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[0:00] <Bilby> It's not like you need a lot of good PSUs anyhow
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[0:01] <azizLIGHT> well... it doesnt help when i plan to order 2 rpi2s
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[0:01] <[Saint]> I did indeed.
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[0:02] <azizLIGHT> for the record, heres the charger that seems decent: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B004OZMWUS/ref=pe_385040_30332190_TE_3p_dp_1
[0:02] <[Saint]> And, yes, often, in pawn shops and second hand stores et al, there will be a bof of various chargers all entangled like a snake pit.
[0:02] <Babaum> hi guys... how can I get a serial mouse working with an usb-serial adapter in raspberry pi b? :)
[0:02] <[Saint]> *box of
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[0:03] <ShorTie> i got 1 of these and it seems to supply preaty good so far http://www.ebay.com/itm/261727371039?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
[0:03] <Ryccardo> Babaum: you probably "just" have to enable its detection in one of the xorg.conf files (assuming it's not on by default)
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[0:07] <Babaum> Ryccardo: how do I do this? ty for the answer :)
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[0:08] <Bilby> And keep in mind re: Power Supplies - a Meanwell PSU that will do an honest 2.4A all day long is only $17 http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Mean-Well/GS15A-1P1J/
[0:08] <Bilby> there are probably cheaper ones
[0:09] <Ryccardo> Babaum: create a file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf", but I don't know what you're supposed to put in -- and be sure it's not a "bus mouse" (has a 9 pin serial plug but it's not rs232)
[0:09] <Ryccardo> I was considering one of these http://www.circuitspecialists.com/content/54315/ps1-40w-sl12-0.png (the 5V models are rare though)
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[0:13] <Babaum> Ryccardo: ehm xD I didn't understand the thing about the "bus mouse" can you explain it to me better? :)
[0:13] <Ryccardo> Babaum: is it known work on a regular PC (direct or with that adapter)?
[0:14] <Babaum> yes
[0:14] <Ryccardo> not a bus mouse then :)
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[0:14] <Babaum> aah ok :D ty so much :D
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[0:15] <Ryccardo> bus mouse looks like 9-pin serial, but it's not (this was when 25-pin serial was the most socially acceptable one)
[0:17] <Babaum> so the plug is not equal to serial?
[0:17] <Ryccardo> the shape is the same, the data isn't (like most computers if you reverse ps/2 keyboard and mouse)
[0:18] <sydney_untangle> Heres a question. Why is the RPI so expensive? I can buy a tablet with similar specs for 40-50$?
[0:19] <sydney_untangle> Where the RPI is 30-35$ for just the board.
[0:19] <sydney_untangle> Im not trying to sound rude, jsut curious ;0
[0:19] <sydney_untangle> ;)
[0:19] <Babaum> ahhhh.. understood :)
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[0:20] <Babaum> sydney_untangle: I don't think that a 50$ table would allow you to make same things you would do on a rpi..
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[0:20] <Babaum> anyway search on aliexpress, you should find something
[0:20] <sydney_untangle> Babaum: No, it doesnt have quite the capabilitys.
[0:21] <sydney_untangle> But it has similar ram/cpu specs.
[0:21] <sydney_untangle> Im guessing tablet mass production.
[0:21] <Ryccardo> the cheapest general availability tablet I know of is an Audiola 0143, it's 55 €, outdated OS, no chance of updates (Mediatek) and only 512M ram
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[0:22] <sydney_untangle> Yes.
[0:22] <sydney_untangle> Ive seen ones that have specs of the B+ for 40$.
[0:23] <Ryccardo> still Mediateks I guess
[0:23] <sauerkrause> very few android-based tablets run with only 512M of ram. for the longest time, 1GB was required for android.
[0:23] <sydney_untangle> 512 is tight.
[0:23] <Ryccardo> sauerkrause: you'd be surprised
[0:23] <sydney_untangle> Ok, maybe it wasnt andriod then. That answers my question. ;)
[0:23] <sydney_untangle> It would work but im sure it wasnt fast.
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[0:24] <sauerkrause> well, now that 4.4 is out, they've made it capable. certain baseports could run on 512M as well, but it wasn't pretty.
[0:24] <Ryccardo> my old phone, Galaxy Ace 2, had variable memory depending on the firmware you used (if you installed a certain combination, it'd run Jelly Bean on like 420 MB)
[0:24] <sauerkrause> ti specifically could do 512M to run on the beagleboard I think.
[0:25] <sauerkrause> they disabled some hardware features in the chipset that required more ram iirc as well as left out a couple of services from running on the device.
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[0:30] <sydney_untangle> Ok, that answers my question then. :) Thanks.
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[0:31] <ahop> Hi!
[0:31] <ahop> Do some of you have a MIDI keyboard?
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[0:32] <Bilby> I do... somewhere... man, where is it? Uuh... I loaned it to someone?
[0:32] <pksato> I not have. But, ask, some one have a answer.
[0:32] <Bilby> Mike? did I loan it to mike?
[0:33] <Bilby> wow... I... no. Hmm. Wow. Okay, I "did" have a keybaord...
[0:33] <ttys0> wow .. MIDI is still around?
[0:33] <Ryccardo> yep, but over USB for most consumer grade things
[0:34] <Bilby> says the guy talking on IRC with a nic of a terminal port :P
[0:34] <ttys0> LOL .. touche ;)
[0:34] <ttys0> and that's serial port to you, buddy ;)
[0:34] <ahop> I'm working on a sampler software
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[0:34] <ahop> It fully works on my computer
[0:34] <ahop> but on the Pi... more difficult... ;)
[0:35] <ahop> here is a stripped-down prototype version : https://github.com/josephernest/OpenSampler
[0:35] <ahop> If one of you could connect MIDI keyboard to Pi
[0:35] <ahop> Would be supergreat if you could test it (only 1 .py file!)
[0:35] <Ryccardo> I only know that playing or rendering a midi file is a nightmare on Linuxes :)
[0:36] <ahop> Ryccardo: not playing MIDI file ;) but just playing with a MIDI keyboard
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[0:36] <ttys0> yeah, back in the before time, I had a MIDI of the Blade Runner theme that I like to play. I would spend way too much time trying to swap around different sound font samples in my SoundBlaster AWE 32.
[0:37] <ahop> loll SB AWE 32, I had it too, and I produced my first SoundFont at that time :)
[0:37] <ttys0> nice! .. good ol' ISA bus, how I don't miss ye
[0:37] <pksato> Ryccardo: why? have a sofware synth (timidity) and hw synth.
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[0:39] <Ryccardo> pksato: installed timidity, vlc still complained, gave up
[0:39] <ahop> if you can try https://github.com/josephernest/OpenSampler would be great :)
[0:39] <pksato> timidity have daemon version, that connect to alsa midi interface.
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[1:01] <pizearke> hi
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[1:04] <pizearke> I'm not getting my unit for a few weeks. I'm wondering if there's a virtual machine I can practice on until I have my raspi
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[1:05] <Ryccardo> qemu can emulate its core, but that's all I know
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[1:05] <pizearke> I'm also wondering what the most minimal distro is
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[1:06] <pizearke> I want to channel as many of the machine's resources into one program
[1:06] <pizearke> *as possible
[1:06] <Ryccardo> Arch I believe, comes with "nothing interesting" preinstalled
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[1:06] <pizearke> including GUI?
[1:07] <Ryccardo> not by default
[1:07] <Ryccardo> of course, you can take any distro and add/remove packages
[1:07] <pizearke> good
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[1:08] <pizearke> I'm using the raspi to make a synthesizer and I basically want it to be the synth and that's it
[1:09] <pizearke> and I guess the kernel and sound drivers and stuff
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[1:21] <ali1234> pizearke: what type of synthesizer?
[1:22] <pizearke> idk if it has a name
[1:22] <pizearke> I think technically speaking it would be considered a wavetable synth
[1:22] <ali1234> dds?
[1:22] <pizearke> if I'm successful, it will be functionally equivalent to a modular
[1:23] <pizearke> what's dds?
[1:23] <ali1234> basically you have a 24 bit int and you increment it at a fixed frequency
[1:24] <ali1234> increment it by different amounts to get different notes
[1:24] <ali1234> then you take the top bits as an index to the wave table
[1:24] <pizearke> idk about that
[1:24] <ali1234> it's one of the most simple types
[1:25] <pizearke> here's what I'm basically doing: you know the "y =" function on a TI-84?
[1:25] <pizearke> That but with sound
[1:25] <ali1234> no
[1:25] <pizearke> think of it this way
[1:26] <pizearke> y = sin(880 pi x) would produce a sine at 440 hz and an amplitude of 0 dbfs
[1:27] <pizearke> but I think I can use functions more complex than that to produce entire tracks
[1:27] <ali1234> how you going to play it though?
[1:27] <pizearke> I might have a variable that you can put in the equation that you can use to connect it to a midi keyboard
[1:28] <pizearke> but for now it's just a sequencer
[1:28] <pizearke> or at least it will be, theoretical
[1:28] <pizearke> *ly
[1:28] <ali1234> no, i mean, where are you going to send the samples to so you can hear them?
[1:28] <pizearke> either to audio out or a raw audio file
[1:29] <pizearke> or maybe even mp3
[1:29] <ali1234> so this will be a bit like csound
[1:29] <pizearke> that's the C audio library, right?
[1:29] <ali1234> no
[1:29] <pizearke> wait no
[1:29] <pizearke> it's a daw
[1:29] <ali1234> C doesn't have an audio library
[1:29] <pizearke> wait
[1:29] <pizearke> something does
[1:29] <pizearke> python?
[1:30] <ali1234> maybe, i dunno
[1:30] <pizearke> idk. I know I've used something called csound before
[1:30] <ali1234> csound is a standalone thing
[1:30] <pizearke> it sounds really familiar
[1:30] <ali1234> the problem you'll have is buffering and latency
[1:31] <pizearke> It's not for live performance
[1:31] <pizearke> Or at least not primarily
[1:31] <ali1234> yeah, live is where this approach will fall down
[1:31] <ali1234> although the pi is not suitable for real time live synth anyway
[1:32] <ali1234> too many interrupts
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[1:32] <pizearke> you'd probably want an arduino to build a live performance synth, right?
[1:32] <ali1234> something like that yes
[1:33] <ali1234> although you won't be able to do really nice sounds with an arduino, you'll get something that sounds like an old 16 bit computer
[1:33] <pizearke> I'll cross that bridge when I come to it
[1:33] <pizearke> well I assume there would be analogue aspects to that too
[1:33] <pizearke> but I'm not considering a live synth for now
[1:33] <ali1234> not really as much as you might think
[1:33] <pizearke> no I mean ones that I'd add
[1:33] <pizearke> like filters
[1:34] <ali1234> you could do but that's a whole different path
[1:34] <ali1234> basically once you start adding filters, your synth is only good for live performances, because you can't digitally record filters to a mp3 file
[1:34] <ali1234> unless you loopback the audio
[1:35] <ali1234> you can do a lot just in software though, even just on an arduino
[1:35] <pizearke> why would I want that for a live synth?
[1:36] <pizearke> anyway, I don't even do live performances at this point in time anyway
[1:36] <ali1234> by "live" i mean that it only produces analogue output
[1:36] <pizearke> department of redundancy department
[1:36] <ali1234> rather than rendering the audio into an audio file
[1:36] <pizearke> oh yeah true
[1:36] <pizearke> but even if I wanted to record it, I could
[1:36] <ali1234> live means it has to work in real time
[1:37] <pizearke> yes. I'd be using the live one for live performances
[1:37] <pizearke> which I don't do
[1:37] <pizearke> which is why I don't have a live synth
[1:37] * davor (~davor@unaffiliated/davor) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:38] <ali1234> so then the question is, why do you want a pi to be a synth, if you just record to an audio file?
[1:38] <ali1234> you could do that on any computer
[1:38] <pizearke> because I literally have $8 after buying a raspi
[1:38] * Tenkawa (~arakeen@unaffiliated/tenkawa) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[1:39] * doomlord_1 (~textual@host86-184-8-232.range86-184.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:39] <pizearke> that is to say I'm broke
[1:39] <ali1234> you don't have any other computer?
[1:39] * doomlord_1 (~textual@host86-184-8-232.range86-184.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Excess Flood)
[1:39] <pizearke> a slow-as-shit one with a fucked up soundcard
[1:39] <ali1234> i bet it's still faster than the pi
[1:39] <ali1234> and also you don't even need a sound card if you're recording to a file
[1:40] <pizearke> I need to be able to play the audio back to hear what it sounds like
[1:40] <pizearke> it's like saying you don't need taste buds to cook
[1:40] <ali1234> ah...
[1:40] <ali1234> so what you actually want to do is play audio through the pi instead of your sound card?
[1:41] * tombrough (~tom@cpc3-newt3-0-0-cust165.19-3.cable.virginm.net) has left #raspberrypi
[1:41] <ali1234> it should be noted that the pi has pretty terrible audio hardware anyway
[1:41] <ali1234> most people add a USB soundcard
[1:41] <pizearke> i bouht a soundcard for it
[1:41] <ali1234> what type?
[1:41] <pizearke> i'd have to go look
[1:41] <ali1234> one of those i2s ones that plug on to the gpio header?
[1:42] <pizearke> "HiFiBerry"
[1:42] <ali1234> yes then
[1:43] <pizearke> okay
[1:43] <pizearke> what are the implications of that?
[1:43] <ali1234> nothing really
[1:43] <pizearke> oh
[1:43] <ali1234> you have kind of painted yourself in to a corner :)
[1:44] <pizearke> that sounds kind of hostile
[1:44] <pizearke> is a raspberry pi faster than a TI-84?
[1:44] <ali1234> slightly
[1:45] * Zoohouse (~Zoohouse@unaffiliated/zoohouse) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:46] <pizearke> k
[1:46] <pizearke> in what way have I painted myself into a corner?
[1:46] <ali1234> well, you could have just got a USB sound card
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[1:48] <pizearke> I have a usb sound card
[1:49] <pizearke> my computer still runs like shit and I still have no money
[1:50] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[1:50] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:51] <ozzzy> so fix it
[1:51] <pizearke> still broke
[1:51] <pizearke> also it's a laptop
[1:52] * Cirrus_Minor (~Cirrus_Mi@CAcert/Cirrus-Minor) Quit (Quit: ◀▬▬ •••They Must've taken my marbles away••◀▬▬)
[1:52] <ozzzy> what's that got to do with anything
[1:52] * theshadow (~theshadow@ has joined #raspberrypi
[1:54] <pizearke> the fact that i don't know where to begin with this thing?
[1:54] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:54] <pizearke> I don't know that much about computers. I'm more of a math guy
[1:54] <ozzzy> well... it's either hardware or software... if it's hardware you disable/bypass... if it's software you fix it
[1:55] <pizearke> you make that sound so simple
[1:55] <pizearke> why are you determined to have me take a completely different approach to making music?
[1:55] <ozzzy> why does it 'run like shit'
[1:56] <pizearke> my DAWs crash and when they work they glitch
[1:56] <pizearke> sound doesn't stop coming out of the speakers when I plug headphones in
[1:56] <ali1234> the pi wn't be able to run DAWs without glitching
[1:56] <pizearke> I can hardly watch netflix
[1:56] <pizearke> I'm not running any daws
[1:56] <ali1234> what's the problem then?
[1:56] <acidjazz> hey whats hte command to bring up the rpi config blue screen to sexpand the image
[1:56] <ozzzy> sounds like software issues to me
[1:56] <pizearke> and I don't know anything about hardware or software
[1:57] <ozzzy> so reinstall the DAW software
[1:57] <pizearke> I do know how to make a function sing
[1:57] <pizearke> it's clearly not the DAW software. I can hardly watch netflix on this thing
[1:57] <ali1234> reinstalling the software won't help
[1:57] <acidjazz> whats th darn command
[1:57] <ozzzy> ok... so you've determined that it's not te DAW software
[1:57] <ali1234> real time audio is hard
[1:57] <ozzzy> what have you done to localize the issue?
[1:58] <piney0> acidjazz, raspi-config
[1:58] <pizearke> localize the issue?
[1:58] <ali1234> it's hard in a different way to netflix
[1:58] <pizearke> how about throw my computer at a wall?
[1:58] <acidjazz> piney0: i love you
[1:58] <ozzzy> pfft..
[1:58] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:58] <acidjazz> ozzzy: jelly?
[1:58] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[1:59] * dividuum (~dividuum@unaffiliated/dividuum) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[1:59] <pizearke> I'm just going to keep pushing forward with the approach I've been taking
[1:59] <pizearke> and I'm going to have fun with it
[1:59] <ali1234> at this point you have to
[1:59] <ali1234> you've commited
[2:00] <pizearke> yep
[2:00] <ali1234> that's what i meant about painting yourself in a corner
[2:00] <pizearke> which means everything that has to do with my old computer is irrelevant
[2:00] <pizearke> I've heard somewhere that you can run minecraft on a raspberry pi
[2:00] <ali1234> it's a special version
[2:00] <PixelFilth> or you'll be committed if it drize you to crazy :P
[2:01] * harish (~harish@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[2:01] <PixelFilth> drives :P
[2:01] <pizearke> I've already been commited
[2:01] * TyrfingMjolnir (~Tyrfing@ Quit (Quit: Searching for Waimea)
[2:01] <pizearke> not going back there, fuck that
[2:01] <Gosy> hey guys
[2:02] <Gosy> is anyone using screen on their raspberrypi? i mean the application now, not an actual screen
[2:02] <pizearke> hi
[2:03] <piney0> Gosy, I use screen
[2:03] * Syliss (~temp@dpncorp1.digitalpath.net) Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[2:03] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2:03] * utack (~utack@mnch-5d87432b.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:04] <Gosy> piney0, what kind of stuff does it come in handy for you?
[2:04] <piney0> multiple terminals in 1 ssh session mainly
[2:05] <piney0> i like keeping htop open in one of the windows
[2:05] <Gosy> hmm i see
[2:05] * heurist`_ (heurist@unaffiliated/heurist) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[2:05] <piney0> and, if that ssh session disconnects, you can reconnect to everything that's open again.
[2:05] <piney0> screen -r for that one
[2:06] * heurist`_ (heurist@unaffiliated/heurist) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:06] <Gosy> yeah that's really hand
[2:06] <Gosy> handy
[2:06] * utack_ (~utack@mnch-5d867217.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[2:06] <OffensiveUser> screen + irssi makes for a neat bouncer
[2:07] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@5ED3D4A2.cm-7-4d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[2:07] <Gosy> OffensiveUser yeah, that's how i stumbled upon screen actually
[2:07] <piney0> hardest part to deal with is scrolling back. ctrl + a then ] i think is how.
[2:08] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[2:09] * pizearke (~pup@108-255-0-87.lightspeed.milwwi.sbcglobal.net) has left #raspberrypi
[2:11] * Flipo (~Nat@76-10-170-151.dsl.teksavvy.com) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[2:13] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) Quit (Quit: I just broke my connection, but no worries, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.)
[2:15] * ukgamer is now known as ukgamer|away
[2:17] * methuzla (~methuzla@dsl254-017-117.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:18] * PixelFilth (~PixelFilt@host-112-115-2-96.midco.net) Quit (Quit: out)
[2:20] * pixelfilth (~pixelfilt@host-112-115-2-96.midco.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:21] <[Saint]> I can do you one better.
[2:22] <[Saint]> screen+irssi+quassel-core+quassel-irssi
[2:22] <[Saint]> That's an _actual_ "bouncer"/distributed core/client setup, as opposed to a pretend one.
[2:22] * doomlord_1 (~textual@host86-148-72-94.range86-148.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:23] <[Saint]> Its what I use when I'm not stuck using a dreadful webclient, and I swear by it.
[2:23] * Noldorin (~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:23] <[Saint]> Gosy: you might want to check out quassel and quassel-irssi
[2:24] <[Saint]> as mentioned prior, specifically the combination of screen+irssi+quassel-core+quassel-irssi
[2:24] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[2:24] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:25] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[2:25] <[Saint]> Make sure you've got as posgreSQL DB server in place, though.
[2:25] <[Saint]> (because mySQL sucks a big fat one)
[2:26] <[Saint]> Well - that's not entirely true, mySQL isn't /that/ bad if you're only managing a couple of users with a couple of servers and a handful of channels per server.
[2:26] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-228-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:26] <[Saint]> But anything more than that and its dreadfully slow.
[2:26] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Client Quit)
[2:27] <[Saint]> PostgreSQL is way better/faster in this regard.
[2:27] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:27] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[2:27] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:27] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:28] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[2:29] <willmore> What are we talking about?
[2:30] <abnormal> pi's
[2:31] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-228-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[2:31] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2:35] * ttys0 (~fooman@c-98-193-158-182.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: ZZZzzz…)
[2:38] * utack (~utack@mnch-5d87432b.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[2:38] * IT_Sean (~Ult_Ubunt@applefritter/IRCStaff) Quit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
[2:39] * Mr_005 (~Mr_005@108-230-151-117.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:41] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Quit: _Ulan1)
[2:47] * Mr_005 (~Mr_005@108-230-151-117.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[2:48] * antoks (~antoks@unaffiliated/antoks) Quit (Quit: antoks)
[2:49] * gbaman (~gbaman@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[2:49] * simiuskong (~simiuskon@2a01:348:99:158:255:215:77:1) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:51] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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[2:52] * TyrfingMjolnir (~Tyrfing@ has joined #raspberrypi
[2:53] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[2:54] * Haxxa (~Harrison@cpe-120-149-49-246.oirx3.win.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[2:55] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:56] * Haxxa (~Harrison@CPE-120-149-49-246.oirx3.win.bigpond.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[2:57] <Gosy> Thanks [Saint]
[2:58] <[Saint]> No problem.
[2:58] <[Saint]> A raspi makes a great quassel-core, for what its worth.
[2:58] <[Saint]> Just remember the postgreSQL Db thing, as opposed to mySQL, unless you're a masochist.
[2:59] <[Saint]> ;P
[2:59] * IWriteBugs (~quassel@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:00] * diegoaguilar (~diegoagui@187-163-193-24.static.axtel.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:00] <diegoaguilar> Hello, using python RPi, how low lever do interrupt functions with callbacks work?
[3:03] * andatche (~andatche@mule.andatche.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[3:04] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[3:04] * Noldorin (~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[3:05] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[3:05] * andatche (~andatche@mule.andatche.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:05] <methuzla> diegoaguilar are you using RPi.GPIO?
[3:06] <diegoaguilar> exactly
[3:06] <diegoaguilar> methuzla, http://pythonhosted.org/RPIO/rpio_py.html
[3:06] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:06] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:07] <methuzla> try reading the "Threaded callbacks" section here: http://sourceforge.net/p/raspberry-gpio-python/wiki/Inputs/
[3:07] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:09] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:10] * doomlord_1 (~textual@host86-148-72-94.range86-148.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[3:11] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[3:12] <eggy> O_O
[3:14] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) Quit (Excess Flood)
[3:14] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[3:15] <eggy> [Saint]: I need to look into quassel it seems..
