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[0:00] <Datalink> an RPi would 'blow chunks' trying to run a Minecraft server
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[0:13] <Duality> hi
[0:13] <Duality> yt won't run youtube videos could someone help me figure out why :)?
[0:14] <shiftplusone> What are you using to try to play the videos?
[0:15] <Duality> shiftplusone: don't fully understand but i followed this: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=8157
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[0:16] <shiftplusone> does youtube-dl work?
[0:16] <na85> gyeben: "blows chunks" == "is awful"
[0:16] <shiftplusone> download a vieo with youtube-dl then use omxplayer to play it
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[0:18] <Duality> shiftplusone: it say unable to download video
[0:18] <shiftplusone> have you updated it?
[0:18] <sandman> Does KVM + qemu work decently for emulating x86 on the RPi?
[0:18] <Datalink> sudo youtube-dl -U
[0:18] <sandman> Does the RPi even have hardware accelerated virtualization? I'm guessing not.
[0:18] <Duality> shiftplusone: i've installed it with apt-get
[0:19] <shiftplusone> sandman, forget kvm, it doesn't work that way.
[0:19] <Datalink> Duality, run the command I just said, youtube-dl has to update much faster than repos can keep up
[0:19] <shiftplusone> what he said ^
[0:20] <sandman> KVM is useful for running, say, x86 code in a virtualized environment on an x86 host system, right? Not useful for running x86 code on an ARM host system
[0:20] <sandman> Is this correct?
[0:20] <Datalink> sandman, hardware accelerated virtualization are CISC chip instructionsets, ARM is a RISC instruction set processor, and operates on a different principle of commands than an Intel or AMD processor
[0:20] <shiftplusone> sandman, aye
[0:20] <Duality> Datalink: cool that worked and is downloading the video :)
[0:20] <Datalink> CISC=Intel/AMD, RISC=ARM/MIPS/AVR and a few others
[0:20] <sandman> So basically it's going to be dog slow to run, say, ReactOS in a qemu window on the RPi
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[0:20] <shiftplusone> Duality, does whitey work now as well?
[0:20] <Datalink> Duality, yay, cool, yeah, if it ever breaks, re-run that to update it
[0:20] <Datalink> whitey is yt
[0:20] <shiftplusone> sandman, aye
[0:21] <sandman> And that's more or less the only way to run x86 code on it
[0:21] <Datalink> sandman, unless it's an ARM port of ReactOS (they exist, I have a copy around here somewehre)
[0:21] <sandman> Yeah but if it's an ARM port of ReactOS, it won't be able to run x86 code
[0:21] <sandman> unless you use qemu
[0:21] <Datalink> ah, yeah, qemu is the only method, really, sorry
[0:22] <shiftplusone> Datalink, really? ARM port of reactos? Last I heard of it it was just an idea.
[0:22] <CeilingKitten> I saw an article about emulating TEamSpeak x86 on the pi
[0:22] <Duality> yay yt works :) thanks all!
[0:22] <Datalink> shiftplusone, again, I have an SD around here somewhere, I'd probably try using it if I knew more about ReactOS
[0:22] <shiftplusone> Duality, have fun
[0:22] <Datalink> Duality, glad we could help :D
[0:22] <CeilingKitten> it kept it running at like 80% cpu all the time
[0:23] <Datalink> I have a linux laptop next to my Pi for server applications, the Pi's actually more or less an entertainment machine in my setup at times, though most of what it does I could do with the Linux machine, an audio cable and the VGA cable I have on it
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[0:23] <shiftplusone> sandman, I haven't done it, but there is a way to get wine working with qemu and that should be a lot faster than running a whole windows os.
[0:23] <shiftplusone> but still, I can't imagine it being very usable.
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[0:27] <Datalink> I think I added x86 binary QEMU support to my Pi but I haven't tried a binary linux application just yet
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[1:25] <SpeedEvil> I would imagine ti to be at best 10% of the speed of an x86 system
[1:25] <SpeedEvil> So - 60MHz or so might be realistic
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[1:31] <i-make-robots> hi! I've been using my pi for a while, setting up a LAMP stack. then it rebooted and wouldn't appear on the network. I plugged in a monitor and keyboard and get as far as the login but my keystrokes don't seem to wkr.
[1:31] <i-make-robots> any idea what's wrong? I really don't want to wipe the memory card and restart.
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[1:34] <plugwash> keyboard and network both not working sounds like some sort of USB related problem but i'm not sure what to suggest troubleshooting wise
[1:35] <plugwash> probablly the first thing I'd do is get another SD card and put a fresh image on it to check if it was a hardware or a software problem
[1:36] <shiftplusone> I'd think that the first thing to do would be to check the TP1-TP2 voltage
[1:36] <i-make-robots> aaaand now it works.
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[1:40] <dagerik> i-make-robots: did you insert a ethernet? my pi dont connect to wifi when i plug in an ethernet cable. it's an archlinux systemd misconfiguration
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[1:51] <i-make-robots> dagerik: afaik this pi does not have wifi.
[1:52] <i-make-robots> it's a B?
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[2:00] <i-make-robots> seems someone here trolled me a few days ago, suggested I take a few lines out of /boot/cmdline.txt. blew up the network connection. good thing I kept a backup!
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[2:05] <murple> I'm trying to test one of the LEDs on a seven segment display (http://tinyurl.com/kqrq7t9). It's a common cathode display, but I'm not sure what value resistors I can use or how to wire them. Once I get one of the segments to work, I can easily write some code to control everything. Can anyone give me some advice on how to wire this?
[2:07] <SpeedEvil> 20mA is a reasonable guess.
[2:07] <SpeedEvil> What colour is it?
[2:07] <murple> orange, I linked to the product page at farnell.
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[2:07] <murple> SpeedEvil: Where those comments meant for me or not?
[2:07] <SpeedEvil> murple: yes
[2:08] <SpeedEvil> For orange - voltage is probably about 2V. If you have a 3.3V output, you have 1.3V left over. 130 ohms will give you 10mA - which should work well for a display
[2:08] <ShorTie> got a 330 ohm resistor ??
[2:09] <murple> SpeedEvil, Well indeed, the data sheet reads: "forward voltage per segment: 4,2V-5V when test condition is If = 20 mA". If I'm reading it right.
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[2:09] <SpeedEvil> Anything in the range 56-560 ohms shoudl work
[2:09] <murple> ShorTie, I have a bunch of resistors between 100 - 800 Ohm, so that shouldn't be a problem
[2:09] <SpeedEvil> murple: that seems odd.
[2:09] <murple> SpeedEvil, I probably misundertood it then.
[2:09] <SpeedEvil> murple: unless each segment is two LEDs in series
[2:10] <SpeedEvil> Or unless it has integral resistors
[2:10] <murple> here's the datasheet for it: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1519925.pdf
[2:10] <plugwash> looking at the datasheet it seems that each segment is two LEDs in series
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[2:10] <SpeedEvil> That's going to be problematic to power from the Pi
[2:10] <SpeedEvil> The outputs are 3.3V.
[2:11] <murple> plugwash: I didn't notice that, bottom right diagram on first page?
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[2:12] <plugwash> yeah, that diagram is one clue, the other clue is that a much lower forward voltage is listed for the decimal point than the main segment.
[2:12] <murple> Since I have no clue what I'm doing, I purchased another set as well, but the pin layout seemed abnormal which is why I decided not to use them. It's a common anode display: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/609966.pdf
[2:12] <murple> no it's not, it's common cathode as well.
[2:13] <murple> would this display be easier to use/wire from the Pi?
[2:13] <plugwash> seems like it's single LED per segment so you should get away with driving it from the Pi with just series resistors
[2:14] <ShorTie> that 1 thing is gonna suck up all your output you know
[2:14] <ShorTie> or common outputs that is
[2:15] <murple> ShorTie, hmmm.. well, I need two of them, but that's all I will be running from the GPIO pins.
[2:15] <ShorTie> each led is an output
[2:16] <ShorTie> so thats 14 output not counting decimal points
[2:16] <murple> that's right and I don't need the decimal points.
[2:17] <ShorTie> gpio has 8, plus 4 more in board
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[2:17] <ShorTie> still not enough
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[2:17] <murple> ShorTie, What do you mean? There are 17 GPIO pins on my Raspberry PI?
[2:17] <ShorTie> you could put each 1 on a mcp3008 adc
[2:18] <murple> http://www.abluestar.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Raspberry-Pi-GPIO-Layout-Revision-1-e1347664808358.png
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[2:22] <murple> So can anyone advise me on how to wire up any one of the displays I linked to?
[2:23] <sqrrl> use a soft cloth and some water
[2:24] <murple> I didn't mean to sound rude, it's just that it's 2:30 AM here and I was hoping to light up a segment before I hit the sack.
[2:25] <ShorTie> got 2 batteries ??
