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[1:11] <grym> this is probably a real common question, but what's a sane way to get the IP of a headless pi? Let's assume i have a laptop and full network control, but no spare monitors.
[1:12] <grym> rpi3 + usb wifi wart
[1:12] <bub_> log into your router.. and see what's connected
[1:12] <grym> heh, fair enough
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[1:15] <Hitechcg> if your laptop runs Linux, sudo nmap -sT -p 22
[1:16] <Hitechcg> but remember SSH isn't enabled by default anymore
[1:17] <Hitechcg> you need to make a file on the FAT partition called 'ssh' to enable it headlessly
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[1:28] <gzuh0> anyone know a good guide for building mpv on a pi? All the ones I've tried seem to fail. Got it to build now, but it won't run.
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[1:46] <Megaf> gzuh: why you just dont apt-get install mpv?
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[1:48] <Hitechcg> hw acceleration?
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[1:48] <Hitechcg> idk about mpv but you need to compile VLC at least if you want hardware h.264
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[1:59] <gzuh> ^^^
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[2:10] <ali1234> grym: use avahi-daemon
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[2:29] <ali1234> hmm do you think it's too combative to send an email to linux-usb with subject "your documentation is nonsense"
[2:32] <PhotoJim> ali1234: that depends on whether you just want to inform them, or to motivate improvement
[2:32] <grym> i have dreams sometimes about a drive-by documentation PR to opencv
[2:32] <PhotoJim> heh
[2:32] <PhotoJim> food, bbl
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[2:44] <peerce> ali1234; not very constructive to just say its nonsense. pointing out specific shortcomings would be more useful. submitting edits via whatever change request system they use would be even better.
[2:44] <ali1234> well, the shortcomings are that the documentation links to a random git repo and tells you to compile it and run it with specific options. the software in the git repo does not accept those options and does not even compile
[2:45] <ali1234> furthermore they also link to a patch set which does not add those options either
[2:45] <ali1234> after i fixed the software to actually compile it still doesn't work
[2:47] <peerce> you talking aobut this http://www.linux-usb.org/ ? that stuff is ancient, and what evolved from it is now part of the mainstream kernel since way back
[2:48] <ali1234> no. section 18 of this: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/usb/gadget-testing.txt
[2:48] <ali1234> under "Testing the UVC function"
[2:48] <ali1234> everything in that whole section is completely wrong
[2:57] <ali1234> also the patchset does not even apply
[2:59] <shauno> trying to find the diplomatic approach? a little early for a new years resolution, no?
[3:01] <ali1234> i got it kind of working... host sees the UVC device, but trying to display from it results in a horrible mess
[3:03] <ali1234> also it locked up the usb hub in my keyboard
[3:04] <ali1234> all of this usb gadget code is incredibly fragile
[3:04] <ali1234> i bet any products actually using it are extremely vulnerable
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[3:04] <ali1234> btw most of it was contributed by samsung
[3:04] <ali1234> so you can bet it's in a lot of consumer electronics
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[3:13] <peerce> ugh, i've not been impressed with /any/ samsung software I've seen to date.
[3:13] <peerce> the junkware they pack on their phones and tablets is abominable.
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[4:02] <Zardoz> peerce: yeah I am not sure why samsung thinks is needs to duplicate every app that is offed by google and then just put both on the phone with out being able to remove it.
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[4:33] <ngc0202`> hi all
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[4:34] <ngc0202`> i'm looking for a really fast, lightweight version of linux, don't even need a gui, for my rpi
[4:34] <ngc0202`> raspberry pi 3 something b
[4:34] <ngc0202`> model
[4:35] <caoliver> Slackware ARM severely trimmed.
[4:36] <caoliver> More seriously, what specifically to you plan to do with this RasPi?
[4:36] <caoliver> Disclaimer:
[4:37] * caoliver is using Slackware ARM on a commercial project at the moment.
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[4:40] <Zardoz> why not use raspbian lite?
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[4:44] <red9> ngc0202: Slim and fit OS, https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/releases/ISO-IMAGES/11.1/FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-arm64-aarch64-memstick.img
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[4:48] <ngc0202`> sorry for being slow to respond. my use case is a server with a decent amount of parallelism and networking
[4:48] <ngc0202`> in Rust
[4:48] <ngc0202`> looking for speed more than anything else
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[4:51] <genewitch> are there any displays that aren't touchscreen that work with the rpi3's DSI ribbon port?
[4:52] <genewitch> thinkin of throwing together a portable videogame system, i have the bluetooth controller that will hold the pi in a case with a screen, but $60 is a steep price considering the touch isn't needed
[4:55] <Zardoz> there is, but i dont have a link to give you, pricing is not much different.
[4:55] <Zardoz> from what I remember.
[4:56] <Zardoz> genewitch: what size are you looking for?
[5:00] <genewitch> 4 or 5 inch i guess
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[5:01] <Zardoz> looks like most of the non toch are HDMI
[5:01] <Zardoz> touch
[5:01] <genewitch> i guess that makes sense.
[5:01] <genewitch> maybe i can find an old RCA headrest screen
[5:01] <genewitch> at a flea market
[5:01] <Zardoz> man, some of them are even more.
[5:01] <genewitch> oh the 3 doesn't have RCA
[5:02] <genewitch> laaaaame
[5:02] <Zardoz> you can get a cable
[5:02] <genewitch> for the audio jack?
[5:02] <Zardoz> the mini jack as video and audio
[5:02] <genewitch> it splits it, i assume
[5:03] <Zardoz> it's a 4 pole jack
[5:03] <Zardoz> you can get a cable
[5:04] <Zardoz> it's like 5 bucks
[5:04] <genewitch> like what cellphones have?
[5:04] <genewitch> i have a bunch of those splitters
[5:04] <Zardoz> https://www.adafruit.com/product/2881
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[5:04] <genewitch> ah, just like a cellphone one then. cool, i don't even have to buy anything
[5:05] <genewitch> plug rca->male 1/8" mono plug into the "mic" jack and speakers into the headphone jack
[5:05] <Zardoz> you have to check how it's wired they are not all the same
[5:05] <genewitch> alright, well that's that. Flea market it is
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[5:06] <Zardoz> looking for wiring for you
[5:06] <genewitch> Unless they did something stupd with which ring is the ground, it should be ok, i got converters
[5:07] <genewitch> "tip is ground because we're quirky!"
[5:07] <Zardoz> here is a good wright up,. https://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2014/07/raspberry-pi-model-b-3-5mm-audiovideo-jack/
[5:07] <genewitch> ty
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[5:09] <Zardoz> so it looks like |||video/ground/left/right>tip
[5:09] <Zardoz> oops |||video/ground/right/left>tip
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[5:10] <red9> ngc0202, FreeBSD/arm64 + "pkg install rust"
[5:10] <red9> genewitch, "burn your equipment trap(tm)" ;-)
[5:11] <Zardoz> lol
[5:11] <ngc0202`> red9: sell me on it
[5:11] <genewitch> in the 80s i had an atari and i plugged a male-ended wall wart into the tape recorder port on accident
[5:12] <genewitch> boom
[5:12] <Zardoz> you can tone it out if you need to
[5:12] <red9> ngc0202, I have read test where FreeBSD outperformed Linux on running Linux programs..
[5:12] <genewitch> does it outperform gentoo
[5:12] <genewitch> ;-)
[5:13] <genewitch> can you run BSD on an rpi
[5:13] <Zardoz> gentoo = compile game.
[5:13] <genewitch> freebsd is compile everything too, isn't it?
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[5:13] <red9> ngc0202, BSD tend to be slim and thus using those clock cycles better. And be more stable because conservatism against changes.
[5:13] <genewitch> or is that open/net
[5:13] <Zardoz> I think gentoo is the worse
[5:13] <Zardoz> but...
[5:14] <red9> genewitch, no compile if you want to avoid it thus.. "pkg install rust"
[5:14] <ngc0202`> red9: let's say I wanted to stick with linux, what would i compare against
[5:14] <Zardoz> old slackware was bad too
[5:14] <Zardoz> but that was early days.
[5:15] <red9> ngc0202, test more instead of speculation. Then you will se if it performs. It's well.. free so no cost.
[5:15] <Zardoz> I nevewr have done it but caqn you get debian and do a base install
[5:15] <Zardoz> on the Pi
[5:15] <red9> Not even soldering required to test this.
[5:16] <red9> btw, in general rpi1+rpi2=arm32 rpi3=arm64 to avoid "oops".
[5:16] <Zardoz> Arch might be good for small installs
[5:17] * ech0s7 (~ech0s7@ Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[5:17] <red9> (remembers being stuck with x86-64 install media with a x86-32 computer and no means to write new media..)
[5:18] <ngc0202`> i'm just asking what the goto linux distro might be for similar purposes
[5:18] * jcjordyn120 (~jcjordyn1@unaffiliated/jcjordyn120) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[5:19] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:19] <Zardoz> I just use raspbian-light
[5:21] <genewitch> how come they say not to use 64 bit OS on rpi3, though
[5:21] <genewitch> "SOC is 64bit arm, but everything else is 32 bit"
[5:22] <Zardoz> genewitch: for the most part with RPI no real advantage to use 64bit.
[5:23] <genewitch> yeah
[5:23] <genewitch> you guys tried retropie?
[5:23] <Zardoz> mosty more for memory, and the ZRPI only has 1GB
[5:23] <Zardoz> genewitch: yes
[5:23] <genewitch> i dig it. i'm debating setting one up right now, so i can play on my projector. No other device i have can send the audio to the soundbar
[5:23] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[5:24] <Zardoz> I am going to set up a dedcated system for that in a month or 2
[5:24] <genewitch> i sent one to a friend of mine for christmas
[5:24] <red9> The catch is that 64-bit requires 64-bit references which compared to 32-bit means => larger code, more memory access and more to interpretate.
[5:25] <genewitch> red9: hehe i remember all these arguments from 2009
[5:25] * hndk (~ger0@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[5:25] <genewitch> "if you only have 600mb of ram what are you doing with 64bits"
[5:25] <red9> 32-bit is actually a quite optimal compromise for many software applications.
[5:25] <Zardoz> genewitch: already got this case for it...
[5:25] <Zardoz> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0767HHJY1/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I7ZE0S60K9DBX&colid=1BY4FADN8TDBJ&psc=0
[5:25] <genewitch> haha
[5:26] <genewitch> Zardoz: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0722L338Q i sent him this one
[5:26] <red9> genewitch, Well with 600 MB you can make use of more than 4 GB memory object by the means of swap. Convinient when doing processing of 20 GB data sets to be able to concentrate on the maths not memory handling.