[3:16] <[Saint]> Everyone who uses IRC should.
[3:16] <[Saint]> A single, always on, core - with as many satellite clients as you want that can connect to it and disconnect from it as they please.
[3:16] <eggy> However, I assume you don't run pgsql on the pi?
[3:16] * Rootert (~Rootert@54694E34.cm-12-2b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Quit: Bye)
[3:16] <[Saint]> All your logs on one central server host.
[3:17] <[Saint]> I do.
[3:17] * Cess1090 (~opticss@pool-98-117-90-166.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:17] <[Saint]> Better than mysql.
[3:17] <[Saint]> by leagues.
[3:17] <eggy> oh, didn't know the pi was powerful enough to run such things
[3:18] <[Saint]> Well, I should reiterate. I /did/, I only have one pi left in my arsenal, I donated the rest to the local high school.
[3:18] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: almarshall)
[3:18] <[Saint]> Just make sure you install quassel core, assuming you're using debian, without recommends.
[3:19] <[Saint]> Otherwise it'll pull in nearly an additional gigabyte worth of largely needless GUI crap.
[3:19] <[Saint]> "sudo apt-get install quassel-core --no-install-recommends"
[3:20] <[Saint]> Check out http://quassel-irc.org/
[3:20] * harish (harish@nat/redhat/x-ydaofcjzfpxxqegd) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:20] <[Saint]> http://www.irssi.org/
[3:20] <[Saint]> and
[3:20] <Cess1090> trying to get this code to stop flickering so much: http://paste.debian.net/hidden/ad379d60/
[3:20] <[Saint]> https://github.com/phhusson/quassel-irssi
[3:21] <[Saint]> eggy: ^
[3:21] <Cess1090> this is what the output looks like with that code: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=1z23704&s=8#.VPkPGfx4oUo
[3:21] <[Saint]> eggy: those three urls will get you sorted. Lots of reading, or not, but its all good stuff.
[3:22] <eggy> ah, cool
[3:22] <eggy> I'll take a look
[3:22] <Cess1090> more friendly formatted URL: http://tinypic.com/r/1z23704/8
[3:23] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:25] <[Saint]> I'm gonna head out for a bit - gimme a yell, and make sure you highlight me, if you get stuck, and I'll look through my logs in an hour or so (probably less) when I get back.
[3:25] <[Saint]> o/
[3:25] <Cess1090> on another note: i'm safe if the cpu is at 35C (as reported by /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp)
[3:25] <Cess1090> ?
[3:26] * travnewmatic (~travnewma@corp.external.dfw02.800hosting.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:27] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:28] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) Quit (Client Quit)
[3:31] <diegoaguilar> methuzla, I read that
[3:31] <diegoaguilar> but I really wonder how it works internally
[3:31] <diegoaguilar> what's the process when a gpio gets a change so kernel sends the signal
[3:32] * zokeber (~zokeber@unaffiliated/zokeber) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:34] * travnewmatic (~travnewma@corp.external.dfw02.800hosting.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[3:34] * Sir_Pony (~xyzzy@cpe-174-099-005-078.nc.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[3:35] * kushal (~kdas@fedora/kushal) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:36] <Stephini> how exactly are dc sockets sized? does voltage affect size or is it something else?
[3:38] * TheLostAdmin (~TheLostAd@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:39] * TheLostAdmin (~TheLostAd@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) Quit (Client Quit)
[3:39] * jimvideo (~jimvideo@184-12-233-85.dr01.brny.ca.frontiernet.net) Quit (Quit: Going to the Burney Lions Club meeting....... Good night........)
[3:40] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-228-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[3:45] * simiuskong (~simiuskon@2a01:348:99:158:255:215:77:1) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:46] * TyrfingMjolnir (~Tyrfing@ Quit (Quit: TyrfingMjolnir)
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[3:56] * simiuskong (~simiuskon@2a01:348:99:158:255:215:77:1) Quit ()
[3:58] * nx5 (~nap@unaffiliated/nx5off/x-000000001) has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:08] * heurist`_ (heurist@unaffiliated/heurist) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:15] * Rootert_ is now known as Rootert
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[4:16] * fengling (~fengling@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:26] * darkbasic (~quassel@host37-245-static.119-2-b.business.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[4:26] * darkbasic (~quassel@niko.linuxsystems.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:32] * zokeber (~zokeber@unaffiliated/zokeber) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:33] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-228-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[4:35] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:46] * pksato (~PEBKAC@unaffiliated/pksato) Quit (Quit: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)
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[4:48] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:54] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:54] * pklaus (~pklaus@p2003005145151E0002C008FFFE88220F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
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[4:58] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[5:00] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[5:03] <[Saint]> Cess1090: yes. well safe.
[5:03] <Cess1090> what would be considered the 'danger' zone?
[5:03] <Cess1090> (on the rpi 2)
[5:04] <[Saint]> Cess1090: the SoC is designed for embedded use, it won't even begin to care about heat until around 80C, at which point it'll disable scaling.
[5:04] <[Saint]> At 85C, it will thermal shutdown.
[5:04] <Cess1090> i see
[5:04] <[Saint]> There is no "danger zone", it'll never reach such a temperature, ever.
[5:04] <[Saint]> Like all modern chipsets, it self limits.
[5:05] <[Saint]> Its understandable, as to a human, 25C feels fairly hot to the touch.
[5:05] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:05] <[Saint]> But, to a piece of silicon and copper wire, its nothing.
[5:05] <[Saint]> *35C
[5:06] <Cess1090> is force_turbo "safe"?
[5:06] <Cess1090> not worried about the warranty
[5:07] <[Saint]> If you have a vaguely modern smartphone, its SoC is likely within the range of 40C~60C right now.
[5:07] <[Saint]> Yes.
[5:08] <[Saint]> The TL;DR version is: You don't need to worry about the temperature of the SoC, ever.
[5:08] <[Saint]> In a nutshell.
[5:08] <Cess1090> i'm more worried about the compenents/projects i have attached to the rpi2 than the rpi2 itself lol
[5:08] <[Saint]> (And don't let any charlatans try and convince you you need a heat sync, you don't)
[5:09] <[Saint]> Cess1090: most electronics are rated to at least 80C, often as high as 120C+..there's really not much need to worry.
[5:09] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:09] <[Saint]> *electronic components
[5:10] <[Saint]> Its understandable, however, if this is your first folley into the world of embedded programming and electronics.
[5:10] <Cess1090> how high of a arm_freq have u seen/heard/read the rpi2 going to?
[5:10] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Client Quit)
[5:10] <Cess1090> i just don't want to burn the things i have attached to it =p
[5:10] <Cess1090> if i burn out the rpi2, that's a $45 hit
[5:10] <Cess1090> i can deal with that
[5:13] <[Saint]> I have one sitting here at 1.2GHz, I didn't see any need to push it any further - though it could. In fact, I have no need to have it clocked anywhere near that high. Actually, as a matter of fact, I don't have any need for the raspi 2 whatsoever - I just got given one from a distributor to play with so I replaced my raspi-powered server deadman switch with it.
[5:13] * Korith (~Korith@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:13] <[Saint]> I haven't much experience with the raspi 2 - its a bit of a weird board, to be honest.
[5:13] <[Saint]> More CPU and RAM, with the same terrible limitations the original raspis have.
[5:14] <[Saint]> They didn't really fix anything that needed fixing with the new iteration, if you ask me. But, at least its not ARMv6.
[5:14] * Haxxa (~Harrison@CPE-120-149-49-246.oirx3.win.bigpond.net.au) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[5:14] <willmore> [Saint], seems like we need a SiC SoC.
[5:14] <Korith> pricepoint isn't much higher than the older rasp
[5:14] <Korith> $35 here locally for rasp pi 2
[5:15] <[Saint]> I've been playing a lot with the Hardkernel ODROID C1
[5:15] <[Saint]> I have several of them now, slowly completing an Android 5.0.2 bringup for it.
[5:15] <willmore> [Saint], mine came yesterday.
[5:15] <[Saint]> Korith: yeah - sure, but, say, compare it with with ODROID C1, and then weep.
[5:15] <Korith> true
[5:16] <diegoaguilar> Hello, I'm using my Raspberry Pi and playing with the GPIO and RPi.GPIO from python
[5:16] * willmore could live without the funky power and HDMI jacks.
[5:16] <diegoaguilar> when I try to set a pin s output
[5:16] <[Saint]> The biggest thing IMO about it is the fact that it doesn't have that batcrap crazy GPU running the show.
[5:16] <diegoaguilar> I get a warning message: __main__:1: RuntimeWarning: A physical pull up resistor is fitted on this channel!
[5:16] <diegoaguilar> what does this mean?
[5:16] <diegoaguilar> should I worry or act on something?
[5:16] <Korith> i'm still new to the rasp, just been playing with it a few weeks
[5:17] * Haxxa (~Harrison@cpe-120-149-49-246.oirx3.win.bigpond.net.au) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:17] <[Saint]> willmore: I actually prefer having a barrel jack for power, rated for a LOT more insertions, and a lot less fiddly.
[5:17] <willmore> [Saint], videocore is watching you...
[5:17] <[Saint]> And, in my world, there's nothing funky about miniHDMI, but I guess that's subjective.
[5:17] <willmore> Oh, barrel connectors are fine, but the 2.5mm/0.8mm one is completely broken.
[5:17] <willmore> micro-HDMI.
[5:17] <willmore> Mini I have.
[5:17] * [Saint] shrugs
[5:18] <Korith> diegoaguilar http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=96128
[5:18] <Korith> never seen that error
[5:18] <willmore> The inner conductor of the plugs on those connectors isn't continuous, so there's always a dead spot somewhere in the rotation. Guess where it is by seeing when your device powers off. What fun!
[5:18] <[Saint]> AH, yeah, right - it is micro...you're quite right. I hardly ever use it, only one of my C1s has ever seen a monitor at this stage.
[5:18] <[Saint]> The one I'm using as a set top box/android TV.
[5:19] <willmore> I never meant to attach it to a display. I'm looking at the setup to see if I can get a little memory back by disabling that entirely.
[5:19] <[Saint]> willmore: just like a pi you can skip the voltage protection and power it directly off the 5V rail on GPIO.
[5:19] <McBride36> yeah Korith just about to post that
[5:19] <willmore> I just looked at the connector and though "seriously? you could have put a vertical HDMI and used no more space."
[5:20] <willmore> [Saint], that's my plan.
[5:20] <McBride36> just internal resistor fiddle faddle dieo
[5:20] <[Saint]> aha.
[5:20] <McBride36> diegoaguilar
[5:20] <willmore> Gonna solder to the pads on the bottom of the board just below the 2.5mm jack.
[5:20] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:20] <willmore> Once I find an inline female 5.5mm connector in my parts box. :) Most of what I have are chasis mount no inline.
[5:21] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:21] <Korith> by the way if you have a radio shack near you, most of them are closing, and have everything in store on clearance, so 50% off at least. some rasp pi stuff
[5:21] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:22] * [Saint] Presents - Reasons To Pay Attention To The Size Of Your $HOME Directory: Volume One
[5:22] <[Saint]> ( I saw this earlier and noped the heck out of there)
[5:22] <[Saint]> "Preparing to copy 6,818,972 files (4.7TB)"
[5:22] <willmore> I checked. 50% off their inflated prices is still more than I can get it for from China or eBay.
[5:22] <McBride36> but no shipping
[5:22] <Korith> ya thats true
[5:22] <willmore> Meh.
[5:22] <McBride36> you pay the "i want it now" price
[5:22] * willmore doesn't
[5:23] * willmore is old and patient.
[5:23] <Korith> there is that, the i want it now and don't want to wait for 3 weeks shipping from china:p
[5:23] <McBride36> i need mah instant gratification
[5:23] <willmore> only three weeks? Lucky!
[5:23] <McBride36> all i found at my rshack nearby was just an RGB LED strip
[5:23] * willmore has meters of those.
[5:23] <[Saint]> I pay the "Trade Licensed Electrician with a 33% Trade Discount and no GST (VAT/Sales Tax equivalent) Price"
[5:23] <[Saint]> :p
[5:23] <willmore> eBay!
[5:23] * tmcmahon (~tmcmahon@d-230.lcom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:23] <Korith> picked up solder, and went thru the parts bin for stuff, on last day the radio shack was 80% off, so it worked out well
[5:24] <willmore> [Saint], same thing in the US when ordering from abroad. No tax.
[5:24] <willmore> 80% would be a win, then.
[5:24] <McBride36> well technically you're supposed to declare the tax
[5:24] <McBride36> in the US
[5:24] * dj_pi (~dj@c-107-5-228-80.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[5:24] <Korith> the other prob is quality of stuff from china or ebay
[5:24] * willmore twiddles his finger near his temple. ;)
[5:24] <Korith> some isn't built to last
[5:25] <[Saint]> I haven't paid the full retail, or even full wholesale, price in years.
[5:25] <willmore> Sure, but don't buy durable goods,t hen.
[5:25] <[Saint]> Trade discount FTW!
[5:25] <willmore> Trade. Yep, I remember that from my radio station days.
[5:25] <McBride36> i bought a PIR sensor
[5:25] <McBride36> from china, pretty sure it doesn't work
[5:25] <McBride36> either that or i suck at coding...both are likely
[5:25] <willmore> Let me guess, you overpaid for it, too?
[5:25] <Cess1090> thought it was an armv7
[5:26] <McBride36> me?
[5:26] <McBride36> it was like 3 bucks, free shipping
[5:26] <[Saint]> Korith: if you don't like the quality of stuff from China then you'd better stop using your raspi right now. And your desktop/laptop/smartphone/microwave/toaster...etc. etc. etc.
[5:26] <[Saint]> I hate those types of remarks.
[5:26] <willmore> [Saint], hey, i buy the good stuff. Mine came form Korea. :)
[5:27] <Korith> heh just meant quality can vary a lot
[5:27] <[Saint]> Every country is capable of making cheap goods.
[5:27] <Korith> true
[5:27] <Korith> i've bought my fair share stuff from there
[5:27] <[Saint]> A lot of sub-par crap comes from the US and the EU too.
[5:28] <[Saint]> Particularly the latter.
[5:28] <willmore> Yeah, use real solder, people!
[5:28] <McBride36> never
[5:28] <McBride36> i need to save the few dollars where i can
[5:28] <willmore> Pb for me!
[5:28] <[Saint]> The association with China and inferior quality is a leftover relic from US war propaganda.
[5:29] <Korith> bubble gum thermal paste
[5:29] <willmore> The IP theft thing is pretty real, though.
[5:29] <willmore> But, every developing nation is guilty of that--including the USA.
[5:29] <[Saint]> Well, there, its not theft.
[5:29] <[Saint]> Its only theft in locales that recognize those laws.
[5:30] <[Saint]> Of which China isn't one.
[5:30] <willmore> That's a gross oversimplification.
[5:30] <willmore> And it's too late (localtime) to argue it in the depth it deserves.
[5:30] <[Saint]> It doesn't make it any less true though.
[5:31] <willmore> It does mean that there is more to it than that superficial explanation and not all of it agrees with that.
[5:32] <[Saint]> China has no obligation to recognize international IP/Copyright/Trademark claims, so, they don't.
[5:32] <[Saint]> There's many locales that behave in a similar fashion.
[5:32] <[Saint]> The EU is riddled with them.
[5:33] <Korith> yep every country does it
[5:33] <Korith> anyhow, if the radio shack near ya didn't close shop yet, check it for possible deals, soldering stuff, parts, rasp pi
[5:33] <Korith> and gizmos
[5:33] <willmore> Factually wrong. China is a signatory to the Berne convention.
[5:34] <[Saint]> As much as the US would like to think its laws extend internationally, and that they're the world police - they're not, and we all know they're not. Its merely a moral obligation, and business is immoral, we all know that too.
[5:35] <willmore> They signed the treaty, that means they, as a country, are bound to follow those rules. They signed it, they're bound. So, they are obligated.
[5:35] <[Saint]> Ummmm...doesn't the Berne convention only apply to scholarly literary works?
[5:35] <[Saint]> And possibly art?
[5:35] <willmore> copyright
[5:36] * oxhak (~OxHaK@unaffiliated/oxhak) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[5:36] <willmore> So, code, etc. would be included.
[5:36] <[Saint]> Certainly not copyright and design patents.
[5:36] <willmore> not design pattents, but copyright.
[5:37] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[5:37] <[Saint]> I'm reading about it now - its just art, and literary works, including text and cinema.
[5:38] <Korith> wasn't there something about google getting into legal trouble, about scanning books
[5:39] <Korith> big copyright mess
[5:39] <[Saint]> And assuming it /did/ apply, the US doesn't appear to be a signatory.
[5:39] <willmore> China is signatory to all major IP treaties. The whole 'they're not obligated' statement is incorrect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parties_to_international_copyright_treaties
[5:39] * theshadow (~theshadow@ Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[5:40] <[Saint]> Korith: there's some mud in that water - yes, but, Google is looking as though its well within the scope of the law on this one, even if it is questionable.
[5:40] <willmore> Nope, the US is signatory, too.
[5:40] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:40] <[Saint]> This falls under, although questionably, fair use.
[5:40] <willmore> Yep, that's true.
[5:41] <[Saint]> I, myself, personally, would argue that the scope of fair use was never intended to cope with this type of mass scale distribution on an international level and that it needs to be looked into a readjusted.
[5:41] <[Saint]> But, for now, they're within the scope of the law.
[5:42] <[Saint]> This isn't the first time someone has raised this issue, though. It has happened several times with Project Gutenberg.
[5:43] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:43] <[Saint]> There's many similar laws and regulations that were never designed to cope with the type of scale the Internet can bring, and definitely need to be revisited.
[5:46] * tmcmahon (~tmcmahon@d-230.lcom.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[5:48] * methuzla (~methuzla@dsl254-017-117.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has left #raspberrypi
[5:55] * abnormal (~abnormal@240.sub-70-209-140.myvzw.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[5:59] <ShadowJK> US copyright is actually a bit "weaker" than in most of the rest of the world
[6:06] <Cess1090> anyone here messed with adafruit's neopixels?
[6:12] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[6:13] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:16] * trickyhero (~trickyher@d192-24-241-251.nap.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[6:31] * Red_Onyx (~rpcarnell@ has joined #raspberrypi
[6:36] <Cess1090> [Saint]: still alive?
[6:36] <[Saint]> Nope.
[6:36] <[Saint]> I ded.
[6:37] <Cess1090> darned
[6:37] <[Saint]> I dieded. ded.
[6:38] <[Saint]> Anyhoo - what'cha want bud?
[6:38] * atouk (~atouk@ool-45752754.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:39] <Cess1090> reason i asked about overclocking beyond 1.1ghz is i was wondering if it would help with the refresh/flicking on this: http://tinypic.com/r/1z23704/8
[6:39] * Datalink__ (~Datalink@unaffiliated/datalink) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:39] <[Saint]> Nope.
[6:40] <Cess1090> kinda had a feeling it wouldn't make a diff
[6:41] <[Saint]> You're many, many, many orders of magnitude higher clocked than you need to be to run $arbitrary_code_sample in time with $arbitrary_screen_refresh_rate
[6:41] <Cess1090> i think my code needs to be tweaked
[6:42] * Datalink_ (Datalink@unaffiliated/datalink) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[6:42] <Cess1090> it runs this fine: http://tinypic.com/r/2ur17ol/8
[6:42] <Cess1090> i just got the OLED display today so have been tinkering with it
[6:43] <Cess1090> as for the former, what i am trying to do display a live top/htop kind of output
[6:45] <[Saint]> Goddamn I hate python so much...
[6:45] <[Saint]> Sooooooooooooo much.
[6:45] <Cess1090> perl is what i'm 'used' to
[6:45] <Cess1090> but the libraries for this interface are in python, so...
[6:46] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[6:46] <[Saint]> I'm a C man (and not even particularly good at that), trying to branch out into various facets of ARM ASM for a few years.
[6:46] <McBride36> why do you hate python
[6:46] <[Saint]> But these days I'm mainly fixing up someone else's massive crap-storm of horrendoes sh scripts.
[6:46] <Cess1090> C is relatively hard
[6:47] <[Saint]> Nah.
[6:47] <[Saint]> Compared to the insanity that is python, C is quite easy.
[6:47] <McBride36> wut
[6:47] <Cess1090> no way
[6:47] <[Saint]> And, if you fancy a future in computing, and the emdedded world, C in impossible to avoid.
[6:47] <Cess1090> i'll agree with that
[6:47] <[Saint]> May as well embrace it.
[6:48] <Cess1090> but it's relatively difficult compared to perl/python
[6:48] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:48] <[Saint]> I guess I'm looking at C being "easier" than python from an "oldschool" point of view, before we had several thousand largely useless helper libs to do everything for us.
[6:49] <Cess1090> java is a good middleground
[6:49] <Cess1090> in terms of the future/ease
[6:49] <[Saint]> nowadays its just "import library_that_some_other_guy_wrote_that_does_everything_I_want_and_ten_bajillion_other_things_I_don't_want"
[6:50] * MasterPiece (~MasterPie@unaffiliated/masterpiece) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[6:50] * [Saint] wags a finger
[6:50] <[Saint]> "....back in my day sonny..."
[6:50] <McBride36> super old school
[6:51] <[Saint]> "We had to walk 15 miles in the freezing snow, barefoot, uphill all the way there, AND back, just to write a single line of python!"
[6:51] <Cess1090> u using punch cards? =p
[6:51] <Cess1090> punched*
[6:51] <McBride36> i found my moms old punch cards from forever ago
[6:51] <McBride36> i was like wtf coz she doesn't know computers now
[6:51] <Cess1090> hah
[6:52] <[Saint]> And, yeah, I hate Java with a passion too - its...yeah, don't get me started.
[6:52] <[Saint]> But, its a necessary evil these days.
[6:52] <McBride36> go on
[6:52] <[Saint]> Much like C.
[6:52] <Cess1090> i think java's great
[6:52] <Cess1090> i also like perl/python
[6:54] * veonik_ is now known as veonik
[6:54] <McBride36> i love python
[6:54] * jumpsmoker (~root@mikroskeem.broker.freenet6.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:54] <McBride36> but i'm not a terribly advanced programmer
[6:54] <Cess1090> that's the beauty of it; you don't need to be
[6:54] <Cess1090> programming in ASM is just insane
[6:55] <Cess1090> for the average hobbyist, that is
[6:55] * ch007m (~chm@ip-83-134-173-13.dsl.scarlet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:55] <[Saint]> Well, for Java, its mainly other people's code I dislike - not the language itself. For something simple like "open gate", they're first doing "declare forest; lumberjeck; woodmill; lumber; gate factory; do add nails; add a hinge array that swings backwards and forwards for the sake of accessibility; make sure the garden path is well let to facilitate easier opening of the gate; ...etc. etc. etc."
[6:55] <[Saint]> *lumberjack
[6:56] <[Saint]> Its one of the single most convoluted languages I've ever had the "pleasure" of dealing with.
