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[22:41] <nasuga> The raspberry Pi foundation website listed newark element 14 as a place to buy Pi's where I live, do they accept non-business customers or only businesses? Throughout their order form they ask for a business name or what business I am. Am I still able to buy from there without being a business? (I hope this is a good place to ask, sorry if not)
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[22:43] <Encrypt> nasuga, You should choose non-business customer I think
[22:43] <Jusii> I'm sure they do, as I had a quick look, company name isn't mandatory and job role has 'hobbyist' listed
[22:43] <nasuga> I did, I set Home/Hobbyist something
[22:44] <nasuga> But there's a star on the next page for credit card information for a company name
[22:44] <Jusii> then there's account type, business / personal
[22:44] <nasuga> s/star/asterisk/
[22:44] <Jusii> ah
[22:44] <atouk> just put your name in teh business line
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[22:48] <nasuga> Thanks :)
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[22:51] <azizLIGHTS> where does one change the video output
[22:53] <Jusii> config.txt
[22:53] <Jusii> http://elinux.org/RPiconfig
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[22:55] <azizLIGHTS> so we have to reboot to see the changse
[22:55] <azizLIGHTS> *changes
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[23:00] <azizLIGHTS> where does one get the default config.txt?
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[23:06] <Jusii> there's not such thing
[23:06] <Jusii> no
[23:07] <Jusii> defaults are defaults, anything else and you make config.txt
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[23:11] <azizLIGHTS> sorry
[23:11] <azizLIGHTS> i had to rejoin
[23:11] <azizLIGHTS> did i miss anything
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[23:23] <Encrypt> azizLIGHTS, The following:
[23:23] <Encrypt> <Jusii> there's not such thing
[23:23] <Encrypt> <Jusii> no
[23:23] <Encrypt> <Jusii> defaults are defaults, anything else and you make config.txt
[23:23] <azizLIGHTS> hmm ok
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[23:31] <azizLIGHTS> i got hdmi video output now after reboot
[23:31] <azizLIGHTS> i want to test if video files work, what should i use to test?
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[23:40] <raalex> not sure what you mean
[23:40] <raalex> omxplayer would be the standard I guess
[23:40] <raalex> that should be preinstalled
[23:40] <raalex> at least on raspibian
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[23:43] <azizLIGHTS> i see
[23:43] <azizLIGHTS> what amount of gpu ram do you recommend
[23:43] <azizLIGHTS> for playing 1080p files
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[23:46] <gordonDrogon> azizLIGHTS, I think that just for playback the minimum of 16MB is all that's needed.
[23:47] <gordonDrogon> I use 64MB to get Minecraft to run.
[23:47] <IanWizard-Cloud> I find that mplayer on framebuffer won't ever actually do fullscreen. Any suggestions?
[23:47] <gordonDrogon> does mplayer use the gpu now?
[23:47] <IanWizard-Cloud> It runs and plays fine. Audio even works, but it's this tiny fraction of the screen.
[23:48] <IanWizard-Cloud> gordonDrogon: I thought so, but I'm not using it for anything serious. I wouldn't be one to kow.
[23:48] <IanWizard-Cloud> *know
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[23:48] <gordonDrogon> I've only ever used omxplayer on the Pi myself - I'm really not an AV type user...
[23:50] <IanWizard-Cloud> I also experience the same thing on my cubie2, so there's a decent chance it's an entirely generic problem.
[23:50] <IanWizard-Cloud> Google didn't turn up much.
[23:50] <gordonDrogon> might be that mplayer is doing it all in software ad not using the gpu at all.
[23:51] <IanWizard-Cloud> gordonDrogon: why would that cause it to be so small though?
[23:52] <IanWizard-Cloud> It just seems like an odd issue to be gpu related. Again, not that I'd know though.
[23:52] <gordonDrogon> the arm is really slow at decoding video compared to the gpu.
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[23:53] <azizLIGHTS> im getting a bunch of video samples now to see what amount of ram to use
[23:53] <azizLIGHTS> i had 547 mb showing as ram, so i must have had 16mb ram for gpu. and video did not show up on omxplayer, only audio
[23:54] <azizLIGHTS> so i put 256 mb on the gpu just to test the same file, and video now shows
[23:54] <IanWizard-Cloud> azizLIGHTS: when I'm using omxplayer, I've found the best performance overall to be 256/256. That said, I'm not running anything else on it.
[23:54] <azizLIGHTS> same file, same command
[23:54] <azizLIGHTS> i have some other things running so its gonna be a squeeze for me
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