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[0:05] <benbloom_> my end goal bobstro, is to have the RPI connect to the internet through a VPN and any devices connected to the RPI will go through the VPN
[0:06] <benbloom_> I
[0:06] <bobstro> you *probably* want to configure the RPi as a router then. will you be connecting to the Internet through the wired interface, or do you want to use wifi?
[0:07] <benbloom_> the pi would be plugged into another router, connected to the modem. I think you're right about that bobstro
[0:08] <bobstro> it's a bit tricky and a lot of the information out there is outdated. if the RPi is plugged to that other router via wired ethernet, it's fairly straightforward.
[0:09] <bobstro> do keep in mind, performance on the RPi wireless interfaces is pretty poor. it may work OK for devices nearby, but don't expect multi-room performance.
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[0:10] <bobstro> i have done this with a RPi, and it's interesting to do, but if you want a solution that "just works", save a few bucks and go with a GLi travel router running OpenWRT for $17-40
[0:11] <bobstro> presumably that "other router connected to the modem" is *not* doing the VPN?
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[0:12] <benbloom_> very interesting! I will look at that. gonna keep hacking at this.... I'll describe my setup here:
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[0:14] <benbloom_> Pi connects to the router via ethernet. then accesses my PIA vpn account and logs in automatically. the pi should offer a SSID for local devices and anything that connects should always be routed through the vpn
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[0:16] <benbloom_> https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/7487/pi-as-a-vpn-router-for-local-machines/ looks like what i was looking for. but then I started looking at bridging. I'm still trying my best to teach myself networking
[0:19] <bobstro> you definitely want *routing* for what you're doing. devices connected on the wifi network will be on one (private) subnet. your ethernet network will be on another subnet, connected to the internet via your other intermediate router. the reason you need routing and not bridging is that you want to create that VPN tunnel, meaning you want to route the wifi traffic out over the VPN. you probably also w
[0:19] <bobstro> ant to do network address translation (NAT).
[0:19] <bobstro> you'd use bridging if both wifi and wired traffic were meant to be a single subnet (not routed).
[0:20] <bobstro> bridging is good for a 'media conversion' setup
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[0:21] <bobstro> a true "access point" is just bridging between wifi & wired.
[0:22] <Maai> my seach for ACT activity goes on
[0:22] <Maai> nighty night
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[0:26] <benbloom_> great bobstro. thanks for helping me with my vocabulary. This is a project for my Mother-in-law who is pretty much computer illiterate, so I'm trying to set it up in such a way that she can't screw it up, but since I don't have access to her router or modem I have to do it this way. I love the gli travel routers with openvpn preinstalled. I wish I'd known about that option earlier. she goes back to Panama in a few days, so
[0:26] <benbloom_> I'm hoping to send her back with something she can just plug into her DHCP router at home and then connect to with her wireless devices
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[0:26] <benbloom_> if you couldn't tell, I'm trying to help her bypass stupid georestrictions
[0:27] <bobstro> bypass doesn't work so well for netflix and others that hunt it down these days. may work ok for getting around filters or isp nonsense.
[0:27] <bobstro> from that description, you're doing it right with the router-to-wired approach.
[0:27] <bobstro> good luck with it!
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[0:29] <bobstro> you likely want to configure the RPi wifi interfaces as an AP using hostapd. you'll want to configure it to NOT use wpa_supplicant, and with a fixed IP address in /etc/dhcpcd.conf. you'll need to enable routing on the RPi, then set up NAT between the wifi and wired interfaces. then you'll have to get openvpn going. you've bitten off a lot for a quick project.
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[0:30] <bobstro> i'm doing this (except -- so far -- the openvpn part) on my RPi I use for travel. the GLi is a lot easier though.
[0:30] <benbloom_> trial by fire bobstro... trial by fire. I've ordered a GLi though hopefully it gets here in time
[0:31] <bobstro> amazon should be getting back to normal "receive it before you order it" mode soon.
[0:31] <bobstro> the GLi have a nice little switch on the side that you can configure to turn on or off openvpn in the easy config menus.
[0:32] <bobstro> i used it with privateinternetaccess successfully
[0:34] <benbloom_> great news. since you seem to have quite a handling on how all this stuff works, mind if I ask a question about VPN tunneling in general?
[0:38] <benbloom_> if I were to set up a VPN server on my own static ip, and set something up like what we discussed above with PIA but using my VPN instead, does that mean that all data is routed into my network and then back out through it? so every MB she accesses would be both an download and upload on my end of things or does it just appear that way?
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[1:00] <caoliver> If both boxes were on the defensive side of the VPN, yes.
[1:02] <caoliver> I use a VPN on the homenet firewall to access the boxes at my house. Only traffic from the inside boxes to be appears as an upstream.
[1:02] <caoliver> Given the asymmetry of my connection, outside access is a little painful.
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[1:56] <bromskloss> Before I troubleshoot further, I just need to ask: Raspbian Stretch Lite (on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B) _is_ supposed to mount USB drives automatically, right? I can mount them manually, but I thought they were supposed to appear under "/media" as soon as they were plugged in.
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[2:01] * extor is looking for a way to install raspbian headlessly on a pi zero w without using video, keyboard or mouse and communicating only via a USB cable from a linux PC.
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[2:08] <plugwash> AIUI automounting of removable drives is normally handed by desktop environments, so systems without a desktop environment generally don't automount anything.
[2:09] <bromskloss> extor: Would communicating via Ethernet be OK? https://hackernoon.com/raspberry-pi-headless-install-462ccabd75d0
[2:09] <bromskloss> plugwash: Oh, I see. Is there a way to turn it on?
[2:10] <AntiComposite> install udisks2
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[2:36] <bromskloss> AntiComposite: What's the preferred way to have disks mounted automatically with udisks2? It doesn't do it by default, it seems.
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[2:37] <AntiComposite> I use udiskie because it works well with encrypted drives
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[2:57] <bobstro> bromskloss: i've used "usbmount" with raspbian lite, it works well.
[2:57] <ali1234> bromskloss: the desktop environment is meant to handle it
[2:57] <bobstro> extor: do you have a desktop or other computer?
[2:58] <ali1234> for example, in xfce there is a control panel where you can enable/disable auto mounting
[2:58] <ali1234> but raspbian uses lxde, so i don't know what that does
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[2:59] <AntiComposite> Another point for udiskie: for DEs and WMs without automount, it has a panel applet
[3:01] <extor> bobstro, I have a desktop yes
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[3:01] <extor> bromskloss, the problem is that the rpi zero has no ethernet port and I have no usb to ethernet adapter
[3:01] <bromskloss> bobstro: As I'm looking around, trying to get a grip on what the different tools (udisks2, pmount, usbmount, …) do, I get the impression that usbmount has gone stale, and, specifically, that it no longer handles NTFS, which I need.
[3:02] <bromskloss> extor: Ah, got it.
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[3:02] <bobstro> you burn the image to a card, then mount the card on your desktop where you can access the vfat /boot partition. create a 'ssh' file to enable ssh access, and if using wireless, a 'wpa_supplicant.conf' file to configure wireless. then it should boot, start wireless and allow you to ssh in.
[3:03] <bobstro> not sure about ntfs, just never tried it. it handles vfat and ext4 for sure (just tested). it's very lightweight, which was my main criteria. tbh, i avoid ntfs like the plague.
[3:04] <bobstro> bromskloss: maybe worth a look: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/41959/automount-various-usb-stick-file-systems-on-jessie-lite
[3:04] <extor> bobstro, going a step further is it possible to set up a tcp/ip channel on the USB connection itself and eliminate the need for wifi or just have the wifi as a secondary?
[3:05] <bobstro> yes, you can set up "usb gadget mode" to allow ssh via usb network connection.
[3:05] <bobstro> you could also set up serial usb mode, but you do have to boot the RPi once to enable it.
[3:05] <bobstro> i always configure my zeros as usb ethernet gadgets exactly this way.
[3:06] <bobstro> adafruit has a very good tutorial (just search "raspberry pi zero usb gadget mode")
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[3:07] <bobstro> you do have to create the "ssh" file in /boot on your desktop, as well as edit /boot/cmdline.txt and /boot/config.txt, but all is on vfat partition, so can easily be done from any desktop.
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[3:17] <bromskloss> AntiComposite: Wow, installing udiskie would bring in lots of desktop-related stuff and consume 100 MB of disk space. :-|
[3:18] <AntiComposite> Huh. Then don't do that.
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[3:19] <AntiComposite> Yeah, looks like the gtk3 dependency would do that.
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[3:51] <shauno> fun fact .. /boot/ssh.txt should work too. (same rule, just needs to exist. but easier to do from windows)
[3:51] <AntiComposite> I wonder if /boot/ssh.foo would work
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[3:53] <shauno> ConditionPathExistsGlob=/boot/ssh{,.txt} (in /lib/systemd/system/sshswitch.service)
[3:53] <shauno> so it looks pretty intentional (and just a sane guess that they've done it because the windows UI strongly prefers to add a .ext)
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[4:01] <RustyShackleford> got a raspberry pi for xmas!
[4:01] <RustyShackleford> which distros can I run on a raspberry pi 3?