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[2:25] <plugwash> for a common cathode display with a single LED per segment (e.g. your second display) you'd connect the common cathode to ground and the connect the segment lines to GPIO pins via resistors. I'd probablly start arround 200 ohms or so
[2:26] <sqrrl> by the way kenny is on that png
[2:26] <plugwash> a common cathode display with two LEDs per segment is going to be a major pain to deal with, if you must use a large display with multiple LEDs per segement i'd go common anode since that would allow use of simple transistor switches
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[2:26] <murple> plugwash: Great thank you, the other problem is I can't figure out the pin layout on the second display, it's not like most other displays I've found online.
[2:27] <murple> plugwash: I just want to use the simplest solution, so if only I can figure out the pin layout of the second display, it sounds like that's the one I'll use.
[2:28] <murple> It has 6 pins on each of the sides and one side has an additional pin by itself (the ground pin perhaps?)
[2:30] <plugwash> The datasheet isn't super clear but i'm guessing the pins are numbered like a 16 pin dil IC but with some of the pins missing
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[2:31] <murple> plugwash: Is there someway I can figure this out through trial and error without frying anything?
[2:32] <plugwash> the GPIO voltage of the Pi is lower than the maximum reverse voltage spec so you shouldn't fry anything
[2:33] <murple> hmm... even though I mix up ground and a led lead?
[2:33] <murple> Will a 200 ohm resistor be okay for this display as well?
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[2:41] <ShorTie> before i played with the rPi, i'd play with a couple batteries
[2:43] <ShorTie> i'd start at 330 or 470 for safty
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[2:44] <murple> ShorTie: that's actually really good advice. I already fooled around on the breadboard, with one wire connected to what I thought was the ground pin and checking the other pins I could only briefly light a few of the segments.
[2:44] <murple> ShorTie, Possibly because the rpi was getting short circuited? I don't know.
[2:44] <murple> You mean a 330 or 470 resistor?
[2:44] <ShorTie> ya
[2:44] <murple> gotcha
[2:45] <ShorTie> you did that with no resistors in circuit ??
[2:45] <murple> with a 200 ohm resistor in circuit
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[2:46] <pksato> a
[2:46] <murple> But I suppose if there are for example multiple ground pins on the display and I was connecting them to 3.3V and ground on the rasperry pi, then I just short circuited it.
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[2:47] <pksato> murple: what you trying?
[2:48] <murple> PKodon, I'm trying to connect two seven segment displays to the Raspberry Pi. I'm having difficulty figuring out the pin layout of one of the displays.
[2:49] <murple> This one: http://no.farnell.com/avago-technologies/hdsp-c8a3/led-display-20-4mm-deep-red-cc/dp/1830025?Ntt=1830025
[2:49] <PKodon> murple: Um, I think you meant pksato
[2:49] <murple> I just managed to get segment A to light by using a 470 resistor and a battery. So that's progress!
[2:49] <PKodon> But, that sounds like an interesting project.
[2:49] <murple> PKodon, sorry.
[2:49] <juliend> shiftplusone: hi, i try compil gitit on qemu img on raspbian, with 2go swap, and, i have an error in compilation... i'll never success... so, I try directly on raspberry with 1gb swap file... and, error too... on my ubuntu, no problem :-(
[2:50] <murple> hehe, I wasn't expecting it to be a project in itself though!
[2:50] <shiftplusone> juliend, what's the error?
[2:50] <murple> shiftplusone, gosh you're quick.
[2:50] <pksato> just connec randon gpio to rando anode pins on display.
[2:50] <pksato> connect
[2:50] <murple> pksato, Yeah, I'm testing....
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[2:51] <murple> if I got one to light, it should be a snap....
[2:51] <ShorTie> but don't you need to turn the gpio pin high/on first ??
[2:52] <pksato> but, RPi dont have suficient pins to wire twi display.
[2:52] <murple> ShorTie, I'm testing against a 3.5V battery.
[2:52] <pksato> to get 16pins need to displabe uart and i2c and others alternate functions.
[2:53] <murple> pksato: I tested the GPIO of all the pins on my RPi and could control 16 of them with Python without any problems.
[2:54] <murple> The only pin that didn't work was pin #7, GPIO04, but I'm using that with a temperature sensor anyhow.
[2:55] <pksato> or, multiplex display, and use only 10 pins (or less)
[2:55] <murple> I ran a blink program on each of the 16 GPIO pins and used a multimeter to observe the voltage switch between 3.3V and 0V. So it seems to be okay.
[2:55] <murple> pksato: I was hoping to keep the hardware as simple as possible, since I am a complete newbie.
[2:57] <ShorTie> so you can make eack segment light up with a battery and resistor ??
[2:57] <murple> ShorTie, so far only segment A, but I'm trying to test the others.... should work.
[2:59] <juliend> ShorTie: i don't remember, never the same on qemo or rpi
[2:59] <juliend> ShorTie: sorry
[2:59] <juliend> shiftplusone: i don't remember, never the same on qemo or rpi
[3:01] <shiftplusone> juliend, giving both of them may be helpful, but really, I don't have much faith in it compiling.
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[3:16] <murple> So in case anyone by any chance was wondering, this is what the pin layout looks like on the avago 7 segment displays: http://www.sitadella.com/avagoPinLayout.pdf
[3:16] * lwizardl (~lwizardl@c-68-62-80-172.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:16] <lwizardl> hello
[3:19] * enque (~enque@ip70-160-27-9.hr.hr.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[3:45] <Carp1> Hello.
[3:46] * ozzzy waves
[3:47] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
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[3:50] * Carp is now known as Carp1
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[3:55] <Gorroth> is there a distro for raspberry pi that is a little more practical than raspbian? for example, raspbian does not include all the files for OGRE3d, because the debian maintainers didn't think some of the files met their standards
[3:56] <Gorroth> but i'm a practical person and don't care about that and would just like to use the rpi
[3:56] <Carp> You can install any Distro you want on the Pi
[3:56] <Gorroth> ubuntu repos have the files. let me check if there's basically ubuntu for rpi
[3:57] * Gadget-Mac (~swp@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[3:58] <ShorTie> or gcc, the i did it my way command
[3:58] * lwizardl (~lwizardl@c-68-62-80-172.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has left #raspberrypi
[3:59] <sney> Gorroth: if ubuntu has armel that will work, but it'd be pretty slow. you'd probably be better off building your own ogre3d packages for raspbian
[3:59] <Gorroth> right now i'm setting up to build my own packages
[3:59] <Gorroth> i know raspbian has the hard float optimizations; did those get ported upstream yet?
[3:59] <CeilingKitten> Gorroth, the ubuntu capable of armv8 for pi i think was roughly Ubuntu 8.x
[4:00] <CeilingKitten> armv6* sorry
[4:00] <CeilingKitten> i wanna say 8.41
[4:00] <shiftplusone> You're not going to gain anything by going to ancient ubuntu repos =/
[4:00] <CeilingKitten> ubuntu is based of debian, so is raspbian
[4:01] <shiftplusone> if you need ogre3d and it compiles on ARM, you're better of compiling it yourself.
[4:03] <Gorroth> i'll build it, and i'll dream of murdering the debian maintainers
[4:03] <CeilingKitten> lol
[4:05] <CeilingKitten> besides most of the stuff from the ubuntu 8.41 repo would be outdated, and prolly not catered to your machine, atleast compiling it yourself will always get you the best compatibility & performance.
[4:05] <shiftplusone> I don't think ogre3d's opengl es engine will work on the pi without a little bit of patching anyway
[4:06] <CeilingKitten> =\ might be a #raspberrypi-internals question soon
[4:06] * Shirakawasuna (~Shirakawa@184-77-202-94.war.clearwire-wmx.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[4:06] <sney> Gorroth: the hard float optimizations for the pi are unlikely to be ported upstream since they are for an older cpu architecture. I guess it's not impossible, depending on how ubiquitous the raspberry pi becomes, but for now armhf upstream is armv7 and up only
[4:06] <shiftplusone> that's not what the internals channel deals with. They're rever engineering the gpu.
[4:07] <shiftplusone> *reverse
[4:07] <sney> and as for the maintainers, it's not their call. your beef is with the debian policy. and good luck with that one, heh.
[4:08] * mzac (~zac@unaffiliated/mzac) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[4:08] * sqrrl is now known as sqzzz
[4:10] <CeilingKitten> Odd question for someone getting continous ping timeouts and disconencts on a specific irc from a bad hop through tracert, is it possible to change the route
[4:10] <CeilingKitten> problem is not on my end or the irc's end its somewhere in between, would a proxy or vpn suffice in avoiding that bad hop ?
[4:10] <CeilingKitten> or would a BNC type thing be better-ish?
