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[0:45] <HarryLillis> Hello
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[0:57] <HarryLillis> Would it be possible to implement a raspberry pi into the construction of a theremin? I mean, theremins are not at all digital, but I want a theremin that displays the hertz of the pitch you're generating since I don't have perfect pitch. Is that something that can be accomplished if I study extensively?
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[0:58] <HarryLillis> Or, wait a minute, I can just get a theremin and attach a hertz displaying tuner to it.
[0:58] <HarryLillis> Eh, fuck me.
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[1:40] <aasirc> hello, is anyone using Arch Linux ARM on Raspberry Pi 2 here? is it safe to install? NOOBS says that is not compatible. thank you.
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[1:47] <Stanto> aasirc: you could just give it a go?
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[1:48] <Stanto> aasirc: alternatively check the archlinux wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Raspberry_Pi
[1:49] <aasirc> thanks Stanto , #archlinux-arm is being helpful too :)
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[1:49] <Stanto> I find NOOBS to be really unhelpful in showing people how OSs are setup for the pi..
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[1:50] <Stanto> aasirc: didn't know about that channel, thanks.
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[1:53] <aasirc> yw
[1:53] <aasirc> Stanto NOOBS is nice tho. It's really helpful in the hand of the lesser knowledgeable in linux
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[1:54] <Stanto> aasirc: In my experience it really isn't, because people go "uh , what's raspbian, I have noobs? how do I setup linux with noobs? I downloaded the image" when they could've avoided the nightmare, and just downloaded the raspbian image.
[1:54] <aasirc> I see
[1:55] <aasirc> but people who buys noobs card have a pi ready to boot and install a distro from the choices
[1:55] <Stanto> Which is fine, I can understand that.
[1:55] <aasirc> anyway it's 1am on a school night. better go to bed. thanks for your help. sorry for leaving in the middle of a convo
[1:55] <Stanto> np.
[1:55] <Xenthys> And you can reinstall without flashing the IMG again :)
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[1:56] <warpie> yes
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[2:30] <Travis> Hello.
[2:30] <Travis> Has anyone here tried to run Ubuntu MATE 15.10 for the Pi?
[2:31] <Kamilion> yep.
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[2:31] <Travis> I cannot get mine to go past the "cannot display this resolution" part.
[2:31] <Travis> I've tried it on two different monitors. Nothing.
[2:31] <Kamilion> never encountered that
[2:32] <Travis> I have. I don't know what's wrong.
[2:32] <Kamilion> but I've got an 21" LG 1080p panel
[2:32] <Travis> 15.04 didn't do this.
[2:32] <Kamilion> are you running 720p or 1080p?
[2:32] <Travis> I have no clue.
[2:32] <Kamilion> or a non-HD resolution?
[2:32] <Travis> Not that I know of.
[2:32] <Kamilion> like 1024x768 or 1400x900?
[2:32] <Travis> I am using a HDMI to DVI cable, as my monitor is DVI
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[2:33] <Kamilion> well, what resolution is the pi's bootloader told to set up?
[2:33] <Kamilion> iirc it should be trying for 1920x1080
[2:33] <Travis> let me pull the card and find out
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[2:33] <Travis> I got some message that 1024xsomething is the optimal
[2:34] <Kamilion> and mate should follow thru with whatever the bootloader... oh
[2:34] <Kamilion> hah
[2:34] <Kamilion> yeah, i can't get 1024x768 to work through my hdmi to vga adapter dongle either.
[2:34] <Kamilion> 1280x1024 works, 800x600 works, but not 1024x768
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[2:35] <Travis> I am trying to remember which section under the config.txt file to look
[2:35] <Kamilion> but monitors vary; sorry to hear it doesn't like yours. Maybe you can change the bootloader options and force it into a lower resolution it will support, like 800x600
[2:36] <Kamilion> i use the lubuntu variant of the mate image
[2:36] <Travis> I can't. MATE is all that is available for the pi2
[2:36] <Kamilion> https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/lubuntu-15.10-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi-2.img.bz2.torrent
[2:36] <Travis> At least, that I can find.
[2:37] <Travis> Well well
[2:37] <Travis> The website doesn't say that
[2:37] <warpie> there's also archlinux for pi too.
[2:37] <Kamilion> that is correct, it does not say that.
[2:38] <Travis> Is there a Xubuntu version?
[2:38] <Kamilion> https://bitbucket.org/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-armhf
[2:38] <Kamilion> you can build one
[2:38] <Kamilion> but not that I know of
[2:38] <Kamilion> i bugged the mate maintainer to make a lubuntu image
[2:38] <Kamilion> it's not official, but it works.
[2:38] <Travis> Lubuntu = Ubuntu + LXDE?
[2:39] <Kamilion> uhh...