[5:26] * `Lobster (~Lobster@node-1w7jr9ulb6zz4lepswk8abojk.ipv6.telus.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:26] * `Lobster (~Lobster@node-1w7jr9ulb6zz4lepswk8abojk.ipv6.telus.net) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[5:26] <Zardoz> yeah I seen that case.
[5:27] <genewitch> it was 10% smarter than me, but i got it set up, rofl
[5:27] * `Lobster (~Lobster@node-1w7jr9ulb6zz4lepswk8abojk.ipv6.telus.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:27] <Zardoz> lol
[5:28] <genewitch> you take it apart by sliding it, but you put it back together by snapping it in from the top. I couldn't figure out how to mount the fan so the cables were long enough to slide it back in, i took the fan out and turned it clockwise 3 times before i realized the instructions literally spelled it out
[5:28] * pklaus (~pklaus@200116b8203a0300c0512d2cef687d51.dip.versatel-1u1.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[5:28] <Zardoz> genewitch: I just got this case and love it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075XLKMZW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
[5:33] * pklaus (~pklaus@i59F76C9A.versanet.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:35] <red9> Nitrogen bath. So cool since forever.. ;)
[5:38] * Vonter (~Vonter@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[5:38] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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[6:31] * uriah (~uriahheep@unaffiliated/uriahheep) Quit (Quit: bye)
[6:33] <ngc0202`> tried installing raspbian light
[6:33] <ngc0202`> kernel panic...
[6:36] * izabera (~izabera@unaffiliated/izabera) has left #raspberrypi
[6:37] * uriah (~uriahheep@unaffiliated/uriahheep) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:37] <genewitch> VFS?
[6:39] <ngc0202`> what?
[6:39] * clonak (~clonak@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[6:41] * toochainz (~toochainz@unaffiliated/toochainz) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:09] <peerce> ngc0202; i installed raspbian stretch lite a couple days ago on my pi3, went without a hitch. I think I used win32img to put it on the 32gb uSD card
[7:10] <peerce> ngc0202; so if its crashing, couple guesses, bad pi, or bad sd card. or it got corrupted when you wrote it onto the sd card.
[7:10] * baldengineer (~cmiyc@unaffiliated/cmiyc) Quit (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
[7:11] * MrBismuth (~ArcMrBism@2602:306:8325:a300:1426:998c:b44b:81fb) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[7:12] * sdothum (~znc@ Quit (Quit: ZNC 1.6.5 - http://znc.in)
[7:12] * MrBismuth (~ArcMrBism@2602:306:8325:a300:1426:998c:b44b:81fb) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:13] <Hitechcg> or a bad power supply
[7:14] <peerce> oh yeah, or that.
[7:14] * snowkidind (~textual@ Quit (Quit: See Ya Later Alligator!)
[7:15] <ngc0202`> hmm
[7:15] <ngc0202`> everything is new, I could try to re-image
[7:20] <ngc0202`> have another pi running fine from the power supply, which is made for 6
[7:20] * vikaton (uid59278@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-cwuniesiznomqzhb) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[7:20] * baldengineer (~cmiyc@unaffiliated/cmiyc) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:21] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:22] <peerce> uSD cards can be remarkably flakey :-/
[7:22] <peerce> is there anything unusual plugged into this pi ?
[7:24] * rocksandstones (~quassel@pool-72-83-149-182.washdc.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[7:33] <peerce> ngc0202; did you download the zip or the torrent? I got it by torrent...
[7:37] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[7:38] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:49] * divadsn (~divadsn@vweb.codebucket.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[7:49] <ngc0202`> peerce: the zip. i couldn't get any peers with the torrent for some reason
[7:50] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[7:50] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:52] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:54] <peerce> mgc' huh, it was faster than the zip for me.
[7:54] <peerce> er, ngc0202
[7:55] <peerce> is your nick the astronomy ngc202, a small distant galaxy in Pisces, or something else?
[7:55] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:55] * rocksandstones (~quassel@pool-72-83-149-182.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[7:56] <rocksandstones> So I am going through this (http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Owncloud-dropbox-clone/) project. I am only step 2 and finding a disconnect from what is expected (the text to see in step 2) and what showed up (http://ibb.co/fsO2Hw) when I entered ($ sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
[7:57] <rocksandstones> ) in the terminal
[7:57] <rocksandstones> reposted from #raspbian
[7:58] <peerce> i don't like following arbitrary instructions until I learn what each command and option does and means.
[7:59] <Lartza> rocksandstones, Outdated guide
[7:59] * sameee (~sam@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[7:59] <Lartza> TOTALLY outdated guide whoa, php5 and everything
[7:59] <Lartza> stop using that
[8:00] * mawnkey (~quassel@c-73-203-214-241.hsd1.ms.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[8:00] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[8:01] <peerce> heres what appears to bea newer one, but what I said above still goes. http://www.instructables.com/id/OwnCloud-9-on-Raspberry-Pi-DIY-Dropbox/
[8:02] <Lartza> peerce, Do you have a reason to use owncloud instead of nextcloud?
[8:02] <Lartza> :P
[8:02] <peerce> zero, I don't use either right now.
[8:02] <peerce> its rocksandstones who wants to run owncloud.
[8:03] <peerce> yeah, rocksandstones ? owncloud was forked, all the original people are over at nextcloud now.
[8:03] <peerce> owncloud is trying to go commercial.
[8:03] <peerce> screwem
[8:03] <peerce> random google, I'm not testing this. https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=160874
[8:04] <Lartza> That's outdated too
[8:04] <Lartza> the permissions script is bad
[8:05] <Lartza> https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/install-nextcloud-server-and-client-on-debian-9/ is alright but... you need to install libapache2-mod-php7.0 too
[8:05] <Lartza> also don't use ufw
[8:05] <Lartza> and get the latest version of 12.0.4
[8:05] <Lartza> also you could use nginx instead of apache and postgres instead of mariadb
[8:05] <Lartza> but the basics are there
[8:07] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:29] * RoBo_V1 is now known as RoBo_V
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[8:46] <genewitch> anyone else use gentoo on rpi?
[8:46] <genewitch> iscsi?
[8:46] <genewitch> i'm thinking of formatting this 128GB sd card so i can have retropie and gentoo on at the same time
[8:48] <uriah> genewitch: are there emulators not available in the portage tree that are in retropie, or is it more the config you want to avoid?
[8:49] * divadsn (~divadsn@vweb.codebucket.de) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:56] <genewitch> uriah: retropie just works. I mean i guess i could just swap out sd cards, or just buy another pi, rofl
[8:56] <uriah> lol
[8:56] <uriah> yeah at the price of the card a pi is probably better value
[8:58] <genewitch> 128gb was free, came with another SFF pc
[8:58] <genewitch> that broke UEFI
[8:59] <genewitch> manufacturer was like "weird, guess you gotta buy a new one"
[8:59] * spybert (~spybert@c-73-235-164-227.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[9:00] <uriah> ah
[9:02] <genewitch> but you're not wrong, some stores want $1/gig
[9:04] <uriah> indeed
[9:06] <genewitch> does the pi gpu support opencl?
[9:07] * Encrypt (~Encrypt@2a01cb0401d172001dc62e99f963c5e8.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[9:12] <mlelstv> https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=194952
[9:21] <genewitch> hm
[9:21] <genewitch> 2 months ago and "incomplete"
[9:21] <genewitch> but good. i am curious
[9:22] * h4ndy is now known as H4ndy
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[15:35] <PocketKnife> can the RPi v3 use a 64 GB micro sd card? If so, which one? I have a chip, but i can't get Windows to see it--even to write the image to it. I'm unsure if it ever worked or if i bought it from eBay and got screwed.
[15:36] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:37] <Encrypt> PocketKnife, https://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards ;)
[15:37] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) has joined #raspberrypi
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[15:42] <PocketKnife> Encrypt: ty sir
[15:43] <Encrypt> You're welcome :)
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[15:47] <Zardoz> PocketKnife: I have used 64GB and even 128GB no issues.
[15:48] <PocketKnife> Zardoz: I think i may have fallen for a scam on eBay at somet time
[15:48] <PocketKnife> it no workie anywhere
[15:49] <Zardoz> mmm
[15:49] <PocketKnife> but i'm getting a RPi v3 for xmas so i wanted to prepare
[15:49] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) Quit (Quit: YuGiOhJCJ)
[15:49] <Zardoz> what pi do you have now?
[15:50] <Zardoz> https://www.geckoandfly.com/22803/detect-fake-usb-flash-drives-sd-cards-ssd-disk/
[15:51] * _26thmeusoc (~26thmeuso@p4FD266E1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:51] <Zardoz> you also might try and use the sd formatter https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/
[15:51] <PocketKnife> i have a 1 and a 2
[15:52] <Zardoz> I know for sure it works in a 2
[15:52] <PocketKnife> i just get "no media"
[15:52] <PocketKnife> when it's plugged in
[15:52] <PocketKnife> even after repeated re-scans
[15:53] * Hoogvlieger_ (~Hoogvlieg@541A8950.cm-5-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[15:53] <Zardoz> it might be just a bad card (sorry)
[15:53] <PocketKnife> i know :)
[15:53] <PocketKnife> that's why i wanted to hit the channel up to see what everyone is using
[15:53] <PocketKnife> that link for the cards is helpful
[15:53] <PocketKnife> too many options out there :D
[15:54] <Zardoz> yeah there is a lot out there. I tend to say with good name brands and good sources.
[15:55] <Zardoz> it cost a little more but you have somwhere to go if bad.
[15:55] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[15:56] <Zardoz> I good lucky on black friday and got some samsung cards for some good deals.
[15:56] <PocketKnife> sweet
[15:57] <Zardoz> 2x 32GB 1x 64GB and 1X 128GB
[15:57] <PocketKnife> wowie
[15:57] <PocketKnife> sweet deal
[15:57] * mike_t (~mike@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:58] <Zardoz> Paid about 75 for all that
[15:59] <Zardoz> it was some of the lowest prices on SD cards I had seen all year
[15:59] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:59] <Zardoz> that 128 was awesome. I put that in my tablet.
