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[0:00] <HrdwrBoB> the code is currently all in python on the pi
[0:00] <HrdwrBoB> super easy
[0:01] <ali1234> i bet you could eliminate the arduino entirely and replace it with i2c sensors
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[0:01] <ali1234> you must have written some C++ code for the arduino though?
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[0:01] <ali1234> or is this talking to the vehicle computer?
[0:01] <PSU_> llamapixel: any thoughts? or anyone else using Gmusicproxy?
[0:04] <llamapixel> do you have python 2.7 installed PSU_ ?
[0:05] <llamapixel> python -V
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[0:06] <llamapixel> It appears to be a common gotcha with that software. https://github.com/diraimondo/gmusicproxy/issues/20
[0:06] <HrdwrBoB> ali1234: I COULD
[0:06] <HrdwrBoB> yeah the arduino is obviously C
[0:06] <HrdwrBoB> this is all external currently
[0:06] <HrdwrBoB> I have a massive wiring harness for all the sensors
[0:07] <PSU_> llamapixel: Python 2.7.3
[0:07] <llamapixel> ok
[0:07] <HrdwrBoB> although I'm now looking at upgrading the screen
[0:07] <HrdwrBoB> it's a TFT LCD
[0:07] <HrdwrBoB> and I'd much prefer an OLED screen
[0:07] <HrdwrBoB> but it seems REALLY hard to buy
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[0:16] <bipul> I am unable to ssh into my RaspberryPI even though SSH is enabled. I am accesing with correct password.
[0:16] <bipul> accessing*
[0:16] <llamapixel> correct ip and username in ssh nippy?
[0:16] <ali1234> HrdwrBoB: hi res OLEDs are impossible to buy - they all go into smartphones
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[0:17] <llamapixel> I saw a pi tute that hijacks an iphone screen but they are not OLED just yet iirc
[0:18] <HrdwrBoB> ali1234: yeah but I'd like to be able to use a smart phone display
[0:18] <HrdwrBoB> what a pain
[0:18] <llamapixel> http://www.imore.com/best-raspberry-pi-projects-iphone-users?pg=5#content
[0:18] <bipul> Yes, I have did that still hard luck.
[0:18] <bipul> It's on my local network.
[0:18] <llamapixel> Why not just vnc to it HrdwrBoB ?
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[0:19] <HrdwrBoB> huh?
[0:19] <HrdwrBoB> VNC to the gauge system in car in the dash....
[0:19] <llamapixel> Ah apologies I had crosstalk in the threads there.
[0:20] <Valduare> any of you guys have this yet? http://amzn.to/2hglmXf
[0:20] <HrdwrBoB> http://i.imgur.com/g2AmX8j.jpg context
[0:20] <Valduare> im thinking of ordering one
[0:21] <redrabbit> !bang
[0:21] <bipul> exit
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[0:24] <HrdwrBoB> llamapixel: hrm
[0:24] <HrdwrBoB> llamapixel: if that really works with any dsi display
[0:24] <HrdwrBoB> I might be able to get one
[0:24] <HrdwrBoB> but I think it's too much fucking around
[0:24] <llamapixel> aye
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[0:26] <HrdwrBoB> maybe just get a rpbi display
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[0:32] <ChunkzZ> When is the pi 4 being released?
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[0:34] <Valduare> ChunkzZ: sometime after the pi3 :)
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[0:35] <ChunkzZ> Valduare: indeed.
[0:35] <ChunkzZ> Was looking for more of a serious answer
[0:35] <Valduare> oh sorry
[0:35] <Valduare> it will be released before the pi5 :)
[0:35] <ChunkzZ> No, you're not.
[0:36] <Valduare> i hope they go with a different soc that has usb3
[0:36] <ChunkzZ> 😂
[0:36] <llamapixel> If you tape a pi1 and pi3 togather with duct tape..