[4:11] <sney> a proxy, vpn, or bnc could all avoid that bad hop depending on where the given server is in the internet
[4:13] <Gorroth> i know my problem is with the debian policy. probably the maintainers came up with it
[4:13] <Gorroth> i shall dream of murderous rage :)
[4:13] <CeilingKitten> ah, i havent figured out which hop it is yet but im waiting to disconnect again, it seems almost daily i timeout like like every 2 minutes and reconnect and its annoying to everyone and me lol because i like to see the scrollback
[4:13] <shiftplusone> hmm... to set up a git server on my vps or just use github =/
[4:13] <CeilingKitten> thanks sney,
[4:16] <sney> Gorroth: maintainers make and maintain packages. developers make decisions.
[4:17] <sney> and considering the age of the debian policy, there are likely very few of the same developers still around. but sure, vent your imaginary rage wherever you want, I guess.
[4:17] <sney> or you could file a wishlist bug to get your ogre thing into non-free or contrib, depending, and cite the fact that most of the work has been done by ubuntu already so it'd be easy. Hell, even ITP it yourself.
[4:19] * divine (~divine@2001:470:8247:1::42) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[4:20] * divine (~divine@2001:470:8247:1::42) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:22] <Gorroth> whoever the current developers are have control over the policy
[4:22] <Gorroth> doesn't matter who originally made it
[4:23] <Gorroth> nah, i won't do any of that
[4:23] <Gorroth> too lazy
[4:24] * sleetdrop (~sleetdrop@ Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
[4:25] * Carp (~Babbel@cpe-72-226-8-229.nycap.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:26] * Carp (~Carp@cpe-72-226-8-229.nycap.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:28] * harish (~harish@cm32.zeta224.maxonline.com.sg) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:33] <sney> then arguably you have no right to complain.
[4:37] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:39] * lys (~user@cpe-68-173-235-75.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: lys)
[4:41] * groundnuty (~orzech@89-65-28-171.dynamic.chello.pl) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:42] <Gorroth> actually, yes i do
[4:42] <Gorroth> people can always have the right to complain
[4:42] * Out`Of`Control (~Viper@unaffiliated/outofcontrol/x-1373891) Quit (Quit: Free Software, Free Hardware, Free Culture, Free Spectrum)
[4:43] <na85> yes that's true, but nobody is obligated to listen/do anything about it ;)
[4:43] <na85> and neither does free speech exist in a private medium like IRC
[4:44] <sney> s/right/grounds/
[4:44] <na85> ^
[4:44] * Noodlewitt (~Noodlewit@182-239-233-202.ip.adam.com.au) Quit (Quit: Noodlewitt)
[4:44] <Gorroth> too busy to do anything about it
[4:44] <Gorroth> do too much dev work myself
[4:45] <na85> i guess you're SOL then
[4:46] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-25-243.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[4:47] <Gorroth> wow, did it make you happy to get a quip in
[4:48] * herdingcat (~huli@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:50] * Aww is now known as BarackObama
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[4:52] * BarackObama is now known as Aww
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[5:09] * peterrus (~peterrus@5469EEFF.cm-12-2d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:12] <na85> nah it wasn't a quip. it was more like me saying "i guess you're out of options"
[5:15] * \\Mr_C\\ (mrc@adsl-98-89-27-12.mgm.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[5:22] <groundnuty> hey, looking for wifi usb adapter that would work well with http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN66U/ and preferably did not require active usb hub
[5:22] * Shirakawasuna (~Shirakawa@184-77-202-94.war.clearwire-wmx.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:25] <shiftplusone> a little too specific there
[5:26] <groundnuty> why? I assume u all know more a less what adapters are fine with pi
[5:26] <groundnuty> + which ones require etra power
[5:26] <shiftplusone> sure, but there you narrow it down to working with a specific router and no powered hub.
[5:27] <shiftplusone> While there are some wifi sticks that works without a powered hub, it's rare.
[5:27] <DeliriumTremens> i tried exactly one USB wifi adapter
[5:27] * heathkid (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[5:27] * heathkid|2 (~heathkid@unaffiliated/heathkid) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:27] <DeliriumTremens> then vowed to just stick with eth
[5:27] <DeliriumTremens> dropped packets....dropped packets everywhere
[5:27] <groundnuty> specyfic router - in this case I wanted to show that is's kinda high speed
[5:28] <shiftplusone> groundnuty, it's not a problem or anything, I am just not expecting anyone to be particularly helpful. You could try http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Wi-Fi_Adapters , since that's about as good as it gets
[5:28] <groundnuty> + by asking that I tought I might get some answer like - usb adapters with letsa say 5Ghz always need estra power
[5:29] <groundnuty> shiftplusone: was the first place I looked :)
[5:30] <shiftplusone> Well, good luck, hopefully someone will help.
[5:30] * piney__ (~piney0@unaffiliated/piney0) has joined #raspberrypi
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[6:27] * AnimaSeverem (~anima@68-112-19-15.dhcp.ahvl.nc.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:27] <AnimaSeverem> Is the NOOBS install of RasBMC broken or something?
[6:28] <AnimaSeverem> Every single time I've tried to install it I get boot loops and no add-ons
[6:33] * AnimaSeverem (~anima@68-112-19-15.dhcp.ahvl.nc.charter.com) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
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[8:20] * raidensnake (568ccf43@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[8:20] <raidensnake> hey guys
[8:21] <raidensnake> does anyone know the best way of compiling the openGL libraries without X?
[8:22] * Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
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[8:52] * cjoe (~customerj@fibhost-66-7-177.fibernet.hu) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:52] <kaste> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3326641/opengl-without-x-org-in-linux maybe?
[8:52] * Tachyon` (~tachyon@cpc1-york2-0-0-cust932.7-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:58] <raidensnake> hey
[9:00] <raidensnake> any way of telling it to compile?
[9:00] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[9:12] <kaste> May I ask why you want that
[9:12] <kaste> I don't think this makes a lot of sense
[9:13] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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[9:19] <Xark> raidensnake: Sure, just look in /opt/vc directory for some examples.
[9:19] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:21] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[9:21] * pkrnj (~pkrnj@bas2-montreal47-1279438707.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:22] <raidensnake> i need to compile it for a game that doesn't use X
[9:22] <Xark> kaste: X is just a waste of memory (or worse) for OpenGL on RPi. The GPU prefers full screen. :)
[9:22] <raidensnake> but FTGL moans about needing it
[9:22] <halfie> are nightly images for raspbian available?
[9:23] <Xark> raidensnake: You may have to do some tweaks, but I suggest copying the init code from the RPi examples (and once the screen is setup, OpenGL ES will behave normally). Of course if this game expects OpenGL (not ES), you have more porting work to do.
[9:23] <raidensnake> well it's GLES based but it's the dependency it needs
[9:23] <raidensnake> it wants standard GL
[9:24] <Xark> raidensnake: Like I said, some porting work. :)
[9:24] <raidensnake> the dependency is FTGL
[9:24] <Xark> raidensnake: OK, ditch that then.
[9:25] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:25] <raidensnake> i can't cause that is needed to call entries for the GLES backend
[9:25] <raidensnake> basicly FTGLES has enteies it relies on from the main FTGL
[9:25] <Xark> raidensnake: Well, run slow under X then. :)
[9:25] <raidensnake> sort of like a placeholder without actually using the non GLES library
[9:28] <Xark> raidensnake: If you have source for everything, just remove any non OpenGL ES includes (e.g., GLX etc.) and then fix any compile errors (but substituting a OpenGL ES function).
[9:29] <Xark> raidensnake: If it is not used much, then hopefully not too many errors. However, if you aren't used to this kind of refactoring it may be difficult (and get messy).
[9:32] * KidBeta (~KidBeta@hpavc/kidbeta) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:32] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[9:33] <raidensnake> well i have to build FTGL
[9:34] <raidensnake> but it moans about libGL
[9:34] <Xark> raidensnake: Yes, you will need to hack it.
[9:35] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:36] <raidensnake> hmm... i had an idea
[9:36] <raidensnake> copy the ftgles configure files
[9:38] * double-you (~Miranda@188-193-36-2-dynip.superkabel.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:41] * SwK (krice@freeswitch/developer/swk) Quit (Excess Flood)
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[10:25] * Dooley (~Dooley@dslb-178-007-181-230.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:25] <Dooley> Good morning
[10:25] <Dooley> I am looking for a good python IDE which I can use in the shell in my pi
[10:26] <Dooley> I am using VIM, I tried adding customizations I could find, but it slowed down the pi way too much
[10:26] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:28] * morlog (~morlog@unaffiliated/morlog) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:45] <shiftplusone> Dooley, vim slowed down your pi? that doesn't sound right at all
[10:46] <[Saint]> he did say "customizations" though...
[10:46] <[Saint]> maybe there's an emacs plugin for vim :)
[10:47] <shiftplusone> heh
[10:47] <[Saint]> emacs has vim mode, seems logical :)
[10:49] <shiftplusone> either way, I wouldn't rule VIM out because of terrible 'customizations'
[10:49] <[Saint]> without more specifics, indeed.