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[16:23] <r3> I got a pretty good deal on a 10-pack of 8GB class 10 that I will use to replace the original Class 4 cards that have been running for a few years and are starting to show media errors
[16:25] <Zardoz> r3: that sucks
[16:25] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[16:33] <r3> I expected the SD cards in the Rpi that have been running non-stop since March 2015 to wear out, just maybe thought I had another year
[16:41] <r3> (of course, you were talking about SSD, and these are MicroSD ... similarly got a good deal on a pair of 250GB SSD in the mSATA format that went into a pair of PCEngine boxes and a 512GB one for my desktop)
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[16:50] <AHemlocksLie> I've got Pi 3 running Raspbian, and I maaay have definitely made a mistake modifying UUIDs in fstab for a non-critical partition, but it seems to have broken my boot anyway. What are the odds of it recovering and letting me fix it?
[16:51] <AHemlocksLie> Because I'm a solid 2000-3000 miles from home, and nobody technical is around it, so if it doesn't come up, I'm totally boned
[16:52] <r3> off the top of my head? Odds not good. You might be able to fix it if you could mount that SD card in another system and tinker.
[16:54] <Zardoz> yeah that is not going to be good if you are remote to it and it's not booting.
[16:54] * yohnnyjoe (~yohnnyjoe@c-73-129-2-10.hsd1.dc.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:54] <r3> not to pour salt in your wounds, but, I've got to ask: why were you modifying UUIDs remotely and without a backup? o.0
[16:55] <r3> unless you have a backup SD card that someone non-technical could put into the system? That would be the only way I could see? Sorry man :\
[16:56] <AHemlocksLie> Because I got a new external hard drive attached to it for more storage
[16:57] <AHemlocksLie> And I made a dumb mistake of forgetting that reformatting the partition from NTFS to ext4 would change its UUID, so I didn't change the fstab entry
[16:57] <AHemlocksLie> But I wasn't concerned about it because, I mean, why would a non-critical partition break the boot cycle? That's just dumb
[16:57] <r3> hrmmm - I wonder if you had someone unplug the external drive if it would come up?
[16:58] <AHemlocksLie> I could understand if I failed to mount / or /boot, but some other offshoot put in /mnt? why the HELL would that break it?
[16:58] <kerio> shoulda marked it "late"
[16:58] * akk (~akkana@75-161-91-17.albq.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:58] <AHemlocksLie> Nope, tried that.
[16:59] <AHemlocksLie> Someone in ##linux said it miiiiiight time out after 10-30 minutes
[16:59] <r3> it might.
[16:59] <kerio> anyway the reason is that you might actually *need* that partition for security purposes
[16:59] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:59] <kerio> so it makes much more sense to refuse to boot and wait for a fix rather than boot with a half-assed filesystem layout
[17:00] <AHemlocksLie> If not, I really don't know what I'm gonna do because while I could have someone pull the SD card and modify the fstab file, I'd also have to coach them on dealing with ext4 on Windows, and just... ugh...
[17:02] <r3> I've had luck in the past using GoToMyPC (as the only user on-site was non-technical, but was familiar with that software and knew how to work with it) and from there was able to ssh into another linux box on site and have the user pull/restore power when I was ready. This was a site that was normally close to me, but I was travelling that week.
[17:04] <r3> don't know if that helps you, but wanted to throw it there as an option, as GoToMyPC has a history of working for me even if it is behind firewalls.
[17:04] <r3> with a minimum of user-end fuss, that is. It at least gets you "on site", even if limited to a windows box
[17:04] <kerio> teamviewer has a "portable" thing that requires no installation
[17:05] <kerio> teamviewer quicksupport
[17:05] <r3> I'll look into that, kerio, thanks
[17:06] <AHemlocksLie> Yeah... I might be able to have him connect the SD card to a Windows computer, and I've used TeamViewer to get in and fix some router issues, so I know how to work that
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[17:12] * dan3wik is now known as dan2wik
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[18:30] * Noldorin (~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:30] * rafalcpp (~racalcppp@84-10-11-234.static.chello.pl) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:31] * dreamon (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:31] * asteele_ (~cronoh@2601:646:102:c370:3184:6a3c:2501:8cfe) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[18:31] <rafalcpp> hi, by rpi3 hangs very early on. on the screen that is all black and has 4 rasberries on top. what is name of that screen/boot step anyway?
[18:31] * Encrypt (~Encrypt@2a01cb0401d17200553e14749fc8c4c4.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Quit: Quit)
[18:31] <rafalcpp> I can type there using usb keyboard. no errors are shown. text that I type appears
[18:32] <rafalcpp> oh, sysrq works too
[18:32] * Geekologist (~me@unaffiliated/geekologist) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:32] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:35] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:35] <r3> I think you could call that "POST" (Power On Self Test) - do you have a MicroSD card installed? It's probably looking for it
[18:35] <rafalcpp> r3: yes it is installed. without it, it isn't even showing any video output at all
[18:36] * Galactus (~f5e98ed73@unaffiliated/galactus) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[18:36] <rafalcpp> without SD card, no HDMI video is active, and only red diode is on. when card is inserted, also green LED is on
[18:37] <rafalcpp> well maybe not ON, it flashes once
[18:37] <rafalcpp> well maybe not ON, it flashes once (the green). red is always on while power is on
[18:39] * GenteelBen (~GenteelBe@cpc111801-lutn14-2-0-cust55.9-3.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:39] <r3> ok, hrm, is this a new SD card then? It isn't booting into the OS
[18:40] <r3> have you done these steps? https://www.raspberrypi.org/help/noobs-setup/2/
[18:41] <rafalcpp> r3: just recorded it using dd if=2017-11-29-raspbian-stretch.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4MB
[18:41] <BurtyB> if you see 4 raspberries the kernel has started
[18:41] * Dimik (~Dimik@ool-182e2df5.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:42] <rafalcpp> BurtyB: yeah. sys-rq commands do work
[18:42] <rafalcpp> when mounted p1 back on pc, I see cmdlinex.txt includes ... quiet splash perhaps I should remove quiet here to see more log on screen?
[18:43] <r3> sound like a plan, I always like to see the messages
[18:44] <rafalcpp> yeah, why hide them by default :(
[18:45] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:46] * Galactus (~f5e98ed73@unaffiliated/galactus) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:46] * akk (~akkana@75-161-91-17.albq.qwest.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[18:48] <rafalcpp> yeah more text
[18:48] <rafalcpp> it inits keyboard. then at 17 second "random: crng init done" and sits there
[18:50] <rafalcpp> no errors, it just sits there instead proceeding with boot
[18:53] <rafalcpp> last messages are also mmc1:new high speed SDIO card
[18:53] <rafalcpp> and USB and smsc95xx
[18:53] <rafalcpp> it seems next step should be detection of the disk/partitions (from the card)?
[18:54] <rafalcpp> eg https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/1643
[18:54] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[18:54] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:54] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) Quit (Quit: See you on the other side)
[18:54] * jancoow (~jancoow@dhcp-077-251-034-091.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:55] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:56] <rafalcpp> btw - are there parts of rpi firmware in rpi 3 hardware, that can be overwritten from the OS (without attaching aything special to device)? regarding security (is there any way to somehow troyan the hardware from running os)?
[18:58] * en1gma (~en1gma@147-85-181-166.mobile.uscc.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[18:59] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: There's a small bootloader that's burned into ROM; most of the firmware is on the SDcard
[18:59] * Furna is wondering if an HDMI cable is really necessary to start using a Raspberry PI 3 ... is Raspian getting an IP via DHCP and can I login via ssh?
[19:00] <CoJaBo> You can't modify the bootloader at all, tho you can set "fuse" bits to control some mostly-uninteresting settings
[19:01] <CoJaBo> Furna: You're supposed to be able to turn on ssh and configure wifi by writing stuff to the sdcard, but it didn't work for me in the last release :/
[19:01] * TigerStripedCat (~TigerStri@host205-77-dynamic.13-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:01] <rafalcpp> when I mount p2 of SD on pc, then it has /boot/ but it's empty, is that normal?
[19:01] <CoJaBo> ssh defaults to off, which is annoying if the method to turn it back on doesn't work. I had to grab a video cable just to do that :/
[19:02] <TigerStripedCat> hello
[19:02] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: /boot/ is the mount-point of the other partition on the SDcard
[19:02] * Furna thinks to steal an HDMI cable at his office :-)
[19:02] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: It should be empty, because it's just mapped to that partition when running
[19:02] <CoJaBo> I have plenty of HDMI cables, but no HDMI monitors
[19:03] * Geekologist (~me@unaffiliated/geekologist) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:03] <Furna> CoJaBo: no TV as well?
[19:03] <TigerStripedCat> Guys what's the smartest solution for powering two HDDs at the same time on a RPi3? without making a mess with cables and adapters
[19:03] <rafalcpp> my SD is: free space start=2048 end=8191 , part1 start=8292 size 41.5M fat32 with the settings; and part2 28 GB with the linux fs. looks good?
[19:04] <CoJaBo> Furna: The TV has HDMI, but it's a 60" CRT.. not really a practical pi display :P
[19:05] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:05] <Furna> 60" CRT ?? Wow
[19:06] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: The FAT32 is /boot/ and the ext is /; most Pi distros are set up that way. NOOBS does it a bit different, because it can multiboot
[19:06] <CoJaBo> Furna: Rear-projection CRT. But yeh, it's huuge.
[19:06] * cccyRegeaneWolfe (~cccyRegea@ Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[19:07] <TigerStripedCat> High tier CRTs were pretty good back in the day.
[19:07] <rafalcpp> and free space before 1st partition is ok? so why it doesn't boot :/ and no error message
[19:08] <rafalcpp> and 32 gb cards are supported?
[19:08] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: Free space is normal, to align the partitions. You'll have to look at the screen and green LED to figure out why, there's error codes
[19:08] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: powered USB hub, which you can also use to power the Pi. cable between each drive/the Pi and the hub, and one power connection for the whole mess.
[19:08] <CoJaBo> You can use 200GB cards if they're formatted correctly
[19:08] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: or if you have 3.5" hard disks, they'll need external power, and you can just plug them into the Pi directly and do your normal thing
[19:09] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: Also check the red LED; if it's off or flashing, you have a bad PSU or cable, which can in rare cases cause boot issues
[19:10] <rafalcpp> CoJaBo: green LED right after start is: ~ 0.3 sec, ~0.3 sec, and then 1 or 2 super short blinks like < 0.1 sec . later green is off all the time,
[19:10] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:10] <kerio> does NOOBS boot from disk image files on vfat
[19:11] <rafalcpp> keyboard works (sysrq commands do work), I am in console, last messages are: mmc1 SDIo card ... usb 1-1 foud hub , then smsc95xx v1.0.5 and resitered eth0 at usb
[19:11] <rafalcpp> CoJaBo: looking at other's logs I think now it should detect the card partitions and mount them, but that doesn't happen. I can type in terminal and issue sysrq commands now
[19:12] <TigerStripedCat> @PhotoJim any advice on a particularly appropriate hub for the RPi?