[4:02] <oq> many of the linux variety
[4:02] <RustyShackleford> usually I go for ubuntu but it seems like you need a custom image
[4:03] <oq> raspbian is a lot like ubuntu
[4:03] <AntiComposite> You can also use Ubuntu MATE: https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/
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[4:10] <cnnx> when i write any files or change anything on my rpi and reboot they get lost
[4:10] <cnnx> why
[4:10] <cnnx> there's no read only tab on the sdcard
[4:10] <cnnx> :(
[4:11] <AntiComposite> How are you writing the files?
[4:11] <cnnx> vi
[4:12] <cnnx> as root
[4:12] <cnnx> then they dont exist
[4:12] <cnnx> even history erases any command
[4:12] <cnnx> i hate this
[4:12] <cnnx> i cant work like this
[4:12] <cnnx> whats the point of a read only file system
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[4:18] <AntiComposite> Do they persist until a reboot, or not create at all?
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[4:18] <cnnx> looks liek dmesg|tail shows many fs errors
[4:18] <cnnx> with inodes
[4:18] <cnnx> gonna download a new image
[4:19] <cnnx> time to refresh anyways
[4:19] <cnnx> nov 2017
[4:19] <cnnx> today I brought home an 80watt sharp solar panel
[4:19] <cnnx> i want to use it with a 12AH 12VDC battery
[4:19] <cnnx> outside
[4:19] <cnnx> to power the rpi
[4:19] <cnnx> is this ok?
[4:19] <cnnx> i was gonna get a specialbox with a small heater inside
[4:19] <cnnx> so no droplets form
[4:20] <cnnx> and maybe build a weather station
[4:20] <cnnx> as a project
[4:20] <cnnx> over wifi
[4:20] * AntiComposite is not the one to ask about electrical stuff
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[4:20] <cnnx> how many watts does the rpi pull
[4:20] <cnnx> with wifi
[4:20] <cnnx> about 10W?
[4:21] <AntiComposite> Which model?
[4:21] <cnnx> how do i check
[4:21] <cnnx> what linux cli command
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[4:22] * [SLB]` is now known as [SLB]
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[4:24] <cnnx> i think its rpi3b
[4:24] <cnnx> is that the latst
[4:24] <cnnx> latest
[4:24] <akar> cnnx: xterm, iterm, any terminal emulator..
[4:25] <AntiComposite> The model? It's written on the board. If it's a larger board with built in wireless, ethernet, and USB A, it's a 3.
[4:25] <cnnx> im sure i have a 3
[4:25] <cnnx> but theres no built in wireless
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[4:26] <cnnx> where do you see that
[4:26] <cnnx> omg
[4:26] <cnnx> it has built in wifi?
[4:26] <cnnx> iwconfig shows it
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[4:28] <bobstro> 3B has wifi & bt on-board
[4:29] <bobstro> cnnx: did you get your card rw?
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[4:30] <cnnx> bobstro: no
[4:30] <cnnx> im downloading it
[4:31] <bobstro> is it a new card?
[4:31] <cnnx> raspbian stretch
[4:31] <cnnx> new?
[4:31] <cnnx> its the one that came with my kit
[4:31] <bobstro> how old is the microsd card?
[4:31] <cnnx> canakit i think
[4:31] <cnnx> less than a year
[4:31] <bobstro> brand name/ sandisk, right?
[4:31] <cnnx> sandisk i think
[4:31] <cnnx> its just that i poweroff the device alot by unpluging it
[4:32] <cnnx> i removed the plug physically
[4:32] <cnnx> maybe it corrupted it
[4:32] <cnnx> i should do proper shutdown command
[4:32] <bobstro> be aware: going into ro mode is the failure mode of the microsd cards. they appear to work, but nothing ever actually gets written. if you pull the plug alot, that increases the odds of it going bad. see if you can re-write it. if it keeps coming back with the same stuff, bad news.
[4:32] <cnnx> can i use a usb stick to boot from
[4:32] <cnnx> i have a 32gb stick
[4:32] <cnnx> usb 3
[4:33] <AntiComposite> You can have the sd card tell the pi to boot from the stick, but you still need a working SD card.
[4:33] <cnnx> is the cpu on this device an arm cpu arch
[4:33] <bobstro> you can set it up for that, but you still need a microsd card initially
[4:33] <cnnx> ok
[4:33] <cnnx> i can always order a new sdcard right
[4:33] <bobstro> oh yeah.
[4:33] <cnnx> ill see if it works in about 20 mins
[4:33] <bobstro> 32GB are $10 or so from samsung these days on amazon
[4:34] <cnnx> www.lzd.ca/panel.jpg
[4:34] <cnnx> this is my panel
[4:35] <bobstro> you might check out andreas spiess on youtube for solar stuff on RPi
[4:35] <AntiComposite> A raspberry pi expects ~1 amp at 5 volts coming though the USB port.
[4:36] <cnnx> so thats 5W
[4:36] <cnnx> i need an inverter to
[4:36] <bobstro> the cabling as well as the panel are important. thin cables will screw you up as badly as inadequate power.
[4:36] <cnnx> to convert my 12ah 12vdc battery power to 120vac
[4:36] <cnnx> i know
[4:36] <cnnx> i'm an electrician
[4:36] <bobstro> i couldn't tell from your hat
[4:36] <cnnx> i have several
[4:36] <cnnx> my day job is tech support
[4:37] <bobstro> what's the 120vac for?
[4:37] <cnnx> to plug the power supply for the rpi
[4:38] <bobstro> why not go 12vdc-5vdc?
[4:38] <cnnx> dont have the proper adapter
[4:38] <AntiComposite> And you do have an inverter?
[4:38] <cnnx> no
[4:38] <cnnx> wsa gonna order a small one
[4:38] <cnnx> for that and to power a 5w heater or something
[4:39] <cnnx> dc-dc is more effecient i know
[4:39] <cnnx> maybe i'll look into it
[4:39] <AntiComposite> Between the rpi and the inverter, you wouldn't need a heater
[4:39] <cnnx> true
[4:40] <cnnx> heat dissipation
[4:40] * Envil (~envil@x590f4264.dyn.telefonica.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:40] <cnnx> i wonder if my 12ah battery is enough for this project
[4:41] <bobstro> do you want to drive the RPi directly off solar, or use the solar to charge a battery?
[4:41] <cnnx> both
[4:41] <cnnx> during the day it charges the battery and runs the pi
[4:41] <cnnx> and at night the pi runs off the battery
[4:41] <bobstro> RPi 3B or Zero?
[4:41] <cnnx> 3b
[4:41] <bobstro> (for the box?)
[4:42] <cnnx> i need to buy a weatherproof box
[4:42] <cnnx> big enough for battery and inverter and rpi
[4:42] <cnnx> and other weather instructments
[4:42] <shauno> the weather instruments are going in a weatherproof box?
[4:43] <extor> So in order to do a headless install on a pi zero w I need wifi; I know that. But will it allow me to put a 802.11n network name and wifi password into the initial config or does there have to be a blank accessible wifi network that autoconfigures for dhcp?
[4:43] <cnnx> no
[4:43] <cnnx> just outside
[4:43] <cnnx> but the interface inside
[4:43] <cnnx> like phidgets
[4:43] <cnnx> or something
[4:43] <bobstro> extor: yes, put that info in /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf (on the vfat partition)
[4:43] <extor> bobstro, does that file have to be made from scratch or just altered from a template?
[4:44] <bobstro> you can modify a template if you have one.
[4:44] <extor> lol I got nothing
[4:45] <cnnx> so is the built in wifi on the 3b any good
[4:45] <cnnx> is it AC
[4:45] <cnnx> or just gn?
[4:45] <bobstro> extor: try this - https://pastebin.com/TFpqxU0J
[4:45] <bobstro> heh. it's sorta n on a good day. not stellar performance.
[4:45] <bobstro> weatherproof box won't help.
[4:46] <bobstro> you might do better with a usb adapter with an external antenna.
[4:46] <cnnx> ok
[4:46] <bobstro> what distance?
[4:46] <cnnx> about 10 meters
[4:46] <cnnx> out a glass door
[4:46] <bobstro> hmm. just have to try. a few inches of snow won't help, so it really depends on specifics.
[4:46] <extor> hmmm I wonder why my raspbian image said bad zipfile header
[4:47] <cnnx> when is the new rpi comming out
[4:47] <cnnx> its been a while I think?
[4:47] <cnnx> i'd like to see usb 3
[4:47] <bobstro> ebon upton says maybe 2019
[4:47] <cnnx> so far
[4:47] <bobstro> but no promises on what'll be on it. if you want performance, look to other brands.
[4:47] <cnnx> no im ok
[4:47] * feksclaus (~feksclaus@80-71-131-204.u.parknet.dk) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.9.1)
[4:47] <cnnx> looking for low cost for now
[4:47] <bobstro> i'm playing around with a rock64. nice, but support sucks compared to RPi.
[4:48] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:48] <bobstro> and it'll be pretty rough on battery.
[4:48] <cnnx> unpackcing disk image
[4:48] <cnnx> gonna try to burn it on the sdcard
[4:50] <extor> doesnt the pi zero w already have usb 3
[4:52] * en1gmaa (~en1gma@91-83-181-166.mobile.uscc.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:53] <shauno> nope. no change there from the pi1. it's just on a microusb for size constraints
[4:53] * r0Oter (~r00ter@p54BB62FC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:53] * r00ter (~r00ter@p5DDF0315.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Disconnected by services)
[4:53] <bobstro> RPi is focused on price, not performance.