[10:53] * shiftplusone sighs
[10:53] <shiftplusone> setting up git is... not intuitive =/
[10:53] <[Saint]> in reference to?
[10:53] <shiftplusone> in reference to my day having disappeared somewhere >=/
[10:54] * destrudo is now known as actualScenewhore
[10:54] <[Saint]> git is trivial, other services that attch to it and have nothing to do with git itself, can be bothersome, but still trivial.
[10:54] <kaste> shiftplusone: what big thing is there to setup?
[10:54] <[Saint]> kaste: just wondering that myself.
[10:54] <shiftplusone> exactly >_<
[10:55] * SgrA (~sgra@gateway/tor-sasl/sgra) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[10:55] <shiftplusone> it took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize it can work over ssh quite happily
[10:55] <[Saint]> so...s/git/unrelated git-managing services/?
[10:56] <shiftplusone> pretty much
[10:56] <[Saint]> Right, much easier to parse.
[10:57] <Dooley> shiftplusone, i Tried to install what I could find here: http://sontek.net/blog/detail/turning-vim-into-a-modern-python-ide
[10:57] * SgrA (~sgra@gateway/tor-sasl/sgra) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:57] <shiftplusone> It's not so much learning to use git (and/or unrelated git-managing services), but unlearning other things... since it doesn't work the way I expected it to at all.
[10:58] <kaste> well gitolite is worth it in my opinion
[10:58] <Dooley> what I am really interested in is the documentation, and list of function for each class for autocompletion
[10:59] <[Saint]> only if you're paranoid about githib et al for some reason.
[10:59] <[Saint]> *github
[10:59] <shiftplusone> After I found the documentation on http://git-scm.com/ everything seems to be going smoothly though.
[10:59] <Dooley> I guess I need pydoc but I can't figure how to install it
[10:59] <shiftplusone> Dooley, I would suggest you start small and build up. Only add what you need.
[11:00] <Dooley> yes, documentation is kind of a must have to start for me
[11:00] <Dooley> the link I sent along installs pydoc, but I can't figure how to install pydoc alone
[11:01] <Dooley> it installs all sorts of crazy stuff (pathogen?) via crazy stuff 5git?)
[11:01] <shiftplusone> Dooley, where you have all the git submodule add lines.... don't run all of them
[11:03] * cccyRegeane_Away is now known as cccyRegeaneWolfe
[11:03] <[Saint]> shiftplusone: see: http://gitref.org/
[11:04] <halfie> getting a new pi soon :-) excited.
[11:04] <shiftplusone> [Saint], that looks great, thanks.
[11:05] * pkrnj (~pkrnj@bas2-montreal47-1279438707.dsl.bell.ca) Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
[11:05] <[Saint]> Saved me a few times early on.
[11:06] * tanuva (~tanuva@gssn-5f7558f5.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[11:07] <shiftplusone> Ah, "It is often easier to learn Git by trying to forget your assumptions about how version control works and try to think about it in the Git way"... pretty much exactly what I said before.
[11:08] <[Saint]> If you can from subversion...cleanse your mind, that is useless to you now, you're on the dark side. :)
[11:08] * imark (~mark@client-82-26-186-155.pete.adsl.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[11:08] <[Saint]> s/can/came/
[11:09] <[Saint]> Actually, you can pretty much do s/subversion/any_version_control_system/ there
[11:10] * rbeef (~rbeef@ Quit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
[11:11] * selorami (~mika@ has joined #raspberrypi
[11:11] <Dooley> any idea what that means? Change pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles() to pathogen#incubate()
[11:12] * SgrA (~sgra@gateway/tor-sasl/sgra) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[11:12] <[Saint]> http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8945358/Big-quake-shakes-central-New-Zealand
[11:12] <ShorTie> you don't know what it means or just don't know where it is ??
[11:13] <[Saint]> blargh.
[11:13] <[Saint]> whoops...
[11:13] <Dooley> I have no clue what it means
[11:13] <[Saint]> ShorTie: a little A, a little B, I suspect. :)
[11:14] <ShorTie> welp, grep is your friend to find stuff
[11:17] * NIN101 (~NIN@p5DD297B0.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[11:18] * lucky (~lucky@unaffiliated/lucky) Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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[11:33] <Dooley> ok my pydoc is working fine because I can access the doc from the shell
[11:33] <Dooley> I can't get it to work in vim though I get this:
[11:33] <Dooley> No manual entry for import
[11:33] <Dooley> shell returned 16
[11:33] <Dooley> Press ENTER or type command to continue
[11:33] <Dooley> anone had this issue aloready?
[11:38] * Thra11 (~Thra11@ has joined #raspberrypi
[11:39] * shiftplusone (~Shift@unaffiliated/shiftplusone) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
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[11:51] <gordonDrogon> morning pi peeps.
[11:52] * ParkerR (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[11:53] <ShorTie> good mornin
[11:54] * ParkerR (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr) has joined #raspberrypi
[11:55] * grandie (~Grandad@p57ACD0A8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[11:56] <BurtyB> mornings
[11:57] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccyRegeane_Away
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[12:25] * andrewvos (~root@tiny.andrewvos.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:26] <andrewvos> Hi all. I'm trying to buy the parts to build an alarm clock that plays spotify music, but am kind of lost where to find the actual alarm clock. It would have to be pretty cheap, look reasonable, and have an audio input.
[12:26] <andrewvos> Anyone know of anything like this?
[12:27] <andrewvos> I've done some massive googling and basically everything out there is an iPod/iPhone dock :(
[12:27] * cheasee (~cheasee@2001:858:5:2001::25) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:27] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:28] * VitaBushido (~avem@unaffiliated/avem) Quit (Quit: I quit)
[12:28] <ShorTie> wiringPi has a nice clock for a 12864h display
[12:29] * VitaBushido (~avem@unaffiliated/avem) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:29] <ShorTie> i would think adding an alarm would not be to hard
[12:30] <ShorTie> whats wrong with playing your tunes out the audio output jack ??
[12:30] * Thra11 (~Thra11@ Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[12:33] <gordonDrogon> ShorTie, it's just a few lines of C. Easy to change to anything.
[12:33] <andrewvos> ShorTie: That's the plan
[12:33] <gordonDrogon> the clock code was something I originally wrote in BASIC to run under RTB. I hand crafted it to run in C.
[12:34] <gordonDrogon> andrewvos, one of these on a Pi combined with audio: http://wiringpi.com/dev-lib/lcd-library/ - the Adafruit display here as it has buttons to do "stuff" with.
[12:34] <andrewvos> Wasn't looking for coe reall
[12:35] <andrewvos> gordonDrogon: Ahh yeah. Ok so that's all good, but this has to go next to my bed so it has to look cool. Was thinking I could buy a clock radio and just fit the pi inside it
[12:36] * teepee (~teepee@p50844D4C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:37] <gordonDrogon> andrewvos, yea, making home-made stuff look cool is a challenge!
[12:37] <gordonDrogon> If you want "cool" then get some nixie tubes :)
[12:37] * grandie (~Grandad@p57ACD0A8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:37] * teepee (~teepee@p508450F5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:37] * m8 (~mor@unaffiliated/m8) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:37] <andrewvos> hehe
[12:37] <andrewvos> now i have two problems :)
[12:37] <gordonDrogon> lust and desire ;-)
[12:38] <gordonDrogon> but it might be easier to go out & just buy a clock radio...
[12:38] <andrewvos> Basically I want a clock with an audio input so I can wire the pi directly into that and not have to deal with adding an amplifier and speaker
[12:38] <andrewvos> Yeah I know. It's pretty much impossible to find one though that isn't some ipod thingy or a £300 sonos
[12:38] <ShorTie> nixie tube, now thats a flash from the past
[12:39] <gordonDrogon> nixies are cheap on ebay.
[12:39] <gordonDrogon> lots of cool nixie projects now.
[12:39] <andrewvos> gordonDrogon: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR10.TRC0.A0.Xclock+speaker&_nkw=clock+speaker&_sacat=0&_from=R40
[12:39] <gordonDrogon> even a wrist watch
[12:40] <andrewvos> If you can find anything not ugly in those search results, then you are a better man.
[12:40] <andrewvos> Hang on, this isn't thaat ugly http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Wynford-Hall-Flip-Alarm-Clock-Stereo-Speaker-Adapter-/221257132601?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3383f3ea39
[12:40] <gordonDrogon> you need a little workshop and to be good with plywood.
[12:41] <gordonDrogon> or take an existing box from the usual places (e.g. maplin, etc.) and buid it in there.
[12:41] <andrewvos> Could you expand on "the usual places"?
