] <Mortvert> I wonder when the display slot on the board will be working
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[21:24] <jigoe> Umm, what is the proper way to use libusb on the pi, include <usb.h> and then compile with l-usb? I tried that and I get linking problems still.
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[21:24] <xmath279> Hey guys, I was wondering if we can log onto Bukkit servers through Minecraft "Pi" Edition
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[22:00] <Mortvert> xmath279 - um. no. it's minecraft PE
[22:00] <xmath279> oh okay ^^
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[22:19] <PrototypeShogun> anyone come up with what it takes to get the raspberry pi to identify as a usb device?
[22:20] <SpeedEvil> don't think it can
[22:21] <SpeedEvil> at least the model b can't.
[22:21] <PrototypeShogun> it doesn't look like it just can be toggled or anything like that, but I'm curious if we could fake it out with the gpio interface
[22:21] <SpeedEvil> no
[22:21] <PrototypeShogun> I'm kinda getting in over my head :)
[22:21] <SpeedEvil> USB is a complex timing dependant interface.
[22:22] <pksato> use usb to usb connection dongle.
[22:22] <SpeedEvil> you can't fake it like that
[22:22] <chithead> I don't think gpio is electrically compatible with usb
[22:22] <PrototypeShogun> usb to usb connection dongle sounds interesting
[22:22] <akk> What kind of device are you trying to emulate? Storage, network or what?
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[22:22] <PrototypeShogun> Midi
[22:22] <mgottschlag> actually, usb 1.1 is 3.3V, so that should even work with gpio
[22:22] <PrototypeShogun> usb-midi to be specific
[22:22] <PrototypeShogun> but I suppose I could use a teensy and midi out to the gpio on the pi
[22:23] <chithead> the bcm2835 itself can work as usb otg but not the smsc network chip that connects to the bcm2835 usb port on model b
[22:23] <pksato> rpi as midi controller?
[22:23] <PrototypeShogun> It needs to identify in that way to the computer, yes
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[22:23] <chithead> usb uses differential signaling
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[22:24] <PrototypeShogun> And encapsulate all incoming and outgoing midi data through rtp-midi over the ethernet interface
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[22:24] <PrototypeShogun> differental signaling...? Yep, I'm in over my head lol
[22:24] <pksato> MPU-401
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[22:26] <PrototypeShogun> it seems like, to compensate for my ignorance, ill have to pair it with a teensy or arduino flashed to usb-midi
[22:26] <PrototypeShogun> until I learn more :)
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[22:48] <DeichShaf> hi folks, does the HDMI-port on Raspi RevB have problems using HDMI-devices that do sent wrong EDID-data? my videoprojector seems to send EDID-data that it is only capable of 800x600@50Hz but in fact is capabale of 1920x1080@up to 120Hz
[22:49] <DeichShaf> i'm worrying about that, since i tried to get the projector running using ubuntu today and all i got was that louse svga-resolution
[22:49] <DeichShaf> s/louse/lousy
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[22:58] <Encrypt> The RPi Saver Circuit seems finished \o/
[22:58] <Encrypt> With the important participation of mgottschlag :)
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[23:09] <Bushmills> DeichShaf: no idea, but - why should raspberry try a higher resolution with a device which claims that it isn't capable of it
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[23:10] <Bushmills> you may want to look into /boot/ raspberry configuration whether tweaking the video settings can help
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[23:12] <Encrypt> Still nobody knows when the GPIO ports are turned off when the Raspberry Pi is shtdown?
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[23:16] <chod> monitor them and shutdown
[23:17] <Encrypt> The only thing I have to do is to test I think...
[23:17] <Encrypt> It would be great if it stopped right after shutdown :)
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[23:21] <chod> you mean go low ?
[23:22] <chod> or what ever you leave running stops ?
[23:24] <Encrypt> Imagine the state of the pin is "high"
[23:24] <Encrypt> Then I shutdown my pi
[23:25] <Encrypt> chod, Do you know when does the pin goes "low" as you say (V = 0) during the process?
[23:29] <chod> how you you define when
[23:29] <chod> stick a meter on it
[23:29] <chod> and watch it go low
[23:30] <Encrypt> Ya, thats the only solution
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