[0:37] <ChunkzZ> 1gbps Ethernet and USB 3 would be awesome
[0:37] <ChunkzZ> But doubt that
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[0:40] <llamapixel> Combining some common things you find on smart phone boards like accelerometers would allow my world domination instead of piggyhat-ing it
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[0:50] <ali1234> llamapixel: lots of sensor chips can be bought as modular boards on ebay. they are much smaller than hats
[0:50] <ali1234> you can get some nice IMU boards for about $5
[0:50] <ali1234> temperature/humidity/pressure for about $2
[0:51] <ali1234> and current/voltage sensor for about $1
[0:51] <llamapixel> I see a combo one on amazon that has about 50 but for simplicity would prefer it in house.
[0:51] <ali1234> and you could drop all three on a prototyping hat
[0:51] <ali1234> those 50 sensor packs are rubbish
[0:51] <ali1234> the sensors are all analog
[0:51] <llamapixel> oh?
[0:51] <ali1234> they are designed for arduino what has built in ADC
[0:52] <ali1234> the pi does not
[0:52] <ali1234> you want i2c sensors for it
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[0:53] <llamapixel> https://www.amazon.com/SunFounder-Modules-Sensor-Raspberry-Extension/dp/B014PF05ZA/ref=pd_sim_147_7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=Z8P34RM6AW53TTWVW41X
[0:53] <llamapixel> ok
[0:53] <ali1234> yeah you get an MPU6050 on that. that ones i2c
[0:53] <ali1234> most of the others are junk though
[0:53] <ali1234> and for $100... no that's too much
[0:54] <llamapixel> ok I will keep refining my search, cheers
[0:54] <ali1234> let me show you some of the individual modules
[0:54] <llamapixel> sure
[0:55] <ali1234> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/9D0F-MPU-9250-SPI-IIC-9-Axis-Attitude-Gyro-Accelerator-Magnetometer-Module-/122000862768?hash=item1c67d16e30:g:e5AAAOSwQaJXSViY
[0:55] <llamapixel> ah thanks
[0:55] <ali1234> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GY-219-INA219-Bi-direction-DC-Current-Power-Supply-Breakout-Sensor-Module-DIY-AS-/291943378407?hash=item43f92e6de7:g:5OMAAOSw5cNYKtDw
[0:55] <ali1234> that one measures current and voltage
[0:56] <ali1234> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/I2C-SPI-Breakout-Temperature-Humidity-Barometric-Pressure-BME280-Digital-Sensor-/191819109753?hash=item2ca94f5579:g:nkIAAOSwv9hW2Oou
[0:57] <ali1234> if you shop around you can get these for very good prices
[0:57] <llamapixel> thankyou mvery much ali1234
[0:57] <ali1234> oh here's another one...
[0:57] <ali1234> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/APDS-9960-APDS9960-RGB-Gesture-Sensor-Module-Infrared-Move-Sensor-Breakout-I2C-/291881354552?hash=item43f57c0538:g:jdQAAOSwmfhX4Qjd
[0:58] <ali1234> that is a light and proximity sensor like used in phones
[0:58] <llamapixel> I ordered two more pi’s but they are delayed until late jan so I can review these modules
[0:58] <ali1234> it can detect up/down/left/right gestures as well as tell you ambient light level (which you can use to dim the screen or whatever)
[0:59] <ali1234> all the above sensors are i2c which means you can connect all of them to a pi at the same time using only two GPIO pins
[0:59] <llamapixel> That was my next question :)
[0:59] <ali1234> all of them are under 2cm x 2cm as well
[1:00] <llamapixel> Do I have to juggle lots of libs or do they have a common one?
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[1:00] <ali1234> its quite easy to write drivers for i2c
[1:00] <llamapixel> ok great
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[1:00] <ali1234> there are already python modules for most of those
[1:00] <llamapixel> ok that is a great start.