[12:42] * [SkG] (~sconde@unaffiliated/skg/x-897332) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:43] <ShorTie> any place that sells bud/project boxes, like electric/electronic shops
[12:44] <andrewvos> Oh ok I see
[12:45] <CeilingKitten> =)
[12:48] * Turingi (~devon@unaffiliated/devon-hillard/x-7250961) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:49] * RaycisCharles (RaycisChar@cpc5-lutn10-2-0-cust681.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[12:51] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:54] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:55] <gordonDrogon> yea, maplin, mouser, rs, farnell/cpc, etc.
[12:55] <gordonDrogon> most home enthusiasts often build up a little mechanical workshop too over the years - I did before I did the big move some 25 years ago and simply couldn't take everything with me )-:
[12:56] <gordonDrogon> I'm started to build it up again though - you don't need much, even a hand drill, some little saws, screwdrivers, a file and so on..
[12:56] <gordonDrogon> it all depends on "handy" you are.
[12:57] * ShorTie wants a bridgeport
[12:59] * user82 (~user82@unaffiliated/user82) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:01] * Vibe (~Vibe@gateway/tor-sasl/vib3) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:01] <Vibe> hi
[13:01] <Vibe> is XBMC working fine on 256MB RAM RPi?
[13:02] * goganchic (~Adium@ has joined #raspberrypi
[13:02] <gordonDrogon> I had raspbmc going on a Rev 1 board a while back.
[13:03] <Vibe> it got enough ram for xbmc?
[13:03] <Vibe> worked fine?
[13:03] <Vibe> I got 2 rev 1 and one rev 2
[13:04] * cccyRegeane_Away is now known as cccyRegeaneWolfe
[13:04] * Hydra (~Hydra@46-65-54-87.zone16.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:06] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccyRegeane_Away
[13:08] * actualScenewhore is now known as destrudo
[13:10] * xCP23x (~xCP23x@78-105-36-237.zone3.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:13] <Vibe> seems 256 RAM is enough
[13:13] <Vibe> is anyone using? -> http://www.ebay.com/itm/1080P-HDMI-Male-to-VGA-Female-Video-Converter-Adapter-Cable-For-PC-DVD-HDTV-New-/200734831954?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item2ebcba7552
[13:13] <Vibe> I set manually resolution to my 19" display, sometimes I get picture when boot, sometimes not, weird
[13:15] * BurtyB (chris@murphy1.8086.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[13:16] * AeroNotix (~xeno@aboa20.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[13:17] * Haxxa (~Harrison@CPE-120-149-55-36.oirx3.vic.bigpond.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:17] <Haxxa> Hello, Would be possible to change the container of a file on the raspberry pi?
[13:18] <Haxxa> i.e. .mkv to .mpg
[13:18] * dhbiker (~dhbiker@APN-122-190-241-gprs.simobil.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[13:18] <Haxxa> So no transcoding just muxing
[13:20] * Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
[13:20] <andrewvos> gordonDrogon: My flat is way too small for that
[13:20] * dhbiker (~dhbiker@APN-122-133-2-gprs.simobil.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:21] <ozzzy> mkv usually doesn't use the same audio/video formats as mpg
[13:21] <andrewvos> Vibe: xbian seems to work better
[13:21] * SgrA (~sgra@gateway/tor-sasl/sgra) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:22] * SgrA (~sgra@gateway/tor-sasl/sgra) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:22] <Vibe> andrewvos: ok, its based on debian?
[13:22] <CeilingKitten> Vibe, it is
[13:23] <Vibe> ok, thx
[13:23] <CeilingKitten> Vibe, there are a few options out there raspbmc xbian raspbianxbmc = debian darkelec openelec = openelec slaxbmc = slackware
[13:25] <CeilingKitten> since a lot of people are doing the raspbian/debian base, its prolly the easiest to get help with plus you can always just look at ubuntu tutorials since all the commands are the same =), i tend to switch back and forth between raspbmc and xbian whichever performs better. If you have large samba shares, xbian has always handled those better, imo
[13:27] <Vibe> ok, I prefer debian based :p
[13:31] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[13:32] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@126.Red-193-153-227.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:33] * Kane (~Kane@ADijon-257-1-30-220.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:34] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:35] * Hydra (~Hydra@46-65-54-87.zone16.bethere.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:35] * datagutt (~datagutt@unaffiliated/datagutt) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:36] <Kane> o/
[13:36] * Asterix (~romi@unaffiliated/burebista) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:36] * owen_ (~owen@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:36] * Piffer (~Piffer@unaffiliated/piffer) Quit (Quit: cu)
[13:39] <Vibe> does anyone have experience on hdmi to vga converter?
[13:40] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[13:40] * mzac (~zac@unaffiliated/mzac) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:43] * Jevermeister (~Jevermeis@unaffiliated/jever) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:45] * Piffer (~Piffer@unaffiliated/piffer) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:47] * redarrow_ is now known as redarrow
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[13:49] * voltagex (~voltagex@unaffiliated/voltagex) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:49] <voltagex> ho. O
[13:49] <voltagex> oops
[13:50] <voltagex> hi, I'm trying to get an IR transmitter working with my Pi - it's connected to some GPIOs, but only the receiver is being detected
[13:52] * gyeben (5402be68@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[13:52] * bigbee (~BigB@p57ACD0A8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:53] * Asterix is now known as Romeo-
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[14:05] * Thra11 (~Thra11@ has joined #raspberrypi
[14:05] <SpeedEvil> voltagex: What sort of IR transmitter?
[14:05] <SpeedEvil> Is it perhaps meant to be modulated, and you're just sending DC?
[14:08] * featheredfrog (~mhofer@cpe-67-250-125-135.hvc.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[15:11] * raspbian (568ccf43@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[15:11] <raspbian> is anyone here?
[15:12] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:12] <raspbian> I'm lost at getting GL libraries without x working
[15:16] * raspbian is now known as raidensnake
[15:17] * sraka1 (~sraka1@46-150-36-29.cable.teleing.net) Quit ()
[15:22] * Firehopper (~Firehoppe@pool-71-185-126-40.phlapa.east.verizon.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[15:25] * Romeo- (~romi@unaffiliated/romeo/x-000000001) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[15:25] <raidensnake> I'm just completly stumped
[15:27] * xCP23x (~xCP23x@78-105-36-237.zone3.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:27] * pksato (~PEBKAC@unaffiliated/pksato) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:29] * exobuzz (~buzz@2001:470:1f09:1970:88c3:f678:2d6:d53c) Quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[15:29] <raidensnake> I can't compile FTGL without them and I don't want to have to faf about with using X either
[15:32] <raidensnake> has anyone got any suggestions on building it without X?
[15:33] * shabius (~shaburov1@95-27-134-83.broadband.corbina.ru) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:34] * shabius (~shaburov1@95-27-134-83.broadband.corbina.ru) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:00] * tgl (~shane@123-243-158-79.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:03] * mzac (~zac@unaffiliated/mzac) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * lifelike (~lifelike@192-0-171-166.cpe.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * sqzzz is now known as sqrrl
[16:09] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccyRegeane_Away
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[16:17] * sqrrl (sq@unaffiliated/squirrel) has left #raspberrypi
[16:18] * felipealmeida (~user@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:26] * destrudo is now known as SubroutineDuck
[16:33] * garo (~garo-ircc@ipv6.inet.router.garofil.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:35] <garo> to install noobs, should i place a fat filesystem directly on the sdcard or should i first create a partition table and a partition ?
[16:35] * cccyRegeane_Away is now known as cccyRegeaneWolfe
[16:36] <SpeedEvil> The Pi always needs a partition table, as the GPU expects one, and won't boot if there isn't an appropriate one.
[16:38] <garo> thanks
[16:44] * nb-ben_w (~benb@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:44] <tgl> Quick Q about the serial port. As I understand it the default Raspbian installation will use it for console output - is there are way to disable that post boot? Or do I need to change the kernel parameters passed by the boot loader?
[16:45] * xCP23x (~xCP23x@78-105-36-237.zone3.bethere.co.uk) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:45] <pksato> yes, remove console parameter on cmdline.txt, and remove ttyAM0 on /etc/inittab
[16:46] <tgl> Thanks.
[16:46] <pksato> after, you can use uart to gerneral propouse.
[16:47] * redrocket (~redrocket@unaffiliated/redrocket) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:47] <tgl> No way to do it programatically? I'm trying to make it easy for people to use software that needs to communicate with an external module over the serial port - adjusting cmdline.txt and inittab might be asking a bit too much :(
[16:48] * gyeben (5402be68@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[16:50] * selorami (~mika@ Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[16:51] * zero_coder (~zero_code@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:51] <pksato> no
[16:52] * Duality (~duality@ip4da2c95a.direct-adsl.nl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:52] <voltagex> SpeedEvil: if you're still around, this is using the HotPi - uses an IR blaster on a 3.5mm jack
[16:53] <voltagex> I'll be back in 6iah hours.