[6:56] <[Saint]> Often times 90%+ is just garbage for the sake of human readability.
[6:56] <[Saint]> It'd be fine if that crap got optimized out, but, it doesn't...
[6:57] <Cess1090> ur quite the pessimist
[6:57] * jumpsmoker (~root@mikroskeem.broker.freenet6.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[6:57] <McBride36> he's right though]
[6:57] <[Saint]> Its possible to write "sane" Java, that's neat, and concise - but then you get bitched at by others that like all the human readable "fluff" code.
[6:58] <McBride36> at least re: java
[6:58] <Cess1090> well that's on the individual programmers
[6:58] <Cess1090> sloppy code is sloppy code
[6:58] <Cess1090> regardless of the language
[6:58] <[Saint]> Its taught that way now, though.
[6:58] * McBride36 hides his if blocks
[6:58] <[Saint]> hahahaha
[6:59] <[Saint]> Give me the bare metal any day.
[6:59] <McBride36> [Saint], you heard of brainfuck?
[6:59] <McBride36> the programming language?
[6:59] <[Saint]> I'm not that great with it, but, I loves me some assembler.
[6:59] <[Saint]> *ahem*
[6:59] <[Saint]> yes, yes I have.
[6:59] <McBride36> you sound like you'd like that
[7:00] * mike_t (~mike@pluto.dd.vaz.ru) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:00] <Cess1090> java is, in my opinion, more valuable for the average programmer
[7:00] <Cess1090> and i emphasize average
[7:00] <[Saint]> jsyk, even though that /is/ the correct name of the language, there's a language policy in here that's "family friendly".
[7:00] <McBride36> i was torn as to what to type
[7:01] * [Saint] nods
[7:01] <Cess1090> C doesn't do much for arguably the most popular medium of content delivery: the www
[7:01] <McBride36> it's 12 AM where i am though, so i presume that most sane people are not around
[7:01] <[Saint]> since, technically, you're not allowed to deliberately obfuscate swear words either.
[7:01] <[Saint]> Its a toughy.
[7:01] <Cess1090> it's a snow day here
[7:01] <[Saint]> I think "BF" is the generally accepted term.
[7:01] <[Saint]> I would've known what you were on about, others may not, though.
[7:02] <McBride36> perhaps i'll typo it as brainduck in the future
[7:02] <McBride36> blame it on auto correct
[7:02] <[Saint]> heh
[7:02] <Cess1090> u have autocorrect on your irc client?
[7:02] <McBride36> hexchat bb
[7:02] <McBride36> so yes
[7:02] <Cess1090> ic
[7:03] <Cess1090> i've been using mirc forever that i really haven't ventured out too much in terms of GUI irc clients
[7:03] <[Saint]> I usually have an autocorrection script on for irssi as well, but I'm using Freeode's crappy webclient for a while now, I've been slowly changing servers and I decided to re-image instead of exporting my old config over, it was time to clean house, so to speak.
[7:04] <McBride36> ughhh
[7:04] <McBride36> that webclient is the worst
[7:04] <McBride36> it doesn't even scroll
[7:04] <[Saint]> I've got everything I need to run my basic infrastructure, network architecture, and fulfil the needs of my clients, but that's about it.
[7:04] <Cess1090> maybe that's why u hate java
[7:04] <[Saint]> yeah it does.
[7:05] <[Saint]> I hate Java for the reasons I mentioned, TYVM.
[7:05] <[Saint]> McBride36: I think we might be talking about different webclients. The official Freenode webclient (qwebirc) definitely does scroll.
[7:05] <McBride36> we are
[7:05] <Cess1090> using a crappy irc webclient written in java certainly doesn't help your point
[7:06] <[Saint]> Though I have seen various browsers screw it up.
[7:06] <McBride36> i was talking about http://webchat.freenode.net/
[7:06] <McBride36> and it is a plague
[7:06] <[Saint]> yes, qwebirc.
[7:06] <[Saint]> same thing.
[7:06] <Cess1090> the quakenet client
[7:06] <Cess1090> ?
[7:06] <[Saint]> It most certainly does scroll on output.
[7:06] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[7:06] <Cess1090> that thing hasn't been updated in yrs AFAIK
[7:07] <[Saint]> Your train of thought is incredibly hard to follow, and largely ridiculous.
[7:07] <[Saint]> How does using a Java based webclient not help my point?
[7:08] <[Saint]> Just because I dislike the langaues doesn't man I have any particular feelings either way towards anything implemented therein.
[7:08] * RaptorJesus (~RaptorJes@unaffiliated/raptorjesus) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[7:08] <[Saint]> uuugh - typing
[7:08] <Cess1090> well you were griping about java, and you're using a java-based irc client
[7:08] <[Saint]> and?
[7:09] <[Saint]> Its cute you're trying, though.
[7:09] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[7:09] <Cess1090> it's like complaining about fast food while eating a big mac
[7:10] <McBride36> hey i do that
[7:10] <Xark> Cess1090: That is the most appropriate time to complain. :)
[7:10] <McBride36> it's the american way
[7:10] <Xark> i.e., the gag reflex. :)
[7:10] <[Saint]> Shall I repeat myself? Lets do so, just for you, k? Just because I dislike using a langauage personally doesn't mean I have any problems using anything implemented therein.
[7:10] <[Saint]> If it works, it works, I just won't code in Java unless I can't avoid it.
[7:10] <Cess1090> it's ironic
[7:11] <[Saint]> For varying degrees of irony, perhaps. Like I said, its cute you're trying, though.
[7:11] <[Saint]> If it floats your boat, go for it.
[7:11] <Cess1090> i'm pretty good.
[7:11] <McBride36> i dislike PHP
[7:12] <Cess1090> and don't patronize me.
[7:13] * Megaf (~Megaf@unaffiliated/megaf) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:14] <[Saint]> Then don't attempt to do whatever it is you think you're doing by attempting to call out apparent hypocrisy.
[7:14] <[Saint]> Or are you Chaplain of the Java Holy Wars now or something?
[7:14] <Cess1090> cute
[7:15] <Cess1090> didn't patronize you tho
[7:16] * Megaf_ (~Megaf@unaffiliated/megaf) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[7:16] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:16] <Cess1090> there's no respect for others without humility in one's self
[7:16] <[Saint]> I even stated several times that its not the language I hate per se, but the implementation thereof, in what instance of those participating in the conversation you appear to be the minority. But you insist on trying to do whatever it is you think you're doing by calling me out on daring to use a Java based web client.
[7:16] <Cess1090> PHP is unavoidable
[7:17] <Xark> Cess1090: As is C. :)
[7:17] <Cess1090> i concur Xark
[7:17] * Xark peruses http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html (nice to see C++ gaining...) :)
[7:18] * teknic111 (~teknic@ool-44c06b62.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[7:18] <[Saint]> And sad to see objective-C so high.
[7:18] <[Saint]> heh
[7:19] <Xark> I tend to agree. iOS...
[7:19] * [Saint] nods
[7:19] <Cess1090> that's where the money is
[7:19] <McBride36> is VB really used that much
[7:19] <[Saint]> I _really_ didn't expect to see Pascal up there...wow.
[7:19] <Xark> [Saint]: At least it has dropped a bit (probably because of Swift though...)
[7:19] * [Saint] nods
[7:19] <[Saint]> Seriously. Pascal...wut?
[7:19] <[Saint]> I mean...wut!?!
[7:20] <Xark> Dephi? Is that still available?
[7:20] * [Saint] (77e02730@rockbox/staff/saint) Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[7:20] <Cess1090> delphi..?
[7:20] <Xark> Dang, it jumped up in the ranks too...
[7:20] <Cess1090> Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[7:20] <Cess1090> lol
[7:20] <Xark> Cess1090: Yes, #11 Delphi/Object Pascal (up from 20 last year)
[7:20] * [Saint] (77e02730@rockbox/staff/saint) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:21] <Cess1090> u said dephi ;)
[7:21] <[Saint]> Dammit.
[7:21] <[Saint]> Kitted-assisted-disconnect, lol
[7:21] <[Saint]> *kitten
[7:21] <Xark> [Saint]: Always trying to be helpful... :)
[7:21] <Cess1090> my cat's all about being in the way of what i'm doing
[7:22] <[Saint]> Anyway - yeah, I just lost all my wuts looking at that page.
[7:22] <[Saint]> My kitten's the same.
[7:22] <McBride36> mine just lays in my lap, i'm lucky she's lazy
[7:22] <Xark> Cess1090: Keyboards are quite comfortable to lay on (or so my cats keep trying to demonstrate). :)
[7:22] <Cess1090> haha yuup
[7:22] <McBride36> [Saint], ever heard of ladder logic?
[7:23] <[Saint]> Kitten: "Hmmmm, he's looking at that flat square thing, and patting the flat touchy thing. If I lay down on the flat touchy thing, and get in front of the flat square thing, he'll *have* to love me!"
[7:23] <Xark> [Saint]: Works too, usually gets them some attention rapidly. :)
[7:23] <[Saint]> Indeed.
[7:24] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:24] <Cess1090> my cat's favorite thing to do is jump in my chair whenever i walk away
[7:24] <Korith> Xark i have a decoy old acer laptop on desk for cat to sit on
[7:24] <Korith> will eventually buy one of those catbeds with a plug in heater
[7:24] <Cess1090> and my dog is too dumb and/or lazy to do much
[7:25] <Xark> Cess1090: Yes, my cats do that too. It can be dangerous (I have to check carefully switching chairs). :)
[7:26] <[Saint]> She's not with us anymore, had to have her put to sleep, since she got kitty-leukaemia, even though she lived to the ripe 'ol kitty-age of 19...but I digress, my old girl, Vegeta (she had the whole Saiyan hair thing going on), forced me to hang on to a CRT monitor well beyond the time the tachnology was deprecated because she used to sit up on top of it and watch me work and suck the heat out of it.
[7:26] <Cess1090> i'll go to the bathroom only to come back mins later to find my cat napping in my chair like he's been there for hours
[7:26] <[Saint]> When I eventually did upgrade that remaining CRT to a 22" LCD panel, she was not impressed, so I built a box to put around it and fitted it with a 12V heating panel.
[7:26] <[Saint]> Then, all were happy.
[7:27] <Cess1090> my cat had a fatal seizure last fall :(
[7:27] <Cess1090> only 15months old
[7:27] <[Saint]> I still miss having a paw or a tail dangling down in front of my screen though. I really miss her.
[7:27] <[Saint]> Awwwww, dude. That sucks.
[7:28] <[Saint]> Did s/he get hold of a bee or a wasp perhaps?
[7:28] <[Saint]> Or was there a prior history of seizures?
[7:28] <[Saint]> Either way - that sucks dude. I'm very sorry.
[7:28] * diegoaguilar (~diegoagui@187-163-193-24.static.axtel.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[7:29] <Cess1090> [Saint]: it was a stray that my gf and i had rescued..had a history of seizures since we 'adopted' him
[7:29] * Giddles (~i@unaffiliated/giddles) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[7:29] <Cess1090> really sucked..cried myheart out
[7:29] <McBride36> feral cats often have health problesm
[7:29] <[Saint]> You did a great thing my man. Really.
[7:29] <Korith> i worry about that, our cat was a stray too
[7:29] <McBride36> avg life span of indoor cats 16-20 years
[7:30] <McBride36> outdoor, 3
[7:30] <[Saint]> ferral != stray, but, yeah - one does need to be careful in that regard. Its usually FIV one needs to watch out for these days.
[7:30] <[Saint]> Feling Immunodeficiency Virus (kitty aids), is a really serious problem.
[7:31] <McBride36> now how can we solve it with the rpi
[7:31] <McBride36> (have to keep channel on topic somehow)
[7:32] <[Saint]> Anyhoo - the important thing to focus on is you guys got some good times together, even if it was cut short, you did a good thing. You should be proud of yourself.
[7:32] <Korith> we found a litter of 4 kittens in brush, in the field behind the condo. no mama cat, man gf was ticked we couldn't keep all 4:p
[7:32] <[Saint]> ANyone who opens their door to a kitty in need is OK in my books.
[7:32] <Korith> that was back in august i think
[7:32] <Korith> goodmews.org took in the other 3
[7:33] <[Saint]> hah, that url is awesome.
[7:33] <Korith> yep
[7:33] <McBride36> bedtime. later all
[7:33] <[Saint]> o/
[7:33] <Cess1090> cats are awesome
[7:33] <Cess1090> spay/neuter them!
[7:33] <[Saint]> Oh, definitely.
[7:33] <Korith> yep did that
[7:33] <Korith> chipped too
[7:34] <Korith> so since we got cats, we need rasp pi cat projects
[7:34] <[Saint]> Its really important. Some people really don't put two and two together on that one. Especially if they have a male cat, because its easier to ignore the issue then, since they're not dumping kittens in your lap.
[7:35] <[Saint]> But they get really aggressive, and the roam, and get (even more) territorial, and they fight, and get abcesses from cat bites (cat mouths are nasty...).
[7:35] <Korith> an org tried to catch/spay/release the ferals in our complex, but people kept taking the traps
[7:35] <Cess1090> where i lived at the time, they had a 'mobile vet' who would volunteer once a month and neuter/spay/immunize 30+ cats for basically nothing (i think we paid like $30)
[7:36] <Korith> hmm maybe a rasp pi laser pointer with a motor
[7:37] <[Saint]> Korith: I tried making a raspi-powered "smart kitty door" that read off an NFC tag in the cats collar (with a reader with beefed up amplitude) and the cats individual microchips, but the neighbor cats were smarter than I was and they just waited until one of the other cats went through the door, ran up, and held it open before it swung shut again.
[7:37] <Korith> hmm would need at least 2 doors
[7:37] <Korith> if more than 1 cat gets past first door, it reopens that door
[7:37] <Cess1090> [Saint]: i've been really interested in NFC/RFIDs
[7:37] <Cess1090> what did u use?
[7:38] <Cess1090> in terms of the module/chip
[7:38] <[Saint]> ANother cat project I made with a raspi was a kitty entertainment system that detected the presence of a cat via a movement sensor and opencv, and then looped though HD videos of tropical fish tanks from youtube with omxplayer and youtube-dl
[7:38] <Korith> there was a post on reddit a few days ago, gps cat tracker mapper
[7:39] <[Saint]> Cess1090: can't remember offhand, but assuming I remember I'll try dig it up when I get back home.
[7:39] <[Saint]> IIRC its still largely intact.
[7:39] <[Saint]> I ended up deciding that it was a losing battle trying to keep the neighbour kitties out of the house.
[7:40] <Korith> [Saint] maybe you add a pressure pad/scale in front the kitty door
[7:40] <[Saint]> Our place is somewhat of a "drop in centre" for the local kitties now - I can't say I mind too much.
[7:40] <Korith> use weight of cat to determine if its alone or the right cat
[7:40] <Cess1090> i remember this article from a while ago: http://hackaday.com/2010/05/14/cat-door-unlocks-via-facial-recognition/
[7:40] <[Saint]> Though, I think one of them sprayed on my washing basket the other day - that sucked.
[7:40] <Cess1090> thought it was damned clever
[7:40] <[Saint]> Hmmmmm...
[7:41] <Cess1090> er, http://www.quantumpicture.com/Flo_Control/flo_control.htm
[7:41] <[Saint]> I never thought of facial recognition of individual kittes.
[7:41] <Korith> Cess1090 very cool,didn't even think of that
[7:41] * esas (~esas@unaffiliated/esas) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[7:41] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:41] <Cess1090> remember going over it when i was an undergrad
[7:41] <[Saint]> It would still suffer the same problem I have, though, insofar as it only took a few days for the neighbour cats to figure out how to ninja up to the door while someone else was going through it and hold it open.
[7:42] <[Saint]> Too smart, lol. I was overthinking the scenario massively. Outsmarted by kitties.
[7:42] <[Saint]> Typical.
[7:42] <Korith> our guy is strictly indoors, doesn't even try to escape, one time he ran out the door, felt grass on his paws and ran back in
[7:43] * skylite (~skylite@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:43] <[Saint]> I can't say I'm much of a fan of indoor-only cats, but depending on your situation and locale, it may well be for the best.
[7:44] <Korith> alright you guys didit, much like reddit we turned this into cat talk:P
[7:44] * skylite (~skylite@ Quit (Client Quit)
[7:44] <Cess1090> felines (felidae) are probably the smartest family of land-dwellers (after primates)
[7:44] <Korith> http://i.imgur.com/BmKKU3r.gif
[7:44] <Cess1090> kittykitty
[7:45] <steve_rox> meoww
[7:45] <Cess1090> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBdxQyPWgg0
[7:45] * EricK|AFK (~quassel@unaffiliated/erick) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[7:45] * EricK|AFK (~quassel@unaffiliated/erick) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:45] * heurist`_ (heurist@unaffiliated/heurist) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[7:46] <[Saint]> Here, I have 1/4 of an acre (roughly 1000m²) of yard for the kitties to play in, and they would throw a FIT if they couldn't get outside.
[7:46] <[Saint]> We also live on a /very/ quiet street, maybe one car every couple of hours, travelling at a top speed of about 30km/h due to speed humps.
[7:46] <[Saint]> Its a very kitty-friendly neighbourhood.
[7:46] <Korith> buy one of those cat tracker mapper things
[7:47] <Korith> just to plot it out to see where they go
[7:47] <Cess1090> i live in a cul-de-sac on the lake with 2 neighbors who are virtually silent
[7:47] <[Saint]> Our neighbours are fine with the kitties visiting, though they're under strict instruction to not feed them any treats or anything, even if they beg.
[7:47] <Cess1090> love it
[7:47] <[Saint]> One of them is on a very controlled calorie counted diet.
[7:47] * OldHoster (~OldHoster@ Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[7:48] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[7:48] <Cess1090> the two cats i had from my childhood were both outdoor cats, and both lived past 20
[7:48] * teepee_ (~teepee@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:49] <Cess1090> both died of natural causes after what i would call a pretty awesome life
[7:50] <Cess1090> techie people tend to love cats
[7:51] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:51] <Cess1090> techies are cat enthusiasts
[7:51] <[Saint]> prepare to die from a cutness overload - the aforementioned keyboard/IRC hating kitten:
[7:51] <[Saint]> http://i.imgur.com/wvkWSRB.jpg
[7:51] <Korith> or have cats forced upon them:p
[7:51] * teepee (~teepee@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[7:51] * teepee_ is now known as teepee
[7:52] <Cess1090> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fP4emqw7O4
[7:52] * lazy_prince (~killer_pr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:52] <[Saint]> And, my main man Willow being all majestic and artsy:
[7:52] <[Saint]> http://i.imgur.com/Lpcaet1.jpg
[7:53] <Cess1090> looks like he wants to kill something
[7:53] <[Saint]> He's my buddy. He's on my lap right now. ALmost always is.
[7:53] <Cess1090> actually i think killing is always on a cat's mind
[7:54] <Korith> kiling heat exhaust ports of gizmos
[7:54] <[Saint]> You're probably not wrong, when I took that photo, he was looking at some sparrows on the fence.
[7:54] <Cess1090> always lovely waking about to a dead bird/rodent on the front porch
[7:54] <[Saint]> Probably thinking "Get in my face-hole, flying meats!"
[7:54] <Cess1090> it's in their blood
[7:55] <Cess1090> kill something for sport, and leave it as a trophy for their master
[7:55] <Cess1090> and we love it
[7:56] * uTiNi is now known as uTiNioFF
[7:56] * uTiNioFF is now known as uTiNi
[7:56] * michael-kohlhaas (~mk@unaffiliated/michael-kohlhaas) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:57] <[Saint]> Ms. [Saint]'s cat, Jae Jae (the msot prissy little princess of a cat ever) taking a selfie (seriously - she grabbed the phone and managed to trigger a shot, it was pretty cool):
[7:57] <[Saint]> http://i.imgur.com/PHuLorh.jpg
[7:58] <steve_rox> it looks most aggressive
[7:58] * lazy_prince is now known as killer_prince
[7:59] * kamdard (~kamdard@pool-71-164-224-228.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[7:59] <[Saint]> And (I'm not sure if this will work, lemme know if it doesn't) this is how Tiny (who, ironically, is VERY non-tiny) takes a drink:
[7:59] <[Saint]> https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/yourphotos?pid=6059411193555463042&oid=100067000465805237472
[7:59] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[8:01] <[Saint]> Hmmm, bah - for some reason i don't think I can share that video via the G+ HTML5 player and its a pain in the bum to convert and upload it somewhere.
[8:03] <steve_rox> amuseing that when you upload mp4 to http , omxplayer can play stream it down
[8:03] <steve_rox> kinda handy
[8:03] * killer_prince is now known as lazy_prince
[8:03] <[Saint]> oh, did that url work for you?
[8:03] * JlRd (~jlrd@ip68-110-113-182.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[8:03] <[Saint]> Before anyone says it - yep, we've got a lot of kitties.
[8:04] <steve_rox> i havent tryed the url
[8:04] <[Saint]> We've also got this fat 'lil guy. Mr. Hoggington:
[8:04] <[Saint]> http://i.imgur.com/VfV99H7.jpg
[8:04] <steve_rox> but now you mention it maybe ill try
[8:04] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:04] <Cess1090> here's the lil guy i rescued (hiding in my golf bag)
[8:04] <Cess1090> http://i58.tinypic.com/1z3tiyh.jpg
[8:04] <[Saint]> Mr. Hogginton is a bundle of laughs - hedgehogs are great fun.
[8:05] <steve_rox> i likes blue hedgehogs ;-)
[8:05] <[Saint]> Oooooohhhhhhhhh! So cute!
[8:05] * JakeSays (~jake@chat.thatswhatjakesaid.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[8:05] <Cess1090> well before he was comfortable enough to come indoors
[8:07] <Cess1090> http://i61.tinypic.com/2ecpsvc.jpg
[8:07] <Cess1090> still skiddish
[8:07] <Cess1090> skittish*
[8:08] * ssvb (~ssvb@85-76-169-253-nat.elisa-mobile.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[8:08] <[Saint]> I rescued Mr. Hoggington from a road accident. His mum and four oh his brothers or sisters got squished, all in a line, right outside my house - and he was still trying to suckle from her the day after. I hardly even noticed him, I actually walked past him a couple of times, by the time I got to him and realized he was still alive, the poor wee guy was sooooo hot and delirious from heat.
[8:08] <[Saint]> So I got a crash course in hand rearingh hedgehogs from the Infowebz.
[8:09] * ssvb (~ssvb@85-76-169-253-nat.elisa-mobile.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:09] <[Saint]> I'm a sucker for small mammals of pretty much any creed.
[8:09] <Cess1090> first time i saw 'ferris'..was hiding under our porch. had to use a 200mm zoom lense from afar to take get the shot: http://i60.tinypic.com/2a5b12p.jpg
[8:10] <[Saint]> He's adorable.
[8:10] <[Saint]> Oh! I wish I could have all the kittens!
[8:11] <Cess1090> he was an awesome fellow..everyone was like 'you guys are crazy. you can't domesticate him'
[8:11] <steve_rox> you end up like crazy cat lady off the simpsons
[8:11] <[Saint]> bah - naysayers.