[4:56] * en1gma (~en1gma@91-82-181-166.mobile.uscc.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[4:57] * nolsen (nolsen@gateway/shell/suchznc/x-tsyhapvejyywejpb) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:58] * Zparx (~Fox@p200300CD63CBC4006D16C2734EB5533A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[4:58] * cyphase (~cyphase@unaffiliated/cyphase) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[5:00] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:04] * cyphase (~cyphase@unaffiliated/cyphase) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:04] * akar (~user@ Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[5:05] * Nirvash (~Nirvash@unaffiliated/nirvash) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:06] <Nirvash> Hey everybody! Anyone having trouble with the apt-get sources at the moment?
[5:08] * malhelo (~malhelo@dslb-088-066-150-186.088.066.pools.vodafone-ip.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:08] * Goldschlager120 (~Goldschla@24-111-126-57-dynamic.midco.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[5:09] <extor> bobstro, are you sure that the /boot is on the vfat partition and not the ext2 partition? I just dd'd a raspbian image to my sdcard and the boot director is on the second linux partition
[5:10] * djhworld (~djhworld@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[5:11] * malhelo_ (~malhelo@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[5:14] * Spr1ng (~Spr1ng@unaffiliated/spr1ng) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.9)
[5:14] * akar (~user@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:18] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[5:18] * fuzzyone (uid181835@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-uyrwwckgfvlxxejh) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[5:19] * Noldorin (~noldorin@unaffiliated/noldorin) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[5:19] <shauno> there should be an empty /boot on the ext2 partition. the contents of the vfat partition are mounted to it during boot
[5:20] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:20] * djhworld (~djhworld@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:23] <RustyShackleford> any distro that supports ARM will run on a raspberry pi 3?
[5:24] <RustyShackleford> or are there some special drivers
[5:24] <RustyShackleford> something hardware specific thats needed
[5:25] * uriah (~uriahheep@unaffiliated/uriahheep) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[5:25] <shauno> pretty much anything that runs on armv7, I'd assume could be made to work given sufficient violence
[5:26] <shauno> I mean, nothing's gonna be "pop the CD in" easy unless someone else has already done the legwork
[5:26] <shauno> that said, there's a *lot* of options where someone's already done the hard bit; http://elinux.org/RPi_Distributions
[5:27] <extor> shauno, during boot..and thus overwriting the contents I put on the actual or what looks like the actual /boot mountpoint?
[5:27] <extor> hehehe
[5:27] <extor> tricky
[5:27] <shauno> if you're putting it in the /boot directory on the ext2 partition, it won't be visible once the first partition has been mounted to that folder
[5:27] * uriah (~uriahheep@unaffiliated/uriahheep) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:27] <extor> and I do a touch "ssh.txt" in the vfat partition too I suppose?
[5:28] <extor> what username/pass will uhmm this pi have for ssh'ing in?
[5:28] <shauno> pi/raspberry - that's why ssh is disabled by default ;)
[5:32] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[5:32] <extor> is there any way to enable logging to figure out what went wrong in the headless boot?
[5:34] <binaryhermit> I thought it was ssh, not ssh.txt
[5:35] <extor> well this url says it can be either: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=175962
[5:36] <extor> Also says the supplicant file may be corrupted by writing it from a us keyboard? lol
[5:36] <extor> I hope I do not need to put a \ to indicate spaces in the SSID
[5:36] * bandroidx (~bandroidx@unaffiliated/bandroid) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[5:36] <bromskloss> cnnx: For low cost, would you be interested in making a DC-DC yourself, based on, for example, the 5V version of LM2576 <http://www.ti.com/product/LM2576/description>? There are also ready-made converters (with adjustable voltage), based on the LM2596, cheaply available on Ebay. I don't know anything about the quality or safety of those circuits, though.
[5:39] * mpmc (~mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:44] * iEv0lv3__ (uid269036@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-zzbxpsbcanrewcew) has joined #raspberrypi
[5:46] * djk (~Thunderbi@pool-96-242-33-206.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: djk)
[5:47] * guideline (~guideline@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/guideline) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[5:51] <extor> https://davidmaitland.me/2015/12/raspberry-pi-zero-headless-setup/ <---- do I need to mod the /etc/network/interfaces file with the path to wpa_supplicant.conf too?
[5:55] <harmlessgryphon> You should be able to just create a wpa_supplicant.conf file, drop it in boot, and it will automagically move it and connect.
[5:55] <harmlessgryphon> I just did that on a pi a couple hours ago
[5:56] * v01d4lph4 (~silent_fr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[5:57] <harmlessgryphon> assuming you have onboard wireless, I assume this works with a recognized dongle
[5:57] <extor> dongle meaning?
[5:58] <harmlessgryphon> an external wifi device
[5:58] <harmlessgryphon> something not built into the pi
[5:58] <harmlessgryphon> let me grab the conf file I just used. I'll throw it on pastebin in a minute
[6:01] * Geekologist (~me@unaffiliated/geekologist) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:01] <extor> no I just got the pi zero w
[6:01] <extor> which has wifi I thought?
[6:01] <harmlessgryphon> Yes
[6:01] <harmlessgryphon> It does
[6:02] <harmlessgryphon> Are you using rasbian stretch?
[6:02] * Dojka (~Dojka@dhcp-108-168-85-234.cable.user.start.ca) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:03] <harmlessgryphon> Here's the paste: https://pastebin.com/ce4JmamZ
[6:03] <harmlessgryphon> Change the yournetworkname and yourkey to whatever you're using on your wifi network.
[6:04] <harmlessgryphon> If you need ssh, just copy a file and rename it ssh - doesn't matter what's in the file, it just sees that name, turns it on, and deletes the file.
[6:04] * Zparx (~Fox@p200300CD63CBC4006D16C2734EB5533A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[6:07] * Dan-Bennett (Dan-Bennet@gateway/shell/suchznc/x-kyappllifpmognjo) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:11] * pepee (~pepee@unaffiliated/pepee) Quit (Quit: bye $IRC)
[6:12] * grossing (AkaDFZ8zsc@pdpc/supporter/silver/grossing) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[6:13] <harmlessgryphon> This is a lot better about telling you what needs to be done: https://howchoo.com/g/ndy1zte2yjn/how-to-set-up-wifi-on-your-raspberry-pi-without-ethernet
[6:13] <harmlessgryphon> The site you linked to has a lot of fluff that you don't need to get running.
[6:16] <extor> yes using stretch
[6:17] <extor> Is there any way to enable extensive logging so that I can go back and check what actually happened?
[6:17] <extor> I assume it doesnt log to /var/log except on a unionFS which would get zapped
[6:18] <harmlessgryphon> I have no idea if the initial transfer is logged or can be...
[6:20] <shauno> you mean if it logs if/when it moves wpa_supplicant from /boot ?
[6:20] <harmlessgryphon> Yes.
[6:21] <shauno> if doesn't appear to. it's a pretty straightforward script, /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/01-wpa-config-copy
[6:21] <harmlessgryphon> Ok. I usually just watch the router to see if a new DHCP device comes online.
[6:21] <harmlessgryphon> Well, a new "raspberrypi" device
[6:21] <extor> I would want to log anything and everything that tells me why everything fails
[6:22] <extor> is there anything such as an autoexec.bat file for debian
[6:22] <extor> in centos there is /etc/rc.local
[6:22] <extor> where I could do a copy /var/log/* to a new partition...and also possibly copy dmesg
[6:22] <harmlessgryphon> Yes. I have my stuff set up to run in crontab @reboot, but there is something similar in debian
[6:24] <harmlessgryphon> I've never used it, just because the crontab method seemed to work for what I needed
[6:25] <harmlessgryphon> looks like /etc/rc.local
[6:30] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[6:30] * CyberManifest (~CyberMani@50-25-87-198.amrlcmtk05.res.dyn.suddenlink.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[6:30] * pavlushka (~pavlushka@ubuntu/member/pavlushka) Quit (Quit: See you on the other side)
[6:30] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[6:31] <harmlessgryphon> gotta run
[6:31] * harmlessgryphon (~sharp-cla@d47-69-199-50.col.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[6:38] <extor> hmm same as centos
[6:39] * nevodka (~nevodka@ Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[6:44] * BeamWatcher (~gashead76@ Quit (Read error: No route to host)
[6:45] * BeamWatcher (~gashead76@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:00] * nevodka (~nevodka@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:18] * Maai (~pi@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:37] * GerhardSchr (~GerhardSc@unaffiliated/gerhardschr) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:44] * rpifan (~rpifan@ has joined #raspberrypi
[7:44] * t0adst00l (~sluggo@gateway/tor-sasl/prometheusfalli/x-99064168) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:48] * ahrs (~quassel@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/ahrs) has joined #raspberrypi
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[7:58] * BOKALDO (~BOKALDO@ has joined #raspberrypi
[8:00] <dreamon_> since 2 days I cannot connect to my pi via ssh → ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer
[8:01] * dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
[8:02] * stiv (~steve@blender/coder/stivs) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[8:02] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[8:03] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[8:04] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:07] * t0adst00l (~sluggo@gateway/tor-sasl/prometheusfalli/x-99064168) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:09] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[8:10] * Arcaelyx (~Arcaelyx@2601:646:c200:27a1:dc05:d5a:3420:6f85) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[8:10] <red9> dreamon_, what happens if you connect locally?