[1:01] <ali1234> but really all you have to do is read the datasheet and you can write a driver in an afternoon no problem
[1:01] <ali1234> for the basics anyway
[1:01] <llamapixel> great! thanks again bloke, I have a good heads up there for Jan 2017 projects
[1:01] <ali1234> all i2c devices work pretty much the same way
[1:01] <llamapixel> ah ok
[1:01] <ali1234> you just specify the address of the device you want and then which register you want to read
[1:02] <ali1234> which are two numbers you get from the datasheet
[1:02] <llamapixel> Is there any lag that you might have seen?
[1:02] <ali1234> on i2c? not perceptable
[1:02] <llamapixel> ok
[1:02] <ali1234> most sensors you can specify the integration time
[1:03] <ali1234> longer integration time means less noise but more lag
[1:03] <ali1234> but it's in the range of milliseconds
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[1:03] <llamapixel> I will have to do some testing there and find a balance.
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[1:04] <ali1234> yeah some sensors need it more than others
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[1:05] <ali1234> these are all the same kind of sensors that are used in phones, which is why they are so cheap
[1:05] <ali1234> many of them even have linux kernel drivers already
[1:05] <ali1234> and for the same reason
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[1:09] <llamapixel> excellent, that speeds up my testing a lot ali1234
[1:12] <ali1234> the only downside is china shipping takes weeks
[1:12] <ali1234> i've never had a problem though, they always turn up eventually
[1:14] <llamapixel> I understand, Australia post where I am adds another week or two.
[1:14] <ali1234> i would think china to australia is faster than china to uk :)
[1:15] <llamapixel> I had to push two new orders to after xmas, late jan or it will get nicked off the front door.
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[1:44] <theparadoxer02> I have registered my nick name on free node
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[1:45] <theparadoxer02> But whenever i am trying to connect through a ckoent it shows that hostname not found
[1:45] <theparadoxer02> any idea ?
[1:47] <[Saint]> ckoent
[1:47] <[Saint]> +?
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[1:51] <Goldschlager120> hello
[1:51] <Valduare> anyone in here play with steppers? http://amzn.to/2hydweM just got a couple of these, was fun, last night I had one of them dead lifting a couple water bottles heh
[1:52] <llamapixel> theparadoxer02: /join #freenode or #freenode-community
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[1:55] <HrdwrBoB> nice
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[1:55] <HrdwrBoB> I am mostly using gauge steppers
[1:55] <HrdwrBoB> switecX25
[1:55] <HrdwrBoB> very low load, but very fast
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[2:15] <Valduare> like this? http://amzn.to/2hXrNCR HrdwrBoB
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[2:19] <HrdwrBoB> yep
[2:19] <HrdwrBoB> that's the one
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[2:19] <HrdwrBoB> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8AAoXDriTA
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[2:21] <PSU_> is anyone running GMusicProxy on their pi? I am having issues installing using the instructions @ http://gmusicproxy.net. thanks!
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[2:21] <Valduare> what are you doing with them HrdwrBoB
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[2:29] <Lorduncan> hello again, im trying to make laser barrers to know if someone is coming in or going out with python and raspberry
[2:29] <Lorduncan> What could be the name of that?
[2:29] <Lorduncan> Idk what to put on goggle XD
[2:30] <Valduare> Lorduncan: you can do that with ir led and ir receiver
[2:31] <Valduare> or do you want the laser for the fun of it?
[2:31] <Valduare> laser trip beam
[2:32] <Lorduncan> Im doing it with ldr and lasers, is working i just need the idea how to deal with who get on first , how many time i will need keep reading the second and that things
[2:33] <Lorduncan> IR led wont work is 1 meter or more long with sun light in the way so i need lasers
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[2:37] <Lorduncan> goodnights :)
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[3:06] <PSU_> can anyone help w/ some issues I am having install GMusicProxy? it's failing during the script when installing dependencies
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[3:23] <Goldschlager120> Anyone have a RFID device for raspberry pi?
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[3:25] <Valduare> http://amzn.to/2hJYIaM like one of these?
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[3:30] <Goldschlager120> Valduare, yes, exactly like one of those. Thanks for finding that :)
[3:31] <Goldschlager120> Ever use one?