[8:12] <Cess1090> then came winter, and he slowly warmed up to us..come march, he was carefree and as outgoing as a cat could be
[8:12] <Cess1090> damn i miss that cat
[8:12] <[Saint]> Hahahahaha, well, we have six cats, and a hedgehog. But we've drawn the line. We used to have four, two each, we both had two cats when we met each other. But since then, two cats adopted us, not us adopted them, they adopted us.
[8:12] <Cess1090> hedgehog?
[8:13] <Cess1090> like sonic?
[8:13] * JlRd (~jlrd@ip68-110-113-182.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:13] * heurist`_ (heurist@unaffiliated/heurist) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:13] <steve_rox> yea
[8:13] <steve_rox> gotta go faster
[8:14] <Cess1090> get those rings
[8:15] <[Saint]> Oner full groan ginger tabby male, neutered, but sadly not chipped, and we couldn't find where he came from. And one tiny tiny tine little tortoiseshell female kitten, who showed up on our doorstep one day to eat the cat biscuits I put outside for the cats when we're out (because Tiny can't fit through the cat door because he's too big - not fat - just...big. He's perfectly healthy and not fat at all, he just happens to weigh 11kg and be massive)
[8:16] <[Saint]> It was obvious she came from /somewhere/, but I took her all around the neighbourhood, door to door, for several blocks, put up flyers, put ads in the newspaper - but no one claimed her. Someone lied to me. Its sad.
[8:16] * ch007m (~chm@ip-83-134-173-13.dsl.scarlet.be) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[8:16] <[Saint]> But she's ours now, wouldn;t have it another way.
[8:17] <[Saint]> Cess1090: yep - Mr. Hoggington: http://i.imgur.com/VfV99H7.jpg
[8:17] <Cess1090> how are hedgehogs as pets?
[8:17] <[Saint]> Son of the late Ms. Hogginton, who used to eat the catfood I would put out at night for her.
[8:17] <Cess1090> i'm guessing that's him/her as a baby?
[8:18] * Cess1090 is now known as Cessna1090
[8:19] <[Saint]> They're pretty cool actually. You can even toilet train them, Mr. Hogginton only has a couple of accidents every now and then now. The only issue is carpet, because they can get their little hedgehog "man parts" stuck on the carpet fibers, but we've got polished wood floors so its all good.
[8:19] <[Saint]> They eat cat food and cat biscuits, which is a full balanced diet for them. They're surprisingly playful and affectionate too.
[8:20] <[Saint]> Its good to get live bugs from a trusted source for them occasionally, too. Especially snails, they love snails. And they also really like steak.
[8:20] <[Saint]> They smell weird, though. That's an issue.
[8:21] <[Saint]> Not bad, just, ...weird.
[8:21] <Cessna1090> ehhh
[8:21] <Cessna1090> like ferret smelly?
[8:21] * veonik is now known as veonik_
[8:22] <steve_rox> cute name
[8:22] <steve_rox> Hogginton
[8:22] <[Saint]> Yes. Very similar. I used to have a ferret called Ferridy (pronounced "ferrety"), they're great fun. A bit bitey, though.
[8:22] * atouk (~atouk@ool-45752754.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[8:23] <Cessna1090> i don't think i could do smelly (my gf certainly wouldn't)
[8:23] <Cessna1090> another reason cats are awesome
[8:23] * [Saint] nods
[8:25] <Red_Onyx> cats can predict earthquakes
[8:27] <Xark> Red_Onyx: Bummer they can't use Twitter though to tell everyone. :)
[8:28] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@i114-181-43-74.s41.a013.ap.plala.or.jp) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[8:30] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[8:31] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:32] * ch007m (~chm@ip-83-134-173-13.dsl.scarlet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:47] * longbeach (~mike@AFontenayssB-152-1-17-186.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit ()
[8:51] * Red_Onyx (~rpcarnell@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[9:08] * ThKo (~ThKo@b2b-130-180-72-118.unitymedia.biz) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:13] <ShorTie> fyi folks, interesting read on powering your pi from the foundation http://www.raspberrypi.org/help/faqs/#powerReqs
[9:21] * ``````` (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) has joined #raspberrypi
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[9:42] * hamrove (~hamrove@96-8-209-215.block0.gvtc.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[9:44] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@184.Red-83-47-132.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[9:48] <evil_dan2wik> is it possible to run a Pi from a 4.2v supply?
[9:48] <ShorTie> nop
[9:49] <H__> with a voltage step-up convertor ...
[9:49] <evil_dan2wik> hmm
[9:49] <evil_dan2wik> even though the chip is 3.3v and 1.8v?
[9:50] <ShorTie> but you said 4.2v
[9:50] <evil_dan2wik> yes, wont the regulators allow it?
[9:50] * Cessna1090 (~opticss@pool-98-117-90-166.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net) Quit ()
[9:51] <evil_dan2wik> this is a pi B
[9:51] <H__> evil_dan2wik: -> <ShorTie> fyi folks, interesting read on powering your pi from the foundation http://www.raspberrypi.org/help/faqs/#powerReqs
[9:52] <ShorTie> where there is a will, there is a way as they say, i'm sure if you found just the right spot to feed it in it might work
[9:53] * ``````` (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[9:53] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[9:53] <ShorTie> but wouldn't it be better/easier just to use the correct thing ??
[9:54] <evil_dan2wik> the power is coming out of a step down converter in this inverter, I was just trying to reducing the amount of voltage changes between it and the Pi
[9:55] <ShorTie> 4.2v is a wierd voltage, imho, what is it powering ??
[9:56] <evil_dan2wik> a battery charger for nihm or something
[9:56] * IWriteBugs (~quassel@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[9:57] <ShorTie> so i go back to [03:53:25] <ShorTie> but wouldn't it be better/easier just to use the correct thing ??
[9:57] <evil_dan2wik> well
[9:58] <ShorTie> thats a deep subject
[9:58] <evil_dan2wik> then I have to wait for a while to get the converter, rather than just being able to plug it in
[9:59] <evil_dan2wik> guh
[9:59] <evil_dan2wik> thanks
[9:59] <ShorTie> i take it your on some kind of pc
[9:59] * qubitnerd (~neutrino@unaffiliated/electron/x-8286743) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[9:59] <evil_dan2wik> yes.
[9:59] <ShorTie> can't you tap into it's 5v if your in such a hurry ??
[9:59] * MasterPiece (~MasterPie@unaffiliated/masterpiece) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:00] <evil_dan2wik> no.
[10:00] <evil_dan2wik> Because the Pi won't be with my computer
[10:00] <ShorTie> �k�� ��K��
[10:00] <ShorTie> just an idea
[10:00] <evil_dan2wik> it will be with the inverter in the caravan connected to the radio
[10:01] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:01] <ShorTie> invertor ??
[10:01] <evil_dan2wik> yes, for the tv
[10:01] <evil_dan2wik> the caravan has 12v batteries
[10:01] <evil_dan2wik> but the tv is mains power
[10:01] <ShorTie> so your gonna go from 12vdc->110vadc->4.2vdc to try to supply a pi ??
[10:02] <evil_dan2wik> no
[10:02] <evil_dan2wik> the inverter has a 4.2v output in it
[10:02] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:02] <evil_dan2wik> I don't have a 5v step up or down converter strong enough to run the pi with me.
[10:03] <evil_dan2wik> oh wait
[10:03] <evil_dan2wik> the tv has usb ports
[10:03] <evil_dan2wik> k, brb
[10:06] * ``````` (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:08] * ``````` (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Client Quit)
[10:10] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:10] <evil_dan2wik> bleh
[10:10] <evil_dan2wik> I guess I'll just have to order one in with express postage and hope it gets here in time
[10:11] <evil_dan2wik> the tv turns off when I plug the pi in
[10:11] * tristan_c (~tristan_c@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:12] <ShorTie> over drawing the current output i would guess
[10:13] <evil_dan2wik> all 3 ports are labelled 'Service Only'
[10:13] <ShorTie> if it was me, i'd get a simple buck converter and go from 12->5 instead of thru that inverter
[10:14] <ShorTie> talk about wasting power, lol.
[10:14] <evil_dan2wik> I was planning on that but the converter hasn't arrived from hong kong
[10:14] <ShorTie> oh, ok
[10:15] * Cessna1090 (~vh@pool-98-117-90-166.rcmdva.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:15] * jdost (~jdost@li211-146.members.linode.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[10:15] <ShorTie> ya, delivery times can be a pain
[10:16] <Cessna1090> argh..what's the "proper" way to grant a user access to /dev/mem as to avoid this error: No access to /dev/mem. Try running as root!
[10:16] <evil_dan2wik> we leave on monday and I need it by then so I may just have to shell out lots of money to get it here in time
[10:16] <Cessna1090> i've read conflicting 'solutions'
[10:16] <ShorTie> where is here if i can ask ??
[10:17] <evil_dan2wik> queensland, australia
[10:17] <ShorTie> there is some form of walmart or second hand store around ??
[10:17] <ShorTie> s/is/isn't/
[10:17] <evil_dan2wik> not for a while
[10:17] <He4dShOt> I was thinking about using a pi in my camper too, but I can't find a good solution for powering it
[10:18] <evil_dan2wik> it is a long drive to get places from here
[10:18] <ShorTie> Cessna1090, can you run it via 'sudo su' ??
[10:18] * harish (harish@nat/redhat/x-ydaofcjzfpxxqegd) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[10:18] <Cessna1090> ShorTie: yes, but i'd prefer not running it as root
[10:18] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, solar panels charging a 5v phone power bank?
[10:19] * t0mab (~t0mab@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[10:19] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:19] <He4dShOt> evil_dan2wik, I don't have solar panels and I'd guess they are expensive..
[10:20] <ShorTie> He4dShOt, these work nicely http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buck-Converter-Step-Down-Adjustable-Converter-Power-Module-Regulator-LM2596-New-/251868095121?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa4822291
[10:20] * OldHoster (~OldHoster@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:20] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, not really
[10:20] <He4dShOt> ShorTie, for what?
[10:21] <ShorTie> power a pi from 12vdc
[10:22] <He4dShOt> the problem is not draining all the battery while the camper is parked
[10:23] <ShorTie> oh, now your putting stipulations on it, lol.
[10:23] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, get a 20-40 watt solar panel to counter the pi's usage and recharge the batteries for the night
[10:23] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[10:25] <evil_dan2wik> because the Pi draws around 5 watts normally and 20-40 watts should give enough power to charge enough for a full night cycle, and 40 watts will give enough power on a cloudy day
[10:25] <evil_dan2wik> around 10-15 watts on a cloudy day
[10:26] <Ryccardo|zzz> Cessna1090: maybe there's a "posix capability" for it, but I seriously doubt that, maybe you could create another device for it and set permissions accordingly (like running that program as a special user which owns this equivalent of /dev/mem)?
[10:26] * hamrove (~hamrove@96-8-209-215.block0.gvtc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:26] * IWriteBugs (~quassel@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:28] <Cessna1090> Ryccardo|zzz: yea, i think i'm coming to the realization that that's the only option (other than using sudo/su, of course)
[10:28] <Ryccardo|zzz> root or not, if it can freely edit memory it can crash anything so it doesn't really matter (except of course as a personal challenge!)
[10:29] * dan2k3k4 (~dan2k3k4@unaffiliated/dan2k3k4) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:31] <cehteh> for what do you need the /dev/mem?
[10:31] <cehteh> someone was to lazy to write a proper driver for something?
[10:32] <evil_dan2wik> cehteh, sudo cat /dev/urandom > /dev/mem
[10:34] <He4dShOt> evil_dan2wik, what do you do with the pi?
[10:35] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, internet radio and tv as well as remote desktop to home
[10:36] <ShorTie> Cessna1090, is this a program your writing or just trying to run ??
[10:37] <Cessna1090> ShorTie: the short answer is it's someone elses program i'm trying to run
[10:37] <Cessna1090> works great when run via sudo
[10:37] <Ryccardo|zzz> and it needs freeform memory access? o.o
[10:37] <cehteh> lol
[10:38] <Cessna1090> https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_SSD1306
[10:38] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@ Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[10:38] <evil_dan2wik> you know what else has free form memory access?
[10:38] <evil_dan2wik> viruses
[10:38] <cehteh> you want to run *someone elses* program .. which needs acces to /dev/mem .. and scared to run it as root? :)
[10:38] <evil_dan2wik> just saying
[10:38] <Cessna1090> argh, i mean: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Python_SSD1306
[10:38] <Cessna1090> i trust adafruit =p
[10:39] <evil_dan2wik> why does that need access to /dev/mem
[10:39] <cehteh> that falls into the "to lazy to write a proper driver" category
[10:39] <He4dShOt> I'd like to use it also for gps tracking so the pi has to wake up regularly...but I haven't thought yet how to combine the two: always on when I want to listen to the radio and stuff and "sleep mode" when I'm away
[10:40] * wcypierre (~wcypierre@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:40] <ShorTie> ok, i was just wondering about a symlink maybe
[10:40] <Cessna1090> i was wondering the same thing; because the libraries at https://github.com/rm-hull/ssd1306 do the same thing without needing to access /dev/mem
[10:41] <Cessna1090> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rm-hull/ssd1306/master/doc/mounted_display.jpg
[10:41] <Cessna1090> ain't it prettty?
[10:41] <evil_dan2wik> its pretty tiny
[10:41] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) Quit (Quit: Byeeeeeeeee!)
[10:42] <cehteh> but good readable
[10:42] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, the pi uses less than 5 watts without anything connected to it
[10:42] <Cessna1090> it's surprisingly bright/crisp
[10:42] <ShorTie> cute
[10:42] <cehteh> i think thats the same display my wifes mp3 player uses
[10:42] <cehteh> i was surprised how well its readable even while its tiny
[10:42] <Cessna1090> was like $12 off amazon..well worth it
[10:43] <He4dShOt> evil_dan2wik, are you saying I could leave it always on?
[10:43] <evil_dan2wik> as long as you are putting back in what you are using
[10:43] <cehteh> http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B002NX0ME6 ..looks like the same display
[10:43] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, invest in a small 20-40 watt solar panel
[10:44] <Cessna1090> cehteh: hah, yea i think it is
[10:44] <evil_dan2wik> they are worth it and work great for balancing the pi's draw
[10:44] <cehteh> Cessna1090: isnt there some kernel driver to access this properly as framebuffer for it?
[10:44] <ShorTie> what all you gonna display on it ??
[10:45] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:46] <He4dShOt> I can find a 40 watt for around 50 €
[10:46] <Cessna1090> ShorTie: right now i have it hooked up to a DS18B20+ temperature sensor
[10:46] * jdost (~jdost@li211-146.members.linode.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:46] <He4dShOt> but I guess I need more than just the panel
[10:46] <Cessna1090> using it for a fridge at work
[10:47] * aberrant (~aberrant@unaffiliated/aberrant) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[10:47] <ShorTie> ok, just thinking here is like another option, but bigger https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpe5ek17e7e4fkf/IMAG0003.JPG
[10:47] <evil_dan2wik> He4dShOt, I don't use one, but there are charge controllers available
[10:48] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[10:49] * NET||abuse (luke@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:49] <Cessna1090> ShorTie: this is the script i modified/wrote (works great!) http://paste.debian.net/159890/
[10:50] <Cessna1090> but the libraries on it (which i didn't write) want to use /dev/mem
[10:51] * Brunetty (~Home@unaffiliated/brunetty) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[10:51] <Cessna1090> which, in the grand scheme of things, using sudo doesnt really matter for this project
[10:52] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:52] <Cessna1090> rather, whatever potential risk running it as superuser would pose isn't of concern on this one
[10:52] * skylite_ (~skylite@51B685A5.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:53] <ShorTie> i live on the wild side and use root 99.9% of the time
[10:53] <Cessna1090> ShorTie: where's the front https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpe5ek17e7e4fkf/IMAG0003.JPG
[10:53] <ShorTie> so i see no problems with it, lol.
[10:53] * Brunetty (~Home@unaffiliated/brunetty) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:54] <ShorTie> like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvx0vp7t07b0pte/IMG_0279.JPG
[10:54] * slvmchn (~slv@209-6-93-101.c3-0.smr-ubr1.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:55] <Cessna1090> looks like overkill for my purpose
[10:55] <ShorTie> but that is actually a different 1, 7" hdmi thing
[10:55] <ShorTie> ya, for just 1 sensor
[10:56] <Cessna1090> everyone should buy one of these things..best $12 i've spent on a fun/useful component http://amzn.com/B00O2LLT30
[10:57] <ShorTie> it's a 4.3" lcd tft monitor, hooking up thru composite video, so it shows full desktop and stuff
[10:57] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:57] * jamesaxl (~jamesaxl@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[10:58] <Cessna1090> i've been wanting to get a TFT monitor for the rpi
[10:59] <Cessna1090> my next project: https://learn.adafruit.com/freq-show-raspberry-pi-rtl-sdr-scanner/
[10:59] <ShorTie> i hacked into it so i could run it off off 5vdc, so those 3 wires are the +5vdc,gnd and video
[11:00] * lazy_prince (~killer_pr@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[11:00] * killer_prince (~killer_pr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[11:01] * killer_prince is now known as lazy_prince
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[13:33] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:36] <Stephini> hrm this meter seems to meet half of EEVBLOG's requirements for a good meter but then fail on a couple others. https://www.adafruit.com/products/2034 any opinions?
[13:37] <SpeedEvil> What requirements does it fail on?
[13:37] <ShorTie> heck, i use the free 1's i get from Harbor Frieght .. :/~
[13:38] <SpeedEvil> 'requirements' vary between users
[13:38] <Stephini> SpeedEvil, he said that not having sheithing on the ports and the plugs was bad and that having that blue socket in the upper right was worthless.
[13:39] <Stephini> without seing the back/internals i cant tell if there are any other big ones that he said were dangerous.
[13:40] <SpeedEvil> The tranistor tester is not a big draw, it can occasionally be useful
[13:40] <SpeedEvil> Unshielded plugs are a safety issue - but only if you use it to measure high voltages
[13:41] <SpeedEvil> Also - that does have shielded sockets - I can't say if the plugs it comes with are
[13:41] <Stephini> he also said not to trust "cat II" since chinese manufacturers slap that onto ever meter especially those that couldn't qualify as cat2
[13:41] <Stephini> picture 2 shows the plugs. the sockets looked unsheilded to me though. i'm guessing it's just white plastic instead of colored plastic?
[13:42] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[13:42] <ShorTie> although, it really depends on what your gonna use it on and expect from it
[13:44] <Stephini> i'm looking for a beginner one really something to use on a 3d printer and some pi projects as well as something to take to school if i can enroll.
[13:44] * JlRd (~jlrd@ip68-110-113-182.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:44] <SpeedEvil> The shielding on the sockets is a circular hole around the place it plugs in
[13:44] <ShorTie> i mean like reading an unbanned 20% resister on a $500 fluke is kinda .. :/~
[13:45] <SpeedEvil> If you're using it on not-mains - you don't care about the ratings - pretty much
[13:46] * ztaale (~bleh@ti0098a400-1761.bb.online.no) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:46] * oxhak (~OxHaK@unaffiliated/oxhak) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:46] <ShorTie> most likely some thing this would work fine, and at the price you could get 2or3 http://www.harborfreight.com/7-function-multimeter-98025.html
[13:46] <Stephini> he kept saying that to but not-mains is not a term i'm familiar with. are you(and he) referring to not drawing power from outlet?
[13:47] <ShorTie> i use those all the time to measure 220vac
[13:47] <ShorTie> i just care if it's there, not so much how acurate it is
[13:47] * ShorTie don't like hair standing on end
[13:48] <SpeedEvil> ShorTie: yes
[13:48] <SpeedEvil> Stephini:
[13:49] <SpeedEvil> If you're using cheap meters for measuring mains - then as a general point - if you touch the ends of the probes, you will die. If the leads fall apart due to bad construction,...
[13:49] <SpeedEvil> So treat it with care.
[13:49] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@5ED3D4A2.cm-7-4d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:50] <ShorTie> ??
[13:50] * mythos (~mythos@unaffiliated/mythos) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:51] <ShorTie> i want to know if the plug in is alive or dead
[13:53] * Saphyel (~carlos@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:53] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[13:55] * Armand (~armand@2a01:9cc0:40:6:85f2:ae64:f52c:9a1b) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:55] <ShorTie> mains == work with 1 hand only anyways
[13:56] <ShorTie> i don't care what kind of meter you got, you should never measure a main with both hands, imho
[13:56] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:56] * qubitnerd is now known as quantum-mechanic
[13:56] * gbaman (~gbaman@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[13:57] * dario_rapid7 (~dcavallar@host-92-14-43-138.as43234.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[13:58] * _Ulan1 (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[13:59] * ThKo (~ThKo@b2b-130-180-72-118.unitymedia.biz) Quit (Quit: ThKo)
[14:02] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:03] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:04] * sdothum (~sdothum@ has joined #raspberrypi
[14:07] * UukGoblin (~jaa@unaffiliated/uukgoblin) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:07] <UukGoblin> the raspbian image - I should just dd it, right?
[14:08] <UukGoblin> should it go to /dev/sdd or /dev/sdd1? I can't seem to find instructions for it
[14:08] <Stary2001> sdd
[14:08] <skyroveRR> sdd.
[14:08] <UukGoblin> thanks!
[14:08] <ShorTie> to the device not a partition
[14:10] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:10] * mpmctoo (mpmctoo@unaffiliated/mpmc) Quit (Quit: http://bnc4free.com/ !)
[14:11] * llorllale (~llorllale@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[14:11] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:13] * ppq (~ppq@unaffiliated/ppq) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:16] * dario_rapid7 (~dcavallar@host-92-14-43-138.as43234.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:18] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:18] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:19] * mike_t (~mike@pluto.dd.vaz.ru) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:19] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:20] * lpax (~lpax@unaffiliated/lpax) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[14:21] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:22] * cute_korean_girl (~joseon@ Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:23] <Davespice> new blog post about Astro Pi tech specs if anyone is interested: http://www.raspberrypi.org/astro-pi-tech-specs/
[14:23] * mpmctoo (mpmctoo@unaffiliated/mpmc) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:24] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[14:26] * intothev01d (~intothev0@unaffiliated/intothev01d) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:29] * strobelight (strobeligh@nat/cisco/x-wmniwnyhktntiphn) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:31] * uTiNi is now known as uTiNioFF
[14:32] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:37] * hinv (~hinv@c-50-142-213-254.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:37] * [sk]Ray (~quassel@71-95-197-158.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:38] * pksato (~PEBKAC@unaffiliated/pksato) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[14:39] * zokeber (~zokeber@unaffiliated/zokeber) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:42] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:45] * pksato (~PEBKAC@unaffiliated/pksato) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:46] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:47] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:47] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:48] * lawdy (~lawdy@ has joined #raspberrypi
[14:48] * lawdy (~lawdy@ Quit (Client Quit)
[14:50] * thescatman (~thescatma@unaffiliated/thescatman) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:52] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:53] * hamrove (~hamrove@96-8-209-215.block0.gvtc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:53] * Jinx (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:54] * Tenkawa (~arakeen@unaffiliated/tenkawa) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:54] <Tenkawa> hi all
[14:55] <Ullarah> Hello.