[19:16] * XpineX (~XpineX@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:16] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:17] <rafalcpp> it works when I boot from other card
[19:20] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: Amazon (.com|.ca) has a 7-port powered USB 2.0 hub that's fairly cheap and has a beefy power supply... presumably available on .co.uk, .de, etc. too
[19:20] <CoJaBo> rafalcpp: Sometimes its the card; there's a lot of counterfeits that'll work in cameras/PCs and such, but fail as a boot device
[19:20] <rafalcpp> when going the "dd" method, you take a new card, use dd if=2017-11-29-raspbian-stretch.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4MB and that's all - such card should be bootable now, right?
[19:21] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: it sits vertically... has six ports on the back and one on the front, I think. or five and two.
[19:21] * rafalcpp blames Chinese for ripping us off in SD trade
[19:21] <TigerStripedCat> @PhotoJim, nice
[19:22] * willy23123 (~willy2312@86-42-103-154-dynamic.agg2.lky.bge-rtd.eircom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:23] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:24] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: https://smile.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-Power-Adapter/dp/B00DQFGJR4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1512930236&sr=8-6&keywords=usb+2.0+hub replace .com with the suffix of your local Amazon and you should find it
[19:25] * en1gma (~en1gma@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:25] * Sonar_Guy (~Who@fedora/sonarguy) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:25] <TigerStripedCat> @PhotoJim Would there be any advantage in using a proper multi HDD bay instead?
[19:26] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: you mean like a NAS? self-contained. all depends on your purpose.
[19:26] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: a NAS is better if you want shared storage for lots of machines, that'll you use via a network mount. you can do network file shares via a Pi, but its networking isn't all that fast.
[19:27] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: a NAS will have gigabit wired Ethernet in it, which is what you want for network storage.
[19:27] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: and a NAS will do RAID, which means you have redundancy if a disk fails, but it costs more
[19:29] * John882 (~John882@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[19:30] * TigerStripedCat (~TigerStri@host205-77-dynamic.13-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[19:31] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[19:31] * John882 (~John882@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:34] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:35] * TigerStripedCat (~TigerStri@host205-77-dynamic.13-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:35] * djk (~Thunderbi@pool-96-242-33-53.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:36] * defsdoor (~andy@cpc120600-sutt6-2-0-cust177.19-1.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[19:36] <TigerStripedCat> PhotoJim, Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing. I set up a NAS to serve media on my clients with samba.
[19:37] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: well if you're just learning and you're not worried about performance, doing it on a Pi is perfectly okay
[19:37] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: btw if you are going to be having any Linux/Mac/BSD clients on your network, the Pi can do NFS, which is *nix-native network file sharing
[19:38] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: you can even do RAID on a Pi, if you want to use multiple disks to increase capacity and have some redundancy (i.e. a disk could die and you wouldn't lose any data, if you do it right)
[19:39] <oq> you don't want to be doing raid over usb though
[19:39] <PhotoJim> my backup RAID on my server is on USB. it works. you're right, I wouldn't call it ideal, but it's reliable.
[19:39] * antismap (~antismap@HSI-KBW-37-209-104-136.hsi15.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:39] <oq> you lose smart information
[19:40] <oq> I would be tempted to a folder based raid
[19:40] <oq> *to do
[19:40] * defsdoor (~andy@cpc120600-sutt6-2-0-cust177.19-1.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:40] <oq> like snapraid
[19:40] <PhotoJim> oq: if you mean S.M.A.R.T., you can do it via USB but it's trickier. but if you have a redundant RAID, you get warning when a drive dies. you just need to be diligent about watching /proc/mdstat
[19:40] <TigerStripedCat> I have two Kodi boxes and a laptop running Windows, has to be smb. I'm not even that interested in RAID though, I don't have that many movies or files even. And none of them are vital
[19:40] <oq> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SnapRAID
[19:41] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: something for later
[19:42] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:42] * willy23123 (~willy2312@86-42-103-154-dynamic.agg2.lky.bge-rtd.eircom.net) Quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone - http://colloquy.mobi)
[19:43] * BeamWatcher (~gashead76@ Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[19:44] * Furna can't understand why the dcos can't just say to "dd/rawrite" the image on the SD ... what is "SD Formatter" ?? What does it do?
[19:45] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:46] <[Saint]> That's the SD Association's own tool. I guess it's expected that if you're curious you're capable of performing the simple steps required to satisfy that curiosity.
[19:47] <Furna> [Saint]: I do not have any Windows/Mac machine
[19:47] <[Saint]> That's nice.
[19:47] <TigerStripedCat> PhotoJim, basically what even is the difference between: A. 2 external HDDs -> USB hub -> RPi and B. 2 HDDs -> HDD station -> RPi?
[19:47] <Furna> So what is this tool actually doing when it says it is "formatting" the SD ?
[19:48] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: what do you mean by a "HDD station"?
[19:48] * BeamWatcher (~gashead76@ has joined #raspberrypi
[19:48] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: if you mean an enclosure that accepts multiple drives, then there's really no difference, except that maybe the enclosure will combine the space of the drives, but you can do that with Linux directly anyway
[19:49] <PhotoJim> TigerStripedCat: it's also dangerous to do that because if one disk fails, the whole thing fails
[19:49] <Furna> Because frankly speaking the Rasperry Pi docs after the use of "SD Formatted" tool just says just to copy file to the SD. Tham makes me think "SD Formatter" is installing some form of boot loader
[19:49] <Furna> and yes I am curious at NOOBS
[19:50] <PhotoJim> Furna: dd is all I use, and it works fine
[19:50] <PhotoJim> Furna: (from Linux on another machine)
[19:50] * CrazyEddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:50] * Keanu73_ (~Keanu73@2ProIntl/User/Geek/Keanu73) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:50] <Furna> PhotoJim: sure I have no propblem at that ... but I would like to give a try at NOOBS
[19:51] <rocksandstones> anyone have any idea how important it is to have a powered USB hub listed on the following website? I don't have one on hand, and I want to get going with this project rather than wait to get this hub
[19:51] <rocksandstones> http://www.instructables.com/id/NextCloud-on-the-Raspberry-Pi-DIY-Dropbox/
[19:51] <[Saint]> Furna: I can see why you're confused.
[19:51] <[Saint]> You think NOOBs is an .img based install.
[19:51] <[Saint]> It isn't.
[19:52] <rocksandstones> peerce:
[19:52] * energizer (~energizer@unaffiliated/energizer) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:52] <rocksandstones> sorry, Lartza
[19:53] * Megaf (~Megaf@unaffiliated/megaf) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:53] <Lartza> rocksandstones, Still bad
[19:53] <Lartza> I linked you to a working one with corrections
[19:53] <[Saint]> NOOBs being an .img based install would vastly defeat the purpose it sets out to achieve.
[19:53] <PhotoJim> rocksandstones: if you are using external disks and they have their own power source, no hub is needed. if they draw their power from the USB bus, you need a hub with a Pi.
[19:53] <[Saint]> It's nearly the literal definition of drag and drop.
[19:54] <Furna> [Saint] downloading it
[19:54] <PhotoJim> rocksandstones: a hub with power of its own, that is
[19:54] * Keanu73 (~Keanu73@2ProIntl/User/Geek/Keanu73) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:55] <rocksandstones> dang
[19:55] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[19:55] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[19:55] * Megaf (~Megaf@unaffiliated/megaf) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:55] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:55] <rocksandstones> Lartza: is this the one you are talking about: http://www.instructables.com/id/OwnCloud-9-on-Raspberry-Pi-DIY-Dropbox/
[19:56] <rocksandstones> because that one links to the one I mentioned
[19:56] <Lartza> rocksandstones, No...
[19:56] <Lartza> I told you that is bad too
[19:56] <[Saint]> That's absolutely crap. It doesn't /need/ its own supply.
[19:56] <[Saint]> The pi can give it up to 1.2A.
[19:57] <[Saint]> If it needs more than that, *then* you need a dedicated supply line.
[19:57] <Lartza> rocksandstones, https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/install-nextcloud-server-and-client-on-debian-9/ but use the latest NC release (12.0.4), install libapache2-mod-php7.0 too, don't use ufw,
[19:57] <rocksandstones> this one: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/install-nextcloud-server-and-client-on-debian-9/
[19:57] <rocksandstones> ?
[19:57] <Lartza> also you could use postgres and nginx instead of mariadb and apache
[19:58] <[Saint]> But, yeah...don't go rush out and get a powered hub because someone said you need to. You almost certainly do not.
[19:59] <pwillard> Though... they can be convenient...
[19:59] <rocksandstones> I'm only using a hub because my usb plugs don't mechanically fit into the available 4 slots
[19:59] <[Saint]> If an external drive is pulling more than 1.2A even at load I'd be wondering why.
[19:59] <rocksandstones> there is too much overlap
[20:00] <Lartza> rocksandstones, oh, should probably also use a different data directory in the NC installer
[20:00] <pwillard> Often the case
[20:00] * m_t (~m_t@p5DDA37E3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:01] <rocksandstones> tho the instructable calls for a powered hub
[20:02] <pwillard> Usually more of an issue with much older Pi models
[20:02] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:02] <rocksandstones> if I use my pi for a nextcloud/owncloud server, is it still straight forward to use the pi as a regular pi?
[20:02] <[Saint]> Instructables like that tend to "over stupid" things. A form of hand holding.
[20:03] <ali1234> i'm not using a powered hub with my 2.5" drive
[20:03] <Lartza> rocksandstones, You can't really no
[20:03] <rocksandstones> I'm looking for all the hand holding I can get [Saint]
[20:03] <[Saint]> Fair
[20:03] <ali1234> however i did have to get a better USB cable, otherwise the current would cause too much voltage drop
[20:03] <[Saint]> It helps that they all dish out max voltage over USB now.
[20:04] <[Saint]> Instead of a magic config value.
[20:04] <Lartza> rocksandstones, MAYBE if you used nginx and postgres instead of apache and mariadb you could stretch it, issue is you run out of memory
[20:04] * deathonater (~deathonat@unaffiliated/smeef) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[20:05] <rocksandstones> Lartza: what are these: nginx and postgres instead of apache and mariadb?