[16:53] <tgl> Shame :( Thanks for your help pksato - much appreciated.
[16:53] <pksato> theses modification are easy to make, have more complex only to put rpi works.
[16:53] <zero_coder> hello.. has anyone tried a TiVO with RPi?
[16:54] <voltagex> zero_coder what are you trying to do?
[16:54] <voltagex> tgl: you may be able to make an app that makes those modifications automatically
[16:55] * spacebug^ (~spacebug@h22n5-sde-d2.ias.bredband.telia.com) Quit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"])
[16:56] * spacebug^ (~spacebug@h22n5-sde-d2.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:57] * zero_coder (~zero_code@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:57] <tgl> @voltagex: Yeah, I was thinking I could put that into a DEB package. My other option was to build a custom image using buildroot (for my application the Pi is kind of dedicated to a single task anyway).
[16:58] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:59] <tgl> Handling Model A/B and Rev 1/2 might be a bit of a pain though. And for debugging and development I'm going to have to do it manually.
[16:59] <voltagex> tgl: the rpi-update script makes modifications to the boot partition. might be worth looking at the code
[17:00] <voltagex> tgl: I assume it also does version detection
[17:00] * teepee (~teepee@p50845D28.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:00] <voltagex> anyway, sleep time for me
[17:00] * teepee (~teepee@p50844B21.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:01] * durango (~durango@unaffiliated/draginx) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:01] <tgl> @voltagex: Thanks for the tips - I'll look into it.
[17:04] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:04] * ChanServ sets mode +o ReggieUK
[17:10] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-11-191.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:10] * SubroutineDuck is now known as destrudo
[17:14] * goganchic (~Adium@ Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[17:20] * zero_coder (~zero_code@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:20] <zero_coder> hello
[17:20] * lusers (~lasers@unaffiliated/lasers) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:20] * exobuzz (~buzz@2001:470:1f09:1970:d450:d098:3289:86d1) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:21] <tgl> @zero_coder: Hi
[17:22] <zero_coder> tgl : has anyone tried a pvr with PI?
[17:22] <tgl> Um, In what way?
[17:22] <zero_coder> like a tivo
[17:22] <tgl> As in making a Pi into a PVR ?
[17:22] <zero_coder> made pi into a Tivo?
[17:23] <zero_coder> yep
[17:23] <chris_99> hmm you'd need a captury card
[17:23] <chris_99> i wonder what bandwidth those need
[17:23] <zero_coder> yep. it doesnt cost much
[17:23] <zero_coder> bandwidth??
[17:23] <chris_99> like i assume they're usb2
[17:24] <zero_coder> yep
[17:24] <chris_99> would the Pi be able to handle playing a video whilst recording
[17:24] <zero_coder> no idea
[17:25] <[Saint]> even USB 1.1 would be good enough for broadcast television.
[17:25] <Carp> Anyone know if there are any Rpi events near Albany, NY?
[17:25] <zero_coder> chris_99, http://doc.freevo.org/Hardware
[17:25] <tgl> I would also imagine you'd need a bit of disk space as well - what format do the capture devices provide? Raw, maybe MPG2 ?
[17:26] <zero_coder> tgl : I am thinking of using freevo
[17:26] <zero_coder> [Saint], do u think its posible?
[17:27] <[Saint]> is this an educational persuit, or an effort to make something useful? if the latter, ...I wouldn't do this.
[17:27] <zero_coder> both
[17:27] <zero_coder> why not?
[17:27] <[Saint]> you'd just be making a lower powered, more expensive version of another product.
[17:28] * inversesandwich (~nbookham@cpc2-horn3-2-0-cust392.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:28] <ant_thomas> Are you looking to reencode/transcode the TV or just play/record?
[17:28] <[Saint]> lots of premade hardware begging for this.
[17:29] <zero_coder> TiVO cost much more than that
[17:29] <zero_coder> ant_thomas, play/record live pause and stuffs like Tivo
[17:29] <zero_coder> [Saint], but it cos more
[17:29] <[Saint]> $90 atom box, sorted.
[17:29] * sid1monu (75c6543b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[17:29] <ant_thomas> Sounds like your best option is TVHeadend for the TV backend and probably XBMC for the frontend.
[17:29] <zero_coder> not available in India
[17:30] <zero_coder> besides with pi u can make it cheaper
[17:30] <ant_thomas> there's RPi TVHeadend debs available, or compile from source which is pretty quick
[17:30] <ant_thomas> of look into pidvbip for a nice slim TV frontend for TVHeadend
[17:30] <zero_coder> ant_thomas, can it do like live pause and stuffs
[17:30] <[Saint]> not after you buy the capture card, and decent storage, no.
[17:30] <inversesandwich> I'd have one Pi for TVHeadend, or MythTV server then have other Pi's as clients
[17:30] <zero_coder> capture card costs around 10$
[17:31] <ant_thomas> Not totally sure, TVH supports timeshift, I think XBMC does too and pidvbip might also now
[17:31] <zero_coder> mythtv server wont work on pi
[17:31] <[Saint]> whatever, no one is going to stop you reinventing the wheel, at additional cost.
[17:31] <zero_coder> :)
[17:31] <inversesandwich> Go with TVH then
[17:31] <zero_coder> TVheadend?
[17:31] <sid1monu> Hi, a quick question, can I multiboot with NOOBS?
[17:32] <inversesandwich> No
[17:32] <[Saint]> no.
[17:32] <inversesandwich> Get Berryboot, that can multiboot
[17:32] <sid1monu> berryboot it is
[17:32] <sid1monu> thanks
[17:32] <zero_coder> inversesandwich, then?
[17:32] <ant_thomas> https://tvheadend.org/projects/tvheadend/wiki/AptRepository
[17:32] <inversesandwich> then what?
[17:33] <zero_coder> TVH?
[17:33] <tgl> I doubt you would be able to do it with a single Pi (as in Tivo functionality, record while watching, save shows, etc)
[17:33] * girafe (~girafe@213-245-69-214.rev.numericable.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:33] <zero_coder> sorry . I thought that no was for me
[17:33] <inversesandwich> Sorry! I misread that! Zero said that you couln't run Myth on Pi, so I said to just go with TVH
[17:34] <zero_coder> but intially Tivo had lesser hardware than pi, right
[17:34] * selorami (~mika@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:34] <zero_coder> Myth backend wont work in PI
[17:34] <inversesandwich> Yeah, but they had a paid dev team!
[17:35] <ant_thomas> zero_coder: Maybe tivo had lesser hardware at first but the software was written specifically for the tivo for certain functions and wasn't running on top of a full version of debian/linux
[17:35] <ant_thomas> purpose designed and built
[17:35] <[Saint]> indeed. a raspi does not a TiVo make. Its essentially a cellphone from ~2008, with a nice gpu, but, at the end of the day its still got a very low end CPU.
[17:35] <inversesandwich> They just used the linux kernel plus busybox and slapped their own software on it
[17:35] <zero_coder> okay
[17:36] <ant_thomas> Just give TVHeadend a go and see if it does that job you want it to
[17:36] <tgl> In a sense maybe - slower processor but it had internal storage (IDE or SATA) which is a lot faster than SD cards or USB. And the capture interface was probably through PCI, not USB.
[17:36] <zero_coder> TVheadend can support fronts which pause and stuffs right
[17:36] <ant_thomas> Yes it can
[17:37] <zero_coder> tgl : yep . PCI
[17:37] <ant_thomas> I haven't personally used it for timeshifting so can't comment on how well
[17:37] <inversesandwich> As I said, get two Pis, one for TVH and one as a client. Then just hook up a USB HDD to the server and BOOM!
[17:37] <ant_thomas> But I do use it daily to watch TV (not with any RPis though)
[17:37] <zero_coder> 2 pis are not affordable
[17:37] <[Saint]> or, a cheap atom box...there's LOTS.
[17:38] <sney> maybe not everywhere in the world. iirc zero_coder is in india
[17:38] <zero_coder> yep , india sney
[17:38] <zero_coder> even pi cost around 50$+
[17:38] <inversesandwich> Or get an old PC, some PCI cap cards and pop TVH on it and just use Pi as client.
[17:39] <[Saint]> either way, a pi wont magically become a TiVo substitute without spending a reasonable amount of cash. cash that could easily buy a consumer-ready solution.
[17:39] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:39] <ant_thomas> I would do (and do) what inversesandwich has suggested
[17:39] <ant_thomas> Old PC for TVH and Pis as frontends
[17:39] <inversesandwich> [Saint] +1
[17:39] * ukscone (~Adium@cpe-24-193-113-179.nyc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:39] <zero_coder> but I am thinking of making a business behind it
[17:39] <zero_coder> :P
[17:39] <zero_coder> cant do that
[17:39] <[Saint]> not gonna happen.
[17:39] <[Saint]> sorry.
[17:40] <inversesandwich> Beaglebone as server?