[8:12] * ptx0 (~cheesus_c@unaffiliated/ptx0) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:12] <dreamon> red9, at the moment I cannot test. but I have different Pis running. with the others Im able to connect.
[8:13] <dreamon> from a different pi (local) I can connect to this pi one too
[8:14] <Lartza> What changed two days ago?
[8:16] <dreamon> Lartza, nothin I think. maybe my local PC got a update. but I changed on this pi nothin. I connect in 20min interval to this device. suddenly I got this message
[8:16] <dreamon> reboot already tried.
[8:16] * mlelstv (~mlelstv@hoppa.1st.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:16] <Lartza> What are you using to connect?
[8:17] <dreamon> linux ssh
[8:17] <dreamon> running ubuntu 16.04
[8:17] <Lartza> Have you entered your password wrong too many times or otherwise gotten your IP blacklisted by the pi? fail2ban?
[8:18] * asteele (~cronoh@ip72-223-6-72.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[8:19] <dreamon> I have a script thats connect to. maybe wrong transmitted. maybe. how can find out?
[8:20] <Lartza> /var/log/auth.log possibly
[8:21] <dreamon> can I clear that fail2ban?
[8:21] <Lartza> Do you have fail2ban?
[8:22] <Lartza> You do sometehing with fail2ban-client
[8:23] * iEv0lv3__ (uid269036@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-zzbxpsbcanrewcew) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[8:23] <dreamon> I didnt installed it manually. thought raspbian is delivered with fail2ban?
[8:23] <Lartza> No that would be a really bad idea :P
[8:24] * yeticry (~yeticry@ has joined #raspberrypi
[8:27] * Smeef (~deathonat@unaffiliated/smeef) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[8:27] <dreamon> Im connected to that pi and trying to connect from outside. tail -f /var/log/auth.log → dont output anythin during trying to connect ..
[8:27] * Smeef (~deathonat@unaffiliated/smeef) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:30] <Lartza> How about journalctl of the ssh server unit? No idea what it's called in raspbian
[8:32] <dreamon> journalctl → No journal files were found.
[8:36] <Lartza> dreamon, stretch? jessie? wheezy?
[8:36] <dreamon> stretch
[8:37] * neops (~neops@unaffiliated/neops) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:37] <Lartza> :S
[8:37] <Lartza> Is your filesystem full? Or something
[8:37] <Lartza> You should have a journal
[8:38] <dreamon> → /var/log/messages ? same as dmesg .. but no logs during connnecting try. it takes up to 10 sec. to fail.
[8:39] * neopss (~neops@unaffiliated/neops) has joined #raspberrypi
[8:39] <Lartza> That's not journal no
[8:40] <Lartza> journalctl -u sshd -e gives you errors for a unit called "sshd"
[8:40] <dreamon> https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26266885/
[8:41] <dreamon> sorry → journalctl -u sshd -e → dont output anything
[8:41] * elsevero (~elsevero@ has joined #raspberrypi
[8:42] <Lartza> Because your journal is broken for some reason
[8:42] <Lartza> and the unit is not called sshd in raspbian
[8:42] <Lartza> afaik
[8:42] * elsevero (~elsevero@ Quit (Client Quit)
[8:42] * neops (~neops@unaffiliated/neops) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[8:42] * akar (~user@ has joined #raspberrypi
[8:42] <dreamon> root 720 0.0 0.5 7860 4324 ? Ss 05:11 0:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D
[8:42] <dreamon> Its running.
[8:43] <dreamon> enough space I think → /dev/root 61271820 12489620 46131012 22% /
[8:44] * crazyeddy (crazyed@wrongplanet/CrazyEddy) has joined #raspberrypi
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[8:59] <dreamon> Lartza, have to go.. I go on searching later
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[10:42] * rendar (~I@unaffiliated/rendar) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:42] <rendar> is omxplayer+rasp3 too slow for 1080p movies?
[10:46] * ShorTie Thinkz yup
[10:46] <rpdom> omxplayer can play 1080p on any Pi.
[10:47] <rpdom> The hardware does all the serious work.
[10:47] <rendar> rpdom: i thought so, the thing is, when i start 1080p on my pi, it plays like 30 seconds, then blackscreen for 30 seconds, then play another little time, just like if it would be a great fatigue to play
[10:47] <rpdom> It does need to be in the right format though.
[10:48] <rpdom> Is that playing from the SD card, local network or internet?
[10:48] <rendar> usb hard drive
[10:48] <ShorTie> yup, rpi's can not handle the amount of data 1080p requires
[10:48] <rendar> ShorTie: rpdom says it can play any 1080 movie
[10:48] <rpdom> Should be fine.
[10:49] <ShorTie> when in a special format, lol.
[10:49] <rpdom> I play 1080p all the time. No problems.
[10:49] <rendar> rpdom: ok, so movies of around 7/12Gb, right?
[10:49] <rpdom> Not special. Mpeg4 is a standard. LOL!
[10:49] <ShorTie> cut that movie back to 720p and it will play fine i beat
[10:49] <rendar> but i want it 1080
[10:49] <rpdom> Yeah, should be ok. I haven't played anything over about 5-6GB myself.
[10:50] <ShorTie> then i would look to sumfin else
[10:50] <rpdom> ShortTie: You are wrong.
[10:50] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[10:51] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:51] <ShorTie> if i am wrong, then why does it not work for him ??
[10:52] <rpdom> Because there is something else wrong.
[10:52] <rpdom> A Pi Zero can play 1080p without even using 5% CPU.
[10:53] <rendar> rpdom: a Pi Zero has less power than pi 3.0, right?
[10:53] <rpdom> omxplayer uses the same hardware on every Pi built so far.
[10:53] * skoup (~George_OU@ has joined #raspberrypi
[10:53] <rpdom> rendar: Yes, CPU power that is. The video hardware is the same.
[10:54] <rpdom> There may be something odd about the video file format.
[10:54] * sunn (~sunn@host31-52-128-232.range31-52.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[10:54] <rpdom> That can cause issues.
[10:54] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
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[10:58] <ShorTie> issues == no workie
[11:00] <rpdom> Helpful...
[11:03] * sunn (~sunn@host31-52-128-232.range31-52.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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[11:19] * skoup (~George_OU@ Quit ()
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[11:31] * f1y_ is now known as f1y
[11:32] <rpdom> rendar: Is it possible your USB hard drive is dropping into a power-saving mode? h264 1080p isn't very high bandwidth and the Pi will buffer a fair amount of it. It could be that the drive is going to sleep and takes a while to wake up again. 30 seconds is a bit quick though.
[11:32] * r0Oter is now known as r00ter
[11:33] * ShorTie snickers, "1080p isn't very high bandwidth"
[11:33] <rpdom> ShorTie: I said h264 isn't high bandwidth. Learn to read.
[11:34] <rpdom> The compression algorithms are pretty good. Not quite as good as h265, but still impressive.
[11:35] <CoJaBo> rendar: In my experiance, it's usually issues with the sound codec
[11:36] <CoJaBo> I had to increase GPU memory in one case, that might be worth a try if it's set to a low value
[11:36] * mossman93 (~mossman93@unaffiliated/mossman93) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[11:37] * nighty- (~nighty@kyotolabs.asahinet.com) Quit (Quit: Disappears in a puff of smoke)
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[11:41] <rpdom> CoJaBo: That's a good suggestion. It may help.
[11:42] <rpdom> I have my GPU memory set to 128MB on the Pi I'm currently playing videos on.
[11:43] * t0aster0ven (~iaeofjgsk@gateway/tor-sasl/iaeofjgskjb) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[12:38] <dreamon> Lartza, local I can connect without issue .. I restart here my complete network. Hope this helps
[12:38] <dreamon> be back..
[12:39] * Rev_Illo (~revillo@unaffiliated/rev-illo/x-3122184) Quit (Client Quit)
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[12:44] <tenplaza9> Hi I'm having a problem configuring static ip on my network on my pi running raspbian. I get the following message in the logs, from dhcpcd; `192.168.l.107' is not a valid IP address. (it is a valid ip address on my network though).
[12:45] * grossing (Rel2zHWCg6@pdpc/supporter/silver/grossing) has joined #raspberrypi
[12:46] <tenplaza9> I edited the example configuration in /etc/dhcpcd.conf to make it valid for my network and then uncommented and saved.
[12:46] <tenplaza9> Any help would be appreciated
[12:49] * victorhck (~victorhck@opensuse/member/victorhck) has joined #raspberrypi
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[13:11] <luneff> hey guys! how does ft5406 know how big the touchscreen is aside from the device tree parameters?
[13:12] <luneff> I think, it was supposed to communicate with the screen using i2c or spi... but that's not happening yet on my setup
[13:13] * sunn (~sunn@host31-52-128-232.range31-52.btcentralplus.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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[13:21] <pwillard> I'm pretty sure "`192.168.l.107' is not a valid IP address." is a valid error... looking at the third octet
[13:21] * benoliver999 (~benoliver@unaffiliated/benoliver999) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[13:21] <squirrel> haha
[13:22] <pwillard> The letter 'l' is not a number seems like a correct conclusion by the parser
[13:23] * Ilyas (uid43013@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-lyoupjnblxvkwlzp) has joined #raspberrypi
[13:27] * Snircle (~textual@2600:8801:c404:7900:74b0:3f7:6192:c1e) has joined #raspberrypi
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[14:01] <kerio> does anyone know of a minimal distro that only acts as a DLNA client for the raspi?