[14:55] * Voovode (~Alex@tenatena.static.otenet.gr) Quit (Quit: Byeeeeeeeee!)
[14:57] * Tenkawa works on getting his rpi2 to mount a usb root fs
[14:57] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[15:01] * paramourne_ (~asdf@unaffiliated/paramourne) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:01] * Morgoth (~adropi@d67-193-252-25.home3.cgocable.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:01] * paramourne (~asdf@unaffiliated/paramourne) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:02] * Jinx (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:06] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:07] <Tenkawa> lets see how the new rpi2 liks the 4.0-rc kernels :)
[15:08] * IT_Sean (~sean@applefritter/IRCStaff) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:09] <muriani> hehe
[15:10] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:10] * kossy (a@unaffiliated/kossy) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:10] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:12] <Tenkawa> muriani: heheheheh
[15:13] <muriani> EEEHEHEHEHEHE
[15:13] <muriani> whoo, xbox controller works a treat on the pi
[15:14] <Tenkawa> nice
[15:14] <muriani> Not that i expected any different really
[15:14] <muriani> but it wouldn't have surprised me in the least if the configuration was a pain
[15:15] * travnewmatic (~travnewma@cpe-76-184-159-186.tx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:16] * nickwebcouk (~nickwebco@host86-183-137-80.range86-183.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[15:20] * denete (~denete@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:20] * uTiNioFF is now known as uTiNi
[15:20] * denete (~denete@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:21] <Tenkawa> so any of you running a pi with an ssd by chance?
[15:22] * Ullarah raises hand
[15:22] <Tenkawa> Ullarah: what did you have to tweak in kernel and cmdline to get it to boot
[15:22] * travnewmatic (~travnewma@cpe-76-184-159-186.tx.res.rr.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:23] <Ullarah> What do you mean get it to boot?
[15:23] <Tenkawa> your root device shows up as sda right?
[15:24] <Tenkawa> or whats your root= in /proc/cmdline ?
[15:24] * theshadow (~theshadow@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:24] <Encrypt> Why are you using an SSD? (O.o)
[15:24] <Ullarah> /dev/sda1
[15:24] <Tenkawa> Encrypt: why not
[15:24] <Encrypt> Ok, right :p
[15:24] <Tenkawa> Ullarah: do you have an initrd in the cmdline?
[15:24] <Ullarah> I followed this Tenkawa, http://magnatecha.com/using-a-usb-drive-as-os-root-on-a-raspberry-pi/
[15:24] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) Quit (Excess Flood)
[15:24] <Tenkawa> oh.. thanks Ullarah let me ref that
[15:24] <Ullarah> All the boot stuff is still on the sd card Tenkawa
[15:25] <Tenkawa> yeah I know
[15:25] <Encrypt> An HDD would be cheaper with the same performances, no?
[15:25] <Tenkawa> my sd boots but it sits waiting for root device
[15:25] <Tenkawa> Encrypt: I dont buy platter drives anymore
[15:25] <Encrypt> Ok :]
[15:25] <Ullarah> Encrypt, for me using an SSD, it's a 64gb ssd I had lying around :P
[15:25] <Tenkawa> pretty much sme here Ullarah
[15:25] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:26] <Ullarah> Good luck with your endeavours Tenkawa, I'm outta here.
[15:27] <Tenkawa> DOH!!!!!
[15:27] <Tenkawa> I think I made a 2 lettertypo
[15:27] <Tenkawa> haahaa
[15:27] <Tenkawa> Ullarah: thanks again
[15:28] <Tenkawa> omg thats going to be funny if this typo is it
[15:29] * mike_t (~mike@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:30] * paramourne_ is now known as paramourne
[15:31] <Tenkawa> haahaa that was it
[15:31] <Tenkawa> 2 letter typo I missed
[15:31] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:32] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:32] * ruben-ikmaak (~sikko@541F7D85.cm-5-8b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:33] <Tenkawa> ooh much nicer speed
[15:33] * ruben-ikmaak (~sikko@541F7D85.cm-5-8b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:34] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:34] <Tenkawa> well at least there was a nice easy answer
[15:34] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: almarshall)
[15:35] <strobelight> Tenkawa: interesting
[15:35] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:35] <strobelight> so now your compile farm can use usb and be even faster
[15:35] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) Quit (Quit: I just broke my connection, but no worries, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.)
[15:35] <Tenkawa> yep
[15:35] <Tenkawa> MUCH
[15:35] <Tenkawa> haahaa
[15:36] <Tenkawa> and my fileserver
[15:36] <strobelight> did I understand you're actually booting of the usb drive?
[15:36] <strobelight> of -> off
[15:36] <Tenkawa> no
[15:36] <Tenkawa> sd card
[15:36] <Tenkawa> tiny boot partition
[15:37] <Tenkawa> then the rootfs is on the ssd
[15:37] <Tenkawa> native usb boot would be nice
[15:37] * TheLostAdmin (~TheLostAd@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:37] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:38] <Tenkawa> oh wow this is much nicer
[15:39] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:39] * cave (~various@h081217074129.dyn.cm.kabsi.at) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:42] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:43] <TheLostAdmin> ?
[15:43] * [sk]Ray (~quassel@71-95-197-158.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[15:44] <Tenkawa> TheLostAdmin: ssd root on my pi2
[15:45] <TheLostAdmin> It makes that much of a speed difference over the SD card? I would have thought the USB bus was the bottleneck. Congrats though. Extra space is nice.
[15:45] * kevinsan (~kevinsan@2001:41d0:52:500::1f3) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[15:46] <Tenkawa> it makes some
[15:46] <muriani> You probably have far better access time
[15:46] <Tenkawa> I just like getting to use my ssd's
[15:46] <Tenkawa> muriani: indeed
[15:47] <Tenkawa> hdparm shows a double speed non-cached read improvement
[15:47] <McBride36> how much time does that shave off?
[15:47] <Tenkawa> McBride36: not sure yet
[15:47] <muriani> Tenkawa: wow, that's significant
[15:47] <Tenkawa> still running tests
[15:47] <McBride36> try rubbing cheetah blood on it
[15:47] * ThKo (~ThKo@p4FED504B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:47] <Tenkawa> muriani: cached is pretty similar however that doesnt surprise me
[15:47] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@5ED3D4A2.cm-7-4d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:48] <muriani> Over USB though, that's pretty nice
[15:48] <Tenkawa> indeed
[15:48] <muriani> I wonder how that holds up with simultaneously pegging network
[15:48] <Tenkawa> I think the IO concurrency is where its going to help most
[15:48] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@5ED3D4A2.cm-7-4d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:49] <Tenkawa> 8 compile jobs no io waut
[15:49] <Tenkawa> er wait
[15:49] <Tenkawa> that was not the case on microsd
[15:49] <muriani> holy shit
[15:49] <Tenkawa> 8 simultaneous with no wait is useful
[15:50] <muriani> yeah that was the problem I had with my class6 on the pandaboard, and then moving to the UHS-1
[15:50] <Tenkawa> top showing 0.0
[15:50] <muriani> io wait time dropped *so* much
[15:50] <strobelight> what do you use for power?
[15:52] * ThKo (~ThKo@p4FED504B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: ThKo)
[15:53] <Tenkawa> strobelight: 2.1 amp adapters
[15:53] <strobelight> no hubs then?
[15:54] <strobelight> wait, you got the new pi2 anyway, I'm still on b+, I think pi2 has better power regulation or something
[15:55] <Tenkawa> nope
[15:55] <Tenkawa> yeah
[15:55] <strobelight> thx
[15:56] <Tenkawa> np
[15:57] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:57] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:57] * Herb_Tarlek (~FN_Herb@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[15:57] <TheLostAdmin> is there any plans/knowledge/suspicion of what comes next? A Pi2C?
[15:58] <Tenkawa> heheeheh
[15:58] <IT_Sean> There have been no official annouancements
[15:58] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[15:58] <shiftplusone> (or unofficial)
[15:58] <strobelight> bananna pi, oh, wait ... ;-)
[16:00] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:00] <Tenkawa> haahaa
[16:01] * nils_2 (~nils_2@unaffiliated/nils-2/x-2480262) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:01] * gbaman (~gbaman@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:01] * uTiNi is now known as uTiNioFF
[16:02] * Milhouse (~Milhouse@kodi/staff/milhouse) Quit ()
[16:02] <Tenkawa> a few more fs tweaks
[16:06] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[16:06] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: almarshall)
[16:06] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:07] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[16:07] * Milhouse (~Milhouse@kodi/staff/milhouse) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * moei (~moei@softbank221078042071.bbtec.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:08] * igordcard (~igordcard@2001:690:2380:7770:ca60:ff:fe0c:6111) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:08] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[16:09] <TheLostAdmin> well... I could see adding an internal USB header (possibly just pins) so that a keyboard-case could be build to cleanly slot the RPI into. The USB header being needed to hook up the keyboard cleanly.
[16:09] <TheLostAdmin> But for nice clean looking hobby case builds, the RPi2 (and B+) layout is good.
[16:10] <IT_Sean> If you wanted to attach a USB device directly to the Pi in that fashon, you could desolder the USB socket. BAM! there is your header.
[16:10] <SpeedEvil> Bringing out d+ and d- to test points of the other USB port would be quite adequate
[16:10] <TheLostAdmin> If by "you" you are referring to others with more soldering skills than I, then yes that could be possible.
[16:10] <SpeedEvil> and allow host and device mode
[16:11] <McBride36> only get better with practice!
[16:11] <TheLostAdmin> But I was thinking more along the lines of a qasi-official case that looked similar to the ZX Spectrum.
[16:12] <TheLostAdmin> But with a decent keyboard.
[16:12] * justyns (~justyns@li916-116.members.linode.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:13] <IT_Sean> TheLostAdmin: then practice your soldering skills. It's not that hard, really.
[16:13] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[16:13] * iamjarvo (~textual@pool-98-115-181-52.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:14] <SpeedEvil> Also - stubby right-angle plugs are trivial to mkake
[16:14] <SpeedEvil> for full-size USB
[16:14] <TheLostAdmin> IT_Sean, I don't want it that badly. Not yet anyway.
[16:14] <SpeedEvil> And for the PI2, you can plug one into the four ports, and there you are
[16:15] * cmoneylulz (~cmoneylul@mail.cosairus.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:15] <TheLostAdmin> I'm still thoroughly enjoying my Pi in a treasure chest.
[16:15] <TheLostAdmin> No need for solder or other weirdness.
[16:17] * uTiNioFF is now known as uTiNi
[16:17] * uTiNi is now known as uTiNioFF
[16:19] <thescatman> My lapdock just arrived :]
[16:19] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:19] <IT_Sean> YAY!
[16:19] <thescatman> the build quality is surprisingly good O.o
[16:19] <IT_Sean> Time to start making the cables you need to pi-ify it.
[16:19] * Adran (adran@botters/staff/adran) Quit (Quit: Este é o fim.)
[16:19] <thescatman> ha, I found them online ;)
[16:19] <IT_Sean> Bah!
[16:19] <IT_Sean> that's cheating!
[16:20] <thescatman> http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00Q5L3GOA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00
[16:20] <thescatman> I know lol
[16:20] <thescatman> Still, £9, but it saves me having to go and look for my soldering iron and pick up a load of stuff :)
[16:22] * Adran (adran@botters/staff/adran) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:22] * monocle (~bob@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:23] * Carko (~darko@84-255-241-35.static.t-2.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:23] <Carko> hi
[16:23] <IT_Sean> It's still cheating
[16:23] <IT_Sean> hey Carko
[16:25] * leaven (~monkey@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:25] <Tenkawa> cheers all.. bbl
[16:25] * Tenkawa (~arakeen@unaffiliated/tenkawa) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[16:25] <TheLostAdmin> I had to go look up Lapdock to figure out why you were so excited. Cool! I remember (now) when Motorolla came out with those. I figured all the cell phone companies would have something like that by now. Wow, was I wrong.
[16:26] <TheLostAdmin> Well, except apple because it might eat into their laptop and iPad sales.
[16:26] <Carko> my rpi2 is showing very high amount of interference on HDMI - everything is magenta with lots of noise or black with green flickering lines. I tried different power supplies (5V 2A), different HDMI cables, different monitors, different config files (hdmi_safe, boost, ...). Any idea what would be the problem?
[16:26] <thescatman> That and iirc you can't hook an iphone up to even a keyboard iirc
[16:26] <IT_Sean> thescatman: you can w/ a bluetooth keyboard.
[16:27] * ztaale (~bleh@ti0098a400-1761.bb.online.no) Quit (Quit: - nbs-irc 2.39 - www.nbs-irc.net -)
[16:28] <thescatman> I should really proofread. TheLostAdmin I'd be playing around with it right except I didn't realise as it's from israel it has an israeli plug :L waiting on amazon to post it tomorrow
[16:28] <thescatman> maybe it was a mouse i was thinking of
[16:29] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:31] * carlsimpson_ (~carlsimps@cpc13-ward9-2-0-cust495.10-2.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:34] * carlsimpson (~carlsimps@cpc21-ward9-2-0-cust32.10-2.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[16:34] * carlsimpson_ is now known as carlsimpson
[16:34] * gbaman_ (~gbaman@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:35] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[16:37] * gbaman (~gbaman@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[16:38] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:38] * gbaman_ (~gbaman@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[16:39] <sydney_untangle> Carko: Does the composite out have that issue?
[16:40] * ShorTie (~Idiot@unaffiliated/shortie) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[16:41] * ShorTie (~Idiot@unaffiliated/shortie) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:43] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[16:44] * t0mab (~t0mab@stakhanov.u-strasbg.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:45] * krelo (~krelo@dsl3-209.uninet.ee) Quit (Quit: ZZZzzz…)
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[16:48] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) Quit ()
[16:49] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:50] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) has joined #raspberrypi
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[16:54] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[17:03] * chris_99 (~chris_99@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:05] * michael-kohlhaas (~mk@unaffiliated/michael-kohlhaas) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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[17:06] * gnatt (~gnatt@rrcs-67-78-218-162.se.biz.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
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[17:19] * programmerq (~jefferya@unaffiliated/programmerq) has joined #raspberrypi
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[17:36] * Aboba (~Bob@h184-69-97-2.sbm.shawcable.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:37] <Aboba> Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide for the following, I cant seem to get the right words on google. I want to use an xbox controller connected to my PC to send joystick input to the PI
[17:37] * nimoot (~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:37] * cmoneylulz (~cmoneylul@mail.cosairus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:38] * JakeSays (~jake@chat.thatswhatjakesaid.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:39] <shiftplusone> Why that instead of connecting the joystick to the pi?
[17:41] * JMichaelX (~Gregor@unaffiliated/jmichaelx) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[17:41] * cameronfr (~cameronfr@ Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[17:43] * GerhardSchrr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:44] * TheHacker66 (~TheHacker@ppp-141-36.30-151.libero.it) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:45] * torbjorn (~torbjorn@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:45] * Froolap (~Froolap@pool-71-180-136-207.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:45] <torbjorn> do you know any usb hub that would be good for powering a couple of rasperry pis?
[17:46] <Ryccardo> anything cheap with external power -- chances are all the +5 pins are just in parallel
[17:46] <gnatt> So I have a new raspberyr pi and I just formatted an SD card and put raspian on it. The power light comes on and the activity light is flashing but the ethernet light is off and I don't see it on the network. The montior isnt showing anything either
[17:46] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:46] <shiftplusone> does it have to be a USB hub?
[17:47] <Ryccardo> nope
[17:47] <shiftplusone> I've recently bought one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201272890204
[17:49] <lord4163> What is a normal boot time of the raspberry pi 2?
[17:49] <muriani> lord4163: depends on things
[17:49] <shiftplusone> half a minute?
[17:49] <muriani> like OS, the sdcard, etc
[17:49] * Froolap (~Froolap@pool-71-180-136-207.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:49] <muriani> 30sec is a good time
[17:50] <Ryccardo> my original models boots in 37 seconds of kernel time
[17:50] <lord4163> shiftplusone: for a friend it takes several minutes. That sounds too long?
[17:50] <lord4163> same for shutdown and starting x also takes a few minutes
[17:51] <IT_Sean> what OS? What kind of SD card?
[17:51] * Pr070cal (~Pr070cal@97e537c7.skybroadband.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:51] <Ryccardo> "a few minutes for X" sounds wrong, but who knows how it's configured :)
[17:51] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:52] <muriani> yeah that's pretty long
[17:52] <lord4163> also the newest raspbian should have systemd right?
[17:52] <Ryccardo> ew no
[17:52] <Ryccardo> if you count official stable versions, at least
[17:52] * kamdard (~kamdard@pool-71-164-224-228.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:53] <Ryccardo> if you went to Jessie it's another story
[17:53] <lord4163> Ryccardo: I think he does run Jessie, he got kernel 3.17 installed
[17:54] <shiftplusone> lord4163: depends
[17:54] <shiftplusone> no, newest raspbian should have sysvinit
[17:54] <shiftplusone> but you'd have to have a pretty exotic setup to take a few minutes to boot
[17:54] <Ryccardo> even though upstream is trying hard to force it down on you
[17:55] <shiftplusone> if your friend is running 3.17 and has Jessie installed, he either knows what he's doing and doesn't need this channel or is really clueless and should run stock raspbian.
[17:56] <lord4163> shiftplusone: he doesn't know that much about linux and got raspbian installed via noobs
[17:56] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[17:56] * nerdboy (~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:58] <shiftplusone> then he shouldn't be running jessie.
[17:58] * dan2k3k4 (~dan2k3k4@unaffiliated/dan2k3k4) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[17:58] <lord4163> shiftplusone: Don't understand how that kernel came in then, I got 3.12 running on my Raspbian Wheezy.
[17:59] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[17:59] <shiftplusone> should be 3.18 if you ran apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, I think
[18:04] * aberrant (~aberrant@unaffiliated/aberrant) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:05] * Wec (~Perkele@a450-83-150-119-246.nebulazone.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:07] * IT_Sean is now known as IT_Phood
[18:08] * iamjarvo (~textual@pool-98-115-181-52.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[18:08] <sydney_untangle> Wheezy!?
[18:08] <sydney_untangle> Jessie is 3.16.
[18:08] <sydney_untangle> Wheezy is like 3.2 i thought.
[18:09] * MY123 (~MY123@unaffiliated/kill--9-1/x-8776976) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:10] <sydney_untangle> My untangle box is 3.2
[18:10] <sydney_untangle> Thats wheezy. But i dont know if thats up to date.
[18:10] <Ryccardo> rpi-update gives independent kernel updates, iirc
[18:10] <sydney_untangle> Well, jessie is up to date for me and im running 3.16
[18:10] <sydney_untangle> oh.
[18:11] <sydney_untangle> this is desktop, not RPI.
[18:11] <MY123> sydney_untangle, I run 4.0rc1 on my RPis
[18:11] <buZz> you can run 4.0 on wheezy np
[18:11] <MY123> buZz, My Pis are running Sid, so I don't know
[18:12] <Ryccardo> so there exist raspbian sid or do you have a pi2?
[18:12] <MY123> Ryccardo, Pi2
[18:13] <Ryccardo> ahhhh... :s
[18:14] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:14] * t0x0sh (~tosh@t0x0sh.org) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:14] <sydney_untangle> MY123: 4.0rc?
[18:14] <MY123> Ryccardo, the 2 Pi1s are running a bare VideoCore test env
[18:14] <MY123> sydney_untangle, yes
[18:14] <sydney_untangle> Whats that?
[18:15] <sydney_untangle> So realyl old debian version?
[18:15] <sydney_untangle> I have only been using debian for 6 mo ;)
[18:15] <MY123> sydney_untangle, Linux 4.0rc1
[18:15] <MY123> [the kernel]
[18:15] <sydney_untangle> Oh!
[18:15] <sydney_untangle> You need to make more sense :P :)
[18:15] <sydney_untangle> Cool
[18:17] * lord4163 (~lord4163@78-68-207-39-no226.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:17] * simcop2387 (~simcop238@p3m/member/simcop2387) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:17] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:18] <sydney_untangle> Hehe, i guess the goodwill is not so expensive on comptuer screens. I can get a 17 inch there for 20$ and a 15 inch on ebay for 25.
[18:18] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[18:18] <sydney_untangle> Shipping is not easy though...
[18:18] <Ryzari> better deals than my local goodwill.. they want $50 for about any flat panel
[18:18] <Ryccardo> nice deal
[18:18] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:18] * derpingit (~ircap@209-203-71-82.static.twtelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:19] <Ryccardo> I want to fix a TV from the early 70s I have in the garage
[18:19] <sydney_untangle> Ive seen them for 5$ at thrift stores...
[18:19] <sydney_untangle> Yeah, my 20 inch that im using from the goodwill was 50$
[18:19] <sydney_untangle> Decent screen though.
[18:19] <buZz> US is wrecked anyway
[18:19] <buZz> i get 15" for free
[18:19] * llorllale (~llorllale@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:19] * lord4163 (~lord4163@78-68-207-39-no226.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:20] <buZz> hell, i even get 22" for free
[18:20] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Quit: Quitte)
[18:20] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Good, ship me one.
[18:20] <sydney_untangle> :)
[18:20] <buZz> come pick it up
[18:20] <sydney_untangle> I want to set up a second monitor... :)
[18:20] <sydney_untangle> Dvi though.
[18:20] <buZz> i have 5 on my workstation
[18:20] <sydney_untangle> buZz: You live in iceland, or germany?
[18:20] <buZz> netherlands
[18:21] <sydney_untangle> Ah.
[18:21] <sydney_untangle> Cool.
[18:21] <sydney_untangle> germany seems very popular for open source game development.
[18:21] <buZz> nah, just a lot of people
[18:21] <sydney_untangle> buZz: What WM/DE you use?
[18:21] <sydney_untangle> I like i3.
[18:21] <buZz> always offset 'popular' to amount of ppl in a nation
[18:22] <buZz> fluxbox / openbox
[18:22] <sydney_untangle> Ah.
[18:22] * Yoofie (~chatzilla@75-114-203-47.res.bhn.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:22] * Sir_Pony (~xyzzy@cpe-174-099-005-078.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:22] <sydney_untangle> 5 screens on a RPI? :P
[18:23] <buZz> nope, just one on that :(
[18:23] <sydney_untangle> Ive never used more than one screen on a computer. ;)
[18:23] <buZz> ok, i'm a bit older i guess
[18:23] * djsxxx is now known as djsxxx_away
[18:23] <sydney_untangle> Well, i have once or twice on a mac.
[18:24] * ukgamer|away is now known as ukgamer
[18:24] <sydney_untangle> This desk is not really made for more than one screen.