[17:40] <zero_coder> ah
[17:40] <zero_coder> beaglebone black ?
[17:40] <zero_coder> I want to make it all work on a single PI :)
[17:40] <zero_coder> otherwise , no business
[17:41] <inversesandwich> The Pi doesn't really have enough processing power to run XBMC GUI, let alone TVH
[17:41] <zero_coder> :p
[17:41] * heathkid|2 is now known as heathkid
[17:42] <ant_thomas> TVH + pidvbip might do the job
[17:42] <zero_coder> just a tv
[17:42] <inversesandwich> Pi won't be the best solution. I'd recommend that you get some Atom CPUs and some Mini/Nano ATX Mobos
[17:42] <inversesandwich> If you wanna do it as a business
[17:42] <zero_coder> i mean just a pi
[17:42] * jalfie (~jalfie@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:43] * durango (~durango@unaffiliated/draginx) Quit (Quit: durango)
[17:43] <zero_coder> but thats gonna be real costly
[17:44] <tgl> The Pi does ok as a media playback system feeding from a DLNA server somewhere on the network (or via USB) using XBMC but for capture, store, playback - it just doesn't have the grunt :( An atom based system (should be less than $AU 200) with a capture card and internal SATA HDD would be a better option.
[17:44] <inversesandwich> Our DTV over in the UK uses MPEG2 for the codec, I'd assume you'd have to buy licences as well.
[17:44] <inversesandwich> tgl +!
[17:44] <inversesandwich> *+1
[17:45] <[Saint]> which is about what you'd spend trying to get a pi to do this. more if you wanted it to look good.
[17:45] <zero_coder> tgl : better i will have to come up with new plan for my startup
[17:45] <[Saint]> think: customers wont want a caseless pi and a bunch of cables.
[17:45] <zero_coder> :)
[17:45] <inversesandwich> +1
[17:46] <inversesandwich> Check out these links:
[17:46] <inversesandwich> r DTV over in the UK uses MPEG2 for the codec, I'd assume you'd have to buy licences as well.
[17:46] <inversesandwich> <tgl> The Pi does ok as a media playback system feeding from a DLNA server somewhere on the network (or via USB) using XBMC but for capture, store, playback - it just doesn't have the grunt :( An atom based system (should be less than $AU 200) with a capture card and internal SATA HDD would be a better option.
[17:46] <inversesandwich> <inversesandwich> tgl +!
[17:46] <inversesandwich> <inversesandwich> *+1
[17:46] <inversesandwich> http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=18090
[17:46] <inversesandwich> http://www.stuffaboutcode.com/2013/03/raspbmc-setup-live-tv-pvr.html
[17:46] * inversesandwich (~nbookham@cpc2-horn3-2-0-cust392.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:47] <[Saint]> odd.
[17:47] <zero_coder> [Saint], what is hte bandwidth of your internet connection?
[17:48] * asaru (~whydent@unaffiliated/asaru) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[17:48] <zero_coder> the*
[17:48] * asaru (~whydent@unaffiliated/asaru) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:49] <[Saint]> ~42M/s down, 11M/s up
[17:49] <[Saint]> why?
[17:49] <tgl> Didn't someone come out with a RaspberryPi alike using an Atom processor with SATA support recently? You could use that as a capture and storage device and then use RPi's as the playback device (assuming you have TV's that don't support DLNA anyway).
[17:49] <zero_coder> just wanted to know, thts all
[17:49] <zero_coder> and how much does that cost?
[17:50] <tgl> @zero_coder: Sorry - IO bandwidth is the problem with the RPi. If you are sampling over USB and storing to either SD card or external USB disk you are going to have a problem :(
[17:50] <[Saint]> $180NZD/month
[17:51] * inversesandwich (~nbookham@cpc2-horn3-2-0-cust392.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:51] <zero_coder> okie
[17:52] <zero_coder> tgl :(
[17:53] * lansiir (~oldtopman@unaffiliated/oldtopman) Quit (Quit: *pouf*)
[17:53] <inversesandwich> See ya! My Steam games have finished DLing
[17:53] * inversesandwich (~nbookham@cpc2-horn3-2-0-cust392.6-1.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:54] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[17:54] <zero_coder> and about the license, for each pi i have to pay separtely?
[17:56] <zero_coder> i mean, for the codecs
[17:57] * Cavedude (~Cavedude@unaffiliated/cavedude) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[17:59] <tgl> @zero_coder: Yes. That's to enable hardware codecs though. Software codecs should still work fine.
[18:00] <tgl> AFIK only MPEG2 is available in hardware.
[18:01] <zero_coder> mean , I have to only pay for MPEG2?
[18:01] <zero_coder> means*
[18:01] <[Saint]> Indeed. That's only if you want hardware support, which you would.
[18:01] * icebrian (~icebrian@a79-168-125-160.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:02] <[Saint]> and load diverted to the gpu is a good one.
[18:02] <[Saint]> s/and/any/
[18:02] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:03] <tgl> Does the hardware codec support encode? Or is it decode only?
[18:03] <zero_coder> okie
[18:03] <[Saint]> decode only, I _think_.
[18:04] <icebrian> hello everyone... what is the easiest way to get MP3 support on Pidora?
[18:05] <icebrian> i've been trying audacious+rpmfusion arm repos to get the nonfree-plugins but am failing miserably
[18:05] <tgl> @zero_coder: So if you were playing back an MPEG2 video it would be faster if you had the codec license (and the player supported hardware decoding) but it would still play even if you didn't (but it would be decoded in software only).
[18:05] * _cheney (~cheney@nat.sierrabravo.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:06] * jalfie (~jalfie@ Quit (Quit: jalfie)
[18:06] <zero_coder> tgl : okie
[18:06] <tgl> It would not change how DivX or MP4 videos were played (and they are far more common formats).
[18:06] <zero_coder> a gpu boost is always welcome :)
[18:08] <tgl> Broadcast and cable DTC are mostly in MPEG2 format though (I think?) so direct playback from a capture device would be improved if you had the hardware codec license.
[18:08] <tgl> *DTC = DTV
[18:10] * dougl (~doug@S0106744401495b56.wp.shawcable.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:10] <tgl> @zero_coder: What functionality are you trying to provide with your product? A cheaper alternative to a Tivo (so record, pause, etc of live TV) or as a media centre?
[18:11] <zero_coder> tgl : as a tivo + computer
[18:12] <nerdboy> moin
[18:12] * swk (krice@freeswitch/developer/swk) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.sourceforge.net)
[18:12] <tgl> What do you mean +computer ?
[18:12] <tgl> So - play games, access Facebook, browse web, etc?
[18:12] <zero_coder> yep
[18:13] <zero_coder> thts all people want
[18:13] <zero_coder> what do u think?
[18:13] * mzac (~zac@unaffiliated/mzac) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[18:14] <tgl> Well, it's definitely popular :) But there are a number of products available that do it already and it will be hard to beat them for price.
[18:14] * SwK (krice@freeswitch/developer/swk) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:14] <zero_coder> tgl : not in my area. u know its totally different in india
[18:16] <tgl> In AU at least you can get devices that have HDMI, ethernet and USB connections that will do all of that for less than $AU 150. You can get a 42 inch TV that runs Android (including a keyboard as well as a remote control) for less than $AU 600.
[18:18] <tgl> They generally have a multi-core ARM chip at their heart (RPi is only single core, and quiet slow). It is going to be very hard to beat that price :(
[18:18] <zero_coder> :(
[18:18] <zero_coder> is there any other startup idea ?
[18:19] * Dovid (~Dovid@bzq-79-181-54-29.red.bezeqint.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:20] * felipealmeida (~user@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:20] * cccyRegeaneWolfe is now known as cccyRegeane_Away
[18:20] <SwK> here's a startup idea, send me all your money :P
[18:22] <[Saint]> seriously...? did I just read that? :)
[18:22] <SwK> lol
[18:22] <[Saint]> "guys,gimme an idea to make money "
[18:23] <zero_coder> :P
[18:23] <[Saint]> yep, that'll work. not. :)
[18:27] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-25-243.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:27] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@modemcable237.145-19-135.mc.videotron.ca) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:28] * imark (~mark@client-86-27-22-25.glfd.adsl.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:28] <nerdboy> do something to solve an actual problem and the money will come...
[18:29] <SpeedEvil> Assuming the actual problem is widespread, and suffered by people inclined to pay you.
[18:29] <tgl> Well, it doesn't hurt to ask does it :)
[18:29] <tgl> Give the guy credit for that :)
[18:29] * zero_coder (~zero_code@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[18:30] <SpeedEvil> Do my washing up, tidy up around the place, and get me a pizza - $10 or so.
[18:30] * AeroNotix (~xeno@aboa20.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:30] <SpeedEvil> I won't even expect any sexual services, for that would be off-topic.