[20:05] <Lartza> nginx is a web server like apache and postgresql is an sql server like mariadb :/
[20:06] <Lartza> both are harder to use though I'd say
[20:06] <[Saint]> Not being crap has a price.
[20:06] <[Saint]> Though maria gets a bad rap at least somewhat unfairly.
[20:06] <pwillard> INstructables in general are not "best practice"
[20:06] <TigerStripedCat> I wish I had the tools and knowledge to measure and predict the electric behaviour of my hardware
[20:07] <Lartza> mariadb isn't bad no, I just prefer postgresql to mariadb personally. MariaDB does use slightly more memory though
[20:07] <rocksandstones> me too TigerStripedCat
[20:07] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[20:08] * X230t (~ER_nesto@unaffiliated/funk) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:08] <[Saint]> Maria seems to get most of it's bad name from the various hilarious ways end users misconfigure deployments that leak data like a sieve.
[20:08] <[Saint]> Not really their fault.
[20:09] <pwillard> meh...Mysql gets the job done and there is lots of support
[20:09] <Lartza> I'd say postgres would be easier to misconfigure since I think local connections are "trust" by default
[20:10] <Lartza> So if you throw adminer to your server with public access, anyone can login if they guess an username
[20:10] <Lartza> pwillard, postgres does have advantages over mariadb though, except for clustering. I do recommend it for people all the time
[20:12] <rocksandstones> Lartza: what was the link you recommended?
[20:12] * jancoow (~jancoow@dhcp-077-251-034-091.chello.nl) Quit (Quit: jancoow)
[20:12] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:15] <Lartza> rocksandstones, recommend is a strong word...
[20:15] <Lartza> I'd recommend you spend a few days getting to know your way with a webserver and a database server, then spend an additional day installing and configuring NC with the official documentation
[20:15] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:16] <rocksandstones> ok
[20:16] <Lartza> There is also https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloudpi for instance
[20:16] <rocksandstones> thanks for the input Lartza
[20:19] * Rickta59 (~kimballr@unaffiliated/rickta59) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[20:19] * webturtle0 (~webturtle@d28-23-239-35.dim.wideopenwest.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:20] * energizer (~energizer@unaffiliated/energizer) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[20:20] <rafalcpp> don't you need to regenerate ssh keys on rpi?
[20:20] * energizer (~energizer@unaffiliated/energizer) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:20] <rafalcpp> due to very poor entropy on first boot
[20:20] <rafalcpp> anyway, doesnt it use the same key for everyone since it's cloned
[20:21] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:409c:b5c2:af5:4309) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:22] * SopaXorzTaker (~SopaXorzT@unaffiliated/sopaxorztaker) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:22] * asteele (~cronoh@2601:646:102:c370:ad10:ad71:b1b5:3cdd) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:26] * pepee (~pepee@unaffiliated/pepee) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:26] * pepee (~pepee@unaffiliated/pepee) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:27] * TigerStripedCat (~TigerStri@host205-77-dynamic.13-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has left #raspberrypi
[20:28] <RoyK> hm - why is it still only possible to purchase a single rpi zero w?
[20:28] <rafalcpp> RoyK: there is limit of 1 purchase in the shop?
[20:29] <[Saint]> Because the RPF has historically been amazingly shortsighted and apparently isn't one to buck a trend.
[20:29] <[Saint]> Should we make more of our insanely popular devices?
[20:29] <[Saint]> ....nah.
[20:31] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:31] * teclo- (42@unaffiliated/teclo) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:32] * RoyK orders a small batch of orange pi zero and some bluetooth dongles instead
[20:32] <RoyK> sad, though, the rpi zero w is better
[20:33] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:34] * X230t (~ER_nesto@unaffiliated/funk) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:34] <peerce> whats the diff betweent the pi zero and pi zero w ?
[20:35] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[20:36] <RoyK> peerce: w has wifi+bluetooth
[20:36] <peerce> so the zero has no networking at all?
[20:36] <RoyK> and IIRC a bit faster CPU
[20:36] <RoyK> don't think so
[20:37] <peerce> looks like they are closer to the pi1 than the 3 in terms of CPU
[20:37] <RoyK> it's the same cpu core as the pi1 has, only clocked higher
[20:37] <peerce> without ethernet, rpi is useless for me.
[20:38] <rafalcpp> did shutdown -h now over ssh. ssh disconnected, display turned off. but fan on CPU keeps going (connected to GPIO pins). normal?
[20:38] <peerce> probably is directly on the 5V power, so as long as its powered, the fan is on
[20:38] <RoyK> peerce: I can understand that, but not all things need networking
[20:39] <peerce> they do here :)
[20:39] <RoyK> rafalcpp: I guess adding something to shut the thing off at shutdown will help
[20:40] <RoyK> peerce: this project I'm working on where I wanted rpi zero w, doesn't need networking ;)
[20:40] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:40] <RoyK> peerce: but then, most of my stuff do
[20:41] <rafalcpp> how to check if voltage is correct? there is small lightning symbol in screen corner
[20:41] * en1gma (~en1gma@ has left #raspberrypi
[20:42] * Furna starts to think Rasperry Pi 3 boot loader can read FAT32 file systems
[20:43] <RoyK> rafalcpp: do you have a multimeter?
[20:43] * theRealGent (~theRealGe@unaffiliated/therealgent) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:46] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[20:46] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:47] <rafalcpp> RoyK: yeah. I will be getting new one, just curious if in software (via ssh) you can verify
[20:48] <RoyK> don't think so
[20:54] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:57] * fatalhalt (~fatalhalt@c-67-163-60-93.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:59] * Keanu73_ (~Keanu73@2ProIntl/User/Geek/Keanu73) Quit (Quit: Gotta go to bed or something. See ya!)
[21:00] <RoyK> rafalcpp: I'm somewhat working with a project to create a rather nerdish bike computer where I'll be using a raspberry pi for some instrumentation, and was considering using that to measure the voltage across P1 and P2 on the pi to monitor battery life
[21:01] <RoyK> erm, using an *arduino* for instrumentation
[21:01] <RoyK> the pi (zero w?) will be ethe "brain"
[21:01] <RoyK> or perhaps an orange pi, if I can't get enough of the pi's
[21:02] <ShorTie> use the arduino, it takes analog in
[21:04] <RoyK> I know
[21:04] <RoyK> thus not the pi
[21:04] <ali1234> RoyK: i'd use ESP32 for that
[21:04] <RoyK> that is, using both
[21:05] <ali1234> it's kind of half way between a pi and an arduino
[21:05] <RoyK> I have a few of them ;)
[21:06] <RoyK> ESP8266, that is
[21:06] <RoyK> I beleive I have an ESP32 somewhere too…
[21:06] <ali1234> the new one, ESP32 has bluetooth as well
[21:08] <RoyK> mhm - but I was thinking of a pi because it's rather convenient to have a full-blown operating system
[21:08] <ali1234> in some ways it is - but in some ways it's a huge hassle
[21:09] <RoyK> I know
[21:09] <RoyK> but it *is* easier to start a bunch of processes than building a state machine from scratch
[21:10] <RoyK> that is - do you have suggestions for something for queueing/multitasking with the ESP32?
[21:10] <ali1234> i would implement it as a BLE device
[21:10] <ali1234> expose properties for your data
[21:10] <ali1234> you shouldn't need very much of a state machine
[21:10] <ali1234> depends what you're doing though
[21:11] <ali1234> i believe you can run micropython on them
[21:11] <ShorTie> your gonna need a much bigger battery to include the pi
[21:11] <ali1234> yeah, a pi will eat batteries
[21:11] <RoyK> I know
[21:11] <ali1234> but might not be a problem if you've got a dynamo
[21:11] <RoyK> it's an e-bike ;)
[21:12] <RoyK> anyway - these are two different projects
[21:12] <ali1234> still you probably dont want to find you've accidentally left it on and flattened the battery
[21:12] <peerce> my favorite low end embedded tasking design is to use 'coroutines'. basically each task has its own stack, and each task periodically calls dispatch, dispatch saves the current stack pointer, loads the next tasks stack pointer and returns to it.
[21:13] <RoyK> ali1234: the plan was to have the pi automatically powerdown, using the ardu, and then waking it, again using the ardu (or ESP32) when needed
[21:13] <ali1234> i like to just use interrupts for everything :)
[21:13] <peerce> typically you don't want to spend much time computing on IRQ levels.
[21:13] <ali1234> on a full OS, yes
[21:14] <RoyK> ali1234: do you know how you can use bluetooth for something like emulating a bluetooth handset with an ESP32?
[21:14] <ali1234> on embedded stuff you can spend your whole time in the IRQ and just have a busy loop for the main execution
[21:14] <ali1234> RoyK: what's a bluetooth handset?
[21:14] * AHemlocksLie (~Mikey@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:14] <RoyK> ali1234: handsfree, somehow
[21:14] <ali1234> hmm
[21:14] <peerce> headset, not handset :D
[21:14] <ali1234> i think ESP32 has the ability to do that
[21:15] <RoyK> ali1234: I want to allow the bluetooth device to answer and place calls via a phone
[21:15] <RoyK> peerce: actually, no, not on this project :D
[21:15] <ali1234> it has I2S
[21:16] <RoyK> how is that related to bluetooth?
[21:16] <ali1234> well if you make a headset you need to get audio out of it
[21:16] <ali1234> that's what I2S is for
[21:16] * nshire (~nealshire@unaffiliated/nealshire) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:16] * CyberManifest (~CyberMani@50-25-87-198.amrlcmtk05.res.dyn.suddenlink.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:17] <RoyK> ali1234: I see
[21:17] <RoyK> ali1234: I was thinking I2C
[21:18] <ali1234> here's a gatt server example: https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/blob/master/examples/bluetooth/gatt_server/main/gatts_demo.c
[21:18] <ali1234> that's what i'd use for getting bike data onto a phone app
[21:19] <kerio> on a raspberry i'd just use qtbluetooth
[21:19] <ali1234> they don't seem to have a full headset example (yet)
[21:19] <AHemlocksLie> I see an fstab option "nofail" in the arch wiki, but I didn't see it in the Debian wiki. Does this mean it's unavailable in Raspbian?
[21:20] <ali1234> they've got a2dp though: https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/tree/master/examples/bluetooth/a2dp_sink
[21:20] * Mikelevel (~MoVeWoRk@unaffiliated/mikelevel) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[21:20] <AHemlocksLie> My machine is currently down, trying to research while I wait for remote access, otherwise I'd just manpage it...