[18:24] <Ryzari> i've always ran at least 2
[18:25] <Ryccardo> two are convenient when running any irc client/twitchplayspokemon, but virtual desktops make it almost as convenient
[18:25] <sydney_untangle> And you never have used a tiling WM? ;)
[18:25] <sydney_untangle> Ive heard they are awesome on more than one screen.
[18:26] <muriani> I got a 29" monitor from a pawnshop for $20
[18:26] <muriani> NEC xm29plus CRT :P
[18:26] * ttosi (~ttosi@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/ttosi) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:26] <muriani> <3 it so much
[18:26] <Ryzari> was gonna say,. had to be crt
[18:26] <sydney_untangle> :)
[18:26] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:26] <sydney_untangle> 29 which way? :P
[18:26] <muriani> composite/svideo/RGBHV/VGA inputs
[18:26] <muriani> diagonal, typical screen measurement
[18:26] <Ryccardo> heh, I got a then-pro SVGA for free from the trash
[18:26] <Ryzari> some good monitors though, better resolution than these shoddy lcds
[18:27] <Ryccardo> filament burned out a few months ago
[18:27] <muriani> Its native dot pitch is good for 1024x768, but it's an NEC so it'll take a stupid number of resolution inputs
[18:27] <Ryzari> 29" that thing would eat up an entire desk though
[18:28] <sydney_untangle> Hehe, that has to be a brick and a power hog, but cool. :)
[18:28] <muriani> Ryzari: it's basically a TV
[18:28] <muriani> a really good TV, minus the tuner
[18:28] * [Saint] (77e02730@rockbox/staff/saint) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:28] <sydney_untangle> Yeah, our tv was only 20 inches. :P
[18:28] <sydney_untangle> And we dont have a tv anymore.
[18:28] <muriani> I use it with the old consoles on s-video and RGB inputs
[18:29] <muriani> PS2/Saturn/NeoGeo on RGB, Wii on s-video
[18:29] <muriani> Dreamcast on VGA :)
[18:29] <[Saint]> SEGA Cd FTW!
[18:29] * IT_Phood is now known as IT_Sean
[18:30] <muriani> [Saint]: That's in the workshop on the Sony PVM :)
[18:30] <muriani> Actually the Saturn's in there now as well
[18:30] * veonik_ is now known as veonik
[18:30] * [Saint] still has a MEGA Drive II and SEGA CD
[18:30] * igordcard (~igordcard@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:31] <muriani> yeah I got a CDX/MultiMega for real cheap a few years ago
[18:31] <muriani> $40 on craigslist >_<
[18:31] <muriani> they're $300 average on ebay right now
[18:31] <[Saint]> Its scary to think how I once thought "Wow, this is amazing! Gaming is NEVER getting any better than this! This is it, right here - I am the God King!"
[18:31] * ndrei (~avo@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:31] <muriani> haha
[18:32] <muriani> [Saint]: and honestly, did it really? ;)
[18:32] <Ryccardo> [Saint]: DLC came, nuff said
[18:32] <[Saint]> You ever played ARMA?
[18:32] <[Saint]> ...it did. It did indeed.
[18:32] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[18:33] <[Saint]> I have four, pretty hefty GFZ cards, running in dual crossfire configuration - and it makes them scream for mercy.
[18:33] <[Saint]> *GFX
[18:33] <muriani> Ah, I don't play ARMA
[18:33] <muriani> Multiplayer shooters in general I don't unless it's co-op campaigns
[18:33] <muriani> couch-style
[18:34] <muriani> and "realistic" shooters even less
[18:34] <[Saint]> If you have a capable CPU/GPU, its like looking at an HD promotional render - but, in 60fps.
[18:34] <IT_Sean> those are the best kind!
[18:34] <sydney_untangle> I have this desk except it is darker colored and the 20 inch monitor fills it perfectly. http://www.menards.com/main/storage-organization/office-organization/desks/beginnings-40-desk-in-cinnamon-cherry-finish/p-1498794-c-6974.htm
[18:34] <sydney_untangle> Where do you fit another screen? :P
[18:34] <sydney_untangle> I keep my laptop on the upper "deck"
[18:34] <muriani> [Saint]: oh yeah, I've seen ARMA used in place of actual pics of soldiers on the news >_<
[18:35] <[Saint]> hahahaha, classic.
[18:35] <sydney_untangle> And i got this 20 inch monitor used at only 8000 hours. :P
[18:35] <[Saint]> hah "only". :p
[18:35] <[Saint]> I see what you did there, lol
[18:35] <sydney_untangle> Ive put almost 3000 hours on in a year and a half.
[18:37] <sydney_untangle> this thing has built in speakers also.
[18:37] <sydney_untangle> :)
[18:37] <Ryzari> both of mine do, but who uses em =/
[18:37] <muriani> So do the NEC and Sony, but I've *never* actually heard them
[18:37] <muriani> lol
[18:38] <IT_Sean> Build in speakers are usually a bit crap.
[18:38] <Ryzari> run a set of logitech z5500s, so no need
[18:38] * roogy (~roogy@dslb-084-061-130-041.084.061.pools.vodafone-ip.de) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:38] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: ME! Untill i get a real sterio system handed down to me. :P
[18:38] <sydney_untangle> These are decent. :)
[18:38] <muriani> the NEC's on a pair of Pioneer bookshelf speakers and a sub, the Sony's on a set of nearly 40-year-old Optimus T-100 towers
[18:38] <muriani> Ryzari: Logitech's good
[18:38] <[Saint]> I pipe my sound out to 7.1 home theatre...'cos, ARMA.
[18:39] <muriani> I <3d the Z-680s
[18:39] <muriani> the first release of the Z5500s were no.
[18:39] <muriani> just no.
[18:39] <sydney_untangle> Yeah, i want to get som real sound setup eventually.
[18:39] <sydney_untangle> With a sub.
[18:39] <sydney_untangle> A real sub.
[18:39] <Ryzari> wasn't aware there were more thean 1 set of 5500s, but I love mine
[18:39] <Ryzari> had em bout 6 years now
[18:39] <[Saint]> But if I'm not using my home theatre, I just use my UE 18 Pro custom monitors.
[18:40] <[Saint]> But I usually like to play ARMA in 7.1 surround at excessive volume.
[18:40] <muriani> Ryzari: we got a set in to demo when I worked retail, and they were *horrible*
[18:40] <muriani> the 680s sounded so much better
[18:40] <muriani> I've heard them since though and it's fine
[18:40] <sydney_untangle> Wow, the z5500 looks nice
[18:40] <Ryzari> while not entirely "accurate" I think they put out some decent sound
[18:41] <sydney_untangle> Ok, my monitors sound is a tad muffled.
[18:41] <Ryzari> and the 10" sub shakes the house
[18:41] <muriani> the Z-680s actually got rebranded by Alesis and sold as 5.1 monitors
[18:41] <muriani> yeah
[18:41] * iamjarvo (~textual@pool-98-115-181-52.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:41] <sydney_untangle> But i cannot complain. Its better than nothing.
[18:41] * iamjarvo (~textual@pool-98-115-181-52.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[18:41] <muriani> I had to keep the 680's sub one notch from off >_<
[18:41] <[Saint]> Pfffffftttt!
[18:41] <[Saint]> A mere 5.1 channels.
[18:41] <[Saint]> plebs.
[18:41] <muriani> lol
[18:41] <Ryzari> there's even "overdrive" on the 5500s
[18:41] <[Saint]> Away with thee. :p
[18:41] <muriani> yeah
[18:41] <Ryzari> well I have a 7.2 setup in the living room =/
[18:41] <Ryzari> but 5.1 in the pc room is good enough for me
[18:42] <muriani> yu get all the 24/96 stuff with the 5500s too
[18:42] * iamjarvo (~textual@pool-98-115-181-52.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:42] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: It cannot just shake the house, it has to nock stuff out of the fridge. :P
[18:42] <sydney_untangle> knock*
[18:42] <[Saint]> Uuuuuuugh, don't get me started on 24 bit audio, please. lol.
[18:42] <Ryzari> sydney, my home theater will do that
[18:42] <[Saint]> Lets not go there.
[18:43] * sydney_untangle sneaks into the youth room and shakes the church with the subs... :P
[18:43] <sydney_untangle> That room has some awesome 4x4 subs :P
[18:43] <sydney_untangle> and digital mixing board.
[18:43] <muriani> [Saint]: LOLOLOL
[18:43] <muriani> yeeeeah
[18:43] <[Saint]> All I'll say is that if you think 24 bit audio matters, in any way, shape, or form - just...no.
[18:44] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Cool. Next time i come over show me to it :P
[18:44] <muriani> I actually take the "24/96whatever" recordings, and resample to 16/44.1 for CD
[18:44] <muriani> the difference is the mixing/mastering on those releases, that's all
[18:44] * [Saint] nods
[18:44] <sydney_untangle> An Surround sound... awesome.
[18:44] <muriani> 16bit audio is capable of amazing dynamic depth
[18:44] * ozzzy has never heard surround sound
[18:44] <sydney_untangle> me neither.
[18:44] <sydney_untangle> Only good sterio.
[18:45] <muriani> as long as the mastering engineer doesn't crank everything through a compressor/limiter and normalize the shit out of it
[18:45] <sydney_untangle> sterio over mono was a huge improvement :P
[18:45] <[Saint]> Actually, almost every "domestic" audio release will fit comfortably inside 15 bits, with headroom.
[18:45] <Ryzari> surround really only matters in gaming imo
[18:45] <muriani> yeah
[18:45] <sydney_untangle> muriani: hehe
[18:45] <[Saint]> And 48/96/whatever samplerates introduce picth shifting bugs.
[18:46] <sydney_untangle> Ive heard surround in movies is awesome.
[18:46] <[Saint]> *pitch
[18:46] * sydney_untangle doesnt watch movies.
[18:46] <sydney_untangle> Hehe, we are a tad off topic.
[18:46] <muriani> I have a retail and 24/88.2 release of a Norah Jones album, and the difference is *entirely* in the mastering
[18:46] <muriani> several, actually
[18:47] <muriani> ah, audiopiles.
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> I will dig up a monitor somewhere...
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> And fit it on my desk somewhere... :P
[18:48] * muriani hands sydney_untangle a shovel
[18:48] <Ryzari> heh, i'm glad i'm not an audio or videophile, lot less disappointment i have to deal with
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> Probably on my laptop. :P
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> muriani: I wish :P
[18:48] <Ryzari> i hook something up, can hear what i wanna hear, and see what i wanna see.. i'm good
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> :)
[18:48] <ozzzy> I used to have a teac simul-sync open reel machine plugged into macintosh gear driving a jbl paragon... now I have brains
[18:48] <muriani> Ryzari: my views on video are.. strange to some
[18:48] <sydney_untangle> "phile"?
[18:49] <muriani> low-res analog on CRT pls
[18:49] <muriani> hence my CRTs for old game systems (and the LD player)
[18:49] <Ryzari> i guess growing up watching too many re-records on vhs, i learned to not be picky about quality
[18:49] * igordcard (~igordcard@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[18:50] * buZz puts muriani's IRC window on a 10x10 res screen on CRT
[18:50] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Ship them over here and i will turn them to digital. :)
[18:50] <sydney_untangle> Ive mastered that art. :P
[18:50] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:50] <Ryzari> sydney, i can do it myself, just much faster to download it =/
[18:50] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Why do you do that? :P
[18:50] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Yeah, and better quality.
[18:51] <buZz> sydney_untangle: it matches his preference
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: ive converted a bunch of home videos.
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> Like 60.
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> 1.5-2 hour tapes.
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> The PVR-150 is awesome :)
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> I want to figure out radio on it eventually.
[18:51] <sydney_untangle> buZz: :P
[18:52] <buZz> sydney_untangle: is that a bt848 card?
[18:52] * Squarepy (~Squarepy@unaffiliated/squarepy) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:52] <Ryzari> i had a pinnacle card with radio, never got it to work on win 7 or 8
[18:52] <Ryzari> with iheartradio now, who cares
[18:52] <muriani> or an rtlsdr dongle
[18:52] <sydney_untangle> buZz: ?
[18:53] <buZz> ah nope, its CX23415
[18:53] <buZz> bt848 is king in my book
[18:53] <sydney_untangle> its a haupaugge video capture card thingy. :P
[18:53] <muriani> bt848 is awesome
[18:53] <sydney_untangle> Great linux support.
[18:53] <buZz> sydney_untangle: yeah its a Conexant card
[18:53] <muriani> I remember using it with dscaler back in the day
[18:53] <muriani> fantastic quality
[18:53] <buZz> brooktree rules capture world in my book
[18:53] <sydney_untangle> And it converts my video for me.
[18:54] <buZz> but i use a em28xx chip now
[18:54] <sydney_untangle> Just have to use dd to copy the stream.
[18:54] <buZz> em28xx is usb so i can capture on raspi even
[18:54] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: I like FM radio. :)
[18:54] * sydney_untangle doesnt have a "smart"device.
[18:54] <sydney_untangle> I am the smart device. :P
[18:55] <sydney_untangle> ehem, that was a weird joke.
[18:55] <Ryzari> 1 thing that annoys me, is most modern cellphones don't include a FM tuner.. in the US anyway
[18:55] <Ryzari> wanna listen to just music, gotta waste data
[18:55] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[18:55] <sydney_untangle> Buy a mp3 player.
[18:55] <buZz> Ryzari: you could just copy mp3s on it
[18:55] <sydney_untangle> even the 5$ ones have them.
[18:55] <buZz> or is that too pragmatic for you ;)
[18:56] * hamrove (~hamrove@96-8-209-215.block0.gvtc.com) Quit (Quit: hamrove)
[18:56] * [sk]Ray (~quassel@71-95-197-158.static.mtpk.ca.charter.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:56] <Ryzari> but then i gotta waste time finding/buying the mp3s, loading my device, making playlists, or I could just listen to free FM
[18:56] <sydney_untangle> Im a "ol" desktop fan.
[18:56] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: BUY A MP3 PLAYER.
[18:56] <sydney_untangle> :)
[18:56] <sydney_untangle> Plug your earphones in and away you go.
[18:56] <buZz> wasting time listening to music but too lazy to pick music :D
[18:56] <buZz> right
[18:57] <sydney_untangle> buZz: hehe.
[18:57] <sydney_untangle> Im the same way. :P
[18:57] <Ryzari> not wasting time, if you're listening as you work
[18:57] <buZz> not me
[18:57] <buZz> i have easy 1TB of mp3s
[18:57] <sydney_untangle> Even though im not old...
[18:57] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[18:57] <sydney_untangle> Im 15.
[18:57] * dario_rapid7 (~dcavallar@host-92-14-43-138.as43234.net) has left #raspberrypi
[18:57] <sydney_untangle> AND A BOY!!
[18:58] <buZz> i'm over double that :)
[18:58] <Ryzari> same
[18:58] <sydney_untangle> For those of you who doubt me. :P
[18:58] <buZz> pushing on triple
[18:58] <sydney_untangle> over double that?
[18:58] <sydney_untangle> Wha?
[18:58] <Ryzari> ^ old fart
[18:58] <sydney_untangle> Oh, you think im lying.
[18:58] * llorllale (~llorllale@ Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[18:58] <Ryzari> no, was referring to buZz
[18:59] <sydney_untangle> Oh!
[18:59] <sydney_untangle> hehe, now i get it. :P
[18:59] <buZz> conversational skill still developing ;)
[18:59] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Dont pick on your friends. you will be that way some day :P
[18:59] <sydney_untangle> capitolize, period... :P
[19:00] * cmoneylulz (~cmoneylul@mail.cosairus.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:00] <sydney_untangle> Well, I don't use autocorrect. Haven't figured out how to implement it in irssi. :P
[19:01] <sydney_untangle> is irssi pronounced ir-see?
[19:01] <sydney_untangle> er-see*
[19:01] * denete (~denete@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:01] <buZz> there is no prescribed pronounciation
[19:01] <[Saint]> eye are see
[19:01] <buZz> its not a part of language
[19:01] <thescatman> eerk
[19:01] <sydney_untangle> I will stick with er-see :P
[19:01] <sydney_untangle> Sounds better.
[19:01] <buZz> i just spell it out
[19:02] <buZz> i are ass ass eeej
[19:02] <[Saint]> sydney_untangle: its an acronym.
[19:02] <[Saint]> sydney_untangle: Internet Relay Chat
[19:02] <sydney_untangle> Oh.
[19:02] <sydney_untangle> Duh me.
[19:02] <buZz> irc is
[19:02] * Korith (~Korith@ Quit ()
[19:02] <buZz> irssi is just a client to it
[19:02] <sydney_untangle> Oh, IRC it is. :)
[19:02] <buZz> one of many
[19:02] <sydney_untangle> Too many.
[19:03] <sydney_untangle> :P
[19:03] <sydney_untangle> irssi is awesoem though.
[19:03] <buZz> i dont believe a lack of choice is improvement
[19:03] <sydney_untangle> awesome*
[19:03] <sydney_untangle> + gnu screen.
[19:03] <muriani> Don't listen to them it's really the InfraRed Sea
[19:03] <muriani> but IRS was already taken
[19:03] <buZz> ^_^
[19:03] <Wec> http://mirror.irssi.org/irssi.wav
[19:03] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:03] <sydney_untangle> Im actually talking to you through a headless server.
[19:03] <muriani> sydney_untangle: me too, whoo@
[19:03] * yohnnyjoe (~john_wach@c-69-251-73-211.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:04] <buZz> same here
[19:04] * aikanaro (aikanaro@gateway/shell/yourbnc/x-fzkmoazecaumfbnb) Quit (Quit: YourBNC - (https://yourbnc.co.uk))
[19:04] <buZz> in fact, this server is virtual
[19:04] <sydney_untangle> :)
[19:04] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:04] <[Saint]> sydney_untangle: if you want it to be even more awesome, 'irssi'+'screen'+'quassel-core'+'quassel-irssi'
[19:04] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Mine sits in a cupboard and is a firewall and a backup server.
[19:04] <muriani> VPS ftw
[19:04] <muriani> cheap and easy
[19:04] <buZz> free and easy :P
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> Actual, cheaper and easy.
[19:05] <buZz> i admin the vps host aswell
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> Ah.
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> that explains that.
[19:05] <buZz> just part of hackerspace infrastructure
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> :
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> :)
[19:05] * aballier (~alexis@gentoo/developer/aballier) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[19:05] <muriani> I lease one
[19:05] <[Saint]> real server hardware of GTF(udge)O
[19:05] <sydney_untangle> Except im natted in.
[19:05] <[Saint]> :p
[19:05] <muriani> I could go through my house, but eh
[19:05] <buZz> muriani: i lease some external vps' aswell
[19:05] <[Saint]> Slimer?
[19:05] <muriani> DigitalOcean has a better connection :P
[19:05] <buZz> for ~projects
[19:05] * Aikanaro (~archibald@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] * quantum-mechanic (~neutrino@unaffiliated/electron/x-8286743) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.1.1)
[19:06] <sydney_untangle> But our internet is only 3 MiB so i dont think i would do much if nat wasnt there.
[19:06] <buZz> [Saint]: dual quad xeon with 32GB ram <3
[19:06] <[Saint]> Better than....a piece of string soaked in vinegar?
[19:06] * Bozza_ (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] <[Saint]> A length of tinsel?
[19:06] <[Saint]> ;)
[19:06] * igordcard (~igordcard@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] <sydney_untangle> ISP has like 4x nat.
[19:06] <sydney_untangle> I do have a ssh tunnel.
[19:06] <muriani> [Saint]: oh, so you've seen the "fibre" running to my house then? :D
[19:06] <buZz> 120/10 at home, 200/20 at hackerspace
[19:07] <Ryzari> and here's boring old me using my regular desktop and home internet.. shame
[19:07] <[Saint]> buZz: dual octa-Xeon w/ 24GB RAM here.
[19:07] <buZz> i wanna move house ~500m then i could get 500/500 internet
[19:07] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Congrats. :)
[19:07] <[Saint]> and a 12TB RAID 10 array
[19:07] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Me too :)
[19:07] <buZz> [Saint]: nice nice
[19:07] <buZz> we have a pile of netapps for storage
[19:07] <muriani> yeah I wish I had that
[19:07] * Kane (~Kane@au321-1-78-232-149-217.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:07] <buZz> 6TB total spread over ~40 disks
[19:07] <buZz> hahaa
[19:07] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Get a wireless link. :P
[19:07] <muriani> 9TB raid5 atm
[19:07] <buZz> yay flatfee power
[19:07] <[Saint]> I get my gigabit/gigabit fibre in 21 days.
[19:07] <buZz> sydney_untangle: and then?
[19:07] <[Saint]> Its like counting down to christmas
[19:08] <[Saint]> I've been waiting for the better part of seven years.
[19:08] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Yeah, that would be hard to get 500/500 over wireless. Even AC. ;P
[19:08] <muriani> server's a 3GHz i3 with 4GB ram >_<
[19:08] <buZz> [Saint]: no datacap?
[19:08] <[Saint]> nope
[19:08] <buZz> sweet
[19:08] <muriani> I'd love something with a bunch of cores/ram so I can have a bunch of VMs
[19:08] <buZz> i used to run warez ftp on 100/100 internet
[19:08] <buZz> 5TB traffic a week :P
[19:08] <Ryzari> that's all?
[19:09] <buZz> yeah i was a small fish
[19:09] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Whats your desktop specs?
[19:09] <[Saint]> I'm currently on four VDSL2+ lines bonded down to 2 connections presently, so it'll be /quite/ the improvement.
[19:09] <Ryzari> nothing special
[19:09] <sydney_untangle> Well, this is a 9 Y/o machine.
[19:09] <sydney_untangle> 4 gig of ram, e6300 cpu.
[19:09] * Bozza (~Bozza@unaffiliated/bozza) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[19:09] * kushal (~kdas@fedora/kushal) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:09] <muriani> that's not too shabby for desktop
[19:09] <sydney_untangle> 512mb graphics.
[19:09] <Ryzari> i5 2500K 16GB ram, gtx970
[19:09] <buZz> FYI e6300 only is 6 years old
[19:09] <sydney_untangle> I ran 1 gig of ram for a year on ubuntu. that was bad.
[19:10] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Its older than that.
[19:10] <buZz> sydney_untangle: nope
[19:10] <buZz> introduced in 2009
[19:10] <buZz> before that, no E6300 existed
[19:10] <MY123> Ryzari, a Core i5-4440 is faster
[19:10] <Ryzari> barely, not worth the price to upgrade
[19:10] <[Saint]> I've been waiting so long for fibre due to a mix of Government screwups, and Mother Nature fighting back. The earthquakes in Christchurch NZ ruined my fibre dreams in no less than four separate instances.
[19:11] <[Saint]> Since we *insist* on burying the lines.
[19:11] <Ryzari> only upgrade I'd consider is an i7, but even that is somehting I don't need
[19:11] <sydney_untangle> yes it did! It had to. The manafacture date on this is 2006 and my machine says 6300.
[19:11] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:11] <[Saint]> If they were suspended lines, it'd be done years ago.