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[2:39] <Kamilion> Lubuntu Theme + LXDE + ubuntu repositories
[2:39] <Kamilion> cause lxde's theme is arse (IMHO)
[2:39] <Kamilion> other than that, same as the mate image
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[2:40] <Kamilion> only difference in the desktop *not xorg*. So you'll have the same problem there, I suspect.
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[2:40] <Travis> Hmmmm
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[2:40] <Travis> I might go back to Raspbian, then
[2:40] <Travis> 15.04 worked great. Now 15.10 won't. I wonder what changed.
[2:40] <Kamilion> why would you run rasbian on a pi2?
[2:40] <Kamilion> why not debian?
[2:41] <Kamilion> it makes no sense to use an ARMv6 build on an ARMv7 device
[2:41] <warpie> all my pi's are Raspbian but the B-2 which has Ubuntu 15.04 on it
[2:41] <Kamilion> when the whole reason the ARMv6 build existed was because the Distributions settled on ARMv7 as their minimum.
[2:42] <Kamilion> Travis: if 15.04 worked and 15.10 isn't, that's a regression and I'm more than happy to help you figure it out
[2:42] <Kamilion> then a fix can be shoved in the next mate/lubuntu images
[2:42] <Travis> hmmmm
[2:42] <warpie> shantorn got 15.10 to work on his B-2
[2:43] <Travis> I wonder how.
[2:43] <warpie> he had no problems with it
[2:43] <Travis> overscan is not it
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[2:43] <Travis> it's asking for 1280x1024 resolution.
[2:43] <warpie> you can ask him if he shows up
[2:43] <Kamilion> Travis: simple, get any other ubuntu-repo based image and run apt-get install <desktop-package-of-choice> like lubuntu-desktop, xfce-desktop, mate-desktop...
[2:44] <Kamilion> in response to "I wonder how"
[2:44] <Travis> It's hard to do that, when you can't get the whole OS to show up on screen, in the first place.
[2:44] <Kamilion> yeah. Bootloader options for the pi2 kernel probably
[2:44] <Kamilion> afk, back in 5-10
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[2:45] <Kamilion> gonna try to find my HDMI to VGA adapter and my 1280x1024 monitor
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[2:48] <Travis> bingo!
[2:48] <Travis> I found the issue.
[2:48] <Travis> Change the HDMI setting to make it go DVI
[2:48] <Travis> now it won't go into the full setup.
[2:49] <Travis> startx did that. check.
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[2:51] <wantyougone> Hi, would a Raspberry Pi 2 be suitable for a small office web / tools server?
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[2:52] <Travis> I am logged in as root. Time to make a user.
[2:52] <wantyougone> It would serve some low to medium volume PHP requests, do some PDF text extraction, http requests, etc.
[2:52] <wantyougone> Will a Pi2 be fine?
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[2:54] <JK-47> wantyougone: your low to medium is relative.
[2:54] <JK-47> define it
[2:54] <JK-47> if you have any budget at all, why arent you running vms off a real server?
[2:55] <Travis> Yay! I finally got 15.10 to do the install.
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[2:55] <wantyougone> JK-47: ~15 requests per minute, peak of maybe 8 requests a second on some PHP scripts
[2:55] <wantyougone> budget is low unfortunately
[2:55] <JK-47> thats a bit much most likely, mainly due to memory
[2:55] <Travis> The video setting was set to go to full HDMI. My monitor is DVI. The config file wasn't written to have such a cable be recognized.
[2:55] <JK-47> unless your scripts are very tuned, and the pdfs are tiny
[2:56] <JK-47> Travis: my pis work fine w/ my hdmi to vga or hdmi to dvi
[2:56] <wantyougone> thanks JK-47. i guess I'll look into more affordable boxes that I can run linux on
[2:56] <wantyougone> maybe an intel NUC
[2:56] <Travis> Not mine, with the new Ubuntu MATE
[2:56] <Travis> 15.04 ran fine.
[2:56] <Travis> The config file in 15.10 didn't recognize my cable.
[2:57] <wantyougone> MATE == gnome 2 fork?
[2:57] <wantyougone> Travis: do you have a nuc or?
[2:58] <JK-47> try config_hdmi_boost=4 and hdmi_group = 2 HDMI_DMT_XGA_60 = 0x10
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[2:59] <JK-47> tons of possible options to change to tune the output
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[3:48] <Hasselsaurus> Anyone know of a good source to get a case like this in the US? https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pibow-coupe
[3:48] <Hasselsaurus> (a short, HAT-compatible case like the Pibow Coupe)
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[4:04] -hitchcock.freenode.net- *** Looking up your hostname...
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[4:04] -hitchcock.freenode.net- *** Found your hostname
[4:04] -hitchcock.freenode.net- *** No Ident response
[4:04] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
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[4:04] -NickServ- You are now identified for DataBot.
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