[21:20] <ali1234> that's for speakers
[21:20] * Gathis (~TheBlack@unaffiliated/gathis) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:21] <ali1234> AHemlocksLie: it's in debian
[21:22] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:409c:b5c2:af5:4309) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:24] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) Quit (Quit: See you on the other side)
[21:24] <AHemlocksLie> And from my understanding, if the device isn't present, it will delay boot ~90 seconds, but it will ultimately successfully boot, correct?
[21:26] * immibis (~chatzilla@122-59-204-185.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:27] <ali1234> no idea
[21:28] * astronav_ (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:985c:b3fc:42eb:ad89) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:29] * darksim (~quassel@78-70-247-31-no186.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:34] * mine9 (~wtf_over@c-24-22-38-85.hsd1.or.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: No route to host)
[21:35] * astronav_ (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:985c:b3fc:42eb:ad89) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:36] * hillct (~hillct@ has joined #raspberrypi
[21:36] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[21:39] <hillct> Good Afternoon all. I wonder if someone might be able to provide me some guidance. I soldered on a GPIO header to a Pi Zero W and now get only a partial boot. The boot proceeds normally until the line “[vc_sm_connected_init]: start” after which the HDMI ouuput gets snowy, then goes black, so I assume I got some solder where it shouldn’t be, relating to video memory. I wonder if someone might be able to point me to physically where on the board, I mig
[21:39] <hillct> look for a bridge/stray solder. Likewise, if there are other conclusions to be drawn from this boot behavior, please let me know. Thanks.
[21:41] <RoyK> hillct: have you tried to probe between each of the pins with a multimeter (set it to beep) to see if there's a short?
[21:42] <hillct> @RoyK that was my first move. I found no bridges between pins
[21:42] * neops (uid268338@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-lbtqykbkkzwkncfu) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:42] <RoyK> hillct: can you post a photo of this? closeup?
[21:42] <hillct> sure. It’s messy, but one sec…
[21:43] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[21:45] * AHemlocksLie (~Mikey@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:46] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:85c2:8f7f:b53f:95df) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:46] * mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[21:46] * mine9 (~wtf_over@c-24-22-38-85.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:48] * binaryhermit (~binaryher@belencomputers/member/binaryhermit) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.0)
[21:48] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:49] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:49] <ali1234> hillct: the ram chips are stacked on top of the main cpu
[21:49] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:85c2:8f7f:b53f:95df) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:49] * immibis (~chatzilla@122-59-204-185.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:49] * webturtle0 (~webturtle@d28-23-239-35.dim.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:50] * pauliunas (uid237462@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-hmyepymoxkhtppnz) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[21:52] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:2062:ce7d:ff2b:e6a0) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:53] <hillct> @RoyK https://imgur.com/a/o3dmz mounting on under side for my use case, a few pins lack solder entirely, separate problem presumably
[21:56] <RoyK> ouch
[21:56] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:2062:ce7d:ff2b:e6a0) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:56] <ali1234> did you use plumbing solder?
[21:56] * Quatroking (~Quatrokin@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/quatroking) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[21:57] <RoyK> hillct: do you have solder wick?
[21:57] * binaryhermit (~binaryher@belencomputers/member/binaryhermit) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:58] <Twist> Some things look bridged, but it's hard to tell. The picture quality is almost as bad as the soldering quality. I also can't tell if that's just dark flux, or if you actually burned the board in places.
[22:00] <Twist> Heh.. solder wick or a vacuum desoldering pump
[22:00] <hillct> @RoyK 30 year old leaded solder. I have solder wick, but not a desoldering bulb (seem to have lost that after 30 years in a box). I was also using a rather wide tipped iron but have since located my electronics iron (w/ fine tip). neither allow tempature control, but still better than when I did this several weeks back
[22:01] <gordonDrogon> hillct, I've not heard of any gpio issues that would stop booting, but you do need to do more soldering practice - a lot more (sorry). Get some stripboard and pin headers and solder lots and lots...
[22:01] <gordonDrogon> and watch videos.
[22:02] <hillct> It’s been a LONG time. I know. It’s a shit job
[22:02] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:02] <Twist> Happily, zeros are cheap
[22:03] * finlstrm (~quassel@ip70-188-141-213.ri.ri.cox.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:03] * Regulator (~no@unaffiliated/regulator) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:03] <hillct> yeah, but not around here. Here, I end up paying an extra $15 for garbage I don’t need, just to get the board. Next trip to NYC, I’m stopping by microcenter twice a day (do they still limit quantities purchased?)
[22:03] <Regulator> hi. looking for some help with pi boot sequence
[22:03] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[22:04] <Twist> hillct: Are you limited to physical storefronts for some reason?
[22:04] * m_t (~m_t@p5DDA37E3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:04] <Regulator> model B+ v1.2. no LEDs are flashing, sd card looks good from computer, should be able to rule that out
[22:04] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:04] <gordonDrogon> hillct, something to watch: https://youtu.be/7BuHWmSG_uA?t=63
[22:05] <shauno> pins 15-16-17-18 .. is that a gouge running between them?
[22:05] <hillct> @Twist online (amazon) you still pay more than double the $10 for the thing, so that doesn’t help. If I can get 3 for $30, I’d have no problem, but I end up paying $27 for one
[22:05] <gordonDrogon> Regulator, the sequence is: red LED on, green LED on for 0.1 second about 0.1 seconds after red led is on, then a pause, then more green led activity. what do you get?
[22:05] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:06] <Regulator> lights always on, both
[22:06] <gordonDrogon> Regulator, any screen connected?
[22:06] <Regulator> yes hdmi
[22:06] <Regulator> but no post
[22:06] <gordonDrogon> there is no "post".
[22:06] <Regulator> lol ok. nothing though
[22:06] <gordonDrogon> just a rainbow image then Linux booting.
[22:06] <hillct> @shauno slight gouge, but looks like not destroying any traces, from what I can tell
[22:07] <Regulator> i don't think it's making it that far. the lights are always on whether microSD card or not. i used this on the last config https://pasteboard.co/GXC4z6v.png
[22:08] * gloomy (~gloomy@ip-62-235-198-188.dsl.scarlet.be) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[22:08] <Regulator> i better say. i dont know if it still works, and i've never used a pi before
[22:09] <Twist> hillct: adafruit ships them.
[22:09] * gloomy (~gloomy@ip-62-235-198-188.dsl.scarlet.be) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:09] * BOKALDO (~BOKALDO@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:09] * astronavt (~astronavt@2604:2000:1343:4291:d592:8fc8:cdb:eae4) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:09] <gordonDrogon> Regulator, the green led would not normally come on without an SD card. (and I get a blank page on that website - it seems to want to steal all my data which I block)
[22:10] <RoyK> hillct: try to carefully remove most of the solder there with solder wick or pump - might help - might also be too late for that one for all I know
[22:10] <hillct> @Twist aidafruit limits quantities and charges $10 per unit in shipping, plus the price of the board
[22:10] <Twist> sparkfun as well
[22:10] * Twist shrugs
[22:11] <Regulator> ah my mistake. red light doesnt light up with no microsd card
[22:11] <hillct> @RoyK getting a new desoldering bulb, then I’ll attempt a cleanup, now that I’ve found my finer tipped iron, but that won’t be today
[22:12] <Regulator> if connected fan doesnt work it's faulty though right? does that depend on microSD card?
[22:12] <Twist> hillct: huh. That *is* a pain in the dick.
[22:12] <Regulator> i can test the pins with a meter to rule out if the fan is faulty
[22:12] <Twist> hillct: everyone's limiting to one per sale except microcenter, and microcenter won't ship
[22:13] <gordonDrogon> Regulator, red light should always light up. fan? on a b+ ? throw it away.
[22:13] <CoJaBo> Microcenter charges a huge premium for orders over 1
[22:14] * Twist ponders having his tuesday hackspace meeting at microcenter
[22:14] <CoJaBo> Twist: wat
[22:14] <Twist> I wonder what they'd do if 50 of us walked in and bought one pi each
[22:14] * vivus (~vivus@unaffiliated/vivus) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:14] <Regulator> good. pins measure -1v DC
[22:14] <CoJaBo> lol
[22:14] <Regulator> faulty fan i guess
[22:15] <hillct> @Twist that would be fun. Looking now at Sparkfun.com. Not yet clear what they charge for shipping. Gotta jump through hoops first :)
[22:15] <Twist> A few of us drive vans.
[22:15] <Twist> could be funny
[22:15] * ircuser-1 (~Johnny@158.183-62-69.ftth.swbr.surewest.net) Quit (Quit: because)
[22:15] <vivus> Hello all. I used etcher.io to boot raspbian lite to my raspberry Pi, then I put an empty `ssh` file into the boot partition, but now when I try to SSH to the Pi, I get: port 22: Connection refused . How do I debug this?
[22:15] <CoJaBo> I literally have access to a white van with "FREE CANDY" written on the side
[22:16] <Twist> CoJaBo: It's a $5 markup per board.
[22:16] <Twist> Buying two evens out perfectly
[22:16] <CoJaBo> Noone has yet fessed up to actually writing it, nor has anyone volenteered to clean it off.
[22:16] <genewitch> i can't get rpi3 to connect to my bluetooth speaker
[22:16] <genewitch> it says it's paired, but it won't stay connected
[22:17] <vivus> genewitch: how much amperage is your power source?
[22:18] <Regulator> i dont know, maybe i connected the fan wrong, maybe its broken. priority is get it to boot
[22:18] <hillct> @Twist sparkfun.com - good call. $5.75 shipping. Best deal I’ve seen so far
[22:18] <genewitch> here's the http://projectftm.com/#ECbOH89yEnvVTXc4TLy0rQ
[22:18] <RoyK> genewitch: as for vivus's question, try to measure the voltage across P1 and P2 on the pi
[22:18] <genewitch> vivus: 3A
[22:18] <Twist> heh.. $5 per zero. Why am I buying esp8266 boards again?
[22:18] <genewitch> okay lemme find a meter
[22:18] <vivus> 3A should be more than enough
[22:19] <Twist> I guess because I don't have to add a 30 minute drive into my costs.
[22:20] <Twist> genewitch: are you running with a monitor?
[22:21] <vivus> I used etcher.io to boot raspbian lite to my raspberry Pi, then I put an empty `ssh` file into the boot partition, but now when I try to SSH to the Pi, I get: port 22: Connection refused . How do I debug this?