[19:11] <Ryzari> my i5 at 4.5ghz is still plenty for every game out there
[19:11] * tristan_c (~tristan_c@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:11] <[Saint]> ~
[19:11] <sydney_untangle> Well, whatever it is its a c2d 1.86ghz dual core. says 6300 by it.
[19:11] <[Saint]> highly subjective.
[19:12] <sydney_untangle> Ryzari: Yeah. O_O
[19:12] <buZz> sydney_untangle: http://ark.intel.com/products/41493/Intel-Pentium-Processor-E6300-2M-Cache-2_80-GHz-1066-MHz-FSB
[19:12] * amigojapan (~amigojapa@c119045.net21845.cablenet.ne.jp) Quit (Quit: amigojapan)
[19:12] <[Saint]> ARMA II makes my dual Xeon 2.7 octacores scream for mercy.
[19:12] <buZz> oh right
[19:12] <buZz> http://ark.intel.com/products/27248/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-E6300-2M-Cache-1_86-GHz-1066-MHz-FSB
[19:12] <[Saint]> So a single i5...
[19:12] <buZz> intel doing overlaps in model numbers ^_^
[19:12] <Ryzari> well, ARMA is a cpu killer, which I don't play
[19:12] <buZz> 'for convenience'
[19:12] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:13] <sydney_untangle> buZz: See. :)
[19:13] <buZz> seen
[19:13] <sydney_untangle> I want to stick a q6700 in this, but i dont need to.
[19:13] <sydney_untangle> biggest this thing will handle.
[19:13] <sydney_untangle> Anyone have one?
[19:13] <buZz> i have a E8400 in my workstation
[19:13] <sydney_untangle> or a q6600.
[19:13] <buZz> 3ghz c2d
[19:13] <muriani> E8400 was in my old webserver
[19:14] <muriani> which was formerly my old desktop
[19:14] <buZz> sydney_untangle: meh those are still easy 80 euro second hand :(
[19:14] <Ryzari> I still run one sydney
[19:14] <muriani> respectable system
[19:14] <Ryzari> q6700 paired with my old hd6970 xfire setup can still game quite effectively
[19:14] <buZz> i dont game at all
[19:14] <sydney_untangle> buZz: I can nab one for 25$. the q6600.
[19:15] <Ryzari> save your money
[19:15] <sydney_untangle> You guys need to run real computers. :P
[19:15] <sydney_untangle> The issue is that i rarely use cpu.
[19:15] <sydney_untangle> and HD.
[19:15] <sydney_untangle> this thing runs around the clock.
[19:15] <sydney_untangle> I dont do heavy gaming.
[19:15] * sydney_untangle is not the gaming type.
[19:15] * Steph_away (~Steph@ Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[19:16] <buZz> more cores -> faster webbrowsing
[19:16] <Ryzari> I used to, not so much anymore though as I get older.
[19:16] <sydney_untangle> When i do video encoding it would be nice, but i rarely do that.
[19:16] <buZz> all i'm saying ;)
[19:16] * rwb (480f0338@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[19:16] <muriani> Ryzari: most of my gaming moved to console with the fiancee
[19:16] <sydney_untangle> buZz: Faster on 3 MiB internet? :P
[19:16] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:16] <sydney_untangle> Old spinning rust HD.
[19:16] <sydney_untangle> Runs great. :)
[19:16] <buZz> sydney_untangle: depends if you allow flash to be run on your computer
[19:17] <sydney_untangle> Very rarely, but when i do i dont notice any slowdowns.
[19:17] <Ryzari> my wife hates gaming of any kind, she's pretty much crushed my spirit at this point
[19:17] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:17] <buZz> sydney_untangle: now try opening 10 heavy flash tabs :)
[19:18] <sydney_untangle> Why would i do that?
[19:18] <sydney_untangle> I like html5
[19:18] <sydney_untangle> :P
[19:18] <buZz> i dont know
[19:18] <buZz> i killed flash in 2014
[19:18] <Ryzari> they need to just eradicate flash from the web, it's time has long passed
[19:18] <buZz> not coming back into my life
[19:18] * igordcard (~igordcard@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:18] <sydney_untangle> And i rarely ever have 10 tabs open.
[19:18] <buZz> Ryzari: be the change you want to see
[19:18] <sydney_untangle> of anything.
[19:18] <buZz> Ryzari: thus, block it ;)
[19:19] <sydney_untangle> In other words, what i have works great.
[19:19] <sydney_untangle> Old, but great
[19:19] * sdothum (~sdothum@ Quit (Quit: ZNC - 1.6.0 - http://znc.in)
[19:19] <sydney_untangle> Since i upgraded my ram.
[19:19] <Ryzari> sadly, my online classes require flash
[19:19] <Ryzari> or i would
[19:19] <buZz> Ryzari: sue them
[19:19] <buZz> they cant lock away information behind single company infrastructure without being illegal
[19:20] * hamrove (~hamrove@96-8-209-215.block0.gvtc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:20] <Ryzari> ah, if only I had the resources to outspend their lawyers
[19:20] <buZz> :) not living in a wellfare state?
[19:20] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@5ED3D4A2.cm-7-4d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:21] <buZz> wellfare states support ppl that cant afford lawyers by paying legal fees for them
[19:21] <sydney_untangle> I do wish i could make this thing quieter.
[19:21] <sydney_untangle> Having it hum by my bed is annoying.
[19:21] <sydney_untangle> its not too bad though.
[19:21] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[19:22] <Ryzari> heh, try sitting there listening to 2 6970s running at 90% fanspeed for a while
[19:22] <sydney_untangle> Like having the 8 inch cpu fan shut off when not in use. :P
[19:22] * leichtgewicht (~leichtgew@p76ed86ca.osaknt01.ap.so-net.ne.jp) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[19:22] <Ryzari> you won't notice the hum after that
[19:22] <sydney_untangle> that is actually quite quiet.
[19:23] <buZz> i have 5 79xx cards, all 100% fan active
[19:23] <MY123> sydney_untangle, or a good small terafloppic GPU
[19:23] <Ryzari> buZz, reference design?
[19:23] <MY123> {actually a full SoC, Tegra X1)
[19:23] <buZz> no, random selection
[19:23] <sydney_untangle> Its the little fan that blows air over the HDs ( which i think unnecisarry) that is noisiest.
[19:23] <Ryzari> i had a 4870x2 and the 6970s all reference single fan cards .. loud as hell
[19:23] <muriani> MY123: I want an X1 board
[19:23] * mark_vh (~pi@a91-152-110-124.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[19:24] <buZz> Ryzari: i dont tend to sit by them to listen to noise
[19:24] <buZz> they are in a cool room, calculating their asses off
[19:24] <MY123> muriani, soon
[19:24] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:24] * TheLostAdmin (~TheLostAd@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:24] <MY123> {there is actually in cars but not much else}
[19:24] * mark_vh (~pi@a91-152-110-124.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:25] <Ryzari> loving this gtx970 though, no fan running at all til it hits about 50C
[19:25] <sydney_untangle> Widnwos 10 is goign to be fun... Its a CPU and HD hog.
[19:25] <sydney_untangle> About need a supercomputer and a ssd. :P
[19:25] <muriani> really?
[19:25] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:26] <muriani> considering how light 8 is
[19:26] <muriani> and that win10 core will have a pi2 release
[19:26] <sydney_untangle> I ran it in a Vm and gave it 3gb of ram and whole cpu.
[19:26] <muriani> oh lord
[19:26] <sydney_untangle> It ate all the ram
[19:26] <muriani> don't put it in a VM
[19:26] <sydney_untangle> I dont have a bare metal system. :P
[19:26] <sydney_untangle> free.
[19:26] <muriani> granted, it does want >1 core
[19:26] <sydney_untangle> it used both cores at 100% al lthe time.
[19:27] <buZz> muriani: but vista4 on raspi wont get GUI
[19:27] <muriani> seeing as your baseline Atom systems nowadays are dualcore at most
[19:27] <sydney_untangle> I giv up on windows.
[19:27] <muriani> Atom 1GB ram/16GB storage tablets are *smooth* with win8.
[19:27] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[19:27] <muriani> granted you don't do a whole lot with that
[19:27] <buZz> dont say win8
[19:27] <buZz> say vista3
[19:28] <buZz> its the same kernel
[19:28] <muriani> I consider 2GB to be usable minimum
[19:28] <sydney_untangle> Hehe.
[19:28] <MY123> buZz: Actually Windows 8.1 is NT6.3
[19:28] <MY123> Windows 7 is NT6.1
[19:28] <buZz> MY123: in my book NT6.x is vista, yes
[19:28] <MY123> Windows 8 is NT6.2
[19:28] <muriani> buZz: why? Vista was bollocks. Win7/8/8.1 is *far* superior
[19:28] <MY123> buZz, but there is a big difference between Vista , 7&8
[19:29] <muriani> 8 is even a major improvement on 7 under the hood.
[19:29] <sydney_untangle> Yes.
[19:29] <ShorTie> lol.
[19:29] <MY123> buZz, and Windows 10 is NT10.0
[19:29] <sydney_untangle> Any windows is a HD hog still...
[19:29] <muriani> I wouldn't even consider using 7 on 2GB ram.
[19:29] <MY123> muriani, I use it on 512MB RAM daily
[19:29] <muriani> 8.1 is not only usable, it's actually decent for non-extreme usage
[19:29] <sydney_untangle> linux runs very well on 2 gig IMO. Even unity.
[19:29] <buZz> MY123: win10 is NT6.4
[19:29] <MY123> buZz, no
[19:29] <muriani> brb, gotta pick up the kid from school
[19:29] <buZz> muriani: only difference is in GUI
[19:30] <buZz> MY123: yes :P
[19:30] <MY123> buZz, they changed it since 2 months
[19:30] <buZz> cool, renaming doesnt change it
[19:31] <MY123> buZz, and they completly revamped the driver framework
[19:31] <buZz> sure, during which they fired about 50% of their coders :P
[19:31] * TheLostAdmin (~TLA@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:31] <buZz> i'm sure they are improving a lot ;)
[19:31] <sydney_untangle> I understand the layout of linux. hardware+kernel+packages. Windows is so complicated compared...
[19:31] <buZz> doesnt make it less vista
[19:31] * TheLostAdmin (~TLA@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) has left #raspberrypi
[19:32] * TheLostAdmin (~TLA@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:32] <sydney_untangle> I have a feeling that windows is loosing market and will never gain it back.
[19:32] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:32] <sydney_untangle> tablets and phones are alot more reliable. and cheaper.
[19:32] <buZz> almost 90% of worldwide 'smart' devices run linux
[19:32] * xreal (~xreal@unaffiliated/xreal) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:32] <sydney_untangle> Unless you have a grandson that you bade to fix it every time it gives a fuss. :P
[19:32] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[19:33] <sydney_untangle> Windows is very small compared.
[19:33] <MY123> sydney_untangle: but **** GPU drivers
[19:33] <sydney_untangle> 2/3 of servers are linux.
[19:33] * ndrei (~avo@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[19:33] <MY123> (mobile)
[19:33] <ShorTie> hardware+kernel+packages == any computer/os
[19:33] <sydney_untangle> Windwos throws a ton of junk in there.
[19:33] <sydney_untangle> windows*
[19:33] <ShorTie> junk == packages
[19:33] <sydney_untangle> The linux kernel is everywhere.
[19:34] <sydney_untangle> ShorTie: yeah.
[19:34] <xreal> Hi there. I think, I've destroyed my RPi (v1). Yesterday, I've shutdown XBMC (raspbmc) and relocated the device by some centimeters and left it without power over the day. After reconnecting it, only the red LED lights up, on the LAN-switch, there's no LED for the RPi (wired connection). I've tried two different SD cards already, no change. Are the contacts on the RPi not springy enough perhaps?
[19:34] <MY123> ShorTie, and there is FINALLY a package manager in Win10
[19:34] * jedahan (~jedahan@subtle/user/jedahan) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:35] <sydney_untangle> my cousin will argue for hours that windows is the most secure os out there because it has a big company backing it. Like android. Where debian is so insecure because it doesn't have some big company. :P
[19:35] <MY123> xreal, faint LED?
[19:35] <jedahan> has there ever been an explanation to why the ethernet controller is the one on the usb chip, and not the main arm SoC?
[19:35] <MY123> sydney_untangle, they don't understand nothing
[19:35] <xreal> MY123: a bright red LED.
[19:35] * utack_ (~utack@mnch-5d86c8ac.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:35] * mike_t (~mike@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:35] <MY123> jedahan, no HW ethernet on the SoC
[19:35] <MY123> xreal, green LED
[19:35] <sydney_untangle> MY123: ?
[19:35] <xreal> MY123: eww... I'll run downstairs in 10 minutes :)
[19:35] <sydney_untangle> I know they are not dumb.
[19:36] <MY123> (see if if it lights VERY faintly)
[19:36] <MY123> sydney_untangle, Debian is also baked by big companies
[19:36] <sydney_untangle> I just personally think volunteer work is not as crappy as paid IMHO.
[19:36] <sydney_untangle> Because peopel care what they are doing vs just doing it.
[19:36] <sydney_untangle> people*
[19:37] <sydney_untangle> MY123: Yes, but its not so noticable.
[19:37] <sydney_untangle> Like what companies?
[19:37] <MY123> sydney_untangle, some internal Google servers
[19:38] * utack (~utack@mnch-5d866225.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:38] <sydney_untangle> Only?
[19:38] <sydney_untangle> yes, i could see google doing that.
[19:39] <sydney_untangle> And i try to be as google-independent as possible :P
[19:39] * ctarx (~ctarx@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:39] * GentileBen (GentileBen@cpc70137-lutn12-2-0-cust564.9-3.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:39] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Quit: Quitte)
[19:41] <sydney_untangle> :)
[19:41] <sydney_untangle> go ddg.
[19:42] <MY123> sydney_untangle, DDG uses a non-free Russian engine
[19:42] <MY123> sydney_untangle, and I don't like Poutine V. :-)
[19:42] <MY123> but that's a detail
[19:42] * rodrigograca31 (uid41821@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-yvgbsjpepcyjomfo) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[19:43] * CustosLimen (~CustosLim@unaffiliated/cust0slim3n) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[19:43] * carlsimpson is now known as theStealthElf
[19:44] * rodrigograca31 (uid41821@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-irwhkyxywvgyyilo) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:44] <MY123> sydney_untangle, You have to choose between Russia[their own agency] and the US[NSA]
[19:45] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:46] * sdothum (~sdothum@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:46] <ShorTie> there is no not choosing the NSA, if it hits the net, any where in the world it is there's, lol.
[19:47] * Albori (~Albori@64-251-150-248.fidnet.com) Quit ()
[19:47] <ShorTie> or phone, or .....
[19:47] <sydney_untangle> I dont really care...
[19:47] <sydney_untangle> :)
[19:48] <sydney_untangle> and they gave me a t-shirt. :P
[19:48] <ShorTie> me niether, in a way, many because there is absolutly nothing you can do about there un-constitional practices
[19:49] * jedahan (~jedahan@subtle/user/jedahan) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[19:49] <MY123> ShorTie, except Snowden E.
[19:49] * Albori (~Albori@64-251-150-248.fidnet.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:49] <MY123> (without him, there is ZERO infos)
[19:50] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:50] <ShorTie> yup, it takes true hero's like him to try to expose it
[19:51] <sydney_untangle> If google would get better search results and implement the ! feature, sure i would switch bac.
[19:51] * TheLostAdmin (~TLA@206-248-153-228.dsl.teksavvy.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:51] <sydney_untangle> I personally like bing for some results.
[19:52] <sydney_untangle> go to duckduckgo and tye in !man fstab (or whatever)
[19:52] * Mr_Sheesh (~mr_s@unaffiliated/mr-sheesh/x-0757054) Quit (Quit: brb rebooting)
[19:52] <sydney_untangle> or !gogoel ( search)
[19:52] <sydney_untangle> !google*
[19:52] <sydney_untangle> type*
[19:52] <sydney_untangle> diferent keyboards throw me off. :P
[19:52] * Macuser (~textual@unaffiliated/macuser) Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[19:53] <sydney_untangle> ddg alows alot of features through the !.
[19:53] <sydney_untangle> Or !ebay
[19:54] <sydney_untangle> or !amazon
[19:54] <sydney_untangle> etc
[19:55] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[19:55] <niston> yeah googl search results became more commercial and less informative through the past few years
[19:55] <MY123> !shell sudo halt :-)
[19:55] <MY123> :P
[19:56] * nimoot (~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:56] <MY123> niston, yes
[19:56] * stevenjames (~stevenjam@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:57] <MY123> niston, I would like the EU commision splitting Google into two companies
[19:57] * Payo (~quassel@peioe.net) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[19:57] <MY123> (separate advertising&cloud from search)
[19:57] <sydney_untangle> MY123: :P
[19:57] * Albori (~Albori@64-251-150-248.fidnet.com) Quit ()
[19:57] * jimvideo (~jimvideo@184-12-233-85.dr01.brny.ca.frontiernet.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:58] <sydney_untangle> I dont thing they will let you touch their system.
[19:58] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[19:58] * Peio (~quassel@peioe.eu) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:59] * t0x0sh (~tosh@t0x0sh.org) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:00] * Mr_Sheesh (~mr_s@unaffiliated/mr-sheesh/x-0757054) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:00] <sydney_untangle> Wow, gnu screen is handy....
[20:00] <niston> or it'll be like AT&T
[20:00] <sydney_untangle> You guys never knew i switched computer. :)
[20:00] <niston> no I dont trust in antitrust :P
[20:00] * igordcard (~igordcard@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:00] <sydney_untangle> niston: ?
[20:00] <niston> AT&T was considered too powerful
[20:00] <sydney_untangle> Our ISP is a little hometown ISP.
[20:01] <niston> way back in time
[20:01] <sydney_untangle> that we host one of their towers.
[20:01] <niston> so it was split up
[20:01] <sydney_untangle> Oh.
[20:01] <niston> the rest is history. read up on (pun) google if you like :P
[20:01] <sydney_untangle> hehe.
[20:02] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:04] * Peio (~quassel@peioe.eu) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[20:04] * zokeber (~zokeber@unaffiliated/zokeber) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:05] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@79.Red-88-5-42.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:05] * shiftplusone (~Shift@unaffiliated/shiftplusone) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[20:05] * Peio (~quassel@peioe.eu) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:05] * mattbrejza (~mattbrejz@kryten.hexoc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:10] * Korith (~Korith@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:11] <MY123> Qemu is halfway usable on Pi2 :-)
[20:12] * steve_rox (~pi@82-69-127-162.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:12] <aberrant> wow
[20:12] <aberrant> so we can emulate a raspberry pi on a raspberry pi?
[20:12] <steve_rox> sounds flawed
[20:14] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:14] <steve_rox> id like sega saturn emulator on rpi2
[20:14] <MY123> aberrant, I'm speaking about x86 emu. The Pi2 has hardware VT
[20:14] <MY123> (for ARM guests, of course)
[20:14] <aberrant> hrm. cool.
[20:15] * Gazpaxxo (~bizarro_1@8.Red-88-20-112.staticIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:16] * tombrough (~tom@cpc3-newt3-0-0-cust165.19-3.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:16] * igordcard (~igordcard@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:17] * Sir_Pony (~xyzzy@cpe-174-099-005-078.nc.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:17] * ByteCrunch (~bitecrunc@bytecrunch.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:18] * bizarro_1 (~bizarro_1@79.Red-88-5-42.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:18] * druidd (~lindsey@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:18] * Keanu73 (~Keanu73@unaffiliated/keanu73) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:20] * GerhardSchrr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:22] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:24] * ch007m (~chm@ip-83-134-173-13.dsl.scarlet.be) Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
[20:24] <buZz> MY123: Pi2 doesnt have hw vt
[20:25] * cmoneylulz (~cmoneylul@mail.cosairus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:25] <MY123> buZz, it haves
[20:25] <MY123> {I'm using it right now}
[20:25] <buZz> its not ARMv8
[20:25] <buZz> ARMv7 doesnt have it
[20:26] * travnewmatic (~travnewma@corp.external.dfw02.800hosting.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:26] <buZz> oh wow, TIL, some armv7 can have it! :O
[20:26] * lucasub (~luca@host14-177-dynamic.0-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:27] * lucasub (~luca@host14-177-dynamic.0-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has left #raspberrypi
[20:27] <MY123> buZz, it haves
[20:27] <MY123> (the Cortex-A7 has hardware VT)
[20:27] <MY123> both on my Allwinner A20 and RPi2
[20:28] <buZz> nice
[20:28] * de_henne (~quassel@e181168249.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:31] * longbeach (~mike@AFontenayssB-152-1-17-186.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:31] * Sir_Pony (~xyzzy@cpe-174-099-005-078.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:32] * druidd (~lindsey@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[20:33] <mattbrejza> hey, does anyone know what the acceptable input supply range for the A+ is?
[20:34] * Encrypt (~Chuck-nor@AMontsouris-553-1-23-215.w92-151.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:34] <mattbrejza> the switchmode reg is 5.5V max, and hte only thing i cant find is the max voltage of VDD_BAT of the processor
[20:34] <mattbrejza> regulator says itll go down to 3.6V though
[20:35] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[20:35] <muriani> steve_rox: yeah I'd like Saturn on pi2
[20:35] <muriani> I'll just settle for my actual saturn for now
[20:36] <steve_rox> i gots one here with modchip in it
[20:36] <steve_rox> but emulation really would be nice
[20:36] <steve_rox> but due to the crazy unusual hardware it used many find it hard to emulate
[20:36] * buZz (~buzz@space.nurdspace.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:37] <IT_Sean> mattbrejza: 4.75 - 5.25vDC. 5v optimal.
[20:38] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:38] * druidd (~lindsey@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:39] * gnatt (~gnatt@rrcs-67-78-218-162.se.biz.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:40] <mattbrejza> thats the usb spec, but id imagine itll be fine down to 3.6V, and then the unknown is the upper limit
[20:40] <mattbrejza> i want to use 3xAA cells, so the upper limit is probably fine anyway, zener to be sure
[20:40] <muriani> steve_rox: same here
[20:40] <IT_Sean> The stated spec for the Pi is 4.75 - 5.25, 5v optimal.
[20:40] <muriani> first chip I got went bad :/
[20:41] <IT_Sean> which is why that's what I said in response to your question, mattbrejza
[20:41] <steve_rox> wonder if you could use one them cheap cnc stepper motors as a sorta annalog temp gauge
[20:41] <mattbrejza> yea but i cant see why you cant get away with lower
[20:41] <IT_Sean> mattbrejza: 3xAA cells will give you 4.5v. Not to mention, not enough amperage to run a Pi.
[20:41] <IT_Sean> 's not gonna work.
[20:42] <mattbrejza> how can AA cells not give <400mA?
