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[0:19] <niekniek_> hello! Can I connect these tiny 3 pin IR transmitters from Aliexpress to a Raspberry pi and communicate with it? All howto docs I could find are talking about building your own transmitter but if I can order one for 50 cents...
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[0:27] <HighInBC> niekniek_: link?
[0:27] <HighInBC> there are rather a few types of what you are describing
[0:27] <HighInBC> probably though
[0:28] <niekniek_> HighInBC: I was like I don't know if pasting those links is allowed, but since you asked :)
[0:28] <niekniek_> https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-electronic-building-blocks-Two-way-infrared-transmitter-module-IR-Transmitter-for-arduino/1972945414.html?spm=a2g0z.search0104.3.24.55796de9n0Z4AN&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_3_10065_10068_319_317_10696_10084_453_454_10083_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_10301_537_536_10843_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103_5730820_5729920,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&a
[0:28] <niekniek_> lgo_expid=6fb4db7d-193e-4bae-98ab-dcb4a107f9fc-3&algo_pvid=6fb4db7d-193e-4bae-98ab-dcb4a107f9fc
[0:28] <niekniek_> for example
[0:28] <niekniek_> eh... https://bit.ly/2AFrD9W
[0:28] <niekniek_> should have done that right away
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[0:29] <HighInBC> it is a 5V device and the pi talks with 3.3V
[0:29] <HighInBC> you _might_ be able to power it from 3.3V
[0:29] <HighInBC> if not you will need to use a voltage divider on the input to the pi to reduce the voltage of the signal
[0:30] <HighInBC> oh, I see it is output only
[0:31] <HighInBC> it will probably just work if you connect it then, most things that are 5V will accept a 3.3V signal
[0:32] <niekniek_> ok, that's good info, should have thought about that, maybe 3.3 is available as well
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[0:34] <niekniek_> I already ordered a rf 433 transmitter/receiver, also 5v, but that should work according to the site... fwiw
[0:38] <niekniek_> HighInBC: Can you explain a bit more? I've never looked into the gpio thing, but overhere it says 5v I think? https://pinout.xyz/pinout/pin2_5v_power
[0:39] <HighInBC> the 5V pin will provide 5V power straight from the USB and is fine to power your ir device
[0:39] <HighInBC> the data pin on your ir device is expecting 5V but the GPIO on the pi are 3.3V. In most cases it is okay to talk to a 5V device with 3.3V
[0:39] <HighInBC> but precautions must be taken when a 5V device talks to a 3.3V device
[0:40] <HighInBC> so you should be able to just hook it up and use it
[0:40] <niekniek_> Like that. Thanks a lot
[0:43] <HighInBC> np
[0:43] <niekniek_> HighInBC: Are certain raspberry pi types more vulnerable to this?
[0:44] <HighInBC> they are all 3.3V logic
[0:44] <HighInBC> a simple voltage divider can reduce a 5V signal to 3.3V
[0:44] <HighInBC> but you don't need that for this device, only if a 5V device was sending signals to the pi
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[0:46] <niekniek_> ah ok. so the ir transmitter will be ok, a ir receiver might cause issues?
[0:46] <HighInBC> yes if an ir receiver is powered with 5V and is sending 5V directly into the 3.3V gpio then it could burn out the GPIO and stop it from ever working again
[0:52] <niekniek_> Check
[0:52] <niekniek_> https://bit.ly/2rhVt04
[0:53] <HighInBC> "8-Channel 3.3V to 5V Voltage Convert Module for Raspberry Pi"?
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[0:54] <HighInBC> those are nice
[0:54] <HighInBC> they do a good job
[0:54] <niekniek_> yes, or this maybe https://bit.ly/2PeofrZ?
[0:55] <HighInBC> that is some kind of sensor
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[0:55] <HighInBC> oh I see
[0:55] <HighInBC> it is just a divider
[0:55] <HighInBC> you can do what that is doing with 2 resistors
[0:56] <HighInBC> the nice thing about that 8-channel module is that it will work both ways
[0:57] <niekniek_> ah, that's the difference
[0:57] <HighInBC> the other one divides the input voltage by 5 with a voltage divider
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[0:59] <niekniek_> ok, that's something else. :) The description is hard to read...
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[0:59] <niekniek_> hmm, the amount of voltage dividers on Aliexpress is limited
[1:00] <niekniek_> well it's late here, goodnight. HighInBC, thx for the info
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[1:29] <DanielTheFox> finally
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[1:29] <DanielTheFox> now I can boot from microSD card
[1:29] <DanielTheFox> 8 GB microSD > 16 GB old USB
[1:29] <DanielTheFox> it is, indeed, extremely fast :3
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[2:00] <Phischi> hm, is there any good software to use a Pi3 as a party-musiccenter for MP3s and videos on a harddrive?
[2:00] <Phischi> Kodi turned out to be a bit unreliable...
[2:01] <Phischi> eg. videos from the HDD stuttered, Youtube-vids kept buffering while the connection was good enough...
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[2:11] <DanielTheFox> hmm, blame CPU speed
[2:11] <DanielTheFox> RPi are not exactly powerful
[2:11] <DanielTheFox> (they're good at saving battery power, as I've tested) :)
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[2:16] <Phischi> DanielTheFox: hm... perhaps I have to do something for hardwareacceleration?
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[2:16] <Phischi> I thought atleast that the Youtube-stuff would be accelerated by the GPU
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[2:28] <DanielTheFox> hmm
[2:28] <DanielTheFox> AFAIK, Chromium (the stock browser in Raspbian) uses hardware decoding
[2:28] <DanielTheFox> but only on h264 videos
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[2:28] <Phischi> was using the Youtube-plugin for Kodi...
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[2:29] <DanielTheFox> (it supposedly can do vp8/vp9 decoding, but only on lower (no HD, spoiled boy) resolutions)
[2:29] <Phischi> so, Kodi on a beefier SoC should work better?
[2:29] <DanielTheFox> hmm... I dunno
[2:30] <DanielTheFox> some other people I've met and used RPi don't really like Kodi, due to being far too heavy for this power-saver SoC
[2:30] <DanielTheFox> and I don't exactly know how it works, so I can't name a good substitute
[2:30] <Phischi> ah ok
[2:30] <Phischi> gonna ask in the channel probably :)
[2:30] <DanielTheFox> yeah, ask someone who knows :p
[2:31] <DanielTheFox> I'm just another boot who stores seven days of experience
[2:31] <DanielTheFox> ...at least I have a RPi
[2:32] <Phischi> :)
[2:32] <Phischi> I have about 7 so far
[2:32] <Phischi> not all running here at home though
[2:33] <DanielTheFox> I made of my Pi a replacement for my dead phone
[2:33] <DanielTheFox> got SPI touchscreen, powerbank, and it works well
[2:33] <DanielTheFox> but I compare it to a big-battery laptop
[2:33] <DanielTheFox> rather than a smartphone
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[2:34] <DanielTheFox> I just "upgraded" to a microSD card as my boot device
[2:35] <DanielTheFox> 8 GB microSD over 16 GB USB
[2:35] <DanielTheFox> the USB stick was very slow, it gets easily clogged
[2:37] <DanielTheFox> now this one, now I'll use my computer efficiently fast
[2:38] <DanielTheFox> I wonder how sturdy will this be in case of energy outages
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[2:59] <Phischi> I really wonder about wear-leveling....
[3:00] <Phischi> normally the SD-cards controller should do it itself...
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