[22:21] <Regulator> oh yess. got fan to work
[22:21] <genewitch> p1 and p2 are on the GPIO, the furthest two pins from the USB side?
[22:21] <genewitch> Twist: yeah i have a monitor
[22:21] <Twist> genewitch: If you have a display attached, there's a visible undervolt icon in the upper right
[22:22] <genewitch> it's not doing that, i know what that looks like
[22:22] <Twist> K. So there's the PSU question answered.
[22:22] <genewitch> but the two GPIO pins furthest from the USB ports measures like 2v
[22:22] <vivus> oh yeah, I can ping the Pi on the IP address on the local network. I am connecting via wired connection via a router
[22:23] <Twist> hillct: heh.. at $27 per zero, I'd suggest buying 3s and just desoldering the ports if you need low profile
[22:23] <Twist> but...
[22:23] * niq84 (~niq84@3x0.eu) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:24] <hillct> @RoyK my other more general question - are these kind of partial boot scenerios typical for simple solder bridges? or is it likely that I burned something making it unrecoverable?
[22:24] <gordonDrogon> pimoroni did a desolder project for a v3.
[22:24] <RoyK> genewitch: IIRC they're not on gpio - look at the board
[22:24] <genewitch> well it's not doing the lightning bolt
[22:25] <genewitch> i pasted the bluetoothctl output
[22:25] <genewitch> http://projectftm.com/#ECbOH89yEnvVTXc4TLy0rQ
[22:26] <Twist> could be worse. holy.. https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business/uploads/pimoroni/original/2X/d/dbd6e610b461a4869d31d096ef6f9477940107a5.jpg
[22:26] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:27] <hillct> @Twist not a bad idea, except that my use case - at least this time around - is specific to the Zero form factor. I designed this (borrowing liberally along the way) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2504847
[22:29] * kaiser (~kaiser@unaffiliated/whilhelm) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:29] <kaiser> hello
[22:29] <Twist> hillct: Anyhoo.. gordonDrogon has the right idea. Get some perfboard and a bag of resistors and just practice.
[22:30] <kaiser> i have a rpi1 i believe it is, after a couple weeks of not using it, it being off. i just plugged it back in and im getting a green screen and nothing else, its at 0p resolution.......
[22:30] <hillct> that too
[22:30] <kaiser> i tried using different hdmi ports on the tv, made no difference
[22:30] <kaiser> tried swapping my sd cards to a different os
[22:30] <kaiser> swapping from raspbian to netbsd and netbsd to raspbian
[22:30] <gordonDrogon> I was taught by a former training instructor at a local electronics company some ... 42 year back now... he had me hammer 100 pins into a piece of ply and solder 100 wires to them ...
[22:30] <kaiser> no difference, is my graphics chip screwed?
[22:31] <CoJaBo> kaiser: do the cards work in another pi?
[22:31] <kaiser> i dont have another pi
[22:31] <CoJaBo> kaiser: You can also try using the regular video out, see if that does something different..
[22:31] <kaiser> i dont have a composite cord
[22:31] * nibsec (~alex@ Quit (Quit: nibsec)
[22:32] * Encrypt (~Encrypt@2a01cb0401d17200eda0a322cf67478a.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:33] <RoyK> hillct: I don't know, but some of the soldering there looked pretty bad indeed
[22:33] <kaiser> rip.
[22:34] <genewitch> i am gunna try the pulseaudio fix
[22:34] * tnewman1 (~tnewman@1-160-1-136.dynamic-ip.hinet.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:34] <genewitch> kaiser: green only? not a rainbow then green?
[22:34] <genewitch> is it lime green or what
[22:34] <kaiser> lime green yeah
[22:34] <kaiser> no rainbow
[22:35] <genewitch> take the SD card out and try again
[22:35] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:35] <kaiser> i already tried that several times
[22:35] <kaiser> like, i said ^^^^^
[22:36] * terminalator (~terminala@j206207.upc-j.chello.nl) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:36] * ech0s7 (~ech0s7@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:36] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:37] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:37] * tnewman (~tnewman@1-163-25-78.dynamic-ip.hinet.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:37] <vivus> does an SD card need to be flashed to install an OS on it?
[22:38] <kaiser> vivus: you flash the os on it.
[22:38] <vivus> Sorry I mean formatted
[22:38] <gordonDrogon> vivus, terminology...
[22:38] <vivus> SD card requires formatting?
[22:38] <vivus> convert to FAT32 or something?
[22:38] <gordonDrogon> vivus, no - you copy an image that contains a partition table.
[22:39] <kaiser> convert?
[22:39] <vivus> eg. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1726154/format-64gb-card-exfat-fat32.html
[22:39] <Twist> vivus: If you're directly writing an image to an SD card, that image contains the formatting. The prior formatting or lack thereof is irrelevant.
[22:39] <gordonDrogon> no, don't format it, just copy the image.
[22:39] <Twist> it's overwritten anyway
[22:39] <vivus> oh okay.
[22:39] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:39] <kaiser> gordonDrogon: you mean flash the image?
[22:40] <kaiser> copying the file alone wont do jack shit
[22:40] <gordonDrogon> flash isn't a word I'd normally use in this contact, but probably.
[22:40] <kaiser> flash is technically incorrect
[22:40] <Twist> vivus: How do you intend to write the image to your card?
[22:40] <gordonDrogon> kaiser, well, copying the image file alone does work - it's what I do, and do bear in-mind this is a family friendly channel.
[22:41] <vivus> I can't seem to access my Pi via SSH. Twist I am using Etcher
[22:41] <Twist> ssh is not enabled by default, iirc
[22:41] <vivus> I put the `ssh` file onto the boot partition and it still didn't work
[22:41] <kaiser> gordonDrogon: you literally cp the file you downloaded to the sd card?
[22:41] <Twist> Are you able to perform your initial boot and setup with a display and keyboard?
[22:42] * defsdoor (~andy@cpc120600-sutt6-2-0-cust177.19-1.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:42] <vivus> nope, I don't have an HDMI cable to use
[22:42] <Twist> I haven't tried the empty ssh file thing. Silly question.. how did you create that file?
[22:43] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:43] <Twist> Windows hides file extensions by default.
[22:43] <vivus> Linux. The partitions auto-mount after inserting the SD card into the drive
[22:43] <gordonDrogon> kaiser, I uncompress it, then copy it.
[22:44] <gordonDrogon> kaiser, I use the dd command to copy it.
[22:44] <vivus> attempting a new flash for the third time
[22:44] <gordonDrogon> kaiser, although cp also works.
[22:44] * shantorn (~W7SAK-Sha@67-5-133-199.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[22:45] <kaiser> well thats what i mean
[22:45] <kaiser> you have to dd it
[22:45] <kaiser> okay that makes more sense
[22:45] <kaiser> i misunderstood
[22:45] <kaiser> well
[22:45] <kaiser> i tried plugging my laptop into the hdmi and it works
[22:45] <vivus> I hope its not my SD card. I am using a Samsung EVO 32GB
[22:45] <kaiser> so i guess my raspberry pi is just screwed
[22:46] <Twist> vivus: I've used those very cards. Which doesn't say anything about your specific card of course.
[22:46] <gordonDrogon> I've no idae where the term "to flash a card" came from - probably because it's flash memory or something..
[22:46] <vivus> my power source is 2A as well. aargh this problem is terrible
[22:46] <vivus> gordonDrogon: etcher in its app, says it is flashing the Image onto the card. blame them
[22:47] <Twist> vivus: Did the Pi appear on the network and respond to ping?
[22:47] <vivus> Twist: yeah
[22:47] <gordonDrogon> vivus, I've never heard of 'etcher' but I've not used anything more than Linux for many years now.
[22:47] <Twist> vivus: Would you have spent less time dicking around if you'd just gone and bought an HDMI cable by now? :D
[22:48] <vivus> gordonDrogon: the raspberry Pi website recommends using Etcher for installing new Images onto the SD cards
[22:48] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:48] <gordonDrogon> vivus, ah, from a MS Windows PC, I guess?
[22:49] <vivus> gordonDrogon: for all the OSes. Etcher is an Electron app, so cross-platform
[22:49] <Twist> vivus: the Pi website is written for kids and technophobes who might destroy things using DD incorrectly.
[22:49] <gordonDrogon> vivus, ok, whatever. use it to copy the image to the SD card, eject the SD card, plut it in again, create the ssh file in the first partition and eject it and put it in the pi and boot the pi.
[22:50] <gordonDrogon> sorry for the typos.
[22:50] <Twist> ...I don't know why I capitalized dd.
[22:50] <H4ndy> Etcher is really not the problem here tho :P
[22:51] <Twist> RIght.. if he can ping it, it's probably booting
[22:51] <Twist> so either the ssh file is in the wrong spot, or he's got the wrong IP
[22:51] <H4ndy> ^
[22:52] <Twist> (or the file is misnamed)
[22:52] <Twist> (or sunspots. IDK. headless setup is hell.)
[22:52] <vivus> or the SSH is not enabled
[22:52] <genewitch> and hey, a reboot fixed the pairing
[22:52] <kaiser> oh
[22:52] <kaiser> well
[22:52] <kaiser> my rpi is working again
[22:52] <genewitch> now, how do i make ssh come up on boot
[22:52] <kaiser> that was very strange
[22:53] <H4ndy> use rpi-config to enable ssh
[22:53] <H4ndy> if you are connected to it
[22:53] <genewitch> i am
[22:53] <genewitch> there's no servicectl or something
[22:54] <H4ndy> do you run something different then raspbian?
[22:54] <genewitch> i don't have rpi-config
[22:54] <H4ndy> its raspi-config, sorry
[22:55] * Hitechcg (~Hitechcg@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:55] <vivus> still getting a connection refused error. I am SSHing like so: ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=keyboard-interactive,password -o PubkeyAuthentication=no pi@[IP]
[22:55] * Hitechcg (~Hitechcg@ has joined #raspberrypi
[22:56] <genewitch> sollllved
[22:56] <vivus> is there a way to enable SSH manually by mounting the Pi and changing any files?
[22:56] <H4ndy> did you not listen? o.O
[22:56] <gordonDrogon> it's simple: conection refused means sshd isn't running. you need to pull the power plug on the Pi, put the SD card in another machine, create the files called ssh in the first partition, then eject the card, plug into Pi and boot Pi.