[20:42] <steve_rox> i ran it off 8 AA cells
[20:42] <steve_rox> but with voltage down board
[20:42] <steve_rox> also salvaged a load of laptop cells that can do it too
[20:43] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[20:43] <steve_rox> but thats a whole diff area of risk etc
[20:43] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:43] <mattbrejza> if i can attach 3 AAs that would make my life easier, i do have a step down board but thatll need more batteries and so less than ideal
[20:43] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[20:43] * bortzmeyer (~stephane@2a01:e35:8bd9:8bb0:21e:8cff:fe76:29b6) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:43] <steve_rox> if i rember the stepdown board demands 2v higher than target output
[20:44] <steve_rox> so i used 8 aa in large batt holdedr
[20:44] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:44] <mattbrejza> yea, adds to the annoyance, overwise 4xAA would be fine
[20:44] <steve_rox> but a 8 aa batt holder is kinda small
[20:44] * druidd (~lindsey@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[20:45] <steve_rox> with laptop cells its like gient AA's
[20:45] <mattbrejza> anyway, dont suppose anyone has the bcm2835 absolute max ratings page to hand.... (long shot i know)
[20:45] <steve_rox> you gonna end up blowing something up?
[20:46] <IT_Sean> He is. And I can't wait to see pics of the carnage.
[20:46] <mattbrejza> well, 3xAA should be 4.5V, but new cells out the packet can be upto 1.8V, which is pushing the 5.25V safe limit
[20:46] <mattbrejza> only by 0.15V though
[20:46] <steve_rox> wont be as bad as that one where someone stuck 240 into the rpi tho
[20:46] <IT_Sean> Wait... someone actually did that?
[20:46] <steve_rox> yes
[20:46] <IT_Sean> jeeeeeeeeeeeez
[20:46] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:46] * OffensiveUser (~Offensive@s5144500c.adsl.online.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:46] <IT_Sean> I bet that was exciting.
[20:46] <steve_rox> and id never wire rpi directly to batt
[20:47] <steve_rox> without some kinda power management board thing
[20:47] <mattbrejza> theres one on the pi ;)
[20:47] <steve_rox> yea but
[20:47] <IT_Sean> mattbrejza: why not save yourself a lot of trouble, not to mention wasted batteries, and get one of those rechargable battery packs for phones?
[20:47] <steve_rox> no reason to stress it
[20:47] <steve_rox> thats essentually laptop cells
[20:47] <steve_rox> lith ion
[20:48] <steve_rox> bit safer in the enclosure tho
[20:48] <IT_Sean> I've got one of those USB battery pack jobbies... runs a Pi just fine.
[20:48] <mattbrejza> well its a one time thing, also temperature related effects of rechargables
[20:48] <steve_rox> not on lith if i rember right
[20:48] <IT_Sean> Cost me about $25.
[20:48] <IT_Sean> *$15
[20:48] <steve_rox> i tore apart old laptop batt packs and i have load for free
[20:48] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[20:48] <muriani> IT_Sean: yeah, I've got one with a 2.1A out, need to see how long it'll push the pi2
[20:48] <muriani> 20Ah
[20:49] <mattbrejza> well, looks like its 3AA + zener
[20:49] * BNoiZe (~BNoiZe@services.schmerold.at) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[20:49] <mattbrejza> ill test running it from 3.6V beforehand though on the bench PSU
[20:49] <ali1234> AA batteries will easily supply 2A
[20:49] <IT_Sean> I haven't tested the runtime, but, it can run my Model B without issue.
[20:49] * Simonious (~sgoble@h69-21-230-45.mntimn.dedicated.static.tds.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[20:50] <steve_rox> havent really used AA since laptop cells
[20:50] <steve_rox> think i almost got 10 hours or something on 4 laptop cells
[20:51] <steve_rox> but one went into over discharge so not so good
[20:52] <ali1234> 18650s have about the same capacity as AAs but with 2.5x the voltage
[20:52] <steve_rox> you insane?
[20:52] <steve_rox> got like 2000mah in one 18650
[20:53] <ali1234> yeah... AAs are 2000mAh
[20:53] <ali1234> 1.5v vs 3.7v
[20:53] <steve_rox> :-P
[20:54] <muriani> 18650s are pretty easy to come by too
[20:54] <IT_Sean> An alkaline AA battery can range from 1700mAh to 3000mAh, actually. So, your statement is not entirely correct, ali1234.
[20:54] * de_henne (~quassel@e181168249.adsl.alicedsl.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:54] <steve_rox> yea they easy to get somewhat
[20:54] <ali1234> IT_Sean: same is true of 18650s
[20:54] <muriani> so many vaporizers use them
[20:55] <steve_rox> as long as you treat them right you wont loose ya fleshh etc
[20:55] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: almarshall)
[20:55] <ali1234> in fact AAs can go as low as 500mAh
[20:55] <steve_rox> i think 18650 can run at lower temps too
[20:57] * sphenxes (~sphenxes@178-191-170-187.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:57] * sphenxes (~sphenxes@178-191-170-187.adsl.highway.telekom.at) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[21:02] <Aboba> I think i've got the code complete for my RPi controlled remote wifi car. Now I just need to go solder the damn pins on the motor control chip... I dislike hardware.
[21:02] <Tenkawa> whats happening all?
[21:03] * Kirito (~Kirito@pdpc/supporter/student/kirito) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:04] <Tenkawa> muriani: that ssd runs nicely
[21:04] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:04] * sivteck (~sivteck@unaffiliated/sivteck) Quit (Quit: You are)
[21:04] <Tenkawa> IT_Sean: oh so batteries can do fairly good on pi's?
[21:04] <muriani> Tenkawa: nice!
[21:05] <muriani> what SSD was it?
[21:05] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:05] <muriani> I know you're hooking it up on USB, what exactly is the setup?
[21:05] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:05] <Tenkawa> muriani: this one is just a microcenter labeled one.. not sure whats behind the label
[21:05] <muriani> using a USB-> sata adapter?
[21:05] <Tenkawa> muriani: going to try it on kingston hyperx's next
[21:05] <Tenkawa> muriani: yep
[21:06] <Tenkawa> unpowered one too
[21:06] <muriani> wow
[21:06] <muriani> well yeah, that's not surprising
[21:07] <Tenkawa> I actually thought there would be more usb overhead so I've been really impressed
[21:08] <Tenkawa> I have to go buy more sata-usb adapters now to continue using them though
[21:08] <muriani> yeah, I'm surprised
[21:09] <muriani> Seems overkill though, SSDs are kind of pricey for any real capacity
[21:09] <Tenkawa> no no
[21:09] <Tenkawa> not anymore
[21:09] <Tenkawa> 32 gb for 32$
[21:09] <Tenkawa> here
[21:09] * teepee_ (~teepee@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:09] <muriani> I don't know that I'd spend more than the rpi for storage for the rpi :P
[21:09] <Tenkawa> ahh
[21:10] * teepee (~teepee@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:10] * teepee_ is now known as teepee
[21:10] <muriani> if I had a spare SSD from something else I'd consider it
[21:10] <Tenkawa> heheheheh
[21:10] <muriani> or salvaged :P
[21:11] * Tach[away] is now known as Tachyon`
[21:11] <muriani> I have a lot of salvaged parts that come in real handy
[21:12] <Tenkawa> too bad its not usb3
[21:12] <Ryccardo> [19:35:17] <jedahan> has there ever been an explanation to why the ethernet controller is the one on the usb chip, and not the main arm SoC? -- probably has to do with the A model, where they wired the single USB port directly (on the B, the ethernet chip is also the hub, Broadcom style!)
[21:13] <steve_rox> so whats fastest anyones clocked rpi2 at yet?
[21:13] <IT_Sean> Ryccardo: the SOC hasn't got ethernet. The ethernet chipset is a USB device, integrated into the USB hub.
[21:13] <Ryccardo> IT_Sean: yup
[21:14] <Tenkawa> good. the sats to usb adapter i need more of is only 4.99
[21:14] <Tenkawa> heheheh
[21:14] <Tenkawa> er sata
[21:15] * Xark gets 23MB/sec with his cheap USB HDD on RPi2. Doubt SSD would be much faster (but faster seeks, perhaps).
[21:15] <Ryccardo> Tenkawa: does it have an usb A (computer size) port?
[21:15] <Tenkawa> Xark: using what to measyre?
[21:15] <Korith> ssd for a rasp?
[21:15] <Tenkawa> Ryccardo: yep
[21:15] <Xark> Tenkawa: hdparm -Tt /dev/sda1
[21:16] <ali1234> Aboba: https://github.com/ali1234/pirover
[21:16] <Ryccardo> Tenkawa: had one, burned out in like 10 months :/
[21:16] <Xark> Tenkawa: ~375 MB/sec reading from OS cache
[21:16] <Korith> can the bus even take advantage of the speed?
[21:16] <Xark> Korith: No. :)
[21:16] <Tenkawa> Xark: I'm getting 32-33 mbs/sec
[21:16] <Tenkawa> Xark: yes it can
[21:17] <Xark> Tenkawa: From what?
[21:17] <Tenkawa> Xark: hdparm
[21:17] <Xark> Tenkawa: From what device?
[21:17] <Tenkawa> microcenrer labeled ssd
[21:17] * skkeeper (~lordvahvu@bl17-63-244.dsl.telepac.pt) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[21:17] <Tenkawa> let me see if I can inquiry whats behind the label
[21:18] <Korith> got a microcenter 10min from the house, place is trouble for techies, decent prices for stuff
[21:18] <Tenkawa> nope no real vendor
[21:18] * plfiorini (~plfiorini@net-93-66-232-44.cust.vodafonedsl.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:18] * MY123 (~MY123@unaffiliated/kill--9-1/x-8776976) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:18] <plfiorini> hi
[21:18] <Tenkawa> Korith: its y fav shop to get parts
[21:19] <Tenkawa> er my
[21:19] <muriani> closest thing I have is Fry's
[21:19] <Korith> same here, that or fry's , fry is about 30min away
[21:19] <muriani> there's an MC here but it's nowhere close to me
[21:19] <Tenkawa> fry's is out west right?
[21:19] * x1337807x (~x1337807x@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:19] <muriani> Fry's is 10 minutes away
[21:19] <plfiorini> is there a clever way to detect from an application whether it is running on a Pi ?
[21:19] <exobuzz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAY_o36paQ0
[21:19] <exobuzz> fry's
[21:19] <Korith> returned stuff back on shelf, is usually 10% or 20% off
[21:19] <muriani> Tenkawa: I'm in TX, we have 3 of them in my city >_<
[21:19] <Korith> works out well
[21:19] <Korith> 2 fry's in georgia
[21:19] <Tenkawa> muriani: ohio her.. dot think we have here
[21:19] * skkeeper (~lordvahvu@bl21-144-244.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:19] * MageJames (~Magejames@cpe-071-075-062-008.carolina.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:20] <Tenkawa> ere here
[21:20] <Tenkawa> ughg i cant type today
[21:20] <Ryccardo> plfiorini: maybe by looking at CPU model (which should be a Pi exclusive, but I'm not sure)
[21:20] <strobelight> Korith: hi fellow georgian
[21:20] <Korith> rasp pi 2 is at mc for about $35
[21:20] <Ryccardo> (and isn't a smart thing to do anyway)
[21:20] <muriani> exobuzz: LOL
[21:20] <Korith> i got it as an open box there, so a bit cheaper
[21:20] <Korith> hey strobelight
[21:21] <Tenkawa> Korith: yep... ours finally got a bunch of them in
[21:21] <Korith> mentioned it last night, but radio shack is closing up a lot of their stores, 2 here in marietta, ga had stuff at 50-80% off
[21:22] <Ryccardo> Korith: again? I read about that a few years ago...
[21:22] <steve_rox> i hear they are bankrupt
[21:22] <muriani> yeah the local RS here closed already
[21:22] <Korith> yep, this time for good
[21:22] <muriani> I grabbed about $40 of stuff for under $5
[21:22] <Korith> just a few left here i think
[21:23] <Korith> most of the pricy stuff got moved to a few stores, and others shutting down, or gone already
[21:23] <muriani> perfboards, wire, DIP IC sockets, etc
[21:23] <steve_rox> pitty radioshack pulled out of the uk years ago or i might of got some cheap stuff
[21:23] <plfiorini> Ryccardo, cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Hardware | awk -F: '{ print $2 }' reports BCM2709 on Pi 2, the model name is a generic ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l)
[21:23] <Ryccardo> my local electronics parts store closed about 2 years ago, as they were pretty much tied in with a popular Italian magazine
[21:23] <plfiorini> Ryccardo, not sure if there are other boards that can report BCM
[21:23] <Korith> got a bunch of stuff from parts bins, soldering stuff as well. they have some rasp pi and arduino stuff
[21:24] <steve_rox> i guess electronics dont sell no more
[21:25] <plfiorini> Ryccardo, which part of italy are you from?
[21:25] <Ryccardo> Imola, you know, Superbike track... :)
[21:25] <plfiorini> Bologna ;)
[21:25] <Korith> steve_rox radio shack has been lost for about 20 years now, didn't specialize in anything, had a bit of everything
[21:25] * napos (~na@151-150-191-90.dyn.estpak.ee) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[21:26] <steve_rox> used to be in the uk under name tandys if i rember right
[21:26] <muriani> RadioShack used to be Best Buy minus the home appliances
[21:26] <Korith> too easy get stuff online these days
[21:26] <steve_rox> sold random junk , but interesting junk
[21:26] <muriani> TVs, stereos, electronics.
[21:26] * napos (~na@151-150-191-90.dyn.estpak.ee) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:26] <Korith> bought a tandy 1000sl from radio shack back in the day, 1200 bucks
[21:26] <muriani> once Best Buy and the like came around though, everyone went there
[21:26] <steve_rox> i found most tandy stuff broke down fast
[21:27] <muriani> I had a tandy 1000 for years
[21:27] * Armand (~armand@2a01:9cc0:40:6:85f2:ae64:f52c:9a1b) Quit (Quit: http://imgur.com/gallery/G2riawJ)
[21:27] <Korith> 8088, with a 5 1/4" floppy, 256k ram, and a mind boggling 8mhz, with a turbo button to take it .... 10hz
[21:27] <Tenkawa> muriani: bunch of trs-80's here
[21:28] <muriani> I never had the trash80
[21:28] <steve_rox> i got one them 8088 chips around here somewhere :-P
[21:28] <Tenkawa> heheh
[21:28] <Korith> muriani still have mine, it works:p
[21:28] <Tenkawa> I had many
[21:28] <piney0> I started on a trs-80
[21:28] <Korith> 20mb hard drive on an expansion paddle card as well, $450
[21:28] <steve_rox> used to have a turbo button to help dos progs cope with the speed
[21:29] <steve_rox> cos they would run too fast
[21:29] <Korith> hehe
[21:29] <Ryccardo> steve_rox: and 20 years later some game consoles are still that way... :)
[21:29] <steve_rox> they are?
[21:29] <Korith> if you have any old dos games, you can use dos box to play them by the way
[21:29] <steve_rox> yea
[21:30] <steve_rox> sorta miss them older days
[21:30] <Ryccardo> the DS definitely is, with software dividing the clock speed for timing
[21:30] <steve_rox> when tech was more intresting
[21:30] <steve_rox> and manufacrers would be braver makeing stupid IDE cables
[21:30] <steve_rox> compaq
[21:30] <Korith> friend had an old rll hard drive, 10mb, the size of a large shoebox, sounded like an airplane taking off when it ran
[21:31] <Korith> steve_rox lots of proprietary cables back then, every brand had their own connector/cable
[21:31] * DexterLB (~dex@79-100-18-135.btc-net.bg) Quit (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
[21:31] <steve_rox> sounds like a hdd i once had
[21:31] <steve_rox> larger than a brick
[21:31] <steve_rox> and sounded like a car engine
[21:32] <Ryccardo> Korith: bought a Seagate 750GB 7200rpm a few years ago for backups, it's loud and overheats if left spinning for over like 20 minutes... ;)
[21:32] <piney0> My first hard drive was either 4 or 8 mb. cant remember. the size of two 5 1/4 floppy bays
[21:32] <Korith> check out the warranty on it, seagate had 5 year warranty on their drives a few years ago
[21:32] <Korith> these days lucky to get 3 year
[21:33] * god_mode (~anon@37-144-25-58.broadband.corbina.ru) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:33] <Korith> trs-80 had those 8 or 10" floppies?
[21:33] <muriani> yeah
[21:33] <steve_rox> rember they used to have a sticky label on them noteing all the sector defects etc
[21:33] <Ryccardo> Korith: it was a well used one anyway
[21:33] <piney0> casette tapes too
[21:33] <Korith> seen those before
[21:34] <Korith> i remember using 5 1/4" floppies, using a hole punch to make it double sided
[21:34] <Korith> 360k on each side
[21:34] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) Quit (Excess Flood)
[21:34] <piney0> 150 baud modem. (take the phone off hook and put it on the cradle)
[21:34] <Ryccardo> too old for me, most fun I had was filling the hole on 3 inchers to make them Amiga compatible
[21:34] <Korith> k we're beginning to show our age:p
[21:34] <Korith> i started at 2400 baud:P
[21:35] <Tenkawa> 300
[21:35] <Tenkawa> hehe
[21:35] <Tenkawa> here
[21:35] * Tenkawa started in 79 though
[21:36] <Korith> going from 2400baud to 14.4k was huge
[21:37] <steve_rox> tech seems so boring today
[21:37] <steve_rox> i dunno if its me or its just true
[21:37] * c00ljs (~c00ljs@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:37] <Korith> maybe more innovation back then?
[21:37] <Ryccardo> steve_rox: agreed, mainly because we don't have new processor names I think
[21:37] <Korith> more unknowns
[21:37] <steve_rox> yeah and braveness to explore more
[21:37] * doomlord_1 (~textual@host86-148-72-94.range86-148.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:38] <steve_rox> most pc these days seem as interesting as a plastic bucket
[21:38] <Ryccardo> I don't even know the difference between today's i5 and a 2011 one (not that i5 is one model)
[21:38] <steve_rox> rpi seems to have caught my attention in same way the older tech did tho
[21:39] <Korith> same here
[21:39] <steve_rox> maybe its cos its not locked up and you can do stuff with it
[21:39] <steve_rox> some the learnin cervs still hold me back in places
[21:40] <steve_rox> but im sorta getting better in time
[21:41] <Korith> you could try getting qbasic to work on it:p
[21:41] * almarshall (~alexmarsh@pool-108-56-199-251.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:42] <steve_rox> nah i havent been in that for years
[21:42] <steve_rox> since gorilla.bas
[21:42] <Ryccardo> qbasic -- the original fart app tool
[21:43] <ali1234> plfiorini: check for /usr/bin/vcgencmd
[21:43] <steve_rox> think there was snakes or nibbles too
[21:43] <Ryccardo> for %x=1 to 4000 -- sound %i,20 -- next i
[21:43] * D-Boy (~D-Boy@unaffiliated/cain) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:44] <Tenkawa> cheers all.. time to run
[21:44] * Tenkawa (~arakeen@unaffiliated/tenkawa) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[21:45] <ali1234> plfiorini: or /proc/vc-cma
[21:45] <ozzzy> gorilla.bas was the BEST game ever
[21:45] <plfiorini> ali1234, thanks
[21:46] <steve_rox> they had a dosbox emulator on riscos at school , so i put it on that
[21:46] <steve_rox> really bad performance but still :-D
[21:46] <ali1234> plfiorini: or on recent kernels, /proc/device-tree/model
[21:46] <steve_rox> whats more fun than throwing explodeing bananas at ppl
[21:46] * O3zyPi (~ozzzy@unaffiliated/ozzzy) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:46] <plfiorini> ali1234, thanks again, you saved me from ugly build time flags
[21:47] <ozzzy> gorillas and lunar lander....
[21:47] <ozzzy> ah those were the days
[21:47] * codestorm (~codestorm@cpe-75-83-205-183.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:47] <steve_rox> and things are just so boring these days
[21:47] <ali1234> /proc/device-tree/model is actually wrong on my model A+, it says B+
[21:47] <steve_rox> everyones using apple rubbish sort
[21:48] <IT_Sean> lets not get into a Mac v PC debate, please. That never ends well.
[21:48] <steve_rox> nah
[21:48] <steve_rox> i mean the iphone rubbish
[21:48] <muriani> I use what does what I need, when I need it :)
[21:48] <muriani> macs at work, PCs and sometimes macs at home
[21:48] <muriani> *nix boxen everywhere
[21:49] <steve_rox> just dont like this locked down iphone rubbish
[21:49] <IT_Sean> steve...
[21:49] <IT_Sean> lets not get into a Mac v PC debate, please. That never ends well.
[21:49] <muriani> that's all that matters really, does it do what I want, when I want?
[21:49] <muriani> with a minimum of hacking about
[21:49] <steve_rox> dependance is not good
[21:50] <plfiorini> ali1234, works fine on the Pi 2, but since i just need to know whether it's a Pi or not it's sufficient to grep for Raspberry
[21:51] <Xark> ali1234: Do you have the latest rpi-update?
[21:51] <plfiorini> (probably works fine because the Pi 2 has only model b as far as i remember)
[21:51] * MasterPiece (~MasterPie@unaffiliated/masterpiece) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[21:52] <ali1234> Xark: no
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[22:11] <Korith> strobelight you near lithia springs?
[22:11] <strobelight> lawrenceville
[22:11] <Korith> ahh
[22:12] <Korith> office depot has this on clearance Seagate® Central Network Hard Drive, 4TB $59.94 http://sd.site88.net/office_depot.html?sku=402374
[22:12] <Korith> lithia springs has 1 in stock
[22:12] * RaptorJesus (~RaptorJes@unaffiliated/raptorjesus) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:13] <Korith> 3tb version is $53.94 http://sd.site88.net/office_depot.html?sku=402329
[22:13] <Korith> i cleared out stores near marietta:p
[22:13] * Yoofie (~chatzilla@75-114-203-47.res.bhn.net) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91-rdmsoft [XULRunner 32.0.3/20140923175406])
[22:14] <strobelight> that link is flagged; got real link?
[22:14] <Korith> http://slickdeals.net/f/7535266-clearance-toshiba-canvio-external-desktop-hd-2-tb-usb-3-0-39-93-in-store-office-depot-maybe-office-max-ymmv?v=1
[22:14] <Korith> that is the link on the forum
[22:14] <Korith> the site88.net has an inventory checker on it
[22:15] <strobelight> I didn't think pi did usb3 yet
[22:15] <Korith> can take the drives out of case
[22:15] <Korith> works out to like $15-20 a tb
[22:16] <Korith> should work as usb2 drive on rasp though
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[22:50] <Ryccardo> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ca/New_cuyama.jpg
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[22:53] <TheLostAdmin> That's cute Ryccardo but how did they figure out they were supposed to total the numbers? Maybe the calculation should be population * ft. above sea level / established.
[22:54] * gbaman (~gbaman@host81-148-160-23.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:54] <TheLostAdmin> althought population * ft. above sea level / (this year - established) might be more useful.
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[22:59] <derpingit> hi guys
[23:00] <derpingit> anyone have issues with kodi and the emminence skin ? my pi2 is super sluggish when i select it
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