[3:31] <Valduare> I have one sitting here
[3:31] <Valduare> havnt tried it out yet
[3:31] <Valduare> cant figure out a fun project to use it on?
[3:31] <Valduare> what is your idea
[3:33] <Goldschlager120> it's going to be for my door locks
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[3:37] <Goldschlager120> What do you think of that project?
[3:38] <Valduare> on house?
[3:38] <Goldschlager120> yup
[3:38] <Valduare> or in house
[3:38] <Goldschlager120> I hate keys
[3:38] <HrdwrBoB> 100% garauntee it will fuck up at some point
[3:38] <Valduare> become a monk :)
[3:38] <HrdwrBoB> include some sort of workaround
[3:39] <HrdwrBoB> (even if it's jumping a fence etc and it's only doable from inside)
[3:39] <HrdwrBoB> or the power will be out.. etc etc
[3:39] <Valduare> i’d include a pressure mat that detects if your standing on one foot while rubbing belly and patting head
[3:39] * markmcb (~markmcb@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:39] <HrdwrBoB> always go to failure cases first
[3:39] <Goldschlager120> no one here is very optimistic, eh?
[3:39] <HrdwrBoB> because that's the hardest bit
[3:40] <HrdwrBoB> Goldschlager120: when you are designing systems for the real world, yeah :P
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> In a magical world where power is always on and code and components never fail
[3:41] <Goldschlager120> So you're suggesting battery back-up
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> a 'secure' system generally has a battery backup
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> and then will unlock at the end of the battery life
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> but no
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> I was suggesting a physical override
[3:41] <Goldschlager120> It's just for the front door, I can always open my garage and go in that way if it fails
[3:41] * dj_pi (~dj@c-68-43-191-59.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[3:41] <HrdwrBoB> A+
[3:42] <HrdwrBoB> what does it do from inside if there's a fire?
[3:42] <Goldschlager120> coffee table through the window i guess
[3:42] <Valduare> it uses a oled display on the door that makes a face at you and says your screwed :P
[3:43] <HrdwrBoB> I'm just trying to help you understand your corner cases
[3:43] <HrdwrBoB> dont' get me wrong, it's fucking cool
[3:44] <Valduare> Goldschlager120: http://amzn.to/2i4VOwp use one of these as the microcontroller for it instead of a pi :)
[3:45] <Valduare> save the pi for something that needs linux
[3:46] <Goldschlager120> I was thinking PI zero (only $5)
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> hahahaha
[3:47] * Envil (~envil@x4db35bf4.dyn.telefonica.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> budget like $100-200
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> by the time you iterate over a few options
[3:47] <Valduare> Goldschlager120: if you put it online with an esp8266 you could let your plumber in while your at work
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> get different hardware
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> blow some shit up
[3:47] * ArrEmmArrEff (~ArrEmmArr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[3:47] <HrdwrBoB> I have probably $300 worth of random components at least that I bought and didn't eng up using
[3:48] <Goldschlager120> The idea is to have a closed system. no outside connection.
[3:48] <Goldschlager120> I'll still have a line ran, to be able to plug in if I need to change anything or update card access.
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[3:51] * zombieJesus is now known as insomnia
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[3:52] <earthrocker> hey saboru
[3:52] <earthrocker> hey swift110
[3:54] <swift110> hey earthrocker how are you?
[3:54] <earthrocker> im good
[3:54] <earthrocker> how have you been ?
[3:55] <swift110> good earthrocker
[3:55] <earthrocker> glad to hear it
[3:55] <swift110> I got a case for my second pi 3 last week
[3:55] <earthrocker> i got my first pi
[3:55] <earthrocker> just got it fired up this past week actually
[3:55] <earthrocker> its pretty cool
[3:56] <swift110> which one?
[3:56] <earthrocker> pi 3
[3:57] <swift110> nice
[3:57] <swift110> what os do you have on there?
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[4:12] <Valduare> that new pixel desktop looks nice
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