[14:02] <kerio> sorry, DLNA renderer
[14:03] * nighty- (~nighty@s229123.ppp.asahi-net.or.jp) has joined #raspberrypi
[14:03] * sdothum (~znc@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[15:06] * cnnx (~cnnx@unaffiliated/cnnx) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:07] <cnnx> I tried to re-image my sdcard last night
[15:08] <cnnx> and it won't write to it
[15:08] <cnnx> is the card damaged?
[15:08] <squirrel> what was the error message
[15:08] <cnnx> cannot format disk from windows 10
[15:08] <cnnx> or it pretends to write from unetbootin
[15:09] <cnnx> but when i boot with the sdcard
[15:09] <cnnx> its the old copy
[15:09] <cnnx> that mounts in read only mode
[15:09] <soul-d> accidently moved the pin on the card to make it read only ?
[15:09] <squirrel> don't use unetbootin, it's broken
[15:09] <cnnx> not it has a case
[15:09] * whatever_hi (~whatever_@63-157-105-241.dia.static.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:09] <cnnx> *no
[15:09] <squirrel> try rufus perhaps
[15:10] <cnnx> is that on win10 too
[15:10] <squirrel> yes
[15:10] <cnnx> and i put the microsd card in my usb adapter?
[15:11] <squirrel> you got other places you can put it?
[15:11] <cnnx> no
[15:11] <squirrel> well i don't think you've got a choice here, fella
[15:11] * guideline (~guideline@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/guideline) has joined #raspberrypi
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[15:14] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[15:15] <cnnx> rufus says write error
[15:15] <AntiComposite> It's still very possible you've got a bad sd card
[15:16] <squirrel> or a bad adapter
[15:16] <cnnx> i can try on my mac
[15:16] <cnnx> what program can i use
[15:16] <cnnx> i have an sdcard reader
[15:17] <cnnx> instead of usb
[15:17] <squirrel> just use dd?
[15:17] <cnnx> ok
[15:18] <rpdom> Use Etcher under Windows https://etcher.io
[15:18] <AntiComposite> I'm fairly sure it's not the writing software
[15:19] <squirrel> unetbootin is really broken tho
[15:19] <bobstro> cnnx: that's the microsd card failure scenario we talked about last night.
[15:19] <cnnx> yeah
[15:19] <bobstro> try the sd card foundation formatter, but it's most likely toast
[15:19] <AntiComposite> If you've got other microsd cards around, try one of those
[15:19] <bobstro> sd card association, sorry
[15:19] <cnnx> got a link
[15:19] <cnnx> ?
[15:20] <bobstro> mac or windows: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/
[15:20] <bobstro> it's not anything special, but it's the "official" formatter that's supposed to handle all cases. if that fails, you're unlikely to get it back.
[15:21] <bobstro> if you've written it with 'dd' and it's not working, don't hold out high hopes
[15:21] <squirrel> but even if it's toast, don't throw it away! i had a 32gb sd card frayed by lightning. neither windows nor rpi would even see it. but i got me a wifi camera that writes stuff to sd cards and it somehow happily worksw there
[15:21] <rpdom> SD cards do sometimes just decide to go read only.
[15:21] <bobstro> if it's failed on other systems, not so sure i'd trust it elsewhere tho.
[15:22] * v01d4lph4 (~silent_fr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:22] <squirrel> well it's a $8 camera
[15:22] <bobstro> the pics are what's usually valuable
[15:23] <squirrel> i mostly use it in real time
[15:23] <bobstro> i've had 3-4 maybe fail over 5 years this way. 1st 3 were generic crap cards, so no surprise.
[15:23] <bobstro> squirrel: it might be "working" if the files are cached in memory and you do something with them, then discard.
[15:23] <bobstro> (e.g. copy them off while still in cache)
[15:24] * seranhom (~nope@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[15:24] <squirrel> i mean, it's a surveillance(sp?) camera
[15:24] <squirrel> it doesn't need an sd card
[15:24] <squirrel> but can write to it continuously if present
[15:25] <bobstro> the story i've read is that the cards fail this way with the idea that they're used for cameras, so they save your last images for recovery. it's always been consistent IME though. everything seems to be working, but it crashes as some point, and all attempts to format or over-write result in original image.
[15:25] <cnnx> even on the mac
[15:25] <cnnx> it says its write protected
[15:25] <cnnx> and i tried both positions
[15:26] * dalmata (~dalmatHG@unaffiliated/dalmathg) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:26] <bobstro> yeah, i think it's toast. or at least at "i don't want to trust it" level.
[15:26] * v01d4lph4 (~silent_fr@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[15:26] * retromode (adefd21d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[15:26] * DammitJim (~DammitJim@ has joined #raspberrypi
[15:27] * squirrel hugs his samsung evo
[15:27] <squirrel> 2+ years not a single issue
[15:27] <retromode> hello. i have an external drive that im trying to use for samba on my pi but it is currently read only. when i attempt to unmount and remount it it is busy. ive tried killing the process tied to the disk but it seems that the process just started back up again. anyone have any suggestions for what else i should try to make the disk writeable?
[15:28] <bobstro> one of my failures was a 16 GB samsung evo, but overall, they've held up to a lot of abuse, so no complaints
[15:28] <squirrel> retromode: ntfs-3g?
[15:28] * egonsen (~egonsen@unaffiliated/egonsen) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:28] * Quatroking (~Quatrokin@507098BE.static.ziggozakelijk.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[15:28] * Dimik (~Dimik@ool-182e2df5.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:29] <egonsen> they put the resistor between the led and gnd. why? would it also work if i put the resistor between +3.3v and the led?
[15:29] <squirrel> i mount mine like this: /dev/sda1 /mnt/hdd ntfs-3g umask=077,gid=1000,uid=1000,big_writes 0 2
[15:29] <egonsen> sorry, link: https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/gpio-examples/tux-crossing/gpio-examples-1-a-single-led/
[15:29] <cnnx> do I really need a 32gb
[15:29] <cnnx> can i buy a 8 or 16
[15:29] <cnnx> to save money
[15:29] <cnnx> for my weather station outdoor solasr project
[15:30] <cnnx> *solar
[15:30] <bobstro> you can get 32 GB samsung evo select for $9, so while you can maybe by smaller, it's hard to find them actually any cheaper.
[15:30] <squirrel> 2gb is enough if you don't store much data
[15:31] <bobstro> i did find 16 GB sandisk ultras for $7. wear leveling is spread across entire drive, so bigger cards will last longer.
[15:31] <cnnx> i live in canada
[15:31] <cnnx> any of you know the cheapest place?
[15:31] <cnnx> i can search on pcpartpicker i guess
[15:31] <bobstro> i just buy whatever's $12 or so. lately, that's 32 GB samsungs.
[15:32] <cnnx> the brand on this broken one says CanaKit
[15:32] <bobstro> canakit uses samsung i think, but older may have been generics.
[15:33] <bobstro> looks like amazon.ca has sandisk 16GB ultra for $12.60
[15:33] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:33] <bobstro> sorry, canakit was sandisk ultra
[15:33] * seranhom (~nope@h77-53-215-28.cust.se.alltele.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:34] <cnnx> is sony good?
[15:34] <cnnx> found one for 9.97$cad at best buy
[15:35] <cnnx> ah out of stock
[15:37] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[15:38] <rpdom> egonsen: Yes, you can wire the LED either way. One way it will light if the GPIO is high and the other way if the GPIO is low.
[15:38] <retromode> squirrel: ive tried that but the drive is busy
[15:39] <retromode> and killing the process that is making the drive busy doesnt seem to help, as it restarts right away. i guess i need to manually force it to not restart?
[15:40] <squirrel> idk your processes :?
[15:42] * feksclaus (~feksclaus@80-71-131-204.u.parknet.dk) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:43] <egonsen> rpdom, i'm not talking about the direction of the led but about the place of the resistor (in front of vs behind the led)
[15:43] <squirrel> egonsen: leds typically have almost 0 resistance, so you need something that will prevent the current from skyrocketing
[15:43] * SopaXorzTaker (~SopaXorzT@unaffiliated/sopaxorztaker) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:43] <squirrel> and yes you can place them in either place
[15:43] * Gathis (~TheBlack@unaffiliated/gathis) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:44] <rpdom> egonsen: It doesn't matter which side of the LED the resistor is placed.
[15:44] <egonsen> is it kinda convention to place the resistor behind the led? it seems every tutorial does it this way
[15:45] <rpdom> Some people draw it that way, some draw it others.
[15:46] * en1gma (~en1gma@137-82-181-166.mobile.uscc.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:46] * Dimik (~Dimik@ool-182e2df5.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[15:48] * cnnx (~cnnx@unaffiliated/cnnx) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[15:49] * cnnx (~cnnx@unaffiliated/cnnx) has joined #raspberrypi
[15:50] * BeamWatcher (~gashead76@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:52] * bberg` (~bbergz@unaffiliated/bberg) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:00] * harmlessgryphon (~sharp-cla@d47-69-199-50.col.wideopenwest.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:05] * retromode (adefd21d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[16:07] * egonsen (~egonsen@unaffiliated/egonsen) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[16:10] * tnewman (~pi@36-227-120-136.dynamic-ip.hinet.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[16:16] * mjourdan (~mjourdan@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:18] <dreamon_> Lartza, was my fault :(
[16:18] * stiv (~steve@blender/coder/stivs) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:20] * luneff (~yury@ Quit (Quit: Ухожу я от вас)
[16:22] * Baltazar (~Samael@ip039.216-51-69.sogetel.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[16:23] <dreamon_> I have a day and night running pi. how can I make a filecheck automatic every week? do I have to reboot?
