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[20:46] <exonormal> Mine has a sensor on it and detects light
[20:47] <brianx> exonormal: it's a button.
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[20:48] <gordonDrogon> exonormal, ah the first image? yes, a posh push button.
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[20:49] <brianx> posh eh? i have dozens of em, used to install them on teleprinters.
[20:50] <gordonDrogon> well.. more expensive than simple buttons... they were salvaged off a project I did about 30 years ago. They were expensive back then!
[20:50] <brianx> that's about how old mine are too. i didn't pay for em, extel did.
[20:51] <exonormal> sweet
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[20:52] <Valduare> ugh stil compiling
[20:53] <exonormal> mine has same setup but the LEDs are same, green, yellow, and red... with a sensor on it to tell me how much light is in the room.. littile light green, yellow average light, and red high light.
[20:55] <Valduare> crazy http://imgapp.banggood.com/images//oaupload/banggood/images/0E/82/39e3371c-5fe1-bb87-d5ca-7dfd4a02e559.jpg this is a fpv nano quad copter control with iphone
[20:55] <Valduare> for around 30 bucks
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[20:56] <brianx> if i have a zero connected as a gadget to the usb hub of another computer, can the zero and the owner of the hub both access other devices plugged into the hub? guessing not at the same time...
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[21:00] <Valduare> what all can you do with gadget mode
[21:01] * cagmz (~cagmz@cpe-76-95-140-68.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:01] <brianx> i use it for ethernet over usb mostly. there's serial and a few other things too.
[21:01] <brianx> shows up as an interface on the host and on the zero.
[21:02] <Valduare> why not just use a wifi dongle
[21:03] <brianx> gotta power the zero anyway, why not use the same cable for data? given that data and power cables are pretty much the same cost, the network connection is effectively free and avoids the overhead of wifi.
[21:04] <brianx> avoids congesting my wifi and takes less power as well. the zero will be battery backed soon.
[21:05] <Valduare> ya but then you are tied to a full blown computer to use it
[21:05] <brianx> my "full blown computer" is the wifi router.
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[21:07] <shauno> eh, it's nice to have options
[21:07] <brianx> the zero is kinda useless to me without internet and the router is a key component of that, so no new dependencies.
[21:07] <Valduare> I have a cirago combo wifi/bluetooth dongle plugged into mine
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[21:09] <Valduare> works nice with a bluetooth keyboard/touchpad combo
[21:10] <brianx> mine's headless. the phone can control it, but i usually use the desktop.
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[21:12] <brianx> we seem to have a fair amount of skill here. anyone know if the two hosts (gadget zero and the host that owns the hub) can both access the devices connected to the hub? assumed one at a time.
[21:12] * JohnBeales (~johnbeale@dsl-173-206-135-177.tor.primus.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:12] <shauno> it can't. usb is very master-slave. when the pi is a gadget, it's a slave, not a host
[21:14] <brianx> :-( for some reason i thought the gadget could be gadget and host to different devices at the same time.
[21:14] <brianx> but i guess it would have to own the hub to do that.
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[21:15] <shauno> usb isn't designed to do that, at all. it's actually why they decided to have different plugs at each end of the cable. the spec does that intentionally to make it near-impossible to mate two hosts
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[21:17] <brianx> but then otg came along and gadget.
[21:18] <shauno> yeah. otg has confused the issue a little, but I'm near-certain it can still only be either/or, not both at the same time
[21:18] <brianx> so the single usb port on a zero becomes the limiting factor.
[21:18] <shauno> usb simply doesn't have a concept of peers. the host owns the bus
[21:19] <Valduare> what is your end goal brianx
[21:19] <Valduare> wit hthe zero plugged into your router
[21:19] <brianx> to have a gadget ethernet and to connect an arduino slave at the same time.
[21:20] <brianx> the zero uses the router to reach the internet. that works fine.
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[21:27] <Valduare> hmm
[21:27] <brianx> pretty sure it's hid serial.
[21:28] <Valduare> https://learn.adafruit.com/program-an-avr-or-arduino-using-raspberry-pi-gpio-pins/overview
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[21:28] <MY123> fork bombs are surprisingly very efficient in 2016
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[21:29] <brianx> yeah, i know i can use more wires and level shift and use serial. the usb connector is very convenient as a simpler way to interface everything.
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[21:31] <brianx> i can also just let the router own the arduino and just forward everything over the network back to the zero.
[21:31] <ScrumpyJack> what do we think about this breakout HAT? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raspitv/raspio-pro-hat-protect-position-raspberry-pi-ports
[21:31] <Valduare> so looks like a wanting your cake and eating it too situation :P
[21:32] <brianx> it is Valduare. i have solutions. this one is potentially more elegant. doesn't sound supported though.
[21:32] <Valduare> what are you running with arduino
[21:33] <brianx> just some battery monitor and control software and a nrf24l01+
[21:35] <brianx> it's mostly a convenient ADC that's cheaper than an actual ADC chip. everything else could be moved elsewhere.
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[21:38] <gordonDrogon> ScrumpyJack, nothing you can't do with a bigger breadboard and cobbler cable...