[22:56] <H4ndy> you need to create a file named "ssh" on the boot partition
[22:57] <vivus> gordonDrogon: I have done that already
[22:57] * Gathis (~TheBlack@unaffiliated/gathis) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:57] <vivus> I swear I did everything as instructed
[22:57] <H4ndy> is there a file named "ssh" on your SD card on the FAT partition (shows as "boot" on windows)
[22:58] <vivus> H4ndy: yes, I put that file on the boot partition before booting up the Pi. Unless .... I need to restart the Pi once again :think: let me try
[22:59] * def_jam is now known as eblip
[22:59] <H4ndy> uhm you cannot do that while the Pi is powered on
[22:59] <vivus> I know. I unplugged and restarted
[23:00] <H4ndy> is it a Zero or a model B?
[23:00] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:00] * darksim (~quassel@78-70-247-31-no186.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:00] <vivus> 3B
[23:00] <H4ndy> also that ssh file thing only works with the official raspbian OS
[23:01] <H4ndy> OK, for a Zero you could have connected it by USB to access the shell
[23:01] <H4ndy> They should really implement that for future model B
[23:01] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:01] <vivus> I downloaded this one: https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_lite_latest
[23:01] <H4ndy> ok, that should work
[23:01] <H4ndy> I am away for ~10min to walk the dog
[23:10] <Furna> is Raspian running a 64bit kernel ?
[23:10] <gordonDrogon> no
[23:11] <Furna> uhm ... seems Fedora is running 64bit for Pi3
[23:11] <gordonDrogon> what a waste of memory that must be.
[23:12] <Furna> can be yes
[23:12] <Furna> gordonDrogon: is a long story ...
[23:12] <H4ndy> The Pi3 has a 64bit CPU but there is no "official" support for it yet
[23:13] <H4ndy> and just because it's 64 bit doesnt mean its using more memory just for being
[23:13] <vivus> alright I shall need to see what's going on via HDMI tomorrow
[23:13] <Furna> H4ndy: as I said seems latest Fedora for Pi3 is 64bit
[23:13] <vivus> I cannot connect the Pi via USB to my machine right?
[23:13] <H4ndy> vivus: only the Zeroes support that
[23:13] <H4ndy> the B-Models don't have a OTG mode
[23:14] <vivus> VNC mode maybe?
[23:14] <H4ndy> not enabled at boot
[23:15] <vivus> rewriting the SSH config directly onto the SD card?
[23:16] <H4ndy> if you know how to enable a systemd service in the file system, sure
[23:17] <H4ndy> (and can mount an ext file system)
[23:17] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:17] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:19] <gordonDrogon> vivus, this isn't rocket science. the instructions on the Pi website are very clear on what to do. right now, if you have done everything on the website and what we're telling you (which is the same) and it's still not working, then you either have a faulty Pi, or faulty SD card, so give up at this point.
[23:19] <vivus> gordonDrogon: I thought being able to ping the device means its working?
[23:20] <gordonDrogon> yes, but you can't login because ssh isn't working - yet you tell is you created the ssh file, but it doesn't work, so, assuming you did create that file, then something is faulty.
[23:20] <H4ndy> it means it booted to some state
[23:21] * Furna just to be sure will steal an HDMI cable from the office
[23:21] <H4ndy> anyway, grab an HDMI cable and check what the Pi is giving you
[23:21] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[23:21] <H4ndy> I am out, its way too late already
[23:21] <vivus> H4ndy: does raspbian Jessie lite use systemd?
[23:21] <vivus> bye and thanks
[23:21] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:21] <H4ndy> raspbian is on stretch
[23:21] * gloomy (~gloomy@ip-62-235-198-188.dsl.scarlet.be) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[23:21] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:22] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:22] <vivus> aah yes you are correct
[23:22] <H4ndy> and jessie shipped with systemd as well as default
[23:22] <gordonDrogon> jessie and strwtch both use systemd. wheezy doesn't.
[23:22] <vivus> must be systemds fault
[23:23] <gordonDrogon> while I don't use systemd myself, I would not say that the issues you're seeing has anything to do with systemd.
[23:24] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:24] <gordonDrogon> millions of Pi owners/users have successfully done the 'create a file called ssh' method to enable sshd at boot time.
[23:24] * exotime (~exotime@gateway/tor-sasl/exotime) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:25] * H4ndy is now known as h4ndy
[23:28] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[23:29] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:30] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:30] <genewitch> jeez the wifi on the pi is slow
[23:30] * YuGiOhJCJ (~YuGiOhJCJ@gateway/tor-sasl/yugiohjcj) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:30] <gordonDrogon> 40Mb/sec.
[23:31] <gordonDrogon> for hte on-board on a zero or v3, anyway.
[23:31] <gordonDrogon> USB wi-fi adapters can be faster.
[23:33] <genewitch> mbit?
[23:33] * davr0s (~textual@host81-155-65-221.range81-155.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:33] <genewitch> hmm i guess that's fair then, i'll wire it in to transfer the MAME roms
[23:34] <MarkusJ> I have 100mb/s wired internet and using an online speed test maxes at bout 30-40mbit on the RPi 3 ethernet connection
[23:34] <gordonDrogon> it depends on the USB device and your local access points.
[23:34] * Ilyas (uid43013@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-trheewmnahtfipve) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:34] <gordonDrogon> online speed tests are full of problems - the pi v1 will benchmark at 99Mb/sec on a 100Mb LAN.
[23:34] <gordonDrogon> v3 the same.
[23:35] <genewitch> actually there's a way to do this with a USB stick, i am gunna try that
[23:35] <MarkusJ> oh... maybe i need to benchmark on LAN too but I was a bit dissapointed with the online test
[23:35] <gordonDrogon> the Pi supports most USB wi-fi dongles - as long as there is generic linux support for it.
[23:36] <gordonDrogon> MarkusJ, it depends how the online testworks - a flash application, java, etc. running in a web browser? slow before it even gets to the LAN.
[23:36] <MarkusJ> my windows desktop does max out my connection
[23:36] <MarkusJ> it was running in a web browser
[23:36] <MarkusJ> maybe flash
[23:36] <HrdwrBoB> wget a test file is better
[23:37] <gordonDrogon> and wget -O /dev/null
[23:37] <HrdwrBoB> yeah
[23:37] <Furna> iperf ?
[23:38] <gordonDrogon> I use iperf for lan/lan tests.
[23:38] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:38] <Furna> it's also available for Windows AFAIK
[23:38] <HrdwrBoB> depends how much you care
[23:38] <HrdwrBoB> and to what end you're testing
[23:40] <Furna> HrdwrBoB: I think we were speaking about network performances ... downloading a file is a different story
[23:41] * teepee (~teepee@unaffiliated/teepee) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[23:41] <HrdwrBoB> yeah but why do you care about network performance
[23:43] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:43] * dreadedfrog (~dreadedfr@ip-213-127-21-181.ip.prioritytelecom.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:43] * zproc_ (~zproc@laf31-6-82-241-3-109.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: zproc_)
[23:44] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:45] <MarkusJ> I have a pi setup as a webserver, git-server and an owncloud server, so i guess performance would be a nice to know thing
[23:45] <Furna> I dunno ... genewitch said "wifi on the pi is slow"
[23:45] <Furna> then MarkusJ elaborated
[23:45] <MarkusJ> so far downloading from the owncloud thing has bee very slow... 60kytes/s at best
[23:45] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:45] <HrdwrBoB> that's ... very slow
[23:46] <MarkusJ> webserver seems to perform quite well... i have no metrics but its fast enough on a browser
[23:46] <{HD}> Is there an easy way to RDP vs VNC?
[23:47] <MarkusJ> git is only small files and its fast enough for my own little projects
[23:47] <MarkusJ> but the owncloud is a bit sad
[23:47] * JasonCL (~JasonCL@cpe-2606-A000-4E4D-A300-CED-4DCE-7317-3F94.dyn6.twc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:47] * teepee (~teepee@unaffiliated/teepee) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:48] <oq> MarkusJ: iperf3 is what you want to measure network performance
[23:49] * JasonCL (~JasonCL@cpe-2606-A000-4E4D-A300-CED-4DCE-7317-3F94.dyn6.twc.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:49] <gordonDrogon> what's owncloud written in?
[23:49] <MarkusJ> i have iperf now setup as a server on my windows machine and iäm trying to connect to it with my pi but nothing seems to be happening
[23:49] <oq> you should be using nextcloud over owncloud imo
[23:49] <MarkusJ> servers says its listening on port 5201
[23:50] <MarkusJ> I just read about nextcloud today
[23:50] <MarkusJ> I might switch
[23:50] <oq> it's a fork from the original dev
[23:50] <MarkusJ> yeah
[23:50] <MarkusJ> I payed the 0.79€ for the android app tho
[23:50] * GenteelBen (~GenteelBe@cpc111801-lutn14-2-0-cust55.9-3.cable.virginm.net) Quit ()
[23:51] <MarkusJ> so... my windows iperf server is at and I'm trying to connect to it with the pi using iperf -c -b 100M
[23:51] <MarkusJ> the pi just times out
[23:51] <gordonDrogon> your iperf testing, etc. is all moot - it's well know that the Pi can sustain the 100Mb LAN speed - what it's less good at is concurrent send/recieves - Ethernet is full duplex but USB is half duplex, however that issue rarely manifests itself - bigger issues are things like the eficiency of the protocol - the Pi isn't good at running bit bloaty stuff like java, etc. nor is it good at high speed encryption/compression...
[23:52] * JasonCL (~JasonCL@cpe-2606-A000-4E4D-A300-CED-4DCE-7317-3F94.dyn6.twc.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:52] <Furna> MarkusJ: a firewall on Windows ?
[23:52] <MarkusJ> there was a popup from firewall and I think i accepted it :D
[23:52] <MarkusJ> let me check
[23:53] <MarkusJ> its configured to allow all and any TCP and UDP
[23:54] <oq> you could try swapping client and server roles
[23:54] <oq> it's just the -s flag vs -c
[23:54] <MarkusJ> yeah
[23:54] <MarkusJ> I'll try
[23:54] * r1ch (~rich@ has joined #raspberrypi
[23:55] * semeion (~semeion@unaffiliated/semeion) has joined #raspberrypi
[23:56] <MarkusJ> now it says on the windows side that the connection was refused
[23:57] <Furna> gordonDrogon: it's a good news that you are 100% sure that the Pi can sustain the 100Mb LAN speed. So if the "iperf3" test shows bad performances we know where the problem is (the LAN)
[23:58] <MarkusJ> oh well... I'll try this more at a later time

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