[16:24] <squirrel> why filecheck?
[16:24] <uriah> dreamon_: you can make a cronjob
[16:25] * akar (~user@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:26] * d1z (~gt@unaffiliated/gtt) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:26] <mjourdan> Hello! What is the current status of MIPI-CSI2 support (and tweaking) in the pi ?
[16:26] <mjourdan> In short: I have a device that outputs frames via MIPI-CSI2, and is configured via I2C-CCI. The I2C driver for the module is not a problem, and I know the rpi camera pinout.
[16:26] <mjourdan> I want to configure the rpi to receive those frames, and output them raw in memory (thus bypassing the ISP). So I guess what I need is to configure the csi phy & decoder pipeline (like set the number of lanes in use, etc.)
[16:26] <mjourdan> I've checked broadcom's v4l2 driver but there are no references at all to mipi-csi, only messages sent/received via MMAL.
[16:26] * Syliss (~Hobomobo@asa1.digitalpath.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:28] <dreamon_> squirrel, uriah as i found out. after running day and night months later I have issues with broken files. this time I couldnt connect by ssh. so I had to plug in a screen and run in recorvery mode to fix the issue
[16:29] <dreamon_> thought it would be fine it pi is doing it in a cronjob but fsck during a running session dont work..
[16:29] <uriah> ouch
[16:29] <uriah> oh yeah
[16:29] <uriah> hmm... well... there’s one way, but it requires a lot of work
[16:29] <squirrel> dreamon_: you could touch /forcefsck && shutdown -r now
[16:30] <uriah> as the cronjob, squirrel ?
[16:30] <squirrel> but you better find a reason behind them files going bad
[16:30] <squirrel> yes
[16:30] <dreamon_> squirrel, I tried to do this. but I didnt worked. only this recovery console(wrong name) I could start fsck manually in readmode.
[16:30] * v01d4lph4 (~silent_fr@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:31] <squirrel> not sure what a recoverty console is
[16:31] <dreamon_> squirrel, pi is writting a huge amount of files so sdcard and back. months later there is a fault.
[16:31] * Encrypt (~Encrypt@2a01cb0401d17200e1be805c8e65cf3b.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:32] <squirrel> the sd card might be bad
[16:32] * djsxxx_away is now known as Dave_MMP
[16:32] <bub_> you can get industrial classed sd-cards..
[16:32] <mjourdan> To answer my own question, this seems to be the closest thing to it.. https://github.com/6by9/raspiraw/blob/master/raspiraw.c
[16:32] * Dave_MMP is now known as djsxxx_away
[16:33] <dreamon_> touch /forcefsck told me, it cannot repair. but it brought my to a minimalistic console (control - d to go on) readonly mounted. there I could start fsck /dev/mmxxxxp2
[16:33] <squirrel> or write those huge amounts of data on another disk
[16:33] * feksclaus (~feksclaus@80-71-131-204.u.parknet.dk) Quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.9.1)
[16:34] <squirrel> mhm
[16:34] <dreamon_> squirrel, writting and deleting.. what kinde of disk would be fine? usb stick?
[16:34] <squirrel> i use a regular hdd
[16:35] <dreamon_> that need much more power..
[16:35] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:36] * v01d4lph4 (~silent_fr@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[16:36] <squirrel> there's usb-y cables
[16:36] * Very_slow (~dewrock@CPEc412f5da6ef1-CM84948c4b03d0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[16:37] <squirrel> everyone has a spare 2.5" hdd from some old netbook or whatnot :p
[16:37] <dreamon_> it was running for over a year sometime had to reboot.. but I did a watchdog that reboots.. maybe it would be clever to say every time it reboots should make a fsck.
[16:38] * t0aster0ven (~iaeofjgsk@gateway/tor-sasl/iaeofjgskjb) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[16:39] * t0aster0ven (~iaeofjgsk@gateway/tor-sasl/iaeofjgskjb) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:40] * akar (~user@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:41] * egonsen (~egonsen@unaffiliated/egonsen) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:42] <egonsen> why can't i light up two leds with one 3.3v pin? i connected 2 leds and a resistor to 3.3v and ground but only the first led lights up
[16:44] <squirrel> egonsen: not enough voltage
[16:44] <rpdom> What is the voltage of each LED?
[16:45] <rpdom> Also are they connected in line or together?
[16:45] * akar (~user@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:46] * tommy`` (~UPP@host99-231-dynamic.50-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:47] * Arcaelyx (~Arcaelyx@2601:646:c200:27a1:dcf0:9925:cfa0:2bfa) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:48] * digitalnomad91 (~digitalno@2601:449:4400:3c15:50c8:8eff:a31f:4efb) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:48] <egonsen> i don't know the voltage. how can i find it out? they are connected in line
[16:52] * SirOlive_ (~SirOliver@ has joined #raspberrypi
[16:52] * tnewman (~pi@36-227-120-136.dynamic-ip.hinet.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:53] <squirrel> 3.3v is the typical voltage drop for a led
[16:53] <dreamon_> egonsen, you have to do leds parallel and resistor in front(to 3V3).
[16:54] * davr0s (~textual@host81-155-67-179.range81-155.btcentralplus.com) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:55] * SirOliver (~SirOliver@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[16:58] * Slownic (~androirc@host28-149-dynamic.37-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:58] <Slownic> Hello?
[16:58] <Slownic> Is anyone here?
[16:59] * AgentVenom (~textual@c-73-198-19-227.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[16:59] <squirrel> m-maybe
[16:59] <Slownic> Oh, hi!
[16:59] <squirrel> h-hi
[16:59] <Slownic> I'm having some issues booting up my rPi 3, may I ask for some infos here? Or is it the wrong place?
[17:00] <bub_> I did noooot.. oh hi Mark
[17:00] <squirrel> i-it's ok, do ask here
[17:00] * Dimik (~Dimik@ool-182e2df5.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:00] <Slownic> Haha
[17:00] <Slownic> Ok then
[17:03] * mschorm (~mschorm@ip-78-102-201-117.net.upcbroadband.cz) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[17:03] * Lorduncan (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:04] * ktsamis (ktsamis@nat/novell/x-pxmhmcjqvtlrikiq) Quit (Quit: ktsamis)
[17:04] <stiv> general rule on irc is: Just Ask!
[17:04] * retromode (adefd21d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspberrypi
[17:05] * ktsamis (ktsamis@nat/novell/x-tbjepvjrvhhxxonn) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:05] * tommy`` (~UPP@host99-231-dynamic.50-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:05] * Slownic (~androirc@host28-149-dynamic.37-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[17:05] * Lorduncan (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Client Quit)
[17:06] <retromode> hello. i reinstalled plexmediaserver and my pi does not properly boot now. i see the green LED blink but i cant ssh into it and it doesnt have any video output when i plug it in to my tv. i was able to do all of this befopre i reinstalled plex. the green LED is consistently blinking once if that helps
[17:06] * Slownic (~androirc@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:06] <retromode> are there log files i can look at on the SD card?
[17:06] <Slownic> Ok, sorry
[17:06] <Slownic> This irc client sucks
[17:07] <bobstro> they all suck
[17:07] <Slownic> So, as i was saying i'm having some problem booting up the pi
[17:07] <Slownic> I've bought an element14 rPi 3 kit, which came with the pi, an official psu and case, and a 16gb sd card with NOOBS on it
[17:08] <bobstro> retromode: are you trying to recover that card, or just trying to get your RPi going again?
[17:08] * Rickta59 (~kimballr@unaffiliated/rickta59) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:08] <Slownic> The problem i have encountered consists in not being able to boot any os other than the 1st one i installed
[17:09] * d4re (~d4re@gateway/tor-sasl/d4re) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[17:09] <Slownic> I've tried changing the oses, the order of installation, the bootloader itself, but to no avail
[17:10] * Kozuch (~Kozuch@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:10] <retromode> bobstro: both, i just bought the card/the pi a few days ago and was messing around with plex/samba. i was sshed into it, reinstalled plex and rebooted and now i cant ssh into it or see video output
[17:10] * d4re (~d4re@gateway/tor-sasl/d4re) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:10] <retromode> the green LED is now constantly blinking once a second, if that helps
[17:10] <bobstro> if you can't ssh in *or* see console, your best bet might be mounting the card on another linux machine (or the RPi booting another card) and trying to fix it.
[17:11] <bobstro> The blinking green means there's activity, so "something" is alive.
[17:11] <bobstro> you could try just re-creating the 'ssh' and 'wpa_supplicant.conf' files on /boot from another computer to see if that helps.
[17:12] <bobstro> not sure why re-install of plex would break that, unless maybe it over-wrote config?
[17:12] <bobstro> (don't know plex myself)
[17:12] <soul-d> woulnd explain total lack of boot video ?
[17:12] <bobstro> Slownic: are you particularly strapped for microsd cards? NOOBS tends to be a pain in the ass.
