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[23:13] <ShorTie> i bet a dime for a dollar any one of those links are just fine for you
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[23:16] <edjuh> silly question, on tty1 I have a small LCD, I would like to remove the text 'Raspian GNU/Linux HOSTNAME' with just the IP adress
[23:16] <harris> ShorTie, i have never been to this place when they say 1 per customer are they strict about it or could i get more
[23:17] <edjuh> where is this message defined ? I know it comes from uname -a
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[23:18] <ShorTie> depends on how many coupons you got and how many times you want to go in and out of the store i would think
[23:19] <harris> anyone have a good storage setup
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[23:35] <VlanX> Hello, I would be interested in creating a scrip which monitors GPIO state change. Anyone have done something similar to this?
[23:36] <harris> does anyone have an exel document of their parts that they can upload
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[23:57] <hojuruku> i'm sick of people charging $$$ on the rasberry pi store for their forks of opensource software and saying the "source is coming later" i can give examples.
[23:57] <hojuruku> only because i love the rasberry pi i wont write up the list of gpl violators. Can you please get your house in order?
[23:58] <ShiftPlusOne> who are you talking to?
[23:58] <hojuruku> it's almost as bad as plesk (web hosting platform) managed by the russians at parralls. they can get away with it because dan bertstine changed the license for qmail. They say their qmail patch-set is a trade secret. I felt like throttling someone. Of coruse i maintian my own set of qmail patches. So what was opensource becomes binary.
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[23:59] <hojuruku> well the people who let this go on in the rasberry pi store ;)
[23:59] <ShiftPlusOne> nobody like that here
[23:59] <hojuruku> ok i can give examples.
[23:59] <hojuruku> let me check the most up to date information.. before i start naming them...
[23:59] <paskl> im not into that stuff as hojuruku is, but I agree with him.
[23:59] <ShiftPlusOne> the pistore folks probably have an email you can send such information too

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