[18:30] * _BigWings_ (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:30] <ShorTie> always l00kin for a better mouse trap
[18:31] <SpeedEvil> A USB mouse-detector would be useful to me. That I can connect 10 bait stations to, and not have to check them.
[18:31] <nerdboy> if nothing else, maybe you get a late-night infomercial out of it...
[18:32] <SpeedEvil> Extra points if it can take a picture.
[18:32] <ShorTie> motion detection, with a lazor trap, lol.
[18:32] <SwK> dont forget sharks!
[18:32] <SpeedEvil> I do not need a shark trap.
[18:32] <SpeedEvil> Rat/mouse - yes.
[18:32] * nerdboy can't believe "infomercial" was actually in the dict file
[18:32] <SwK> no
[18:32] <SwK> sharks w/ lasers to eat the mice
[18:33] <bertrik> SpeedEvil: for lifetraps?
[18:33] <SpeedEvil> lifetraps?
[18:33] <SpeedEvil> Frankly - I want rats/mice to die. In pain is not quite a bonus, but it's definitely not a negative.
[18:33] <bertrik> a trap for small mammals that doesn't kill them
[18:34] <nerdboy> SpeedEvil: get more snakes
[18:35] * GentileBen (RaycisChar@cpc5-lutn10-2-0-cust681.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:36] <SpeedEvil> I need more pussy. Rats and mice are inherently afraid of cat smell. A cat would sort out this problem.
[18:36] <SpeedEvil> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vomeronasal_organ
[18:37] <tgl> @SpeedEvil: http://mods-n-hacks.wonderhowto.com/how-to/build-laser-motion-sensor-mouse-trap-167534/
[18:38] <nerdboy> our cat is much more interested in birds than small mammals
[18:38] <SpeedEvil> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10117428
[18:38] * Dovid (~Dovid@bzq-79-181-54-29.red.bezeqint.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[18:38] <Encrypt> nerdboy, Mine likes both :>
[18:38] <nerdboy> makes my wife mad when the cat just sits and stares at a gopher...
[18:38] <SpeedEvil> nerdboy: Rats and mice are inherently afraid of the smell of cats - even if they have never met a cat
[18:40] * nerdboy never knew old/fat kitties could actually catch a hummingbird...
[18:40] <SpeedEvil> Unless they are exposed to toxoplasmosis - which is an interesting biological hack
[18:40] <tgl> So rather than go all technical you just need to develop something that smells like cat that you can leave around your house - rat's and mice will keep away :)
[18:40] <SpeedEvil> nerdboy: I bet neither did the hummingbird.
[18:41] <[Saint]> I busted my cat recently staring in horror as a mouse ate his biscuits.
[18:41] <tgl> Odor de chatte :P
[18:41] <[Saint]> maybe I just have ballsy mice.
[18:43] <nerdboy> try a face-off with a chaparral wood rat
[18:45] * jalfie (~jalfie@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:45] * icebrian (~icebrian@a79-168-125-160.cpe.netcabo.pt) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:45] <nerdboy> they're not even scared of rattlesnakes...
[18:45] * GentileBen (RaycisChar@cpc5-lutn10-2-0-cust681.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit ()
[18:46] <nerdboy> you'd swear the nest was built by a mutant beaver
[18:47] <[Saint]> this man knows his mutant beavers...
[18:48] <[Saint]> *boy
[18:48] * Mothership (~Mothershi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:48] * AeroNotix (~xeno@aboa20.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:49] <Mothership> can i read and write to serial port using the same config in pi? or every time i want to do one or another i need to change the pi's config?
[18:50] * hyperair (~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:51] <tgl> @Mothership: Hey, I just learned this :) Once you disable the console on the serial port it becomes just another serial port. You can then read/write/reconfigure it to you hearts consent.
[18:51] <Mothership> oh thats good :)
[18:51] <Mothership> i change the config, and I bought the serial shield
[18:52] <Mothership> and im not getting anything out :c
[18:53] <tgl> What do you mean when you say 'changed the config' ?
[18:53] <Mothership> disabling console
[18:53] <nerdboy> no, i just grew up in the san diego desert and watched a lot of 50's scifi movies
[18:55] <tgl> You also need to remove references to /dev/ttyAMA0 from /etc/inittab
[18:55] <Mothership> http://www.abelectronics.co.uk/raspberrypi-serialportusage/info.aspx
[18:55] <Mothership> i used this instruction
[18:55] <Mothership> also I have this shield mounted on another shield
[18:55] <Mothership> on real time clock shield
[18:55] <Mothership> and its not quite working
[18:57] <nerdboy> maybe get the serial interface working by itself first?
[18:57] <nerdboy> should be straightforward...
[18:58] <tgl> Ok - following those instructions got it working for me. I used 'minicom' to test it (Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx on a Stellaris Launchpad) and had no problems.
[18:59] <nerdboy> usually you need to be in the uucp/dialout group if you're not root
[19:00] <nerdboy> check the perms on the device
[19:00] * LaxWasThere is now known as LaxWasHere
[19:01] <tgl> @nerdboy: If the permissions are not set correctly you can't even open the device AFAIK
[19:01] * [Saint] thinks about a hairstyle joke
[19:01] * jlf`` is now known as jlf
[19:02] <tgl> You need write perms to be able to change the baud rate, etc.
[19:02] * taza (~zap@unaffiliated/taza) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:03] * RaycisCharles (RaycisChar@cpc5-lutn10-2-0-cust681.9-3.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:05] * scorphus (~scorphus@CAcert/User/scorphus) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] * Scriven (~nevirsc@S01060026f3c70320.vc.shawcable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:07] * andrewvos (~root@tiny.andrewvos.com) has left #raspberrypi
[19:07] * GusSmith (~gussmith@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:08] * Romeo- (~romi@unaffiliated/romeo/x-000000001) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:08] * FredNick (~fred@desktop-fred.richmond.archive.org) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:09] <tgl> Goodnight all.
[19:09] * tgl (~shane@123-243-158-79.static.tpgi.com.au) Quit (Quit: tgl)
[19:10] <nerdboy> night
[19:10] <nerdboy> Mothership: do you have the setserial package installed?
[19:11] * DaQatz (~DB@pool-71-161-204-177.burl.east.myfairpoint.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[19:11] <nerdboy> you probably just need to make sure both ends are initialized consistently
[19:12] <Mothership> no i dont
[19:12] <nerdboy> then use those parameters in your default config
[19:12] <nerdboy> minicom -s as root will let you save a system-wide default
[19:12] <Mothership> tyvm
[19:13] <nerdboy> i would install it
[19:16] * sid1monu (75c6543b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[19:16] <nerdboy> and yes, if you don't want a console login prompt then disable the getty listening to that port
[19:19] * KrzPi (~krizze@ Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[19:20] * Mothership (~Mothershi@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:21] * scorphus (~scorphus@CAcert/User/scorphus) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[19:23] <Dooley> just received this! http://www.embeddedartists.com/sites/default/files/support/displays/epaper/Epaper_RaspberryPi.pdf
[19:23] <Dooley> *excited*
[19:25] * platoscave (~platoscav@adsl-99-109-129-88.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: http://www.eradicategatesfoundation.com/)
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[19:33] <apo_> Dooley: neat, have fun.
[19:33] * ChanServ sets mode +o IT_Sean
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[20:19] <raidensnake> hey buys
[20:19] <raidensnake> guys*
[20:19] * lifelike (~lifelike@192-0-171-166.cpe.teksavvy.com) Quit (Read error: No route to host)
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[20:21] * Jevermeister (~Jevermeis@unaffiliated/jever) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:25] <Romeo-> hey
[20:26] <raidensnake> I'm having a hard time funding a way of building GL libraries without x
[20:27] <raidensnake> finding*
[20:27] * Carp (~Carp@cpe-72-226-8-229.nycap.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:28] <nerdboy> not sure all the source is available
[20:29] <nerdboy> i configured mesa to build everything but the egl stuff provided by the pi graphics firmware
[20:29] <nerdboy> there's a hardfloat version of the latter too
[20:30] * Adityab (~textual@ Quit (Quit: Adityab)
[20:31] <nerdboy> afaik it's only the embedded gl stuff that provides any kind of hardware 3D
[20:31] * roivas (~roivas@97-83-108-119.dhcp.trcy.mi.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:32] <raidensnake> well the problem I'm facing is I need to build FTGL and it asks for GL
[20:32] * Carp (~Carp@cpe-72-226-8-229.nycap.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:33] <nerdboy> asks for what specifically
[20:33] <nerdboy> a header file? a library?
[20:34] <raidensnake> both
[20:35] <nerdboy> can you pastebin the output?
[20:37] <nerdboy> i see opengl and glu virtuals, plus freeglut as deps
[20:37] <nerdboy> what's your build env?
[20:38] * ParkerR (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr) Quit (*.net *.split)
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