[17:12] * DeadTOm (~deadtom@2001:4b98:dc0:41:216:3eff:fe58:44d0) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:12] <soul-d> unless it corrupted the card
[17:12] <Slownic> What happens is this: when i try to boot any other os, the screen goes black, no input device turns on, the lan leds do not turn on and the ACT leds blink 7 times in a row before stopping for a second and then looping the sequence
[17:13] <retromode> ok ill try recreating those files. if i had to restart thatd be a pain haha
[17:13] * [Butch] (~butch@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:13] <bobstro> well, don't over-write card unless you have to. mount it on another system and you may be able to disable whatever's breaking things.
[17:13] <bobstro> did you follow a guide when doing the re-install of plex?
[17:14] <retromode> yep
[17:14] <Slownic> @bobstro actually, yes. I have many SD cards, but no micro sd cards atm
[17:14] <bobstro> that may give us hints of what got broke
[17:14] * enkrypt (~enkrypt@cust-24-53-111-94.dyn.as47377.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[17:14] <retromode> https://thepi.io/how-to-set-up-a-raspberry-pi-plex-server/
[17:14] <retromode> seemed pretty straightforward
[17:15] <bobstro> what os was your card? raspbian jessie or stretch?
[17:15] <bobstro> looking at step 5
[17:15] * ChunkzZ (uid233645@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-wdhxrawhmzdkqhye) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[17:15] <Slownic> bobstro i've tried using PINN and Berryboot too, but the first one gives me the same issue, and i don't like the way berryboot handles bootloading
[17:16] <retromode> ahhh
[17:16] <bobstro> Slownic: NOOBS is handy if you MUST use one card, but it causes all sorts of howtos and instructions to break. you're also putting all your eggs in one fragile basket.
[17:16] <retromode> bobstro: its stretch
[17:16] <retromode> the strange thing is, i followed this guide when i first installed plex a few days ago and it ran fine
[17:16] <bobstro> retromode: did you do the steps to force the ip address as shown?
[17:17] <retromode> bobstro yes
[17:17] <bobstro> retromode: can you ping it (e.g. ping raspberrypi.local)?
[17:17] <Slownic> The OSes i'd like to use are Raspbian, Retropie and OSMC. I've even repacked retropie in a tarball to install it via NOOBS, but it didn't work
[17:17] * djk (~Thunderbi@pool-96-242-33-206.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Quit: djk)
[17:18] <Slownic> bobstro so your advice is to buy another sd card and just dont bother using NOOBS?
[17:18] <bobstro> i started with NOOBS but always regretted it. a lot of people use it, so that's just my opinion, but life is much easier with a card per-OS.
[17:18] <bobstro> generally, yes. you get into issues resizing cards and such with NOOBS. it's a hack.
[17:18] * ShorTie concures "buy another sd card and just dont bother using NOOBS"
[17:19] <Slownic> Mmm
[17:19] <retromode> bobstro: pinging it gets back no response
[17:19] <bobstro> it's also nice to know you can just re-image a card to start over, which is hard if you have a lot of work done on multiple OSen on NOOBS.
[17:19] <bobstro> retromode: are you pinging by ip or name?
[17:19] <Slownic> Now that i think of it i may have another sd card
[17:19] <retromode> ip
[17:19] <Slownic> Oh, ffs, 4gb class 6
[17:19] <bobstro> try by name (ping raspberrypi.local - or whatever hostname is, followed by ".local")
[17:19] <bobstro> haha
[17:20] <bobstro> Well, slightly better than nothing. will be slow as snot outside in boston today.
[17:20] * SirOliver (~SirOliver@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:20] <Slownic> bobstro nice analogy hah
[17:20] <bobstro> but good enough to play with things.
[17:20] <bobstro> i think NOOBS is a well-intentioned disaster.
[17:21] <Slownic> I think i'll just stick with retropie and kodi installed as an extension of it
[17:21] <Slownic> bobstro i got the same kind of vibr
[17:21] * tsglove (~tsglove@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:21] <retromode> bobstro: hmm i tried all of the variations of the hostname i could think of, all get back host unknown
[17:21] <bobstro> retromode: you could try doing a portscan from another machine to see if it's alive
[17:21] <Slownic> Pinn looks promising, tho
[17:21] <bobstro> something like "nmap -sV -p 22 --open" substitute your subnet
[17:22] <retromode> ok ill try that
[17:22] <bobstro> i don't do media center stuff, so can't help with details, but i'm a bit of a raspbian lite snob, just because most guidance is based on raspbian.
[17:22] <bobstro> retromode: we're hoping it just got another ip address.
[17:22] <bobstro> retromode: what model RPi?
[17:22] <Slownic> Still, if you start build a building on swampy lands, it will still be a recipe for disaster
[17:22] * one2zero (~one2zero@ Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[17:23] * SirOlive_ (~SirOliver@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:23] <bobstro> unless you're a real estate mogul using other peoples' money!
[17:23] <Slownic> bobstro from the little i've been using raspbian, i'm absolutely in love with it
[17:23] <ShorTie> NOOBS is made for schools for quick os reinstall, not really for multi-booting
[17:23] * incog88 (~incog88@2601:198:200:2a4f:b017:ab4b:5a7f:d942) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:23] <retromode> bobstro: rpi 3
[17:23] <Slownic> ShorTie i'm finally coming to this realization
[17:24] <Slownic> bobstro ahahhahahah
[17:24] <Slownic> Well guys, thank you very VERY much for your time
[17:24] <bobstro> you could try just cabling the RPi 3 directly to a PC over ethernet. both should get a link-local 169.254.x.x address, then you can try "ssh pi@raspberrypi.local" (replace hostname with yours)
[17:24] <bobstro> good luck and have fun!
[17:24] * whatever_hi (~whatever_@63-157-105-241.dia.static.qwest.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[17:24] <Slownic> At least now i know that i was not doing something wrong
[17:25] <Slownic> bobstro you too!
[17:25] <bobstro> so long as one boots, you're good. it's when *nothing* boots you've got work ahead.
[17:25] <Slownic> Bye, and thank you again!
[17:25] <retromode> bobstro: yeah nmap returns host seems down
[17:25] * squirrel (~mj@unaffiliated/squirrel) has left #raspberrypi
[17:25] <egonsen> when i connect ground to my breadboard in my current setup, my led lights up. but when i connect the outgoing leg of the led with the + cable of a multimeter and the ground pin of the raspberry with the -, the led does not light up. why?
[17:25] * Slownic (~androirc@ has left #raspberrypi
[17:25] * m_t (~m_t@p5DDA2BDD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:25] <retromode> i have my pi connected to an ethernet switch thats also connected to my PC
[17:25] <bobstro> ok, too bad. sounds like your best hope is to mount the card on another linux machine and see if you can figure out what went wrong. hard to say with no access to console via ssh *or* keyboard though.
[17:26] <retromode> yeah....
[17:26] <bobstro> reason i suggested back-to-back via cable is nothing else in way and you're not worried about dhcp addresses.
[17:26] <bobstro> but it doesn't sound hopeful.
[17:26] <retromode> alright ill try that
[17:26] * wiiguy (~fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:26] <bobstro> retromode: oh wait... did *you* use NOOBS?
[17:27] * joro_ (~joro_@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:27] * tsglove (~tsglove@ has joined #raspberrypi
[17:27] <bobstro> (looking at that page)
[17:27] <retromode> bobstro: nah downloaded the iso from the site
[17:27] <retromode> and used etcher to throw it on the sd card
[17:27] <bobstro> thank god
[17:27] * enkrypt (~enkrypt@cust-24-53-111-94.dyn.as47377.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:27] <retromode> im just really confused cuz it was working one minute and then not the next :/
[17:28] <retromode> and the green led is flashing so something is alive, just not sure what
[17:28] <bobstro> only thing that jumps out is step 5 shows "-t jessie" and you're on stretch.
[17:28] <retromode> yeah, that might be it
[17:28] * d4re (~d4re@gateway/tor-sasl/d4re) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:28] <bobstro> did you try ctl-alt-f1, f2 etc? to see if another console is available?
[17:28] * d4re (~d4re@gateway/tor-sasl/d4re) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:28] <bobstro> could be just x display is broken
[17:29] <retromode> you mean when i plug it into my tv try those shortcuts?
[17:29] <bobstro> you could try appending a "1" to the end of /boot/cmdline.txt to boot into single user mode. i think that works on stretch.
[17:30] <retromode> ok ill try that
[17:30] <bobstro> yes, plug into tv directly and try those keys from keyboard. if lucky, you might get a console login.
[17:30] <bobstro> do you see a cursor or anything at all on the black screen?
[17:30] <bobstro> could just be X is horked
[17:30] <retromode> nope, no signal at all
[17:31] * lemonzest (~lemonzest@unaffiliated/lemonzest) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:31] <bobstro> does tv react at all like it's seeing signal?
[17:32] <bobstro> blinking green led suggests something has a pulse
[17:32] <retromode> let me try again but no it didnt react at all the first time
[17:32] <retromode> if this helps, when i put the SD card into my windows pc it shows two drives are attached, and the second needs to be formatted to be used
[17:33] <bobstro> 2nd is ext4, which windows can't see. that's ok.
[17:33] <retromode> ah ok
[17:33] <bobstro> (don't let windows format it!)
[17:33] <retromode> yeah i wont haha
[17:33] <retromode> trying single user right now
[17:33] <bobstro> i'm 90% sure you can open cmdline.txt and append a '1' for single user mode.