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[21:43] <Berg> good morning wealthy hams
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[21:44] <gordonDrogon> sadly wrong on both accounts )-:
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[21:51] <oscarandjo> Hi, I'm trying to setup something for my Magic Mirror where the screen is only undimmed when my phone is connected to the WiFi network
[21:51] <oscarandjo> I've assigned my phone a static IP address, so you could just ping the same IP to see if is connected or not.
[21:51] <ScrumpyJack> gordonDrogon: i hear you, but i like the HAT size :)
[21:51] <oscarandjo> Does anyone know how I can do that?
[21:51] <ali1234> oscarandjo: use bluetooth LE for that instead
[21:51] * AbouEmre (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:51] <ali1234> you can make it so the mirror only un-dimms when you are within a few metres of it (well, your phone)
[21:52] <oscarandjo> Why bluetooth? All it would need to do is ping my phone and if the packet reaches the phone then the screen can undim on the magic mirror
[21:52] <oscarandjo> Ah I see
[21:52] <ali1234> because it has a protocol specifically for this
[21:52] <oscarandjo> I normally have bluetooth disabled on my phone though, and don't have a bluetooth adapter
[21:52] <ali1234> then do it the difficult way :)
[21:53] <oscarandjo> Could you elaborate on the protocol just for that?
[21:53] <bitanarchy> does xorg work on rpi2b?
[21:53] * MY123 (~IceChat9@unaffiliated/kill--9-1/x-8776976) Quit (Quit: Goodbye)
[21:54] <ali1234> oscarandjo: https://developer.bluetooth.org/TechnologyOverview/Pages/PXP.aspx
[21:55] <bitanarchy> I mean installing xorg with pkg on the freebsd for rpi
[21:55] <oscarandjo> Thanks ali, looks interesting.
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[21:56] <gordonDrogon> bitanarchy, it's xorg that's already running on the Pi with raspbian.
[21:56] <bitanarchy> no I am using freebsd now
[21:56] <bitanarchy> it's better for crypto
[21:56] <gordonDrogon> sure - I didn't say you weren't.
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[21:57] <gordonDrogon> xorg is what raspbian uses, so of fbsd uses it then it should "just work".
[21:58] <shauno> it seems to work on the pi 1, I don't think the gpu changed on the 2?
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[22:33] <wireddude> My pizero is always in read only mode every time I boot up. Running Jessie light. Could it be a damaged sdcard?
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[22:35] <Encrypt> wireddude, Have a look in the logs running: dmesg
[22:35] <Encrypt> or: dmesg | grep read-only
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[22:38] <wireddude> Ok, thanks. I will try that to see if there's anything there that seems weird.
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[22:47] <jancoow> **strugeling to get the fifo DMP working on the mpu-6050
[22:47] <jancoow> someone ever did that before?
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[22:48] <Valduare> still compiling
[22:48] <Valduare> ugh
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[22:49] * `nef is now known as nefarious
[22:49] <jancoow> Valduare: what are you compiling?
[22:49] <Valduare> wkhtmltopdf patched qt
[22:49] <jancoow> ah
[22:50] <jancoow> are you compiling this on a raspberry pi? lol
[22:50] <Valduare> yep
[22:50] <jancoow> why
[22:50] <Valduare> was going to start doing it last night BUT I fell asleep right before hitting buton to start it haha
[22:50] <jancoow> lololo
[22:50] <jancoow> i know the feeling
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[23:04] <tombrough> anyone know how to fix this one:
[23:04] <tombrough> /home/tom/Arduino/ERIC/tictactoe.ino:239:(.text._Z16processTicTacToev+0x7e): relocation truncated to fit: R_AVR_7_PCREL against `no symbol'
[23:06] * netzfisch (~Thunderbi@x55b0633c.dyn.telefonica.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[23:07] <gordonDrogon> this is #raspberrypi, tombrough - try #arduno :)
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[23:10] <tombrough> dooh
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[23:16] <ali1234> unbelievable. americans want $203 before i can read how their stupid closed captioning system works
[23:16] <Valduare> gotta pay for the secrets :P
[23:17] <ali1234> sending digital data in the VBI was invented by the BBC and given away for free
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[23:23] <[Saint]> Some CC software licenses are hilariously expensive.
[23:23] <[Saint]> Like $6K~$8K for a single seat.
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[23:25] <ali1234> well, i can fix that...
[23:26] * jlf (~user@pdpc/supporter/active/jlf) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:26] <[Saint]> *whistles*
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[23:30] <bitanarchy> how can I enable the Alt-Fx consoles on freebsd
[23:30] <bitanarchy> ?
[23:30] <Valduare> might need to check #freebsd for questions like that
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[23:46] <wireddude> Encrypt: i@raspberrypi:~ $ dmesg | grep read-only
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[23:46] <wireddude> Encrypt: entire dmesg http://pastebin.com/ZF2bKYQg
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[23:52] <Encrypt> wireddude, Your filesystem is messy apparently
[23:52] <Encrypt> I mean a few inodes may be corrupted
[23:52] <Encrypt> wireddude, The system is asking you to run fsck and it mounts it read-only for the moment
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[23:55] <wireddude> Ah ok. I'll try fsck and if that doesn't help will try a different sdcard. It's a new Jessie light created with pibaker.
[23:55] <Encrypt> Ok :]
[23:56] <Encrypt> wireddude, Would that work:
[23:56] <Encrypt> sudo mount -o remount,rw / && sudo touch /forcefsck
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