[17:34] * Martle (~Martle@c-71-56-254-5.hsd1.co.comcast.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:34] <bobstro> and delete the '
[17:34] <bobstro> 1
[17:34] <bobstro> when done
[17:34] * Martle (~Martle@c-71-56-254-5.hsd1.co.comcast.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:35] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:36] <retromode> ok we've got a splash screen
[17:37] <bobstro> we've got a pulse
[17:37] <retromode> ill give it a minute but it seems stuck on the splash screen
[17:37] <bobstro> try ctl-alt-f1, f2 etc
[17:37] <bobstro> it's the pixel splash screen?
[17:39] <retromode> uhh maybe? its the one that says 'powered by raspbian' at the bottom with the rpi logo in the middle
[17:39] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:39] <retromode> ctrl alt f4 made the splash screen go away and now its just a blakc screen
[17:39] <retromode> the splash screen said
[17:39] <retromode> 'network.service' at the bottom
[17:39] <retromode> maybe it was trying to set up the network service and got stuck?
[17:39] <bobstro> white box in middle of screen? i think that's shown in the framebuffer, not x. if it's hung there, likely something early in the bootup process.
[17:39] <bobstro> did it drop you to a prompt in single user mode, or just stuck?
[17:39] <retromode> just stuck
[17:40] <retromode> until i pressed ctrl alt f4 and now its just a black screen with the blinking white line at the top like a cli
[17:40] <retromode> yeah white box in middle of screen
[17:41] <bobstro> oh, f4 is interesting. nothing on f1, f2 though?
[17:41] <bobstro> did you append the ip to /boot/cmdline.txt as shown in the page?
[17:41] <retromode> yep
[17:42] <bobstro> any messages you can see relating to networking? sounds like it's hanging on network. maybe remove that part from cmdline.txt?
[17:42] <retromode> sure
[17:42] <bobstro> booting wifi or wired?
[17:42] <bobstro> if you're lucky, it's just stuck waiting for network. fix that and it may proceed.
[17:42] * ChunkzZ (uid233645@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-eedpmrimfngczdux) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:44] * djk (~Thunderbi@pool-96-242-33-206.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:45] * djk (~Thunderbi@pool-96-242-33-206.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[17:45] <retromode> tried both wifi and wired
[17:45] <retromode> no dice :/
[17:46] <bobstro> ugh. mounting that card on another linux machine is your best bet i'm afraid.
[17:46] <bobstro> look at the networking setup. it sounds like that's where it's hanging.
[17:46] <bobstro> at least you should be able to copy stuff off of it.
[17:47] <retromode> yeah
[17:47] <retromode> ill probably just start over
[17:47] * collyrium (~godlessfa@unaffiliated/godlessfather) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:47] <retromode> didnt have too much
[17:47] <retromode> just didnt want to have to set up my drives again and all that haha
[17:47] <retromode> i guess i should look into a backup for next time :P
[17:47] <retromode> thanks for the help!
[17:48] * collyrium (~godlessfa@unaffiliated/godlessfather) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:48] <bobstro> keep a project notebook, document every step for this eventuality. good luck.
[17:48] * finlstrm (~quassel@ Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[17:49] <retromode> yep i will. thanks again
[17:50] * lemonzest (~lemonzest@unaffiliated/lemonzest) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:52] * u42p (~u42p@port-92-196-50-248.dynamic.qsc.de) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:53] * retromode (adefd21d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[17:53] <u42p> hey, i am trying to read a sds011 sensor via gpio because i dont have its usb adapter. i connected it to pins but when i read them via python i only get a 1 as value, nothing more specific
[17:54] <u42p> probably a total noob mistake
[17:54] <u42p> i have its "data" cables at pins 3 and 5
[17:54] <u42p> according to https://de.pinout.xyz/
[17:55] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) has joined #raspberrypi
[17:58] * ketut (~ketut@ has joined #raspberrypi
[18:00] * egonsen (~egonsen@unaffiliated/egonsen) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:03] * Colti (Miramar-FL@unaffiliated/colti) Quit (Excess Flood)
[18:03] <bobstro> gpio pins set as input?
[18:03] * Colti (Miramar-FL@unaffiliated/colti) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:04] <u42p> yeah, this is my python https://pastebin.com/raw/qUP0Dijy
[18:04] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:05] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:07] <BurtyB> u42p, looks like it's serial so you'd probably want to connect it to the serial pins and enable the uart with raspi-config (but not the login/console)
[18:09] <u42p> ah, thanks. i will give that a try
[18:13] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:13] * ShapeShifter499 (~ShapeShif@unaffiliated/shapeshifter499) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:14] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:15] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:15] * SirOliver (~SirOliver@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:15] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:16] * Netham45 (~Netham45@about/windows/regular/netham45) has joined #raspberrypi
[18:16] * SirOliver (~SirOliver@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:19] * ChanServ sets mode +o Davespice
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[18:32] * mythos (~mythos@unaffiliated/mythos) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:50] * easzero (~easzero@2a02:908:4c4:f300:e420:1a40:1ecf:ad4c) has joined #raspberrypi
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[18:56] * dreamon_ (~dreamon@unaffiliated/dreamon) has joined #raspberrypi
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[19:05] * drcode (~drcode@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[19:05] <BenderRodriguez> Dear raspberry pi
[19:06] <BenderRodriguez> I need help
[19:06] * Alina-malina (~Alina-mal@unaffiliated/alina-malina) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:06] <BenderRodriguez> I'm trying to see if I can initiate the pairing process between my a/v reciever which has a bluetooth radio for streaming music and my raspberry pi
[19:06] <BenderRodriguez> what are some readings I can look into to enable this
[19:07] * nshire (~nealshire@unaffiliated/nealshire) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:07] <BenderRodriguez> never mind, found it
[19:09] * akar (~user@ Quit (Quit: leaving)
[19:09] * akk (~akkana@75-161-91-17.albq.qwest.net) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:10] * amraam (slinky-@carrier.ncn.fi) has joined #raspberrypi
[19:12] * awkwardpenguin (~awkwardpe@172-222-167-081.dhcp.chtrptr.net) has joined #raspberrypi
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[19:32] * krautguy (~pi@x4db42ce1.dyn.telefonica.de) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:21] * Anorion is now known as An_Onion
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[20:27] * torchic_____ (~noturboo@i.am.phantas.tk) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:37] * wgas (~wgas@unaffiliated/wgas) has joined #raspberrypi
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[20:39] * m_t (~m_t@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:39] * Cavedude (~Cavedude@unaffiliated/cavedude) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:39] * leptone (~leptone@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:39] <leptone> Where do people by their sensors and boards ?
[20:40] <leptone> *buy
[20:42] <GenteelBen> Ben's Discount Single-Board Computer Emporium
[20:42] <GenteelBen> At the prices I'm sellin' em I'll be foreclosed! Get 'em now while I'm still open!
[20:43] <uriah> free pi3 kthx
[20:44] * drewmcmillan (~drewmcmil@cpc77022-warw18-2-0-cust494.3-2.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[20:45] <GenteelBen> uriah: at these low low prices, they might as well be free! Come on down!!
[20:46] <uriah> heh
[20:47] <akk> leptone: ebay, adafruit, sparkfun, jameco, pololu.
[20:47] <akk> (I'm in the US, answers probably different in other countries)
[20:48] * joro_ (~joro_@ has joined #raspberrypi
[20:51] * Hoogvlieger (~Hoogvlieg@541A8950.cm-5-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:55] <bobstro> i've tried aliexpress, but they're always a PITA with the credit card. banggood has been reliable. ebay can be dicey, but i've gotten everything... eventually.
[20:56] <bobstro> if you are concerned about support, akk's sources are the best.
[20:56] <akk> Not including ebay, of course (for support).
[20:57] * energizer (~energizer@unaffiliated/energizer) has joined #raspberrypi
[20:58] * drcode (~drcode@ has joined #raspberrypi
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[21:12] * Ilyas (uid43013@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-cahbrrnkxbzonhnl) has joined #raspberrypi
[21:20] <bobstro> good point
[21:20] * DrJ (~DrJ@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/drj) Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[21:22] * DrJ (~DrJ@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/drj) has joined #raspberrypi
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[22:16] <BenderRodriguez> akk: No Digikey?
[22:16] * BenderRodriguez silently judges akk
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[22:27] <shauno> I tend to go to digikey & such for parts more than whole modules
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[22:34] <akk> BenGrimm: I find the digi-key website pretty terrible -- I can never find anything on it, or be sure when I've found something whether it's the part I want.
[22:34] <akk> It's probably great when you're buying bulk parts and are sure which exact part number you want in every case.
[22:35] <BurtyB> for parts I generally plug it into octopart to see who has it cheap
[22:36] <Rickta59> usually digikey or mouser
[22:36] <Rickta59> although arrow seems to be trying harder and you can usually get free shipping and a 10% off coupon
[22:37] <Rickta59> * good source for rpi if you don't have a microcenter near you
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[22:39] <akk> Interesting, I'd never heard of arrow. That's arrow.com?
[22:40] <Blade2021> Anyone here have experience with BigTimer (NodeRed Node)
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[22:57] <Rickta59> yes akk
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[22:58] <Rickta59> since the fall www.arrow.com has been trying to be competitive
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[23:00] <Rickta59> they often run sales .. they had that pocketbeagle for $25 before christmas
[23:00] <Rickta59> seems it was too popular :) .. now ~$42
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